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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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they can start earning their share. >> 14+ dollars groceries. >> reporter: the governor signed the fair to play act, allowing people to capitalize and monetize and realize compensation from participation in college sports, a $14 billion industry going to the ncaa alone. >> the money has not necessarily benefited athletes.>> nancy skinner co- authored this legislation. >> reporter: this is a multibillion dollar industry. >> the whole college sports industry drives all of its wealth from the very people who are denied any compensation.>>
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some potter needs to afford is this dictatorship of chains. that's exactly what it is.>> there is still a lot of work to be done in that respect.>> reporter: the pac-12 says it will have very significant negative consequences on our student athletes and broader universities in california and will likely reduce resources and opportunities for student athletes and olympics is and have a negative impact on female student athletes. all college students can capitalize on skills and creations. athletes cannot. the ncaa is threatening to exclude college university from his programs. >> they cannot afford to lose the state of california. >> reporter: the own rules work heavily against it.
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athletes must be treated the same as all other students and three: >> edge would be a violation of their own laws.>> reporter: despite being an olympic gold medal where he received no scholarship until his senior year and then only a partial scholarship, olympic rules allow him to get endorsements.>> when they are at the peak of their athletic prowess they could market themselves it can be a game changer.>> reporter: felt the law is not effective until 2023 it guarantees a lot of court actions and negotiations between now and then.
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and accused spy living in the bay area is now behind bars, today the fbi announced the arrest of a hayward man who acted as a courier to pass along national security officials in beijing. investigators say they caught the 56-year-old man on at least occasions using bay area hotels to drop off money in exchange for sd cards full of information.>> an american citizen acted as a secret agent of the peoples republic of china.>> reporter: it sounds like the plot of a high budget film, or in espionage with nationalistic the intel on the line but this is no hollywood script. >> conductivities to expose the united states went far beyond sightseeing. >> officials say edward of hayward california was working at a local tour guide but his
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real work was shuttling classified national security information to the chinese of ministry officers. in newly unsealed documents officials claimed he started working as an agent in 2015, he participates in what's known as a dead drop it>> a method used to pass money and information between two agents using a predetermined location.>> reporter: these images appear to show him leading thousands of dollars for a source to pick up at a hotel in georgia in exchange for an st card filled with information. they say he did this at least six times including stops in oakland and california. finally arrested friday at his home in hayward. i stopped by to see if his family had anything to say but they did not comment. the next-door neighbor just
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moved in and says he never would have expected this.>> the few times we talked to em have been pleasant, i would never have thought what was going on is really happening. >> reporter: what she did not know is that the source giving the information was a double agent approached by the nss, agents credit that person was helping bring him down and stopping information from getting into the wrong hands. >> united is a principal target. >> reporter: is now in custody being held without bond, if con $250,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison. the information being passed along had already been cleared by intelligence officials, he just did not know that. he is next scheduled to appear in court wednesday morning at the federal building.
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the impeachmenof president donald trump took another step forward with treehouse committees issuing subpoenas so the presidents lawyer , this comes on the same day that he said he's trying to learn the identity of the whistleblower who taught stuff the impeachment inquiry raising concerns about that persons safety. also in your report suggests eshad pressured australia's leaders to help investigate the origin of the mueller probe all of this comes as a new poll shows americans are evenly split on whether the president should be removed from office. the new york times says president donald trump urged him to help discredit the mueller report, that detail emerged on the same day thesidenwent after one of the house lawmakers who has been vocal about the impeachment probe.>> she actually took words and made it
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out. the reason is when you saw my fall to the president of ukraine. >> reporter: going after adam schiff the california democrat leading the house intelligence committee. proceedings. saying his statement of a july phone call is quote illegal and fake and should be arrested for treason. >> i made a call that was perfect. when the whistleblower reported that he made it sound terrible.>> reporter: supporters say he was only repeating the details of a transcript between the president of ukraine.
