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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 6, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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interstate 880 is off to a nice start. you can see here at the bay bridge toll plaza, a little bit of a back up approaching the pay gates. let's get to steve with today's weather. high clouds continue to stream in from the south and should drift towards the east as we head throughout the day. underneath that, you get fog. there is plenty of high clouds. the temperatures are up and also the humidity is very high. that low dropping down coming right there at the left of the screen, that's going to play into our weather starting tomorrow. 53, 54, 57. 50s upper to low 60s. around the bay, 57, san in the monsoon southern california, a little bit will push it east.
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humid. temperatures again getting in to the upper 80s to low 90s. after today, that low will sweep through. could bring rain late friday and saturday. 60s, 70s, upper 80s low 90s inland. oak land police are investigating a double shooting overnight. one person died. up it happened before 11:30 near 24th and adeline street. video shows two men were hospitalized with gunshot wounds and one died. police have not released information about a shooter. three victims are now home. stanford medical center says two of the people have been released. santa clara valley says one person treated there is back home. valley is treating two shooting victims. one is in fair condition. the other is not allowing any information to be released. gilroy police and fbi say
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they have new information about the shooting they can release to the public. they will hold a news conference at 11:00 this morning. we will have a reporter to tell you what investigators have learned. president trump says he will be visiting dayton and el paso this week this the wake of the mass shootings in those cities. the mayor will ask the government for help when president trump visits his city tomorrow. texas congresswoman is among those saying the president is not welcome. sara zendehnam live in the newsroom and says the ohio governor is also scheduled to speak today about the tragedy in that city. >> reporter: that's right. 31 people died in the two shootings in dayton ohio and el paso, texas and dozens of others were injured as both cities try to recover, ohio governor will share his proposal tons gun debate. the republican governor was confronted people by people chant dog something. we are expecting to hear later nine people died when police
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say 24 year old connor betts opened fire the weekend. the gunman went to the area that night with his sister and another person. his sister was shot and killed. investigators still don't motiv in el paso, police with the gunman, patrick, crusius before the shooting. he shot 22 people inside a wal- mart saturday. he faces domestic terrorism. if convicted he could be sentenced to death. in an address to the nation yesterday, president donald trump blamed mental illness and video game for gun violence and call for unity to respond to the epidemic. presidential candidates spoke at a forum in san diego with their own ideas on how to move forward. >> we have to ban the sale and distribution and take a hard look about licensing weapons for the people that own them. >> we don't need thoughts and prayers out of washington what
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we need, we need strength and resolve that we haven't seen yet. >> reporter: we are waiting to hear from ohio governor, expected to speak during the 6:00 hour. we will share details from the news conference live. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox2 news. democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke who is from el paso is opposing the president's visit. he tweeted quote, this president who helped create the hatred that made saturday's tragedy possible should not come to el paso. we do not need more division, we need to heal. he has no place here. former president obama is speaking out. his message released yesterday says quote, we should sounage c the mouths hatred or normalizes racist sentiments. leaders that dem onize those that don't look like us.
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that is from former president obama. this thursday night, ktvu will take a look at mass shootings in america, our current gun laws, mental health and what lawmakers are doing to prevent mass murders. we hope you can join us for the special report, guns in america, thursday night at 10:30, here on ktvu fox 2. that pa misare investigating a crash that killed a passenger this a car following a police chase. police received a call after 7:30 about a car parked behind the raillies, with the driver passed out. the drive took off when med ebbs arrived. a deputy put a spike strip on big ranch road put the drive swerved to avoid the strip and lost control and crashed. the driver and a passenger were taken to the hospital where the passenger died. also in napa county a pedestrian was killed after struck by a car to the up to of rutherford. i happened around 9:00 last of
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chp shutdown the highway between rutherford and zinfandel as officers investe igatcrash. the road has since re-opened. people gathered to remember a woman hit and killed by a car while crossing the street. they came together for a kindle light vigil to remember the 26 year old. the crash happened before 8:45 sunday night when a drive traveling towards downtown livermore hit and killed her. police do not think the driver was speeding but neighbors say that treat is like a racetrack with drivers going well over the speed limit. >> livermore has a responsibility to make sure there is enough visibility for crossing here and they either need to put a stop sign in or a stoplight in or put in new l.e.d. lights on the ground so you are >> the driver remained at the scene and cooperating with police. officers say it doesn't appear he was under the influence and add he will likely not face criminal charges. to the ghost ship warehouse
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fire trial. jurors are set to resume deliberations today. the jury got the case last wednesday. the nine women and three men are deciding whether almena and harris are guilty of 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. henry lee is reporting from the courtroom everyday. read his daily blog on attorneys for two bay area teens accused in the stabbing death of an italian police officer are asking for their clients to be released. the attorneys for finnegan lee elder and christian gabriel natale hjorth confirmed they asked the court for their release. at the teenagers attended the high school in valley and held officer in italy. we are keeping an eye on wall street again this morning. now all the major indexes are up in premarket trading.
