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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 23, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

9:00 am -- ktvu morings on 2 at 9am is hitting the road, in between the slow and fast-paced sitting. >> you will get to sample some of three months of vibrant foods and meet one teacher will not let retirement slow her down. >> she's nice and funny any time with that, experience the evolution of the east bay. >> it is a big city. as mornings on 2 takes you
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on a trip to fremont. all right, friday morning, alive and well and it is time to turn it up a notch as we give you a live picture of downtown san francisco. fog is sticking around, we have a little spot that they like to call fremont, it is our final zip trip of the summer. we are a long capitol avenue, a focus of bringing families together, fremont is definitely near silicon valley. welcome to the 9, live from fremont. if there is one word i would focus on, it would probably be
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community, it is what i love to see. fremont is considered one of the bigger cities in the bay area, but it definitely has its own identity and it is a place i sent community. >> people say whether they are from here, fremont feels like home, i will mention home quickly because fremont and did at a top of the list nationwide of cities best to buy a home and if you have a family. think about that, fremont ranked number one, if you have a family. from recreation to shopping, to the community feel you talked about, it is really rich, rich, rich beyond what it has to offer today. >> we have an action-packed hour, we have the usual suspects here. our 9:00 coanchor will join us later to give us a taste of the town, we have frank mallicoat with wonderful stories to tell. >> when you say fremont, a lot
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of people think of tesla and kristi yamaguchi, we will talk with her live. but let's get you to know fremont better first. we are standing on what used to be orchard land, and here we are today, it is a mecca of tech and multimillion dollar homes. let's learn a little bit more about fremont.>> reporter: nestled between oakland and silicon valley on the southeast side of the san francisco bay, fremont is a diverse city where techies and families alike live, work and play. its earliest history dates back to the 1700s with the founding of mission san jose by the spanish. it wasn't incorporated until 1956 when san jose, centerville, niles and warm springs came together. the city was named after john zafar charles fremont.
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the area was rich with agriculture, and thrive during the california gold rush. >> it is new and had the revolutionary macintosh computer. >> reporter: but over the decades, the city has transformed with tech, there was the apple factory where the first mac computer was manufactured in the 1980s. now there is the tesla industry. fremont is known for the moderate claimant making it ideal for being outdoors, so it is no surprise thatthis cities busiest attraction is mission peak which offers gorgeous views of the bay. right now the city is currently working to revitalize its downtown area, there is the current town theropods aware the construction is set to begin this fall. and fremont is also designated as a tree city usa. guess how many trees are in the city of fremont?
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3 10,000. >> 55,000 trees here in the city of fremont. time now to change and with claudia, she joins us right here on the plaza. >> good morning, we want to give you a tour of the space we are in because it is so cool, we have many of the activities going on right now. so many people from the community are down here, these are seniors from the fremont senior center, doing a little line dancing this morning. this group that you are seeing, as part of a much bigger group, can you believe that they have 75 people signed up for line dancing at the fremont senior center? they will be out here all morning long and they will do tai chi and senior fitness. they have hundreds who do senior fitness, there is a titiev chad s tai chi class going on right now. we have kids going on in
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fremont, still enjoying summer vacation. they are out here right now, it is part of the fremont recreation services group. these kids out here are doing a little stretching, a little yoga, and guess what? frank will talk to them a little bit later, they have ping-pong, basketball over here and look at all of the parents we have over here taking pictures. i will show you one more spot before we let you go, over here we have a band you will be hearing from all morning long. i just talk to these lovely young ladies, they are part of audio blonde, a great band. they are pop country, when you asked them what kind of country -- music pacing. they been playing for a couple of years and met through feet theater and perform all over the bay area, we are excited to listen to them later. so busy here, we will send it back to you guys. all right, we will check in with you in a little bit, do
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you want to do a little taste of the town? >> one of my favorite parts of all of the zip trips. fremont is home to a lot of diversity. it is affecting the taste of this town, down-home country cooking, we sampled some of the best restaurants, sal you are at the saddle rock this morning, not writing the bull yet. you came out not long ago and had a couple of good meals?>> reporter: i tried to get on the bull, i couldn't, it is high but they might help me later on. this is a legendary bar, the saddle rock was first opened in san jose, they closed a while and found a new home in fremont 16 years ago. believe it or not, it is nine in 9 am in the morning, we will talk about the history of this bar in the moment. my assignment has been to go
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out and taste food all over fremont, here's what i found during our segment called taste of the town.? if you're hungry for a good meal and i mean really hungry, gopher folks were fremont have been going for 40 years, country way on mallory avenue. it is a family owned business, matteo one of the owners says when the family bought the place, they kept the decor mostly the same and focused on building a good menu. everything from boiling fresh potatoes to buying quality meats, matteo says that consistency is key.>> we slice it, we've been doing it every day for 40 years. breakfast, lunch and dinner. good bacon, good ham, good pancakes. >> i heard about the pancakes. >> reporter: locals agree about the food and generous proportions. >> i have become father
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fremont. few restaurant survive 40 years. >> reporter: i love going to the counter and restaurants, because you can see them making the food, i am about to be served up one of country waves specialties. look at this, and look at this big breakfast, thank you so much. this is steak and eggs with a side of those potatoes. i also had to try their famous french toast. now i know why so many people told me about this place. across town i went from for lunch from little kabul, i found an afghan restaurant in an ornate door core. i love the smell of the food in the ambience, they were cooking kebabs, one of the specialties. they also make fresh bread called lonnie it is mixed with griddle. it is hot off the griddle served with yogurt and cilantro.
