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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 11, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the best of amy poehler. amy, maybe we could use the voice remote to search for something that you're not in. show me parks and rec. from netflix to prime video to live tv, xfinity lets you find your favorites with the emmy award-winning x1 voice remote. xshow me the best of amy poehler, again.s this time around... now that's simple, easy, awes experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, , all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. a lyft driver is arrested after a passenger accuses him of taking her back to his home and sexually assaulting her. >> wow, that's scary. that's very scary because supposedly you take lyft and uber to be safer. >> the alleged attack happened early yesterday morning after the rider ordered a lyft because she knew she was too
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drunk to drive. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm cristina rendon in for julie. the suspect picked up the victim at a bar in san mateo. she passed out in the back of the driver's car. that's when he allegedly took her back to his tracy home about 60 miles away where the alleged assault took place. ktvu's azenith smith is at police headquarters with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: i'm in san bruno tonight because this is the city where the driver was ultimately arrested and this is the police department the victim called after the alleged attack. police are not releasing many specific details to protect her privacy. >> i usually stay late. so i just didn't notice anything off. >> reporter: this quiet suburban neighborhood in tracy is where investigators say 46- year-old tonye kolokolo, a lyft driver, took his rider back to his home and sexually assaulted her early saturday morning.
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brooke phillips lives next-door and described kolokolo as quiet and said he often kept to himself. >> it was absolutely shocking. we would have never suspected anything like that. >> reporter: police say it began at a bar in san mateo when a night of drinking took a turn for the worse. the 25-year-old victim told detective its she ordered a lyft too intoxicated to drive. sometime after she was picked up she told investigators she passed out in the back seat of the lyft driver's car. >> at some point the lyft driver made the decision to take her then back to his residence in tracy and at some point there in that residence it's alleged that he had nonconsensual sex intercourse with her. >> reporter: this happened about 3:00 in the morning. kolokolo was arrested and booked into jail. >> if we know we're going to drink, we take a cab. it's safer, right? >> reporter: this lyft rider
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had not heard about the incident and said this is why she never rides alone and checks reviews of drivers. she also realizes the risk any time she gets in a car. >> people need to be aware of the fact if you're impaired beyond the point of being readily able to care for yourself, then that could create circumstances under which you could be taken advantage of. >> reporter: a ride that began so unsuspecting is now a rape and false imprisonment investigation. >> i think physically the victim is fine, but obviously for any trauma victim there is a often lengthy and involved healing process. >> reporter: lyft issued a statement reading in part, "safety is fundamental to lyft. what is described is terrifying and the driver's access to lyft has been permanently removed." police don't believe there are any more victims but are putting the driver's picture out there just in case. his bail is set at $200,000 and
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his arraignment is set for tomorrow. >> azenith smith in san bruno, thank you. also on the peninsula a man was arrested for sexual battery after deputies in redwood city say he groped a woman and exposed himself. authorities say 38-year-old marcelo a a arancibia showed up at a planned parenthood touching himself. he was arrested a short time later. a medical examiner identified another victim this evening as 79-year-old wi jin yang of san francisco who was hit by a car last night near fifth and market streets by westfield center, the second person to be hit and killed in that area in less than a month. >> reporter: citizen
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journalist jenny show shot this video on her cell phone saturday night, the aftermath of a deadly car versus pedestrian crash. >> i heard the commotion. there were a lot of sirens, more so than normal, and usually that's a red flag for me and i wanted to know what was going on and lo and behold, it was another car fatality. >> reporter: a taxi driver was questioned by police at the scene. this happened around 8:50 p.m. on eighth and market street. the woman was lit hit by the taxi while crossing the street witnesses say. >> i was disgusted, angered. >> how is this happening again and again. >> reporter: supervisor matt haney represents the district. he said he's devastated and angry. >> this year already we have twice as many traffic fatalities from people biking, walking than last year at the same time. so something is really not going right. >> reporter: according to the group walk san francisco, this is the 15th pedestrian or bicyclist fatality this year.
