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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 11, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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another pedestrian death in san francisco. what one supervisor is calling for to help improve the safety on the streets. a new york city's chief medical examiner completes an autopsy on jeffrey epstein. this as questions continue about how he could have died in federal custody. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. good evening, everyone. i'm frank sommerville . >> i'm cristina rendon own in for julie haener. another pedestrian death is being investigated. it happened last night at the westfield mall . >> elissa harrington tells us this is the second person to be hit and killed in the same area in less than a month. >> reporter: citizen journalist, jenny shot this video on her cell phone saturday night but it is the
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aftermath of a deadly car versus pedestrian in san francisco . >> there were more sirens than normal and that is usually a red flag for me and i wanted to know what was going on and low and behold, it was another fatality. >> reporter: a taxi driver was questioned by police at the scene. this happened around 8:50 p.m. on fifth and market street. a woman was hit by the taxi while crossing the street. >> i was disgusted, angered. >> how is this continuing to happen again and again? >> reporter: supervisor, matt haney represents the district. he says he is devastated and angry . >> this year, already, we have twice as many traffic fatalities for people biking and walking than we had last year at the same time so orr: a group "walk, san francisco," it is the 15th fatality this year.
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less than a month ago, someone was killed in the exact same area. the signs were put up at the intersection to mark the spot where a 64-year-old was killed on july 18. there is a simple message. 1 death is too many. amy wants to see improvement, limiting turns on and off market street and better protecting crosswalks and bike lanes. she is calling on the city to declare a state of emergency for traffic safety. this would allow immediate funding for safety projects . >> we are on track to have one of the worst years ever on record in san francisco for traffic fatalities. i think that telesis that we have to do something or we will be standing out here again a week from now, two weeks from now having the same conversation about how people keep dying. >> reporter: in san francisco, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. 4 people were shot in san francisco last night just on the block from the northern station. the shooting happened at 11:30 and mcdonald's parking lot on fillmore and golden gate
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avenue. one person had life fighting injuries and 3 others were less seriously or. police say the shooting was not random but they don't have information about a motive or a suspect description. anyone with information to call san francisco police. homicide detectives are investigating a deadly shooting in san jose. police got a call about 10:30 last night of the shooting on the 1700 block of story road. officers say when they arrived on the scene, they found a man suffering from a gunshot will wound. the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. and is a police do not have a motive and have not identified a suspect. they are asking anyone with information to contact the san jose police department or crimestoppers. an autopsy on jeffrey epstein was completed today. the new york city chief medical examiner says more information is needed before a cause of death is released. in the meantime, questions continue to surround his suicide.
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guards were supposed to be checking on epstein every 30 minutes but that did not happen the night he died. the report also says the jail had transferred his cellmate and allowed him to be house alone in his cell just two weeks after he had been taken off suicide watch which violates the jail's normal procedure. the guards in epstein's unit were working extreme over time the night he was found. the fbi is investigating what happened the night he died. president drop is getting backlash for retreating a conspiracy theory that claims that clintons were somehow involved in epstein's death . >> this is speculative and it is not for me to go further than the doj or sei right now but you hear different people asking questions and they want to know who else was involved in epstein's crimes or even just activities. >> epstein has been linked to a number of high profile figures
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including president trump, former president bill clinton and britain's's andrew. >> the issue of stricter gun safety laws is taking center stage. this as the nation marks one week since the two mass shootings in el paso and dayton. at least 31 people were killed, dozens more were injured. mark meredith has more tonight from washington. >> reporter: as the u.s. continues to drop grappling with grief in back to back shootings in el paso and dayton, ohio, the ongoing debate over gun legislation highlights the differences between democrats and republicans on the the streets of this country. getting killed by weapons that were made for battlefields. not made for neighborhoods and places like dayton, ohio. >> reporter: senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell says he does not plan to call the