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>> here she is reportedly willing to testify behind closed doors and only with their safety can be assured. the whistleblowers attorney says their particular concern suggests the persons actions could be treasonous. there is a town hall meeting tomorrow on the impeachment process the democrats sit on the house impeachment and intelligence committee starting at 630 tonight at james logan high school. diane feinstein is
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calling for a formal investigation into the epa's threat to withhold federal transportation funds from our state. she sent a letter to the deputy inspector general claiming that threat was politically motivated. the senator says it had nothing to do with improving, is air- quality, last week they failed to of the dirtiest are in the nation. ♪
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an effort to prevent
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overdose deaths, beth has been replaced as the leading overdose killer and according to the department of health 30% of deaths happen in single room occupancy hotels. under a new program residence and managers will be trained on how to administer narcan, a drug that reverses overdoses and saves lives. $300,000 in local, state and federal funding has been set aside last week we showed you the boulders of residence that put them on a sidewalk to deter home is examines, someone pushed them back into the street. those boulders are gone now for good.>> reporter: san francisco public works called each of the boulders off this sidewalk, a residential side street near
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market street. >> we have had people come out and push those rocks out onto the street. >> reporter: a group of residents so tired of asking residents to do something about the homeless in comments on the sidewalk took matters into their own hands, they banded together and paid about $200 each and placed holders there as a deterrent and it worked, then some neighbors began getting threats.>> there were getting emails, some kind of bullying just a lot of pressure being put on them.>> reporter: many of the boulders ended up in the street pushed there by those who feel a barriers are wrong, proponents were too afraid to have their faces on camera including this man. >> the people not analyzing the borders on a better than the terminals.>> reporter: residents asked the city to remove the rocks while they come up with an alternative
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plan.>> that could involve having larger boulders or some kind of landscape when. i think for now just to put things i rest we are in possession of the rocks and coming up with a solution. >> there has to be a better answer than putting up these boulders to block people, we are more except in, we find a better answer here.>> the worry is how it will be over the next several days or weeks. >> reporter: is not clear where the homeless people have gone from here but many neighbors say now that the voters are gone they expect they will be back. it's mild out there and what a difference from last
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week, we are dealing with seed and all sorts of issues with fire danger and air-quality issues and heat advisories, now we have a winter weather advisory in the mountains. highs tomorrow might be a little warmer a mild pattern that will gradually warm, it will climb is out of the temperature hole that we are in now, i kind of saw it spinning there, that area if this is winter and a month from now that is low-slung levels snow levels thunderstorms perhaps but this time of year it's not that powerful for us. it is common though. in the meantime we get into this warming trend is not going to be like last week. it is breezy and that's what
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the hemisphere does. if you are out at ocean beach right now you're seeing the sierra nevada at least clouds on the there. when we come back we have the five day forecast and what you can expect moving forward. is no surprise many drivers heading over lake tahoe this weekend, light rain turned to snow at about the 5000 foot level in the blue canyon area and a lot of drivers were caught off guard when they found the needed chains to make it up to tahoe. >> were going to see if we can get those chains.>> going back to my mind next time we will be more careful. >> those restrictions were lifted by noontime sunday, there are currently no
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requirements on interstate 80 or highway 50, the main highways up to lake tahoe area. the pep boys have been ordered to pay $3.7 million in allegations of the illegal dumping. the district attorney and outs of settlement today following a three-year investigation involving 19 stores. prosecutors allege they violated state laws by tossing card fluid, used motor oil and confidential customer records into company garbage bins they fully cooperated and quickly responded to the claims, changing policies and procedures to stop illegal dumping. mping. the juul record.
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authorities in the south bay are searching for a child rapist who took off in the middle of his trial. his victims are now left wondering if they will ever get justice.>> authorities are asking for the public self defined apollo johnson convicted of sexually assaulting a girl for more than a decade the victim spent several days on the stand describing how he began assaulting her when she was six years old. she came forward in 2016 for being hot the last>> the victim in this case testified for four straight days, she had to go over and over again these awful things that she experienced as
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a young girl and continue to read >> reporter: johnson showed up for trial it began in may but the defense then got a three- month break so he could undergo heart surgery.>> there are statements from the doctors that said that it was necessary and lifesaving. >> reporter: afterward johnson failed to return to court and the jury convicted him after also hearing testimony from another victim.>> reporter: the fact that he is now a fugitive, these victims might never have a chance to see him be punished for his crimes and the community has to deal with a man on the loose. a high-profile murder trial resumed today on the peninsula,
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tiffany lee is accused of killing the father of her two children, prosecutors salient her boyfriend killed 27-year- old keith green after luring him to her home three years ago. prosecutors argued he was afraid of losing custody of her daughters and schemes to have her father killed. attorneys insist prosecutors have the wrong people on trial and their clients are innocent. lee's family posted an astonishing $35 million bill that allowed her to stay in her home for several years leading up to this trial. information about the ghost ship warehouse trial, defense attorneys filed a motion today for significant reduction to his $750,000 bail. earlier this month a jury in oakland deadlocked on 36 pounds of involuntary manslaughter stemming from the deadly warehouse fire in 2016, his codefendant was acquitted.
