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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  November 3, 2019 7:00am-8:31am PST

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this is mornings on 2.
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assume it is sunday, november 3. we hope you enjoyed the extra hour of sleep. >> i kept looking at the clock. anyway, good morning. we are in for rosemary. she was enjoying madonna. >> she was rocking out to madonna. >> i was sleeping in today. i woke up early and said i guess i am going in. >> you go back to sleep. >> look at this gorgeous sunrise that is greeting anyone who is waking up this morning. it is beautiful out there. if you get a chance to look out the window, do it. it is a stunning morning. temperatures are chilling. it is 36 degrees in santa rosa, 53 in san francisco and 46 in oakland and about 45 in san jose. the wind is nice and calm and we have a slight offshore flow. that will change throughout the day and we will see more of an
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onshore flow which brings more moisture our way. as far as rain is concerned, we will not see any moisture and that is because high pressure is in control and that is why it shoes everything right over the top of us. that will keep us nice and dry but lots of sunshine and we are warm and temperatures will be mild, above average and you can see it is 63 degrees in the bay and 81 degrees in length. if you're going out to the game, it will be beautiful. you can see the detour. we have nice sunshine and a beautiful day. you can enjoy the game and traveling. do we have any rain in the forecast? the short answer is no. we will talk about that in my extended forecast. let's go back to claudia and frank. breaking news, eastbound
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580 is closed in oakland at park boulevard because of ongoing police activity. the best detour is to get off of grand avenue. we have calls from the chp for more information and we will bring you updates. once again, eastbound 580 is closed in oakland. it is because of police activity. police are investigating a shooting in a residential area. it was reported around 9 pm near the intersection of presley drive near the woodland mills park. there is no word if anyone was injured or if police are looking for any suspects. there is an investigation into that halloween investigation. we are joined and we are hearing from a woman who lived in the guest house on the property where the shooting happened. >> reporter: right now we are on the corner of this road in
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orinda they have dropped off flowers they have memorials set up for the five people who were killed on the thursday night party and several others who were injured. one woman who was steps away from the chaos was susie. she lived downstairs from the main house and was home thursday night, the night of the shooting. the landlord has a quiet time will from 10 pm to 6 am and the party was allowed so she complained about the noise. 15 minutes later, she said she heard gunshots. she called 911 and said it took law enforcement 30 minutes to come. she explained the terrifying details from that night. >> i grabbed my phone and i went to the bathroom and after the shots, there were over 100 people here. people were yawning and yelling and screaming outside of the house. it was very terrifying. >> reporter: the cofounder of
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airbnb said this message. starting today, we are banning party houses and we are redoubling our efforts to combat unauthorized parties and get rid of abusive host and guest conduct, including conduct that leads to the terrible events that we saw in orinda. they will talk at a meeting about whether short-term rental regulations need to be looked at. they plan to hold a moment of silence for those victims later. we are hearing from the girlfriend of the man who was shot and killed while dj at the party. we sat down with her. >> serena is referring to her boyfriend, omar taylor. he was the dj for richmond and he was manning turntables when he was shot and killed. your he loved music.
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he was dee-jaying a party. >> his life was cut short by bullets fired into a crowd of partygoers in an airbnb and it was the halloween mansion party. >> he said i will come about what i will take and do not take. we do not know this would be the one that was going to do it. >> the slender man known as callie to his friends was helping raise a 4-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. >> he was very loving and cared a lot about everybody and his daughter, the mom, his family, his friends, his best friend, me, whoever. >> she says good things were happening for taylor and it felt like he was on the cost of a professional breakthrough. >> he was trying to bring light
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to society and someone from a less fortunate area, he wanted to have people realize there is more to life. he was doing so many great things . >> they say something about this particular party gave her a sense of unease but she cannot pinpoint why. she considered attending the party but decided not to last minute. she never saw taylor that night and instead last laid eyes on him wednesday morning. >> i went to sleep and i was happy because he was holding me all night. he always sleeps really close to me and his arm was still around me and we woke up wednesday and we got our day started . >> on halloween, taylor took part in a hollowing fundraiser for kids and then that night, his life was snatched away.
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>> they reporting that omar has a brother that is the stark running back. it was hours after finding out about his brother's death. they are having a tribute to him and the paper said my teammate, my brother, they said they were going to be there for me and it was good and i was surrounded by good people. >> the time is 7:08 am and they have arrested a man suspected of spending time in a regional park. 42-year-old roland faces already award for his arrest and faces charges of arson and failure to register as a sex offender. the fire started before 9:00 last night and it burned 10 acres. fire screws saw someone with the description of a suspicious person they located him.