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senate back in session now but says he will allow debate on gun control to move forward next month. presidn come together to push through tougher laws on background checks. we can get something really good done. i think we can have some really meaningful background checks. >> we are not going to buy what he is trying to sell because we know dude got to go. >> reporter: then renewed call for gun control after a gunman opened fire killing 9 people including his sister. first responders killed the shooter in less than a minute in the deadly rampage . >> i could easily shot and killed. >> reporter: the dayton shooting happened less than 24 hours after another man, armed with a weapon went on a rampage at a walmart credit was shoppers in el paso, texas, leaving at least 22 and another
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the government surrendered to the police, later telling investigators he was targeting hispanics. federal authorities are investigating the shooting in el paso as a case of domestic terrorism pick in washington, mark meredith, fox news. bernie sanders said today lawmakers in washington must take action on closing loopholes and requiring background checks on gun purchases. poll after poll shows overwhelmingly, the american people want to expand background checks, do away with the gun loophole, the strongman provision and more people agree with something i've been saying for 30 years. assault weapons are weapons of war. they are military style weapons designed to kill people rapidly. they should not be sold and distributed in this country. >> sanders went on to say that while he does not believe president trump wants to see "people mowed down and killed by guns. poquott he says he does believe the presidents rhetoric emboldened some to carry out violence. a vigil was held tuesday to show solidarity for those killed and nonviolence. a night
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healing, held that frank gallo plaza from by:30 to 7:00 p.m. the mayor are -- is among those who are scheduled to speak. house speaker, nancy pelosi lytic delegation to explore the causes of migration immigration. members of congress travel to guatemala, el salvador and honduras. it was represented from all sectors of community from government leaders to social activists. the group returned to the united states i made a final stop at it detention center in mcallen, texas where nancy pelosi criticized the treatment of migrants . >> for them to invade a workplace, divide families, just really undermines the character of america. what the motivation for it is, i will leave up to others to decide. but there has been different -- met losi and the other members
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faith and community leaders as well as those seeking asylum. the price of gas have drop 6 sent in the last two weeks. it is attributed to loader lower crude all prospect the average price is now $2.74. the highest prices here in the bay area at $3.63 a gallon. baton rouge has the lowest average price at $2.16 per gallon. coming up, shock and disbelief in pennsylvania. what we are learning about a fire in a day care center that killed 5 children. also ahead, the effort to keep late lake tahoe blue. the invasive species that threatens the lake. notice temperatures today, a little warmer. not a lot of fog behind me. what does it mean for the rest of the week? we will let you know after the
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a horrible story about pennsylvania where a fire at a daycare killed 5 children in erie, pennsylvania overnight. fire crews pulled 7 people from the burning house and rushed them to the hospital. 4 of the 5 victims were siblings. their ages ranged from 8 months to 7 years old. the home was a registered daycare that was permitted to provide 24-hour care. investigators have not found a cause but local media has reported they are looking into the possibility that the fire was delivered lisette. new at 6:00, the bay area right chip driver is under arrest after a customer reported being sexually assaulted in san mateo. a tracy resident, tonye kolokolo is facing rate be charges.
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a woman reported she passed out in the backseat and was driven to tonye kolokolo's home in tracy where he allegedly assaulted her. he is facing false imprisonment charges. cal fire tweeted out these pictures. a fire broke out just before 6 am this morning and the hunter park pink hill area in the western hills of san mateo county. about 3 acres burned. one firefighter suffered a minor injury but the no one else was hurt. we now know what caused the golf fire in lake county. fire officials say a discarded cigarette is to blame. it broke out last thursday afternoon in kelseyville at golf drive and soda bay road. at one point, a few dozen homes were threatened but none ended up being damaged. evacuation orders have been listed lifted as well. cal fire reduce the acres burned from 33 down to 20 and said the fire is 90% contained.
