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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  November 2, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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a fifth person has died and a shooting at a halloween party in orinda. >> more evacuations are lifted up and sonoma county. as firefighters make progress on the kincaid fire. now there are health warnings for those going back home. >> police are searching for a man they say tried to run over police officers. details on what led up to the incident and why police say one officer fired his gun. >> this is mornings on 2. >> happy weekend. good morning. i am frank mallicoat. no winds but a cold morning.
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>> reporter: november coming in with a bang. giving you a live look from san francisco. where we can see the sky lighting up. a reminder you will hear it several times over today and enter tomorrow. don't forget to set back your clocks tonight. that's a beautiful shot. mostly clear skies today. the wins are generally light. with the clear skies in the light winds that allow for pretty good cooling in the overnight hours. the frost advisory last until 9 am this morning. it does include our northbay valley locations. as we get into the afternoon it will feel better. this is where we stand at the moment. 53 degrees, 44 in oakland.
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39 and livermore. was it 27 or 28 degrees yesterday. we have livermore up by a smidge. san jose is just down about 2. we do have a minor warm-up coming our way. 72 is the afternoon high for san francisco. mid-seventies for hayward. the east bay upper 70s. a warm 81 degrees in the forecast for areas over santa rosa. i will have a look at the extended forecast. hopefully tracking some rain. i will have a look at that in just a bit. a developing story. new developments in the orinda halloween shooting. a fifth person has died.
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>> reporter: good morning claudine. some of the victims were brought right here to a medical center in walnut creek to be treated. the contract county:sheriff's office died at the hospital. she was 19 years old. four others from the bay area ranging from 22 to 29 years old also died in the thursday night shooting. this happen on lou seal way in orinda. the party was promoted on social media. or the 100 people were there. the home is rented out through airbnb. orinda were on their way to the house for a noise complaint when they say they got a report of the shooting at 10:50 pm. three of the people found at the scene were dead and two others at hospitals. one man said his son was at the party when the shots rang out.
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he was 24 years old. >> i just said my son was shot >> no arrests have been made in the shooting just yet. the fbi is investigating. anyone with information is asked to call the orinda police department . airbnb has responded to the shooting saying in a statement we are horrified by this tragedy. we have taken action to band that from our website. for more information on halloween night shooting in orinda you can find it on our homepage.
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i fairfield police are searching for a convicted felon who allegedly tried to run over police officers. the incident began yesterday afternoon around 3 pm. police say the officers were serving a search warrant at the time on dahlia street when they were almost run over by a vehicle. one officer opened fire on the driver and the suspect was able to get away after a short chase with the police. the driver the car is identified as robert hansen. here is his photo. he is wanted for assault with a deadly weapon of an officer. fairfield police say officers were facing a dangerous situation in the suspect tried to make his getaway. >> something occurred when he was in the vehicle and officers fear for their safety. based off the elements of what investigations have they want him with assault with a deadly weapon with the vehicle. >> hansen's goal jaguar has
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been located in the city of fairfield. hansen is still missing. that's creating a tense situation all across the city of fairfield. >> it is kind of shocking. we've never been this close to all this action. i hope they find him and that everyone is safe. >> anyone who has seen him has been asked to call police. into the investigation to what started the kincaid fire. worker skill the pg&e tower yesterday and it is expected to be the ignition site of the fire. one day after the fire in kincaid locale the utility filed a report with the california public of utilities commissions. saying it discovered a nearby broken wire on a high-voltage tower. pg&e says cal fire is investigating the cause. firefighters have stop the spread of the kincaid fire. 360 homes and other buildings
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have been destroyed. full containment is projected to come by next thursday. health officials are warning residents to protect themselves as they head back into the burns own. >> reporter: the kids you never want to meet. hearing geyserville residents are given advice. about staying safe going in to see what is left of their homes. >> my home is only one that survived in the immediate area. >> reporter: she lives high atop time flat road. getting there we passed her neighbors home, burned to the ground.
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is the kincaid fire raged all around. the owners coated windows for phone with overheating. and boarded them from the inside. as flames approaching the household it was and asked if but when. visitation cleared and they knew they had done all they could. >> it is devastating to have lost her neighbors. and we are remote and we were a community. >> this is something that could've been preventable.
