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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 11, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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going viral on facebook. everything was made of scratch except the antlers and the head and neck. the bride and groom asked her to sign e cake around the antlers and head and neck were carved from styrofoam the back part of the deer was entirely cake. struck a firestorm in southern california. homes are burned in los angeles county. we will have the latest on the battle to put out the saddle ridge fire. a few days of fleet week left in the bay area before comes to a close. we take a tour of this australians ship. guest from six flags stop by ktvu pitt we will introduce you to the parks cub. we're looking live at los angeles county for the saddle ridge fire is burning thousands of acres. we will have a live report in a few minutes. this is roughly near the five north of the 405. you can see the smoke over the valley.
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i was texting with friends in southern california, the general sing consensus, here we go again. obviously they've had problems like this before. if we look at the look at the firefighters trying to save the neighborhood, the winds will play a part. >> we see the right screen. one stream of water seems so insignificant against flames that forced 100,000 people to evacuate. the weather is pretty much what we had in the bay area yesterday. santa anna winds, 60 or 70 mile-per-hour winds are. i don't know if they were clocking where the homes were. the area by the way, the creek fire, 15,000 acres. they are no stranger to fires in this particular area off of the 210 interstate 5. let's check in with sue paulson and
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see if he has an update. >> 45 to 50 is what i'm hearing. i've seen video. it looks stronger it's coming down the hill and it looks like 50+. also there are major freeways close. it can be isolated in the canyons as well. there's no doubt about it, east, northeast breeze all the way much of the southern california coast. what we had yesterday has moved down there. to southern california, fullerton, this has picked up 45 to 50. the saddle ridge fire. red flag warning continues. the freeway is shut down from highway 118 two interstate 5 for multiple closures. the wind creates fires well. the when conditions. the have been strong gusts. we still have lake county under a red flag warning.
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there is none for us here. but that doesn't mean we are completely done. there still an easterly component to the air. atmosphere to the wind flow. up and lake county, you can see northeast of 22. santa rosa northwest. one observation. atlas peak is northeast at 11 humidity. 80% and 60 degrees and right in the oven, berkeley hills. stretching all the way down towards oakland. temperatures coming in off the north, northeast breeze. northeasterly component of black call. yesterday it was due east or northeast. we have gone 40s, s,60s. berkeley 62. there are some mild readings already. the humidity is much much better than it was yesterday. not for all. we are seeing yesterday at one time it was 5 to 16%. it is higher than last you have the northeast breeze.
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a cloud deck over his right now. we will see improvement throughout the day. better conditions on the weekend. we will have more on that in about a half an ho > dated numbers on the pg&e shut off. pg&e says more than half of the 738,000 customers in northern california whose power was turned off. national powerback on because the extreme fire danger has passed. the power is back in most of celano, contra costa alameda and marin counties, 80% of the power has been restored. up and wine country, 59% of napa can think has the power back on. sonoma 46% restored. pg&e crews are working to get everyone back up and running. we are live the middle school. are they back at school today allison? >> reporter: all of santa rosa schools are back in session today. as a matter fact, the school behind me welcome students less than a couple of hours ago.
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there are still some closures. we want to tell you hidden valley elementary school will be closed as well as the two large colleges located here in santa rosa. at last check, pg&e reports there are still 40 outages in the city. that is affecting about 7500 customers. they are still without power right now. roadways. a little bit dangerous to travel during the uple of days. city officials reported 39 malfunctioning traffic lights. which also stated police responded at least 17 traffic crashes as a result of the shut off. at 20 t one of those intersections were restored as of last night. according to they hope to have the city restored by 11:00 tonight. getting ar was not the only thing that was made more difficult by the power outage. this is owners trying to minimize the impact here. some hosting outage parties or
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dinners just to make the best out of the situation. >> we haven't done all the inventory. but we are trying to serve the stuff we know we can safe. come tomorrow, the dumpsters will be open. >> reporter: doing this is brought people together even more. >> they came in last night and they just felt like over the conversation going. >> reporter: on our way here, we did see a truck that had a generator in the bed. just a reminder, while all of these issues will hopefully be resolved by the weekend. as wildfire season is just getting underway. there could be more of this ahead. live santa rosa, allison rodriguez, ktvu fox 2 news. the pg&e shut offs are being lame for internet outages. concepts xfinity services were down and 34 counties.
