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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 9, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. morns on 2. that system makes its move n. advance of that, we are getting low clouds. 50s, 60s, more 50s than anybody else. the east bay temperatures there. upper 50s. mainly upper 50s to low 60s and one observation 54 and then upper 50s and low 60s. the clouds will picks up later. that system begins to dig in. it is going to be today and tuesday and eject out on wednesday. so 60s, 70s. upsuper commute time or what? >> yes, sir. right now, steve, we're going to go up to the county. lot of people are beginning to hit the road.
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slow traffic on highway 12 getting in and out of napa county and sanoma. there is some slow traffic starting to wake up. you see a lot of little spots here where it is getting crowded. here we are, and then getting out the the bridge, it looks pretty good into her actioncules without any major problems to the east shore freeway. there have been no incidents on the bridge and at the toll plaza of the bay bridge. it looks okay. this is a look at interstate 880. the commutes are beginning to wake up here, and just a little bit. you start seeing the beginning of a morning commute, but so far, it is pretty good. it is 4:32. let's go back to the desk. today, president trumdemocr washington to tell us what both sides are facing as we look ahead to the 2020 election.
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doug? we may see a boisterous rally where the president is trying to go where the president has made. >> airforce one and the president on the move to north carolina today for a campaign rally. the president building on own reelection efforts but helping a dot candidate win a special reelection there tomorrow. the state that is no longer solidly republican. >> i really vote by an individual no, not so much by party, but i am tenting to be more democratic now. >> within the gop, a new challenge for the president. >> i think we need to have a conversation on what it means to be republican. congressman joining at least two other republicans to challenge the president for the 2020 gop nomination. there are long shots for sure. the president enjoys broad support within the republican party, and some states aren't even holding nominating contests.
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it is a stark contrast to the wildly open democratic field. that is candidate andrew yang crowdsurfing at a rally. a new poll over the weekend shows that former vice president joe biden is out in front front, but there is a debate this week in houston as the party tries to narrow down the field limiting to just ten democrats who met specific polling and fund-raising standards. >> our field -- we are reaching a point now where voters are differentiating and that is what it is about. and candidates have to demonstrate progress as we get closer and closer to iowa and new hampshire. that is the fine line for democratic loders. they are trying to narrow down this field. while, at the same time making the process appear to be fair and open. back to you guys. >> all candidate has qualified for the debate next month in ohio following new polling numbers. now, to make the cut,
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candidates have to get donations from 130,000 people and get 2% support in four qualifying polls. the new poll that came out just yet shows him with 2% support in nevada. stier will not be in the debate this thursday in houston because he was one poll short of qualifying. here is a look at some of the other stop stories we are following for you delay. long delays are expected as sfo as crews work to repair the runway. hundreds of flights were delayed or canceled over the weekend. outside the airport, traffic was delayed because trucks from construction crews are crowding the road ands freeways around the airport. hurricane dori actionern heading out to sea after slamming into the atlantic coast on saturday. relief efforts continue. 44 are confirmed dead. many more are stas missing. as maare several wildfires burning in
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california. the largest is in -- has already burned nearly 06 square miles. calfire says we are adg into fire seasoitions. warmer, drier weather is forecast for september and october. our time now is 4:35. today, the trial begins for a former san matteo police officer charged with sexual assault while on duty. noah winchester is accused in five separate assaults. three that allegedly happened in san matteo in 2015, and two in 2013 in sacramento county. where winchester once worked as a community college police officer. prosecutors say in each case, winchester threatened to arrest the women if they didn't do what he demanded. agents of the fbi and atf joined sheriff deputies to serve search warrants at the company that owns the subadiving boat that caught fire and killed 34 people last week. authorities searched the truth aquatics offices in santa barbara and the company's two