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less than a month ago someone was killed in this exact same area. these signs were put up at the intersection of fifth and market to mark the spot where a 54-year-old was killed on july 18th. there's a simple message. one death is too many. they want to see improvement. for example, limiting turns on and off market street and better protecting crosswalks and bike lanes. haney is calling on the city for a state of emergency to allow for immediate funding. >> we are on track to have one of the worst years ever on record in san francisco for traffic fatalities. i think that tells us that we better do something or we're going to be standing out here again a week from now, two weeks from now having this same conversation about how people keep dying. >> reporter: in san francisco, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. four people were shot last night in san francisco down the
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block from sfbd's northern station around 11:30 at the mcdonald's parking lot in fillmore and golden gate avenue. investigators say one person has life threatening injuries. three others were less seriously hurt. police say this was not a random shooting, but they don't have information yet about a motive or suspect. anyone with information should call san francisco police. homicide detectives in san jose are investigating a deadly shooting last night. police say they got the call about 10:30 last night about a shooting on the 1700 block of story road. officers say when they arrived on scene, they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. the victim was taken to the hospital where helater died. san jose police say they don't have a motive and have not identified a suspect. they're asking anyone with information to call the san jose police department. a contra costa sheriff's helicopter rescued two stranded hikers from separate east bay trails this weekend. san ramon firefighters requested the chopper come to las trampas park yesterday afternoon to rescue a
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dehydrated and stranded hiker. later a hiker was rescued in mt. diablo state park. that hiker suffered from dehydration and heat exhaustion. both hikers were airlifted to alamo for further treatment by fire crews. they are expected to be okay. ac transit buses resumed services to san francisco's salesforce transit center today. the $2 billion bus terminal reopened last month, but these are the first buses to resume running there. ac transit said they began picking up and dropping off passengers today and their buses will be running a full commute schedule tomorrow morning. >> we've been getting off at the terminal at the transbay temporary one and suddenly today we pulled in. i'm on the inaugural drive. we pull in, 28th, come out, yeah. it's all good. >> the transit center had been closed since september last year after cracks were discovered in two steel beams that were supporting the bus deck. the investigation into the death of jeffrey epstein
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continues tonight. according to the new york times, the jail staff which was working mandatory overtime when epstein was on suicide watch failed to follow protocols the night of his death. as jackie heinrich reports, the medical examiner completed an autopsy today, but those results have not been released. >> reporter: the fbi alongside the doj continues investigating the death of jeffrey epstein. in addition to the ongoing probe into the sexual abuse allegations against the well connected multi-millionaire. >> you do hear different people asking questions. they want to know who else was involved. >> reporter: attorney general william barr says he was appalled to learn of epstein's death in federal custody, barr announcing the investigation in a statement saturday writing in part, "mr. epstein's death raises serious questions that must be answered. in addition to the fbi's investigation, i have consulted with the inspector general who's opening an investigation into the circumstances of mr. epstein's death." epstein was found unresponsive inside his jail cell at
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metropolitan correctional center. the fdny says paramedics received a call epstein was in cardiac arrest saturday morning. the federal bureau of prisons said he died in an apparent suicide on arrival at the hospital. >> we find it very hard to believe that he would be allowed to commit suicide, especially when he was on suicide watch from just a few days ago. >> reporter: the 66-year-old was placed on suicide watch nearly three weeks ago after he was found in his jail cell with marks on his neck. it was unclear at the time whether the injuries were self- inflicted or the result of an assault. >> i do think that our prison system really runs on a suicide watch. they should be watched. >> reporter: epstein's defense team released a statement saturday writing in part, "we are enormously sorry to learn of jeffrey epstein's passing. no one should die in jail." president trump coming under fire for sharing a tweet and video from a conservative comedian saturday claiming without evidence that former president bill clinton and
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former secretary of state hillary clinton were responsible for epstein's death. >> this is all speculative and is not for me to go further than where the doj and fbi are now. >> reporter: the death of the jail's multi-millionaire came one day after a new york federal court unsealed thousands of pages of court documents alleging new details of sexual abuse claims against epstein and several associates. in new york, jackie heinrich, fox news. my biggest thing is i want to do things for other people. >> from professional baseball player to inspirational speaker, what encouraged the former san francisco giant pitcher to start traveling around the country to share his message. >> we warmed up today. it's going to warm up this week. you'll notice it right into monday, tuesday and wednesday, details after the break. >> and the country is it still reeling after last week's mass shootings, at 10:30 how the democratic candidates for president are weighing in on the gun control debate.
