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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 1, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the latest as the white house tries to track down the whistleblower in the ukrainian matter and house democrats move closer toward impeachment hearings. the reason e-cigarette maker, juul, is backing off from a proposition on the november ballot. from ktvu fox2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning and thanks for joining us. good tuesday morning, october 1. i'm pam cook. i'm dave clark and are you ready for chilly temperatures? we have steve paulson here. a little cool and we will see temps bumping up as the system kicks up and does its job to bring unseasonably cool temperatures and some rain and snow in the sierra. very fall-like conditions but it's on its way out of her in high pressure will build in. 23 in truckee, 40 in monterey
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and around lake tahoe and lots of 20s. 23 degrees with heavenly at 25 in the forecast highs, 60s and 70s and all below average. 51 is close to the record low and i don't think we will get there but the high and low will be below normal for october 1. there are a couple of 50s toward the santa clara valley and rgan hls, 40 degrees in gilroy at 42 and 39 in boulder creek. a lot of mid-forties in and around saratoga and cupertino with mostly sunny skies and a few clouds with some of those fair weather areas and as a system kicks up, high pressure will build in for a couple of days. a slight cool down on thursday and it looks warmer into the weekend but not crazy hot or anything like that and near average to maybe a little bit
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above. until then, 60s and 70s. sal, anything new? the usual slow traffic if you are driving on 580 and 205 and the people from tracy will have slow traffic but it gets pretty slow when you get to the 580-205 interchange, very slow and toward the dublin area, it has picked up with pretty good speeds on the nimitz and traffic is moving along very nicely with no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. it will fill in in the next few minutes when they put on the metering lights but right now, a decent drive. new this morning, north korea said nuclear negotiations with the u.s. will resume this coming saturday and the top north korean diplomats said preliminary talks will be held friday before the working level negotiations take place saturday and he did not say where the meeting will be.
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negotiations collapsed in february after president donald trump rejected kim jong- un's demand for an end to economic sanctions in exchange for partial disarmament. house democrats are moving ahead with their impeachment inquiry and have now subpoenaed rudy giuliani, president donald trump's personal lawyer. the house intelligence committee subpoenaed him and requires him to testify in two weeks about his dealings in ukraine on behalf of the president. if house democrats are successful in their impeachment effort, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the senate would have no choice but to put president donald trump on trial. >> under the senate rules, we are required to take it up of the house goes down that path and we would follow the senate rules. >> also, we've learned that secretary state, mike pompeo was listening in on president donald trump's phone call when he asked the ukrainian president for an investigation into former vice president joe
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biden. east bay congressman eric swalwell is holding a town hall on the impeachment process and the east band plans to update consist winds about what is happening and answer questions about the path forward. he sits on the intelligence committee that grilled the intelligence director last week about the whistleblower complaint against the president and that town hall is that james logan high school in union city starting at 6:30 tonight. the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco will reveal immigration policies this morning. one challenges the remain in mexico rule with asylum- seekers no matter where they come from, must wait in mexico while their cases are processed in the u.s. and the other policy requires asylum- seekers to first apply for asylum in the country they pass through before the u.s. it's 5:04 and the san francisco mayor, london breed, is due to sign legislation creating a new office on racial equity that will be
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official with the mayor's signature at a city hall ceremony at noon today and the department will release a report every two years on racial disparities on issues like jobs, education, criminal justice and housing. juul no longer supports prop c that would overturn san francisco's ban on e-cigarette sales. they are reversing course after spending millions to support the campaign. ktvu has cristina rendon live in san francisco with the details. >> reporter: the exact reason is not clear but we know the announcement comes oneweek after a new ceo was appointed of juul labs and now, juul says it will no longer support prop c, the measure to seek to overturn a citywide ban on e- cigarette sales. prop c would allow for the sale of e-cigarettes and other vaping products with conditions like age verification and in response,