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>> reporter: their problems are not over, even with all the fireproofing they have done. >> insurance companies are busy dropping people from coverage. we are going to be dropped at the end of the year. tuesday is election day in san francisco. people there will be voting for a mayor. >> coming up you can hear from some of the longshot candidates who are hoping to take london breed's job. at hertz, we know that a change of scenery
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good morning. happy saturday. we have a fabulous day coming our way when it comes to the temperatures. not the case this morning. it is a cold one out there. giving you a live look over san francisco. a dark start there. we have mostly clear skies overhead with the light wins in the clear skies. temperatures allowed to cool off this morning. santa rosa holding at 35 degrees. san francisco checking in at 53. upper 30s and livermore. san jose at 42. there is a frost advisory for our northbay valley.
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it goes until 9 am. for freezing and subfreezing temperatures. some areas are below freezing this morning. take it easy. keep an eye on your pets. cover the plants and make sure everything is a okay. high pressure remains in control of our weather. if that's driving the storm track well to the north. well above areas of oregon and washington. we are going to be high and dry throughout the weekend. here is a few more numbers. 50 degrees at sfo. low 40s and castro valley. upper 30s and rio vista. 36 right now in fairfield. getting into the afternoon today we will inch the numbers up. some folks will hit 80 degrees. 81 expected for santa rosa today. upper 70s for san rafael. mid-seventies for oakland. upper 70s and walnut creek. 78 for antioch. looking good in san jose.
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79 in santa cruz. if you have no place to be i would suggest by the boardwalk. 75 in san mateo. upper 60s to near 70 degrees in san francisco for the afternoon. if you're going to tahoe make sure you have the winter gear. 19 in truckee and 21 over south lake tahoe. it will remain on the cool to mild side. partly cloudy and 64 today. slightly better for tomorrow. mid 60s for the forecast for the afternoon. here's a look at your extended forecast. temperatures don't move much. we are going to see a near repeat as we get into the bay area on sunday. we start out tomorrow morning
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as we fall back into the overnight hours. an extra hour of sleep for all of us. as we get into the week ahead it is a mild one. a lovely forecast. we would love to see rain and the forecast. it doesn't show anything at all. >> i would like rain and as long as there's no wind in my power will stay on. >> if i'm a wimp if i put on my -- fire officials say a fire that forced evacuations in lafayette and martinez last sunday were caused by pg&e equipment. a fire disc destroyed the clubhouse. no homes were lost. a few were damaged. another fire that broke out south of highway 24 caused by power lines as well. the state is reimbursing cities for some of the costs that they incurred over the
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power outage. smaller cities will get less. jesse gary has more on where san jose said it will send its shares. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo says a $500,000 in state money will go to help san jose in its quest to add micro grid and communications equipment ahead of future events. money comes from a pool of $75 million at the state level distributed to affected cities. >> it's a small amount of money. $0.50 per average citizen in san jose. the state is wealthy enough right now to be able to come up with a little change for us. >> reporter: late last month utility has had three power shutoffs due to strong winds that could topple aging power lines. sparking wildfires. officials are indicating of
7:17 am
damage pg&e lines or partial cause for the kincaid fire. >> we could very well have the same kind of situation here. >> reporter: senator bell says a pg&e's proposed fix is too long and leaves residents vulnerable to the uncertainty of power shutoffs. some san jose residents agree saying the cities reimbursement isn't trickling down to them. >> it is just a temporary band- aid. >> reporter: officials say the puc will determine if customers can be made whole. after the utility emerges from bankruptcy proceedings. right now the half $1 million is a way to address the ongoing crisis, while laying a foundation for a taxpayer owned utility. >> there are a lot of investments we need to make. >> reporter: one senator says a
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task force will take up the question of fire safety and pg&e reimbursement. it's customers starting on november 18. here in san jose city staff will provide new information and structure for the mayor's big to build micro grid in the city. that will take place next week. governor gavin newsom said the state takeover pg&e is one possibility as the utility works to emerge from bankruptcy. >> we cannot wait until june 30 of next year. we need to get these cases settled. we need to address these concerns in real time and we need to prepare for the next wildfire season. as we are concurrently addressing the ps protocols. the governor says he's calling on all sides in the bankruptcy case. to come to a meeting early next week. he wants to jumpstart talks as the judge brings in a mediator. up next it's one of san
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francisco's most closely watched races. >> we know how long steph curry will be out following an injury this week. now new concerns for forward draymond green. tv just keeps getting better.