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she says be food here is authentic. >> it feels like home, especially if you're far away from your family.>> reporter: jar says he comes here for the kebabs. >> this is one of the best cultural faith in the area. >> reporter: finally it was my turn to try the food. came with basmati rice, the flavors were absolutely superb. all right, we are back at the saddle rock and people are here to do a little line dancing, later on we will find out more about that. but right now, my good friend rob tracy and his band will play as a song. rob, you go ahead. ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] the
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rob tracy band, you know me i never turn down a good country song. i look forward to hearing them a little bit more later. >> we had a meeting and most of our people had been to the saddle rock. not on the school night, i had to mention the food again here in fremont because as sal just mentioned, people might find afghan cuisine intimidating, can i tell you it is some of the most delicious food you will eat. i've been there, they explain it to you and they suggest. i like to order things i cannot make it home and that is why ago here. >> that is the best part of taking the show on the road, we literally get a taste. every zip code we have focused in on, today is no different, we will focus on the fremont
9:12 am
resource family center, it has been around for 20 years and is one of the biggest resource centers in the country. it is all about improving families through housing support, counseling, insurance enrollment, just to name a few. we will speak to a couple of people from the fremont resource center. next monday at the big day, on september 13, it will be their biggest fundraiser and they are celebrating their 20th anniversary through a benefit concert. we have a lot coming up, some people know some things about fremont. >> we will check in with frank on his classic zip trip trivia, how well do residents of fremont really know their city? and we will talk to the olympic figure skater kristi yamaguchi, she won gold when i was in high school, we wanted
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♪ [ music ] welcome back to the 9 live in fremont, that is audio blonde bringing us back from break, two teenagers from fremont that write their own music and do some covers. they do fleetwood mac, luminaires, all bands i like. thank you for being here with us to celebrate the final zip trip of the season. >> you go girls.
9:16 am
we talked about fremont, the fact that it is 230 something thousand people strong. not everyone might know the answers to some pretty interesting questions have to do with e city. so we sent frank out to fremont to see if people know as much about this town. frank, you found that some know a lot and others not so much?>> it depends where you go and who you talk to, the old-timers know their history. john c fremont, the first republican to ever run for president back in 1856 lost two james buchanan, our 15th resident right before abraham lincoln. rich with history here from high-tech tesla, with more that coming up shortly, some great athletes have come out of here, and a wee bit of hollywood as well. how much do fremont jurors know about their town? let's find out. the 1st
9:17 am
computer was actually a symbol in the town of fremont.>> i am thinking more about silicon valley, but you would be wrong. i heard that was true. >> and you are correct. >> one three super bowls, and he actually started as the head football coach at washington high school, who is he?>> the 49ers head coach? i should know that but i don't. >> walton? >> finally, he coached washington high school, where i graduated from. >> he went to high school with my father and was my cousin's pe teacher. i'm not a niners fan.