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one firefighter needed medical treatment after being stung by wasps while battling the flames . no homes were damaged by the fire. they have stopped the contained fired from kincade fire. this is more than twice the size of the entire city of oakland. crews now have 74% containment. that fire started eight days ago in containment is now expected late thursday. four firefighters have been in jude and 372 buildings including 1075 homes have been destroyed. they have implemented an emergency order that bans anyone from reentering the kincade fire burn zone. the chief public health officer said these remains of building materials contain toxins that are hazardous to your health and exposure could lead to long- term public health risks, especially from inhaled dust particles and contaminated drinking water. sonoma county will open a
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local assistant center where people affected by the kincade fire can get help to get back on their feet. it will open through wednesday at the healdsburg community center from 10:00 to 7 pm and state and county agencies will be on hand for information on issues that include insurance, food, benefits, housing, and employment. this food bank will bring in emergency response thursday with food distribution to assist those in santa rosa affected by the power shut off and the evacuations. they can go to the lawrence middle school and the language academy campus today from 1:00 to 2:30 pm to get food, and jose world center kitchen will also be there to give 300 free meals in addition to the undocumented fund which is raising funds to assist those affected by the fire in 2017 after the other
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fire, they distributed some $6 million in assistance to nearly 2000 in sonoma county. a man on for a convicted felon. >> where they are searching for the man who they say tried to run over a fairfield police officer. it happened again. it was at the annual regis cup. we tell you what led to another horse being euthanized.
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good morning. i think this is a great way to start the day. you have to feel good. you got to sleep in. >> david bowie, is there anything better? we will talk about the weather with more sunshine on tap and what are the chances of any rain in our future. i will talk about that in the extended forecast. >> we will track the stations in san francisco. crews are working to replace old cables and pipes and there could be a train delay up to 20 minutes while work is underway, so plan accordingly. they're working on cables
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because when they fail, the bart loses electricity. electricity provided in edison says it is having equipment that may have sparked those flames. they said winds overnight were going to become more favorable for firefighters on the front line. so far, the fire has burned more than 9400 acres and it is 50% contained. new structures have been destroyed and we have the latest in southern california. >> reporter: firefighters battling the latest round of wildfires in california are trying to get them under control as they burn through thousands of acres of land and force people to evacuate. >> there is a wind shift and we have a new fuel bed that is subject to firefighting. >> they started thursday night and left thousands under mandatory evacuation orders. >> we could not do anything.
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we just had to wait and see what happens. >> crews work to put out the flames as they battle through dangerous fire conditions. >> they really put some good hard work and with long hours. some came directly from the easy fire in other areas and worked all night long. >> homes have been destroyed as a result of the maria fire they are working around the clock to contain the blaze. also, the easy fire is now 100% contained. those flames were threatening the ronald reagan presidential library. just over 1800 acres have burned and two structures were destroyed and 7000 homes were ones threatened. a tragic death at the breeder's cup where a horse had to be euthanized after suffering a fractured leg during the race. the death is the fifth during the race which began in
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september and this is the 37th horse to be euthanized since december last year at the track. the racing board announced it will issue a report in december to provide strategies to avoid similar horse injuries and deaths. a warning on the first weekend of the recreational season. they are advising people not to eat the internal organs of crabs caught in two areas, they include the front range and san mateo county. the warning is due to some kind of acid which is a potential neurotoxin. we told you the start of the commercial crab season was going to be delayed it was originally scheduled to start on november 15 but it has been pushed back to november 23 because of the risk of whale and other marine life entanglements is reduced. weather, rosemary is sleeping in and we are front
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and center and it looks like a nice one. >> we have another beautiful day. we have lots of sunshine in the forecast and you might want to get up and make some plans. the golden gate bridge is beautiful. we have a clear night with no problems with visibility and sometimes we worry about fog, but not today. it is going to have a lot of cool air, with 30s from salt lake to chicago. we are more fortunate. we have some 30s like in santa rosa, coming in at 36 degrees. napa is at 37 and we have 35 in fairfield, 35 in walnut creek and livermore and 39 in the san francisco bay. we are gorgeous and the wind is nice and calm and as you can see, as we zoom out we have
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high pressure protecting us and that is what is keeping us clear. there are no red flag warnings anywhere in the state of california, so that is great news. the high pressure will make it so any weather that comes in is going to shoot over the top of this and keep us dry. we would love to get some rain during the fire season. but that dry pattern continues as warm and sunny weather sticks with us. in los angeles, they said they had some light rain for three minutes. they did get a little bit but we do not have any in our forecast. it is 70 for san francisco and the north bay could see low 80s in places like santa rosa. it is 78 in concord and fremont is 75 and you can see 80 degrees right here. we have clear skies tonight. it will be similar to what we just went through. it is a good degree or two higher. since july 1, this is the rain we have gotten.
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in santa rosa, they have gotten over a 10th of an inch. these are the percentages of normal and that is to say we are certainly due for some rainfall. as a look at the future cast, we want to see if anything makes it in. you can see another system coming to the west coast thursday and we have some clouds but all of that shoots straight over the top of us as the high pressure hangs out and keeps us from getting any that weather here is your extended forecast. we have some beautiful weather today. it is warm and sunny and gorgeous. you can copy that and paste it for monday and tuesday and wednesday. however on thursday, we have some clouds because we have a system that will bring the northern fringes of california some rain. temperatures will be consistent. we are warmer than where we should be. we are in the upper 70s inland. that they will be in the beautiful low 70s.