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many people are frustrated. even though power has been restored for the most part, some homes still have no cable, no internet, no phone or home security service. comcast says the xfinity service relies on commercial electric power from pg&e. different than the lines ago to the house. right now there is no known restoration date. >> in some cases they will have power on in the homes. but they won't have xfinity services. the reason for that is because it's interrupted. it's coming from an area of the network were commercial power is down. >> pg&e crews are working to re-energize parlance. comcast crews are working on outages and with the power fixed, xfinity service will be restored. tranny , new video this morning as a family in an la it's a saddleridge fire before evacuating. 100,000 people are under mandatory evacuations or evacuation warnings because of this wind driven wildfire. this pick up around 9 pm near
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the interstate 5, to 10 freeway. if you've ever driven from san francisco to los angeles. this fires burning north of the 5, 405 junction. the fire has destroyed homes and close freeways. at this point, there is one confirmed. we have the latest on the saddleridge fire, stephanie stanton joins us from the command post . what is the latest there? >> >> reporter: good morning. the latest is the fire is 0% contained.. now about 12 hours into this firefight. i am here at what is called the hansen dam recreation center. this is about 13 miles east of for the heart of the fire is at this point. there is a unified command here. firefighters held a briefing within the past hour to bring us an update. the fire is more than 4700 acres. joining me now, captain brandon silverman. with the los angeles fire
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department. we talked about the fact, this is 0% contained. we are by no means out of the woods. what can you tell us about the fire plans for fighting the fire today? >> firefighters are definitely actively involved in firefighting today. they will be throughout the afternoon and evening. with the heavy winds do, you can imagine it's very difficult to get containment. right now the priority is live safety and protecting as many structures as possible. >> reporter: we understand there's roughly 1000 firefighters on the front lines here. what about battling by air? >> the super skippers will be available to do water drops. coordination with the water drop and helicopters. >> reporter: we have one fatality reported. a man in his 50s went into cardiac arrest and died. we don't have too many details more about that. this is very serious. 25 homes damaged or destroyed. talk about the evacuation orders. what are you telling folks? >> we are asking people to pay
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close attention to the news media. we will putout evacuation orders for the meter. we have our social media count. if you're in a mandatory zone, we asked you a evacuate and leave as soon as possible. even if you are not in a mandatory evacuation done, be ready to evacuate or if you fear for your 50, evacuate voluntary. the sooner, the better so we can get crews not impeded by evacuating people. >> reporter: thank you for bringing us the latest as you just heard. evacuation orders in full effect. 23,000 homes. that's about 100,000 people under mandatory evacuation orders. fire officials say, all hands on deck. they expect the fire to be an issue for about the next couple of days and they want to stress to folks, follow the evacuation orders. they really need to get in there and do the job and get these fires out. back to you guys. >> stephanie, up in the bay area, power outages have been a
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big topic pg&e forcing people to have no power because of the strong gusty winds. i know it's early but any word regarding the cause? this may have been related to powerlines in that area? >> reporter: let me ask brandon. he is still here with us. they brought up the point about the power outages. we've seen these rolling outages. any idea on the potential cause of this fire? if powerlines may be involved? >> i don't have any information regarding cause, arson, investigators will be conducting a full investigation. we will have that full investigation. >> reporter: initially when this broke out around 9 pm last night, in the area not far from where we are. we heard some frito-lay trucks were on fire. that of be in the ignition point? >> i haven't heard details about that. >> reporter: what about rolling outages? >> as far as i know, the department of water and power hasn't issued outages.
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it was outside of the city where i was hearing those reports. >> reporter: thank you so much captain brandon silverman. we appreciate your time. there's a lot of balls in the air. a lot of different factors. i imagine mike, we won't know a cause for several days. right now the main point is to tell folks to heed the evacuation warning. >> stephanie, live and the command post in la county. thank you. if you're trying to get to southern california, under this is a long weekend. monday people have school. highway 5 is close. after stevenson ranch. when you drive down to disney or whatever you tried to get for the weekend. highway 5 is closed. north of the 14. there's a wide closure area. i'm looking at all the closures here. 14 and 118 and 405 come together. a lot of major freeways are closed. you won't be able to get down there that way. you might want to think about using the 101 along the coast.
