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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 12, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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tomorrow morning congress and the impeachment inquiry goes public, with america getting a chance to see and hear for themselves whether the president's actions are impeachable. >> expect these witnesses, in turn, to be much stronger, more compelling, better prepared. >> there is problems with everything they are saying and they are not credible witnesses. so >> ben: is direct witnesses and their hearings expected to begin nine hours from now. >> it could and the presidents term or secure next election. presidential impeachment hearings have happened just a few times in american history. >> this will be the second time these witnesses appear before the committee, but the stakes
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now are higher as they answer questions in public. today the intelligence committee chair says the evidence might support a charge of bribery. resident trump says he has done nothing wrong. >> public testimony wednesday begins with bill taylor, a top diplomat in ukraine. west point graduate, vietnam war veteran and career diplomat , who has served under both parties. also testifying will be george pence, the deputy assistant secretary of state for europe and eurasia. the question at the center of the impeachment inquiry, did president trump abuse his power commit and impeachable offense when he asked ukraine's president for a favorite to investigate rival joe biden, his son hunter and the company boersma that paid hunter to be on the board. intelligence committee chairman adam schiff sent out a memo saying he will have 45 minutes for questioning. >> it's a much more efficient, effective way to do it. >> democratic committee chairman adam schiff and minority leader devon nunez
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will likely leave much of the questioning to their professional attorneys, who my focus more on facts than political grandstanding. >> was everybody acting at the direction of the president? how close was somebody like ambassador sondland to mister trump ? >> afterwards there will be a five minute block for democrats and republicans to speak. at the economic club of new york, president trump called the impeachment inquiry a hoax. >> democrats in washington would rather pursue outrageous hoaxes and delusional with hand witchhunts. >> passerby wilkins articulating an 18 page memo saying the evidence gathered does not establish and impeachable offense. republicans also added republican jim jordan to the intelligence committee a last- minute change so he could question the witnesses. >> they want to attack the allegations they are making,
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the specific, because there is problems with everything they are saying and they are not credible witnesses. >> president trump says he will release another phone call with ukraine's president by the end of the week. the democrats say they believe the facts support their case. >> is a pretty thin defense to say that on one particular phone call i did not try to bribe a foreign government, even if i might have on another one. >> the goal tomorrow is to try and complete the hearing by 4:30 pm eastern time. this is just the first day for you is ambassador maria bonaventure is expected to testify friday and eight more officials are scheduled for next week. acting chief of staff nick mulvaney said he will not comply with the congressional subpoena, joining secretary of state mike pompeo and john bolton. >> ktvu will have uninterrupted, live coverage of the hearings on ktvu plus tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock. we will bring you live updates
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on mornings on 2. new information tonight on the shooting in orinda the left five people dead. call logs released to ktvu confirm orinda's only two patrol officers were in oakland at the time of the shooting on halloween night. they were assisting lafayette police with a violent home invasion robbery and that investigation ultimately led officers to a and. the shooting on halloween night happened just before 11 at a party at an air b&b rental home in orinda . according to the logs at that time there were no officers in the city and police didn't get to the scene until 10 minutes after the shooting. in san francisco's chinatown come violent attacks on three elderly men sparked outrage and fear, prompting the chinese community and city leaders to say they are working together to try to prevent more violence. ktvu's amberly 's life where she spoke with the witness about the attack. >> reporter: i spoke with ms.