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several roads that were close have also been reopened. a new report on protecting lake tahoe. removing invasive shrimp could help improve the clarity of the water. the water is kept clear by the shrimp by consuming particles. researchers have noticed that removing the shrimp from the westshore cleared up the water. researchers want to remove more shrimp across the lake to help retrieve and revive the plankton. the findings from the annual state of the lake report documents progress and setbacks in the effort to preserve the largest alpine lake in north america. a $2 billion -- reopened last month and service has been slowly restarting. transit says it has picked up and dropped off passengers today with buses joining a commuter schedule monday morning. the transit center had been closed for months after cracks
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work discovered in a supporting beam. upland navigation center for homeless people. 3 workshops will give the public information about the navigation center and the role it would play in helping homeless people find housing. the city says there is a big need for a navigation center especially because the homeless population has increased 27% since 2017. fremont is considering two locations for the center. the dates and times of the workshops are listed on the city of fremont's website. the ceo of the public agency that oversees the oakland coliseum has resigned over possible conflicts of interest. scott mike evans deal involving stadium. he told the chronicle he thought he was exempt from rules because he was acting as a private contractor while negotiating the $3 million contract because he also denied he received any feedback
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adults and children alike celebrated chemistry with fun, hands-on activities at the lawrence hall of science today. staff members from uc berkeley, lawrence berkeley national lab and families reported a free staff day at the berkeley-based hall of science. this year as the international year of the periodic table and today was an opportunity to learn about elements in the periodic table itself. >> the lawrence berkeley lab is one of the places that has been key in discovering some of the elements on the periodic table and we are here to celebrate them and recognize them. >> it was also a chance to build a battery and talk with the chemists about how elements wed visitors life. and share it on social media. in san francisco, a festival is wrapping up. paul simon is set to perform in about an hour. the attendance yesterday broke records, drawing 90,000 people. this year, the festival had an
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area set aside for marijuana sales for those 21 and older. it is the first time marijuana has been sold and consumed at a major festival in california. again, paul simon is set to take the stage at 7:35 and will perform until 9:35. he will be closing the 3 day festival. make it looks pretty foggy up there. >> yes. >> they had pretty good weather. it was hot today . >> the first couple days it was really warm in the park. not a lot of fog pick today the fog came back. it is pretty warm out there in the outside lands which was pretty unusual for this time of year to have that kind of -- >> it was hot . >> yes, we had numbers that got up there. 94 in fairfield, 93 in antioch, and warmer tomorrow. the warming trend has begun. last week was a mild pattern. we talked about that. this week will be one of warming. we will be in the warming phase of the pattern that we have
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been seeing, all summer long where the low comes in and cools is often the high comes in and he does up and back and forth. as a matter fact, you can see the fog now. it has basically burned off of the coast in the outside lands, it looks like it is clear. patchy fog is showing up. we have a westerly wind blowing on sure to keep things on the mild side. a lot of people in the park, a lot of people out in the avenues and tonight is the night you're going to see the sunset. the fog is not going to obscure it tonight. temperatures running 9 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. santa rosa, 10 degrees warmer. napa, and i meant degrees warmer. 9 degrees warmer. these are the current numbers. 87, concord, 83, novato. a warmer day, not off the charts hot but rmer than it has been. that is the trend tomorrow and tuesday and wednesday and thursday. temperatures will get up on the warm side. a beautiful shot of the golden gate ridge. attender ship going out and you can see this beautiful.