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china reset the value of currency against the dollar, checking in on where they closed yesterday. it was a huge loss with the dow jones down 767 points to 25,717. nasdaq losing 278. s&p 500 closing down 87 points. all three major indexes down 3%. making yesterday the worst trading day this year. looks like they will open up at 1%. tech stats were dropped more th alphabet was down more than 3%. today in japan, they are ma united states dropped a nuclear the prime minister attended the ceremony. u.s. attack on the city on
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august 6th, 1945, killed 140,000 people. the bomb dropped three days later. the prime minister says japan remains committed to leading international efforts aimed at getting rid of all nuclear weapons. governor newsom is weighing in on the mass shootings and some of the cultural reasons behind them. them. what he told law enforcement about why more people that commit mass shootings turned out to be men. a hit and run sent water gushing from a fire hydrant. how police caught one the driver a short distance away. wehave traffic that is doing okay on highway 24, heading up to the tunnel. we will tell you more rng commu back. you probably noticed the high clouds yesterday.
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they will play into our weather today. a lot of humidity in the air. we will explain coming up. from the couldn't be prouders
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to the wait did we just win-ners.
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everyone uses their phone differently. that's why xfinity mobile created a different kind of wireless network. with a different way to do data. one designed to save you money. now you can share data between lines. mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime design your own data with xfinity mobile. it's wireless reimagined. simple. easy. awesome. caught on camera, someone stealing a package from a home in san francisco. take a look. it happened on july 17th, at a hem on iris avenue this the city's richmond district. see thdelivered that
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morning by amazon. anyone with information take a close look, call the sfpd, 24 hour tip line. weern r whenning details about a deadly house we are learning more details about a deadly house fire. the fire broke out at a home on greenmore around 7:30 yesterday morning. a woman who died was in a wheelchair. she died at the scene. the 12 year old is believed to be the victim's great granddaughter. >> she didn't live here. she was just visiting. you take one day at a time. you never know. the fact this little girl is like in the situation, she doesn't have, this is not even her home and this happened. god is with them and i'm g for >> a 22-year-old man believed to be the woman's grandson escaped by jumping outs of a first floor window. fire crews are investigating how the fire started. lanes of interstate 80, in
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colfax are open after a big rig fire shutdown a portion of the interstate in both directions. the chp says the driver was able to get out of that burning truck and not hurt. it happened 10:00 yesterday morning and the truck fire started a small brush fire. all lanes were shutdown for most of the day as crews cleaned up the area. no word yet on what caused that big rig to catch fire. san francisco police arrested a hit and run driver who slammed in to a fire hydrant and raced off. it was sheered off as water gushed high in to the air. the water fall startled people headed to work at the museum of ice cream. >> i was lake, what was that. the water was running. >> you are going to work, expecting to have a great day and then there is a whole waterfall in the sky. >> police caught one the drive when he crabbed in to the back of an suv at montgomery and
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post streets. the suv drive was not hurt but the chevy driver and the boy were treated for minor injuries. growing opposition to oppositi s for a straight pride rally in modesto this month. bridget has that story. >> this isn't straight pride. this is hate pride. >> reporter: 2 year old matthew mason identifies as a gay man and says he is angry about a straight rally planned in his community that is coorganized by his own adoptive mother. >> this is the woman who raised me. actively working against my rights as a human being who i am as a person. >> reporter: he says the event put on by thes national straight pride coalition is more than just a celebration of heterosexuals. he worries it'to divide and incite violence. >> dog whistling to white supremacy, that is immediately
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inciting violence. i am afraid of violence happening. i don't want anyone in my community to be hurt. >> reporter: on the website, the group claims to be protecting traditional gender roles and values and contributions of western civilization on american society. >> sit again, white caucasians who did come to this country to start liberty and gave us the greatest constitution in the world. >> reporter: his mother says the rally is meant to be a peaceful gathering that actually brings people together. >> you are lacking to amp it up in to something that it's not. it's really going to be much more like on the purview of a church service, really. it really is. celebrating our beautiful country. >> reporter: she says everyone is welcome to attend, even members of the lgbtq community. adding the intolerance doesn't come from their side.
