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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 9, 2019 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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boudin boudin boudin. you heard the cheers from did support ors from chesa 59 about buy dean. his opponent conceded this afternoon. the election results were announced today. boudin holds the haded. it was a tight race until the end. yesterday bow dean led by 156
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votes. >> as you know san francisco has been in need of a new d.a. since the previous one left office. the newly elected d.a. is in the mission district celebrating a narrow victory. >> jubilation as chesa boudin celebrating the victory. suzie often us said in a statement i dependent within the race but we won the support of many. less than three weeks before the election loftus was given the interim position by the mayor. >> after the appointment we had
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a surge in donors, we had a volunteer mobilization that had over 120 volunteers showing support. >> that harolded in a narrow victory. the 39-year-old former public defender and progressive aims to stop mass up carsation did not get the backing of law enforcement. >> the election results mean that san francisco residents have to suffer through another four years of policies that have plagued our city. >> i look forward to working with all san francisco ans, we have a lot of work to don't there's a lot of distrust. my first job will be to work
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with everybody and make sure we rebuild that trust. >> that means working with the mayor. we reached out to the mayor's office but we did not hear back. i asked the d.a. have you heard from the mayor. he doesn't know, he has 150 messages he has not gone through just yet. joining us to talk more about the election results is james taylor. let's get started. >> it means there will be more police accountability. ford amendment rights and positions he takes in terms across the city issues, controversial
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issues, go back and forth. in the real sense, this is the worse case scenario for them. >> his position as a public defender and now he will be a prosecutor. how different would the district attorney's office look. >> only in san francisco, you will come up with a progressive agenda around the big policy questions and the enforcement questions of the day. whatever the issues are there will be more of a progressive view. >> let's talk about the poa. the statement that they issued. he says he will be tough on use of force when it comes to police. the police department spend money on attack ads against him.
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what does this mean for his position as prosecutor. >> it will be a forced relationship. there's animosity. this is public. how they reconcile is the game of politics. how to get over the hurt feelings and offenses and work for the good of the city. >> do you think the police officers will have a harder time getting cases prosecuted? >> i don't think so. you have a different orientation and of course depending upon your politics this is great if you're pro aggressive. if your poa, that's separate from the rank and file officers, there's a different reality. >> you hosted a debate. >> district five. speaking of this case right
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here, what stuck out to you the most about where bodine is. >> what surprised me. in to me too moment, you ended up with two progress i've white men replacing two white women. all the other trends are going in a different position. what we are seeing is a reflection of the national pattern. what we're seeing in fran, going back to willie brown, the back and forth for a one party town with different wings, we have people call liberals conservatives,. >> it seems you have to classify someone.
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is there an extreme that maybe drives a way throughout the country? >> i don't think so. when you look at the state legislative. oakland came around. the obama was in committee before the trump was committed to the reforms. these are new wine and old wine skins. you heard gaston. again, a lot of this is old hat. i don't think anyone can say it's a refer enum on london breed. she beat the progress i've agenda. the identify this is a receiver
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endumb -- ref endumb. it interesting to see it unfold. thank you so much. with 170 vote lead in the race for district five, dean preston declared a win. he beat out brown who was appointed by mayor brown. her campaign says it is evaluating the results. you can find all of the latest developments on our home page. update on a story we told you about at 6:00, police arrested the man who shot two men with arrows this morning, police have not released the identity of the suspect. the victims were shot at a
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homeless encampment on the san francisco bay trail. the men underwent surgery. the suspect is known to the victims. san jose police say a officer was forced to shoot and kill a man. officers pulled over a vehicle and during the encounter a passenger produced a handgun, one officer fired the weapon. the dryer for the officers were injured. as routine the officer will be placed on leave during the administration. a construction worker fell to the ground in san francisco. the worker was rushed to the hospital in serious condition.
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no other information is available right now. the power is back on in treasure island. they have been running on generators for five days. why fixing that problem is complicated and the danger. >> the power has been out on and off sense tuesday and they hoped the grocery store may be open. >> there's been a lot of power off up here. >> and it's cold. >> it like we're living with the roofs off. >> the power outages are more dangerous for alexander, the power came back saturday afternoon. >> it went off at las vegas:30
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and came came back at 12. we believe that may have been damaged during construction activities. >> they are replacing the damaged line but this is another power outage. part of the problem is the old infrastructure inherited by the navy. >> a lot is 40 to 50 years old. the useful life is 30 years old. >> the utilities commission is in charge. >> we're not able to makin vestments in it. >> a new switch gear will be
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installed which should improve reliability. by noon power was restored to homes but not commercial properties. >> i have a handicapped doctor, i have to pay someone to watch her to go do the city. >> there have been 11 power out ams this year. the public utilities commission says that residents can go online and file claims if they had food spoil because of the last outage. president trump proposing a crackdown on e-cigarettes. a big day for college football. how the game up folded. and in weather dense fog at the top of the weatherhead line. we'll let you know if there's
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changes in the sunday forecast. >> the legal battle between the city of oakland and the a's continues.
