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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 8, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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deadly shooting in orinda. how the parents of one of the victims will go after airbnb with legal action. good morning. thank you for joining us. friday, november 8.i'm pam cook. >> we did it. >> we are looking like christmas. >> i'm dave clark. i saw more fog again this morning. lot. >> it's back at it again. some of the bridges are well socked in. the usual suspects are back. santa rosa. napa airport. napa airport was only 62 degrees yesterday. it felt like a summertime pattern in the city and i don't think that's changing anytime soon. visibility a quarter mile. three miles and no water. hayward a mile and a half. san jose, 10 but they were 10
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yesterday. livermore and fairfield seem to be joining the fog party. the city is stuck at 60. around the bay, 60s. still get some 70s inland. concord and livermore . gilroy. st. helena. calistoga. other than that 40s and 50s. vacaville, 41. around the bay it is socked in. 40s and 50s and it is hard- pressed to get above 59 for some in the city or on the coast. half moon bay yesterday i think was 55. it is a june/july fog pattern. 50s, 60s. then you hit 70s. 4:02 am. here he is. we are back at it, sal. >> steve paulson. >> sal castaneda. >> here we are. thank you. we are back at it in on this friday we have a nice start and i think on monday we
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will have a nice commute because monday is when a lot of people will be talking about ha days here. hopefully. livermore to pleasanton. tracy. everything is off to a nice start getting out to castro valley. steve and i have been talking about the fog. some of the visibility will be reduced. be careful. but the bay bridge it's not low enough to affect visibility across the span. let's go back to the desk. one year ago today the camp fire destroyed most of the town of paradise in butte county and almost 100 people died. >> this drone video we want to show you shows how things have changed in the past year. one video showing the devastated city a few days after the fire started on november 8, 2018. the second video taken this week looks at year later. the campfire was the most destructive wildfire in california history.people were
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butte county and destroyed 11,000 homes and businesses in paradise and the area around it. >> the rebuilding has not been easy. the deadly and destructive wildfire of paradise created a population boom in nearby chico. the closest big city to paradise and it was not touched by the flames. the population of chico grew by 20,000 since that november 2018 fire. 112,000 people now live in chico . it's a college town and that has caused problems too. chico city officials say they need about $500 million to improve the infrastructure and hire more police officers and firefighters to handle the population growth. later this morning elissa harrington will be live in paradise covering some of today's ceremonies and events. at 8:00 we will interview paradise city councilmember melissa schuster and then there are more events and live coverage throughout the day.
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new this morning. a wrongful death lawsuit lawsuit to be filed by one of the parents come in orinda last week at the halloween night party. raymond hill junior was among the five people shot and killed any mass shooting at a home rented out through airbnb. the chronicle reports this wrongful death lawsuit will be filed in contra costa county superior court. accusing airbnb and the homeowners of negligence. last night east bay congressman mark desaulnier who represents orinda posted a townhall meeting in concord and talked about possible new restrictions on airbnb. >> we need to have a discussion about proper vetting. who was liable for these things and then whether they serve a useful purpose other than being convenient once in a while. >> congressman desaulnier said short-term rental properties should go through the same zoning and permit process as hotels.