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>> it's a lot longer. >> right now it's the only way. >> coming up in a minute, here to celebrate fleet week. we explore the navy ship hms brisbane. what's it like to fly with the blue angels? we find out. by taking a seat for a ride inside and and f-18 fighter jet. ross and your new fall look just keeps getting better? check this out! that's yes for less. score a head-to-toe look you'll love and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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we have a tour of the royal australian navy ships, the brisbane, coming up. alyssa? >> reporter: i'm aboard the brisbane which is australia's most advanced warship. there is a missile deck. that's where they launch missiles. i'm told there are some behind those small doors. i do have the australian consul general, tommy about the ship. what do you want us to know about this ship, we hear it's the most advanced in australia? >> it's our newest ship. it was only commissioned about 12 months ago. it's been down in san diego for the last month. getting outfitted in testing. that's one of the reasons a in san francisco for fleet week.
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>> reporter: this is the first fleet week in san francisco. why did you want to take part in this event? >> i took my post seven months ago. my staff said, fleet week is coming up, we have to be a part of it, it's such a great occasion. when we found the hmas brisbane was going to be around. we would have to bea part of it. >> reporter: people can board the ship on sunday. what do you hope they take away from the experience? what you want them to learn about the ship and australia u.s. relations. >> australia is the only country that is fought alongside the united states and every war since world war i. over hundred years of -- we want everyone to come down on sunday. the more, the merrier. we hope they get a small understanding of the unique relationship that exists between australia and the united states. >> thank you so much. if anyone wants to check it out, it is here at pier 15 and
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17. the tours are sunday between 10 dig and 4. reporting live back alyssa harrington ktvu fox 2 news. >>it's like to get in the cockpit of a fighter jet? most of us of only seen the blue angels but one of our own out of test apply with them. >> that's right heather holmes went for a ride to see what it's like to be a blue angel. >> reporter: on a clear, blue sky day at oakland airport northville, and fa 18 hornet, painted in blue and gold u.s. navy colors, is waiting to take me on the right of a lifetime. before the blue inches wild thousands, the offered me the chance to go up with a stunt pilot. >> this aircraft of mental of your body. >> reporter: there was an explanation of the cockpit, emergency procedures and how to cope with a high level of g forces. >> you are going to squeeze
9:19 am
those likes. tighten your abs. >> reporter: using a breathing technique, called the hicke maneuver. >> make the sound. >> reporter: it forces blood into your brain to stay conscious. with that in mind, it was time to get in side the cockpit of the number seven hornet. the jet arrives a few days ahead of the team of six, to give rise to the media and vips. is piloted by 32-year-old, navy lieutenant commander, barry rick off. les do this. he's in his first year with the blue angels and serves as the team's narrator during the air show season. >> it's a great opportunity for the public to see what we do. >> reporter: the pilots keep a tight schedule during the season with plans through march from november and include shows in 32 cities. san francisco was the 20 stop on the tour. >> it's great to meet all those people we represent and see the faces and have them watch the show. >> reporter: watching the flight team, dip and dive is enough to give you butterflies. experiencing the high-speed
9:20 am
twists, turns and climbs, is even more impressive. as we prepare to take to the sky, i hid my apprehension. >> are you ready to go? >> yes i am. >> reporter: his voice is move. his demeanor cool and controlled. i ready. >> ready? >> >> reporter: oh my gosh! >> 45 degrees. >> reporter: the rapid acceleration created over 60s. six times the force of gravity. this is so amazing! but he wasn't done yet. >> we will level off to 10,000. >> oh wow. truckee oh my gosh. the bay area is gorgeous from about. you can taken everything that makes up this great place. it's not a bad office for the
9:21 am
pilot. still, these pilots endure an intense physical challenge. i understand now why the blue angels are compared to official athletes. we gently landed the $21 million jet. ktvu fox 2 news. >> it would be great to see that today. >> we will head down. we have soccer and fall baseball. this is the perfect day. >> it starts at 3:00. we have to get them out of school 45 minutes early and get down there. we have the lawn chairs in the car. a change of clothes. >> we usually don't condone that but they will remember it forever. >> take some pictures. >> i will. realizing the american dream. >> how families went from picking grapes together, to owning a vineyard of their own.
