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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 21, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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currently living on the grounds of windsor castle, of course are living with their three- month-old baby boy, named archie. the musical wicked is now on stage in san jose. we will talk about getting your seats to watch this show, and a sit down with a few cast members. changing rules for kids apps, and why a plan to increase privacy is worrying app developers. how the san francisco 49ers are raising money and awareness. welcome, i was just telling these guys i feel like $1 million because i have brand- new tires on my car. it is 12 years old, and we put
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new tires on it yesterday. it feels like the best ride. were these discount tires? we go to a family-run tire shop, we have been going there for years and years. they are good guys, it is a mother and son. i started getting better tires when i started having kids. we purchased tires every couple years, but this is something that we hopefully only purchase once, but one newlywed bride is taking it over the top and is planning to get her money's worth, she will wear her wedding dress every day, for an entire year. she is from england, she got married august 3. she paid $364 for her wedding dress. she plans to wear that dress for 365 days. we saw her in the grocery store
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with the dress, she is documenting the dresses journey through a facebook page, she wears this cooking, cleaning, she has worn it to cultures, concerts and will retire the dress next year. >> that is an interesting idea. i don't want to keep a wedding dress. we did not have a big bash, for the rehearsal, we saved money for our home later in life. i want to end this by saying everyone is different, and that is good. >> it is her dress, i like it. we do have news about this new metro station that you has been hearing a lot about they have a new subway station now. this is a controversial one. we are joined live in studio with the story. opponents called a big rally before the vote
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yesterday, even though the decision did not go their way they will keep fighting. the association said they have 16,000 signatures from people against the name, they want to submit a 2020 ballot initiative to let voters decide. for now this decision was in the hands of the board of directors. they voted 4-3 four this station. opponents say they had ties to china and used this for influence for personal gain. >> the name should be 100% support from the community. why are they doing this? this is truly unfair. the board of director was tied with the decision in june. the train station should only be located by geographical location. there are now 7 members of the board of directors. steve abner was the tiebreaker.
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last night was a win, and many thought for affordable housing. she fought to bring the station to chinatown and should be advised regardless of the opposition. >> apparently she ascended a lot of people. my thing as a leader, a leader is never 100% loved. >> when construction wraps up, riders will go from chinatown to the city market area. it is expected to finish in 2022. the white house is rolling out a change to the immigration policy. >> this will look at how long migrants can be kept at a detention facility. this rule will likely need court approval. >> the factor is change. new regulation is being looked at to make families be detained for longer periods of time.
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>> new rules seem unprecedented there e already limited resources. this puts children throughout the region at risk. the number arrested at the border has recently spiked, the rule will likely need court approval, and this changes licensing approval for detention centers and will remove a 20 day limit set in a 1997 agreement. this will allow us to detain families indefinitely. >> this is completely unnecessary, it is cruel, and that is one more reason that we need to change leadership, to pursue immigration reform with common sense and compassion instead of cruelty that this administration continues to show. teaching according to one report, they maintain 3300 family detention beds, the limited space along with this
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rule had meant many families held at the border were pending a court date. there was a legal dip during president trump's year in office, however the numbers later rebounded. mark meredith, fox 2 news. a contract has been renewed, they will use software to profile and track immigrants. testers have held several demonstrations outside of the offices in palo alto. they are calling to end the relationship with eyes. they were previously denying involvement with the federal agency. a website, the hill, is reporting a new contract is worth a lot of money and expires the year 2022. police are investigating a homicide this morning. video from the citizen app shows the moment after it happen. officers spotted a shooting at