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>> we need a good soaking. we usually -- once it starts we get the rain. we will have that rain. >> we had a slow start and it all worked out. >> hopefully, this year we have some coming soon. tuesday is a big day in san francisco. voters are going to the polls to pick a new mayor. we will take a look at candidates who are vying for that position. and the raiders host home game at oakland after six weeks on the road. we will talk about what analysts say they need to do to be the detroit lions today. sports is coming up next. one call 811 before you dig.ings you can do is to make sure you calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort.
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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san jose did not beat boise but that they put up a heck of a fight. they had 94 points combined and the broncos won. they were up 7-0 and josh dives in over the defender. it was 14-0, spartans. they answer quickly. watch avery williams. he will catch and fly and he will plow through all of them, going 56 yards down the sideline. it is 24-17 at the half. they got outscored 35-18 during the second half. he had 32 yards on a breakaway
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and josh through over 40 yards, all for boise state. they win 52-42. san jose sharks continue to struggle. they hosted vancouver and the canucks scored early in the first period following just minutes later by another vancouver person. we have pictures. vancouver went up 3-0 early in the second that was enough to stop and as a. the final score, the sharks only got two and that is there fifth consecutive loss. they will close chicago on tuesday night. the big three are out of commission but despite being shorthanded, the warriors actually put up a pretty good fight against the hornets before losing by six. there without d'angelo russell but this looks good.
7:26 am
they are down three. they are driving and he is denied and damien will finish on the other and and they are tied. 25 seconds to go, they are done by one. cody martin deflects it and charlotte gets possession they hold on to win with a foul shot, 93-87. the warriors are 1-5 and have yet to win a game. the raiders, home sweet home after an epic road trip that took them to minnesota, indiana. europe was tough. they had 39 days away from the colosseum but today they hosted the 3-3-1 to trade lighters. they won only five on the road but they say they learned a lot about who they are. >> this is probably the closest group i have ever been on, including the playoffs.
7:27 am
it is a special group. we are laying the foundation for something. it is a good group to have. they are tough guys and will be a good group for a long time. there will not be as much turnover. that is for sure. >> here is the football sunday matchup. at 8:15 am, we have more about the raider game and then we have mercedes sports followed by the fox pregame show. and the lions will come up 1:00 followed by the point after and then sports wrap tonight at 11:30 pm, so be sure to tune in. the search continues for a san francisco nurse and her friend who went missing on a trip up the coast. when we come back, family and friends are searching for answers. arrested for providing alcohol to a minor? the deadly accident that happened after a 19-year-old was legally served alcohol.
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i do not know how cold it is but i bet it is chilly because it is chilly in the bay area. it is good to have you with us on a sunday morning. >> good morning. let's get to the weather. >> i was singing along to madonna last night and that was my favorite song, an old one. it is hard to pick a favorite. >> borderline? >> the late 80s madonna? i like the classics. >> look at this look. we have a ship out there and i think that is a princess cruiseship they are going on a wonderful cruise. it is fantastic. here is a look from oakland, looking down the fence.
7:32 am
it is 36 in santa rosa and oakland is 46 degrees, 39 in livermore and tilly in san okay. winds are nice and light so i think it is a fine day to be out on the water. we have the offshore flow happening and then it will turn on shore through the day but nothing too dramatic. there is no wind across the next week. we hide high pressure in control and the blue skies will stick with us and we will not keep any rain our way. it would be nice to get some as we get through fire season. we have not in the forecast yet. we have lots of sunshine and are staying warm with beautiful temperatures above average. 69 at the coast and 63 inland. livermore and concord will get up and be a little warmer. a
7:33 am
few spots will get to the upper 70s and low 80s. if you are going outside for some football, it was a gorgeous day. mostly sunny and warm and kickoff is at 1:05 pm and it is going to be 73 degrees. it should be perfect with no problem with the wind. as we look forward to if we have any rain, the short answer is we do not. we will talk about that and what our chances are going for it and where we are at for the season in your extended forecast. police are still searching for a man who allegedly tried to run over officers on friday. they say around 3 pm, officers were serving a search warrant on dahlia street when they were also run over by a vehicle. one officer opened fire and robert hansen was able to get away after a short chase. they found his gold jaguar but they are still searching for him. they are searching for a missing 80-year-old man. he was last seen at 4:00 at the
7:34 am
grocery store. he is 170 pounds and was last seen wearing a red jacket. he suffers from a medical condition and may be disoriented if you see him, you are asked to call police. happening today, there are vigils for two people who disappeared while flying along the northern california coast. 27-year-old kayla rodriguez and her friend, justin winfrey flew from nevada last thursday night they told friends they were going to a haunted house further north but would not say exactly where. they were last seen in humboldt county at a restaurant in the town of shelter cove. kos guards searched for the plane but did not find any signs of it.