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other boats yesterday. the warrants are part of the ongoing investigation into the tragedy. the bodies of all but one victim have been recovered. the search for strong winds and rough seas. dive teams hope to get back into the water tomorrow. now, the coast guard has detected signs that at least some of the four missing crew members are a cargo ship are alive after the slip caught fire and overturned off the coast of georgia. the coastguard was able to rescue 20 crew members from the ship that was near brunswick, georgia yesterday. a coastguard commander says they have heard tapping from inside the ship and they have been tapping back. rescue teams plan to resume the search this morning once they can stabilize the ship. >> so, you know, we're looking not just for the safety of that rescue people that are off of work but also be able to provide safety for our crews. there is no sign of any fuel leaking. the ntsb is investigating why
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it capsized. 4:27. a fast-moving fire that began outside of one house quickly spread to three homes. the sacramento fire department says the fire started yesterday afternoon in an alley on g street near 26th street in the midtown area where some of the homes were split into separate housing units. at least ten people have been displayed by the fire. the red cross is helping them find temporary shelter. there is no word yet on how the fire started. also happening today, drivers will need to find alternate routes in downtown napa. the intersection of california boulevard and first street will be closed. that is so road crews can start removing traffic signals at the low locations where round abouts are being built. stop signs will replace the signals at all three interactions. -- intersections. the work there is expected to be done before the end of the year. the other two roundabouts will be finished before the end of next year. az transit is making changes to downtown oakland bus
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stops. bus stops on broadway will be shifted to franklin street. it is only temporary though while new bus station plattforms are being built. that work is expected to finish in three months. the station plattforms will be part of the east bay's first bus rapid transit system. the temporary bus stops will start at franklin and 12th streets and continue through 15th street. our time is 4:38. a mayor pharmaceutical company says settlement talks are not over yet but they came to the a standstill over the weekend. perdue far ma offered 10 to 12 billion-dollars to settle thousands of lawsuits accusing the company of pushing the painkiller oxycontin. perdue pharma and state attorneys general can't reach an agreement. two states attorneys general said the company would probably fitc yesterday, the company and its lawyers announced they are interested in more know again craigs -- negotiations. starbucks is hoping to
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attract more employees as it rolls out the new benefits and perks. starbucks is now offering ride- sharing options to help workers get home safely. it sals going to expand its mental health resources. starbucks will also offer a program that teaches workers how to help someone with a mental illness. the coffee chain is also working on technological developments that will streamline or automate time- consuming tasks like taking inventory and scheduling. vinyl record sales have been on the rise in recent years. now, industry analysts say they are expected to top cd sales for the first time since 1986. vinyl record sales grow 13% during the first half of this year compared to last year. vinyl fans say the richer warmer sound makes up for the inconvenience of needing a record player. but of course, streaming is still keen making up 80% of all revenue from the music industry. >> we remember vinyl. >> my daughter has a record player. >> i know. >> she is collecting them now. >> all right. time is 4:40. it was a close call this weekend in up next, we're going
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you the really close encounter between that sailboat and a humpback whale. rents upset ov w was found in the bay area elementary school. still ahead, how the fbi is getting involved. good morning. we do have a commute that is beginning to wake up kind of early for us. you know people are getting up and at',em on a monday. this is a look at san francisco traffic up north and southbound 101. we'll tell you more about it coming up.