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here at portsmouth square. this is where the news conference was held this afternoon, steps from where the attacks took place. community members want those responsible brought to justice. portsmouth square is known as the living room of san francisco chinatown, a gathering place for elderly chinese folks to socialize. on saturday night popular games were disrupted when foreman beat and robbed three elderly men. >> it is sacred space, it has to always be safe space. whether it's in the middle of the night, or crack of dawn. >> community and city leaders held a news conference tuesday afternoon to condemn the violent attacks captured on video. the three victims were injured, one was playing cards when he heard screaming. he ran to join the crowd that gathered to try to stop the men that were attacking and robbing the men. he asked me not to identify
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them, but police say the suspect was driving a dark colored suv. investigators say the same group might be responsible for violent purse snatching friday night in front of the bakery on jackson street. >> we will do everything we can do to make sure we do our job bringing these folks to justice. >> the police chief says that includes working with district attorney elect chesa boudin. >> the people who did this, it's a very different kind of situation that if it was somebody who was mentally ill or drug addicted. either way they will be having accountability. >> reporter: dozens of the elderly attended the event, holding signs that read stop picking on seniors. in cantonese this 84-year-old told me she no longer keeps her phone, keys and cash in every
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or pack in case she is robbed. >> think about that and don't make the wrong decision. >> reporter: police say bilingual officers are here at port smith square wednesdays and fridays from 4:30 to 6 pm. the goal is to build rapport and address individual safety concerns. not immigration. today crowds gathered outside the u.s. supreme court as the justices heard arguments inside on whether the trump administration canned and protection for immigrants who were brought to the united states illegally as children. the program is known as daca and has been in place for seven years. the trump administration wants to shut the program down. the issue brought bay area
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protesters as well. >> reporter: they are not going anywhere. a few dozen students and community activists rallied in support of some 700,000 dreamers. >> is heinous what's going to happen to daca recipients. it will be up for deportation if trump gets his way. >> reporter: the high court had about 90 minutes of oral arguments and based on questions from conservative justices it seems they were siding with president trump on ending daca. the president tweeted , with overturn, a deal will be made with them to stay. but political compromise seems unlikely. >> i don't know if democrats will work with him. it may be so poisoned around here they don't want to give him a win on anything. >> we are all fighting in our own way so that people in our families and our communities don't get left behind. >> reporter: many daca
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recipients have grown up with its productions. nine in 10 work, nearly half are students and most are totally unfamiliar with their parents home countries and some now have families of their own. >> basically living their lives. you wouldn't tell the difference between them being daca recipients or another ordinary person. >> reporter: the uc system has about 4000 undocumented students, almost half of them dreamers. in fact, uc president janet napolitano created the daca program where she was the homeland security secretary under president obama. and uc regents were the first to file federal lawsuits trying to save it. nancy pellicano was in washington as attorneys made their case. >> the federal government tried to terminate the daca program the wrong way. there is a right way and a wrong way. we are here to stand up for the right way to do things. >> reporter: the court's liberal justices seemed empathetic, simply calling daca
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illegal doesn't justify ending a program so many people and employers rely on. as in the past, chief justice john roberts may end up the deciding vote when a ruling comes next summer. >> what matters most is we find out here, we get people to be calm and protect our immigrant community. >> vice president mike pence is said to arrive in the bay area tomorrow night. air force two is set to touch down at moffett field in mountain view. then on thursday the vice president will tour the ames nasa research center and speak to more than 200 nasa employees . before his arrival in the bay area is expected to headline a fundraiser in monterey for president trump's reelection campaign. the chronicle reports that tickets go for as much as $35,000. >> democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders will be visiting the bay area next
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week. the three-day visit will include stops in oakland, fresno, long beach and east los angeles. on friday sanders will appear at the national nurses united offices on grand avenue in oakland. he will formally receive an endorsement from the largest union of registered nurses, with more than 150,000 members countrywide. the union also endorsed sanders in his 2016 bid for president. former south carolina governor mark sanford has jumped out of the presidential race. he was hoping to win the republican nomination. he told reporters at a news conference in new hampshire that the impeachment inquiry surrounding the president was diverting too much attention from the 2020 debate. sanford was in the race for just over 60 days, he has been out of politics since losing his 2010 congressional primary race. coming up, another big hire for the san francisco giants. the new manager just announced and why the choice isn't without controversy. the fog is sticking around
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at the coast. it has been cool at the sunset district, but warm and lint. int. strike a new police chief for the city of vallejo. he takes over the department with a strange relationship to the community.