7:35 am
a bartender has been arrested for serving a minor from antioch in may and the minor got wind of the wheel of a car and ended up crashing on highway 12. one passenger was killed and another suffered major injuries. reporter kristi has the details. >> reporter: any time you have alcohol get into the hands of minors, nothing good comes of it. this bartender and two businesses are facing penalties, all accused of supply alcohol to underage women that were later involved in a deadly crash. they say that officers arrested bartender kelly woodward outside the cinch bar, a dive bar in south sacramento. >> it was a bad decision made here and alcohol was served to this young woman. >> she served 19-year-old ainise taimani. a few hours before she crashed on highway 12 in san juan king county, injuring one other passenger.
7:36 am
>> it was a horrible tragedy to have a young woman looking at some very serious charges and have to deal with the emotional pain of losing her cousin and you have a young man who lost his life . >> to be arrested and for dui manslaughter. they have an investigation to where she got the alcohol. they went to the bar at the hollywood grocery on the for store on stockton boulevard. >> she consumes alcohol with her cousin near the area and then they went to the cinch bar later and were served alcohol there. >> these investigations are important for the public's health and safety. >> it sends a message that this is illegal and dangerous and sometimes when you sell alcohol to someone under the age of 21, there can be deadly consequences. >> a bicyclist was killed friday night after going in santa cruz. they were called to westcliff
7:37 am
drive about 7:45 pm when they arrived they found an injured man at the bottom of the cliff. he died at the scene and the man's name has not been released and police are investigating the accident as a solo bicyclist collision and they say foul play is not suspected. police are investigating a series of car burglaries that may be connected. they say they have received 15 car burglary reports saturday morning in the district of town. they say it is likely the same suspect targeting multiple people in union city. they have not released any suspect information or if they are looking for anyone in particular however remind people to remove all your valuables when you leave your car. a woman who was hit by truck in san francisco has died from her injuries. it happened on thursday afternoon. she was crossing the street when she was hit.
7:38 am
she was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with authorities and has not been arrested. police are asking for help after hit-and-run crash that left one seriously injured. they hit the man who was crossing near the court. the truck left the scene they did not have a good description of the driver but anyone who saw the crash or who might have seen it, with a new damage, is asked to call union city police and the crash victim has major injuries to his head and leg. two supervisors want to expand mental health services on tuesday. supervisors cortez and chavez will propose a new study on expanding services to the severely mentally ill who are homeless. they want to know how to provide help for people across the county. today, chavez said people in
7:39 am
need should not be locked up when they seek treatment and supervisor cortez said that the response should not police badges. >> a federal judge has blocked the trump administration's rule that would have required immigrants to have proof of health insurance or financial resources to pay for it. the rule was supposed to take effect today but a judge granted the 28 day nationwide restraining order on that new rule. they said the policies would increase the likelihood that immigrant families would be separated in the white house as the rule is designed to decrease the financial burden imposed on hospitals and taxpayers for immigrant care. president donald trump has appointed a new acting secretary of homeland security. chad will become the fifth person to hold that. he has indicated that he has no plans for him to take on the role permanently. >> i put in a very good man who
7:40 am
was highly respected and he is acting and we will see where that goes. as you know, i like it. a lot of people say i like acting. it gives you great flexibility. >> the white house spokesperson says the current acting homeland security secretary will remain on the job until veterans day. it is not clear who will take over as the acting homeland security secretary later. president donald trump is also reacting after the house voted along party lines to approve ground rules for impeachment inquiry. he is taking aim at house speaker nancy pelosi. >> nancy pelosi has become unhinged. there is something wrong with her. if you look at what is happening and you look at the poll numbers, and at the
7:41 am
poll numbers in the swing state, they are saying do not do it. i am fine with it. >> i-maintains that the democrats have no grounds to impeach him and they are telling them they have more witnesses to the phone call with the president of ukraine. president donald trump is accusing of asking ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son. nancy pelosi insists that the impeachment inquiry is not partisan. >> none of these issues have been made as a question of that. we have no choice but to pursue that because we have taken the oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. >> there will be a busy week ahead in the impeachment probe full of closed-door testimonies and the administration continues to say the investigation does not give president donald trump to process and a pelosi says that they will have more open
7:42 am
hearings and they will release transcripts. demonstrators are calling on members of congress to improve health care access. >> now is the time. >> now is the time. >> a medicare for all protest was held in san francisco, demonstrators staged a "die-in" . it was part of a statewide rally in support of the bill. they have reopened the cave where 12 boys and their soccer coach were trapped last year. monks gathered to mark the event yesterday and hundreds of people gathered to check out the reopening. it follow the removal of the equipment inside that was used in that very dramatic rescue of children and their coach a year ago. you remember they became trapped underground when the cave flooded suddenly and rescuers died trying to save
7:43 am
them and a statue is in his honor. >> people are returning home this weekend following the kincade fire. >> details on food distribution events happening today to help people who have lost their belongings during the fire. election day is on tuesday and we will take a look at the candidates vying to become san francisco's next mayor.