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very close to a humpback whale. take a look at this video. a passenger sent us this video from their trip saturday afternoon. the whale swam away quickly. he did not hit the boat, but look at that. the boat strikes in san francisco bay are not that common, but they do happen. just last week, a whale was struck by a ship and killed near alkatraz. if the boat is big enough, experts say boaters should stay at least 300 neat away in whales if you see them in the water. you. time is 443. the fbi and police are investigating the discovery of a rope that looks like a noose. it is the second time in less than amow something like this was found. it is found in oakland on friday. the school staff member found
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the rope. it was tied at the top of the baseball batting cages and set above the school on city property. school officials cut it down immediately and called the authorities. the fbi did come in and investigate. they looked at all of our evidence in both cases and they determined that based on their standards neither one was a hate crime. >> now, the first reported incident was three weeks ago. a rope that resembled a noose was found hanging from the front fence of a school. school district officials believe this first incident was an accident. school officials say they are investigating all possibilities in the second case and they have e-mailed parents and also plan to hold a vigil against hate. the freemont city council will be decide willing where to build the city's first homeless navigation center tomorrow night. the center will temporarily house homeless people as they work toward finding permanent hissing and jobs. controversy is over the
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location. many people in the community say the center will draw additional homeless people, increase crime and lower property values. the major and police chief support building the center. there are two possible sites under consideration. ' parking lot blind city hall or city property in north freemont. the meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night at 5:30. tomorrow is apple's biggest event of the year. the unvailing of new apple products and that includes at least throe new iphones. according to the business insider and bloomberg, apple will probably unvail the iphone the 1. the iphone 11 pro and the iphone 11 pro max. some of the new features reportedly include a triple camera sensor, reverse wireless charging and better face i. d. there can be a new apple watch and some new ipads as well. now, there will be roads closed in that area tomorrow during
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the big vent. it will be held at the steve jobs theater at the apple park campus. powell avenue will be you closed from 9:00 to. until 6:00 tomorrow evening. the bus lines. they are going to be rerouted around the closed roads. the you northbound and southbound bus stops will be closed until 6:00 wednesday morning. you. today marks the beginning of the 4th annual transit week in san francisco. that event is a 30-minute travel initiative where a local advocacy groups call on muny to speed up travel time in the city. the goal is for people using muny to reach their destinations in 30 minutes or less. the day's event kicks off at 9:00 this morning with the rally on the steps of city hall. also starting today, a pedestrian bridge as the caltrain hill station in san matteo will be closed this week. crews will be assessing the walkway mr. is part of the 25th avenue grade separation project -- separation project.
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the situation will eliminate traffic crossing at the train track in the area and improve safety and rail operations. that walkway will be closed until friday. time is 4:47 to get you to where you need to go. sal, are you fixing things out there? >> i am trying to, dave. one of the things is a wanted to get dave clark back on the television program. >> here, he is. >> pam, let me come in. good morning, everyone. you know what? i will tell you that the commute is getting off to an early start. we do have some slow traffic out there already. 580 and 205. early this morning, we already had some on 205. and now is kind of extended over into 580. sometimes, it is backed up. the back-up is before it. everyone is kind of getting there. once you get to the pass, you're actually in pretty decent shape heading down the hill. and once you get to the dublin interchange, it looks good out to the area. we have a brand new ld camera, and this is a nice picture of
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interstate 8808 in oakland, and there is the freeway. it is move ago long very well. the san francisco airport we're going to be watching. manage having a freeway with two lanes. i. >> i don't have to travel that, do i? >> no. >> good. i wouldn't like that. >> 880. maybe we can get that camera, sal. we have had it recently. >> thank you. we have the cool-down. the clouds and the wind on saturday. on sunday was sunny and warmer. a cool and breezy day. temperatures coming back down near average and slightly there is another low that is digging into the pacific northwest and parts of northern california. and not sure if you showed the
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game. no. the bengles and seattle yesterday. and they are getting their fair share already. we're just a little bit too far to the south. you can see there is a little bit move into northern california. fort bragg north. south of that, north. and that will be the bigger fog bank. the low clouds in place. 50s and 60s on the temperatures here. and peninsula, would size right at 50. and 52 at stanford. and same for athens and a little lower out towards san matteo. and water temperatures came down for most. bodega bay at 54. 58 on friday. and now 54. the reason being getting that northwest wind. you can see a little bit of cloud cover now. by late tonight and tomorrow, that system could deepen enough. it is going to move in parts of northern california. so, i mean, i'll mention that maybe a little bit of cloud
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cover and splash and dash. and a cooler breezy at times. that is today and into tuesday. it is not going to stick around for anything. but it is going to be verage. it will go right back up again. 60s and 70s and very low 80s. tomorrow will be the lowest day. and nice on webs, and then here we go. and warmer to upper 80s and low 90s friday and into saturday. and another cooling trend starts. and the seven-day forecast. and an easy feature to upload your weather photos and videos. the ktvu weather app is free to download for your smart phone and tablet. time is 4:51. football is back, but bay area
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baseball teams pushing to make it into the play-offs. key games for the as and the giants with just a couple of weanings left in the regular season.