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the yes on c campaign said they will in the campaign, to spread they wanted to regulate rather than banned called the products and prop c will still appear on the ballot but juul said they will no longer put money on the campaign. the ceo of juuls said this decision does not change the fact that the company would be committed to the city. the no on prop c campaign is responding and they are skeptical of juuls announcement, saying until they return the money in the political account and suspend their advertising and paid phone calls and layoff consultants, they do not believe them. all of this is still up in the air in terms of why they decided to pull support for prop c but we now know they no longer support it and we know this comes amid a vaping epidemic among teens. it's not only here in
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california, but across the country. we are live in san francisco, cristina rendon, ktvu fox news. the remaining defendants in the ghost ship trial want reductions to bail. derick almena is being held on $750,000 bail. it stemmed from the deadly warehouse fire in 2016 and his codefendant, max harris, was acquitted on all charges and on friday, he is scheduled to return to court for future court dates including a possible retrial. authorities in the south bay are searching for a man convicted of abusing a child. 55-year-old paula johnson was charged with sexually assaulting a girl from age 6- 16 and the child began having this happen to her. the rest of his life could be spent in prison, potentially. >> he was supposed to show up
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on september 16 but did not show. on the 18th when the jury was to be there, he did not show and at that point the judge essentially declared him a fugitive. >> the victim came forward after suffering a panic attack and two others have since accused him of assaulting them and prosecutors say johnson has a violent past including robbery and false imprisonment. $2500 reward is offered for information about a deadly weekend shooting in petaluma with a 19-year-old man killed in the parking lot of the petaluma premium outlets near 101 in that shooting was first reported as a car crash and happened saturday night around 8:00 p.m. there are few details and the police are not saying if there is surveillance video but witnesses saw a person wearing dark clothing walked to the car and start shooting. the car then went more than
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300 feet before slamming into a wall and a pole and finally stopping a few feet from the play area. shoppers said violent crime is rare in petaluma. >> it's very unlike petaluma and a little bit scary. >> over the years, more things are happening downtown and fights and stabbings. >> police identified the driver as a 19-year-old man, ezequiel garcia of santa rosa. they have not known of the motive. newly released records show a santa clara deputy was fired for not speaking up about the beating death of a jail inmate in 2015. the documents show that pablo tempra lost his job for failing to report the death of 10 michael tyree. the sheriff's office issued a statement saying, pablo tempra was terminated and does not
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represent our core values and beliefs. three other deputies served 15 yes r the death of michael tyree. this and only board of supervisors will get an update on emergency plans with the 2017 wildfires that burned large areas around the county. after the fires, there was a report detailing how first responders and other officials reacted and the improvements needed. the report is called two years and counting that will outline the progress made as well as what needs to be done. they will hear that at a meeting starting at 8:30. at bay area man is accused of spying for the chinese government and the accusations now investigated by federal prosecutors. a crash course in supply and demand and why college students in the south bay have been lined up for days to find
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welcome back to mornings
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on 2. the time is 5:13 on these are live pictures from beijing, china. look at these pictures. a very elaborate ceremony and they are celebrating 70 years of communist rule in china. huge crowds and very colorful for the celebrations that you are looking at live in beijing, china. in the meantime, in hong kong, very intense protesting in clashes between the police and pro-democracy demonstrators with a protest or shot by police this morning and it's the first time a protester has been shot in these protests. they also fired tear gas and water cannons to break this up with the chinese party celebrating 70 years in power. protesters criticize the beijing government and the chief executive of hong kong.
