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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the reason we do this as we said many times before is for public safety. i think two things i want to say is one at the moment thoughts go to everyone who has had to evacuate. it is a life-threatening situation. the anxiety and the concerning confusion, it is something that if you have not experienced it, it is not something you want to experience. i can tell you from personal experience and having going to sonoma county yesterday, in my career i dealt with major winter storms, earthquakes, actually had operations in war zones, but driving up there in the smoke on the 101, i will tell you i was concerned as
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well. it is a level of anxiety that unless you experience it, it is hard to explain. that is the reason why we do ps ps to make sure that the opportunity for catastrophic wildfires to start associated with service is not something that is acceptable. when we go to the numbers, when we think of 970,000 customer accounts that were deenergized, it is also important to note that those 970,000 accounts were connected to over 20,000 miles of electrified infrastructure that's the infrastructure that was taken down because it was viewed as being to our analysis either where they were located in very high risk areas, the abundance of fuel, the wind condition, that any debris flying into those energized lines created
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the potential for admission. that's why we do ps ps did as mark said, so far we noticed 50 incidents of damage. you can say well, millions of people impacted 450 instances of damage? the thing that we have to keep in mind if any one incident could be at travis fact catastrophic wildfire is significant. when you think about 27,000 miles of line, which as we said before can go around the earth just a bit more than one time. where do you log? it is all high risk. how do you want to judge it, how do you want to limit scope, we work hard. we make sure we are impacting the minimum number of customers. but the scale of this event led to that outcome we continue to believe it is the right thing
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to do. we will not make secondary judgments on our models that we will not try to guess i think things will happen. as i said we will not roll dice when it comes to the public safety. 970,000 in the initial scope and as you also heard the additional 100,000 that had outages due to weather. you can make a conclusion that if you had 100,000 customers are nine high threat had we had more energized what would the results have been? not once we find acceptable. our progress as mark talked to the event 970,000 initial scope we currently have 375,000 and restored. that's pretty good. that will continue as long as we have daylight. as mark indicated we would use aircraft provided by the state patrol.
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we will bring powerful forces to complete the restoration in the daylight hours tomorrow and try to get as much done. that is 6300 pg&e employees plus up to 500 more mutual aid employees. here's the thing i want to say again, we are still having instances with threats to the forces. there is a lot of anger out there and we get it. we are not saying that it is unjustified. but we ask again please do not take that out on the people who are engaged in restoring your power, it is dangerous work. it is hard work, and they are absolutely committed to work as quickly as they can to get your power back on. please don't engage with them to harass them, because they
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will step back from the work, our people know they are never to do any work where they feel unsafe. please don't create an unsafe condition for them to allow them to get the work done, and i will say even more having cruise, on from out-of-state please don't harass them. because here's the deal, they won't come. they are here to help you. i know the anger is there, but please please please don't take it on the people who are on the field. they were dangerous enough job to do to get your power back and they're working very hard. i want to stress the other point that mark made 68 community resource centers open. i talked about this yesterday those will stay open through the duration of the event and into the next event. we will not be shutting them down.
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you will have electricity so people can recharge batteries, phones, batteries for medical devices, yet it is information you need to plan. they will be open 8 am until 8 pm in the evening that we are thinking about additional ways to enhance the support. the most important thing is to ensure electricity is off gives you the opportunity to recharge your batteries, so that you can be in touch with the company so you can at the latest information to plan for your own safety. for those who do not have devices and do not have contact with the internet please go there because our employees have it and they can help you get the information you need. that's critically important. >> you been listening to pg&e officials give an update on what the efforts are and the next round of pg&e power shut off. as of tonight about 375,000
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people now have their power back on. however, about 587,000 people still don't have power. they are out there inspecting the lines trying to bring as many people as they can back online. they have told us that they have found at least 50 cases in which there has been damage to transmission lines, power poles but they are inspecting before they are able to bring people back online. at least 587,000 people still without power and that is before we head into this next round of shut off. >> they say they have 6000 employees working to inspect and fix the lines. also asked for 300 employees and they have gotten them for mutual aid the they have asked for equipment to up with the repairs and for more helicopters and they can purvey the damage. one of the headlines coming out
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of this press conference is that again there could be another round of shut off starting tomorrow. anywhere between 240,000 through 605,000 people. they could lose their power starting tomorrow in northern california and one other note here they announced tonight that a pg&e contractor lost his life last friday. just one other point we were listening to the president of pg&e talk a moment ago and he was saying there's a lot of anger out there and we get it but then he was saying please don't harass our pg&e employees there working as hard as they can and then he said if you do harass them, our pg&e workers will not go in and fix the lines. kind of an interesting statement. as we continued tonight is a race against time as firefighters on the front lines of the kincaid fire work to gain ground on arranging contained wildfire going out of
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control. >> remains the most challenging with the winds that are going to start coming back in next 12 or so hours. >> the efforts seem to be working with several the mandatory evacuation orders now downgraded to evacuation warning. >> the concern is that more strong winds are in the forecast. expect cal fire to update these numbers later this hour but here's what we know. is already burned more than 66,000 acres. containment is still at just 5% in at least 96 homes and businesses have been lost. nearly 80,000 other structures remained threatened. >> yours video from skybox taking a short time ago we can see the flames. it is still very active. essentially out of control. the smoke in the area is very thick and it is impacting air quality. spec we are taking you to andre
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at the base camp. we are monitoring the wind conditions. >> we begin with greg lee who is live in hillsboro. >> reporter: behind us some buildings 150 years old, we are seeing the helicopters dropping water. firefighters trying to take advantage of the lull in the winter if you look behind the this is the devastation. >> as the fire pushes out fire crews remain on high alert. firefighters quickly put out a hotspot in an area of dry brush near where flames raced through the area.