9:18 am
washington high had some great athletes as well, hall of famer, one world series pitch for the red sox amongst other teams, you might know him from his mustache and long hair, who is he? >> strawberry?>> darrell strawberry? >> eckler? >> and it is occurs -- oh, he lived on our street for a while. is he a good tipper? >> very good.>> he partied a lot. [ laughter ] >> reporter: true or false, mcdonald's quarter pounder was invented in the town of fremont?>> shurmur. >> how did you know that? >> my sister's ex-husband had the first quarter pounder and fremont his name was mike cardoza, he ordered the first
9:19 am
quarter pounder.>> heating go on to be a big attorney did he?>> reporter: the town of knills which is now part of fremont was hollywood before hollywood, one silent movie star made a lot of films here, any idea who that is? >> yes little town. >> yes i was one of the movies. >> did you know that? >> yes everybody knows that. charlie chaplin?>> charlie chaplin -->> are you sure? >> you even know the films. the there you go, there is actually a silent movie museum
9:20 am
for bronco billy and charlie chaplin right here in knills, the town of fremont. we all know tesla is here and if you are driving through town, you better be careful because on their police force is this beautiful tesla car, i believe it is shaan washington the cabin and the captain of the police department. >> we are excited to have this opportunity to really plore technology, plan for the future, and this is a great step i have in an all electric vehicle. >> reporter: and it is fully functional. >> correct, it has all the equipment a standard police car would have, that was important because we have to have the tools to serve the community and make it safe for the officers to drive. >> reporter: who gets to drive it? >> we have driving instructors that are testing it out, it is a pilot program, we're testing the technology to see if this is something we want to do moving forward.>> reporter: and the leg room in the back is not so great? >> not so great, so avoid being
9:21 am
back there.>> reporter: the home of tesla here in fremont. back to you guys. thank you for that and to the captain and all of the men and women who serve the police department. every city has a leader, we are lucky to be joined by the mayor, lily mae, first woman and minority leader. you grew up right outside of philadelphia? you made your way west, did you always have this desire to be a leader or mayor? >> i do not know if i had the desire to be a leader, i have the hopes to be able to make a difference in the community that i live in. i am so blessed to have so many great role models with people who came before me and i hope to share that with my community as a parent and as a contributor to the residents.>> you said you have to made and fremont children?? yes. >> we are literally practicing
9:22 am
what we preach, we are making great things happen in fremont and this is a catalyst for us. you are sitting in the area of the town plaza where we have a lot of activities going on everything from our small businesses, makers space and this will be the home for our community plaza.>> there's a lot of talk about fremont and navigation centers and taking care of the homeless, there's been a debate in the city, where do you stand on this? >> i stand on making sure that we have a process that is open and transparent that we engage our community members. we have public hearings, we have one this weekend and already held one. i think what is most important for me is that we are looking at all of our residents, sheltered and un-sheltered and recognizing we are a
9:23 am
compassionate city that cares about everyone. we are part of the solution we can't just stand by and watch things happen, we need to address the concerns of everyone.>> blue-collar, working-class city, the home value in your city has jumped by 50% in just the past five years, is that a good thing or bad thing? >> i think what you are seeing is the reflection of the quality of life here, that we have an amazing educational system and the school district is something we are very proud of. but also it is the fact that we have such an ecosystem that allows businesses to thrive. we are focused on advanced manufacturing and when i say great ideas start here, we have over 900 manufacturers, anything from autonomous vehicles to biomedical. and we have facebook coming in the northern part of fremont, so the 880 corridor, all the way down to warm springs. we have so many of our tech companies.
9:24 am
here in our downtown we are allowing people to customize and build the community that we need in the future. >> you're doing a great job, i've covered many of the stories and fremont, even in the oakland age, the idea of coming to fremont, where you on board with it? >> anytime we have people want to share sports and activities will be supportive, but that was neither here nor there, it has been a few years since we've had discussions, that's why i am glad you have one of the hometown heroes, we are proud that what is the most admired as the people in power we bring with that. with the knowledge and startups we have, we are so proud.? thank you for taking the time, you have a great city, we appreciate it.>> we appreciate you coming to share, we welcome you back in the future and you save the best for the last. half of our newsroom has been to the saddle rock, we have some boot scouten bogeyman line dancing going there, we will check in with sal when we continue our zip trip to
9:25 am
fremont when we come back. ♪ [ music ]
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9:27 am
♪ [ music ] yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah buffy and allie of audio blonde are doing some covers as well as along at their own, original music. we are glad to have audio blonde performing here in fremont. there are a lot of recreational activities, and fremont, one great area's mission peak conjoining as is william, thank you for joining us. >> reporter: good morning.
