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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 1, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. . and good morning and let me say happy friday one in all it's friday, the first day of november i'm frank mallicoat in for dave today. >> good morning i'm pam cook. nice to have you here. >> good to be here. >> it's been a very long week. >> yes, indeed it has. >> i'm glad daef could take the day off. >> what about me? >> and you too but we need you hereve could take the day off. >> what about me? >> and you too but we need you here all right. we have good news here. the good news is no rain. any rain now good luck to us. it looks dry probably past the 10th into mid november. there was some rain.
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the euro's been very consistent with ridge city. 70s on the temps. they're all above. not too far but they're getting into that category now. 30s, 40s, and 50s on the temps. livermore's down there. morgan hill's at 35. plenty in the santa cruz mountains. i'm sure we'll pick up cupertino. the offshore direction is waning. it's kind of more variable now. very quiet. high pressure's decided to park it here and it's not changing any time soon. the days are mild to warm. remember, the days get very short by sunday. a dry pattern for many days. 4:32 now. sal's here on what we hope is a friday light. >> friday feels great. >> yes, sir. top to bottom. good morning everyone. let's go out and take a look
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now at the commute on westbound bay bridge. and yes, steve is correct. friday a little lighter. we're off to a good start here. there have been no major issues. this is a look at the vallejo commute. so we're thinking that today's going to be a little bit lighter. i hope i'm right about that. we'll see. bay bridge toll plaza 60 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the toll plaza. that's about the only spot where there's just a little slow traffic. there's some breaking news we're following in the east bay. a search is under way for a shooter who opened fire at a halloween party in orinda on lucille way. authorities say more than 100 people were at that party. one neighbor tells us that the house was being rented out through airbnb and he says the'
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gunfire woke him up. >> and there was a bunch of cars flying down the hill and there was a lot of people running down. >> were they injured? >> no there was more just people running. . >> the injured were taken to local hospitals but there's no official word yet on their conditions. ktvu's alyssa harrington is headed to the scene. the kincade fire burning in sonoma county is now 65% contained. the fire has been burning since last wednesday night more than a week and it's destroyed 349 homes, sheds, and buildings. and air quality advisories are in effect for the upper portion of the north bay. air quality managers say the alert was called because of the continued smoke.
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healthy air quality readings in that area. pg &e says only 1400 customers still don't have service from that planned outage. an additional 1200 customers are also without power. and a new pg&e report says its first planned power outages may help fires. utility filed the information in federal court yesterday as part of its required reporting following the criminal case back in 2010. pg&e says its crews controlled the 5,000 mile line.
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pge's ceo was asked about the outages. >> for us, the main thing is we didn't cause any fires or we didn't burn down any houses. the kincade fire is still under investigation i got that but one of the things we did was give them the opportunity to refill the refrigerator because their house is still there. >> overall pge says more than 1 million lost power during the two shutoffs that started on saturday. two climate activists are starting demonstrations outside pge's headquarters. by switching to renewable sources. organizers say the kincade fire and pge outages are the latest in a series of wake-up calls for substantial action on climate change. protests will start at 10:00 this morning. officials in marin county say the loss of power to senior housing complexes is an important reminder for everyone to be prepared.
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seniors living in the bennett house complex were stranded during the outage because the elevator didn't work. it sent supplies like food and flashlights. another group of seniors in novato. they were alzheimer's trapped. nearly one in three adults in marin are 65 and older. >> maybe their adults and children to really understand what is independent living mean. >> not assisted living facilities which have regulations on how they are operated. reporter marlie martinez shows us how one nurse who was evacuated from sonoma county managed to keep track of her patients. >> this is the first time paige madero has been able to visit her home bound patient in a week. >> ken? hey it's paige.
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are you in any pain right now. >> with the kincade fire ravaging sonoma county he faced an evacuation order but he came back the next day. >> i had to come back home. >> the longer i was off this mattress, the worst it was going to get. >> it has to be plugged in. >> so he had to get back to it. the nearest hospital was shut down. >> i had to get back into my air mattress or the wound was just going to. >> his nurse happy but stunned. madero couldn't get to him. so she called him every day. >> she kept calling me. i called her.