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the man accused of killing a woman in oakland last year will be back in court today to enter a plea. john is facing murder charges for the stabbing death. he is charged with attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed her sister who survived the attract. if he enters a plea today, his
9:25 am
attorney will file a motion to set aside a grand jury indictment. his attorney says he believes there's a reasonable likelihood that making all or any part of the motion public, will prejudiced his right to a fair and impartial trial. we are following a developing story in england, where man is in custody after authorities say he stepped four people in shopping center in mouse gesture. there no fatalities. the victims are being treated at a nearby hospital. police haven't received information on a possible motive. thousands of women in renter part of history and celebrating a moment nearly 40 years in the making. for the first time since 1981, women were freely allowed to attend the fifa soccer match inside freedom stadium. they saw iran beat cambodian 14- 0 in the 2022 world cup qualifier for karen was the last country to have a ban on women it matches. read fifa threatened to been the company for the country
9:26 am
from matches just one month after woman seherself on fire in protest. to a six-month jail sentence for sneaking into a game. authorities finally changed course. >> this is a very important day for us. this is the first time women are able to enter the stadium. we are very excited that finally we have the opportunity to go to the stadium. this is an amazing feeling. >> there are few restrictions in place for the female fans. there are only allowed at international games. we will have to sit more than 200 yards away from the men. and fewer than 4000 of the 80,000 seats will be reserved for them. people say it's a step in the right direction. coming up, the lights are back in on in some parts of contra costa county. >> we go to where things are getting back to normal and businesses are dealing with a loss. >> using his words to make others laugh and push back against a oppressive government. we sit down with this comedian.
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there are those who will say thatoo fat.: too skinny. too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive. we take a live look at the latest of addition of a pride of lions. i will introduce you to them later this half-hour. even making a lot of lien type
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noaround here. >> there excited to be with her with us. christien . we have firefighters on hilar. this is what it looked like this morning. we have people who said the wind kept them up overnight. >> this is what happens whenever there is a northeast wind. it's dead calm at sea level. up here it blows 35 to 49 it's only. usually you can fill the sun coming up in the morning. >> nearly 31,000 customers lost power during pg&e's power outage. about 6000 waiting to have their electricity restored. what you hear is not my tummy growling. it's the line comes. let's go toward straight to meteorologist steve paulson. >> i-5 is close south of the grapevine. a lot of people might be taking
9:31 am
up for the long weekend. people taking highway 5 can't get through. 14. the best thing to do if you're leaving plan on using 101 or highway 1. i know it's a long way around. beats not be able to get there. >> good advice. we have about another half hour of red flag in lake county. the northeasterly breeze. nothing compared to the last couple of days. south car southern california is bone dry. we had low humidity along with the wind. that is move south. this goes until 10 pm. or 10:00 a.m. you can still see the easterly flow coming in. it's slightly offshore. there's 13% humidity. i'm not sure why santa rosa isn't reporting. santa rosa for miles per hour.
9:32 am
16% humidity. still going northeast 25, 25% humidity. oakland zoo and oakland south. black diamond, 1600 feet by clayton. east jik east wind. amazingly cold. in great falls, montana it went to zero. the coldest ever for this early in the seasoning. by 17 days. even the high desert southern california dropped to 29. for a record low. is people are saying in the midwest, this is one heck of a cold front. all the way down into dallas, dallas-fort worth 48. jackson, mississippi 83. we had a lot of single digits and teens and 20s. many record lows coming in. from utah to the colorado reface rockies. that's pretty amazing for october. look at oakland and berkeley. 63, sandy for.
9:33 am
sfo 61. while the humidity is higher for some of the surface or the valleys. it's low in the higher elevations. santa rosa has a west lake win. fairfield has a north wind at eight mouse power. not a big deal. there's a low from the south. it's spinning in higher clouds. the wind will turn more westerly as we go into the weekend. today 70s to 80s. the flow is offshore. for fleet week, today's the warmest day by far. if you want to take your kids out of school. if you wanted to take your kids out of school -- >> who would do that? >> today is the day to do it. it will be much cooler on saturday and sunday. it will continue into monday. >> and i will have ice cream waiting for them. steve, thank you very much. for more check-in with dave clark in the newsroom. a federal appeals court just ruled president trump has to hand over his financial
9:34 am
records. meanwhile, new indication several members of the state department planned to testify as far as the impeachment inquiry into president trump. the u.s. ambassador to the eu, will handle communications with you crane, agreed to testify after being subpoenaed by house democrats. next week, three other state department officials are expected to testify. this comes despite president trump's statement, his administration would not cooperate with the impeachment investigation. this morning, the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, is meeting with house lawmakers. in los angeles county, 100,000 people are in evacuation zones now. because of the out of control, wind driven saddleridge fire. it is burned 4700 acres and destroyed dozens of homes. it started last night near the 210 freeway. just north of the interstate 5, 405 junction.