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he is set to return to court this friday to set future court dates including a possible retrial. ["white rabbit" by jefferson airplane] ♪ one pill makes you larger ♪ and one pill makes you smaller ♪ ♪ and the ones that mother gives you ♪ ♪ don't do anything at all
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the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn
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san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. our top stories and new revelations in the impeachment inquiry into president trump's effort to get ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son, we learn that secretary of state mike pompeo was among the officials who listened in on the call back in july, house democrats issued subpoenas to the residence personal
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attorney, rudy giuliani. a man u word is a tour guide is under arrest accused of spying for the chinese government, xuehau "edward" peng of hayward was a courier who would drop off payments at hotels and pick up sd cards containing classified information that he would fly to china to deliver. he is facing a $250,000 fine and 10 years in prison if convicted . governor gavin newsom has signed a bill to allow college athletes a chance to get endorsement deals, backers say it is a way to give more fairness by giving players a share in the wealth that they create for their schools. it applies to public and private universities and covers all sports, it is said to take effect in 2023, there are legal challenges expected . you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm, college students are getting a crash course, in available housing.
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>> there lined up in hopes of getting them next year. >> reporter: including a crash course in housing. >> we're trying to get a house on campus for next year. and unfortunately, this is the way you do it. speakers the only option we have. >> they were first in line open for selection october 1, by real source of the management. >> at midnight, our server crash was students all trying to get a timestamp before somebody else, so they could be first in line.>> reporter: the virtual line is not a literal one, capping out the past four days, all to be first in line and get the best selection. the university has about 3300
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bed spaces for student body of 6300, any shortages only for those who choose live off campus. >> not what i anticipated, but i would do it for my boys, because we have to organize it somehow, because it's not like we can do anything online or anything, that would make too much sense. >> reporter: three former students went through the process and said this makes no sense. the company caters to students looking to find housing, the online process eliminates the need for sleeping outside, but only has a handful of units near the campus. 100 units offered by real source starting at $2400 per room, topping out at $6000, within a couple blocks walk of campus. >> that is what they are looking for, the student quality-of-life, the closer they can be to campus, the happier and the better place it is to do with a one.
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>> reporter: the owner says he made his numbers monday afternoon for those in line, so they don't know to stay overnight. the scramble for available housing collides with the pursuit of higher education. jesse garrett. ktvu fox 2 news. >> -- the average price for unleaded gallons hit over four dollars, the average price for unleaded gas reached $4.14 a gallon in san francisco, and $4.03 in oakland and 4 dollars in one sense in san jose. -- $4.01 in saudi arabia -- san jose. due to the disruptions in saudi arabia, and a flare up at the valero in venetia. >> the budget that we have for gas, you have to take money from somewhere else in the budget to facilitate getting to
6:34 pm
work every day. >> as for the rest of the country, gas prices remain stable, the attack in saudi arabia has largely the crude oil industry. 33 animal-rights activists, arrested for trespassing out of a hold foods market -- whole foods market. the activist use -- the activist use chains, in that neighborhood, and they claim several farms supplying goods to whole foods or being cruel to animals, and they are calling on amazons ceo, who owns whole foods, to put stop to those alleged violations. >> we have been investigating amazon and whole foods farms for years now, we found repeated evidence of criminal animal cruelty, but when we reported to the authorities, they have prosecuted the whistleblowers and do nothing about the animal abuse.>> whole foods rejects the claims, and
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it says it's longtime commitment to animalwelfare has helped to make it a leader in the industry, please moved into break up the protest after a couple of hours. a plea hearing for a missouri man charged with arson will not be held in to november, freddie graham is charged with 15 counts of felony arson in connection with 13 wildfires in milpitas earlier this month. he was set to enter a plea this afternoon, but it was rescheduled for november 15. the fires burned about 120 acres, but did not damage homes or structures and no one was hurt. he was in town for a high schooleunion, and he told his former classmates that he was depressed over the loss of his wife. 2's best -- suspects remain in custody, at the shopping center saturday night, spotting
6:36 pm
