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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 1, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. >> hundreds turnout in the east bay focusing on impeachment. it was hosted by a congressman. >> i expect this president to do anything to hold onto power and keep us from exercising our role to uphold the rule of law. >> an update on impeachment from a member of two house committees. thank you for joining us
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tonight. >> the issue has divided america and people in the bay area wanted to learn more about whether congress should remove the president from office. our political reporter is here after attending the townhall. >> reporter: 400 people came out tonight ready to listen and ask questions. this was the first political event many had ever been too. they said they wanted to hear what was going on in washington directly from their representative. >> if you do not impeach this president, what do you consider impeachment material? >> reporter: standing room only at a local high school. the east bay congressman held an impeachment inquiry townhall in union city. he and the house intelligence committee will move forward against the process against
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president trump this week. >> this president will do anything he can to hold onto power and keep us from exercising our role to uphold the rule of law. >> this president is making richard nixon look like a choir boy. >> reporter: the congressman was joined by former nixon white house counsel john dean who believes there is enough evidence for impeachment. the san francisco gop chairman says the president did nothing wrong. he says the impeachment effort is only galvanizing republican support for mr. trump. >> something that the democrats have had their eyes set on, it has nothing to do with right or wrong. >> reporter: dennis is running for congress in 2020. he said this inquiry would only hurt democrats in the election. people in attendance stressed the need for americans to pay attention. >> there is something else going on to cover this up. we need to make decisions on her own and go from there. >> we are in a constitutional crisis. everybody has to be informed. they need to listen.
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they need to hear and believe. >> reporter: speaking about the republican supporter, the president's campaign raised $125 million in the third quarter. congressman's wall well says he wants the inquiry to be a swift and swear process. in the studio, ktvu fox 2 news. we have the latest from washington as the president calls the inquiry a coup. we will hear from another whistleblower who says there is a high price to speaking up. the nra is declaring victory over san francisco after the mayor said to ignore a resolution that labeled the gun rights lobby a terrorist organization. the nra filed a lawsuit after the board the city to assess the ties between its contractors and the nra. supervisors cannot change city law by resolution. the nra said the company was
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backing down and the company was having a concession. the mayor tweeted this. you would think an organization responsible for the deaths of thousands of americans every year would lay low on the anniversary of the las vegas shooting. apparently no one feels shame anymore. in las vegas, people paused to remember the mass shooting. today marks two years since the shooting that left 58 people dead and hundreds more injured. to honor the victims, there was a sunrise remembrance ceremony. in included moments of prayer and remarks by leaders. one survivor who attended the event says she is trying to move forward. >> i am still seeing counselors weekly. i think it is when you decide to look back and realize not to be a victim but a survivor, i think that things could have
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gone so different for me. i need to teak each day is a gift. i live for those who cannot anymore. >> the 2017 shooting is the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. people gathered there to hear a reading of the victim's names. the ceremony lasted for a while while the names were read. the city of gill worth hosted a national night out. it was postponed following the garlic festival shooting. we are live where law enforcement and the community came together for a night of healing. >> reporter: national night out is typically held the first tuesday in august. leaders say tonight's event was bigger than ever, stretching several unity to come together support one another. >> we give thanks today for the gift of community.