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the new vallejo police chief was sworn in today at aipac city hall ceremony. the new chief takes over the department with a strange relationship with the community, but he says he's committed to transparency and accountability. >> reporter: shani williams was sworn in tuesday as vallejo's first african-american police chief. >> today we begin a new journey that will be supported by strong ethical leadership, forward thinking, utilizing the principles of 21st century policing, accountability, transparency and inclusion. mac williamson says he believes in accountability. >> i will serve you honorably, unselfishly, faithfully and i'm confident the men and women of the vallejo police department will do exactly the same. >> reporter: williams is inheriting an apartment coping with community fallout over deadly shootings and use of force by officers.
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>> sadly the reputation of our police department had suffered. >> reporter: just on and off duty richmond police sergeant shot and killed a man vallejo gas station during an apparent parking dispute. the sergeant opened fire after the man blocked him in and branded a gun with an extended magazine. critics say he wasn't handcuffed or treated as a suspect. williams said he doesn't have information about incidents that happened before his first day. i asked how he would bridge the gap between police and residents. >> my first goal is to create dialogue. we create dialogue with engaging the community listening. i want to have a big year little mouth philosophy. i want to listen to what the community wants and what they need. >> reporter: those at the ceremony included fellow police chiefs, vallejo officers and former colleague from san jose pd where he rose through the ranks to become a deputy chief. >> we have moved beyond the stereotype have a white male
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covering governing rvd. this is a different time for us. mac williamson was sworn in on his 29th wedding anniversary. >> i can tell you how proud i him of my has been achieving the situation. >> reporter: also the chiefs and was there was 102 years old. >> oh yes he's real. >> reporter: the new chief has the rest of the day off, but he will spend the first couple of weeks getting to know the community he will be serving. san jose police reveal new information about a deadly officer involved shooting over the weekend. it happened on southbound highway 85 north of winchester saturday afternoon. chief eddie garcia says police have been looking for the 29- year-old felon since an incident in october when they say the same man was taken into
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a patrol car and led police on a briefcase. they said the suspect was a passenger in a vehicle that officers had pulled over. the driver, also the suspects father complied with officers to get out of the car, but his son did not. >> one of the officers reached into the car and pulled the suspect out. the officer reached for his waistband. the suspect pulled a gun from his waistband and raised it in the direction of the officer. >> reporter: while one officer was struggling with the suspect, the second officer deployed a taser, which did not work. the suspect was found to be armed with a loaded handgun, the coroner has not released his name. the oakland school board will be open to the public tonight as long as everyone behaves. earlier this month the district closed the meeting because of potential for protest and then at this meeting earlier in october protesters jumped over and pushed through a barricade set up for board safety. protesters then clashed with
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police before six of them were arrested. tonight a district spokesperson told us meeting tomorrow night will be open to the public and less protests get out of hand. protests have stemmed from frustration over school closures and mergers. my towering image of the swedish teenage climate activists greta thundberg was revealed downtown on mason street and union square. the san francisco nonprofit one atmosphere is credited with sponsoring the work. the goal of the mural is to call attention to the teams message. >> her messages to take action. she doesn't want fanfare, attention or accolades. but we know that she is uninspiring person. by putting her up on this massive mural we are going to help people pay attention to
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her message. >> artist who painted the mural is nino cobra, the same muralist last year painted an image of robin williams on market street. that painting has since been taken down. another nice day out there today, pretty foggy on the avenue, down in pacifica the fog is very dense. even at this hour it's right at the coast, on the west side of 19th. it will push and lint tonight, but mostly up the path. it will linger at the coast the next day or so. more fog, still warm inland, or mild inland. these are the highs for today. pacifica 60 degrees and it was almost 80 in antioch. this time of year that's quite a spread from 20 degrees or so from coast to inland. microclimates typically not a thing in november but here they are now with that fog at the coast. very active pacific, that's often a good sign for things that are about to change. there is no rain in the forecast. a lot is going on in a gold
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alaska. you see the pacific split up right now. the idea is you get enough low- pressure centers or turbulence to breakup this ridge and this is the ridge right here, you can see the flow around it. once that gets broken up we will get into the opportunity for some rain. the idea tomorrow, loftlike today, thursday some changes coming with the first breaking down of the high-pressure ridge and the five day forecast. cold and miserable weather hitting a large part of the u.s. and it's only november. in the midwest there is a lot of snow and single-digit temperatures are in the forecast from the dakotas to michigan. even more snow could fall from tennessee to maine. there've been several deadly car crashes caused by slippery conditions in michigan and kansas. overall some 240 million people across the country will face some kind of weather warning and/or advisory through thursday.
