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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 6  FOX  November 10, 2019 7:00am-7:29am PST

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the san francisco district attorney's race while there are votes to count, dudine declared victory. still a lot of questions this morning including when he takes office. an investigation underway in san francisco after a body found at the lincoln park golf course. shots fired during a traffic stop. a san jose officer pulled his gun. what we know abo t good morning, to you on this sunday morning. it's november 10th. i'm claw dean wong. >> good morning, rosemary ri is
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here with her long sleeves on. it's cold outside and in here yesterday. >> i've got the air that blows on the weather center. here i am bundled up. >> good morning, another foggy start to the day. another chilly start. the dense fog not quite as widespread and with that, no advisory for the north bay valley location this is morning. you can see there from the golden gait bridge it's over the area. and take a look at what we have on storm tracker two. a time lapse on here so you can see the clouds moving north to south. high and mid level clouds helping to disrupt the cloud cover out there. quite as bad as we started saturday morning a quarter mile visibility reported over areas like santa rosa and napa. this is the area of stockton once again and as you look towards the coast, dark shades of gray along highway one. for north bay county coastline
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as well as san francisco and san mateo. please be careful if you have an early morning drive in the areas. the inner east bay agray right bay shore. likely to have fog alock the drive there. here's a view of temperatures this morning. upper 40s over concord. liver more, a chilly one once again. 53 in oakland and 52 for downtown san francisco. mid to upper 40s in santa rosa and napa. our temperatures aren't changing a whole lot. we're talking about upper 70s for inland communities. a check on your air quality and we'll take a look at the week ahead, coming up. new this morning, chp is investigating a fatal accident involving several vehicles a that incident reported after midnight on westbound highway 37 at the fairgrounds drive off ramp. the chp gave little details
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about the incident or if there's other injuries. we know all lanes of westbound 37 reopened around 4:00 this morning. also new this morning, santa rosa police are investigating a shooting that left a man with serious injuries. that shooting happened just before 10:00 last night. officers found the victim with two gunshot wounds. he was transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries acclice, the victim was walking on north sut ton avenue when he was approached by two suspects. they say there was a short conversation and then one of the suspects shot the victim before they both fled the area. the shooter is described as hispanic male in 20s using blue jeans and white shoes. a suspicious death investigation underway in san francisco after a body discovered at the lincoln park golf course. video postd to the citizen app, san francisco police and a corner van called to the scene yesterday around 2:30 in the afternoon. homicide investigators were also at still searching for a man missing off the
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sonoma county coast. the men one of four on board the 54-foot fishing boat which capsized north of bo day ga bay. signals want off around 5:30 last night. the coast guard began searching for the two men and a woman pulled from the water before seven p.m. they told search teams the other man was wearing a life jacket. it's still unofficial but looks like san francisco has a new d da. there are just 1200 ballots left be tallied. allison roz ree gez is live in san francisco with more on the highly contested race. >> buodin was on a plane when the results started coming in
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here and when he finally landed and learned about his razor thin win over susie loftis. let's take a look at the numbers here. strict attorney, chesa boudine. >> it was a hard race. i'm sure that we're going to continue to work together and people who care about the future of san francisco. >> he's speaking after landing back in the city. he had been in new york visiting his father in prison. he says once he landed back here in sf his phone started blowing up with messages congratulating him on his victory. the election results showed he received 50.7% of the vote. loftus was reported interim da by mayor london breed that
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garnered more support for his campaign. loftus did concede the race and in a statement said she would work to ensure a smooth and immediate transition. one group not happy with the win is the san francisco police officers association accused of spending more than half a million dollars on attack ads against boudine. he calls the criminal justice system broke p and said he would be tougher on police in use of force cases. tony mon toy ya said in part, "we know that san franciscos are tired of the open air drug market and property crimes and same criminals targeting neighborhoods week after week. we hope the new da reconsidered his position on releasing the violent felons and will grow into a champion of all crime victims." the race has not officially been called yet. we expect that to happen in the next couple of days.