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the orinda police investigation continues. no arrests have been made. police have identified the 17 old girl shot and killed in antioch early this week.she has been identified as aliciabelen villa of oak like. the 17-year-old boy was wounded in the shooting but is expected to survive. police arrested a 16-year-old boy wednesday on suspicion of murder it's believed the shooting happened during a drug deal. the name of the suspected shooter has not been released because he is a minor. police in alameda say they arrested another man suspected of breaking into cars. officers say the man was parked on shoreline drive and appeared to be casing other cars wednesday night when officers approached him. he got out of the car and ran off. they caught him after a brief chase and found he had a loaded gun. alameda has had a string of car break-ins. officers have been conducting undercover operations throughout the city. this is the second suspect arrested this week. well-known actor and rapper, common, reacting to a
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story we told you about earlier this week. a wet no high school teachers on leave after wearing black face to school for halloween. the vice president of the black student union posted a video on twitter showing the teacher in a classroom dressed up as, common. common told tmz the teacher should go through the sensitivity training and said he may reach out and talk to the teacher himself. >> and all truth, i want to do something at that school. i'm heading right now to the area. i may go up to the school. i have the continuation for you. i will break it down to him. it will be done with love but it would be for real. >> the teacher, david carter, told us that was not his intention to be offensive and said he was surprised by the response. san francisco-based juul said it will stop selling its popular mint flavored vaping products but the east bay congressman mark desaulnier
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wants to go further than that and then all vaping products nationwide. jana katsuyama reports many parents are concerned and the rise in teen vaping. >> reporter: vaping products become big basement business and jim also said he seemed cut demands from customers who see it as an alternative to traditional tobacco. >> reporter: but san francisco vaping product manufacturer juul even with >> joe: pulling meant and previously other flavored products, other companies have
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jumped into the market with mint and fruit flavored vaping pods such as mango, grape, strawberry, blueberry and melon. >> other companies made it exactly. i think the copy. >> we have it to make use of the oversight committee. >> reporter: a townhall, congressman mark desaulnier said that is why he has proposed a nationwide temporary ban on e-cigarettes sales. >> this isn't directed just at juul. this is directed at all the products. ours is a ban until the fda gets through their analysis of what risks there are and how safe they are. >> reporter: some area high school students say they do see a lot of other classmates vaping. >> i feel like it's a good start to start trying to ban vapes but i feel like it's gone too far and at this point a lot of people are really addicted to it. >> reporter: they say they were each of that just eliminating flavors or vaping products one address of the bigger issue of teen nicotine use. >> if you ban vapes and make in
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alternative cigarettes, which i think are worse than vapes. >> reporter: jana katsuyama. the cdc says there are now more than 2000 vaping related cases of lung disease. 39 people have died from lung injuries linked to vaping. the cdc and the fda are trying to determine exactly why people are getting sick. thousands of election day votes in san francisco are still being counted by election officials. we tell you the ways candidates for district attorney and supervisor and district 5 are eagerly waiting for the final results. christmas in the park in san jose could be a little less grand this year. the reason organizers are changing their plans because of pg&e. good morning. we do have traffic that is off to a good start at the bay bridge toll plaza. we do not have a backup but a little bit of fog may be in your way. it's been a week of fog and
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we are doing the same thing. temperatures very cool by the coast. a summer pattern and hard to believe in november.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. pg&e customers are calling for change following a public safety power shut off. the california public utilities commission has opened an
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investigation into how the utility had the whites bread plan power outages. the commission sent a letter to pg&e's ceo saying the events should never be repeated and had the situation unacceptable. pg&e customers in the lake county supervisor repeated their frustrations at yesterday's cpuc meeting. >> the need to be held accountable. there is no way that this can be the way we live for the next decade and that's what we are hearing and that's unacceptable and we will not allow that to stand. >> to tell your customers and your staff that they can't come to work and we can't get the work done is not a good trend and it's starting to feel like that's going to be a routine event. >> the cpuc is also investigating whether pg&e equipment left on during the outages may have sparked at least six fires including the kincade fire. pg&e scherzer sliding after the company announced $1.6 billion in losses for the third
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quarter. the utility said wildfire -related costs could rise to more than $6 billion to cover wildfires in 2017 and 2018. pg&e is facing liability for many of those fires and stepping up inspections of its electrical equipment. pg&e stock dropped 13% yesterday to close at about six dollars per share. pg&e's financial problems are now affecting san jose's christmas in the park. the executive director of the event says this year pg&e is cutting back on its sponsorship. south bay reporter azenith smith tells us how organizers are making up the difference. >> reporter: it's that time of year again. san jose is transformed into a winter wonde now in its 40th year, the free event draws big crowds. >> the shops. >> the decorations. >> the ice rink. looking forward to it.
