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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 1, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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injuries and police investigate bhapd. >> north bay communities all rally together in a time of need. >> from ktvu ktvu mornings on 2 this is fox 2 news. >> i'm pam cook. >> and i'm frank mallicoat. four people were killed at a home on lucille way in orinda off highway 24. the orinda police called to the scene just before 11:00 last night. they told henry lee that at least four people were killed. our news crew on the scene found people coming out of the house. a neighbor who did not want his
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face shown heard the gunfire. airbnb for a private party. >> there was about 5 or so gunshots and it woke me up. my neighbor knocked on my door and when i was walking outside i saw a bunch of cars. >> there were more than 100 100 people at the party. there's no official word yet on their conditions. the continuera costa sheriff's office. so far no arrests have been made. reporting from the scene in our next hour. it is 401. we're going to check in on the friday forecast. good news for firefighters definitely cooler out there. >> they have no more weather issues. frank good morning sir. >> good morning sir. >> 30s, 40s, and 50s. 55 in the city.
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i'm sure we'll get a lot near 32. some from the north to the santa cruz mountains. winds. pedaluma. all in the 30s already. highs today they keep inching up and they're staying above average. 71 to 76. the wind which was offshore right now hopes to pump in a little bit of humidity. the cold air continues and there's really not much of a change and we're not getting these systems coming by. 4:02. here he is the man with the plan when it comes to traffic. . >> steve, happy frad to you. it's been kind of a week here. let's go out and take a look at what we have now on 580, 205 and tracy super commute and you
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can see traffic is moving along okay and sometimes on fridays we get a little bit of a break commute wise. right now we certainly don't see anything that counter indicates that. this is a look at southbound 880 and southbound 680. those freeways are doing well. northbound 680 looks good past the oakland coliseum. we're thinking it might be this way for friday but we'll see. 4:03 let's go back to the desk. 82 people are under arrest after a statewide halloween of sex offender parolees. last night agents contacted almost 1300 sex offenders during compliance checks or sweeps. during the check investigators confiscated child and others were found with weapons, drugs
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or other parol violations. san jose police are investigating a shooting by one of their officers. a man was walking down the street waving a gun. ktvu's jana catsyama. >> police say they arrived at 2:25 p.m. the man was holding a gun and did not comply with their directions. witnesses with say they saw officers perform cpr before the man was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. crime scene investigators arrived to collect and mark evidence.
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residents had to take detours to get home. >> all the neighbors are out too wondering what happened. >> the area was shut down for more than 7 hours while police conducted the investigation. police did not give much information about the officer involved in the shooting. they did say there were no residents and no officers injured in the incident. reporting from san jose ktvu fox 2 news. now an update on the kincade fire burning in sonoma county. fire crews say they are making significant progress. the fear has barely grown from this time yesterday. containment went from 45%. so far, the fire has destroyed
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349 homes, sheds and other buildings. during the fire. the board of supervisors unanimously approved a measure declaring a local state of emergency. supervisors say they need to take action because they're concerned the county may not be eligible for federal disaster funding. also praising the communities communities perseverance and the mass evacuations affecting some 180,000 people. >> i think it was the right thing to do. no civilian fatalities or injuries. a little bit of traffic but we can put up with that. . many people in sonoma
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county are trying to get back to normal and help their neighbors recover as well after evacuations and the kincade fire. kids in santa rosa took to the streets to trick-or-treat last night but all afternoon people lined in the community center. the largest fire in sonoma county history prompted mass evacuations combined with the power shutoff. many people are still in need of food and supplies. >> everything we have nothing's fresh. no eggs, no milk. >> i think everything helps for everyone. i haven't worked since thursday of last week. we don't know if we're getting paid or not. >> another donation in windsor included bags of candy and groceries. more donations are needed today. organizers of catholic charity
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say basic refrigerated items are at last check. . >> there is now only 1400 still without power. 800 of them are in areas where there is wind related equipment. there are 1200 customers in sonoma county who don't have service. all due to the kincade fire. president trump became the fourth president in u.s. into whether or not the president violated his oath of office during a phone call. now the vote came as the top former white house official confirmed. ktvu political reporter told us the new phase of the
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investigation is quickly becoming very partisan. >> on this vote the yays are 232, the nays are 196. >> setting the rules for the next steps of the impeachment inquiry. the historic move clears the way for public testimony. democrats and republicans were locked in fiery debate. >> i don't know why the republicans are afraid of the truth. every member should support allowing the american people to hear the facts for themselves. that is really what this vote is about. it's about the truth. >> the inquiry is around the president's july phone call. house republicans insist the president did nothing wrong and accused the democrats of
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operating an unfair closed door investigation. >> it is about the integrity of our electoral process. democrats are trying to impeach the president because they're scared they cannot defeat him alternate the ballot box. . >> the constitution does not lay out rules. >> the house can proceed as it wants and this vote certainly makes it clear that the house is ready and looks like they have the vote to in fact impeach the president when that time comes. >> how important it is for americans to pay attention to what happens next. >> impeachment is about the representation of about what the american people believe.
