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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 1, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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people coming to the u.s.
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can apply for the remain in mexico policy that says asylum- seekers from any country passing through the southern border must wait in mexico the in the u.s.. opponents say it puts the lives of migrants at risk. >> sending people back to danger without regard of what will happen and where there is no human protection and leaving them on their own, it's cruel and unlawful. >> u.s. attorneys say it's a necessary way to slow the flow of migration through the u.s. mexico border and during the hearing this morning, one judge was skeptical. >> you don't even ask whether they have any kind of fear? that's reasonable in this context. >> you are giving them nothing? not even asking them the key question with respect to say, are you afraid? >> the other rule before the court was the asylum ban code that would bar migrants from coming to the u.s. from the
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southern borders seeking asylum unless they come through the official port of entry. the u.s. attorney on the merits -- >> congress recognizes there could be additional limitations and no one is entitled asylum and there is nothing barring consideration of the manner of entry. >> it's a legal challenge that was brought to the courts by a bay area nonprofit and their members met outside the courthouse to go in together. despite the tough questions for u.s. attorneys from the judges, law professor david levine said immigration vocates have an uphill battle. >> the supreme court is watching and they indicated they are watching. >> in recent court decisions, the supreme court has stepped in his side with the administration. >> you can bet the lawyers for the trump administration will immediately run to the supreme court the moment these decisions come out, if they come out against the
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administration. >> there is no deadline or timeline for the judges to reach their decision on these policies but in most cases, the ninth circuit court of appeals issue there decisions between 3-6 months after the hearing. plans to fill the oakland coliseum arena for the oakland a's are at a standstill after lawsuit was filed against alameda county. the lawsuit was filed last week in the city is asking the court to enforce the mandate that says publicly owned land will be available for affordable housing and other uses if sold in the law said the county has to negotiate for at least 90 days but they said they haven't done that. the city of oakland and alameda county jointly own the coliseum property and back in april, the alameda board of supervisors authorized negotiations to sell a 50% interest in the property for $85 million per the oakland a's team president said he had
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no warning of the lawsuit and was blindsided and called the move disappointing and said the team has exciting plans to develop affordable housing in east oakland and they hope to avoid a lengthy legal process. >> we prefer, as an organization, to work things out together and not at the courthouse in hayward. that is a better solution and we hope that something like that can prevail. >> the oakland city attorney filed a lawsuit on behalf of the city council and in a statement said the coliseum properties are the largest public land parcel in oakland and it's important to develop them to benefit the people of oakland and alameda county. they hope that it will help the agencies realize a deal ensuring the highest and best use of the properties in the long term that may include but is not limited to affordable housing, jobs, retail, commercial space and open and recreational space and confessional sports and
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hospitality. she said it's the right thing to do to protect the interest of the taxpayers over the public land and a court hearing will be at 2:00 p.m. in oakland and rob roth will be there with the details on ktvu tonight. house democrats moving ahead and they've subpoenaed president trump's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani, for documents related to the ukraine. lauren blanchard has the story from washington. >> reporter: democrats issued formal demands for the impeachment investigation with three house committees subpoenaing rudy giuliani and the intelligence and foreign affairs and oversight committees all want documents related to his work on behalf of president trump to persuade the ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son. they are giving giuliani until october 15 with text messages and phone records but giuliani
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suggested he might not comply with the order. >> lowercase i don't know. i'm weighing the alternatives and lowercase i will kind of go through it and get my evidence together. >> reporter: mike pompeo has already been subpoenaed with a friday deadline to turn over state department records. reports out now say that he was listening in on that phone conversation with ukraine and president donald trump is insisting the call was, quote, perfect and tried to turn the tables on democrats. >> there has been tremendous corruption and we are draining the swamp with corruption on the upside. >> reporter: the president admitted he is trying to identify the whistleblower but unmasking the anonymous intel officer would be a violation of federal law. republicans have tried to paint the whistleblower complaint is not credible because it relied on secondhand information.