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no player on the san francisco giants will ever wear number 22 again. the former player will clark in a pregame ceremony today announcing they are retiring his number. will clark joined the giants in 1985 and played eight seasons on the team. clark said today the ceremony is something he will never forget. today's announcement also comes as giant manager bruce bochy nears the end of his last season before retiring. earlier this month clark said being a candidate for the job was "not off the radar."
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from the major leagues to inspiring major change, three time world series champion and retired san francisco giant jeremy aflo made a stop in beverly hills this morning. he's now traveling around the country to help inspire people. >> my biggest thing is i want to do things for other people. >> reporter: finding happiness in helping others. that's the why retired san francisco giant jeremy affeldt traveled city to city to teach. >> when i was playing baseball for myself, i was getting just so -- it was just such a boring life and once i figured out i can play baseball for other people and make a difference in other people's lives, the game changed for me. >> reporter: affeldt started in the major league when he was in his 20s and said the pressures and expectations he felt at the beginning of his career led him down a road of loneliness. >> within four years i absolutely hated being a major league baseball player.
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>> reporter: until he had a run-in with a homeless teenage girl in denver, colorado. after buying her a meal and spending some time with her he realized they had more in common than most would think. >> she's scared and she doesn't know who she is and she lost her way. i felt alone and scared and i did not know who i was. >> reporter: affeldt decided he needed to use his gift of being in the mlb to do more and now even after being retired since 2015 he continues to do more by inspiring others with his story. >> kids who think sports is it, nothing after, but you have to have something after that, too. >> reporter: close to 1,500 people came out for two appearances sunday. >> i really liked how he said when they were at the stadium and when he was 12, my age, that he wants to come back there and play there and that was pretty inspiring. >> reporter: and through his humor -- >> if you're blinded by the ring, it is a world championship ring. if you're a dodger fan, you have no idea what that looks like. >> reporter: and humility. >> because we think our happiness is in our job or in
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the amount of money and he make and it's not. >> reporter: he was able to connect and inspire. >> i would really like to maybe give to charity and such and also help. >> he's a great role model for boys who play baseball and the community in general. in fremont residents will have a chance this month to weigh in on the city's plan to build the navigation center for homeless people. the three workshops will provide the public with information about the navigation center and how it will help homeless people find housing. the city says there is a big need for a navigation center because the homeless population has increased 27% over the last two years. fremont is considering two locations for the center. you can find the dates and times of the workshops this month on our homepage. just go to fire crews in san mateo county made quick work of a small vegetation fire near woodside. cal fire tweeted these photos
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saying it broke out after 6:00 this morning in the huddart park area in the western hills of san mateo county. about three to five acres burned. one firefighter suffered a minor injury. nobody else was hurt. the cause of this fire is under investigation. let's check in on the temperatures from today. they were warmer than yesterday by a few degrees. it was 93 in antioch, 89 in livermore. highs tomorrow will come up. this week will be warmer and a higher fire danger week as well, not so much for winds, but a number of consecutive days in the inland bay valleys of 90 plus. that means low humidity, drying out fuels and a concern for wildfires. of course, again, there's no red flag warnings and not anticipating that. we just haven't had five or six days straight of 90 plus inland. we've had two or three days and it cools. this will be a run we've seen maybe once or twice this summer or prior. the fog on the coast is clear
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and comes back tomorrow. it's really thin. it won't push well inland. already you're noticing temperatures 8 degrees warmer in fairfield and concord, 6 degrees warmer in livermore and those temperatures correspond to 68 in livermore and 72 in walnut creek. so temperatures on the mild side, pretty warm. fog will just kind of kiss into the bay a little bit. this low which has been the mechanism for the cooling is now kind of just vaporizing and going away or will over the next day or so. as it does, we set up a classic microclimate setup. today was warmer. we'll be hot inland pretty much all week, 90 and 95, not record heat but hot inland consistently in that 30-degree or even 35-degree spread from coast to inland. so more typical summer pattern, but we really haven't had that many. let's watch it this week with the fire. keep an eye out. if you see anything suspicious, smoke, any kind of spark on the