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>> we urge the hong kong people to fight for democracy. >> outside the british embassy, activists waived union jack flags and had a message for dictatorial rule to return power to the people. a hayward man is under arrest and was recorded on video to pass along national security information to beijing. the 56-year-old, edward peng, was a local tour guide and they said it was a cover for his real work sharing information with beijing. they saihe conducted dead drops in georgia and the bay area and they said he left cash in envelopes in hotel rooms in newark and oakland and then received memory cards
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filled with classified u.s. information. >> it's a method used to pass money and information between two agents that were using a predetermined location. >> investigators credit a double agent for revealing the suspected espionage and they raided his home last friday and he faces a $252,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison. the information was cleared by u.s. intelligence agencies but he didn't know it. it's 5:16 and there was a bridge collapse in eastern taiwan. they are searching for survivors. the bridge fell into a fishing harbor while an oil tanker truck fell onto the boats below. it's believed six people may be trapped in one of the boats and people were on the bridge when it collapsed with at
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least 10 victims rushed to the hospital and some people are still unaccounted for. today is the last day for the democratic candidates to qualify for the october presidential debate in so far, 12 have qualified with hawaii congresswoman tulsi gabbard and billionaire activist, tom steyer, added to the stage this month and it appears unlikely that any other candidate not in the last debate will meet the qualifications for this one. a poll shows governor newsom is getting good reviews about his first nine months in office. the poll shows newsom with a 60% overall approval rate and he gets 86% with 17% of republicans approving of the job and in the bay area, 60% of those polled give a positive rating. sal is back and is everybody behaving for you? we are off to a good start and i like what i see for the most part as i look at my camera, my cameras and the
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activity on the roads but we do see some slow traffic developing here and there. the gilroy commute that we watch every morning at this time and northbound 101, a little bit of slowing and when you drive into san jose, it looks good with the silicon valley commute pretty open including downtown san jose and to ad. theirs slow traffic now that the metering lights are on but it's less than 10 minutes before you make it to the span. at 5:18, let's bring in steve with the weather. clear skies and a chill, a little bite to the air with a fall-like feel. vallejo at 44 and when the lows get into the 30s and 40s, that is enough for me.
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46 in vallejo and it is probable because 36 in kelseyville and penn grove, 37 and if the heater kicked on, it's because it's cold out there. lots of places at 40. 30s for many, susanville and in tahoe, lots of 20s and even reno and u.k. data, 20s and heavenly, 25 degrees and tahoe-donner, it's cold. 60s and 70s and all below average and inching up but well below where they should be. 51 today and the normal is 70.
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the second day in a row where it will be below average and 49 is the record low in 1950. holding at 52 and montero, a cool 45 and the montero airport, 42. lots of low 40s and upper 30s around the bay and 48 in tiburon and including near the presidio, 49 with berkeley labs 40. the low is kicking out to allow the high to build in and temperatures will bump up with a system clipping us with a little cool down but warmer temps will kick in for the weekend. near average with a lot of these temps and maybe a little above with 60s and 70s and a cold morning with clouds popping up later and overall,
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nice. cooler on thursday with sunny side up and warmer into your weekend. 5:21 and a crazy scene was captured on video. coming up, the runaway airport tarp that came dangerously close to people and an airplane. meet the 9-year-old who accidentally won a 10k race. i'm jimmy dean and uh,
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take a look at this wild scene at o'hare airport with an out-of-control catering cart on the tarmac. no one was behind the wheel and the cart was spinning in circles, getting closer and closer to the airplane. the worker stopped it with a fork lift. american airlines said that it appeared the accelerator got stuck. a gofundme drive for a popular raised more than $25,000 for her medical care. she recently suffered a stroke and is the oldest national park ranger, 98 and works at the rosie the riveter historical park in richmond. her son hopes to raise $100,000 for her in-home medical care. a young runner in minnesota's happy took a wrong turn during the race because he accidentally won his first 10k paid 9-year-old kade
5:25 am
lovell was running a junior 5k last week and missed a turn and ran the entire 10k route. his mother said she panicked when he didn't show up at the 5k finish line but by the time she found him at the end of the 10k he was all alone and she thought he had come in last place. he actually had come in first place, one minute faster than the second-place finisher, a 40-year-old woman. >> i thought this was really long, a really long 5k and not usual. winning the 10k, i like sprinting and running. >> he definitely likes running and practices three times a week, rug 2-6 les a time and already competed in the junior olympics and wants to run 10k races in the future, but on purpose. a professional wrestler turned movie star, dwayne 'the rock' johnson, returns to his roots and will appear on the
5:26 am
fox premiere of the wwe friday night smackdown. the hayward native tweeted, i've come back home for my wwe universe. there is no greater title for the people and no place like home. you can see him on the wwe friday night smackdown right here with us at ktvu fox2. 5:26 and boulders in san francisco meant to keep the homeless off the sidewalk are now gone and coming up, the reason city crews removed those giant rocks and people talk about a different strategy for keeping the homeless and drugs off their sidewalks. the president's personal attorney subpoenaed by the house. the latest actions as democrats seek impeachment.