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xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. good morning palma we have a good look at the golden gate bridge and we are easing into our morning. we have beautiful skies on tap with warm temperatures. we will talk about the rain in the extended forecast. san francisco voters will decide who they want to leave the city this tuesday. it features six candidates including incumbent landon breed. we introduced you to three of those candidates now ktvu reporter shows us the rest of the field. >> robertson has lived in san
7:47 am
francisco for nearly 30 years and served in the marine corps now this business owner wants to change the face of the mayor's office. >> get someone to know that can stop this wrecking ball from going down the street. >> robertson includes adding parking in the city, repaving all roads, and addressing the homeless issue. he wants to eliminate navigation centers, declare state of emergency and cut the budget and his words get more bang for the buck. >> why spend 50 million and then put the other millions in our streets and picking up town. we should have the most beautiful town in the country . >> they have worked for 34 years and he calls himself a progressive democrat wants to make public transit free by taxing the downtown business community. he wanted to be a zero commission emission city. >> being a person to bring
7:48 am
practical solutions to problems that are cost-effective and not just incremental things but comprehensive fundamental changes. >> he is the leading challenger to landon breed and has a solution for the issues of homelessness. >> i am determined to be the first mayor on the west coast to solve the homeless crisis in a wary out people coming in two programs in one to three years and are working full-time or part-time. >> ellen lee zhou made history after she made a political land board that they called politically racist. she stands by the message she says it displays. >> it is time for them to say about this, whether we want to take another four years of landon breed with more people coming and more drugs. >> she is running on a platform
7:49 am
of making the city safer and cleaner. i will work with the federal government to enforce the united states constitution and i will be cleaning up city hall and i will be cleaning up the streets and save the homeless and heal them and keep them healthy . >> these are three hope to earn your vote on election day, november 5. in san francisco, ktvu, fox 2 news. i can find more platforms and priorities if they are elected. >> it is the first day for the indoor football team, the first ever try out they kick off at 9:00 and their open. one of the co-owners, they played at oakland tech. they will be in attendance. it is free family day at the museum of modern arts at 10:00
7:50 am
and the galleries will remain open until 5:00 tonight. they will be having a chance for children to look at art and participate in a treasure hunt around the museum and storytime. everyone under the age of 18 gets in free every day but today, they can all bring two adults with them. visitors without children can also attend but they may pay full price for tickets. today is the last day that the fairy will operate between richmond and the building. they were added at the beginning of the summer because the service was so costly. the weekday service will continue with schedule changes and more decisions have been made. they do not know they were that we can service again next summer. for the first time in two decades, people visiting the golden gate park will have a chance to regularly ride horses. it will begin at this ranch at the equestrian field. it will be along with children's pony rides and horse camp and writing lessons, part of a new agreement where they
7:51 am
will be offered for free visits. it has not been available since 2001 despite a pilot program in 2017 and the ranch will be open wednesday through sunday from 10:00 until 5:00. a brewery is combining two favorites for a good time. they are putting future faces of shelter dogs on its craft beer cans. the company is partnering with a nonprofit organization to help animals get adopted. some of them will be featured on the cans from monday at the brewery. you can get some bark for your beer. >> let's check on how the weekend is wrapping up. today, it will be beautiful and we have to look at the
7:52 am
national picture. here is san francisco. it is gorgeous, just a nice start to the day. we have good visibility and the temperatures are quite chilly across the country with a lot of 30s all the way from salt lake city to minneapolis and omaha and chicago. you can see it is the season towards winter. it feels a little chilly if you are waking up at 37 degrees, 36 in santa rosa and 39 in nevada. it is 40 in redwood city and sunnydale is 43 and livermore is around 39 degrees. we have had a nice start to the day with clear skies and that continues to go throughout the day today as we zoom in you can see why. you can see all the clouds shooting over the top of this as they often do. you have nice high pressure in control and it brings us clear skies and the warmer temperatures.