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>> reporter: national night out kicked off with a prayer, a moment of silence and a song about healing. ♪ >> reporter: two months prior on july 28, the town changed forever. its beloved garlic festival was shaken after a 19- year-old opened fire on the festival ground. he injured several people and killed three festivalgoers. >> it is important to recognize that this event was actually scheduled for last month. >> reporter: to give the city time to grieve, national night out slated for the first week of august was put on hold until now. >> i do not think i would say everything is great and everybody is normal. we are working in the right direction. we will recover from this. >> reporter: the chief police says he and his officers needed this event just as much as the community. >> i like others am here to thank our first responders for their heroic actions, espe
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>> reporter: the family of a thick them surprised the police chief with a sign that read hero. the shooting changed the lives of everyone. a community altar was placed front and center to remember the victims. >> we were at the festival during the shooting. i cannot say enough about them, they saved our lives. >> reporter: this mother brought her two-year-old. she says given the trauma, she felt it was important to connect with the police. amid the water balloon toss, cheerleaders dancing, and a band playing, the night was an opportunity for gilroy to show its resilience. it is not just gilroy strong but gilroy stronger. >> time heals. it will be ingrained in our >> reporter: security was visible throughout the night to make everyone feel more at ease. the mayor tells us other cities
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were impacted by gun violence including las vegas and communities in texas. they postponed their national night out and held them tonight, october 1. it was designated as another night for national night out. >> that community was hit so hard. i wonder if you got a sense on whether or not the people are hoping that the garlic festival will continue. >> reporter: yes. i have heard and it seems as though the community is only getting stronger. they plan to have the garlic festival again next year. they plan to make it to your and better than before. >> they will come together after a tragic time. thank you for that report. the oakland police are looking to the public following a deadly hit and run crash. a woman and young girl were in the crosswalk when they were hit at 22nd avenue in the san
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antonio district. this was 11:20 am. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. she has been identified as a 45- year-old woman of oakland. the four-year-old girl is expected to survive. we do not know the relationship between the victims. the police do not have a description of the vehicle. the driver left southbound on 22nd avenue after the crash. >> this is definitely sad, anytime we have a loss of life in the community. it is devastating. it affects the entire community. >> officers looked for surveillance video and witnesses. anyone with information about the crash is asked to call crash that left a person dead and another injured. this happened at rancho san antonio park. a person drove into a park and hit two pedestrians. allison rodriguez purports. sheriff deputies detained the driver as he was trying to get away. >> reporter: crime scene tape covers this park in cupertino.
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authorities say a driver plowed into two pedestrians and took off. we spoke with a man who was on a hike when he ran into first responders. >> i asked what was going on. he said they were dealing with a patient. he did not think he would make it. i looked over and i saw something i wish i did not see. >> reporter: deputies said they were called out to the park before 1 pm for reports of two pedestrians struck by a vehicle. they say two people were hurt, one of them treated here on the scene. the other person suffered critical injuries and was taken to the hospital. they were pronounced dead. deputies tell me they believe both of these people were struck in two different parts of the park before the vehicle left. they are looking into why this happened. >> we do not have any motive or relationship between the parties. you know, we encourage the public to reach out. this is a
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frequently visited park. anybody with information, please contact the sheriff's office. >> reporter: they will not say much about the victims or driver. that information is part of the investigation. a man is shaken up because this is a place he and his parents love to visit. >> this is sad this had to happen. there are kids, parents, this is a family environment. you do not want this to happen in your community. >> reporter: the driver was taken to the hospital as a precaution. deputies say that person is expected to be arrested on murder and other felony charges. reporting in cupertino, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, executives were kidnapped in the middle of the night. there are a trail of clues. we will look at the cold and overnight forecast.
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there is a slow warming trend that is coming. i will see you back here. me br in the making tonight. the construction project that will change travel between marin and the east bay and provide a workout as well. ♪ ♪ hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today.
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["white rabbit" by ♪ one pill makes you larger ♪ and one pill makes you smaller ♪ ♪ and the ones that mother gives you ♪ ♪ don't do anything at all ♪ remember what the dormouse said ♪ welcome aboard. ♪ feed your head we have live pictures at the richmond bridge where crews
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are building a bike and pedestrian path. it is a milestone in bay area transportation. it is the first route for cyclists and pedestrians between marin and the east bay. we look at the final stage of construction beginning. >> reporter: the opening date, we are told it will be sometime this fall. look, the work is underway tonight. soon people will be able to get between marin and the east bay at a slow stroll. this is instead of driving 55. >> anyplace there is a path or bike path, i will use it. >> reporter: hike commuters relish a new option. >> i see so many people on my daily commute that have given up their car for a bike. having the opportunity that i think is great. when you do not have the opportunity, you are stuck. >> reporter: the task will be 10 feet wide for bicycles and