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>> we still lost the fuel. >> we want to make sure that any area where the fire is is completely out. >> several water dropping helicopters circled the area all day putting out fires. the lull in the high winds getting a chance for firefighters to build containment but we are told every available resource is on the line today but they want to get ahead. the winds pushing embers into unburned fuel. >> when his caring debris that far it is difficult to determine when and where to be. >> the fire did land at the historic winery. video shows flames ripping through the landmark property early sunday morning. the owners posting about the devastation. grateful for first responders. >> the winery was just a victim of circumstance.
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>> the house next to the winery untouched. the owner didn't want to go on camera but says she kept sprinklers on the home during the fire. downtown hills park remains empty people heating orders to evacuate. >> there is still fire burning and the wind on the horizon and we don't want to get lulled into a false sense of security. >> back here live, [ indiscernible ]. the winds have been calmer
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today but firefighters are concerned about it in the red flag warning. >> that will happen tuesday night into wednesday the winds get going again they got a break today. six miles per hour right now. you can see the arrows going that way pushing west. it is increasing the humidity so deftly getting a break today but let's took a look at the model. you can see this is where we go, right now the fire, these are the wind speeds. as you push forward, still not bad. tomorrow morning you see the winds go back up. that's when you start seeing the average shift with impressionable wind giving us a fire danger. it gets going, around 10 am and will be noticeable in the fire zone and by 5 pm tomorrow night
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it is gone and blowing and it keeps going through the early morning hours of wednesday morning. that is the concern. the other thing we will note is a lot of smoke will end up in the bay area tomorrow morning. the air quality will take a hit. this is one of those situations where we are losing power. this is an all encompassing bay area events. pay close attention and we will keep an eye on it and i will let you know what you can expect. things should look better after wednesday. >> a good portion of the kincaid firefight centered around the santa rosa area but evacuation order was issued. some of the residents returned home to see if the properties were still standing. >> reporter: the man you're
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about to meet [ indiscernible ]. >> monday afternoon he is doing something he wasn't sure he was able to do. >> we left. >> as the fire crept over ridge and raced toward his home on santa rosa. >> we were here until about 9 pm last night. >> he abandoned the very property which he built for his family. >> this structure was actually give to my wife. >> any fun barn which he finished last week. >> nervous about losing most of this. >> he showed us just how close the fire god. there was plenty of evidence that the firefight was far from over.
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water was provided to combat the flames. the other ingredient, the firefighters. >> they did an unbelievable job. >> he even saved this old structure. >> we saved this for you. >> he insists the story is and about his property. >> these things don't matter. >> the men and women who save the property. >> they were amazing. >> a sentiment echoed by his neighbors. stroke >> reporter: he is helping his friends rebuild their homes. on the other side of the bridge homes were lost. [ indiscernible ]. the fire is causing air
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quality issues. take a look at the map. the entire bay area is orange which is deemed unhealthy for sensitive groups. officials say the smoke from the fire is expected to move south will likely continue to impact air quality through tomorrow. coming up, we are learning that pg&e equipment may be responsible for yesterday's fire in lafayette. tv just keeps getting better.