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in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox2 news. secretary of state mike pompeo said it's not feasible for five current and former state department employees to be deposition later this week and in a letter he said democrats are trying to, quote, intimidate and bully the individuals. that committee had been set to interview the five people including a former ambassador to the ukraine. today, eric swalwell holds a town hall on the impeachment process and plans to update constituents about what is happening in washington, as well as answer questions about the past moving forward. swalwell sits on the intelligence committee that grilled the acting intelligence director last week about the whistleblower complaint against the president and the town hall is tonight at 6:30 at james logan high school in union city. california is being hit with a lawsuit for alleged voter registration infractions.
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they demanded the state enforce the voter registration act that requires all states to make a determination of eligibility of voters to participate in federal elections. attorneys said the suit was filed on behalf of three california citizens who say the state is not properly verifying citizenship eligibility of voters. >> california refuses to use the data in its possession to determine citizenship eligibility, a prerequisite to vote in all federal elections. we believe this failure violates the national voter registration act and that statute provides for enforcement actions by citizens. >> the attorneys say this is a nonpartisan lawsuit and the state has not yet responded. new at noon, the santa cruz county sheriff is looking for a man that was kidnapped during a crime this morning. there's not a lot of information but deputies do say that a 50-year-old, tushar atre, was taken from his pleasure point home at 3:00 in the morning and was last seen
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getting into his white bmw. it has a california license plate on your screen, 7bug-581 and the santa cruz sheriff is asking for information. a former dallas police officer was found guilty in the fatal shooting of her unarmed neighbor in his apartment. the jury convicted amber guyger in the killing of botham jean. she was off duty but in uniform after a long shift when she shot the 26-year-old accountant in september of last year. amber guyger apologized and said she feared for her life upon finding the door unlocked of what she thought was her own apartment, a floor below his and prosecutors questioned how she had missed many signs that she was at the wrong apartment and amber guyger faces a prison sentence of 5- 99 years. defense attorneys for the remaining defendant in the ghost ship trial want a bail reduction. derick almena is held on three
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quarters of a million dollars bail and an oakland jury is deadlocked on the 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter against him steadily from the deadly warehouse fire. his codefendant, max harris, was acquitted and on friday, derick almena will return to court for future court dates including a possible retrial. a man was convicted for abusing a child and apollo johnson was charged with sexually assaulting a girl from the ages of 6-16. the trial began in may but was stopped so he could undergo heart surgery. the trial resumed last month but he never showed up. the jury convicted him of 16 counts and he could potentially spend his life in prison. becky was supposed to show up on september 16 and didn't show and didn't show on the 17th and finally, on the 18th when the jury was there, he did not show. at that point, the judge essentially declared him a
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fugitive. >> the victim came forward after suffering a panic attack in two other women have accused johnson of assaulting them and prosecutors say he has a violent past including a conviction in 1993 for robbery and false imprisonment. a man charged with attacking a woman outside her san francisco condo was back in court. austin vincent was ordered to stay in jail on charges of false imprisonment, attempted burglary, criminal threats and battery. the decision to deny bail came after his alleged victim tearfully described being attacked in the lobby of her building and was captured on surveillance video. juul is backing out of the vaping battle in san francisco and some people said they are still influencing voters ahead of the election. violent protesters are clashing in hong kong on what some are calling a day of rage. a chilly start and a warmer afternoon in store for the bay area. a beautiful blue sky and details and what you can expect today on the rest of
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the week, coming up.