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pedestrians crossing in both directions, 24 hours a day. >> this is something that is in high demand on saturdays and sundays. it is in lesser demand during the week. >> reporter: transportation planners say the path will occupy the bridge shoulder on the upper deck westbound. users will be protected from traffic by a movable barrier. sections are being installed over the next few weeks. each weighs 1500 pounds and if you hundred will be laid nightly. when necessary, the barrier can be removed by a zipper truck like the one that shifts lanes on the golden gate bridge. the project has doubters. $20 million for a path, even planners are not sure it will be used. >> there are no projections that are worth anything. how many are walkers? how many are bikers? what time of day are they traveling? how does it break up day to day? >> reporter: pressure will mount to make the shoulder a vehicle lane. accomplished on the eastbound
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deck 18 months ago, it is easing congestion dramatically. >> the ideal would be a shared use. >> reporter: many elected officials and employers want relief for morning commuters as well. eventually the barrier might be moved aside for vehicles at peak hours and put back in place for bikes and pedestrians at other times. >> this is not about pitting bikes versus single occupancy vehicles. it is giving people realistic options to get across that bridge and get to work. >> reporter: commuting or not, some people look forward to this new path. >> for the first time, trying it out, i like the novelty of it. >> reporter: there is a beautiful scenic overlook that is four miles long. >> it could be awesome and a nice challenge. >> reporter: after the path opens, six months of study on how it is used, at the same time there will be study on how well the bridge can hold three lanes of traffic on the top. what design changes would marin need on the other side? on the short term, look for
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these nighttime lane closures all of this month while these barriers are being installed. the first semi truck just pulled up with the first load of them. back to you. >> anything that provides relief for commuters is good. thank you. art writers are getting an opportunity to voice their concerns directly to the man in charge. starting tomorrow, bart's new general manager will be visiting stations to hear directly from writers about everything from safety to fair invasion. it is part of a listening chore. he plans to spend an hour on the platform talking with riders while they wait for trains. his first stop is in oakland. he will be at the lake merritt station at 8 am tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm, he will visit the montgomery station in san francisco. nestli is cutting more than 600 jobs in california and thousands around the country. the company reorganizes its division. we used state documents to break down the layoffs.
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83 workers in the bay area will be affected. 18 employees will be let go and in oakland, 17 jobs will be cut. nestli closed dryer's flagship ice cream parlor in college avenue. it has been there for more than 20 years. an appeals court has revealed that the federal communication commission is favorable. these regulations barred internet service providers from slowing online traffic. this is a victory for the fcc. the judge said the agency had overstepped its authority whent own. first responders in california can receive mental health support from the state. the governor signed three bills today to provide the police and firefighters with assistance in dealing with mental health and ptsd.
10:19 pm
the bill will add ptsd as an injury for workers compensation and create peer support programs. police and firefighter groups support the new laws. advocates say with all of the mass shootings and deadly wildfires, first responders need time to care for their mental health traumas. check on today's numbers. it was warmer today. it was mild. 77 in fairfield, 70 in morgan hill. highs tomorrow will look a lot like these. there is not a big warmup coming our way. it will warm a little bit. today it warmed three or four degrees. by the weekend we warm up significantly. the pattern is such that a trough is lingering on the west coast, the blue area, this is the jet stream i try to draw in. it is showing the cooler and warmer area. this is the cooler area. we are seeing this next system right here. see that little pin. do you see that next little system? that will slide toward the bay
10:20 pm
area tomorrow night. that sets a up with a cloud or two. temperatures will be on the mild side. tomorrow will be like today. it will warm up once this trough clears out. that happens toward the end of the week. temperatures will get back in the mid-80s. it will be cool tomorrow morning. overnight lows and some places will be in the mid 30s. we will see you back here with the five-day forecast and more detail. a warning for people in mill valley after a mountain lion was spotted. the police received a call near glen drive and sarah drive. that is above the golf course. the humane society was notified and will monitor the area. authorities are asking anyone who sees a mountain lion to contact them. at 10:30 pm, the race for san francisco district attorney is on. >> we know the system is not keeping people safe. >> a man says he is the candidate for change even though he has never been a prosecutor. a fleet of drones to deliver ups packages? the approval was awarded today. we will tell you where it will be. october is breast cancer awareness month. we are talking about
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personalized treatments. we are asking what is working. >> plus we introduce you to some of the most imaginative bartenders. two will
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sheriff deputies in santa cruz are investigating a kidnapping case involving a tech executive and a dead bottle.