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the mayor has not officially comments on his win. reporting live in san francisco, allison rodriguez, ktvu fox 2 news. thank you allison. the san francisco police officers association spent more than half a million dollars on james taylor says the new da and the police must get over the election results and put the city of san francisco first. >> there's already animosity. this is republican lek. so how they reconcile this is the game of politics. what they have to do is figure out how to get over hurt feelings and personal offenses and work together for the good of the city. >> doctor taylor also says he doesn't think this will create cases police bring to the da or change the number of kiss cases the da chooses to prosecute. dean preston has declared
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victory in the race for district 5 supervisor. he had he's a tenants rights activist and democratic socialist. brown has not conceded. her campaign says it's still evaluating the results. our coverage of the election continues. you can find the latest developments on our home page oofrmths police have arrested a man they say shot two men with arrows in richmond. the victims were shot just after 1:30 saturday morning at a homeless encampment south of central avenue along the san francisco bay trail. east bay regional park police have not released the identity of the suspect but have charged the person with attempted homicide. the victims were taken to the hospital, underwent surgery, both said to be stable this morning. police say the suspect is known to the victims but did not live at that homeless camp. police are investigating an officer involved shooting that happened during a traffic stop. the officers pulled over a
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vehicle just after 3 p.m. yesterday on highway 85 near winchester boulevard. during the encounter, police say a passenger wanted on an outstanding warrant produced a hand gun and that's when they say an officer fired their weapon striking the adult man and killing him. neither night the driver or vehicle or officers were injured. their xapgs is complete. the officer will be placed on administrative leave during the investigation. and a construction worker is recovering this morning after falling 40 feet to the ground from a workplace in san francisco. it happened yesterday around 3:15 in the afternoon at a job site on 11th street. that's between mission and market streets in the mid market area. the worker was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. no details have been released about what caused the fall. time now is 7:09 oakland pd continuing their crack down on illegal side shows over the weekend.
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oakland police along with chp have stepped up patrols on ground and in the air and they are also working with neighboring communities and law enforcement to find long term ways to stop the illegal activity. for now, they will continue to write citations to drivers and spectators and two vehicles involved in the side show. democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren is opening a campaign office in oakland today. organizers with the group california for warren say the office will be at 9th and alice street. the grand opening event is set for 1:00 this afternoon. the though warren will not be there today. the goal is to bring supporters together and show them different ways they can get involved with her campaign. firefighters in southern california are battling a wildfire burning in the hollywood hills. >> a hollywood landmark that were in the line of danger. power finally restored to parts of treasure island after back of generators suddenly went off line.
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good morning, giving you a live look over the east bay hills where we're joined by high level clouds this morning. fog out there. dense fog and it's spare the
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air day. what you can expect for the week aholiday weekend. to talk about the impeachment inquiry and the role technology will play in next year's election. em peaching president trump in late september. he's recently opposed a state take over following republican luck safety power shut offs in the district. the town hall is taking place at 2:00 at the aviation institute in fr the power is bok on treasure island. running on general raw tor for the power has been out on and off since tuesday and treasure island locals were helping the only grocery store that may be open. it wasn't.
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>> it's been a lot of power off here. it's just dark. nothing on tv or anything. >> and it's cold. >> it's like we're living with the roofs off. >> the power outages are much more dangerous for alexandria and her disabled daughter. her home's power came back on saturday afternoon. >> it went off at 11:30 last night and came whack on at 12:00. by daughter has a breathing machine and suction machine, four or five machines so it's a big concern. >> but treasure island has been on generator power since tuesday but late friday night the treasure island generator faileded and the island was back to being dark and cold. to feeds the submarine cable that serves treasure island, we believe that was may have been damaged during construction activities. they're replacing the damaged line for many long time
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resident this is is another power outage over the years. part of the problem is the old infrastructure. ol it was 25-30 years old for that kind of equipment. a public utility committee has a hard time maintaining it. >> we want to make investments in it. there's a big huge redevelopment for 2021 . >> event lay new switch gear will be installed on the island which officials say should improve reliability. by noon saturday power was restored to homes but not commercial properties. which means residents must go elsewhere for groceries. >> i have a handicap daughter. i'm a single mom and i have to pay somebody to come watch her to go to the city to do those things so it's a big inconvenience. the san francisco public utility's commission say
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resident dens can go online and file claims if they have any food spoiled. on treasure island, lee martinez, ktvu fox two news. crews have contained a wildfire that burned near the hollywood sign and the universal and warner brothers studios. >> the fire has burned 30 acres of tall dried grass so far. five helicopters and one water dropping plane were called in to help control flames. no evacuations have been ordered. the cause of the fire still under investigation ofrnlts main wanted for assaulting a postal worker in south san francisco last weekend has turned himents in. the u.s. poes stall inspection service sent out this photo. the man on the left attacked the employee on november 2nd at alta near el campo drive. he surrendered to police in san francisco on friday night. outside our doors this morning cloudy and cool.