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side of the road, just dial 911. when we come back, we'll talk about the five-day forecast and actual specific temperatures for the rest of the week. a new report on protecting lake tahoe says removing an invasive shrimp could help improve the clarity of the alpine waters. the shrimp are driving out native zoo blankton that help keep the water clear. they consume algae and other small particles. in recent years researchers have noticed removing the shrimp from the lake's west shore near emerald bay cleared up the water. researchers now want to remove more slip across shrimp across the lake to revive the zooplankton. it's an effort to preserve the largest alpine lake in north america. the price of gas in the u.s. dropped six cents a gallon over the past two weeks. industry analysts attribute the drop to an increase in refinery production and lower crude oil costs. the average price of a gallon of gas in the u.s. is now
10:20 pm
$2.74. of course, the highest average is right here in the bay area at $3.63 a gallon. baton rouge, louisiana, has the lowest average price at $26 a gallon. still to come here nancy pelosi takes a trip to central america to speak with migrants. >> plus why the head of customs and border protection says those recent i.c.e. raids were carried out to protect immigrants. >> outside lands wrapped up at golden gate park. we'll show you tonight's headline and how this year's festival broke records. >> as concerns of mass shootings remain, mornings on 2 talks with a psychologist about the anxiety parents and kids may have returning to school. >> also ktvu talked about the role social media giants play in curbing the spread of hate. >> back to school means more traffic. starting at 4 a.m. watch sal castaneda for the power to conquer your commute tomorrow on mornings on 2. >> thank you for watching fox 2
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outside lands music festival wrapped up tonight. the three-day event in san francisco's golden gate park closed out with a performance from paul simon ending less than an hour ago. the attendance yesterday reportedly broke records drawing 90,000 people. this year the festival also had an area set aside for marijuana sales for those 21 and over, the first time ever marijuana has been sold and consumed at a major festival in california. in the south bay three days of musical fun came to a close as the san jose jazz summer fest wrapped up. the 38th edition of summer fest drew roughly 40,000 people to downtown san jose. the music festival is touted for its variety combining nationally known acts with homegrown performers. gregory porter, pete martini and the o jay's were just some of the big names this year.
10:24 pm
join us tomorrow on mornings on 2 during the 8:00 hour. we'll speak with san jose mayor sam liccardo about the city's new safetyishive in initiative called the guardian program. play streets is a goal to promote chinatown and encourage folks to visit the area. there were performances, activities and exhibits for the kids. today's theme is the way it was with classic cars like camaros and mustangs lined up to honor older generations. i used to have a '67 camaro. play streets will take place sunday in chinatown until september 29th. this comes after recent reports of violent crime there and volunteers want visitors to know this area is still family friendly. >> that's just a one case scenario and it's a very safe
10:25 pm
place and people here are very friendly. just come and eat food here because we're still considered the largest and coolest chinatown. >> the event ran from 11:00 to 4:00. there was even validation for up to two hours of parking. tomorrow is the day. it's the first day of school for students in the oakland unified school district. superintendent karla johnson trammel and mayor libby schaaf will visit schools all day. free backpacks and school supplies will be given away to students at hoover elementary, fruitvale elementary and global family elementary school. a man from lodi returns home after being freed from conviction, why his conviction was overturned after 14 years behind bars. >> later in sports a long time veteran had a career first in the playoff hunt. >> the debate over gun control continues to stay center stage on the campaign trail, why the democratic candidates for president want to see change in washington.
10:26 pm
>> we need real change, meaningful change. it starts with breaking up the corruption in washington. >> some late breaking news to bring you now from oakland. this is a fire breaking out. we'll have some details coming up on this after the break. >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news brought to you by mancini sleep world. head over to mancini's triple bonus mattress sale. we switched from ford. i switched from ram. i switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. for dependability. for these guys. and just look at it. we switched to chevy. see for yourself why people are switching at the chevy all-star open house.