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a person was kidnapped from his home in santa cruz around 3 am. investigators say someone inside the home called 911 and reported that two people forced the 50-year-old victim into a white suv and drove off. the vehicle belonged to his girlfriend and was found abandoned on san jose road along with an unidentified body. >> they are investigating pretty much everything, they are looking for evidence. they want anything that can lead us to what occurred. i do not have much information as to why somebody would try to kidnap him. as we do get more information, we will continue to update you. >> this man is the founder and ceo of a web marketing and design agency that is based in santa cruz. 's website shows numerous clients in the south bay and pencil areas. officials are looking into his past dealings to see who would
10:25 pm
want to kidnap him and why. a jury in texas found a former dallas police officer guilty of murder in the shooting death of her neighbor. the former officer says she shot her neighbor after mistaking his apartment for her own. the 31-year-old tearfully apologized for killing the man and told the jurors she feared for her life. in a frantic 911 call she said she thought she was in her own apartment nearly 20 times. prosecutors questioned how she could have thought several times she was in the wrong place. >> although we got a murder conviction, lives will never be the same ever again. >> you had somebody who was completely unarmed, nonviolent, nonaggressive, sitting in his home eating a bowl of ice cream. somebody barged into his home and shot him to death. >> the sentencing phase of the trial is underway. it will resume tomorrow morning. the police officer is facing 99 years in prison. stocks fell on the first
10:26 pm
trading day of the quarter. a key survey of manufacturers fell to its worst level since 2009. indices were down more than one percent. the dow is down 343 points. the gnostic fell by 90 points. the s&p moved 36 points lower. san francisco based investment company charles schwab will eliminate commissions on u.s. stock trades and most other investments starting next monday. the current charge for trade is $4.95. the announcement sent shares down 10%. eátrade lost 16% and ameritrade closed 25% lower. ups says it has government approval to operate drones. the company will expand deliveries on hospital campuses and move one step closer to making drone deliveries to consumers. operations will be limited to campus settings. the faa has not written regulations to allow commercial flights over populated areas. ups is going to deliver to hundreds of campuses in the
10:27 pm
u.s. ♪ a curveball for the oakland ace. there is a lawsuit involving a coliseum site that took the mayor of oakland by surprise. a come back in the national league wild card game. we have highlights coming up in sports. he will set the stage for tomorrow when the a's host tampa. throughout the campaign office of a man who is running for san francisco district attorney. hear what his priorities will be. closed captioning for the 10 pm news is brought to you by sleep world. we are celebrating our 50th anniversary. come in and celebrate with us. tv just keeps getting better. how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content.
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the trump administration pushed back against the impeachment inquiry with the president accusing democrats of trying to launch a coup. >> the secretary of state fought the democrat's request to have state department employees testifying. they said house committees members did not have time to prepare. >> reporter: andre and julie, testimony will begin this week. eering house committees warned secretary pompeo that any effort to prevent witnesses from talking is a legal. it constitutes obstruction. tonight i talked with daniel ellsberg, the pentagon papers whistleblower about what he thinks. >> the secretary of state mike
10:31 pm
pompeo began a four nation european tour on tuesday. he could not escape questions about the impeachment inquiry. this is after officials confirmed he was listening in july 25 and he heard the president call for the ukraine to investigate joe biden. pompeo pushed back sending a letter to house democrats accusing them of trying to intimidate, bully and treat them properly the distinguished professionals in the department of state. house and senate committee aids are scheduled to meet with the inspector general on capitol hill on wednesday. thursday the former special envoy to ukraine will have an interview addressing allegations he had arranged meetings between trump's personal lawyer and ukraine's president. giuliani has been subpoenaed and hired a former water great prosecutor. white house officials accused democrats of trying to oust the president for political reasons. >> this is nothing less than an attempted coup d'itat around the ballot box.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: the president echoed that. he called the impeachment proceedings a coup intended to take away the power of the people. he wrote why are we entitled to interview and learn everything about the whistleblower. some people are worried about retaliation. the whistleblower who exposed the pentagon papers that ended the vietnam war says whistleblowers pay a high price in coming forward. >> individuals who go up against the president of the united states know that they cannot be well protected by an agency under the president. it could be the cia or fbi or anybody. >> reporter: members of the administration should be for appear before congress. >> we cannot have a democratic system if the president is able entirely without appeal, without any challenge to control what congress shall know about what he is doing, what he has done. >> reporter: some republicans such as chuck grassley said government whistleblowers should be heard and protected.