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new area use taken a short time ago over the fire. right now hundreds of thousands of people remain under evacuation orders or warnings of people who are not in the fire zone are still without power. a short time ago we learned that power has been restored to about 375,000 customers. about 587,000 do not have
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electricity and pg&e announcing a short time ago it does in fact plan another power outage tomorrow into wednesday. that means that several of the shelters set up for the evacuees have been forced out because of the flames have now reached capacity. >> christian caption tells us some of the evacuees are traveling all the way to san francisco for shelter. >> reporter: the kincaid fire has already destroyed homes and forced evacuation close to 200,000. the mayor issued a proclamation open a temporary shelter shelter and 76 miles away from the fire opening doors at 8 am monday morning. >> the family had to leave their home and winced her first evacuating the santa rosa saturday morning then relocating again here to san francisco. >> [ indiscernible ] >> the red cross will not allow
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the camera inside about 40 evacuees are temporarily housed in the basement of st. mary's that the red cross saying 200 accommodated this site. >> where planning for it. we are preparing for so we are ready. >> the city saying it stands ready to help with the state ride emergency. >> request came in through the state and counties and we immediately started working with the partners. >> evacuees are hearing they could be out of their homes for more than a week hopeful they can go back soon grateful they have a place to stay. >> i am glad that [ indiscernible ]. >> this evacuation children will be open until at least friday the city will evaluate at that time. a quick look at the
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weather, we will talk some of the winds in the fire zone. that is the big story. we have the winds way down at six miles per hour. the winds going from the west so that is good news. they're getting a break today. we will notice tomorrow the winds stick around. it turns around in the morning. the fire zone starts to get hit with the wind at last into the early morning hours into wednesday morning. you can see these winds compared to the wind event before it is not a big deal. the last wind event was truly a big story. you're getting a break, there
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is a red flag warning, it is not as severe and it will be short-lived than the last one. we will have the five day forecast when we come back. fire sparked a lefty at yesterday under investigation. they broke out on both sides of highway 24. we are looking into why pg&e may be to blame. utility has filed new reports with state regulators that pg&e says for the third time in less than a week it's equipment may be responsible for both fires. one was near diablo road north of highway 24 a power pole and transformer crashed down firefighters believe that ignited the fire. the fire destroyed the tennis club in nearby buildings another fire was parked near pleasant hill. pg&e says broken wires may have set things off.
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neighbors feared for their safety and homes. despite the winds they explained the power never shut off. >> it is kind of ironic that from what i understand the two places where the fires started is a place where the power should be shut down. >> you wish looking back your power was off? >> yes. >> names her father was located in parts of lafayette that is considered a high fire zone. one of the employees addressed the situation and said shutting down the system would be a responsible. we learned that the california public utilities commission is opened an investigation into the public safety power shut
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off managed by pg&e. regulators are demanding the utility to do a better job to keep the public safe. we will have the latest on the kincaid fire next. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes.
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pg&e says power has now been restored to about 325,000 customers. about a third of the 970,000 who were affected. the next plan of outages land for tomorrow will affect
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605,000 customers. the kincaid fired sonoma county has burned more than 66,000 acres and unfortunately is still only 5% contained at least 96 homes and businesses have been destroyed. close to 80,000 other structures are threatened the winds eased up giving firefighters a little bit of a break but again, another high wind event is expected tomorrow. as heather mentioned that could mean another 605,000 pg&e customers will lose their power starting tomorrow. right now cal fire is just about giving an update of the status of the fire. >> this is a live look we will carry this live as soon as it begins but it should home, happened momentarily, 4100 firefighters are on the line 85 cruise with 10 helicopters, 444
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engines, 53 dozers and 30 water tanks and as of tonight, 66,000 acres burned. only 5% contained. you recall a couple of days ago is actually 10% contained. the containment has gone down as the wind conditions have gone up. it has made fighting the fire incredibly difficult. we will join this news conference in progress as soon as it begins. >> the the fire has led to the largest evacuation in sonoma county history but the changing conditions even forced the evacuation of some of the evacuation centers. >> rob ross reports from an evacuation center in petaluma. >> reporter: difficult days and disrupted lives here at the community center. >> it is hard. >> she and her family all got
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the word to evacuate their homes early sunday. >> it was like 10 minutes. you need to get out. >> they came to the center but was told that there was no more room so they slept in their cars. >> they said that overnight they would keep the doors open. >> as we met there just caught a break at a nearby church who had room for them. still the grown-ups worry about the homes they had to leave but not nearly as much as they were about how their kids are handling this. >> we don't want anything to get scared. >> when the fire broke out last week hillsboro became the closest center then they were
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forced to leave and petaluma has become a focal point. >> they are housing a lot of people. we are at capacity. >> among those here is this man evacuated from his home. he is angry that his power was shut off and just angry at the whole situation. >> my refrigerator, my freezer i have a lot of food. i am on a fixed income and how can i replace that? >> we found many people asking themselves the same question. if you have your power shut off evacuations and the fear fires is the new normal is it worth staying? >> i don't want to go through this every year. >> if i had the money i would move. >> for many people the big question is how long is the evacuation going to last? we would to go live to