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breaking news in the east bay where crews are battling a fire in oakland. this is a live picture from the scene. the flames broke out in the past half hour at 50th avenue and east eighth street, an industrial area with a recycling center and tire shop nearby. we are working to get more information. as we do, we'll bring it to you. the mass shootings in el paso and dayton have led to renewed sense of urgency on the issue of gun control. >> the president and lawmakers are talking about background checks and on the campaign trail presidential candidates are also weighing in. more tonight from fox news correspondent mark meredith. >> reporter: congress remains on its august recess, but many democratic lawmakers are vowing to make gun control legislation their top priority come september. former texas congressman beto o'rourke says after last weekend's two mass shootings the country needs to overhaul the way americans can buy guns and while he's no longer in
10:30 pm
congress, o'rourke says he now supports a proposal by new jersey senator cory booker to establish a national system for firearm licenses. >> i also said at the time it's something that's worth discussing looking at. i want to learn more. i have. i've listened to my fellow americans, my fellow texans, my fellow el pasoans, this makes sense. >> reporter: this week several candidates hoping to replace president trump are demanding the white house with take on the national rifle association. >> we need real change, meaningful change. it starts with breaking up the corruption in washington, breaking the stranglehold of the gun industry and the nra. >> we've got a guy in the white house that's afraid. he's afraid of the nra. >> reporter: several of the 2020 candidates say they also support efforts to reinstate a ban on assault weapons. president trump on friday said he supports expanding background checks for gun purchases. the. says he's also consulted with the nra and he believes the nra
10:31 pm
will ultimately support new gun control legislation the white house may end up backing. today white house aides say they still want to see who what congress comes up with before committing to any one plan. >> the president has been actively talking to republicans and democrats on the matter of background checks and just being able to havmeaningful measurable reforms that don't confiscate law abiding citizens' firearms without due process. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the gun debate will be front and center when lawmakers return to work after labor day. in washington, mark meredith, fox news. the washington post today published the names mass shooting victim since 1966. they did so in today's paper. 1,196 names in all. the 12 page section titled the lives lost also includes descriptions of the shootings and pictures of the 423 people who have been killed since the sandy hook massacre seven years
10:32 pm
ago. executive editor martin barron said the special section is to "reflect on the horrific human toll of mass shootings in our country and to remember the individuals whose lives were cut short." congressman barbara lee is hosting a vigil in oakland tuesday to show solidarity with communities impacted by mass shootings and also to oppose gun violence and white supremacy. the event is being called a night of healing. it will be held at frank ogawa plaza from 5:30 to 7:00. an emotional day for hamid hyatt, the 36-year-old man from lodi now free from prison. he spent 14 years behind bars for terrorism crimes his attorneys insist he did not commit. last week a judge overturned his conviction for training in a pakistani camp and lying to the fbi about it.
10:33 pm
he's free because he did not have adequate legal counsel. today he was overcome with emotions as hundreds of fellow muslims celebrated his release. >> i'm still in shock. i can't believe it. i still think this is a dream. i wake up and i still think i'm in prison. >> his legal team said the key witness was an undercover operative who threatened him with physical harm when he refused to attend a terrorist training camp. the head of u.s. customs and border protection is defending last week's immigration raids in mississippi. fox news julian turner tells us the acting commissioner said the sweeps took place to protect immigrants who were targeted. >> reporter: it's been four days since i.c.e. carried out what analysts call one of the largest immigration stings in close to a decade. hundreds of immigration officers descended on seven mississippi food plants wednesday and took nearly 700 people into federal custody. the acting head of customs and border protection mark morgan took to the sunday air waves
10:34 pm
today to say it was all done in the name of protecting the people who are arrested. >> so these individuals seeking a better life first are exploited by the cartels to come here. once they come to the united states they're further exploited by united states companies by paying lower wages. >> reporter: the employees were rounded up in four different companies. the search warrant say the feds suspect them of willfully and unlawfully employing undocumented immigrants. president trump's right hand political adviser told sunday morning features -- >> these cartels are sophisticated paramilitary operations. they understand this is a higher business even than drug trafficking. that's why the southern wall is so important. it's the beginning of a solution. >> reporter: democrats say the trump administration's so- called total solution is about something else entirely. >> this administration has directed dhs to conduct these raids as part of what i believe
10:35 pm
is this administration's campaign of terror. >> reporter: democrats and republicans here on capitol hill continue to wrangle border crossing statistics in their favor and argue about whether current levels constitute a crisis even while they're on recess for a month. when they return in the fall, they'll confront an immigration landscape that's been altered by last weekend's mass shootings. house speaker nancy pelosi is back from central america where she led a delegation to explore causes of migration. the speaker with democratic and republican congress members traveled to guatemala, el salvador and honduras. representatives from all sectors of the community from government leaders to social activists were met with. the group made a final stop in mcallen, texas. pelosi criticized the treatment
10:36 pm
of migrants. >> for them to invade a workplace divides families. what the motivation is i'll leave up to others to decide. >> pelosi and the other representatives met with faith and community leaders as well as families seeking asylum. a tragedy in pennsylvania, a fire in a daycare center that killed five children. >> we are tracking a warming forecast. fire danger will come up this week. i'll have the details and what you can expect after the break. >> plus an unlikely sport brings an east bay community together. later tonight we'll tell you about the people who helped get the ball rolling for a citywide bocce ball league. it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls.