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from ktvu fox2 news, this is mornings on 2. welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday morning, the first day of october and i'm dave clark. i'm pam cook and thank you for joining us. wear your pink today because it's breast cancer awareness month, october and encouraging people to get tested and support those dealing with this. >> maybe wear a pink jacket? it's a little bit chilly out there, 30s and 40s. if it feels cool to you, it is. some pretty cold air and with that in place, temps will bump
5:30 am
up a tiny bit but the lows are back down and in this year nevada, 20s around lake tahoe and the chill is setting in. san francisco and oakland, livermore and santa rosa and 65 in the city with a low of 51. the second day in a row below on both the low and the high with upper 30s for a few with a couple of 50s and a lot more 40s going around. danville and san ramon, 41 and 47 in el cerrito and alamo at 42 with cool temps and 2-4-10 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time and the napa airport, minus 10 degrees and some puffy clouds with clearing taking place and temperatures will warm a little bit, but still below average with 60s and 70s and
5:31 am
it looks nice, just a little chilly this morning. 5:30 and sal will tell us. we are off to a decent start and a nice-looking commute with the bay bridge being a little bit busier than the last time and even just a few moments ago, but you shouldn't be worried because traffic is backed up for only about 10-15 minutes delay and if you drive on 80 westbound heading toward the vallejo area, there is slow traffic coming through that you can see. we might be able to zoom into show you on the map and it is slow they are and on 37 going west. getting over to contra costa county, i've noticed slow traffic on 2422 interstate 680 with slow traffic and watch for slowing. no major issues on 680 through
5:32 am
highway 24. highway 24 is getting slower through pittsburg. let's go back to the desk. california college athletes will be able to get paid and play their sport. we have more from our newsroom with the law facing many legal challenges before it goes into effect. >> reporter: this is the first of a kind law that will allow college athletes to higher agents and make money from endorsement deals. governor gavin newsom signed the bill into law and said it will bring fairness to college athletics and give students a chance to benefit from the money they make for their schools per the law applies to any sport in public and private institutions but not community colleges. student athletes won't get salaries but under the law, they won't be punished if they sign endorsement deals. they say female athletes who have limited opportunities for
5:33 am
professional sports after college will benefit by marketing themselves and making money. we spoke to the athletic director about the law and he said there is a lot to figure out. >> it's too premature to know how this will play out over the next three years but i think the best thing is that there will be a lot of discussion and it's how we support student athletes. >> the ncaa called on the governor to veto the bill and threatened to ban california universities from competition and the ncaa agrees changes need to be made at the national level and they say different laws from different states will create an unfair playing field for all college athletes and the law already is creating confusion. they released a statement saying in part, we will consider next steps in california while our members move forward with ongoing efforts to make adjustments to the ncaa name, image and likeness rules that are realistic and modern and tied to higher education.