10:33 pm
members of congress have the duty to the constitution. it is important to treat the president fairly as congress investigates. >> this president, certainly under all conditions, deserves a fair trial. >> reporter: the secretary did not indicate whether he will submit the documents requested by the house committees. the deadline for that is friday. a u.s. judge has temporary block to california law requiring presidential candidates to release their personal income tax returns. the law is meant to apply to candidates starting in 2020 including president trump who has refused to release his tax returns. the judge says what the law violates the u.s. constitution. the secretary of state says he will appeal the ruling because he feels this lot is fundamental to protecting democracy. now to the election of a new district attorney, it is the first time in 100 years that the race has been wide
10:34 pm
open with no incumbent running. we are live in the city where we met with a core candidate while he was campaigning this evening. >> reporter: leading up to the november election, we are speaking with all four candidates. tonight we met with the candidate who says his experience with the criminal justice system personally and professionally makes him the best person for the job. >> hello how are you doing. >> reporter: this man says that it is important to talk to merchants. >> you have been robbed four times. that have got to change. >> reporter: he describes himself as the candidate for change. he is the only one in the race for district attorney who has never worked as a prosecutor.
10:35 pm
>> we know the system is not keeping people safe. >> reporter: the 39-year-old worked as a public defender in san francisco for seven years. he is on leave to run for the district attorney. he has a specific plan on how to help crime victims. >> will i commit to require my staff to contact every victim of every crime in 48 hours? yes. that is not happening today. leaving decoy laptops in parked cars at the bottom of lombard street and not arresting the br but following the laptop, let's see where it goes. let's take apart the networks that are creating the demand for stolen property. >> reporter: on tuesday evening, dozens of volunteers are phone banking for him. to date, his campaign leads the race in fundraising. he credits his message of reform and grassroots approaches to listening to community concerns. >> that makes it hard to run a
10:36 pm
business. >> reporter: he was 14 months old when his parents were arrested for their role as getaway drivers in a brinks robbery. this left two police officers and a security guard dead. his mother has been released and his father is still incarcerated. >> this taught me about the ways in which we are failing victims of crime and failing to rehabilitate. this is why i became a lawyer and a public defender. this is why i am running for district attorney. >> reporter: he says because he has never been a prosecutor, he brings a fresh perspective on how to prevent and fight crime as well as advocate for victims. live in san fran cisco, ktvu fox 2 news . there is new information about the runaway luggage cart at o'hare. video shows the cart spinning out of control. how did it happen and who was the ramp worker who stopped it? we are checking in on the temperature. it will be cold. in the coldest spots it will be in the mid 30s. when i come back we will have a five day forecast. outrage in hong kong as a young protester is shot. his condition and what the
10:37 pm
police conditioner said about it. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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for just $29.95 a month. it's one less thing for us to worry about. comcast business. beyond fast. college in hong kong. the team was taking part in a pro-democracy march when he was hit by a bullet fired by the
10:40 pm
police. he is in critical condition. the police commissioner said the shooting was reasonable and lawful. it is the first time a demonstrator in hong kong has been shot. the police have fired warning shots previously during months of unrest. the uk prime minister johnson will release his final brexit plan to the european union tomorrow. he did not release any details of the plant but he says that brussels does not engage in the proposal, britain will not negotiate anymore and will leave on october 31. that is the final lot that compelled the government to seek a delay if it cannot reach a deal. it has been more than ave. a lawsuit by a prominent republican claims california is
10:41 pm
not doing enough to verify if noncitizens are being registered to vote. the lawsuit was filed on behalf of three california voters all registered republicans. the attorney cited a recent audit which found a variety of problems with the rollout of california's motor voter program. >> it is well known that in the wake of california's excessive disasters to implement an effective and efficient and modern voter registration program over the last few years, in fact noncitizens have been enrolled in the voter rolls. >> 1500 people were incorrectly registered. one of them was a citizen of canada. the secretary of state calls the suit an underhanded attempt to bring their voter suppression playbook to california. the deadline for the real id is one year away. millions of californians need to get one. the dmv has issued 5.4 million real id cards. more than 15 million people in california still do not have one. if you do not get one, you will
10:42 pm
need a passport to get on any airplane. this is as of october 1 next year. >> there are 99 million people that have no form of identification that would allow them to get through security or on an airplane. >> 15 million people. the department of homeland security says it does not extend the deadline. at the current rate, the travel association estimates that 500,000 passengers will show up to u.s. airports without the real id card for the first week of the new rules. a surprise visitor caused a scandal in the white house press room. a small mouse fell out of the ceiling and into the lap of an he tweeted this video of the mouse after it rand behind shelves. the reporter said it was the most excitement in the white house press living room in ages. it has been more than six months since the trump administration has held a briefing there. >> what a rat trap! the oakland ace feel blindsided, the lawsuit just filed over the partial sale of
10:43 pm
the coliseum. we are tracking warmer weather. we are back with a trend you will notice. ♪ >> i want to build you up. i want to break you down. ♪ ♪ hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today.