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wildfires, blackouts and bankruptcy, but pg&e has not stopped lobbying efforts. >> they have a lot of steak and what they are to do or not do. other utilities trying to influence lawmakers with millions of dollars. allegations of negligence in securing the gilroy garlic festival. the lawsuit just filed by survivors of that shooting.
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survivors of the gilroy garlic festival shooting are taking legal action. they have filed a lawsuit against festival organizers. the lawsuit alleges that organizers were negligent in securing the event. >> the physical injuries for those who survived the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival in july are still healing. families are recovering emotionally as well. >> i was under the impression that all things were safe and under control. and it's been hard to think of, that we weren't safe out there. >> reporter: some of those families join together hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit. attorney randall scarlet seeing the festival organizers didn't do enough to keep festivalgoers safe. the gunmen avoided metal detectors at the entrances by cutting through a fence. attorneys say organizers should have had better fencing and made sure it surrounded the entire venue and there
10:25 pm
should've been guards monitoring the fence and who was coming and going, ready to stop, or at least alert authorities about the gunmen. >> as you read the complaint, you will see there were numerous lapses, absolute lapses . by the security at this event. >> reporter: so far five people shot at the festival have joined the lawsuit. the sixth indicated she will be doing as well. the attorneys sang the victims have racked up millions of dollars in medical bills, but their primary focus is on holding festival organizers accountable. >> the people who run the garlic festival, i hope that they plan to make safety measures with improvements in the future. >> reporter: the gilroy garlic festival association released a statement reading the lawsuit filed today stemmed from a horrific act of domestic terrorism is not respected and we will respond with the appropriate legal channels. we must remain focused on our mission, fundraising for the entire community of gilroy and charities that rely on us.
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preparations are underway for the salesforce dream force convention that starts next week. starting today howard street between third and fourth will be closed. the dream force convention is one of the world's largest tech conferences held at the mass coney center in downtown san francisco. it starts a week from today. coming up, changes at a crosswalk. see the safety improvements made. also, hate crimes in america. new numbers from the fbi and why most victims are targeted. pg&e spending millions to lobby lawmakers. ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right.
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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pg&e is spending millions of dollars trying to influence lawmakers. ktvu learned that even as pg&e is going through bankruptcy and dealing with calls to breakup the company, it hasn't stopped them from lobbying. >> ktvu's political reporter craig lee took a hard look at where the money is going and joins us with the breakdown. >> lobbying is part of the political process. plenty of companies spend money trying to influence lawmakers decisions,  even other utilities do so. none are under as much scrutiny
10:30 pm
and pressure as pg&e. >> they need to be held accountable. there is no way this can be the way we live for the next decade. >> pg&e's proposal to raise rates next year are met with outrage at the last meeting. frustration growing with the company in the wake of last month's public safety power shut off. in the midst of trying to scratch at a bankruptcy, the embattled utility continues to spend millions of dollars on lobbying. the company's latest filing with the secretary of state showed it's been nearly $2.1 million this year to influence lawmakers, pay lobbying firms and compensate in-house lobbyists. >> if it's anything other for asking for help in improving the system, it shouldn't be spent. >> jared singleton represents 7000 wildfire victims in cases against pg&e. two months after the state's largest utility filed for bankruptcy, singleton asked the judge to block pg&e to spend money on lobbying until victims
10:31 pm
were paid. the judge denied the request. >> if you can't pay your bills, you shouldn't be asking the legislature and spending that money to give you assistance. you should be using that money to help your victims. >> is not unusual for a company like pg&e to spend money lobbying. last year they spent nearly $10 million on it. since 2009 more than $20 million. the company's estate filing shows donations to a wide range of organizations and candidates, including more than $208,000 to governor gavin newsom's 2018 gubernatorial run . >> we have spent decades not focusing on you, but focusing on themselves. focusing on shareholders, with respect on wall street, not public safety. >> in the wake of public power shut off, governor newsom has railed on the utility. when asked about pg&e's lobbying the governor was defiant. >> the contributions to make sure haven't influenced me to be more positive, i will leave
10:32 pm
it at that. >> we asked several times for a one-on-one interview, but never received a response from his office. in a statement, pg&e said lobbying is paid for by shareholders , not customer dollars. going on to say, like many individuals and businesses, pg&e participates in the political process. pg&e holds itself to the highest standards of public disclosure in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. richard hurts orcs of the california fair practices commission. he says while the optics may be bad, there is nothing wrong with what pg&e is spending. >> is not surprising pg&e turned up the lobbying dollars because they have a lot at stake in what they are allowed to do and not do. >> in this political system, this is how companies like pg&e and others connect business. he as well $10 million may seem like a lot, it pales in comparison to the billions in