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for her sop, he tuesday says talk of the event is causing a will of pain and range anguish and a rally of this kind doesn't belong in his town. matthew mason is planning to speak before the modesto council tomorrow is will ask members to deny the straight pride group a permit to assemble. event organizers say they do not plan to attend the meeting but are hopeful they will get the permit. this morning, crews this napa are working to restore power to 200 customers after a two-acre fire that started after 11:00 on wooden valley road this napa. crews are trying to see if an oak tree that knocked down the power line sparked the fire. let's check this with sal
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castaneda this the traffic center. is the situation improving in the peninsula? now, the commute here on northbound 101, looks all right coming from the gilroy area into san jose. northbound 101, slow in to morgan hill. it's not a big slow commute driving up this to the west valley which looks very good. these last few days of august or middle of august, is when people take vacations because during the last part most schools get back in. traffic is doing well on the east make to it the span. let's bring in steve with today's weather. higher humidity. there is tropical clouds drifting over.
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50s and 60s on the temperatures here. forecast highs as close as we have seen on the forecast in what is normal for this time of year. within a degree or two, everyone should be close today. couple of locations a little above, some one below. high clouds continue to stream into tahoe. there is no trigger in the atmosphere. 52 truckee. 92 las vegas. palm springs 87, a little bit of cloud cover, maybe thunderstorm activity for southern california. we get the higher clouds. the humidity is up. there is not much of a breeze. still for most. going the play weather starting tomorrow, merging with a dip to the west. those will usher in a cooling trend tomorrow. travis, west, southwest, at 16. 50s and low 60s on the
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temperatures. there is thick fog out there. a little cooler to the knot. penn grove, bodega bay bay. 63 kelseyville. there are warm readings. the higher clouds with us for most of the morning and should drift towards the east and the south. going bongers in arizona. if you are around maybe palm springs, las vegas, you might have to deal with that. the low will push the moisture towards the east tomorrow and cooler conditions, not as muggy after today. very warming muggy, once that fog buns off, a mix ofand high clouds. wednesday to friday, though, cooler and windy. 60s, 70s, 80s, few hold on to 90s. don't want to release that grip yet. after today, we will cool things off, carry that this to the end of the week, saturday looks nice. warm up on tap for sunday.
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it's a problem facing school districts. coming up the struggle to get special ed teachers in san jose's new program to try and solve that problem. we will show you what experts may say is the reason for a spike in shack attacks as a popular summer beach.