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today is the last day for the democratic presidential candidates to qualify for the next debate. so far, 12 have qualified an hawaii congresswoman, tulsi gabbard and activist tom steyer will be added to the stage this month and it appears unlikely that any other candidate not in the last debate will meet the qualifications for this one. there are new reports that kamala harris is shaking up the senior staff of her presidential campaign. political reports she is moving two top advisers from her senate office that worked full-time on her campaign and the roles of the current campaign manager in the campaign chair are undefined, according to politico and there is a lack of experience across the organization. a poll out today shows that
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senator harris is fourth among the top five democratic candidates and joe biden remains in the lead with 32%, followed by elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, harris with 6% and then pete buttigieg. north korea said no clear negotiations with the u.s. resume on saturday. a top diplomat said preliminary talks will be held friday before the working level negotiations happen saturday and did not say where the meeting will be. negotiations collapsed in february after president donald trump rejected kim jong- un's demands for the end to economic sanctions in exchange for partial disarmament. there are reports of injuries, including a person shot during violent clashes between hong kong police and thousands of pro-democracy activists. they are protesting as a china communist power celebrates 70 years in power. >> reporter: protesters call
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it a day of rage with tens of thousands hitting the streets of hong kong, a continuation of months of demonstrations for democratic reform. violence escalated when a police officer shot a protester on tuesday with live ammunition for the first time. you can see the protester on the ground asking for help as others are subdued. lawmakers are calling for law enforcement to dial back the violence but police say it is the fault of the protesters. >> police brutality is escalating and it's extremely disturbing and brutal. >> the violent acts are one step closer to the acts of terrorism. >> yes. the communist party marks 70 years in power with an elaborate celebration and xi jinping called for a nonviolent resolution to the dispute in hong kong. >> translator: china must adhere to the principle of peaceful reunification and one country, two systems with lasting prosperity and stability in hong kong. >> reporter: it raises fears
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of a major crackdown despite efforts by chief executive carrie lam to open a dialogue with protest leaders. >> the police force together will be a carrie lam government and they are trying very hard to stop fear in hong kong. >> reporter: the protester was taken to the hospital, a 17- year-old student, and is in emergency surgery. meteorologist rosemary rosoff is standing by to tell us we may be warming up this week? we are warming up and we have a roller coaster ride into the weekend and after a chilly start, temperatures are rebounding with mostly sunny skies and low 60s over san francisco and oakland and san jose in the low to mid-60s with 67 outside your door. we are over livermore and
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concord in santa rosa, 5 degrees warmer than 25 years ago and half moon bay and the half shore, a ted cooler but areas like oakland and mostly clear skies and in the coast and inside the bay, we remain with this pattern with little changes coming our way on thursday. the wind in fairfield, northwest at 12 and concorde, the onshore breeze at six and oakland, five with arvada a little bit of a gust and 65 miles from the north. here is a look at yesterday's temperatures and you can see santa rosa 5 degrees warmer for the afternoon high today and livermore, 5 degrees and the afternoon high, 68 and san jose will warm by a couple of degrees or so. into the north bay, 73 is the high-end areas over napa, upper 60s for sausalito and the east bay, sandra leando,
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around antioch and for the south bay, 70 degrees at san jose and a mild 70 degrees with santa cruz. mid-60s expected in the city of san francisco and low to mid-60s and half moon bay and into your extended forecast, temperatures even warmer into your bay area on wednesday and thursday, not a lot of change with a system moving through that may increase cloud cover and maybe a little breezy. temperatures could drop slightly and then into friday and the end of your week with low 70s at the coast and upper 70s to near 80s at the bay and low 80s for the inland cities on saturday and mid-80s on sunday. if you are seeing the a's play tomorrow, lowercase i will have that forecast coming up. coming up, also, find out when pilots at southwest could see the return of the troubled boeing 737 max airplane.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. aaddiction. how juuline hooked kids and ignited an public health crisis." other news outlets report-
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juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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a former yahoo software engineer now pleads guilty to hacking into 6000 yahoo accounts. the u.s. attorney said 34-year- old reyes daniel ruiz of tracy admitted in court he mostly targeted the accounts of younger women including personal friends and work colleagues. he said he was looking for sexual pictures and videos and prosecutors said he would gain access to their accounts and then hack into icloud, facebook and gmail and search images. who will be sensed next february and faces five years in prison. apple will still be a hit though it keeps major plans in the u.s. the trump administration rejected the apple's request for some tariffs and last month apple announced it would build mac pro communities in austin, texas, rather than move
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operations overseas and they received a waiver on 10 of 16 chinese made components. the trump administration has now turned down their request for relief on the other five. a surprise with last month, the stock market erased a bit of an early rally with the dow jones down more than 280 points and the nasdaq and s&p are having a negative day with those indexes down about 1%. the pilots and southwest airline said it could be february when they resume flights using the 737 max airplane, much later than projected by either southwest or boeing. the pilots said it will take longer because of the additional pilot training on boeing expected the airplane to fly again before the end of the year and southwest said a january 5 target date for the return -- and it has been grounded since march.