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the recreational dungeon
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crab season is scheduled to open today in the waters off the california. the start of the season was supposed to begin november 15. a source tells ktvu concerned about the humpback and blue wells as well as other turtles becoming entangled in the crap that's. crab season is said to open on november 23. san jose state will have a chance for -- the spartans are hosting boise state. the broncos are pretty good. they are 6-1. kickoff tonight 7:30 pm in san jose. on the basketball, four games into the new season the warriors have lost steph curry. he will be sidelined tonight. dave draymond green out again tonight. he sprained his left index finger. more rap on the wrist and finger after the game. describing the problem as a
7:23 am
ligament issue. they are now 1-4 in the season after get beaten by the spurs. d'angelo russell had a big night. eight assists against the spurs. patty mills led both teams in scoring. he has 31. disappointing time for warrior fans without steph and clay without raymonde there was a noticeable number of empty seats last night despite the announcement. to a crowd of 18,000 at the chase center. curry have the surgery on that broken left hand yesterday. he will likely miss the next three months. one couple that came all the way from texas just to watch curry play. here they are. >> i did come here to see stuff. we bought our tickets and we flew out here. we are here. >> we will not have the best start of the season. when he comes back were going
7:24 am
to be better. >> i think he is right. >> acree went on social media to thank everyone for their support and good thoughts. he's expected to make a full recovery but it will be a while. 7:24 am. let's talk raiders after six weeks on the road. the oakland raiders are finally back home and hosting a game tomorrow. the last time the raiders were at home was week two. as you can see the field has been re-sodded. it's ready to go. the raiders played the detroit lions on sunday. kickoff is right here on ktvu . spoke 49 days, that's a long road trip. >> coming up next how life is beginning to turn return to normal for some of those that were affected by the kincaid fire.
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this is mornings on 2. good morning everyone. happy weekend. good to see the golden gate bridge on a saturday. it's good to see it any day for that fact. we will get your weekend
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cooking here. it is cold here in the studio. it's cold outside too. >> reporter: it is freezing. i have my heater pumping. glad to get that house warmed up. i walked outside and it was shocking. >> i have a feeling a lot of heaters are going this morning. we have a chill in the air and there's a beautiful view over san jose. below freezing in some spots for our northbay valley locations. that's where we have a frost advisory. it kicked in to the overnight hours and will go until 9 am this morning. temperatures not quite as cold as yesterday morning. still right above freezing and even a little bit below in some areas. this frost advisory doesn't inspire until 9 am. just going to be aware for thinking about stepping out the door. here's a look at some of those numbers. right now 53 degrees to start your day in downtown san
7:29 am
francisco. if you go to the inner east bay, 39 in livermore. 49 in concord. 35 degrees in areas over santa rosa. a lot of 30s to report. areas like petaluma and penn grove and novato. just above freezing at this hour. winds checking in at 35. 50 degrees to start your morning. temperatures are up. up by eight in napa. still filling better in some areas. san jose is starting out a tad cooler. by the second part of the day we all are expected to see a modest bump in the numbers. low 70s for san francisco this afternoon. mid to upper 70s around the bay.
7:30 am
it will be nice. 78 for livermore. 81 for santa rosa. a look at the back and do your weaken plus the extended forecast coming up in just a bit. san jose police say a have arrested someone in last month's deadly shooting of a young man on 10th street in the downtown area. authorities have identified the suspect asthma hot osmond. the 20-year-old was taken into custody in san diego on wednesday. and the killing of 21-year-old dave jan hollingsworth. at this point there's no word on any possible motive. hollingsworth grew up in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. or the 100 people gathered in san francisco for a candlelight vigil. the chp is investigating a deadly head on crash involving a cal fire vehicle. authorities say the driver of a jeep apparently lost control and slammed head-on into the cal fire vehicle. the jeep driver was ejected and killed. a cal fire chief was an suv. he was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries.