5:34 am
we don't know exactly what the ncaa will do next but the law goes into effect january 1, 2023. in the newsroom, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox2 news. here's a look at other top stories. the now solo defended in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial seeks a reduction to his bail. derick almena is held on three quarters of a million dollars and is scheduled to return to court friday to set future court dates including a possible retrial. in san francisco, the ninth circuit court will examine two controversial immigration policies of the trump administration. one of them challenges the so- called remain in mexico rule and the other requires asylum- seekers to apply for asylum in the country they pass through. north korea and the u.s. are set to begin nuclear talks on saturday. they say preliminary talks will be held friday before the
5:35 am
working level negotiations take place on saturday d the location of the meetings has not been disclosed. today is former president jimmy carter's 95th birthday. he was the 39th president and won the nobel peace prize in 2002 for his work to promote and expand human rights. he's the oldest living former president and has written more than 30 books, including his political memoirs. no pucelebration is planned but he will travel to nashville with his wife to help build houses for habitat for humanities. it's 5:35 and despite a counterattack from president donald trump, democratic house leaders will move quickly with their investigation of whether to impeach the president. doug luzader has more from washington to tell us what democrats are doing. >> reporter: democrats are moving forward quickly and confident that public opinion polls are shifting. house democrats on capitol hill are not talking much but
5:36 am
are putting things into writing including a new subpoena for the president's personal attorney, former new york attorney, rudy giuliani, acquiring about his dealings in the ukraine. you acted as an agent and the president to advance personal interests by abusing the power of office of the president. >> i get nervous public speaking and these people are such intellectual heavyweights. >> reporter: rudy giuliani cked mocrats and said he's not sure whether he will testify. >> in a statement that made to the president of ukraine, a good man, a nice man, it was perfect. >> reporter: president donald trump defended the phone conversation at the center of the probe and asked the ukraine president for an investigation into former vice president joe biden. now, we've learned that secretary state, mike pompeo may have been listening in on the call, as well. a new poll shows voters are now evenly divided on impeachment and 47% are backing it, an increase of 10
5:37 am
points in less than a week and if the house does follow through, republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the senate will consider removal from office. >> the senate impeachment rules are very clear and the senate would have to take up an impeachment resolution if it came over from the house. >> reporter: that is still not clear and democrats will work to wrap up the investigation and move to the impeachment vote. the time is 5:37 on the man charged with attacking a woman outside her san francisco condo in august will be back in court this morning. and his last hearing, austin vinton was remained in jail on charges and false imprisonment, attempted residential burglary, threats and battery. the decision to deny bail came after his alleged victim tearfully described being
5:38 am
attacked in the lobby of her building and was captured on surveillance video. a publix works crew removed large boulders strategically placed on the sidewalk to deter the homeless from camping out in the city workers took away all 25 boulders and the side street near market and dolores had a group cooling the money to buy the big rocks in an effort to stop people from setting up camps. neighbors got threats. >> they were getting emails and were being bullied and there was a lot of pressure being put on them. >> many of the boulders had been pushed out into the street. the public works department plans to have a resolution and they could be replaced as part of a more permanent strategy. college students in the south bay learn the hard way about supply and demand while they search for available
5:39 am
housing. the students have spent days in line hoping to get prime units to the next school year. >> it's been difficult to find houses. >> reporter: this jr. and his friends were first in line to sign up for housing units open by october 1 by real source property management. >> our server crashed with the students trying to get a timestamp before somebody else so they could be first in line. >> reporter: the virtual line is now literal with the hard- core taking turns and camping out the past four days to be first in line and to get this best selection. there's 3300 bed spaces on campus for student body of 6300. in the 100 units start at $2400 per room and top out at 6000.