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you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. jury deliberations for the trial of the ghost ship fire are set to resume tomorrow. jurors went home last week without reaching a verdict after five days of deliberations. each defendant is charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. if convicted, they could each be sentenced to 39 years in prison. a horrible story out of pennsylvania where a fire at a daycare center killed five children, it happened overnight in erie, pennsylvania. firefightersay fire crews pulled seven people from the burning house and then rushed
10:40 pm
them to the hospital. the victims ranged in age from 8 months to 7 years old. the home was a registered daycare that was permitted to provide 24 hour-care. investigators haven't found a cause, but local media is reporting they're looking into the possibility of arson. violent clashes broke out in jerusalem just hours after tens of thousands of worshipers left one of the world's most holy sites. here's more on the violence from jerusalem. >> reporter: clashes erupted today in jerusalem at the temple mount complex between muslims and israeli security forces leaving more than a dozen people injured. police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse crowds of people as violence erupted. the tension started after yous were allowed to enter the jews were allowed to enter the area where muslims were worshiping. with nearly 2,000 people waiting at the gated, a decision was made to let them
10:41 pm
in. earlier in the day 80,000 muslim worshipers entered the site for the festival of sacrifice. the holiday acknowledges the end of the annual pilgrimage. simultaneously jewsh worshipers went to mark their holidays. overlapping holidays often elevates the consistent tension in the region. >> we tell everybody we are here steadfast and patient bonded with our land. we won't let anyone take us out and we won't let anyone occupy our place. >> reporter: the clashes come after a major attack was started in the south of israel overnight. four gazans crossed the border fence and entered israeli armed with guns and a rocket grenade and were killed by israeli troops. the tensions between israelis and palestinians have factions inside gaza warning recent events could lead to a new round of conflicts in the
10:42 pm
region. still to come here the small town of clayton is known for its bocce ball park. >> there's something in common that a lot of people have and that's playing bocce. >> see how the community came together to make the park a reality. >> warmer temperatures are on the way. chief meteorologist bill martin will have your complete workweek forecast. here's your buick sir.
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this past friday mornings on 2 was on the road in clayton for our latest zip trip. we want to thank everyone who came to play bocce ball and enjoy all the city has to offer. the bocce park is one of the main features in clayton and when it comes to a small town, sometimes getting things done be with a challenge and everyone needs to pitch in. >> as ktvu's claudine wong reports, the story of how the bocce park came to be is all about community. >> that's so fast. >> reporter: fair to say hitting the back wall in bocce is not the goal, but hey, i've never played before and if there's a place to learn, it's clayton because this is kind of the land of bocce. >> you try to get as close as you can to the small ball. >> reporter: it wasn't always this way and then five years ago a group got together to build some courts. >> never picked up a bocce ball
10:46 pm
before the courts were built. now i'm finding myself down here two or three nights a week year-round. >> reporter: he's not the only one who came to play. >> we have 180 players on a team, 10 teams, about 1,800 players. a little more than half are from clayton. >> reporter: in a town this size that means about one in every 15 people who live in clayton plays bocce, but this is not just a story about that little red ball and the quest to cozy up to it. >> yup, that's in. >> reporter: this is a story about community and about what it took to get these courts here. >> the biggest way new players get in is working onto somebody's else team. >> reporter: ed hartley and his wife fell in love with bocce in 2001 and thought it would be great for clayton, but three different attempts over more than a decade failed and one day ed hartley got a call from the owner, the local pizza place in town, offering land and a financial contribution on the condition that ed and the
10:47 pm
