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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 1, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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>> to netware following a new development in the search for a convicted felon who allegedly tried to run over police officers in fairfield. the incident has triggered a so- called blue alert which chp uses to notify the public when there has been a violent attack with law enforcement officers. >> the manhunt for the person who did this continues to nitpick the incident began shortly after through this afternoon. the officers were serving a search warrant on dahlia street near airbase parkway when they were nearly run over by a vehicle. one officer opened fire on the driver and after a chase the man they were pursuing conaway. >> the guy identified as robert hansen. the 47-year-old was wanted for assault on an officer. officers are facing a very dangerous situation when the suspect tried to make his getaway.
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>> officers are feared for their safety. one officer discharged their firearm. and based on what the investigations have, they want him for a deadly assault with a vehicle. >> the gold jaguar had been located in the city of fairfield, but hansen is still at large and has created a very tense situation across the city of fairfield tonight. >> is kind of shocking, we have never been that close. i hope they find him and everyone is safe. >> anyone who has seen hansen is asked to call 911 immediately. police continue to investigate last night's shooting that left four people dead and a airbnb rental in orinda. the names of those who were killed are tiyon farley, omar taylor , . where joined now by ktvu's amber lee in orinda .
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>> reporter: the party was held here at this house. neighbors tell me they are stunned. there have been other parties here, they have been noisy, but not violent until now. >> we tolerated this, or the neighbors have. they told me about this party house when i first moved in. >> reporter: the so-called party house in the quiet oak springs neighborhood of orinda is quiet for more than 24 hours. neighbors say the owner has always used the home as a short- term rental and there have been previous parties here. on thursday night a halloween party here turned deadly. he saw multiple young people leaving, some injured. police say there were more than 100 people at the party from all over the bay area. multiple shots were >> i saw a lot of kids running in front of my house, running to the backside of my house. >> when the officers arrived it
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was a very chaotic scene and there was a lot of noise and yelling and people running. >> reporter: the event was advertised on social media as a airbnb mansion party. the victims range from 20 to 29 years old. authorities say multiple people were injured. >> it is a very complex investigation. there is a wide area with a lot of people involved. >> reporter: crime scene technicians and the fbi were on scene to piece together what happened and why, including how many suspects are involved. one neighbor said police searched around his property. >> they walk around front and back, around the house, make sure nobody is there. >> reporter: investigators s fi in the shooting. police said they received noise complaints about the home 9:19 and 10:25 thursday night and officers were in route at 10:48
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when they received their first reports of the shooting. >> it's almost like it's so real, it doesn't happen in my neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors call this area mayberry and say their sense of security is now shattered. >> i'm worried this is going to affect me. how am i supposed to sleep? i don't lock the door. >> reporter: police are not ready to release any suspect information, but they say there is no threat to neighbors because the people involved are not from here and have left the area. >> certainly a scary situation for so many people. a man named airbnb assesses son her money was shot three or four times when the gunfire erupted at that party. >> he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. i don't like it and i don't understand it. >> reynolds says his son
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our coverage of the shooting continues on where you can find all of the latest updates on our homepage. now to the kinkead fire. cal fire says it's a 70 prison contained and holding steady at 77,000 acres. 360 structures have been destroyed, including 174 homes. for firefighters have been injured and the fire is still actively burning to the north in steep terrain. the whole contentment is expected next thursday. health officials are warning residents to protect themselves you never ad into the burns on. want to need. for walking burned property. here in geyserville residents homes. en supplies and advice >> personal protective gear, shoes, gloves and masks and
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really take precautions. we don't want anyone getting her. >> my home is the only home that survived in the immediate area. >> reporter: cat flesher lives east of hillsboro, high atop pine flat road. getting there we passed her neighbors home, burnt to the ground. >> the roof is made of level metal and the walls are concrete and we have a fireproof basement made of concrete as well. >> reporter: three stories virtually untouched. a perimeter sprinkler system sprayed both house and forest and eaves are closed so fire can't creep underneath. before fleeing, the owners coded windows with foam for overheating and aborted them from the inside against >> the fires that have happened because of broken glass or windows and embers flying into the house. >> reporter: with flames and steadily approaching the
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household, they knew it wasn't if, but when. with a resistant house and vegetation cleared, they knew they had done all they could. >> just always having this mentality that a fire could come at any moment. >> it's wonderful to have the home, it's devastating to have lost our neighbors and we are remote and we were a community. >> reporter: it is strange to be intact when everyone nearby is in ruins. >> this is something that could've been preventable, i think it's criminal. >> reporter: and the problems are not over, even with all the fireproofing they have done. >> insurance companies are busy dropping people from coverage. in fact, we will be dropped at the end of the year. we moved to this store, the warriors rough start to the season continues. the team losing to the san antonio spurs. tonight's game was the first since steph curry broke his hand. he will miss at least three months.from fans and coach steve kerr.