5:40 am
it's near the campus and the social life. >> they are looking for student quality of life and the closer they can be to the campus, the happier and the better place it is for them to do the things they want to do. if you are going to sfo today, there are changes to a popular parking lot. a window for free parking got a little smaller. a beefy nutritional debate heats up. i'm ray bogan in washington and a new study finds eating too much red meat may not be as bad as we think. so far, so good on interstate 880. traffic looks good all the way to downtown. if you like highs on the 60s and 70s, you will have no beef with my forecast. more on that coming up. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
5:41 am
addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's
5:42 am
playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. to the wait did frowe just win-ners. prouders everyone uses their phone differently. that's why xfinity mobile let's you design your own data. now you can share it between lines. mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime so you only pay for what you need. it's a different kind of wireless network
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designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. call, click, or visit a store today. welcome back to mornings on 2 and the time is 5:43 and a popular bay area restaurant struggles to keep doors open. many difficulties are faced that cut into the profits. >> it was death by a thousand cuts. we got hit by a lot of things. it became difficult to do business here. >> yesterday, the line of
5:44 am
customers was out the door at dosa's on valencia in san francisco. customers wanted to say goodbye to this south indian restaurant on its final day and the owner said the rent is now three times higher than when he first open 15 years ago and also, labor costs have increased because of a higher minimum wage with healthcare and other benefits making it hard to stay open. the same struggles forced the longtime oakland landmark, kincaid's, to claw at jack london square ended abruptly shut its doors over the weekend. >> we've been coming here over 20 years and they couldn't survive and that is sad. they seemed to busy every time we were here. >> the parent company of kincaid's filed for bankruptcy in july and it was recently purchased by a houston company. another big issue is the popularity of food delivery services and hospitality experts anticipate that more restaurants will close if they don't adjust business models
5:45 am
to the new dining habits of people. it's 5:44 and in health check, new report suggested there is little evidence that eating less red meat improves your health. ray bogan has more on the study that is getting pushback from the healtindustry. >> reporter: burgers arback on the menu with new research suggesting cutting back on red and processed meat brings few, if any health benefits, contradicting advice from health organizations who have long warned people about the potential harm of a meat heavy diet. a team of researchers said there's no significant link between eating meat and developing chronic health issues. >> we cannot say with any certainty that eating red meat or processed meat causes cancer, diabetes or heart disease. >> reporter: the results reviewed multiple trials and
5:46 am
studies and after looking at millions of diets, researchers found a small decrease in health risks and those who ate three or fewer servings of red or processed meat per weekend if you enjoy eating meat, there is no need to change current habits. the author study notes the idence doesn't take into account other factors like environmental or animal-rights concerns. ray bogan, fox news. senator dianne feinstein calls for an investigation into the epa threat to withhold transportation funds from california. she sent a letter to the deputy inspector general for the epa claiming the threat is politically motivated and has nothing to do with improving california's air quality. a new berkeley poll shows strong support for state law creating new regulations for medical exemptions from vaccines for schoolkids. it found that 89% of voters support the effort to increase
5:47 am
immunization rates at schools and daycares. that includes 90% of democrats, 82% of independent voters and 73% of republicans. people in marin county can get a free flu shot beginning today. the marin county department of health will offer three flu shots that are free in san rafael and they will be at the social services organization and now will have it on larkspur street today. experts said to get a flu shot between now and the middle of november. san francisco police cited 33 animal-rights activists for protesting outside whole foods. they used chains to block the entrance of the whole foods on 24th in the know we valley neighborhood and they claimed several farms are cruel to animals. they are owned by amazon and jeff bezos is called upon to put an end to the violations.