volunteers at the clayton business and community association would run it. >> it took us a few seconds to say yes. what was here was a vacant lot opened by the familiar and they were never going to build on it if this didn't work. >> reporter: $350,000 in private money was raised with contributions from the ipsen family and the cvca and in 2014 that vacant lot was transformed into the ipsne family bocce park and it was an overnight success. >> we thought we had room for 50s teams and ended up with 70. >> reporter: team members play about 40 bucks to play for 10 weeks of play. that money goes back to maintenance and back to the community and the waiting list is long with about 500 names on it. >> our oldest player is 98. i think we have a 12 or 13-year- old playing. we have people play that are blind and it's really brought people together. there's something in common that a lot of people have and that's playing bocce. >> reporter: it took a village or in this case a town to get
10:48 pm
the ball rolling. >> beautiful. look at. that. >> reporter: fair to say things have lined up pretty well. claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news. be sure to join us at town fair plaza in fremont for our final zip trip of the season, that one coming up in two weeks. checking in on the weather, just looking at the fog, it's kind of reforming off the coast. outside lands if you went this weekend and marveled at the weather, it was unreal. this morning there was fog, but for the most part, the fog cleared and the golden gate park was mostly sunny and pretty warm, in the 60s and even 70s. the fog's returning. it will stay at the coast. it will be tight there. inland areas temperatures will come up as they did today and they'll continue to stay in the low to mid-90s all week inland. around the coast and bay we're looking at 70s and 80s. it's going to be a warm week. it's not record setting or red flag warning stuff, but we haven't seen a full five or six
10:49 pm
days of 90 plus inland in a while. so with that we got the pattern i showed you earlier. this is the microclimate, the classic bay area summer. often it's 60 to 100 inland, you get the 40-degree spread. that's basically how it goes tomorrow and the next day and next day right into the bay area weekend. there will be a slight cooldown towards the middle of the week, but most of it is very warm inland, almost hot and along the coast and at the bay warm to -- well, even the coast will be in the mid-60s. so tomorrow there's some patchy fog. this is san francisco, but it works for sausalito and oakland and redwood city and mostly sun in the afternoon. san francisco lunchtime 68 degrees. at the end of the day downtown it's 72 degrees, so a lot of cities in the 80s, 90s inland. you'll see it coming up. there's the fog forecast for tomorrow morning right at the coast. that's how you know the inversion is solid trapped out there, can't get inland because the high is reestablishing itself so effectively and there's the temperature
10:50 pm
footprint. reds are 90s. you see the reds bleeding in through napa, santa rosa and san jose. vacaville tomorrow, we've got 44 cities here and there pretty toasty. this isn't record setting stuff, but it's day after day in the inland bay valleys of 90 plus. so the airplane air concerns will be going. danville, antioch, livermore. most certainly we will see something spark up. that's just the nature of the bay area this time of year with these temperatures. take heart in knowing these aren't red flag warning conditions with strong winds or anything. this is just more hot, dry and low fuel moistures. 79 in san mateo tomorrow, 84 menlo park, 69 in daly city. here's the five-day forecast. the top tier numbers drop off a little down to the 90s, but that's a long run. i don't know if i've done, you know, when i think about it, i
10:51 pm
don't think i've had a five-day where we had 90s across the top for seven days like this in this summer. we've had a lot of drops in temperatures. we won't see that this week. so that's the big headline, very warm inland all week. >> thank you. fast & furious presents hobbs & shaw was number one at the box office again this weekend. >> i'm superman. >> you're crazy. >> the fast & furious spinoff brought in $24.5 million leading the box office a second straight week. scary stories to tell in the dark second with 20.8 million. the lion king was third bringing in $20 million in its fifth weekend in the theaters making it disney's highest grossing live action movie ever. dora and lost city of gold was fourth with 17 million and once upon a time in hollywood took the fifth spot with $11.6 million. up next in sports giants
10:52 pm
and athletics both fighting for the privilege of playoffs first. >> then a fire breaks out near a recycling center in oakland, coming up the latest details on a firefight that injured at least one firefighter. how are we gonna fit in your mom's buick? easy. i like that new buick. -me too. i was actually talking about that buick. i knew that. -did you? buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. current eligible non-gm owners and lessees get 20% below msrp on most 2019 buick encore models. ♪ ♪