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>> after the vote, the white house slammed the democrats calling the inquiry a sham. ktvu fox 2 news. coming up 49ers get a prime time win over the cardinals to stay undefeated. next year what the players had to say after the win as they prepare to take on their divisional rivals the seahawks in a nationally televised monday night game. >> and warriors superstar steph curry had a little fun with the family on halloween night. coming up we have an update on his hand taking that bad fall in wednesday night's game. >> looking at the bay bridge commute right now it's light. here's the bay bridge. probably the most traveled bridge in the bay area. right now it's very light as you're making your way across. >> welcome to november 1st and we're carrying over a little bit of the weather from october. the temperatures are on the low
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side not the high in the 70s.
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49ers have a well deserved weekend off. 9ers are 8-0 for only the second time in their franchise history.
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last night's game against arizona was tougher than many fans expected the story line much different than the previous games. jimmy garoppolo had one of his best games as a 49er. we spoke to the team after their latest win. >> they've had games where their defense has dominated. the 49ers needed to depend on their quarterback. jimmy garoppolo became the first quarterback in 19 years to throw for 900 yards and 3 touchdowns. >> he made a lot of plays in rhythm and a lot of off schedule plays. >> he's pretty good. i i don't know why people don't think he is. >> it was really fun. i had a great time out there. it was a great atmosphere . the crowd was rocking and
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everything. faithful showed up again as usual. we've got a long way to go as a football team. >> the offense may have been satisfied with a productive night that was not the case with the 49er defense. >> it was humbling for the defense. you need to be humble on all levels and we'll watch the tape and watch it critically. >> 8-0 and looking to be better. if you're kyle shanihan that's the kind of thing you like to hear from your players. joe fonzi ktvu fox 2 news steph curry was all smiles yesterday looking at the injury from wednesday night, painful to watch that again. smiles in the bed after receiving a ct scan on his left hand. could be several months. but taking it in strides steph
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appeared to be in good spirits for halloween. of course he is. here he is trick-or-treating and dancing as buzz light year. riley as cowgirl jesse and complete with a little sheep and cannon is woody. >> how would you like them to knock on your door how about an autograph. that's awesome san francisco's tallest building went all out for halloween this year. the watchful eye over the city. this is the second year in the row that the lord of the rings has made the top. >> it always reminds me of the big monster in monsters versus aliens with the whole golden gate bridge. it looks like that to me. >> i never thought about that. you're right, pam.