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11:15 pm last night. a man was taken to the hospital, and later died. police have no information on a possible suspect, or motive. firefighters are investigating a firefighter in san jose. this started on the corner of pineland avenue. no one was at home during the time, it took firefighters 30 minutes to get it under control. no injuries were reported, because of the fire is under investigation. a group is suing the police, the first amendment coalition is accusing them of refusing to release records. officers were investigating elite police report about the death of the public defender. the raid involved officers, and a crowbar, to enter the home. a trial is back at the courthouse this morning. we are learning more about the
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three people who were removed from the jury on monday. the judge said two of the three dismissed jurors violated rules and considered outside material. she said they could face contempt proceedings, and she is waiting for more information about that third juror. meanwhile there is only one alternate left, and the judge is trying to juggle requests for time off, including people who want to take their children to college. stay to us for updated information. we have a blog posted online at, where we have also created a timeline, but you can click through as well. we will be there for the verdict. a local artist is injured after being the victim of a car jack her. jack champion said the biggest injury is the loss of the artwork he planned to take to the event. champion spent 10 months creating the elephant
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sculptures. champion said he woke up early sunday with a bad feeling, and saw someone getting into his truck. he grabbed the truck rack as the thief was driving away but was later thrown to the ground when the driver slammed on the brakes. now the owner of a chocolate and coffee shop said his son saved him. >> he said the man had him in a choke hold when his son ran in and rescued him. >> we spoke to the father and son about what happen. >> reporter: fresh coffee and homemade waffles, a simple menu here, these sweet chocolate treats are among the best in the world. this attracts a steady flow of customers, and it is a small shop. the troubles are incredible. customers were disappointed to find out that the owner was attacked monday afternoon, right outside his shop.
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part of the scuffle was captured on the store surveillance camera. he is seen here telling a man to get out, and with force the man left >> when he was outside he turned around, and i said you need to go. when i step forward, to the sidewalk, i fell to the ground. when i fell to the ground, that is when he took advantage of me and put me in a choke hold like this. >> he said he was panicked and yelled for help. painfully his son was with him that day, and came to his rescue. >> i came out and grabbed a bat. >> the video shows sebastian running to the back of the store, and grabbed a hat. customers told him to put it down, but he feared for his life. >> i said if this keeps going on, i am going to hit him. it lasted a few more seconds, i would have hit him.
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we found this mug shot from a previous arrest in 2017. >> i am afraid if that guy gets out, he will come back. >> a homeless woman tried to steal his tip jar last week. as soon as he called police, she took off without money. we reached out to the start attorneys office, and they confirmed that the suspect is in custody. when we asked about a potential for early release within a 48 hour period, they said they do not have the authority over pretrial custody decision, and that is ultimately up to the court. police in hayward want your help to catch this man vandalizing a you about robbing
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a robot police guard. things have gone down since this robot was brought in last year. there are four police on the robot and a contract license plates. with clear video i bet th catch him. apple aims to shield children from data trackers. the first of its kind, something that approves regulated cocaine use. ♪herrrre come this hair is happenin'! they think normal pesticide treatments will stop us! nix ultra!!! ahhhh!!! kill super lice and eggs with nix ultra. more effective than the leading prescription.
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a crossing being built, this will be over highway 101 35 miles north of downtown los angeles. this will give wildlife access to food. this project costs $87 million.