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california college athletes will get paid while they play for their sport. it will allow college athletes to hire agents and make money from endorsement deals. gavin newsom said the law brings fairness to college athletics and gets the students a chance to benefit from the money they make for their schools. the law applies to public and private institutions, but not community colleges. jim knowlton said there's a lot to still figure out about the law. >> it's too premature to know how this will play out over the next three years but the best thing is that there will be a lot of discussion and it's all around how we support student athletes. >> the ncaa called on the governor to veto the bill before he signed it and threaten to ban california universities from competition. changes need to be made but at the national level. the battle over homelessness and drug dealings continues in a san francisco
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neighborhood. what is next after the city removes the boulders lining the sidewalks. researchers are learning more about vaping illnesses. 800 have suffered vape related illnesses and 14 have died. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul.
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no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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for 40 years, we fight for the rights of writers.
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juul labs no longer supports proposition c in san francisco. >> cristina rendon explains how the e-cigarette maker reverses course after spending millions to support the campaign. >> reporter: the exact reason for the announcement from juul is not clear but comes as the new ceo was named last week and the company reviewed policies. juul said it will no longer support the prop c measure, the san francisco measure
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seeking to return a citywide ban on e-cigarette sales. it would allow for the sale of other vaping products with age verification requirements. following in their footsteps is the yes on c campaign that will end their campaign, too. the group wanted to regulate, rather than ban the products. proposition c will still appear on the ballot but juul's said it will not put money into the campaign and the ceo said they are committed to the city of san francisco. a spokesman for the campaign spoke with ktvu about the growing vaping epidemic. >> there is an alarming uptick in lung diseases and ailments and injuries among young people and we are seeing that it amounts to 47 states and there were 12 deaths and this is no joke and nobody doubts that this is a serious thing and we have to take a timeout. >> reporter: they are skeptical of this and a
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spokesman said and till jew returns the 7 million unspent dollars in their political account and suspend mail, advertising and paid phone calls and layoff consultants, they do not believe them. this comes amid a vaping epidemic across the country and last week the district attorneys announced it would investigate juul for what it believes could be deceptive ads where they could have tried to knowingly hook teens on vaping. as more reports come out about people being hospitalized with vaping related illnesses, researchers are looking at why this is happening and according to the cdc, 800 people suffer from vape related illnesses and 14 have died. >> there must be something about putting it into the solutions that typically would be used for electronic
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cigarette vaping that must create a potential toxicity. but the return shows say there are thousands of combinations that could go into a vape cartridge and they are using mice to figure out what combinations are most dangerous. a $2500 reward is offered for information about a deadly week and shooting in petaluma. a 19-year-old man was killed in the parking lot of the petaluma premium outlets near 101. it was recorded as a car crash and happen saturday night about 8:00. there are few details and police are not saying if there is surveillance video but witnesses saw a person wearing dark colored clothing walk up to the car and start shooting. the car traveled 300 feet before slamming into a wall and finally stopped from the children's play area. violent crime is rare in petaluma, they say.