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and with the start of tonight's big theories on the road. athe houston astros. yesterday, they finished a
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series against the detroit tigers. starting pitcher had a great day pitching seven innings, allowing just one run, and will ten strike-outs. now, chris davis gave the as a 3-0 lead, but this two-run double in the 4th. the a went on to win 3-1. tonight's game against the astros starts at 5:10. well, the giant rest main a long shot to make the play- offs, but there is still a chance they will be hosting the pittsburg pirates tonight. yesterday, the giants were in los angeles playing. yes, the dodgers. it was another tough game at the place where the giants hitters. they managed just four hits. they could not score, and they lost 5-0. tonight's game against the pirates begins at 6:45. well, since there was no baseball over the weekend, the ballpark opened up for the
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annual giant race. a kid's run anall leading up to the half marathon 10k and 5k races. the race took runners along the waterfront and it wrapped up back on the baseball field. >> just the tough of times. it was also a treat to go inside the joints stadium at the end. >> now, about 18,000 runners took part in the event. many of the top finishers were from right here in the bay area. time is 455 timty. rainbow floats and a lot of music and thousands of people filled the streets of downtown oakland for oakland's 10th proud parade and festival. >> oakland. >> oakland, where is your pride? >> well, fans like that came and students at oakland's private park day school. the school says the group celebrating the diversity and also showing support for the lgbtq co it was a hit among the parade goers. >> i like to have all the
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independence. the elementary schools, and stuff like that to see all the families out here doing pride. it was great. >> now, dozens of students and educators from the oakland unified school district were also in the parade. they were waiving rainbow flags and carrying signs promoting the diversity. a little music for you. the festival italiano took over the streets of san francisco's north beach neighborhood over the weekend. this event celebrating everything italian from live music to delicious food and wine. the annual street party is known for being the only authentic italian streets festival to be held in san francisco. >> it is absolutely like a stroll through an italian pia. we are trying to recreate with which is the booth where we have vendors slowcasing the products.
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we have 19 vendors from ar. >> looks like fun. >> this is the 11th year the free event has been held in north beach. time is 4:57. a wildfire burns one home and eats up hundreds of acres. coming up on the five, we hear we'll tell you why san ng that francisco mayor says she wants to buy pg ande powerlines after pg ande's bankruptcy filing. and it is getting started a little early this monday morning. we already have some slow traffic in some places. golden gate bridge looks good. and our weather looks good, but it is changing a little bit. a brett city good system in the pacific northwest going to play on our weather today and tomorrow. more than a-- on that coming up.
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thank you for watching ktvu. if you are traveling what you should know and expect to see as you head to the airport after many weekend flights were either delayed or canceled. >> it is just something that i have to do that there are people that need help, and i am able. sometimes i feel obligated to do so. >> the bay area responding after hurricane dorian hit the bahams. meet the nurses who are heading
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to the area to help with the recovery efforts. from ktvu foxes on 2. >> monday morning, september 9th. i'm sam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. get ready for some cooler temperatures. steve paulsen is in his office right here. >> today and tomorrow. even though it is technically still summer, it may not feel like it too much. way do have a system out in the pacific northwest giving them some rain. the system will reach its peak tomorrow. and a little more in the way in a little clouds and the clouds will crank up. temperatures are warming up after mostly cloudy and cool. colted for saturday for some. you can see rain in the pacific northwest and northern california. a little is trying to sneak in. that looks to be the line today. maybe a little bit more to the south on tuesday morning, tuesday afternoon. and the


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