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suter was calling me three times a day. >> she advised ken over the phone. she drove to her other patients she couldn't reach over the phones. >> i was knocking on doors and seeing if they were okay. >> in sonoma county there are over 160 home bound patients who were impacted by this wild fire and some of their nurses had to evacuate themselves. >> they didn't have their scrubs or equipment but they wanted to get out there and work too. >> madero says the dedication comes with the territory. >> there was not that many of us so all of us who could were working the whole time. >> she needs the same bed. . >> it's not just a job, to me it's -- they have more care, they really care about it. >> in santa rosa marlie martinez. well so many different people and organizations are pitching in to help those whose lives have been disrupted in the middle of that kincade
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fire. school events in sonoma prepared a halloween dinner for people in need. the school bought three backup generate tors to keep it going. the chefs are doing their part to help people to do their part for people month have been through a lot lately. >> we're happy to provide some meals for people who have had a rough couple of weeks. and this town has had a rough couple of years with all these fires. they served about 250 people in sonoma county. many of whom haven't had a warm meal in a number of days. and a reminder that some airbnb hosts are offering free housing to kincade fire evacues. airbnb has a special section. the free housing offer is good until next thursday. a fast-moving wild fire in
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ventura county has forced several thousand people from their homes. we want to take you to southern california for a live look at the maria fire. it started at about 6:45 last night. just south of the city of santa paula. ventura county fire says it burned more than 8,000 acres. no containment. more than 7500 people are in a mandatory evacuation zone. . >> highest concerns on this fire is obviously life safety. . >> i just checked with steve paulson there are santa ana winds down there. firefighters say at least two structures have been lost. we've not heard if those are homes. more than 1800 homes and businesses are threatened. the chronicle reports that
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the corner w by wall greens will close in less than two months. much of the merchandise has been discounted. the store manager wouldn't discuss the reason behind that closure. wall greens will not return calls for comment and there's no word yet on what will replace that store. tobacco company altria is cutting the value of juul lab by a whopping 4.5 (500) 000- 0000. that move lowers the value from 38 billion $38 billion to $24 billion. the company didn't predict the recent number of vaping related lung illnesses. also concerned that stricter regulations on vaping will curve juul's growth. the number of u.s. vaping illnesses has gone up again. the centers for disease control and prevention says 1,888 confirmed are probably cases
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reported in 49 states that includes 37 deaths. not one single ingredient has been linked to vaping. most people that became sick says they vaped products containing thc. up next a man in the south bay is dead after an altercation with police. what the man was doing that led up to that officer's engaging. >> plus helping the homeless. how san francisco mayor london breed is working towards her goal of adding 1000 beside for the homeless by the end of next year. >> good morning you can see traffic is doing pretty well. we'll tell you a little more about this friday morning commute. >> and the friday morning weather is cold for some. what about the high temps. there are some we'll take a look. to the outside world, you look good,
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but you don't feel good.
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we are learning new details about an officer-involved shooting on the vta system in the south bay. a man armed with two knifes and a pair of scissors was threatening passengers in south san jose on wednesday night. investigators say an armed guard with allied universal security ordered the suspect to stop several times before he opened fire. >> within a few moments that suspect was advancing towards
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that security officer with the knives in hand. and i would say he closed in 110' before the officer had to discharge his firearm. >> santa clara county investigators and vta personnel are investigating the camera footage. a non profit freedom of speech group is trying to unseal court documents in the wilson homicide case. the 18-year-old woman was stabbed to death at the macarthur station last year. the first amendment coalition made the move to unseal the records after cal's attorney filed a secret motion to try to get the judge to throw out all of the charges. this would potentially prevent the public from knowing anything about the defense's attempt to dismiss the case. the next hearing is set for
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december 22nd. actor cuba gooding jr. is back in court for charges of allegedly groping a third woman. the accuser claims that gooding intentionally and force burglary touched her last september. another of the alleged incident happened in june 23rd. newly released surveillance video appears to show the actor making some contact with the waitress. she's accusing him of pinching her backside as he walked by but his lawyers say it doesn't show any criminal action. >> i am totally confident that this case will not result in any conviction to cuba gooding jr.. >> 51-year-old actor faces a total of six misdemeanor
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counts. prosecutors say they have more than a dozen women willing to collaborate the charges against the actor gooding has denied all allegations against him. it has been a long and very stressful week for most of us here in the bay area so how about something fun this weekend. a look at what's happened across the bay. here's rosemary orozco. >> games, exhibits workshops and hands-on activities and it's all for free. the 37th annual san francisco day of the dead rich is saturday. the annual alters in the park at the potrero at 4:00. on the peninsula the festival is saturday with the traditional presentation of the