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>> it's a little bit scary. >> it seems like over the years, more things are happening downtown and fights and stabbings. >> police identified the driver is 19-year-old ezequiel garcia of santa rosa and they are not saying if they have a motive. the santa clara sheriff's deputy was fired for not speaking up about the beating death of a jail inmate in 2015 and the documents show that deputy pablo tempra lost his job for failing to report the death of michael tyree and the documents show that pablo tempra said he did not hear the attack. a statement was issued saying that pablo tempra was terminated because he did not represent the beliefs and values of the agency. police posted video of a break-in at a liquor store on atlantic avenue just before 7:00 in the morning on saturday and in the video, someone climbed through the door of the store to break a
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window and then fell onto the floor. the burglar eventually got up and went on to take some items before eventually leaving and police would like to talk to anyone who might recognize the man in the video. police are looking for the man trying to haul off a coin machine from a car wash. it happened last tuesday on matheson road at a car wash. the suspect parked the truck at the entrance and wore a hooded sweatshirt. the suspect appears to be a man and change the machine to the truck and tried to pull it out but it didn't work. you can see in the video. he eventually left and investigators said the truck was stolen. it's a black 2000 toyota tacoma with oxidized paint. large boulders were removed that had been placed on the sidewalk to keep away the homeless people. city workers hauled away all 25 boulders on the residential
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side street. a group of residents pooled their money together to get the rocks to stop people from setting up encampments in their neighborhood. those neighbors got threats. >> they were getting emails with bullying and they felt a lot of pressure was being put on them. >> in recent days, many of the boulders had been pushed into the street and the public works department plans to work with the residents on solutions and said the rides could be replaced. the sonoma county board of supervisors will get an update on emergency plans and supervisors or to the report after wildfires burned large sections across the county in 2017 and the first report detailed how first responders and other officials reacted and what improvements were needed. the report is called two years and counting and outlines the progress made and what remains to be done.
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mayor london breed has a prograto prevent deadly drug overdoses that will make narcan available at single room occupancy hotels, sros and it will train people how to use narcan. the mayor said 30% of all drug overdose deaths occurred at sros and one man who lives at the hotel said his wife is alive today because of narcan. >> i'm so thankful. if it weren't for narcan, i don't know if my wife would be here. >> you have to prepare to meet people where they are. we need to get them into treatment when they ask for help. >> a state grant will pay for the narcan and the training on how to use it. the program will work in cooperation with a plan to make more beds available in treatment facilities. san francisco mayor london breed is due to sign legislation to create a new office on racial equity. it will become official with her signature at city hall at noon today and the department
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will release a report every two years on racial disparities, jobs, education, criminal justice and housing. new york city is trying to prevent immigrants from being threatened or bullied. they announced a new set of guidelines and anyone using the term illegal alien with intent to demean or humiliate or harass a person could be fined up to $200 and threatening to call ice as a means to discriminate or ridicule is included. and new study about eating red meat challenges the notion that we should eat less meat or cut back on red and processed meat. it may lead to few if any health benefits and the finding contradicts decades of dietary advice from top health organizations have long warned people about potential dangers of a meat heavy diet. in this report, a team of researchers reviewed multiple studies and examined the diets of millions of people and
12:39 pm
found a small decrease in health risks among those who ate three or fewer servings of meat each week. >> we cannot say that eating red or processed meat causes cancer or diabetes or heart disease with any certainty. >> this report said the study does not take into account factors such as the environment impair impact and it has angered many in the health community. it was called irresponsible and unethical. a new poll shows strong support in california for a state law creating new regulations for medical exemptions for vaccines for schoolchildren and it's found 89% of voters support the effort to increase immunization rates including 90% of democrats, 82% of independent voters and 73% of republicans. in marin county, free flu