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32 people have been victims of
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florida beach including three attacks which happened within a 24 hour period over the weekend. on sunday a 51-year-old man was helping his children boogie board and bitten on his foot and ankle. saturday two surfers suffered back to back bites minute ace part. a woman was bitten on her left hand and wrist and a man on his ankle and foot. new smyrna beach is known as shark bite capital of the world. what attracts sharks to that beach in particular? large schools of fish swimming near shore coupled with the warm weather and crowds. >> the kicking and splashing of people this the water particularly with your hands and feet are very attractive. >> reporter: when the water gets murky, it's for and fish food. none of this weekend's victims suffered life threatening
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injuries. experts say if you encounter a shark, your best defense is to punch it in the nose. a 6-year-old this georgia plans to make a special fashion statement for the first day of school in an effort to battle bullying, he will wear a shirt that says i will be your friend. his mother wear as custom clothing business. she says she thought he would request something to do with sports. he surprised her with that heartwarming request. the san jose school district is trying a new approach to find teachers to help with special education students. the district is implementing a program called rise in to ial e it offers ential at san jose st un it would normally cost $20,000. >> we pay all of the tuition expenses and testing fees and mentorship and support to help them pursue their dream of becoming a special education sa
5:26 am
there are 7 people enrolled in the special ed teacher training and the number is expected to double by next year. coming up, the man who confessed to sending pipe bombs to several democratic leaders ahead of the midterm election learned his fate. what the judge decided. remembering the fallen. i'm ray in el paso, how the victims in texas and ohio are being remembered. on the roads, westbound 80 is doing pretty well so far through berkley. it's getting crowded on the way to oakland.
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it is tuesday, august 6th. i'm allie rasmus in for dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. let's check in with steve paulson. it's muggy, it's hot and humid. we like to say it's tropical. it made for great sunsets. sunrise should be okay as well. i'm the luckiest guy in the building with ali and pam here. highs are where they should be. lot of high clouds continue to stream in to the sierra. maybe high based convection, probably that's about it. dry lightning. nothing in the atmosphere to provide lift. it's high clouds, we are seeing
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these drifting up, it looks lake there is thinning out of that to the south. they will be with us this the morning and start to thin out throughout the afternoon. no breeze. usually the delta is roaring. 50s, 60s on the temperatures. upper 50s, low 60s. brentwood 67. upper 5s el zeroto. this low will play in to the weather tomorrow. that will outbounder in the beginning of a icant cooling one more day of warm and muggy and hot conditions. cooler weather tomorrow. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. sal is heres there was an issue on 101 but that's now better. it is gone which is good. the traffic recovered on 101 san bruno. let's start with the solano
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county commute. there was a crash on 80 westbound, on the otherside of the carquinez bridge. it doesn't seem to be impacting traffic at all. sit it happened on the bridge and moved over to the side. 18 minutes to get to the maze and at the bay bridge, routine 10 minute delay. you make to it the span. let's go back to the desk. new this morning, all lanes of highway 101 near san francisco airport are open to drivers after an early morning crash that involved a big rig and multiple cars. it happened after 3:00 this morning in the northbound lanes. at least one person had to be hospitalized but the extent of their injuries has not been released. the freeway re-opened before 5:00 this morning. pg&e is holding a drill in the east bay to prepare for potential planned power outages. the shut off drill will take place in araneida but service
5:32 am
won't be interrupted. cristina rendon is live to talk about what will happen. >> reporter: good morning. power will stay on, that's the good news here for people in araneida. this is about a drill that will practice patrol. if you are living in arenda, you might see contractor employees, trucks, possibly even helicopters in the air. thissey a bout trying to reduce the time it takes to restore power in the event they have to preemively shut it off in the event of a wild only happen in the event of severe fire danger. red flag warning, combined with conditions like low humidity levels, strong wind and dry fuel on the ground. these power outages could last from 2 to 5 days. they will make that determination based on information they receive from the wild fire safety operations
5:33 am
center. that center is staffed with wild fire detection capabilities and receives data from sensors on the ground and air and space. >> we now have two brand new satellites goes east and west, able to detect fires every five minutes apart. this tool does also incorporate fire detections from polar orbiting satellites. aqua and terra satellites. >> reporter: all around two elementary schools this the fire district that or the fire district installed ground mounted fire systems around elementary schools giving firefighters warning time. they can get to the schools the are actively considerining to t as the sensors can work. today, 8:15, this morning, until 2:00 this afternoon, this wild fire
5:34 am
shut off drill. that means that power will not be shut off but if they were ever to shut it off, today is about practicing how to get it back on as quickly as possible. there will be pg&e patrols in the area. that's happening 8:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. cristina rendon, ktvu fox2 news. lawyers in minnesota will demand the boy scouts public release the names of leaders accused of sexual abuse. the lawsuits filed against the boy scouts of america in pennsylvania says more victims have come forward. according to u.s.a. today, attorneys say they have identified 35 additional abusers who 235 additional abusers that do not appear in the files. a judge sentenced 57 year