7:31 am
the crash happened south of stage road. it forced the closure of the lakeville highway between highway 37 and highway 116. that closure lasted for more than five hours. the man who was killed by one of its officers was carrying a replica gun. the shooting happened before 2:30 pm on thursday afternoon on the key road near north jackson avenue. investigators say officers ordered the man to drop what appeared to be a weapon several times. they say he refused. he a fuse to be drawing the gun when officer shot him. police released a photo of the replica handgun that they say the man had in his possession. the suspect's name will be released after his family is notified. election day is tuesday. new developments in the controversy surrounding the race for san francisco's district attorney. two candidates among those claiming it's unfair that mare london breed appointed former police commissioner president as the interim da. just five weeks before the
7:32 am
election. >> we are calling on mayor breed two point the duly elected district attorney next week. >> this is a call to respect the voters today and every day. as soon as possible. >> mayor breed, after george casstown resigned from the office to run for da. critics have accused the mayor of trying to tilt the election in favor of law for. six candidates including london breed. we split the field into two groups in alphabetical order. greg lee introduces us to the first group of three. >> mayor london breed is vying for a full term in the office.
7:33 am
he won a special election in june to take the office of after the death of then mayor ed lee. the mayor said she is running on the platform of equity. >> we have to build more housing. we have to put more officers on the streets in our commercial corridors. >> the city continues to face massive challenges with an ever- growing number of people living on the streets. if reelected she says she has a plan. >> make investments in shelter beds and housing. also cut the bureaucratic red tape that stops our ability to produce housing. >> reporter: we made multiple attempts to reach out to a candidate. the san francisco chronicle calls him a street minister. wilma pain is a longtime chinatown resident who has run
7:34 am
for a number of offices in the past. >> this is what my good point is. i think people look at that and i can help them better themselves. >> reporter: the singer and educator also believes the mayor should do more to help boost tourism. >> these are three of the six candidates for mayor. in san francisco, greg lee, ktvu's fox news. >> we will introduce you to the other three candidates running for mayor. they will explain their priorities if they are elected. that's tonight on the 10:00 news. >> several presidential candidates are in iowa today. the race now longer includes
7:35 am
beto o'rourke. who dropped out of the race yesterday. and has been lagging in the polls. he became a national political figure after his narrow loss from republican senator ted cruz in texas last year. also he will not be running for senate again in next year's race. take a look at the 24 major democratic candidates who at one time were in the race for the white house. he now joins seven other democrats who have ended their campaign. house investigators have called on rick perry to testify. perry has indicated he would not appear for a closed-door session. but might testify in public.
7:36 am
president trump's effort to pressure the country to investigate democrats including joe biden. to other white house officials are expected to appear on monday for depositions. >> starting from the beginning with all of their closed-door meetings. this has been set up to make -- impeach the president. >> witnesses have mostly cooperated claims that president trump withheld u.s. military aid in hopes of obtaining damaging information on his political rival. the time is 7:36 pm. the government is opening a national security investigation into the social media app
7:37 am
tiktok. the committee on foreign investment in the united states has reviewed the chinese own out over concerns of censoring political sensitive content. over the past few weeks lawmakers have been calling for a closer look and how the company stores personal data. they are also reports that the app is increasingly popular with terrorist organizations. they post a national security risk. one and half billion people use a tiktok app worldwide. firefighters warning about dangerous fire conditions today in southern california. low humidity and wind gusts are being extended until 6 pm tonight. this began two days ago and has burned nearly 50 square miles. containment is still at zero. as for what may have sparked the fire southern california edison said it began reenergizing a 16,000 volt circuit on a hilltop northwest of los angeles. minutes before the fire erupted nearby. the utility says it has no
7:38 am
information about the actual cause of the fire. which is threatening about 2300 homes. and other building south of the city of santa paula. >> as the wind shifts we have a whole new fuel bed that opens up. >> evacuation orders were issued last night. the maria fire is the 11th major wildfire in california. 20,000 customers and sonoma county still without natural gas service. all due to the kinkaid fire. we saw cruise going door to door in the hears helzberg area. pg&e says it could be monday afternoon before everyone has their service restored. in santa rosa there's an outpouring of support for people who are in need of food following the fire and power outages. city officials joined with local food banks to collect food and distribute that to those in need. donations included egg and bread and nonperishable goods. authorities say they give away food and gift cards to more than 3000 people. it took about a year for the wine tour from business to fully recover.