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>> reporter: the warriors starting lineup looked a lot different friday night. a crop of young players forced to fill in for clay thompson out with an injured knee and now steph curry, who injured his hand and index finger during a fall wednesday. >> it's tough right, we're going to miss him. he is the man. >> reporter: charlotte wheaton and her husband came all the way from houston. >> we did come here to see steph but we bought our tickets and flew out here so we are here. >> reporter: a subdued borgess coast coach steve kerr now without the golden state star. >> i feel terrible for steph and lewan and jacob. >> reporter: the warriors released a statement saying curry had surgery friday on his hand and index finger and would be reevaluated in three months. >> one of the advantages of surgery is that in many cases
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he will be able to start moving his fingers in his hand very quickly, which would allow him to rehab faster. >> draymond green will be the key of keeping the team on track. >> in terms of preparation and joy in everything we have been about, we've got to carry forward because that is what the culture is about. >> reporter: faithful fans showed up sporting their curry jersey with messages for steph. >> i hope we will feel better. i don't think we will have the best start of the season but when he comes back we will be better. >> reporter: sure it's easy to love a team when they are winning, but definition fans say strength in numbers is a slogan for the tough times. >> kind of a tough time, but we are fans and we are going to stick with . >> reporter: some of the diehard fans say they still have faith in draymond green and will be rooting for the younger players, but certainly a lot of people will be counting down the days until
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february and hoping that steph curry will be back on the court then. police have made an arrest and a homicide that left the san francisco man dead. how police were able to catch the killer nearly 500 miles away. the government wants answers from tesla, the federal investigation looking into fires like that when involving the company's batteries. ♪
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tonight the chp is investigating a deadly head-on crash near petaluma involving a cal fire suv and a jeep. was first reported around 2:30 this afternoon on lakeville highway road. chp says it appears the driver of the jeep lost control and crashed head-on into the cal . the driver of the jeep was ejected and killed. the cal fire chief and the suv was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. the crash happened on lakeville highway road south of stagecoach road and forced the closure of the highway between
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highway 37 and highway 116 for more than five hours. san jose police have arrested someone in last month's deadly shooting. a young man on 10th street. authorities have identified the suspect as this man here, mahato hawkman. police say the 20-year-old was taken into custody in san diego on wednesday. at this point there is no word on any possible motive here. calling is worth grew up in san francisco's bayview neighborhood and graduated from san francisco's lincoln high school. or than 100 people gathered in san francisco for this candlelight vigil in his honor shortly after his murder. the national highway traffic safety administration has started to and tesl into flames, sometimes while driving, other times while the areas world-starts an
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investigation intoa defense, that's concerning. when the investigation is into the battery management system for an electric car company, that's critical. >> this investigation covers all model s vehicles made between 2012 and 2019 and sold in the united states. fairview university has scrapped expansion plans after a three-year battle over the project with santa clara county officials. it calls for a 3.5 million square-foot expansion including more than 2 million square feet of academic space and 600 beds for new student housing through the year 2035. it was set to go before the sant clbut late today stanford announced it had reached an impasse with the county. indicalifornia
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the start of commercial crab season was supposed to begin november 15 but that has been pushed back a bit. a source says back and blue whales are becoming entangled in cabinets south of the sonoma county line and it caused the delay. commercial crab season is now set to open november 23. governor gavin newsom continues to slam pg&e after their outages. plus how much money one big area city will be reimbursed. and in bay area whether, starting on november with clear skies and warm temperatures for the afternoon hours we will let you know if the warm pattern continues. and you realize you e the hostess with the mostest. yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections.ul, no tog tobacco, no to prop c.
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you know when you're at just keeps getting better?ook check this out! that's yes for less. score a head-to-toe look you'll love and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. the contra costa county sheriff's office tells an additional victim of last night's halloween party shooting in orinda has died of her injuries. we are told 19-year-old oshiana tompkins was pronounced dead at a hospital. that brings the total number of people killed in the shooting to five. the state is reimbursing some cities for some of the costs they incurred during the pg&e shut off. larger cities are set to little half million dollars, less.