9:35 am
parts of those freeways have been shut down. so far at least one death is confirmed >> reporter: the man had a heart attack while evacuating and died shortly after. the fire, at this point, still 0% contained. with more than 1000 firefighters battling it. here in the bay area, the strong winds are dying down. allowing pg&e crews to resume their inspections, repairs and restoring power in areas where power was shut off for safety reasons. power was shut off to 738,000 homes and businesses around the state. that the power is back on in much of celano, santa clara, and san mateo counties. in sonoma county, only 46% of customers hoffpauir back. that should reach 98% by 11 tonight. that's a brief look at some of the top stories. powers out for more than 5000 customers in contra costa county. it could be tonight before service returns.
9:36 am
be look at how power is surely coming back to orinda. gasia mikaelian >> reporter: pg&e says it can't completely restore power until they get workers to inspect all the powerlines and making sure they are not damaged before they can re-energize them. out here in orinda, the scene pg&e workers gathering to start that work. this is the only commercial area in orinda that has power this morning. they didn't have it earlier this morning. that the safeway. and the starbucks across the state. they opened one hour late. at first they didn't have any milk or cream. all the refrigerated items went bad. then they found a way to restock and things got back to normal. other parts of orinda, the theater square parking or shopping center are without power. people in orinda had mixed feelings. especially people who have been out of work during the shutdown. >> i've been out for two days.
9:37 am
that's kind of a problem. but you know, for the safety of so many communities. maybe two days is worth taking those two days. >> the one thing pg&e did do well is give us some time to get ourselves ready for whatever it was going to be. it wasn't as bad as five days as some people were forecasting. that would've been horrendous. >> i think to prevent fires. it's worth it. >> reporter: we have seen folks gathering at the parking lot to get started on the work today. to restore power and inspect powerlines before they are re- energize. park service in contra costa county is fully functional. it has not been impacted. the caldecott tunnel has generators going. that tunnel is operational as well. in orinda, ktvu fox 2 news.
9:38 am
bassem youssef was host of a show the spoke out against the government in his home country of egypt. now he's in the bay area to tell us more about his new standup special, at the club in san francisco. good morning. >> good morning. i think this is already the coolest tv station to have an interview because they are lion cubs. >> robotic cameras. it's pretty cool. >> the cubs. >> you are a heart surgeon. okay so what about being a doctor do you still use in your regular life? anything at all? >> being a nerd. kind of like review of my material and i do it 1000 times. this is exactly what doctor sea. have routine information and regurgitated. >> this is a big change.
9:39 am
has been a lot of doctors who have gone on to become entertainers. it's kind of a weird thing but a good weird. what is your life like now as opposed to then? >> there's a lot of traveling and touring and speaking engagements with standup comedy. i find a lot of people say you went from a surgeon to a comedian. i had a show that was on the john daly jon stewart daily show. this is a challenging switch. i have to perform comedy in a second language. that's kind of a reinvention of everything. that's the easy. >> what is funny, is still funny right? >> first of all, you can't see the translated jokes. so you have to rewire your brain in order to perform in a way the people can understand it. a joke in arabic translated. even if it was funny, you have to understand things about cadence, delivery and speed.