7:53 am
that is the good thing if you like sunshine but not such a good thing if you hope we get some rain. in fire season, we do tend to think about that. anything will shoot over the top of us and it will make its way into the pacific northwest. it might go to the very tip top of california but not to the bay area. it will be warm and sunny throughout our week and today, it is beautiful out, 70 degrees in san francisco, similar to yesterday. we might see some low 80s in the north bay and in morgan hill but mostly 70s in oakland and 78 in concord and the coast is 66 degrees and tonight, the clear skies stick with us and we will cool down but a degree or two warmer compared to yesterday. napa is looking out for 40s tonight and the far north they will see 50s, and 44 in san jose. we have not gotten a lot of rain. since july 1, we have had
7:54 am
barely over attend of an inch in santa rosa and san francisco had over a quarter of an inch. the percentages that you see a percent of normal. we are definitely very dry and we will see when our next good soaking rain will come as we go through this week you can see the high pressure will continue to shoot moisture over the north of us thursday and friday we will see a few clouds and this is to our north but it will not bring us any rain. we will stay dry. it shows you all of that three sunshine and above average temperatures that were roll with us today, monday into tuesday, and i think by the time we go into thursday, another system will provide rain to places like seattle but not for us. we might get a few clouds. we are stuck. if you like the sunshine and nice weather, it is not a bad place but we are in fire season and i would love to see some rain in the forecast and we are not there yet. >> it is do not get the high
7:55 am
crazy winds. we will take what we can get. coming up, the celebration of oakland. how day of the dead is paying tribute to loved ones who have passed away.
7:56 am
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it is the 18th annual golden gate bridge. the runners will start as soon as the guns go off. thousands will take that run across the golden gate bridge and back. there are several road closures around the marina and around the event however most major roads remain open to traffic. here is a picture as they make their way. what a gorgeous day. we do not always get a gorgeous morning like this, where you can see the towers.
7:59 am
you are running a half marathon. you do not care. it will feel good and if you can see your bridge, it is sunny. thursday, it starts near aquatic park and then they have a gorgeous run on the golden gate bridge. and then they will go back to the square. >> the oldest bar -- after 16 years in business, saint jordan's opened in 1959 in the bayview. they received landmark status from the city back in 2013. the restaurant is located on san jordan way. the family run business says that financial hardships were too much to overcome and they had to shut it down. >> solutions are being held throughout the day for dia de los muertos. the holiday is six.
8:00 am
and goes over the few days of november and it is because of an ode to the afterlife and helps families remember loved ones who have passed away. the 24th annual unity council dia de los muertos celebration of oakland had elaborate displays that honored family members and they did face painting and a lot of other items that reminded them of their loved ones. they had original altars and cemeteries and other significant places. all he wanted was to be happy. >> he loved her so much. >> we are hearing from a girlfriend of a man that was killed at the halloween party in orinda. we have the latest on the investigation that killed five. officials are announcing an emergency order banning people from reentering the kincade fire burn zone. we have details ahead and will
8:01 am
look at the contain the numbers. there is the man suspected of starting eight fires. how officers scrambled to spot him while responding to those fires. this is mornings on 2. good morning to you on this sunday morning. a beautiful look over the bay, this is the bay bridge and you can see the sun in the background and if you are taking a second look at the clock, we had an hour extra overnight. i enjoyed it even though i had fear about sleeping in. >> i am not on the morning show enough so i am always light will i sleep through it? i do that every morning. >> thank you for joining us. >> happy sunday. we have lots of sunshine this
8:02 am
morning. >> i love hanging out with you guys. it is a good time. we have a beautiful day on tap. if you liked yesterday? >> i did. it was beautiful. >> we will get another day like that. it is stunning outside. if you look at san francisco, you can see barely any fog, just a tiny bit of moisture in the air but it is gorgeous and the same story around the bay and other spots, the oakland area here that is crystal clear. it is nice to get out on the water. in oakland, it is 53 degrees but it is chilly in santa rosa and san jose is 51 and san francisco is 53. the wind is nice and light. it is nice and calm and we have that slight offshore flow throughout the day and there will be more of an onshore flow
8:03 am
developing that will bring more moisture in but not a whole lot but we will take what we can get during fire season. you can see clear skies over here because high pressure is overhearing you can see the clouds shooting all the way to alaska. it is going far north. we have lots of sunshine and we are staying warm with temperatures above average. you are 63 degrees around the coast and we could see low 80s and spots probably places like santa rosa and south of san jose. if you are going to the game, to the oakland coliseum, they kickoff and it will be 70 degrees and perfect weather to be outside. do we have any rain in the forecast? we are looking out for our next rain that could help us move past the fire season. as you can see, nothing coming our way. we will talk about that and where we are at with the
8:04 am
extended forecast. the investigation into the deadly halloween shooting continues. we talked with the woman who lives in the guesthouse of the same property as she says the shooting has her terrified. she says she heard the party at the main house and that it was quite loud and said she texted her landlord when the noise continued after 10:00, when the house was supposed to be quiet and then a few minutes later she heard the gunshots. she estimates about 100 people went outside screening and pending pounding on the guesthouse doors. she said she stayed with her brother and it was the first time she returned to the house. she said even now, she is still feeling shaky about being on the property. >> i am not going to live here anymore. it is not safe. to be honest, you can probably hear in my voice. i have some anxiety about going
8:05 am