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it is privately funded. transportation officials say this is the largest project of its kind in the world. it should be complete by the year 2023. a whale was found monday, according to the chronicle this file was found by participants in the national marine sanctuary program. the carcass had been scavenged by sharks. it was difficult to identify the whale species. not much is known about these whales, adult whales can measure 13 to 43 feet in length. a judge has granted two people the right to cocaine use, in the first ruling of its kind. will allow them to possess, transport and use cocaine, but they cannot sell it. the decision must be reviewed before it can be of
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enforcement. a group was applauding the decision as it seeks to end the country's war on drugs. >> as we look at the stock this, all three major indexes are up 1% as stocks are coming back to 250 points. the dow jones and s&p 500 are doing better this morning. as apple aims to protect the rights of children, this could ruin business, apple is changing the rules for child and kids apps. good morning, read. apple is the big player on the block, they have 70% of the market, and if you don't like it, take your ball and go home, it does not look like there is any pressure on apple to change, does it? >> that is correct, and that is of all mobile revenue in the
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united states. they are extremely dominant. what apple is doing is trying to stop third party advertisers that may show inappropriate advertisement to kids and third party data trackers that collect data at children from operating in the store, and that all sounds well and good. the way they implemented the rules, which is sort of inner a laterally unilaterally without warning, this looks at these rules, and they go so far they are essentially going out of business. >> is there anything that the makers can do, to pressure apple to at least take another look at this? >> actually at the article pointed out, calling apple and talking to them, and explaining that we are writing a story about the developers and what they are going through, apple has decided to say we are going to delay the implementation of
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these rules and work with developers, and how they can better adapt to these changes. actually, i think what may be happening a discussion between developers now about how those rules might be tweaked slightly to make it more workable, but i think if you step back and look, this is an example of how powerful apple has become. >> i think it is powerful because you know most of the people that i know, everyone has an iphone, not everyone, but if you go into our newsroom, nine out of 10 people on an iphone. it is like a monopoly of sorts. >> it is not just how many people own an iphone, but android, which is open by google, it is actually the majority. but, it is how they use them. most of the revenue used from
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mobile apps, and overseas as well, is more evenly split between apple and android, when it comes to revenue. apple really is by far the most important game in town, for developers. >> all right, we have to leave it there. we will be following this issue also watching the court cases, in the supreme court soon, about apples monopoly power. thank you. coming up next, one of the last of its kind. we are going to let you know about the video dvd store that for years has been hanging on. soon the doors will close. forget video, let's talk about real life. the larger-than-life musical, wicked, is going to be on stage. we talked about the show many
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consider a must see.
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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the national tour for wicked has come to san jose. it is an over-the-top musical that tells the story of what happened to dorothy before the wizard of oz. we welcome the past, thank you both for being here this morning. >> you are welcome. >> this is one of my favorite musicals, i get chills, and i have a response even by
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listening to music in the kitchen. >> i am not singing any of the big numbers, so i say come on girl, get it out there. the audience feels the same way. >> and you have been playing the part for a long time. your professor is misunderstood. you are in a difficult position trying to get a difficult message out. ultimately, do you think you failed? >> i don't know that he failed, i think the powers that be failed him because they do not want any voices of discontent, is that the word? >> people versus animals, correct? >> and they don't want any voices, apart from what they have. >> and this is one of the
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villains that you love to hate. >> we try to start off being friends, as long as it serves me. wants she feels the power she goes the distance, and takes no prisoners, until she does. >> the story focuses on two young girls, they go to a boarding school together. one grows up to be glenda the good witch. she has sparkling personality, and the other woman, is famously green skin with a dark disposition. in the end, it is a story almost about sisterhood, isn't it? >> yes, and that is part of what makes this story phenomenal. people come and they have a mythology of, so when those
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stories mary, and when these girls, and the friendship becomes so rich, our audience identifies with what is real in the story, not all of the other stuff. >> it is also really about questioning who is wicked, or what is good. >> i would much rather be her best friend, versus glenda. at least for a weekend, maybe. you talk about morals and doing the right thing in life, and sacrificing, and fact, she is extremely powerful. perhaps more so than glenda. but, she essentially goes into hiding, because she has no other option, no one is supporting her. have you watched the wizard of oz film since being in this production? you much must watch it
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differently now. >> it is interesting because we have more information that we have gleaned from this script. and to put that onto our childhood maria, of course it feels different. >> i think this is a rate first musical. >> it is one of the best. this is fantastic. >> the production values are amazing. >> i love productions that are over the top. i always say i go to the theater to cry, and i do. you both for being here. >> nice to meet you. >> thank you, it is a pleasure to have you here. wicked is playing right now through september 8. go online to, and you will find more ticketing information. coming up next, his request to buy greenland has been