6:34 pm
santa rosa and hear from cal fire as they give an update. >> the fire is burning 66,000 acres, only 5% contained, more than 4000 firefighters on the fire lines. we did get some good news, they have lifted the mandatory evacuation orders in some communities including tobago bay, jenner, turn phil and the folks will be allowed to return to their homes. regardless there is still over 100,000 people under mandatory evacuation orders. >> we spoke earlier. this is not the time to let down your guard. people in those areas still being prepared to leave if in fact this fire moves. let's take a listen to the conference. >> division chief public information officer, just to
6:35 pm
start things off like we've done in the past, any cell phones if you could beat them. also we will have a spanish- language version of this press conference. it will be at the conclusion of the english language version. >> we will have time for questions and answers. i ask that you wait past those questions until the time. beyond that, there is an opportunity for one-on-one when the press conference is over. to start things off from what has transpired since this morning at 9 am. as many of you know, the repopulation has started in the western portions of sonoma county. that would be 77 and a portion of [ indiscernible ]. the fire is now at 74,000 acres, we have increased and gained some
6:36 pm
containment at 15% containment. 90,000 structures are still threatened. we can confirm we now have 123 structures that have been destroyed. of that 67 of them are residential zones. [ indiscernible ]. additionally we have confirmed 20 structures have been damaged. 12 of those are residential homes. seven other structures [ indiscernible ] the 20 damaged, 123 destroyed 90,000 still threatened. finally, just about a half hour go additional evacuation warnings were issued. at the same time on the western side repopulating we are also calling for new evacuation warnings on the eastern side of
6:37 pm
[ indiscernible ] county. this is a result of changing weather conditions. that is referred to as the 30 this is a result of changing weather conditions. that is referred to as the 31 in western lake county. it is currently in evacuation. with that i will handed over to the national weather service representative. >> good evening. once again the weather is unfavorable today. humidity remains incredibly low. looking ahead to tomorrow we are under a red flag warning. and runs through wednesday afternoon. the setup is different than what we saw this weekend. the northeast winds will come off of [ indiscernible ]. as we
6:38 pm
get to in the afternoon [ indiscernible ]. is important to note along the 101 things will be lighter [ indiscernible ]. the most critical period will be [ indiscernible ]. >> good evening. with the southwest winds we had today the firefighters had a break. is the winds [ indiscernible ].
6:39 pm
the winds continue to change. it will increase the fire danger. [ indiscernible ]. firefighters will be working tomorrow [ indiscernible ]. the relative humidity [ indiscernible ]. >> for an operational update [ indiscernible ]. >>
6:40 pm
while we are waiting to fix the audio a quick recap of some new information. the fire has burned 74,000 acres. it is 15% contained. they say 90,000 structures are threatened. also the number of buildings destroyed has gone up to 123. 57 of those 123 buildings were destroyed were homes. >> starting over. we do not have [ indiscernible ]. as you heard very dry conditions and an active fire. a quick recap. [ indiscernible ]. up here in [ indiscernible ].
6:41 pm
we are doing everything we can [ indiscernible ]. down here in the southeastern portion [ indiscernible ]. i don't think [ indiscernible ]. [ indiscernible ]. >> are there any questions? not hearing any, [
6:42 pm
indiscernible ]. >> good evening. i'm going to provide a briefing on some of the depopulation efforts we have going on. earlier today we look at the evacuation order for [ indiscernible ]. there is still a warning [ indiscernible ]. if the fire was to change they could fill the [ indiscernible ]. at this
6:43 pm
time, [ indiscernible ]. we feel comfortable allowing people back to this area. want to mention that as people return to the area, if there are still some hazards out there like a high wind event they may encounter debris down on the roads. we want people to stay vigilant. check on your property and house. if conditions change, we could see an increase in fire activity and go back to evacuation orders. we will have deputies back in the neighborhoods [ indiscernible ]. like i said we are confident at this point that we can allow people back in safely. lastly i want to cover some of the [ indiscernible ]
6:44 pm
evacuation areas. we continue to have hundreds of deputies and police officers throughout the state. [ indiscernible ]. unfortunately a few hours ago we had an incident in the geyserville area where we had a couple of people entering in evacuation zone for no apparent reason we believe that they were up to criminal intent, they were looking for an opportunity so we had deputies up there and they made the arrests and we investigate that and it is an active investigation. we continue to look at repopulation and continue to look at it over the next few days. understand people want to check on their homes. we understand that there is anxiety and frustration. we ask you to please be patient and work with us. our goal is to get you back your homes as quickly as
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possible. we are working diligently to do so. thank you for your cooperation and patience as we look forward to [ indiscernible ]. >> next is the california highway patrol. >> good evening. [ indiscernible ]. general assistance for the public. [ indiscernible ]. the patient, we are helping control certain [ indiscernible ]. we want to make sure that you understand that those are closed for
6:46 pm
reason. they are closed for your safety, that reason may not be immediately apparent from where you are, but we spoke to cal fire and they're looking at the big picture they know why they have to close them. i do want to warn you as you are driving in that some of these words have been affected by the high winds. power outages could affect traffic lights. be very careful and understand your fatigue and if you have questions, find a stop and ask an officer but please do not stop on the freeway or where it is unsafe that we will definitely get you answers but there may be times when the officer cannot get to you immediately but if you cannot deliver safely, move on and get the information some other way. >> i would like to introduce [ indiscernible ].