10:33 pm
liability they are facing. >> they are basically taking their parking peter money and spending it on money for lobbying. >> professor herz went on to say pg&e's lobbying is more than indictment on the political system. he would like to see a system where politicians aren't dependent on donations like this. wouldn't we all. >> what are other lawmakers saying about these donations? >> we have spoken to a number of lawmakers, especially some in the san francisco bay area who said they have given the money back and congressman rochon are who never received money from pg&e is calling on lawmakers to give everybody donations back into all of this is sorted out. >> what exactly is pg&e lobbying for? >> it varies each year. this year it's been related to the wildfire so they can help predict threats, have a weather center to track the storm system. the other thing they have been lobbying on, which is may be of
10:34 pm
concern as to the poc because they are looking to raise rates on customers. governor gavin newsom is stepping up pressure on pg&e to hand over billions more to pay people who lost their homes and wildfires. as a result, pg&e filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. today pg&e was expected to appear in court at a bankruptcy hearing, but it was abruptly postponed until next week. the delay could allow the two sides to negotiate some kind of compromise. if pg&e doesn't make changes, governor newsom is threatening to turn the utility into a customer owned cooperative run by the state and local government. former president jimmy carter is recovering in a hospital in atlanta tonight after undergoing emergency surgery. a spokesperson said the surgery was to relief pressure on his brain likely related to falls he had last month. his wife rosalyn carter is at the hospital with the former president. he has suffered from a serious of health problems in recent years.
10:35 pm
he is 95 years old and will remain at the hospital for observation. san francisco's mental health care system was announced today by maryland and breed and to san francisco supervisors. the mayor, along with supervisors hillary roden and matt haney, announced the mental health initiative, mental health ss. after introducing dual initiatives lawmakers were able to reach a compromise to create the first universal mental health and substance healthcare system in the country. >> if you are homeless, and insured or on medi-cal and have a severe mental illness, mental health sf will treat you, create a plan and path towards a stable and healthy life and guide you to stay on the path. >> the mayor and the two supervisors say they will drop competing ballot measures from the march ballot and come together on this single bond measure set for the november 2020 ballot. the program will
10:36 pm
offer a wide variety of services including a team of mobile clinicians available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. the owners of a berkeley firm that filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, the parent company being sued says they will try to sell the assets of the hayward- based dairy brand. the business has roots that stretch back 100 years and had has taken a huge hit financially as more and more americans are choosing alternative dairy products such as soy and almond milk. dairy farmers of america report from 2017-18, dairy sales dropped more than $1 billion. the embattled e-cigarette maker juul is announcing job cuts. and a five day forecast. fake airbags in southern california. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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agents with customs and u.s. border patrol seized 800 fake airbags that can fail to deploy or injure passengers. the airbags were found in two packages from china in september during an enforcement
10:40 pm
examination of express ergo packages. sometimes the vehicle is involved in a wreck in the original airbags are replaced. more than 16,000 law enforcement agencies across the country submitted 2018 reports of hate crimes to the fbi. those reports showed there were more than 7000 hate crimes reported last year, down slightly from the prior year. the numbers show nearly 60% of the victims were targeted because of the offenders racial or ethnic bias. earlier today we talked with seth brisk, the director of the anti-defamation league about the findings. >> people who are most targeted are those who are attacked on the basis of race or the city and among those it's a far and away african americans are the most targeted group. second most targeted arguments in the third most targeted are jews. >> religious-based hate crimes
10:41 pm
decreased by 8% when comparing the past two years data. more than half of the incidents were targeted against jews and jewish institutions. on wall street today on unusual finish for the trading day. the dow ended unchanged, marking the first time that has happened since april 2014. nasdaq rose 21 and the s&p was up 4. shares of disney was up today with the companies new streaming service disney plus. it launched this morning and had some technical difficulties, mostly with streaming and logging in. the company says demand exceeded expectations in there working to fix the issues. the streaming service cost seven dollars a month, half the cost of netflix. e-cigarette maker juul plans to cut jobs and spending in 2020. the san francisco company has been trying to restructure amid recent concerns about the safety of vaping.