9:40 am
>> i get it. i speak spanish fluently. my grandfather, people like that told jokes. and i say, that's really funny. but i can't tell it in english because of the cadence. i understand exactly what you mean. are you thinking in english to come up with a joke? >> yes. you have to do that you absolutely have to do that. your audience are english speakers. it won't work unless you tell them, it translates. that joke will not work. >> you have to think of english concepts. what is it like now here you are in america. maybe conquering the new world. you were big in egypt. now you are catching -- you are gaining traction. >> yeah and it's been interesting for me to go even to the little comedy clubs, in the middle of america took maybe they haven't seen someone from my part of the world. doing comedy. i think the show i do is not a
9:41 am
specific joke. on telling my story in the concept of what's happening in my country and america. it's me being a doctor. becoming a comedian in a very, very interesting political climate. and i come to the united states an extremely interesting political climate. especially from an immigrant. i tell the story and you can think of it as act one in egypt and act ii in the united states. it's been -- i've had amazing people come to the show. so far very positive reaction. i hope i see more people in san francisco tonight. >> good luck to you. pg&e bassem youssef, you can catch his performance this weekend starting tonight at the cox comedy club in san francisco in tomorrow night. head to and click on the web link for tickets.
9:42 am
coming up on a tour of the royal australian naval ship. >> we will look at the tautology that helps the crew on board the hmas brisbane. ♪
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fleet week continues and we are taking a tour of the royal australian navy ship. >> alyssa harrington on board the hmas brisbane. look at the technology there. >> reporter: the good morning. with me i have lieutenant commander to tell me more about this ship. where are we? what is this room and what is the purpose? >> the bridge of the ship. this is what you would call the nerve center of the operations. from here i drive the ship. i maintain the vessel. and tell we need to go. >> reporter: we are interested in the technology. this is the most advanced ship in australia. what can you tell us about that and what makes it so advanced? >> is the center of the to analogy is the mainline we use. the vertical launch system.
9:46 am
which sets the sites for the missiles. the ship itself all we have the advanced ship. to operate independently and also over u.s. space. >> reporter: it's a lot of u.s. technology? >> it is. we integrate with the americans for a lot of the stuff we do. >> reporter: we've had a chance to walk around. if i look at the window, we are looking at the missile launch pad. can you talk about this being a warship and some things people might see on board. >> the missiles you see down there, from there we can launch a combination of the standard mistral, the medium-range missile, or the long-range missile. intend musee the five inch gun part of the artillery as well. >> reporter: how do you feel about being a part of fleet
9:47 am
week this year? >> very excited. it's a real privilege to be here. >> reporter: if anybody wants to tour the hmas brisbane, it is docked at pier 17 and 15. that's where the exploratory them is. is there to offering tours on sunday from 10 to 4. try to avoid wearing high heels. i have sunk into the ground a few times here. were comfortable shoes. three tours and it exciting and beautiful ship. as part of the many activities happening during fleet week weekend. live ktvu fox 2 news. hispanic heritage month, we went to wine country where two families share culture from the vendors. they have been years the families came to the united states from mexico. >> our story is everything. our bread-and-butter. it is our biggest philosophy.
9:48 am
>> the story starts in the vineyards in 1967. that's when she was just 12 result. the families pick grapes and wanted the american dream. her father told her on the first day she's pick grapes with him, one day she would want to on the vendor. that dream became a reality. >> i was selected president of the vineyard. i became the first mexican- american woman elected president of a winery in history. of the wine industry. >> she and her future husband met when they were 12 years old, he grew up in the vineyards. they married after college and the dream of owning a vineyard, became a family affair. they say it wasn't easy. but they are living the definition of the american dream. coming up, most wild animals are described as cuddly -- >> these are three lion cubs in our studio where you can see them for yourself. their main job for now is to grow and grow and grow.
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six flags discovery kingdom added more members to its lion pride. three cubs, amari, tau and tsavo about four months old and will suit enjoy kane, the lion cub we had on earlier. joining us this morning is captain the monroe we welcome back. welcome back sir. it's always nice to see you because you always bring such interesting guests. are you adding more lines? how big is the pride now at six flags? >> we have two older females and we adopted cain a few months ago and now amari, tau and tsavo make up the pride. they are kind of restless right now. i tell you one thing, normally they have a walk around the park for about two hours.