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denied. we will let you know how president trump is reacting after his idea was called --
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good morning, welcome back to ktvu mornings on 2 at 9 am. it looks like a summer day, but it doesn't seem like it because everyone seems to be back in school. maybe tourists are coming to san francisco, what do you think? >> let's talk about football, for a second, one is transferring skills from the soccer field to the football field. carli lloyd appeared at a joint
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practice section of the baltimore ravens yesterday. she was draining 40 yards with ease, and even mailed a 55 yard field goal right down the middle. >> not surprising. >> that is impressive. >> i see young girls and boys off to the left watching, i am glad they are seeing this because when i was little, i did not have anyone like carli lloyd, to look up to. issued doing her first practice today, your little one? >> today. i remember our kicker in high school. we got him on the football team, just to do that. >> it is harder than it looks. let's look at the forecast today. today is an easy forecast. sunshine and warming temperatures to highlight the wednesday forecast. the temperature is not a little
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change, we are going to warm up 3 26 degrees from yesterday's highs. upper 60s for the coast, and inland spots are approaching the lower 90s by about 3 pm. on the satellite we have a activity to the north. you see a lot of cloud cover here but not for us. i have been watching the fog float around portions of the coast, and the bay this morning. we have a lot of sunshine out there and the temperatures are warming up. fairfield is 70 degrees, san jose 66, and san francisco we are showing 64 degrees. this is a guy we happen to be watching, this is directly overhead, we have been talking about it big time cooling trend. in fact, that was the case today, it is a warmer forecast. this area of high pressure wants to strengthen. this would boost temperatures well over 100 degrees, but that
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will not be the case as we go to friday and the weekend. the flow at the surface is a southerly flow, that keeps our temperatures and check. we are warming up, but we are not talking about extreme heat with warming temperatures the fire danger is going up. vacaville is 94, a few more spots are close to 80. heading inland there are a lot of low 90s. here in this area we are warming to the mid-80s. the forecast is tied at 91, a great day at 74 degrees. later on this afternoon, the beaches are in the mid to upper 60s and could flirt with 70 later on. tomorrow is probably the hottest day of the week, actually sunday and tomorrow. we will cruise into the weekend with 90s inland around the day,
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on the bay. a legal loophole that lets immigrant families come to the u.s. is going to be closed by the trump administration. the trump administration is replacing a court order for immigrants families. this allowed migrant children to be sent to care programs after 20 days, and be given medical treatment. this is with family members. under a new policy migrant families could be the team together, while immigration judges consider their cases. here at home, the police is being sued by a free speech organization. the first amendment coalition accuses city leaders have not releasing most of the public records about the police raid last year they investigated a beat police report, about the seven best of a public
9:34 am
defender. the board of nda approved last night in the controversial vote, the naming of china towns metro station, after a powerful community activist, critics say they are going to keep fighting a decision, and they want voters to decide. among other things, they say rose was linked to communist china and used her power for personal gain. they want the name to be focused on chinown. construction on the new station is expected to be finished next year. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. a pilot and passenger were rescued off of the bay. >> reporter: this is an incredible story of survival. today the pilot and passenger
9:35 am
are alive after crashing. take a look at this video, it shows that going down around 6 pm, today. the pilot said he was flying his new plane with a friend flying next to him. they were taking pictures when suddenly his craft lost power and went down. he had less than one minute to grab flotation devices for they fell to the ocean. they were floating in the water for 30 minutes while his friend in the other plane looked for help. >> there was jellyfish everywhere, there was a whale breaching around us, and we waited as long as we could, on the wing. >> i was singling around him the whole time, to about 5 minutes after it submerged. i lost sight of him, and i started drifting off, for about
9:36 am
10 minutes i could not see him. >> the coast guard there was on a training mission and came to the rescue sending in a diver who helped pick up a couple in a basket. they got the people out of the water within 25 minutes. the pilot was showing signs of hypothermia. >> we are happy that these two are able to walk home alive, today. >> the coast guard was not there, i would be a popsicle at the bottom of the ocean. >> the pilot said he had no doubt he would have died. the ntsb will be the lead investigating agency, and they will assist. it is unclear when the airplane will be pulled from the water. in san francisco recent crimes started in the asian community, and some are looking at reducing a weapon to protect themselves. a coalition said neighborhoods have been targeted for several
9:37 am
high publicized crimes. a local business owner was attacked and robbed in the middle of the day in chinatown. another woman was raped and held captive four hours. expanding gun control measures have appeared to stall in washington. president trump is flip- flopping and he said new laws will lead the country down a steep slope. there has been conversations with the nra chief executive. what the an array is saying that universal background checks is now off the table. protesters are preparing to block transportation, in response to the political demands. >> it is extremely concerning that a member of its team is held in hong kong. we have more from london.