two people in a suspected stolen car, investigators say the car sped off but quickly hit a dead end, one officer shot and wounded the two suspects, and they drove directly towards police. coming up, bracing for another day of protests in hong kong, more than 150 people were detained in demonstrations. forever 21 is filing for bankruptcy, how many stores it plans to close. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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saudi arabia's crown princes as a leader he takes full responsibility for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi, but denies he order the killing, he said it was a mistake caused by members of his government, no one has been convicted, and his body has never been found. hong kong is bracing for more protests as china marks 70 years of communist party rule, the streets were relatively quiet today, the margin multiple rallies are planned for tomoow, th're hoping to minimize violence that could embarrass chinese leaders on china's national day, over the weekend, demonstrators crashed over that's with police in a busy shopping district, 150 people were detained. >> they are pushing hong kong people, even the conventional peaceful types to take to the
6:40 pm
streets tomorrow. >> the protest began in june over a bill that would've required some criminal defendants in hong kong to stand trial in china, the bill was withdrawn, but protesters are concerned that their democratic rights will be taken away. on wall street, wall street got a boost from news that trade talks will begin next week, the dow rose 96, nasdaq 59, the s&p was up 14. and we work formally withdrew the paperwork for their initial public offering, there were questions about the business model of the company after it reviewed thus revealed massive losses in its filing, and the ceo resigned last week, the company said it would focus on its core business . forever 21 is moving forward with chapter 11 bankruptcy, closing 178 stores in the u.s., ceasing operations in 40 countries as part of
6:41 pm
restructuring efforts, it grew quickly in the early 2000's with trendy pieces at affordable prices, but has struggled with fewer people in the malls, and the growing popularity of consignment clothing among teenagers. the detention center in downtown oakland has been empty since june, but still costing the county tens of thousands of dollars every month, according to the chronicle, alameda county is playing -- paying $83,000 per month to keep the air-conditioning on, officials defended the cost, saying that ventilation is eded to prevent mold and mildew. the sheriff's office closed it to save money, the last inmates were transferred over the summer to santa rita jail in dublin. looking at the weather out there, a cool night out there, temperatures possibly in of that's the upper 30s in the
6:42 pm
cold spots. heather holmes has a look at some of the stories for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. >> now california law, live it 7:00, talking to a san is will be a game changer see i for college athletics. a celebrity couple ties the knot for the second time, the latest on the star-studded justin bieber haley baldwin wedding. those stories and more coming up live at 7:00 overrun ktvu plus. after the break, the talk of the town, days after a twister touched down near davis, why experts say this tornado is not actually that surprising. the live look outside on this monday evening, as we do the twist. finally, some math you're really going to like.
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>> it left behind a little damage but it could have been much worse. >> oh! >> a swirl of dust and tumbleweeds, a tornado barrels through davis. >> she is behind us, we are just going crazy with the wind. >> reporter: a shocking site for neighbor chris clemons. >> it doesn't happen a lot in california, we didn't know what to expect, the kids were like we have to shelter in place. >> reporter: but tornadoes in northern california are more common than you might realize. >> we are the tornado alley of california. >> reporter: since 1915, we seen just over 100, averaging one or two a year. >> they occur in the winter and spring, but was see another uptick in the fall, that is when the seasons are changing. >> reporter: so far, crews have not found much damage. >> the damage that we found in the orchard, if very young
6:47 pm
orchard, there was no fruit of the trees, and they were literally bent over. >> reporter: they have ruled the tornado a ef0. >> this the kind you can go and play in, which we don't want to encourage, it is not the tornado itself, it is the flying debris that can hurt folks.>> reporter: whenever there is a tornado sighting, the safest bet is to shelter in your home, advice he plans to follow. >> i don't want anyone to get hurt, traveling by or our own family. >> quite a sight if there. that was something. >> that video, they were right there.>> that wasn't sent -- that lighting was insane, looking at california tornadoes for 35 or 40 years, that is the best one ever caught on film. >> talking about the big kind of chimes that were flying through, they don't really have tumbleweeds. >> cutting the corn out there, tilling the field, just debris, i wouldn't be surprised if it
6:48 pm
is cornstalks pulled up, but either way. really impressive. blown away when i saw it yesterday, it looks like a storm in the midwest. these are the highs from today, hard to get a big storm in california, the tornado, harder to get an f1, they can't get up to 30,000 feet, 35,000 feet easily, the troposphere doesn't allow them to build that i, one of the main reasons we don't see big tornadoes out here because of that, the atmosphere is too shallow in a sense. there is that trough, that is essentially jetstream, and it ridges out here, down here it is warm, and here it is cold, we are in the cold sector of the jetstream. and pretty soon, like i said before, the cold sector is going to be closer to his and more opponent -- potent. the current temperatures,
6:49 pm
winter on its way in, blues the 30s, that is the trough, it is cool, going to move to idaho and montana, they have already seen snow, they will see more snow. a couple of inches here and there, the rockies are getting real snow, a couple of inches of snow, and stories of 1 foot in the last couple of days. and the rockies. for us, no fog on the coast, classic fall weather pattern, a slight warming trend as we go through the week, the sun is setting, just of the equinox, the sun is setting, and it is right were the sunsets, at this point the sun is going to start going further to the north, went the wrong way, sitting further to the south, pardon me, as we move forward. the sun will start moving down the horizon, not very effectively, but trying to.