in to get my stuff. >> they have not released any information about any potential suspect. we have called the property owner several times but not our messages have been returned. airbnb is reacting to the shooting to making changes. the cofounder tweeted this message, saying starting today we are banning party houses and we are redoubling our efforts to combat unauthorized parties and get rid of abusive host and guest conduct. that includes conduct that led to the terrible events that we saw in orinda. he says that new measures will screen reservations and any action will be taken against violators of this new policy will happen. and there is a meeting tuesday that will have an amended agenda and they want to have reform on the short-term rental policy and the mayor says the council will now consider whether the current regulations need to be stricter and the city says it will also hold a
8:06 am
moment of silence for the victims that were killed in that shooting. police are investigating a shooting in a residential area of the city around 9:00 last night. it was near the woodland mills park. there is no word of anyone injured or police are finding any suspects. they have arrested a man suspected of setting eight fires in hayward and union city. he is facing outstanding award now there is a failure to register as a sex offender. the fire started before 5:00 last night and quickly burned a total of 10 acres and crews spotted someone who matched the description of a suspicious person near the fires at the time they located roman montalvo. one firefighter did needed medical treatment after being stung by wasps while battling the flames but no homes were damaged by that fire. fires are no longer growing
8:07 am
in kincaid. it was more than twice the side of the entire city of oakland. they have 76 percent containment in containment is expected late thursday. four have been injured while battling the flames in 175 homes have been destroyed. they have implemented an emergency order banning anyone from reentering the kincade fire burn zone. the health officers say the burned remains have toxins that are hazardous to your health. it could lead to long-term public health risks. especially from inhaled dust particles and contaminated drinking water. sonoma county will open a local assistance center where people that are affected by the kincade fire could get some help and give back. it will be open through wednesday and held at the
8:08 am
healdsburg community center and they will be open from 10 am to 7 pm they will have state and county agencies on hand. you can find more information putting insurance questions, food benefits, housing and employment. the raiders are back home after nearly six weeks on the road. >> that is quite the road trip. we will chat with the sports guy joe fonzi and what the raiders need to do to get a win over the line. stay right here. ♪ hey. hey. you must be steven's phone.
8:09 am
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8:11 am
i hope that you are enjoying this gorgeous sunday because that is what we have on tap, blue skies and warm temperatures. it will be lovely. this is the golden gate bridge and we do have a run happening. you can see the runners. what a great place to run. i have done it a couple of times and i enjoy it every time. another beautiful lookout. it is gorgeous. let's talk about temperatures. it is chilly and spots. it is 52 degrees around santa rosa. it is 51 in oakland and 40s around redwood city and 39 in sunnydale. we have some cool spots. the skies are gorgeous and clear and you can see that confirmed
8:12 am
with storm tracker 2 mac. you have to go far to find any other clouds. there might be a few in portland but that is because high pressure is off the coast and that is what is keeping us dry and keeping us warm and keeping it clear. on the downside, it is keeping any chance of rain to our north. we would love to get some rain during fire season but it will not likely happen over the next week. the dry pattern continues with a high pressure staying in control. we have warm and sunny weather across the week. we are have any degrees in sacramento, 81 in santa rosa and mostly 70s all across the region. in santa rosa, we are 81 degrees but our normal is 71. we are 10 degrees above normal. you can see this down the line, everyone is about 5 to 10 or 10+ degrees warmer than we should be. overnight, it will be clear
8:13 am
skies again, similar to the other day. we will see upper 30s in the north bay but you should see some low 40s around napa and 44 in san jose. talking about rain, this is the rain we have had since july 1 and it is a very minuscule amount, hundredths of an inch, so not much and if you look at the percentages, it is normal. all of that is to say we could use some rain and as we look at the extended forecast, we will see a system shooting over the top of us on thursday and that will make it to the pacific northwest but not bring any moisture our way. we are staying dry and we will look forward to the extended forecast and it is nice if you will be outside however it is not so great if you are looking to end the fire season and move past this.
8:14 am
you can see temperatures are warm and we get cooler on wednesday and thursday. on to sports, after beating arizona on thursday night, they are 8-0 and they are playing seattle on prime time this monday. after nearly 50 days away from the coliseum, they are back. they will host the detroit lions and the raiders stand 3-4 and with more on that game, we have our insider, joe fonzi, finally at home. that is nice. >> reporter: what a journey. in six weeks, they went to london and it is crazy. the last time they played on that field, it was still a baseball field. we will not see that ever
8:15 am
again. it was pretty crazy, the journey it went through. >> they went back september 15 they lost to the chiefs. let's talk about the raiders and their 2-3 season. they had a disappointing loss in texas where they had the upper hand and they let it slip away. what happened? >> they have not been able to come up with the play that would allow them to get out of the field and put the offense back on. at the very end of the game, it was a great effort by houston, to get that play that put them ahead. there were not able to get off the field and that has been the difference, the ability to make the big play or not make the big play and the raiders have had a hard time. >> they seem to be -- he played
8:16 am
a good game. >> no question. his numbers have been great. we spoke with him and discussed what he has thought about and he hopes this group that he is part of right now, he says it is the tightest group he has ever been part of. so he really feels like they are building something they have a good foundation. the team feels really close and they have done a lot of things together but he does not like -- he feels like they are building something. they are not quite there yet. >> let's move on and talk about the lions. sorry, oakland. >> the oakland raiders, i feel like they're building something. >> how about the detroit lions?