5:35 am
old sayoc yesterday after he pled guilty to mailing 16 pipe bombs in the weeks before the 2018 midterm elections. sayoc is an amateur body builder and blames what he did on mental illness and excessive use of steroids. sayoc mailed pipe bombs to hillary clinton, joe biden and actor robert de niro among others but none of the bombs went off. president trump plans to visit el paso, texas tomorrow where 22 people are now dead after saturday's shooting. officials say the shooter is answering questions but they are trying to find other people that maybe able to tell them about what may have led to this. a web post they believe the shooter wrote saying it was an attack to the hispanic invasion result this the death penalty. dayton, ohio, governor, the and asked what policymakers can do to stop shootings from happening. later this morning, the governor is scheduled to give detail on a plan he says could
5:36 am
answer that question. investigators are still looking for a motive in the shooting where nine people died. semi automatic weapons were used in the mass shootings and in the shooting in gilroy. the gunman in dayton was armed with an ar15 style rifle he legally purchased online. the chief says if all the magazines were full he would have had a total of 25 rounds. el paso say the ak 47 rifle used in that attack was purchased legally. california has restrictions on high capacity ammunition magazines but the law is challenged in court. the girl roy shooter > vigils w and dayton to honor the shooting victims. ray bogan has more on how the victims are being remembered. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are standing in front of a
5:37 am
growing memorial that's been building up ever since saturday. it's behind the wal-mart where the shooting happened and people have been coming by and leaving notes and have been lighting candles and have been leaving signs that many of them say 915 strong, that's el paso's area code and how they identify el paso on social media one of the most visually compelling things to see is the 21 white crosses. yesterday, greg, who goes to all of oh these mass shootings, came all the way from illinois. there are 22 victims but at the time he made the crosses, there were only 21. he laid them out there after a nice prayer service and procession and to whiff you an idea of how unified el paso is, they have the mexican flag, the american nag and the texas flag all flying side-by-side. authorities releasing a list of those who lost their lives.
5:38 am
the youngest victim, 15 year old rodriguez, remembered during a vigil at his high school monday. >> hug you family, appreciate you friends. you never know when the last time you will see them. >> reporter: a line of white crosses becoming a growing memorial, honoring each of the deceased and las cruces, new mexico, people coming together with a show of solitairety. in dayton, ohioing people coming together to pay tribute from those who died in the rampage, remembering victims such as this 25-year-old father of four. >> thomas was one of the most loving young men around. >> reporter: to a public memorial at the scene of the in the hometown of the gunman. >> i would love to know why. >> reporter: the message in both cities is clear, they want to see an end to gun violence. >> i want not just president trumps i want all politicians
5:39 am
this the house and senate to come together and stop this stupid bickerg f. do what is right for our country. >> reporter: president trump is expected to visit el paso tomorrow to meet with the first responders and the victims families but this visit quickly becoming controversial because some people in el paso do not want him to come. el paso's congress woman says president trump is not welcome and she doesn't think he should come while the city is still mourning. here in the bay area, people are also holding vigils to honor the victims of the recent shootings. dozens gathered at san bruno city park. the candlelight vigil was held this the gazebo where buddhists held prayer. call for an end to gun violence. at st. joseph churches candles were lit for each person killed. many said they are deeply
5:40 am
disturbed especially since young children are being killed. >> i'm very disturbed, concerned, saddened that this is happening. >> when is it going to stop? why are we doing this to each other? we are all human beings. >> the pinole chief attended and tried to reassure people he and his department will do all they can to protect the community. the thursday night ktvu will be taking an in depth look at mass shootings in america. our current gun laws, mental health and what lawmakers are doing to prevent more mass murders. join us for our special report guns in america, thursday night at 10:30 on ktvu. we are a month away from the nfl season, fans are already excited to catch one their favorite teams, coming up, a glimpse behind the scenes of the raiders trader camp and what the public typically
5:41 am
doesn't get to see. oakland park no loner a safe haven for families, they are demanding the city do something to clean it up. this morning's commute seems to be doing okay for the most part. interstate 80 looks good out to the macarthur maze. [ because i'm me" by avalanches ]
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and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean! i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b. brush like a pro. today berkley mayor will sign in to law a ban on natural gas in new construction. last month, the city council voted to ban natural gas in new construction projects starting january 1st. representatives from the sierra club say electricity is cleaner and safer, the new law would apply to buildings that have been reviewed by the state
5:44 am
energy commission. a group is taking action to block a new state law aimed at forcing president trump to release his tax returns. governor newsom signed a bill the to law requiring candidates to publicly release tax returns before they can appear on the primary ballot. the group says the law affectively circumstance vents the constitution by adding a new requirement for presidential candidates and states don't have the authority to do that. the giants continue a series against the washington nationals. last night kevin showed off his glove, made a great catch to keep the game scoreless. washington took the lead if the third inning and added more runs in the 5th. the giants tried to come back but lost 4-0, today's game from oracle park starts at 6:45. chicago playing the cubs, the a's took the lead this the third inning when a fan interfered with a home run.