9:28 am
>> one of the things that stops me is the distance guide is a good hour or so from my home to get there, what about your numbers of visitors over the years, have you seen a decrease or increase? do you say people live within a 30 mile radius are so? >> most live in an hour radius, approximately 2000 people per weekend. >> so i have no excuses basically what you are telling me? >> no excuse. >> we are an active family, i'm not a super woman, how good in shape do people need to be in? >> you need to be determined and have a lot of water. >> i was going to ask, what is being done to preserve what you have here in your backyard? >> what is being done? wow. the park district does an amazing job of protecting the parks, putting down gravel on
9:29 am
the trails, keeping people down on the trails, that is it, that is the primary thing that needs done and the park district does not. >> is their bike access as well? >> fremont has wonderful bike trails, multiple, multiple bike trails. mission peak allows bikes, arden wood has bikes, coyote hill has bikes. >> we've actually done the coyote hill bike trail as a family. you must hear from a lot of people who do mission peak for the first time, what do they say to you after they do that? >> i'm tired. [ laughter ] they have a huge smile on their face. >> it is a bay area bucket list. >> what you love about mission peak?>> the view, the people amazing view and an amazing people it is the top tourist draw in fremont. >> over 72,000 instagram
9:30 am
portals photos on instagram right now. >> thank you so much. coming up in a second, i could maybe -- kristi yamaguchi could probably do mission peak 10 times over and not even slept. we want to talk about the whole siblings, does she still have to do dishes at home, the ins and i have a family life when you are a superstar. i can say i have ever done yoga but we will check back in with frank who is doing a shot about children and yoga. you are watching the nine live from fremont, we will be right back after the break.
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♪ [ music ] they are two teenagers from fremont who know how to perform and get up on stage and just bring it. that is buffy and allie from audio blonde, they like to write their own music, if you cannot make it out here this morning, they do have a gig at the tri-city street bears on august 31. audio blonde august 31. thank you for playing with us this morning on the zip trip. there is more music if you head over to the shack rack. let's get back to sal over at the saddle rock. >> it is a legendary business that began in san jose and moved to fremont 16 years ago. they open back here in fremont, i want to bring the owner, gary
9:34 am
robinson, thank you for opening your bar early for us, and i notice you brought out some food because i like to eat. >> i've heard that [ laughter ]>> reporter: this looks like tri-tip? >> yes and it is a meet the comes from southern california, it is hard to get it here but it is wonderful.>> reporter: in amador county, so this is a burger?>> yes there is a half pound of meat there it is very comforting and tasty, you can get it plane but this is the rack birder, why get it any other way? >>? you have five different places to get a beer, why do you suppose gary, this place is so popular, everyone talks about it it is a famous fremont place.>> we are proud to be here, why is it so popular? we have good entertainment with
9:35 am
a great sound system, our managers, all the people who work here are like family and they have been here long time.>> reporter: congratulations on your success, it is a great bar and if you have not been to the saddle rock, they will have first responders on 14 september, they have a lot of special events and it is a big facility they even have a mechanical bull. we will hear from a band here later on. so if you are wanting to come to a place that is legit, that is the word i am going to use, it is the saddle rock in fremont. copy that, sal, i worked in topeka, kansas and there are bars similar to the settle bar saddle rock bar. let's go back to frank, he has a segment right now, what is this? children and yoga? >> reporter: yes, we have been doing yoga which has been around thousands of years, some 40 million americans do yoga, and the kids are doing it, this
9:36 am
is the fremont rec department, and these kids have been doing yoga all summer long and their ages about 8 to 13 or so. and i have deborah share field with me to talk about it, tell us about the program? >> the program has been successful, we have done it for the last three years and the parents have been raving about how the kids come home and they are peaceful and they have mindset in the right place, it has been wonderful for the kids to do and participate in. they don't play games or video games but they come home with something knowledgeable and also their bodies are in a peaceful state. >> reporter: i do hot yoga and it is tough when you go through it but there is a sense of accomplishment when you are done. >> absolutely, not only that but if you start at a young
9:37 am
age, they will carry it on as they grow up and we will have more healthy people.>> reporter: let's talk to one of these kids, shall we? what are you doing right now? >> it is called double pretzel.'s>> reporter: it looks like a double pretzel, what you get out of it? why do you enjoy it? >> it gives me flexibility and happiness. >> reporter: happiness, i bet your parents like it. if you've never done yoga, i highly recommend it, we are in a zen mode i will throw back to you guys. i will do it one day, frank, that is a promise, i don't know when but that's? when we talk about fremont we talk about family, people helping each other, the resource center has done incredible things for the past few decades, let's talk about that with the director, judy schwartz. you have benefited from the services they offer to thank you both for joining us.