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well happy friday to you both. >> right back at you. >> here we are looking at the gilroy commute. this is the time we look at the commute from gilroy. here's a look at the freeways here. 125, 126, 129 they're all off to a good start. the commute into san jose is fine. people getting up earlier are getting a little bit of a break here. northbound 280 looks good and we're thinking today's going to be a lighter than usual day driving up into oakland and downtown looks good. just a small delay in some of the lanes at the toll plaza. really not much to worry about at the moment. 418. let's bring in steve with the weather. a very quiet pattern here. the only thing we're not carrying over from october would be the wind. the temperatures continue to be above average and i don't think these are changing at least for the next three days.
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we set our clocks back sunday morning. that's the spirit, santa rosa. 74 livermore and san jose. san francisco 71. 30s for many already including parts of solano county and marin county. a few towards the east and a couple already. pleasanton. walnut creek and alamo are close. 42 in brentwood. the wind direction has been noticeably offshore. still slightly offshore but the wind speeds have come way down and there are no more systems digging in to the nevada area. so thankfully that's done for now. a little modification of the air mass but still very cold here for many but not as bad as it was a couple of days l ago. portland's 32. it's cold up there.
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and chilly overnight lows. the cold if waunt want to stay cold it's really cold now. that's an ugly sign but you know we have to stay positive but right now it's looking very dry. 60s, 70s on your temps. although in the santa clara valley 78 degrees. set clocks back 1 hour sunday morning and it's looking dry next week. thank you. there's another wild fire near los angeles. it has already exploded to thousands of acres. we're going to take you to southern california for a look at how crews are struggling to control the flames. >> susie loftis was recently appointed san francisco's interum mayor. she tells us why they should keep her in office.
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welcome back. a san francisco mayor gave some attention for a controversial campaign ad. crimes she said had been committed against her. she says the violations require declaring a national emergency for election meddling. after posting a billboard that depicted current mayor lond
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breed leaning back in a desk holding a stack of money. over the past few weeked we'veon breed leaning back in a desk holding a stack of money. over the past few weeked we've -- weeks we've introduced you. >> happy halloween. susie loftis campaigned along san francisco's north valley neighborhood on halloween hoping to become the city's second woman. the san francisco native says her experience makes her the most qualified for the job. she's a former prosecutor and she ran a non profit in bay view hunters point. >> what sets me apart is i have the experience to bring a different approach and one that i believe is more effective.
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in 2012 loftus was appointed by mayor ed lee. her recent controversial to the job she's now running for. >> i suzy loftus do solemnly swear. . >> she says it's still an open seat and she's not an encumbent on the ballot. >> there wasn't a moment's hesitation. and i'm honored to do the job and i'm working really hard. i started as an intern there. so i can walk in. >> when asked if she has.
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>> to start addressing these neighborhood. loftus said she'll tackle that problem jointly. . >> and a campaign market loftus and volunteers worked the phones. >> for me, it's always about stepping in to serve the city i love. >> a recent poll with loftus and bodine. but loftus tells me the only poll that matters is tuesday, election day. in san francisco amber lee ktvu fox 2 news. governor newsome and his family celebrated halloween.
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take a look. here are some of the democratic presidential candidates. three of the kids dressed up as bernie sanders, amy cloeb shar and pete buttigieg. >> kind of funny. coming up next people vote their time and talent. >> we're really happy to provide some meals for people who have had a couple of rough weeks. >> plus a story of dedication in the midst of the evacuations and the fast-moving kincade fire. one nurse went above and beyond for her patients. >> good morning. you can see traffic is doing pretty well to start off a morning here. 124 looks good here on the way to the tunnel. >> and the whether looks good although it's dry. we'll see what's in store for the weekend if that's going to
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from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. . and good morning and let me say happy friday one in all it's friday, the first day of november i'm frank mallicoat in for dave today. >> good morning i'm pam cook. nice to have you here. >> good to be here. >> it's been a very long week. >> yes, indeed it has. >> i'm glad daef could take the day off. >> what about me? >> and you too but we need you hereve could take the day off. >> what about me? >> and you too but we need you here all right. we have good news here. the good news is no rain. any rain now good luck to us. it looks dry probably past the 10th into mid november. there was some


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