5:45 am
a's stormed back with back to back homers. oak land lost 6-5 to the cubs. first pitch today is at 5:05. oakland raiders announced a naming agreement for the stadium this las vegas, the ceremony was held yesterday to celebrate the placement on the steel beam of the stadium. the beam was signed by the owner, mark davis, along with others involved in the project. allegiant secured the naming rights for the stadium. >> i guess there is magic here. when does a topping out ceremony turn into a naming rights celebration. >> the stadium will be complete in a year in time for the 2020 nfl season. the raiders will play the first game saturday night at home against the rams. watch that game here with us on ktvu fox2 news, the 49ers are
5:46 am
at home on saturday laying their first exhibition game against the dallas cowboys. in time for the beginning of football season, season 4 of the popular hbo season hard knocks appears tonight. it's goaded to air every tuesday through september scheduled to air every tuesday through september. season 14 will offer up close look at the oakland raiders as they go through training catch and preseason. time is 5:46, space x is scheduled to launch a rocket at cape canaveral. the problem was discovered in the first stage of the rocket during prelaunch tests last
5:47 am
week. today's launch window opens before 4:00 this afternoon, our time and lasts 90 minutes, the rocket will carry a communications satellite in to orbit. let's check in with sal, i think you should have voiced that raider tape. swaggering boisterous. >> that's a classic. good morning. we have traffic that is moving along okay. i'm looking around here to see if i can see anything that came in. we are off to a good start when it comes to the morning commute. let's begin were tracy triangle. see traffi05, it's a little bit slow area. there have been no problems livermore to dublin. from tracy is another matter which is typical slow commute. if you are driving over to castro valley, traffic is all right. slowing already on 880 south driving into hayward the
5:48 am
program san lorenzo. 880 north looks good in to downtown oakland. metering lights are on. it's a 10- minute delay. the volume hasn't been there. people waiting until 8:00 have been gooding good commutes in these days of august. will you be watching hard knocks? >> i think so. i don't think i can look away. john gruden draws me to it. >> that's the draw right there. temperatures with humidity, up, up. tropical clouds coming in. say hello to gill. highs where they should be within a degree or two for just about everybody. 80s to near 90 for some inland. it's a lot of cloud cover, there is no lift in atmosphere or trigger, to get development
5:49 am
going. it's high clouds streaming over us. that's put the humidity factor way up there. that with low clouds and fog underneath. see the floor around the high. that's pumping in a lot of the monsoon out of new mexico and arizona and southern california. some of the higher cloud deck is coming in. we are expecting not much this the way of breeze today. for most, its on the cool side. water temperatures holding steady, 53 to 57. 50s on the temperatures to low 60s. these are stuck here. i haven't seen much change. las altos, 62. redwood says we are in there. pacifica mid 5s. atherton 58 degrees. las altos hills 59. higher clouds stream up. there is a thinning out towards the south. a lot of these should push towards the east. not in southern california. the moisture is streaming in as it heads in to palm springs, the high desert, lancaster, you
5:50 am
will see some in and around phoenix. big boomers to the north and erst scottsdale ye some might make it in to las vegas. the low spin off of portland. that's going to play into our weather tomorrow, merging with another low. that's going to sweep in and start a significant cooling trend tomorrow. the higher clouds today mean the humidity is high. warm to hot, muggy out there. fog, sun and high clouds mix of sun and clouds. cooler and windier conditions move in, possibility maybe montecito county north. tomorrow, though, we cool it down, more out of the 90s in to the mid-80s instead of the upper 80ugh the budge. the low wifive days. cooling tomorrow, that will take us in to friday. nice saturday and looks like a warmer pattern on your fabulous sunday.