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>> reporter: behind the candy shops in the oversized gifts, the nonprofit had to work a little harder to secure sponsors this year. >> earlier this year they gave us a notice that they weren't sure if they were going to be returning as a sponsor because of everything going on. we did recently learned that they are returning at a little bit of a lesser level. >> reporter: christmas in the park executive director jason minsky that for at least eight years pg&e has been its second- biggest cash sponsor behind southwest airlines, giving upwards of $20,000-$30,000 a year. this year the utility said it can only provide a $5000 grant. >> that's disappointing. itstay committed to causes and continue to give at the level that you are >> reporter: but minsky said he wasn't too surprised given the utility filed for bankruptcy protection in january amid blame the utilities equipment caused multiple california wildfires.
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>> from our standpoint we feel very honored and lucky that we did get some support from them. >> reporter: many new sponsors have stepped up including google and ebay and smaller companies like little orchard self storage. >> we heard there was a need for sponsorship this year. >> reporter: little orchard is putting the finishing touches on its display. the budget for christmas in the park is more than $1 million. the nonprofit says any bit helps >> it's our small way of keeping christmas alive and keeping the spirit alive of christmas. >> reporter: christmas in the park always opened today after thanksgiving. this year november 29, with an opening parade in christmas tree lighting. it will stay open until january 5. in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. the raiders are in the playoff conversation now that they beat the chargers. >> last night the raiders defense stepped up forcing philip rivers to make big es. look at eric harris intercepting a rivers pass and he runs it back 56 yards for a
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radar touchdown. the game went back and forth. the chargers took the lead late in the fourth with just over one minute left in the game. the raiders rookie josh jacobs came through when it mattered most. >> 3rd down and a long 1. jacobs with the catch. the rookie for the touchdown. >> he did it. the raiders took the lead on that run. los angeles had one more chance but philip rivers did this. he threw his third interception of the game and the raiders held on to win, 26-24. joe fonzi has more now from the coliseum. >> reporter: for the second game in a row jon gruden got a chance to take a victory lap with his friends in the black hole. he will have three more chances to do that this year unless the raiders play additional gains in the postseason. >> every win i'm going down there. i have facepaint all over me.
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i got to see some costumes i have not seen before at any football games. awesome. >> the atmosphere. the noise. the things we can hear. those are memories you keep forever. >> reporter: the raiders have put up plenty of points in recent games but their win over the charges has to be credited to the defense. they had five sacks and three interceptions. two by eric harris and one of those return for a touchdown. >> told those guys that they have been playing very well. they've been preparing and doing a great job getting up to the quarterback so it makes our job a little easier. >> reporter: after big win over and afc west appointed, the raiders or 5-4 with a much more favorable part of the schedule in front of them. they have every reason to think they can be a playoff contender in the spinal two months of the season. at the oakland coliseum, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2.
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4:19 am. back over to sal to check on the friday morning commute. thank you, pam and dave. you guys look like a christmas tree, by the way. but i love christmas trees. i say that in a loving way. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the commute. you can see traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza doesn't have a lot going. that's the way we like it and it's going to be a nice-looking commute at the bay bridge toll plaza with very little traffic and a little bit of fog. if you're going to gilroy are driving from gilroy to somewhere else, you can see traffic is off to a good start. 152, 25, 50, 156, 129, they are all doing very well. ever so slight slow traffic here and there but nothing really. driving into san martin and morgan hill looks good all the way up into the west valley. and once you get there it looks pretty good. this is northbound 280.
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you can see traffic is moving along very nicely. at 4:20 am. let's bring mr. steve paulson back in. thank you, sir. it is a dry november. things can change. let me tell you it looks ugly if you're looking for rain. there is a dry pattern and no rain forecast next weekend. probably no rain after that. that's the way it's looking right now but it's been my experience when things change, the change fast but just not in the next week or 10 days. everything is east of the rockies. for this time of year, 16 in chicago? 16 in milwaukee. teens for kansas city. also des moines and minneapolis and even 33 in new york city. cincinnati, 22. nashville, 31. record lows will be set and record cool highs as well. just a really weird pattern for us. high clouds came over yesterday and some of that fog simply
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does not clear over by the coast and that means temperatures are very cool. visibility is not good already for some. bettors for others. fairfield and wettermark seem to be joining the fog party. they did not yesterday until very late so something to watch going forward. livermore, for miles. novato at three. two at sfo. a mile and a half at hayward. 10 miles in san jose but they went from 10 to 1 yesterday. half moon bay, three. the water temperatures are in the mid-50s for our intents and purposes. 55 for november is pretty cold. and there's not much heat inland. there is not a strong onshore breeze but that fog is slow to budget which means the city and oakland stay in the 60s and san jose, 68. other locations inland are in the 70s. the city since sunday has gone down and leveled off at 60. it was the high wednesday and t 25 and truckee. 42, ukiah. 42 in redding. 40s and 50s.