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>> these dollars will help us invest incentive capital infrastructure. >> senator jim bell at city hall and the mayor says the $500,000 in state money will go to help san jose in its quest to add micro grids and communications equipment, head of future events. when it comes from a pool of $75 million at the state level, distributed to affected cities. half 1 million of the largest cities, less smaller ones. >> a small amount of money, about $.50 for the average citizen in san jose. the real problem is the state is wealthy enough to be able to come up with a little change for us. >> reporter: dating back to late last month, the utility of the three powersãand it fears strong winds could topple aging powerlines. officials are investigating if damage pg&e lines are impartial cause to the kinkaid fire. >> we have equipment that goes over our mountains around san jose and we could very well
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have the same kind of situation here. >> reporter: senator bell says that the 10 year fix is too long and leave the residence vulnerable to the uncertainty of power shut off. some san jose residents agree, arguing the cities reimbursement isn't trickling down to them. >> it's like a temporary band- aid. they will still need to have fixing to do. >> reporter: officials say the puc will determine if customers can remain whole. for now, this is a half-million dollars as a way to address an ongoing crisis while laying a foundation for taxpayer owned utilities. >> this is abou need to make to be more resilient for the future and there are a lot of investments we need to make. this money would be very welcome. >> reporter: state senator jim bellis has a task force will take up the question of fire safety and pg&e reimbursement to customers starting november 18. here in san jose city staff
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will provide new information and cost structure to the mayor's bid to build micro grids in the city. that will take place next week. today governor gavin newsom said a state takeover of pg&e is one possible ability as it looks toward the utility emergent from bankruptcy. >> we cannot wait until june 30 of next year. we need to get these cases settled, we need to address these concerns in real time and prepare for the next wildfire season, as we are concurrently addr ps ps protocols. >> the governor is calling all sides of the bankruptcy case to a meeting early next week to jumpstart talks as the judge brings in a mediator. the bay area weekend just about here and it looks like we will hold off with this quiet sunny weather pattern. baha'is recovering into the
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afternoon hours, take a look into the morning hours, lots of 30s and 40s. that into the afternoon upper 60s and upper 70s. the hotspots will be right around 80 degrees, especially for your saturday forecast. satellites via jetstream heading way up to the north. lots of clear skies opened on the state. that is the case as we head into the weekend for both saturday and sunday.  it is pretty chilly already. fairfield right now 42 degrees, oakland 56 and one site issuing temperature is in the upper 30s, a bit of a chill out toward portions of the coastline. outside right now we are looking toward san francisco bay where we have clear skies for tonight. and that frost advisory posted for the northbay valley begins at 2 o'clock saturday morning up until 9 o'clock in the coolest locations. it would be back down to the upper 20s and low to mid 30s. overnight lows, the cool spots will be back down into the 30s for santa rosa and napa. hayward 35 in san jose checking
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in at 40 degrees. our old system is moving out of the east, but the backside of that low is bringing some cool air. the overnight is pretty chilly for us, but into the afternoon hours a big recovery with those temperatures and lots of sunshine. there is no rain threat insight. we are still dealing with fiery susan, no red flag warnings for us, but still we can get that real soaking rain and we are still talking about fire danger until then. long-term rainfall into next week, maybe rainfall for seattle in the bulk of this november 11 will be way up to the north, up toward portland r temperatures for tomorrclock be go to bed saturday night into sunday morning. still a rain free forecast. it is nice weather, but we want to welcome those rain clouds. we can do that just yet.
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janice was over at the center where the warriors were playing the spurs. >> so the warriors were getting a vivid reminder of how the other half lived, or the other 90% as it were. the already shorthanded dub's will be without steph for at least three months after surgery today to repair a broken bone in his left hand. but the show goes on at the chase center against the spurs. former warrior david lee in the house. could have used him today. first-quarter d'angelo russell for three, he had 30. second-
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quarter former st. mary's star patty mills going to work. the spurs take a seven point lead, the dub's keeping it close, the defense by willie coley stein on derrick white back the other way and it's damien lee with the flesh, he had 16. a two-point game at the half, we are good. third-quarter warriors working, draymond green to stein for the finish, he had six . a little pick and roll, a lot of pick and roll tonight. delo to marquise chris. a hard jam they are. warriors down by seven, but the spurs would pull away and mills was the man. how about 31 points in 22 minutes off the bench, that's official. san antonio wins 127-110. the warriors are one and for. the sharks are mired in their own early-season nightmare coming home tonight after a brutal road trip was supposed to offer some relief. instead, it merely twisted the
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proverbial knife. these guys hosting the jets, second period it's 1-0 winnipeg and sharks on the attack. johnny brezinski, his fourth, tied the game of 1. jets go up 2-1 and in the fourth period the sharks go up once again. evander kane, let's fly so much. the hurdle redirects, it is 2- 2, but 90 seconds to play and the sharks give one up at a bad time. nicollet healers beating martin jones. the sharks out shoot winnipeg 53-19 and somehow lose the game 3-2. connor hall great game, haskel rivalry with the jim goldman perpetual trophy. i still have no idea what the
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snap in the middle is. second-quarter jack quigley has capability to get it off to jp murphy, 11 yard connection and it is 7-0. the mustangs put together a 60 yard drive at the end of the half capped off by jack stewart since pastor connor shay. we go to double overtime in a 10-10 game. squiggly again thinking like russell wilson, you can't tackle. he throws it up for grabs and jared kenny comes down with it with a touchdown 17-10. montevista would score, but a penalty pushed them back on the extra point attempt and it is blocks and that's how the game ends, on a blocked pat. san ramon valley and thriller and double overtime, 17-16 work. >> stay tuned, modern family is coming up next. >> you can find us anytime at have a great night, everybody.
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