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["white rabbit" by ♪ one pill makes you larger ♪ and one pill makes you smaller ♪ ♪ and the ones that mother gives you ♪ ♪ don't do anything at all ♪ remember what the dormouse said ♪ welcome aboard. ♪ feed your head ktvu fox 2, the power of
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two comes from you. we are learning more about a wild scene at chicago o'hare international airport. and airline catering cart went out of control with no one behind the wheel. it almost hit an american eagle passenger jet. a case of water had fallen onto the gas pedal. a ramp employee stopped it with a piece of machinery that is used to tow aircraft. envoy air, a subsidiary of american plans to recognize the man for his quick thinking. more twists and turns in a running saga of the oakland coliseum. the city of oakland filed suit to halt the sale of alameda county's share to the oakland a's. we explain what is behind the lawsuit and why the timing was a surprise. >> reporter: the oakland a's knew they were taking on the tampa bay rays. they did not think the city of oakland would also be an opponent. the a's want to buy out alameda county's half of the land at the oakland coliseum. the city filed a lawsuit to stop it. tuesday, a court judge issued a temporary restraining order to
10:47 pm
keep any such deal with the county from being finalized for now. >> we were disappointed that the temporary restraining order was granted. you know, obviously this is another complication in terms of moving forward with the project in east oakland. >> reporter: the lawsuit filed by the city blindsided the a's. >> that lawsuit was really shocking. >> reporter: even the mayor did not see it coming. >> you know, it was a little surprising. it is absolutely prudent for the city to preserve their rights. >> reporter: the a's want to develop the coliseum and have offered to buy the land for $140 million. that is a separate project from the waterfront ballpark. the city council has concerns about the coliseum deal. they have concernsit may violate the surplus lands act. that love requires land to be considered for affordable housing and to first to
10:48 pm
negotiate with other public agencies. >> we have a robust affordable housing plan. >> reporter: in a text, the city council president wrote the lawsuit would ensure that quote the future of the project will not be clouded by accusations of failing to follow the surplus lands act. she was hoping any issues could be resolved outside of court. >> we sit down, negotiate, and we forge a beautiful future for this piece of land that will serve generations of east oakland are's for many years to come. that certainly will include affordable housing. >> reporter: the a's cannot continue negotiating and they cannot finalize any deals. the next hearing is next mo in oak land, ktvu fox 2 news. until this new upper-level trough moves out of the area we will stay in a mild pattern. the jet stream right now is kind of doing this. we are in this upper side of this trough. we are on the cool
10:49 pm
side. when you are down here, there is record heat. there are big storms in here. on the north side of the jet stream, this is where we are. that is the coolest. you can see it here. look how cool the air is. it is 28 degrees. you can see the blue representing the great basin area where the trough is existing. temperatures are in the freezing range. this next weather system comes through tomorrow night. it is week. it does not do anything but keep us from warming up more rapidly. if that was not coming through, we would warm up quickly. we will warm up slowly. you will see that in the five day forecast. the temperatures outside are down to 47 in napa. that is chilly. overnight lows tonight will be in the mid and upper 30s. that is not san francisco but
10:50 pm
san francisco will be in the low 50s tonight. the valley can bottom out at 50 degrees. san francisco has a lot of microclimates. san francisco probably has 50 or 70 microclimates in terms of little nooks and crannies. i have seen frost in places in san francisco. overnight lows, right there. easily, upper 30s, low 40s and downright chilly. we will see colder obviously in the winter months. a week ago, the overnight lows were in the 60s in many places. tonight the overnight lows are in the upper 30s and low 40s. the color green is 60, yellow is 70. that is our day tomorrow. it warms further as we get into the rest of the week. as we get toward the end of the week, you will see that in the five day forecast. temperatures will be in the mid- 80s. here are the highs for tomorrow. air quality is good, no heat advisories. do you remember last week? a big difference this week. we have no fire danger. we have nothing like we saw last week. you can see the temperatures really start to hover thursday
10:51 pm
when the system slide through. we stay on the mild side. friday and saturday and sunday it will warm up. we will have the updated forecast tonight at 11 pm. ♪ in sports, the national league wild-card game had a dramatic late inning finish that ended one team's season. we will look at the game- winning hit and learn who is moving on. that is next in sports. at 11 pm, construction is underway on the richmond bridge. the new movable barriers being installed to create a first of its kind bike and pest from the couldn't be prouders
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
to the wait did we just win-ners. everyone uses their phone differently. that's why xfinity mobile let's you design your own data. now you can share it between lines. mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime so you only pay for what you need. it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. call, click, or visit a store today.