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♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪ dubai awaits taste the finer things in life rise above the ordinary travel through time play in the sand celebrate everyday. fly emirates to dubai. for a world of good times. fly emirates. fly better. . warn is opening a campaign office in oakland. the office will be at ninth and ellis. the goal is to bring supporters
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together. the event will be held tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. president trump says next week his administration will take on the issue of vaping. >> after eight months. searching for answers there's a break through. vitamin e acetate is being used to dilute the liquid in vaping containing thc. it's not known to cause harm, researchers believe when it's inhaled it may interfere with lung function. they are not ruling out other ingredients. >> now that we found vitamin e acetate in the lung, this will help us
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narrow the investigation. there's more testing that needs to be done. >> the outbreak has claimed 39 lives sickened 2000 people. most are in the teens and early 20s. president trump said his administration will announce new vaping regulations. >> we have to take care of our kids, we'll have an age limit of 21 or so. we'll have something next week. we're talking about the age, we're talking about flaser a flavors. >> flavors other than tobacco and menthol has been banned. he's received a lot of push back. you can see that today when people rallied to protest a flavor ban. it's not clear if the
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administration will include that in his proposal next week. a spare the air alert has been issued. the first of the winter season. a high pressure system is trapping smoke. burning wood, manufactured fire logs is bannedded this weekend. violators could be fined $100. mark joins me with a look at the forecast. >> there's not much mixing, things are starting to settle. looking at the current air quality alerts. you can see the scale here, lots of greens and yellows, indicating good or moderate air quality. scattered around portions of the north
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bay, more in the way of moderate reports. down toward palo alto we have moderate levels and spare the air in place. unhealthy for sensitive groups. we'll have the haze in the sky tomorrow. temperatures from today. san francisco 63. cool toward pacific a. 58. san jose 67, 70s toward antioch. the fog is back. especially for the morning hours, the fog is hanging out coast side pushing back into the bay. current numbers, a hail in the air. san francisco 51 and san jose checking in at 51 as well. this is our camera looking at
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the fog, the top of the sales force tower, clouds pushing into the bay. clouds, low visibility. there's a chance we could have a dense fog advisory tomorrow morning, cool start, upper 30s to upper 40s, partly sunny skies, hazy sunshine for sunday. event leeanne increase in -- vently increased. officials say removing hazardous materials is a two step pro says. paint, pesticides, batteries and signing that contains asbestos. more than 430 structures were
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damaged by the fire. half of those were hemmed. >> two dead and others missing. 70 fires are burping with 1500 firefighters battling. strong winds are fanning the flames. 30 injured and 100 homes destroyed. hundreds have been evacuated across the 300-mile stretch. no word on how the fires began. shooting scare at a high school football game. football game. witnesses describing the football game. witnesses describing the is your business still settling for slow internet? well time is money. switch to comcast business now and get a great deal when you get fast, reliable internet. with a 30-day money-back guarantee,
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. we have an update, a man wanted for assaulting a postal worker has turned him self the authorities. the man on the left attacked the employee on november 2, a $50,000 reward was put up to find the man. he surrounded last night.
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a group of elected officials, emergency personnel held a meeting. the area has been without a public hospital. the only emergency room left is at capacity. >> we're asking the health care providers, the kaisers, we have people who need these services, what are you willing to do. >> the coalition said 300,000 live in the area where the closures will take place and the void will put lives at risk. the sound of gun shots sent people at a
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gun running. max has more. >> just a few minutes left in the game between edison and lincoln high school. someone opened fire. fans were taking cover. >> edison's side was stampeding. the players going across the field. lincoln kids laid down and a lot of us were shocked. >> he heard the gunshots. >> it was like what the heck is going on. >> the game stocked. the police responded to the front parking lot at edison high school. the school wanted a soft lockdown. >> the gate where we were was locked down. you couldn't leave. >> the announcer tried to keep everyone safe. you're safe. do not run, don't st. tammany
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speed. the shooting is outside the stadium. after the game, officers found seven shell casings on the ground. they found a car parked with a bullet hole. >> the fuel leaked into the roadway. stockton fire cleaned this up. the school said this is an ongoing investigation. i'm still ahead, deadly discovery, a body found on a san francisco golf course. >> california jennifer newsom celebrating 100 years account, ok, network inspection. -ok.