9:38 am
>> reporter: an employee in hong kong has been missing for almost 2 weeks has been detained in china. 28-year-old simon chang went as an officer and has been put into detention for 15 days for allegedly violating a law on public order. protesters gathered outside hong kong, wednesday, calling for his release. the british foreign ministry said it is extremely concerned about this stuff number. chinese spokesman said the case is not a diplomatic issue. >> we urge the uk to stop making responsible remarks and stop meddling in our affairs. >> meanwhile protesters in home kong plan to block public transport on the mass transit rail system. this is in an attempt to urge the government to respond to
9:39 am
their demand. a silent session has been staged as well. police have little tolerance for any violent act of the past two days we have successfully arrested the culprits in violent crime, regardless of their identity, background, and noticed. there are various rallies organized, up coming. some leaders are upset by a recent statement made by president trump. president said something yesterday. i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat, i think it shows a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. >> the executive director calls
9:40 am
the remark another example of trumps continuing to weapon nice and affect anti-semitism. the president was scheduled to visit copenhagen in september. the danish prime minister has shut down the president's proposal to purchase greenland from denmark. this is a territory with independence. the president has looked at purchasing greenland. the white house has not indicated where a rescheduled visit may occur. a man is facing new charges from other crimes. austin vincent was in court yesterday on allegations he threatened four people in february. he has also been charged in the recent attack august 11 which was captured by surveillance camera in the lobby of the building. there was a public backlash after he was released from jail last week. a judge agreed yesterday, that
9:41 am
he should remain in custody. >> he was getting the help he needed, he was looking at the root causes of his issues being addressed. now he is in jail. >> there is always a balance that is being done. this merits keeping the defendant in custody to assist public safety. >> this and did stand february 3. more than 40 beds are being allocated. the san francisco examiner reports many at the hospital has been told they will have to be moving out of this facility. the paper said some of the patients have lived there for more than 10 years. the city plans to use that portion of the hospital for homeless patients. nurses say this plan is
9:42 am
disrupted, others say no one will lose their place in the care system. a driver reminder, class is back in session. players with a. this, how the san francisco 49ers are helping the bay area youth, and how you can help as well. i'm phil mickelson. that's me long before i had psoriatic arthritis. i've always been a go-getter and kinda competitive. flash forward, then psoriatic arthritis started getting the better of me. and my doctor said my joint pain could mean permanent joint damage.
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students are back at the university today for the first day of class. in addition to welcoming students the university president is responding to an incident on campus. she posted a statement online
9:45 am
after racist flares were found posted around the school. she says our community will not tolerate this, against individuals or groups on the basis of race, ethnicity, immigration status, or other identities. we are committed to providing a campus community that is safe, and responsive. similar flyers were found in schools across the country. police are out around local schools. >> this is an effort to focus on traffic safety. >> reporter: we are outside a local elementary where you can see officers on standby. around the corner there are sheriff's officers helping as well. this is one of 19 schools across oakland is going to have an excellent police present
9:46 am
this morning. you can see all of the people, students and parents, with help from the safety patrol students out here, managing the drop off flow. we spoke to the possible about some of the benefits to having officers here. she said it is a good reminder to let drivers know that the school routine is back in full swing and drivers need to be extra safe. >> unfortunately people think they can rush, there is a with jaywalking and running stop signs. >> everyone is trying to get to work, they may not be paying as much attention as they should. occasionally we have a problem. >> most of the drivers i see are completely safe, but sometimes there are drivers that are going too fast, and not stopping. police say double primary goal is traffic enforcement,
9:47 am
and they're hoping to have positive interaction with students, parents, and members of the school community, while they are at the 19 school sites this morning. they will also be at pickup later this afternoon. raising funds for underserved bay area youth. today we are joined live to learn more about players for a purpose., justin. let's talk about this, this is the biggest fundraiser for the foundation, taking place on tuesday. this is a chance for fans to get on the field. what is going on? >> this is our kickoff event, it is called players for a purpose. this is really our first chance to get on the field with players, have dinner, and we put on a great show.