5:51 am
seems like traffic this san francisco gets worse everyday. up next, we will break down a study that looks at the role ride share companies are playing in the traffic jams. organizers for the music festival are pulling the plug. the reason they say the festival can't happen this year p
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the city of dublin is hosting a community blood drive for the american red cross, held from 10:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon, at the civic center. they are encouraging reservations through 180 red cross or red cross california's largest operator of recycling centers closed its doors. replanet closed 284 of the centers yesterday, leaving 750 people without jobs and many who rely on redemption centers with nowhere to go. they site state fees and lower prices and increases in the minimum wage as reasons for the shutdown. advocacy group is calling on the state to require grocery store chains to pay redemption fees to people recycling bottles and cans. parents are complaining it is not safe for their children
5:55 am
to use their local willow dealers. neighbors are regularly cleaning the park but doesn't take long for it to fill with trash. . >> it's overwhelmed with drugs and drug dealing and people sleeping this the park. >> we have to enforce new resources to enforce the parks have to be open and safe for everyone. >> councilwoman lynette gibson says the city will send crews to clean up the park next week along with outreach workers to work with the homeless. . the treasure island music festival has been canceled. there are no plans for its return. the festival was founded in 2007, held on treasure island until 2016. there was no festival in 2017, last years it was moved to oakland. in a statement, the promoter
5:56 am
said bringing it back to life was a massive under taking. with the issues, they feel its not possible t opufestival that expect. oakland has changed parking policy to alleviate traffic back ups at the zoo. guests will need to take a parking ticket out of a machine. visitors can pay the $10 fee at the admission booth or leaving the zoo. previously people would buy parking from an attendant stationed at the entrance of the zoo and led to back ups on the streets. neighbors complained of congestion and a spike of congestion after the opening of the zoo california trail exhibit. the communities of el paso and dayton continue to mourn after two mass shootings over the weekend. a live report on the investigations underway in both cities. we have an update on the conditions of those injured during the girl roy garlic festival shooting.
5:57 am
good morning, now, we do see traffic that's moving along relatively well. it looks good in southern marin. a little foggy heading to san francisco. it is foggy for some. if you don't have that fog you can see high clouds. a tropical feel to the morning. we will look at forecasted highs coming up. this is you shopping. and this is you maximizing at t.j.maxx. you shopping,
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good morning. after two mass shootings in just two days, president trump will head to the cities reeling from the violence. what investigators are learning. deliberations continue in oakland's ghost ship warehouse fire. the decision from the jury that could come at any moment. thank you for joining us. it is tuesday august 6th. i'm pam cook. >> we want to hang on to summer. good morning, i'm allie rasmus. dave clark has the morning off. steve paulson is here with us to talk about that i'm looking at that, sunrise? >> sunrise, should be nice, just like sunset was.
6:00 am
higher clouds are here and a lot of low clouds . the combination of the two, see both of those above the blanket of the fog. the humidity is very high. 90% higher for many. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. oak land, livermore and san jose, 60. the forecasted highs will be close to where they should be according to climatology for this time of year. 60s, 70s, 80s. higher clouds coming in, used to be tropical storm hurricane gill. that has fallen apart. we are getting the higher clouds. that happens in august all the time. nothing in the atmosphere that shows that's going to happen. you need a low or a full swing but


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