9:38 am
judy, the family resource center offers many, many things. >> yes, i'm so grateful because for 20 years we have been a collaboration of 20 states, counties and nonprofit agencies, right there working together to serve families in fremont, there's counseling, mental health, employment, financial coaching, accessing services, emergency assistance this next? i know it is one of the biggest in the country, can you just explain how you benefited from the resource center?>> thank you for asking, my name is jake mccarthy i am a cancer survivor and the frc has been a crucial step in helping the low income families in the area. they do everything from financial coaching with spark point which is a non-profit
9:39 am
under united way whose mission is to bring people out of poverty all over the world. i'm totally with that, it is a great thing to do, bring people out of poverty, we are a community and we are all one. help me get a car, establish financial goals, get back in the college, get my life like back on track. >> you cannot do it alone, and there is a party involved?? yes, we have a big party coming up we would love it if you come, we are celebrating our 20th year with a fundraiser to support all of these critical services for families. it is on the 13th it is a benefit comfort, september 13. it is a benefit concert and fundraiser, the concert is, i am a beatles fan and it is california's best premier beatles tribute band, the sun king's. it is dinner and a concert and
9:40 am
that as campo de baci, you can get your tickets by going to ww.fremont.govéfrc 20 have a great event on the 13th and thank you for joining us. still to come here, life in fremont, we will check into ktvu's claudia, with a hometown hero. >>we also have another hometown hero, kristi yamaguchi, we have her and her whole family to talk about the gold-medal moment but also what she and her whole family are doing now benefiting so many people in fremont and beyond. at at&t we believe in access.
9:41 am
the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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♪ [ music ] [ music ] ♪ we're at the saddle rock here in fremont and it is 5:00 somewhere as people say. that is a good band going on there, we will check in with claudine, you've been telling us some from monomer phenomenal stories with the home time hometown hero. you talk to a very special woman here in fremont? >> reporter: i did, it has been such a pleasure to talk to
9:44 am
hometown heroes such as police officers, firefighters, first responders, many different people helping out their community. the on unsung heroes are teachers, fremont teachers getting ready for school that starts next week. they are digging into their own pockets for so school supplies, i talked to one woman who taught here for 27 years. she's retired now but her work continues.>> reporter: all summer long, every week olivia thomas has been here, to leave a legacy of beauty and kindness. with paintbrushes. >> art heals many things. >> this is designed to be altogether and make it as a group, and we will have fun. >> reporter: thomas's passion doesn't surprise those who know her, she has spent a lifetime giving back, she wanted to be a teacher ever since she was a
9:45 am
little girl.>> i wanted to teach kids from all over the world but what happened is, kids from all over the world have come to meet. and i can say i am a better person for it, i know that sounds sappy but it is really true. >> reporter: and her 27 years as a teacher at an elementary school in fremont, she said she also did a lot of learning. >> they taught me, i know that sounds crazy but i learned to be a better human being and a better teacher through them. >> reporter: and then about 10 years ago, she learned about a child who had been bullying classmates for years. >> very under the radar, and finally we heard about it, and my principal, judy, we were overwhelmed, i grieved, i felt like something died because i thought we had a school that was kind and compassionate and
9:46 am
loving, we made a promise to each other that we would learn what to do. because we did not know what to do. >> reporter: from that promise came a kindness mural, a conflict manager program, in this video of children teaching children about kindness. > reporter: and three years ago she retired, thomas says it was just time, but -- >> she was still working every day, you would think it was her first day of school each time. >> reporter: even in retirement, she is not stopped working, helping students paint this mural on the shed and the apple orchard. >> i wanted to see what we could do, it was all from the heart. >> when people see it, they will see how much we did paint with that. >> reporter: so many years later, it is still all about the children, so many of whom are all grown up now but who remember ms. thomas. she teared up when she told me about a man this summer that
9:47 am
things are for conversation she had with him so many years ago. a conversation that made a difference. >> he made me cry that day, because -- you know, as a teacher you do not always hear that. >> reporter: a really touching, for olivia thomas and all she has given, things to her and all those hometown heroes that are teachers heading back to school now. thank you so much claudine, another incredible story here when we talk about fremont, it is not just kristi yamaguchi but the whole family. good morning to all and thank you for joining us, we have lori, her sister, we have brother brett over there in the back and mom and dad. mr. and mrs. yellow --
9:48 am
yamaguchi. when you are here in your hometown, what is it like? >> it is like coming home, it is great, this is where i grew up, went to school, graduated from mission san jose high school. >> you made a point of coming home to go to high school here even though you went away to train? >> i was lucky to be able to train here in the bay area through high school and then left. my brother and mom and dad still live in fremont. >> can i ask you a question, you were in the audience when your daughter gave her gold medal winning performance, they introduced her as the daughter of a dentist, how do you look back at what your daughter and family did back in 1992? >> proudest moment of my life.