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shots start today at different locations in san rafael with health officials at the social services organizations and experts say to get a flu shot between now and mid-november. there is a new law in california to allow childcare workers to unionize. governor newsom signed it yesterday and it takes effect next year and applies to roughly 40,000 workers who can collectively bargain like other public employees for things such as wages and health benefits. 11 states already allow childcare workers to unionize. three boaters are saved. the sonoma county sheriff's office received calls after a boat washed up on shore near clear lake state park on sunday afternoon and the sheriff's helicopter was called in to see if there was anybody at risk and they spotted a boater wearing a life jacket and two others were in the water and all were airlifted after spending nearly three hours in the
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water. the bay area housing crunch is hitting college students hard. what some are doing to secure a place to live. this afternoon, mostly sunny with mild temperatures in store and as we roll through the first week of october, i have a look at what you can expect today and into your weekend, coming up. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to
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overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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breaking news right now to bring you. the santa cruz sheriff's deputies said the white bmw suv involved in a kidnapping today has been found. also, a body has been found, as well. deputies have not identified the person found dead and it's very early and they have not provided details about the man taken from his home this morning, 50-year-old tushar atre and this is a breaking story with limited details and we will update it online at and at 4:00 today. san francisco police cited
12:45 pm
33 animal-rights activists for protesting outside whole foods and the demonstration began yesterday morning wh they used chains to block entrances at the whole foods in noe valley. they said some suppliers are cruel to animals and tivists are calling on jeff bezos to put an end to the allege violations. >> the activists have investigated amazon and whole foods farms for years and we found repeated evidence of animal cruelty. when we reported it, the prosecutor the whistleblowers and did nothing about the animal abuse. back whole foods rejects those claims and said as long time commitment to animal welfare made them an industry leader. students are getting a crash course in supply and demand for available student housing. they are hoping to score prime units for the next academic year. >> reporter: for some santa clara students, they now have
12:46 pm
a crash course in hsing. >> we are trying to get a house off campus next year. unfortunately, this is the way you do it. >> reporter: they were first in line to sign up for 100 units of housing opened october 1 by real source property management. >> we tried online and on midnight, our servers crashed with students trying to get timestamps before somebody else so they can be first in line. >> reporter: the virtual line is now literal with the hard- core taking turns and camping out the past four days to be first in line. the university has 3300 bed spaces on campus for a student body of 6000 students and officials stress there is a shortage for those off campus. >> it's not what i wanted to do this week. we have to organize somehow.
12:47 pm
it's not like we can do anything online, you know? >> reporter: three former students went through the process and said it makes no sense. this company caters to students to find housing on the online process eliminates the need for sleeping outside but there's only a handful of units near campus. the 100 units offered by real source start at $2400 per room and top out at $6000 and they are within a couple of blocks walk to campus. >> they are looking for student quality of life and they will be happier if they are closer to campus. >> reporter: the owner said he may issue numbers monday afternoon for those in line so they don't have to stay
12:48 pm
overnight. jesse gary, ktvu fox news. a popular bay area restaurants struggles to stay in business. there are economic roadblocks that cut into profit. >> it was death by 1000 cuts. the city became difficult to do business with. >> the line was out the door at dosa's on valencia and customers wanted to say goodbye to the south indian restaurant on the final day on the rent is now three times higher compared to when they first opened 15 years ago and the labor cost increased with city mandates for-hire minimum wage, healthcare and other benefits making it difficult to stay open. the same thing happen when kincaid's closed over the weekend. >> we've been coming over 20 years. it's sad.
12:49 pm
>> reporter: the parent company of kincaid's filed for bankruptcy in july and was recently bought by a company in houston and other restaurant owners said another issue is the popularity of food delivery services and experts anticipated more restaurants would close their doors if they do not adjust their business models. you have until the end of the month to comment on a plan to allow electric bikes at bay area national parks. they would be able to have these roads open at 15 miles- per-hour speed limits in designated areas would remain off-limits. opponents said it will destroy wildlife habitats and damage park land. more security for the grand canyon skywalk after a man jumped to his death over the weekend in the body of a 28-year-old man was recovered yesterday morning after park
12:50 pm