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joe fonzi joining us now in sports. both the giants and a's trying to get in the playoffs. >> the giants did enough against the phillies over the weekend to remain in the national league wildcard conversation. a nostalgic day, the 30 year celebration of the 1989 world series team, clark and mitchell, one-two punch in the batting order. the giants announced today clark's number 22 jersey will be retired. they used 14 pitchers. kevin pillar broke a 6-6 tie with his drive in the eighth. pillar gets his triple. evan longoria comes home with the lead run, but that was just part of it. will smith made his first ever plate appearance and nick pivetta pitched into right for a base hit and gets a pair of r.b.i.s on the hit. when you get your first major league hit, they want the ball as a souvenir. that will make for a lot of smiles in the dugout and another example why baseball
10:56 pm
should never be an all dh league. that's what smith did with the bat. how about fielding his position in the top of the ninth? quinn tries to bunt his way on. smith makes a great play falling down. belt makes an equally good play on the receiving end of the throw. smith retires five batters and gets the win, giants 3 1/2 games out of the last wildcard spot but trial five teams. multiple story lines at the a's played the white sox today trying to stay close in the american league wildcard standing. first it was a day to honor harold baines, hall of fame star who played for both the white sox and a's in his 22 year career, runs at a premium this one. matt chapman got something going in the fourth with a drive. jon jay goes above the fence to take a home run but can't hold onto the ball. chapman into second with a leadoff double. the a's in business. matt olson hits a drive jay has no chance of getting to, homer
10:57 pm
number 23 on the season for olson. 2-0 a's. starter chris bassitt began his career with the white sox. he had something to prove, back to back strikeouts for bassitt in the fourth and then in the seventh he comes up empty. bassitt allows just four hits in seven innings, gets help from 3 relievers in a 2-0 shutout. the a's are behind two teams now in the a.l. wildcard, a game and a half out of the picture. as much as the raiders tried to avoid it, controversy and strange stories continue to be part of their existence. the raiders were winners in their preseason game last night against the rams but still no antonio brown. brown's now added another chapter to a hot air balloon arrival and a frostbitten episode on his feet. brown was on a two-hour conference call with nfl officials making his case to wear his old style of helmet which is no longer recognized as league approved. brown has threatened to retire if he doesn't get his way.
10:58 pm
that seems unlikely as does the sentiment expressed by jon gruden after the game. >> he's one of the premier competitors i've ever been around and i got a feeling he would play with no helmet is how much he loves to play, but i'm not going to put words in anybody's mouth. we're going to support him and whatever his decision is, we'll stand by it, but we're confident that he's going to be a huge factor for the raiders for years to come. and the 49ers opened up with a win in their first preseason game last night 17-9 over the cowboys. the importance of these games is becoming increasingly debatable. 18 49er starters didn't even suit up last night. the one thing is isn't yet known when it comes to san francisco's roster is the identity of the quarterback who will back up jimmy garoppolo. nick mullens and c.j.
10:59 pm
beathard split time. >> i thought both made good plays. i thought each one of them had one really bad play, thought they threw a pick that was pretty easy to see. after that i they both of them played pretty well while being under a lot of duress. >> sounds like everybody is being a little noncommittal. >> is it possible they'll keep all three quarterbacks? >> i would say it's possible. they would probably like to identify the guy that would be garoppolo's backup. they had all three of those guys last year, but mullens was kind of an afterthought until beathard got hurt. >> thank you, joe. coming up next at 11:00. >> when you see him, he smiles. he will raise his hand. >> neighbors of a lyft driver are in shock tonight after police say he sexually assaulted one of his passengers. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2
11:00 pm
starts now. police stay a lyft driver took advantage of one of his riders after she passed out in the back seat. hello again. i'm cristina rendon. >> i'm frank somerville. that driver is now accused of sexually assaulting her. ktvu's azenith smith tells us police say the woman called for a ride in san mateo but ended up at the driver's home about 60 miles away in tracy. >> reporter: this quiet suburban neighborhood in address is where investigators say a lyft driver took his rider back to his home and sexually assaulted her early saturday morning. brooke phillips lives next-door and describes kolokolo as quiet and said he often kept to himself. >> it was absolutely shocking. >> knowing that they live right next-door and we would have never suspected anything like. that. >> reporter: police say it began at a bar in san mateo when a night of drinking took a turn


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