9:49 am
is still is today. it is ongoing. >> wonderful, you have three beautiful children that each have their own accomplishments, lori, you are part of the always dream foundation, what made you want to get involved with this organization? and work with your sister, because it can be hard. >> we have a good thing going here, have two children of my own and i am really inspired, which is why i do the work it always dream foundation in early literacy. >> the big soda focus on literacy, if i asked brett, the brother in the back, i remember a story, you worked for the warriors, i hurried stuff curry was not allowed to do his first high school basketball game because he did not do the dishes, did kristi ever try to warm her way out of obligations? or what she always a good sister? >> the that thing as between lori and i, we kept each other
9:50 am
on us.>> their grandchildren and the mix now, all five of you were so close, when you all come together, what is it like when everyone is in one spot now? >> it is gray, our kids are all between the ages of six and 15 and they are close, we are actually all getting together this afternoon for lori's daughter's birthday, it is nice to be close together in fremont is always the meeting point for a lot of our families. it is nice to have that cousin interaction. >> i totally agree, it is the enrichment of life. thank you all for joining us, kristi can we get you to stay for one more segment? we will talk about the gold- medal moment and what you are doing off the ice. your little one on then the ice herself, so we will come back and talk, stay with us.
9:51 am
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welcome back to the 9, kristi yamaguchi sticking around a few more minutes with us. going back to 1992, i was in high school and we all dream of things, i bet you dreamt about gold, what was that moment like?>> it was one of those pinch me moments, i remember
9:54 am
thinking up some of my idols, bonnie blair, standing on the podium and thinking i can't believe this is it, this is my moment. it was a flood of emotions because obviously there is some relief, and elation but also a little sadness, bittersweet because it is like, what happens now? is that my last performance? >> people might think that is the pinnacle of your life, you were so young at the time, but you took it as a challenge that this is not it, i have a life to go live and you are doing it, it -- >> absolutely, it is my parents and the values they instilled in me and my brother and sister, go after your dreams but what are you going to do to get
9:55 am
back? that is what they encourage me, it was inspiring to be able to do something else after the olympics and set the bar higher and continue to challenge myself. >> and you have little book warm sky even though they can read, we still read as a family, which is key. you talked about giving back, but karen chen, another incredible, talented young skater, you sort of have taken her under your wing. tell me about that relationship.>> i met karen when she was about 12, stating here at the fremont ring, and i was so impressed with how focused and determined and how hard she worked already. it was fun to watch her career grow, she starting at cornell this fall along with competing at the world level. she is really quite incredible and has a beautiful presence. it really brings everything you need to be at top content on the ice. >> you also have a daughter, your soccer mom but also sk mom,, your daughter is on the
9:56 am
ice. >> i held myself back because i have to let rudy take the league, sometimes i find myself texting rudy with the lesson telling him make her do this. but for the most part, they work really well together and, i'm just mom, i'm there for support and encouragement and that is all that she wants from me. >> i have three words on the wall of my children's rooms, dream, laugh, and what do you have as suggestions? >> keep believing in yourself. they will have bumps in the roads and obstacles to get over but, if you really wanted and have that passion for it, believing in yourself is what is going to get you there. >> got it, kristi thank you so much, we appreciate your time. >> thank you for coming to
9:57 am
fremont. >> it was our honor and pleasure. >> i cannot believe believe we started in livermore, but we are not done, because next summer -- >> that's right, i will announce it, the first city we are going to is, i am just joking, we will tell you 2020. thank you to everyone behind the scenes, it is not easy to put on an hour-long production, so thank you to all of you, you know who you are.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jerry: i just... i feel like i need someone to talk to you, you know? i mean, here we are doing the "the jerry o show" preview, and this has been one of the most amazing experience is that my life. i have to wake up so early every morning. which is rough because i'm still on japanese standard time from an


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