7:39 am
tom vacar reports wineries in the alexander fire zone are worried that they are about to take another hit. >> more than sonoma county has 400 small family-owned wineries. the corporate owned wineries often distribute nationwide and even worldwide, tiny family wineries such as the remarkable fritz underground winery in cloverdale depends entirely on visitors to taste and buy wine on their winery grounds. >> you don't want to have a method to hit the market or go to the stores directly. if it doesn't get sold here in many cases it doesn't get sold. >> the fire that started 10 days ago did damage to the economics of the family-owned wineries here. when most of these wineries lost electrical power they also lost juice from the just picked
7:40 am
grapes. windsor's christopher creek winery have invested heavily in tourist accommodations to enjoy the spectacular vistas. the inventory from previous vintages is available, without visitors their income is essentially cut off. as well as much of the greater community. >> you are walking around our shops. of course you're probably going around during the day. after think about all the people that depend on that. >> the fire did not consume the property in two the jackson family fieldstone winery lost in the fire -- >> are daughter called her good friend ari jackson. she said if it's there take it. thankfully now we are back up and running. >> wine country is a beautiful drive to a beautiful place.
7:41 am
>> the veneers are gorgeous. they are starting to turn colors. as far as i am concerned this is my favorite time of the year. >> almost all the family-owned wineries have website so you can if you wish order online. you will miss the serene scenery of fall and wine country. >> it is beautiful but they will come back. the search continues for a suspect accused of trying to run over fairfield police. why they say one officer fired his weapon. >> a chance to look back at some of the biggest news we have seen through the decades. more on the new project from the man hosting the show.
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by j.d. power. happy saturday. in celebration of madonna being
7:45 am
in town this weekend i have requested all the madonna we can stand. giving you a look here across the bay. waking up with a little bit of fog out there this morning. mostly clear skies around the bay area. i will have a look at your current conditions and what you can expect for the afternoon coming up. you may remember the name phil curtis. longtime award-winning journalists. and has hosted a number of shows on a&e. he's hosting a new show. he offers a way for viewers to look back at some of the big stories. >> the show is called through the decades. at the delay time capsule that allows you to relive and remember and relate. get some perspective. may have a chance to talk to bill curtis about the same project. bill curtis what an absolute pressure to talk with you. the decades network and all the great work you are doing. it is been described as a time capsule. tell us about this project.
7:46 am
and really what you hope viewers can get from it. >> first of all you can learn about history. it's a wonderful nostalgic walk through the pass. we are taking television news coverage of events over the last 30 or 40 or 50 years and creating content. a documentary every day. five days a week. we are going to get an awful lot. especially comparing and having a new perspective on the fact that history does repeat itself. we are able to understand some of the things that with a foundation of what we are seeing today. one is apollo 11 coverage. buzz aldrin walked on the moon on apollo 11. today he gives us a perspective of what it was like then and what it should be like today. all the astronauts would like to see the apollo program come back. or at least walk again on the
7:47 am
moon. i can't even count them we have done so many shows. you will really find it valuable. >> i wonder what you would say to the new journalists coming in. or the journalists who are working right now in a time when industry is certainly seeing a lot of change. and a lot of different perceptions about what we do as journalists. do you think that through the decades it gives us perspective of the important work that is being done now. the and plaques and the implications we fell seconds later. >> i don't think it was any better than or better journalists than now. i think today it is really the time. especially for investigating journalists out of washington. to challenge the administration. we have better equipment these days.
7:48 am
just over the air. that we are talking right now. there was no satellite in vietnam. we have walter cronkite covering live the space event. and piecing it together. we had a long 45 minutes in which we had to develop the film, and then edit the film. you are talking about a delay. it is a responsibility. it makes it a little harder when you hit the story with the truck. you are going to have something to say. because the folks back at the studio are going to want it. you don't have as much time to think about it. but i have been amazed. i can't remember the last time i have seen a reporter make a mistake on the air. they may miss a couple facts. now the shortcoming is that you will fill the air with live and
7:49 am
exciting things. and not devote the money and time to the longer stories to give it the background and perspective. >> the perspective in the background so important as well. >> am happy to be on 36. >> we are happy to have you there. before i let you go bill i guess my last question is if you had to pick a decade, a decade you had to go through one more time, which one would it be? >> the most exciting was the 60s. cities were burning and three assassinations. all of which i know we shouldn't talk about is the best decade. for a news person it was the most interesting. and then on to the benson trial in 1969 and 70. that was a big one for me.