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alters. as tech drums and work from local artists. in the east bay come to the oakland fruitvale nand for the 24th annual festival. the outdoor festival includes live music. family friendly games. traditional latin american artists. or head to hayward for the 2019- day of the dead celebration. it's at the chapel of chimes on saturday. in the south bay celebrate the 2019 via delos muetos day of art. a full day of live demonstrations. in sports raiders warriors and sharks play at home. i'm rosemary orozco and that is
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your weekend watch. you probably stayed up the entire 49 game. >> well and counting candy. >> you have trick-or-treaters. >> here's a milky way. >> and having the girls trade candy and then watching the game and then watching jimmy g. >> he was huge. >> it was pretty good. good morning everyone. let's go out and take a look. and when i say he was pretty good that interview with aaron andrews is what i'm talking abou . when you are driving the altamonte pass there is some slow driving and but once you get past that the traffic is looking good. there have been no major issues westbound bay bridge. the traffic may be a little lighter today on friday. we'll see. we won't really know until
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about 6:00. 4:51. hello mr. steve paulson. >> mr. sal castanada you didn't sneak a piece of candy did you. >> you know i was good for the first time in awhile. all right let's get to our weather which is very friendly for the first time in awhile. let's hope it changes by november and continues like last year. remember we were in a similar situation last year and it did start to change a little bit later. but right now it looks really dry. if not for 10 days, 14 days. good luck to us on the rain. if you are a model rider as they say, you look at the global models. the one to hang your hat on right now would be the euro. hazy sun, cool morning not so
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much so. most of the country's pretty cold here. atlanta's 35. dallas, fort worth 42. the pattern has been locked in for really cold air. we've kicked up cold air but not much in the way of clouds and precipitation. thankfully that has waned and not come back. 39 sacramento. highs today are above average. 71 to 76. 71 in the city and 71 to 53. a little above on the high and i don't think that's going to change any time soon. 35 lakeport santa rosa. 39 now in livermore and it's close for redwood city. also at 35. 30s on the peninsula include menlow park. look at loss altos hills though. 56. that's a big jump. high pressure aloft has created a little bit of an inversion.
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now favoring more towards san jose over to the santa cruz and san mateo coast. you can see it's still offshore it is a dry pattern. thankfully no more of these systems. but a lot of cold air is in place even down to the desert southwest. it's 42 in scottsdale las vegas is 37. there's really not much happening for us. a quiet pattern for 10 days. 60s, 70s on the temps they will continue to move upwards. remember sunday we set our clocks back but it is dry going into early next week. coming up next a deadly shooting in an orinda neighborhood. what we're learning from the
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investigators at the scene. . >> and investigating president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani. >> and the curb car break-ins in the city. when we come back.
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it was a very close call
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for one bay area woman driving on interstate 80. it happened yesterday morning between mcdonald avenue. shards of glass hit the woman in her face but otherwise she is okay. very lucky lady. thieves break in to an estimated 70 vehicles every day in san francisco. and now the interim da is announcing a task force aimed at cracking down on such crimes. here's more. auto burglars have gotten so bad in the city of san francisco. an estimated 70 per day that residents warn visiting families to not leave anything of value in their vehicles. >> they say oh, well i put my laptop under the mat of the car. i go, are you kidding me? they look in with flashlights and they can see that there is a bump.
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yes, they're going to break into my car because they want to see what's there. >> so the request e is, what do we do about it? we know that each of these cases has a victim. >> interum district attorney suzy loftus has announced a task force. san francisco sheriff's office and police all targeting geographic hot spots and those with stolen goods. the numbers for auto burglaries are strending down but not fast enough. >> it's not enough. >> these crimes hunt our city. >> many cases of auto burglary are related to organized crimes. >> we will be able to assist them with these organizations that aren't coming from outside the city not just the bay area but from throughout the state of california and maybe even throughout the nation. >> only about 2% of those responsible are caught and prosecuted.
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the focus for investigators and prosecutors needs to be on resolve. >> a lot of folks are coming here because they think they're gong to get away with it. today is about this unified message that we're going to work together to hold people accountable. >> this will be a 60-day targeted enforcement right before the holidays. they will look at the data and figure out what worked and what didn't. and speaking of timing this announcement comes days before voters in san francisco decide who will fill that district attorney seat before the next term. ktvu fox 2 news. . there was about 5 or so gunshots and it woke me up. >> four people killed in a shooting in orinda on halloween night. we're on the scene as medics treat others for injuries and police investigate what happened. >> and firefighters continue to extinguish the kincade fire as north bay communities rally together to help each other in
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the time of need. good morning thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning happy friday i'm frank mallicoat in for dave clark today. a large halloween party turns deadly. four people killed along with several others that were injured. ktvu's alyssa harington is at the scene now. >> you can see that crime scene tape and up the hill there's heavy law enforcement right off of nicker bocker is lucille way. and as far as we know it was being rented out for a halloween party. one neighbor told ktvu he heard gunshots last night and then saw dozens of people running down the street to seek safety. >> there was about five or so gunshots and it woke me up. my neighbor knocked on my door and wh i


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