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we have another dry mild one coming our way. we'll check on current conditions and show you what you can expect today and the week ahead, coming up.
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sign up for fast, reliable internet. call 1-800-501-6000 today. ast. once again all around the bay area, air quality managers say a high pressure system will be over the bay area.
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the manufactured woods the sourgs of heat for your home, use a natural gas or propane fireplace. moeing your lawn and that kind of thing, can't do it today. . >> wasn't on mine. dodged a bullet. how is the weather? it was weird yesterday. so colds in the morning. 0 wow, it really did warm up. so our inland areas are getting to near 80 degrees. it takes most of the morning and into the early afternoon before we actually get there. and then we cool off reall now sun is setting after 5:00. so we do get to that warm up. long and as claudia mentioned
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it's so colds in the morning. the clouds in place once again. today is a spare the air today which means it's not legal to born wood. one area that it looks to be un unhealthy is tally going to be areas of the santa clara area. here's a look at the cloud cover, mid and high level cloud cover over the bay area. that's prevented a lot of fog from forming this morning. it's out there. visibility is an issue once again. it's not as tough as what we saw yesterday. quarterer mile visibility along areas like oakland, livermore where we had the patchy dense fog yesterday morning, not so bad. temperatures cool out there. 49 degrees. 52 in san fran inner east bay, 45 to start your day.
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how about the afternoon highs? these numbers have not changed a lot. 67 for sausalito. 76 in na va toe. >> upper 60s for the east bay shore. berkley and 74 for castro valley and brentwood. to the south bay we go. 77 in morgan hill. along the peninsula mild here. 65 in san francisco. low 60s with mostly cloudy skies the entire day. for pacifica and half moon bay, here's a look at the extended forecast. a little bit of a wind and offshore breeze that is expected to develop late tonight and tomorrow. could clear out the fog a little bit. heighten the fire danger for some bay area hills. no advisory in place for that at this time. we will remain partly cloudy to mostly sunny going into tuesday, and wednesday. cooler on thursday. no rain just yet. >> no rain.
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we keep waiting for that. separate question. not to do with weather. madonna. a good summer for you i love madonna. >> we know that. there's been a lot of rumors regarding concerts. my only gripe is because i may never see her in concert because tickets were not cheap. she only played i'm guessing five of her older songs and that's the reason i went. >> was she on time? >> i want to say maybe she was 30 minutes late for me not a huge deal but there's big issue around that. . >> this florida man is upset because she was more late than half an hour. he's filing a lawsuit against her because of her tardiness for a miami beach performance. his name is nate holland and he bought three tickets costing
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over $1,000 for the show coming in december. the show is supposed to start at 8:30. but then it was pushed back and now starts at 10:30 so he wants his money back. he is like, i don't want to go at 10:30 and live nation is not giving him the money. he says madonna has a long history of late concert starts and says the last minute change of start time is a breach of contract between the artist and ticket holders. . >> who can blame him. 8:30 to 10:30. >> you know you're not getting home any time soon. moving on from madonna if you take smart train up to the north bay, you might want to stick around on the bus bridge an east bay community concere to them. we'll have more on the meeting held to talk about options they
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might have moving forward.
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residents talking about the hospitals since doctor's medical center closed in 2015. advocates say the only emergency pacity.
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the medical center center campus is planning to close in providers out to base, the kieserers, we have people here who need these services. >> 300,000 people live in the area where the closures are set to take place and the impending void will put patients lives at risk. >> mornings on two continues in just a few seconds, we're heading to ktvu plus. we're planning to join the mer say denz sports weekend wrap next. for more news and weather, switch over to ktvu plus right now. we leave you with a beautiful picture of the es shoe ware and we'll see you on the plus.
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what a beautiful view. you want to get away from the fog, head up to lake hah tahoe. chilly but we'll take it. they are skiing at ma mouth mountain. the precipitation already snow happy sunday welcome to the plus i'm frank mallicoat. >> everyone is talking about sugar bowl resorts are making snow trying to get that thanksgiving opening but nothing compares to the stuff mother nature provides. >> i know, people are asking if it's a dry winter.


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