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a is a perfect description. sometimes they are sleepy. this one a game, it was high drama and utter elation for the team that wins. they are popping champagne and the other side, tears in the beer. that is what happened tonight for the squad out of milwaukee. there was a player who had a fractured kneecap. he got taken deep. the second batter of the game had a two run shot off the bottom. the home team is down to
10:55 pm
milwaukee 2-0. they fight back 3-0 in the third. turner muscles up, solo shot 3-1. in the bottom of the eighth, there were two outs. the bases were loaded. two players were against each other. the fans had agony. look at this line drive base hit. look at trent. poor guy. you have got to feel for him, two runs were going to be scored. because of his error, three runs were scored. there was 4-3. they closed it out in the ninth. this was an easy finish. thursday in the game in los angeles, it is the dodgers against the gnats who are doing
10:56 pm
it up right in the clubhouse after the game. like i say, you have got to feel for that milwaukee brewers right fielder. the oakland a's are going to know the same type of tension tomorrow night. tampa is in town. they are pulling the tarps off the coliseum. they expect about 54,000 people there. they will watch the oakland a's and raise in that one game scenario. there is concern over the offense. it has been dormant for the last week and a half. they have had to rely on their pitching to get it done. they need to clinch the home field for the wildcard game. the oakland a's make it official. they will go with the left- hander who has just been sensational. there he is. he is coming back from shoulder surgery. in the five games he has pitched in a 4-0 record. he is sensational. he is excited. >> it means a lot. you know, i put a lot of work and getting here was crazy hard. i am now here. i am glad that the team has accepted me.
10:57 pm
i am thankful for the opportunity. i am looking forward to it. it will be awesome. >> i would do anything to have a head of hair like that. it is a lot of hair and a lot of talent. the 49ers are 3-0. there is no complaining about their draft choice, second overall, number 97. he will be back at it on monday when the 49ers who have not played in a long time go up against the browns. this guy has lived up to x dictation. he has had one sack statistically but 17 pressures and pro football focus has rated him as he interviewed as the top pass rusher in the nfl. he comes out of the ohio date program. he says the fans are every bit as enthusiastic as those at buckeye stadium. >> buckeye stadium is great. it is always sold out no matter who we are playing. the fans are a little closer to
10:58 pm
you here. it is like, it might be even louder than there. it is definitely different. it got me ready to go. >> okay, somebody is enthusiastic about the fans. they can make some noise. there was dampened enthusiasm about the sharks opener in vegas. evander kane is suspended for three games. here is the play in which it happened. he was throwing his stick around a little bit. he hit an official. that is out of line. watch the replay. the linesman actually tackles the player and escalates an already tense situation. kane has a few words. it is uncalled for for the official in any way, shape, or form to go ahead and bring down a hockey player. he is suspended for three games
10:59 pm
but he can appeal the suspension. in the meantime, it is that time of the night. check this out. in mississippi, this is a guy by the name of mattress mac. he owns mattress stores. he put down $3.5 million on the astros to win the world series. if they win the world series, that little ticket would be worth to him, $11.2 million. he is putting 3.5 up on a houston astros. we>> that is a tevised on fox 2 pm. it is time for more news. andre and julie. [ laughter ] >> thank you. cyclists and pedestrians will be able to travel across a busy bridge. >> this is not about pitting bikes versus single occupancy vehicles. it is giving people realistic options to get across that bridge and get to work. >> work is underway on the
11:00 pm
richmond bridge to create the first route ever for cyclists and pedestrians between marin and the east bay. the 11:00 news on ktvu starts now.


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