9:48 am
>> you are talking about active players? >> yes we have a cocktail event , a lot of people have heard of jerry rice, it should be fun. >> talk about what access they have, is this having conversations with players? if families come with children, can they play catch with everyone down there? >> we invite families, it is a family focused event. players will come, two players will be at each table. the highlight of the evening, there are a few, one is ours been on family feud, last year the defense team one and they are back for more. they will get up there and compete in a fun game. we just announced that richard sherman is going to deliver the keynote speech. >> also, because it is a
9:49 am
fundraiser, are there auctions going on? >> absolutely, we have a monday night football experience, where fans will have the opportunity to win a evening for this event, we have an all- inclusive trip where you can spend time with john york, and others. >> that is phenomenal. and this is a fundraiser, so tickets are not cheap. what do they range? >> for you, and this audience, we are just rolling out a website with a discounted ticket price. entry level tickets are $149. the tickets can be found online. with all of the money generated, last year you raised
9:50 am
close to half million dollars, what does this go to? >> since the team movement, the 49ers foundation has been focused on youth in the bay area. we bring in 60,000 students each year, teaching them stem technology. our other program is a health and wellness initiative. this touches on 40,000 under service students. we are serving 100,000 students a year in our communities. this is all made possible by our fans. >> that is a big number, a lot of children benefited by this fundraiser. this is tuesday, on the field, it on the field at levi stadium. proceeds benefit local youth.
9:51 am
you can get tickets online, justin thank you for being here with us. coming up, venturing into the medical field, harvesting stem cells from teeth. we will let you know more about this process. a crash caught on camera, but not the type you are used to hearing about. what happened when this hawk went through a window.
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a red tailed hawk crashes into a window and survived. this happened friday. the humane society said the bird flew through the window and got stranded inside a veteran. firefighters were called to remove broken glass in recovering the bird. they let it go into the wild. lawmakers are speaking out against a proposed development. the company and the real estate partner wants to develop a portion of 8000 acres, there. this was not allowed under free water act. that ruling was reversed in march. they are reportedly drying up plans for thousands of homes. they do not actually have plans right now anything other than what the area is using for currently. a local video store is going out of business.
9:55 am
silver reen has eight locations will close its final store this week. the owner said business has slowed down because people have so many options out there, including streaming options. he is selling his remaining videos, there are 29,000 discs available. >> are so many options available, it is actually surprising we have lasted as long as we have. >> this is the best place to find movies you can't find anywhere else. streaming are newer things, rather than things that are 20+ years ago. >> silver spring silver screen opened 33 years ago. the last day open is sunday. procuring stem cells from wisdom teeth, called
9:56 am
stemodontics, our preserving stem cells. after these teeth are removed they are shipped to a lab in the midwest. >> the new option, we can send them to stemodontics, and they can harvest the stem cells. >> the storage is considered controversial by some scientists because as of right now they say there is no known application for using them. be sure to listen to our podcast, right now. i down with hannibal thompson to learn how youtube videos help him launch his career. he also talks about his career. search for bay area people, on
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your podcast player. the soul train musical tells the story of cornelius, the host of soul train. it will feature more than 20 songs from the soul train era. this matches the 50th anniversary of soul train. thank you for watching everyone, we will see you back here at noon.
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♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jerry: oh, man, look how cool these are! have you ever seen these filters connect >> have i seen snapchat, jerry? yes. [laughter] 's view and my daughters showed them to me. ohyeah! what's up? oh! ready to do the show! >> it's really hard to put bronzer on the moving face. >> jerry: baby!


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