9:53 am
that's what they want to do. >> they are beautiful animals. how big will they get? how fast? >> the females get about 350 pounds. males anywhere from 400 to 600 pounds. >> in four months will we see a big difference? >> they will be about 50 or 60 pounds bigger than now. >> how long until the full- grown? about three years. one thing you notice, you see on the cameras, they have a lot of spots on the. people ask if they are leopards. those are spots to camouflage them while cubs. they will fade as they get bigger. >> they fade because they have other ways to protect themselves in the wild. >> exactly. >> you have a lion pride. how do people see them if they haven't been to the park. >> the cubs are usually at tiger island exhibit. that's a good place for the cubs right now. cain is there too. the two female lancer the
9:54 am
lions den. >> is there anything you need to do? i remember when i had two cats. i had to introduce one slowly to the other. to share territory. >> right now with these guys, we have them on exhibit. we have cain on lease. he's about 50 pounds bigger than them. gradually he's doing very well. in a few weeks we will have them altogether and they will work it out. one thing, the female is the boss right now. she may be smaller but she has attitude. >> that sounds familiar. what do feedline cubs? with the diet? >> these guys get a meet milkshake. they get those bottles each day. in the morning they get ground up hamburger is what it looks like it has all the good stuff big cats need to survive. >> what you do to keep the lions, when they are fully grown, from wanting to go out and hunt? that's central. gog out and getting their food. >> that is an instinctual thing. we hang out and they know us very well. they are social animals.
9:55 am
they care about you. they want you in their pride. that instinct is always there. if people don't pay attention, there's a line right there. >> you can see these animals at six flags. real quick, you have a lot of animals you can see too. >> dalton's. c lines, the tiger demonstration. right now, we have fright fest saturday and sunday. thrills by day and frights finite. >> thank you for joining us. >> it looks like little toddlers in the studio. we have a special giveaway this morning. four favorite disney stories. enter for tickets on disney on ice world of enchantment, october 17 at oracle arena. to our favorite facebook page. click the link and follow instructions and you will have completed the on entry form. winners are being selected
9:56 am
october 14. find the official rules at good luck. we celebrate a big milestone here at ktvu. >> ours sports director, mark cabañas is a 40 year veteran of . we are lucky enough to have mark on the phone. when i was growing up as a kid, eating my cheerios, i had a dream of working with mark. for the last 15 years, i've had that opportunity. congratulations on your career. take us through last night. we had a celebration in studio a. >> thank you might. you need to aspire to bigger dreams. >> good line. >> i will tell you, in all honesty, not only was i surprised by what they did, but i was overwhelmed. when my daughter, you guys
9:57 am
know, is a producer here, at channel 2, walked in the studio. i'm not one for big public displays of emotion. but i felt i don't know -- i just kind of lost it. i don't know, it's really emotional and you realize how you work at a place for 40 years. and they become your family. and that sounds a little trite. i realize that. but it's really true. they've been with me through you know, my kids, all the stuff that comes with it. and channel 2 is my family. obviously, it was unbelievably emotional for me. you guys. unbelievable night. >> mark, i want to bring up what you look like in my 1979. i don't know if you're watching tv at home. man dude! that is a killer muache. people and 79, that was great stash. it's a great stash now. are you bringing that back? >> you know it's so funny you
9:58 am
say that. people come up to me in grocery stores or whatever. and they say, bring the stash back. i say, when you see me growing that mass stash back, that means the end is near. >> oh no! >> as i retire, i think it would be kind of funny to go out like that. the only problem is, now it's all gray. it's pure white. >> it's perfect. let's hold that offers several more years. i sat next to you in the newsroom for my first 10 years here. you know i'm not the biggest sportsfan. you told me it's the stories behind the people on the field. and i mean, you tell the stories. you don't have to be a sports guy or sports girl to love what you bring. >> i appreciate it. i'll try and bring the human side. people have said to me like, why would you stay in the same job?
9:59 am
white keeps what keeps the grown man in sports? i mean it, the sports fanatics. it's the personalities. it's the human drama. the spirit and getting to know a lot of these guys as individuals and what they overcame. and what they go through. you know, away from the playing field. i love people. and that's what keeps me going. it's always something new. it's still exciting and i'm truly not bored by it it at all. even after 40 years. i still love it. >> mark i have to ask you, of all the events you've covered, you have one particular highlight? >> it always stands out to me, you guys know the the 49er fans, -- i was on the field and i'd only been there a couple of years. i feel like the excitement and
10:00 am
electricity of all that. that's my number one. and getting to know dwight as a person and him becoming a friend. >> congratulations. we've got to run. >> we are wrapping. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> wendy: come on, let's go! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] thank you for watching! say hello


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