5:48 am
>> they've been investigating whole foods farms for years and we found repeated evidence of animal cruelty. there was nothing done about the animal abuse. >> whole foods rejects those claims and said it is a long time commitment for animal welfare that has made them a leader in the history. today, three areas of short-term parking that is free at san francisco airport is going back to 10 minutes. as a protest to the program expanding free parking to 30 minutes during the short time travel season in the summer. it was an effort to cut down on road congestion by providing alternative locations for picking up or dropping off passengers. airport passengers said there was a positive effect on traffic flow but the free short-term parking, they said, was not effective. >> always a scramble to find
5:49 am
parking. let's check in with sal. how is it looking out there? things are okay with slow traffic and we are closing in on 6:00 and we have slowing on the altamont pass approach that is not unusual in 58 is backed up all the way up to corral hollow. in livermore and pleasanton it looks good but we have slowing on 238 at 880, not unusual an 880 is okay with a lot of slow traffic on 242 and 680 through contra costa county, especially to 42 and it's now slowing on 680 approaching walnut creek. on 8080, it's all right to the bay bridge with a 10 minute delay on to the span. let's bring in steve with the
5:50 am
weather. >>cool conditions with 30s showing up and mainly confined to the north and everybody is in on this. we are currently 39 and i'm curious as to what kind of fall colors we will get. i think this system would do it and i'm starting to see leaves rustling on the roads and stuff and en you get temperatures in the 30s and at boulder creek and at woodside, 39 and napa, 39. 20s in the mountains and truckee at 23 in reno, 38. you kayak 43 and around lake tahoe, 25. heavenly and incline, 23 in south lake tahoe and donner, 24 cool degrees. the system came by with a wide variety of weather in the mountains all the way to
5:51 am
southern california with highs the coolest of the week by far, mainly upper 60s. still below average with santa rosa yesterday pumping you up from 69 to 74. 72 today and palo alto, 68-71 in san jose and those water temps, you knew that would happen but bodega bay has a water temp a brisk 52 and san francisco is 53 with a huge difference on the overnight lows in san francisco and around the bay on point reyes is 54. 40s for many with low 40s and upper 40s and mid-40s and a couple of 50s but not many. woodside, 38 and we will have to fix that. 45 in hillsboro, menlo park and los altos, 42 cool degrees. in the mountains, partly cloudy and for us, everything is clearing up as that low
5:52 am
kicks out and a very quiet pattern is kicking up with another system moving in on thursday with a dip in the temps and then warmer into the weekend. not setting any records but temperatures will bump up to the 60s and 70s. cooler thursday and warming up into what looks to be a quiet pattern but a nice weekend. we want to remind you to download the ktvu weather app with interactive radar, hourly updates and a seven-day forecast with an easy feature to upload weather photos and videos. the weather app is free to download for your smartphone or tablet. it's 5:52 and a union for childcare workers. we tell you specific workers that could soon collectively bargain over things like reimbursement rates and payment procedures. we have a convicted child molester on the loose. >> 's search for a fugitive
5:53 am
child molester and the growing concern that he may never go on trial. we take you live to beijing, china. a very impressive celebration happening now with china marking 70 years of communist party rule. these are live pictures and all of this, while street protesting continues in hong kong. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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for people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life. i wish i could tell ya how i feel about a mornin' like this. and that includes a good hearty breakfast. you need somethin' to kinda warm the whole body up
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and gets it going. it's a great way to kick off your day.
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new york republican congressman, chris collins, has already resigned and is expected to plead guilty to insider trading. he's accused of kicking off for his son that a biotech firm failed an important drug test and the tip allowed investors to sell their stock before the price plummeted. he admitted his letter of
5:59 am
resignation to congress yesterday. a former yahoo software engineer faces five years in prison for hacking into 6000 yahoo accounts. the attorney's office said ray is daniel ruiz of tracy admitted he mostly targeted the accounts of younger women including personal friends and work colleagues. he said he was looking for sexual photos and videos. prosecutors said he would get into their accounts and then hack into icloud, facebook and email and search private images. he will be sentenced next february. juul has backed out of the vaping battle and they say he is still influencing voters. democrats are ramping up efforts to impeach president trump and coming up, the new details we are finding out about. from ktvu fox news, this is mornings on 2.
6:00 am
thank you for joining us tesday morning, the first day of october and i'm pam cook. >> let's check and was steve paulson to see how october is starting out. cold. 30s and 40s and was mainly confined to the north and now it's everybody and the santa clara valley is in there as well. boulder creek, 38 and woodside, 39 and nampa at well, 39 and that is the deep system responsible for leaving behind that coldair lifting out. 60s and 70s on the temps when normal is 70s and 80s. the water temp, 53 at bodega bay in san francisco and point reyes, 54 with cold air and lakeport, 56. vacaville, pretty cold and 47 in berkeley and 50


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