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i don't think these will change too much because of the low clouds and the fog. hope valley checking in at the 30s but it's 40s and 50s. san anselmo, 46. very thick fog in canfield yesterday. and also some of the higher clouds came over yesterday and temperatures plunged. i don't think they are going anywhere anytime soon. the fog is very smooth. fog, sun. how do you sound at 4:22 am. no rain pattern continues. the stormtrac jet stream is to the north. 50s, 60s coast and bay and 70s inland with some of these are very cool conditions for this time of year. no big changes going forward. >> a little fog in the throat. >> early in the morning. still ahead. rallying support for the daca program. later this hour the demonstrations plan before a potential ruling by the u.s. supreme court. and art therapy for
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survivors of the kincade fire. one man has made it his life's work to collect and share secrets and is now helping survivors cope with the pain.
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buyer survivors, first responders and people affected by the kincade fire are coming together to heal. >> one man has a mission to collect and catalog other anonymous secrets on his website and he reached out to fire survivors.
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debora villalon shows us how people are releasing their pain by sharing their stories. >> i've been called the most trusted stranger in america. >> reporter: frank warren travels the country talking about the secrets people send him. >> i feel guilty when i take elevators or one floor so i limp when i get out. >> reporter: some secrets are silly. others are shocking and many sad. >> intimacy. that's what it's about. being close with a stranger. >> reporter: loyal fans check the website. 800 million views, out free, where warren shares new secrets every sunday. >> my husband and i read them together and point out the ones that are meaningful to us and share our own. >> reporter: what i've learned about secrets is they are the currency of intimacy.
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>> reporter: warren was working on a suicide hotline in 2004 when he got the idea, sort of art therapy. he started asking people to anonymously mail him homemade postcards and 1 million secrets later, they are shared in books, exhibits and the web. >> one of the things i've learned is that we all have a secret that could break your heart and if we could just remember that about other people, i think we could have more compassion and empathy. >> reporter: this audience fills a theater on a campus recently evacuated for the kincade fire. sonoma county's second big blaze in as many years. >> it's a little bit of therapy for the families around here and i think having this event is very timely to help us all reflect on how we are doing. has been it was the anticipatory trauma and anxiety about what's going to happen and what's going to happen and people certainly holding two years ago in their consciousness and awareness. what will happen this time? >> reporter: mental health providers in the lobby drove home the message that there is no shame in sharing or seeking help. >> certain people feel like you
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have to be strong and can say what they are feeling and tuck that aside and other people are more vocal about it but i think there's a lot of shared trauma in the county. >> reporter: first responders were especially encouraged to attend the event. >> i keep every secrets. every jury postcard. i think it's a precious archive. >> reporter: frank warren gets a few dozen secrets daily return on everything from death certificates to flip-flops. he believes communities heal as people do and tells his audiences, when we think we are keeping a secret, it's the secret that's keeping us. >> my policy is for your secrets and become who you are.>> reporter: in santa rosa, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. 4:29 am. a difficult day for people in butte county remembering one year ago when fire destroyed their town. next, the stories of people as they try to rebuild after the camp fire roared through paradise one year ago today. also a controversy in san
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francisco continues with more back-and-forth between the police officers association and the city supervisor. this morning's commute is moving along okay. we've seen interstate 80 in oakland. a little bit of fog out there. that will be the issue again this morning. that's what we are dealing with. a megan gray, a june gloom. whatever you want to call it, the fog is here and it's keeping temperatures cool by the coast and bay. don't miss the grand opening
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