7:50 am
that is when i started. >> a lot of news to cover. what a remarkable new project this is. thank you for taking us through the decades. we appreciate your time. the show is part of the decades television network. which can be found on comcast channel 180. you can find on digital 36.4. those old-school news anchors you can almost touch their voice. >> it was nice chatting with him and also rosemary. i love vogue. outside our doors this morning a total start to the day.
7:51 am
>> she does that one christmas song santa baby. >> we have a look there and another look here from the oakland toward san francisco. beautiful colors in the sky. a little bit haze out there. air quality should remain moderate. another cold start. not quite as cold in many spots. santa rosa at 35 degrees. the southeast edge of santa rosa yesterday dips into the upper 20s. in areas like sevastopol we are in the low 30s. we are a little better.
7:52 am
we have a frost advisory until 9 pm for our valley locations. if you are just joining us this morning. san francisco at 53. upper 30s and livermore. the inner east bay also a very chilly start. upper 30s to low 40s.. the winds are generally light and variable for today. that will remain the case is high pressure remains over the west. we do have, pushing that storm track well to the north. you can see areas like washington and oregon also drive. no storms moving to the pacific northwest for the weekend. a chilly morning. we begin to thaw out in the next few hours. for the afternoon we will bring temperatures up from yesterday by at least a few degrees. a dry pattern is expected to continue. take a look at this future cast model. noticed the rain line is so far north. as i roll it through the next several days it doesn't ever really drop. it moves a little bit closer and by next weekend, saturday
7:53 am
morning and next weekend it looks like we may get rain to the pacific northwest. for us we are likely to remain dry. we could see something come our way. it looks like by midmonth. here's a look at what we are expecting. your forecast for today, 8:00 and 9:00 we can even see the numbers below the bar. temperatures in the 30s and 40s through the 9:00 our. as we get into lunchtime much better. upper 60s in the forecast. upper 70s to low 80s in the local forecast. anyone for santa rosa and 78 for novato. the east bay mid-seventies in oakland. 70 in san jose. 79 by the water. 75 san mateo. if you are thinking about tahoe bring the winter gear. below freezing. 19 degrees this morning and truckee. 65 tomorrow. there's a look at extended forecast. temperatures will remain mild.
7:54 am
we will all remain dry. >> madonna did a song called frozen. not from the disney musical. coming up in our next our reimbursing cities following the power shut off. how much cities like san jose are expected to get and where they say they want to spend that money. >> actress lori loughlin and her husband appearing back in court again. details on their hearing and the latest on the college admission scandal.
7:55 am
there are those who will say that you're:
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the man charged with killing two people in separate incidents on skyline boulevard and san mateo county is not competent to stand trial. both doctors appointed to evaluate the man who came to the same conclusion. officials say the defendant will be placed in the facility for treatment. the case will be back in court on december 13 for a treatment report. he's accused of luring a taxi driver to a remote part of the road on june 17. and then stabbing him to death. prosecutors say the next day he killed a tow truck driver. >> lori loughlin and her husband have pleaded not guilty to new bribery charges tied to their role in the college admission scandal. the former tv star and her husband maintained their
7:59 am
innocence in court on friday. last month federal prosecutor slapped charges of conspiracy to commit federal program bribery onto their long list of alleged offenses. the couple is accused of paying $500,000 to illegally get their two daughters admitted into usc. the national traffic highway administration is looking into possible battery defects in tesla sedans in their suvs. it came after car spontaneously burst into flames sometimes while driving and others while parked in garages. the development raises new safety concerns for the bay area's famous electric carmaker. >> anytime the federal government starts an investigation into a federal defect that is concerning. when the investigation is into the battery management system or an electric car company that is critical. >> investigation covers all the model vehicles made between 2012-2019 and sold here in the u.s. sanford has graphed expansion plans over a three- year battle over the project. plans call for 3.5 million square-foot expansion. that included 2 million square feet of academic space.
8:00 am
it was supposed to go before the supervisors on tuesday for a vote. late friday stanford announced it had reached an impasse with the county. morning on2 continues in just a few minutes. >> we are fox sports! ♪ >> today on "fox big noon kickoff," who wins the cocktail party? brady has the answer, reggie tells us about if young can win the heisman trophy. >> chase young is the best prospects going into the draft. >> the playoff ranking comes out tuesday. urban meyer reveals what changes are needed. and the back 12 teammate in the playoffs, matt on why it is an uphill battle. ♪


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