officials said he climbed over a safety barrier and jumped on saturday afternoon. the vertical drop is between 500-800 feet and the national park service is working to determine if new policies are needed. a visitor to yellowstone national park remains in the hospital after falling into a geyser. he was walking in the dark without a flashlight and tripped and fell into the thermal waters near old faithful and the water temperature can reach more than 200 degrees. it's illegal to leave the boardwalk near the hot springs and the man could face criminal charges if the geyser was damaged. this was a wild scene with a passenger taking a video of an out-of-control metering park on the tarmac near an american airlines and no one was behind the wheel. look at this, a worker was able to stop it with a forklift. american airlines said it
12:51 pm
appeared the accelerator was stuck. free short term parking at san francisco international is going back because it extended the parking to 30 minutes during the summer travel season and it was designed to reduce roadway congestion by providing an alternative location for picking up or drop off passengers. policy changes had a positive effect but the longer short term parking did not. rosemary is standing by and i'm sure a lot of people are wondering what it will be like tomorrow? it should be nice but breezy. dress in layers and we will have some sunshine but temperatures for the afternoon will be really nice if you plan to do tailgating. let's take a look at what they expect as we roll through the next few days. we will remain dry and mild and as we get into the weekend, temperatures will warm into the 80s for inland cities. warmer weather for the
12:52 pm
weekend. we have a system that would come in on thursday and i'm not expecting any rain but it could drop the temperature is a little bit. in the afternoon, we are enjoying blue skies and sunshine and wednesday, a near repeat and slightly warmer and early thursday, there is a system that won't bring wet weather but could cool us down just a bit and pick up our wind. we will watch that and into thursday, outside our doors, most of us are warmer by several degrees over the noon time numbers. the low 60s in san francisco and oakland and into the north bay, 67 in santa rosa and 65 in san jose.
12:53 pm
for the average this time of year, oakland is upper 60s and typically write about 73. into the coming days, the warmth will be back and what we can expect is 72 in nevada, 73 in petaluma and in the east bay, 74 and in the south bay, 70s in san jose and along the peninsula this afternoon, upper 60s inland and 65 expected in the city of san francisco. the forecast into the bay area, with all these headlines for the oakland a's, at the coliseum's, 70 degrees at game time but the west breeze will pick up and temperatures will fall over the course of the evening. bring along a light jacket and
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the extended forecast for the rest of us, temperatures climbing into wednesday and holding steady thursday and friday with minor fluctuations and low 70s at the coast and mid-80s inland. a beautiful start to october and coming up, a lemonade stand run by children going viral and helping other children in need. we explain how, coming up next. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use
12:57 pm
e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. one last peek at the stocks on the first day of the fourth quarter for the markets and it is a rough start for that fourth quarter with the dow jones down more than 300 points and the nasdaq down more than 1% and the s&p down 1.2%. between the rock johnson returns to his roots and will appear on the fox premiere of the wwe friday night smackdown
12:58 pm
and the hayward native tweeted, finally, i come home back to my wwe universe and there is no greater title than the people process champ and no place like home. you can see him on the friday night smackdown on ktvu fox2. the number of people who can play the popular card game, oh, no, is growing. they've created oh, no braille, the regular deck with braille added to the top left of each card and players can get directions to the game on google home, amazon's alexa or downloadable files. so far, amazon is the only one selling it. two friends in cincinnati had no idea there lemonade stand would go viral and that so many would donate money. the children donated their original profit of $148 to the cincinnati children's hospital where beatrice received a liver transplant from her mother when she was a baby.
12:59 pm
it's now evolved as more people donate money to get others off transplant waiting lists. they came in at $10,000 and we had $15,000, $20,000. >> we give it to the doctors to make people healthy. >> so far, more than $50,000 has been raised to fund organ growing research at the hospital. we wrap up with a nice story with a texas school bus driver going above and beyond the call of duty to help students. terry martin jr. noticed a stop in front of an over grown grass home forced the student to wade through high weeds. he grabbed his own lawnmower to go back and do the landscaping and he said it's not the first time he had done this, just the first time it was caught on camera. >> if you ever want to come in california, i know some bus
1:00 pm
stops in our neighborhood. a very nice gesture. thanks for watching and we are alware her you at have a good day. have a good day. . oz: breaking news, the latest cases making headlines. >> he has a motive. dr. oz: more problems for andelly facing 41 charges over 500 years in prison. this is multiple women. sexe talking about trafficking, racketeering. dr. oz: and connecticut mom jennifer dulos. court.has to go back to coming up next. now.n 11 starts i became a doctor to help


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