6:50 pm
45 at fairfield, tomorrow rning, cool temperatures, they will be cold, you will notice it. we haven't had that many cold overnight lows in the 30s, we will see some tomorrow morning in the inland valley, 73 in brentwood, five day forecast that looks like this. it warms up on the weekend, i will pop it up and get out of here, 86 on the warm spots, saturday and sunday. a gofundme drive for a park ranger has reached $24,000 for her medical care, the 98-year- old recently suffered a stroke, the nation's oldest national park ranger, and works at the rosie the riveter museum, and historical park, her husband is trying to raise money for her, for one year, betty saw skin, the great granddaughter of a slave, became a park ranger in
6:51 pm
the 80s, and her life is now the focus of a documentary. a blackhole violently ripping apart a star, 375 million light-years away, the telescope shows the giant black hole coming into contact with that doomed to star, the phenomenon happens when a star gets too close to a blackhole. astronomers are calling the event a rare cosmic occurrence. >> something to see that. the warriors held their first media day at chase center today, kicking off the upcoming season, we will see all of today's activities and hear from the teams next in sports. ♪
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a good weekend for the raiders, but trouble off the field. >> announced earlier today, headed for london as a team, they will be carrying some extra baggage, knowing that one of their players was hit with the largest fine and suspension ever laid on an nfl player for something that transpired on the field. suspended for the final 12 games of the season, burfict
6:55 pm
cause until the end of the season, helmet to helmet, pure intent, he is targeting, he seemed pretty jolly as he jogged off the field, not a lot of remorse, the third time in his career he has been suspended for on the field action. jon gruden can't be happy with that. the good news for the raiders, they pulled off the victory on the road, and they have arrived in london, where they have a 2- 2 record, a little bit better then people thought, they were underdogs yesterday, they will take on the chicago bears this sunday in london, it is considered a home game. the new home for the golden state warriors on display, media day today, everyone who had not seen it previously gets a birds eye view of not only the arena at chase, but their
6:56 pm
new training facility and practice area, the first preseason game on saturday, can you believe that? the regular season will open at chase in a month. there is a look at the zipper on klay thompson's left knee after go undergoing -- after undergoing the acl surgery, and that is one of their new players, d'angelo russell. as for the team itself, a lot of people figured no way they can contend for a championship, but stephan curry has another way of looking at it. >> we are going to be a team that is feared across the league when you see is on the schedule, get to the playoffs, they know what they are in for, it doesn't mean that people are going to say we are the greatest or because his favorites or whatnot, but you know who those teams are and we are going to be one of them. >> a little bit of a damper on the proceedings, willie cauley- stein, the center they picked up, sustained a strained foot,
6:57 pm
you can see him on crutches with a boot, sustaining it while practicing, he will be reevaluated in a month. he may not be ready for opening day. everybody was looking forward to seeing him play. meanwhile if you were under a rock and didn't hear about bruce bochi's last game, forget about the score, but the proceedings, the way they looked against the dodgers was not good, the great surprise visit, what a welcome for tim lincecum, he has basically been in hiding, doing his greta garbo, and bochi addressed the crowd following the three-game shellacking with la, but it was all about him, as he rides in the cart, with a lot of fans who will miss this guy and his 13 year reign over the giants, which brought in three world series titles.
6:58 pm
>> to see him get emotional mated hit home for me a bit more, that we will have to make him keep his word, and stayed home. [ laughter ] >> to manage here with these players, and the city, with you fans, has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. >> he gets a little emotional. the atlanta falcons are off to a terrible start this year, at halftime against tennessee, getting beaten badly, somehow a fan got into the tunnel where they going at the locker room at halftime, a little sampling of his vocal cords. >> hey, tighten up! get in the games going get in the games going to be looking at me!>> how we got loose, i don't know. >> big bang theory is next. live coverage on ktvu plus.
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