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>> thank you. on behalf of all of the officials, thank you. once again i want to thank the first responders who are here battling the fire. we all know behind those firefighters are thousands of people caring for and ensuring the safety of the public. what we know here in sonoma county is that in times of hardship people always step up. they always have, they are generous with their time, money and with their infancy. in today's repopulation it is very welcome. the first time and that we are turning the corner but we all know it is a fluid situation and there's more work to do before the fire is out.
6:48 pm
everyone can get back to their home so we continue to ask for patients. we repopulate the communities that safety is always the number one concern. >> you are listening to a press conference from cal fire at chp the sheriff in sonoma county we did get some updated numbers on the kinkaid fired is now burning 74,000 acres containment has gone from 5% to 50%, 90,000 structures are still threatened, the number of buildings destroyed has gone up to 123. 57 of those were homes another 20 structures were damaged including several homes. >> we did also learned that they were able to lift some of the evacuation warnings for people on the western side of and make progress today but we just learned that now the concern is on the eastern side of the fire pit new evacuation orders have now been ordered. that is the concern is this fire
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call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. a quick check on the weather. we did get up break which helped firefighters. the temperatures are not warm and the humidity is low and the winds are coming from a new direction. that changes tomorrow and we will see offshore winds and a red tide warning. it will be windy and it won't be as windy as the last event but it will be breezy in the
6:52 pm
oakland hills. the fire zones up to 50 miles per hour and maybe more. air quality is taking a hit. we will see another day tomorrow. the smoke lingers in the morning. the high low of these mechanism getting close proximity and it will do it again. tomorrow morning till about lunchtime then really gets going around 10 pm tomorrow night. overnight hours and then into the morning look how quickly it dissipates. that is good news for firefighters. here's the five day forecast on your screen. 49ers not much time to celebrate the win over the panthers. >> they play this thursday in prime time right here. they take on the cardinals. we are up next with sports.
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the 49ers are for really just seems like they gain more confidence and get better. >> the thing about yesterday's game carolina not much time to bask in the glory.
6:56 pm
the nfl these days right back at it thursday and the rare thing number one draft pick tyler murray against the number two pick who will be chasing him all of the field. so hard to narrow down heroes for this game. you don't do too poorly to start with, three more sacks, four tackles and an incredibly athletic interception and return. frank and i didn't get to see this because the power was out. we will see it now. he smells the end zone. you have to like five. in the big picture you probably thinking defensive player of the year. rookie of the year defensively. small picture, certainly the defensive player of the week and believe me, they get ready for the game against arizona one tyler murray is very well aware two number 97. >> we are pretty cool.
6:57 pm
look forward to playing thursday for sure. >> [ indiscernible ] >> that is exactly what eric dickerson the great running back from the 80s told me long ago as they got to play the ramses that i keep my head on a swivel for the number 42 guy. good idea. the radius ridiculous road trip was and call it a mystery tour is over finally. they will play a home game this week in oakland. yesterday a tough one against the texans better fourth- quarter lead. they were helped out by this nice touchdown catch from tyrell williams two touchdowns by the texans. that is what you call an escape.
6:58 pm
and then the guy they just traded makes a nice play. they trade him four days later. happy to be home. >> i am going to have dinner with my wife on friday night. i kind of miss her. it has been tough. sarcastically had fun with it i've never seen a team go six weeks without a home game. i think all of the travel helped the team bond a little bit that it would be need to play in our home stadium. the raiders will be taking on the detroit lions. finally a home game the first one in six weeks. >> that is a long time. that's it for us. the big bang theory is next.
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