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good air quality. the cooldown we had, when the low passed through, count that as the low. as a pastor, it lifted out the air column and cleaned it out. a beautiful atmosphere. not so this week. this week is going to be air quality less than great because the air quality will pinch down and that will start tomorrow. we will see the classic 30 to 35 degrees spread from coast to inland. and land will be hot all week. it will cool off toward the middle of the week that you will see in the 5 day. it will be a very warm week overall. it might be, unfortunately, a high fire danger situation. not red flag warnings with the wind but we have not had a run of 5 consecutive days that look like this and well, we have but not that many. we've had lots of 2 to 3 days and cooldown's. when you start pounding on the days like that land et 4 the 5 days in a row
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which we will probably see, then you start getting into the brushfires and small areas up on the highways typically. along the coast tomorrow, mid and upper 60s. fog returns tomorrow. a little less dense than it was this morning. fog advisories this morning in the north bay. here's the five-day forecast. you can see what you have coming. the top-tier numbers, a run of heat. the weather store this week will be that concerned for brushfires and things like that to start up. no big winds but hot and dry. >> thank you. san francisco's chinatown was buzzing with activity at the first day of a sunday block party. this is to promote chinatown and encourage people to visit. the event is on waverly place between sacramento and washington streets and features lots of exhibits including classic cars lining waverly place. the fair happens every day in china until -- every sunday in
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china until september 29 . >> that is a camaro, good grief . >> a past generation. after recent reports of violent crimes in china town, the area wanted to everyone to know that that place is still very family-friendly . >> it is a one case scenario. it is a safe place and people here are very friendly. it is just,, and eat food here because we still consider the largest and cleanest chinatown. >> the next event in chinatown is august 17 from 4:00 to 7:00. there is free parking up to two hours. police and fire will be doing demonstrations. the a's continue to keep the playoff dreams alive . >> what rater head coach jon gruden has to say about the latest drama with his wide receiver. joe fonzi is
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hundreds of runners took to the streets of oakland today for the sixth annual oaktown half marathon. runners started the 13.1 mile run at oakland city hall, made to sacrament is
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square, uptown, to lake merritt there was a 5k race and a shorter run for little kids. organizers say the race is meant to keep runners together and showcase the soul of the city. the race raises money for oakland schools and the alameda county community food bank. joe is here was sports. every game counts for the oakland a's. they are close. how did they do today? >> both teams hope there are still lots of baseball games to be played. the white sox today tried to stay close, the american league wild card standing. it was a day to honor harold baines who starred for the white sox and the a's and is 22 year per career. runs did not come in abundance. matt thompson got something going on the fourth. jon jay goes above the fence to take a home run away but jake cannot hang onto the ball and chapman pulls in the second with the leadoff double. matt olson was up next and he will make sure jay doesn't get to his drive. the same part of the ballpark but deeper.
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home run number 23 for olson. the a's have a 2-0 lead. he began his career with the white sox and felt like he had something to prove. back to back strikeouts as sanchez goes down on the seventh and he comes up empty again. bassitt allows 4 it's in the seventh inning and gives up 3 relieves from the 2-0 shutout, the a's behind two teams in the wild card, a game and a half out of the picture. and wrapping up the four- game series against the phillies, a special day as they honor the 1990 -- team that went to the world series. a one-two punch. starting the season with a single he hit on chicago. mitch williams in the national league championship series gave the giants a clinching 3-to win they will retire clocks number 22 jersey. the raiders were winners in their pregame last night. preseason game against the rams but still, no antonio brown piggy has added another storyline to a hot airballoon
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arrival and frostbitten feet. brown was on a two hour conference call with nfl officials making his case to where his old-style helmet which is no longer recognized as legal. brown was threatening to retire if he does not get his way. that does not seem likely as the sentiment expressed by jon gruden after the game. mckee is one of the premier competitors i've been around and i have a feeling he would play with no helmet. that is how much he loves to play but i'm not going to put words in anybody's mouth. we will support him and whatever his decision is, we will stand by it so we are confident that he is going to be a huge factor for the raiders for years to come. antonio brown has managed to be a major storyline with getting on the field for one half of the practice so far . >> thank you, joe . >> coming up tonight on the
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10:00 news, thousands gather in lodi to welcome home a man just freed from federal prison after a judge overturned his conviction for supporting a terrorist organization . >> the man spent more than 10 years behind bars. we hear from his family who says they have been traumatized . >> that will do it for us. have a great night, everyone. we will see you later.
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thank you very much. thanks. leonard: that is unbelievable. good for bert. damn, the macarthur genius grant. couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. everything is stupid and i want to go home. that's sheldon's way of saying he's proud of bert, too. ah. hey, it's not even called the "genius grant," it's the macarthur fellowship. just like it's not frankenstein, it's "frankenstein's monster." which brings us back to that hulking simpleton over there. and if anyone's a genius, it's me for the way i brought that full circle. how much money did he win? over half a million dollars. wow. and he doesn't have to use it for research, he can do whatever he wants with it. oh, good, maybe here he comes. bridge to live under. be polite. i know how to behave. do you? hey, congratulations bert! yeah, good for you. that's amazing. thanks.


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