8:17 am
they have been hit or miss team but the former patriots, patricia, has instilled a tough guy feeling on this team and who knows who will show up. this should be a tough game. >> yeah, he has a record, they are 3-3-1 and you can see the same thing about the lions, the same thing about the raiders. they have had some tough losses and have not pulled someplace out and like you said, it should be another one of those games where it comes down to a key play here or there and we will see which team can make it today. >> kick office after 1 pm and you can watch it on ktvu and then let's talk about the 49ers. they thought they would be 8-0 but now here they are, we know
8:18 am
jimmy g is good, he is 12-3 as a starter but my goodness. he had a game against arizona, didn't he? >> the thing that was impressive about the game, frank, is the 49ers have been asked to win games a lot of different ways. they had their defense dominating they have not had one really yet -- where you say let's have the quarterback go out and be the star of the game. he was the first guy in 19 years, to throw for over 300 yards and four touchdowns and i think the throat he made to dante in the corner, he came out. that might be the best row i have seen him make as a 49er. >> some guys are stepping up they had a big sack and the tight end is coming in for
8:19 am
george kittle and we have that first down that closed out the game. it was a pretty big play. >> when you think about the fact they are starting tackles they have been out for a few weeks, ross was a fullback and he was a titan. he has been in the backfield, kind of in the fullback position, which you mentioned he is the guy that plays that key catch on the third-down play , that keeps the drive moving. he took in me at that point. they went back to arizona. you are right. it is the people that will get hurt and you need to see what you can do and so far, when those guys go down, other guys
8:20 am
step up. one thing that does hurt them dramatically is alexander, with his season ending reinjury. the rookie will have to see what he is about because he will get a lot more playtime compared to what they initially planned for. >> we will let you go but the ravens and the rams and the packers, they have a tough load , going 16-0 but it has been fun, that is for sure. >> no question, the schedule in the second half, that is the beauty of being 8-0. you can go 4-4 in the last eight games, 12- 4, it sounds pretty good. who would've predicted that for the 49ers. they had a first round bye.
8:21 am
from now on, you can only play who is on your schedule and they have been perfect so far. enjoy a cup of coffee and we will watch you later this afternoon. >> we will be there. >> here is what football sunday looks like on ktvu . we have the mercedes sports weekend coming up followed by the fox pregame show and then the raiders and the lions at 1:00 followed by mark and joe and then the sports wrap at 11:30 pm. we have a full swing of football for you. we have more news coming up right after the break.
8:22 am
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the singletrack for the 24 station in san francisco happened. bob orne is taking the train to help them while work is underway. it is vital because when it happened, they lose electricity. >> the first weekend, it is a dungeness crab season they are advising people not to eat the internal organs of crabs that are caught in see areas that includes these areas here and humboldt county and mendocino county. the warning is due to the presence of the north neurotoxins and we told you
8:25 am
about the start of commercial crab season and if delayed it was originally supposed to start on november 15 but it has been pushed back to november 23 and that is when marine life entanglements are reduced. >> a tragic end to the classic in santa anita in southern california. another horse had to be euthanized at the track saturday after suffering a fractured leg during the race. the death is the fifth during that in september and this is the 37th horse to be euthanized since december of last year at the racetrack. a heads up, the golden gate marathon is underway and you can see it. we have all the runners crossing and we will tell you can avoid the traffic in that area if you are not a part of the race. (vo) the flock blindly falls into formation.
8:26 am
8:27 am
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8:28 am
it is the first day the panthers have their indoor football field. it is the first ever tryout they take off at 9:00 at the high school football stadium and the co-owner is going to attend and we are going that way >> happening right now, the annual golden gate bridge marathon is coming up.
8:29 am
they will finish at aquatic fraud or front where they will cross the golden gate bridge they come back and there are several road closures and most major roads will remain open the keep an eye out for them because they are on the bridge right now. >> you can see we will have great weather today. it will be sunny and beautiful with lots of sunshine. we are nice and warm and it is 81 inland and if you're going to the game in oakland, you will want to look at the low 70s it should be beautiful and we have your extended forecast with lots of sunshine and staying warm we have clouds on thursday i wish we had some rain in the forecast. we will get there. all right, for more of that at 9:00 over on ktvu you will join the sports team for the weekend . >> for more news and weather, go over to ktvu at 9:00 right
8:30 am
now, we are switching over. there a very scary but productive halloween night for the san francisco 49ers and the only thing that matters is the trick of being undefeated at the halfway point of the season. yes, the raiders are back for the first time since it was summer, 49 days ago, they lost at the coliseum. they will be dealing with the detroit lions >> we have johnson and he is great.


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