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. police are investigating after a body was found at a golf course in san francisco. police and a coroner van was called to the scene. homicide investigators are on the scene. a citizens posted that a possible suspect may have been spotted fleeing the scene. the city of oakland is
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taking a step from alameda selling their part to the a's. more on the lat e legal battle. >> it's a move that stunned many. oakland city attorneys filing babier work to keep a block against alameda county to stop it from selling part of the stadium to the a's. >> i'm one of eight come members and it's my hope that the other seven remaining seven members agree the a's made enough movement on the outstanding issues to have the city attorney drop the lawsuit. >> it wasn't dropped. larry reed said he and council president
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were unaware the city attorney were going to make that legal move. now if fight continues. >> the city is trying to push the a's out of oakland. >> this stems from an initial hawe suit against the county. the county was violating the surplus land act trying to sell to the a's. that requires surplus land to be considered for affordable housing before it can be leased or sold. the a's want to include a park, housing and other things. city council voted this week to start talks with the baseball organization for the city's half of the property. business leaders say this is unacceptable and they would like to see the
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issue resolved. >> that's not what the come wants. that's not what the community wants. it's disfunctional. a community enrichment program was honored tonight. d tonight. . >> the barbershop forum received a award. founded in july of 2017 it bridges the gap within the community and the law enforcement. sacramento celebration marked the 100th anniversary of the
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women's surf raj movement. the event included exhibits, information, tables and documentary. >> it's about celebrating the women on whose shoulders we stand and honoring our true history and recognizing that we've come so far but we've a lightning way to go. >> it was organized by the california museum. it's been 30 years since the berlin wall crumbled to the ground. it's remembered tad. how world leaders are celebrating the anniversary. >> germany marking 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall. it stood between east and west
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germany. the fall allowing families to reunify. >> too many people were a victim of the dictatorship. i remember the people killed at this wall because they were looking for freedom and the 75,000 in prison because they tried to flea. i remember the people that suffered oppression. >> germans reflected on the day the wall cam down. >> a very special moment, the mood i've never felt before and never fell after that. >> the u.s. embassy marking the anniversary by revealing a stat ooh of ronald reagan. >> a segment of the wall was brought to the white house with a letter
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to president trump encouraging him not to build a wall between america and mexico. german soccer fans knocked over a makeshift portion of the wall in the middle of the field. demonstrators are mourning the loss of a college student. a student died after being in a coma four days. he fell off a parking structure. the details are unknown, many are blaming the police. >> it's a tragedy to see what happened to our youngsters and students. we come in memory to him and stand with him, fight with him as well.
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>> the tabled china extradition bill. violence broke out with people taking on the streets. honoring veterans day. the event held to raise awareness about mental health. >> in weather lots of fog, no rainfall to speak of in november. we'll let you know if there's rain in the five-day forecast.
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. a veterans day 5 k at livermore. it was held to educate the community about suicide rates among veterans, 22 veterans die by suicide every day. >> society needs to come together to support veterans. >> organizers say holding an event like the run is a way for the public to get involved and reach out to a vet that's struggling. so far this month we've
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been tracking rain free weather pattern. nothing showing up, maybe a light chance as we head to friday. november has been dry. it looks like the pattern will continue. the forecast model hinting at a slight chance of a shower as we head into friday. for us, high clouds from the north and the fog is back in the coast and floor portions of the bay. the low clouds pushing into portions of the north bay. a patch extending to oakland and hayward. santa rosa is airport, visibility down to a quarter of a mile. current numbers, a bit of a chilly
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pattern, in the 40s for santa rosa. livermore 50 degrees, we've been watching the camera. the fog pushing over san francisco. once again waking up to gray, dense fog and it will be chilly. tomorrow morning areas of fog, 50 degrees and leftover patches at lunch lunch time. here's that chilly start and the foggy start especially near the coast. partly cloudy skies inland. in the afternoon hours, partly sunny. hanging out near portions of the coastline. hazy sunshine the forecast. and as we expand the view, the area of high pressure does not want to leave. this will keep the storm track to the north and the dry weather
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pattern will continue. here's the forecast model early. in addition to the fog be into the afternoon hours we showed you with partly sunny skies, into monday, clearing skies into the afternoon hours, one thing that will clear out the clouds will be the offshore wind developing, this will increase the fire danger, winds 15 to 25 miles an hour, this kicks in sunday night to monday morning, this will not lead to red flag fire warning, until we get the first soaking rainfall we're in fire season. santa rosa, watch out for the dense fog. upper 70s. here's the five-day forecast, breezy conditions in the hills monday
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and more sunshine by tuesday. it's fairly quiet. november you normally see the storm door kick open. sports wrap is next.
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