10:42 pm
juul prefers to take a hit in sales after that will stop making its most popular product. new safety measures at an oakland elementary school. the changes parents and teachers say are having an impact. and a complete bay area forecast. forecast. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ blow a kiss, into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss, into the sun ♪ all we need is somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪
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parents and children who walked to a school in east oakland are crediting recent safety changes with helping to improve pedestrian safety. the changes come after a collision last month that left one woman dead as she was crossing the street with her niece. >> reporter: parents say they are starting to feel a little safer crossing the streets near garfield elementary school in east oakland these days. >> people are slowing down a lot more. >> reporter: the reason: these yellow rubber and plastic barriers the city recently installed along foothill boulevard and 22nd avenue called hardin center barriers. the city says they are the first of their kind in the bay area and are designed to make cars making left turns to swing wider, giving them a better view of pedestrians in the passing lane. >> the hardened centerline is sort of the next level of treatment that again gives those people time to slow down
10:46 pm
and see a gap in oncoming traffic and also make sure that pedestrians are clear of the cost. >> when you make a turn, the people across, it's safer for them to. >> reporter: last month june was walking home from kindergarten with her four-year- old niece when she was struck and killed across 23rd avenue. the child survived her injuries. >> have been in garfield for four years and every year there is a student that gets hit by a car. this is the first year with a fatality. >> reporter: the school principal says the safety measures don't go far enough. >> you're in education, what grade would you give it? >> reporter: i would give it a c because it was about average. it was a quick fix. >> the city says it's planning on doing more. >> we are seeing additional improvements, such as signal improvements and crossing enhancements. >> reporter: the principal is grateful the city is finally
10:47 pm
paying attention for the school crossings, but unfortunately it took a tragedy for that to happen. storm at the california trucking association filed the first lawsuit challenging a new labor law that seeks to give wage and benefit productions to workers in the so-called gig economy. the legislation violates federal law and would deprive more than 70,000 independent truckers of their ability to work. the law, set to take effect in january, makes it harder for companies to classify workers as independent contractors instead of employees entitled to minimum wage and benefits like workers compensation. sonoma county has begun the first phase of the two-part clean up after the kincade fire. the county has called in a contractor to remove all hazardous waste at no charge to property owners. the work could take three weeks. the second phase, which includes taking a foundations will be the responsibility of the property owners. the county says because the kincade fire was not declared
10:48 pm
a federal disaster, there will be no outside financial help. the weather out there has been pretty nice. of course we talked a lot about about the weather on the east coast and how cold it has been. we are blocked into a mild pattern. i will pull us up with the big ridge of high pressure. we have little low-pressure rate in here it's going to nick away at it and perhaps as we get into thursday, bring us a little drizzle and slightly cooler weather, that's it. no big, big changes, no major changes. the clouds out there now are low and high, we have fog along the coast, fog trying to get into san francisco across the twin peaks and working its way toward market street. the fog will do it it did this morning. there it is now, the fog pushing its way across the way and it's not very much in the downtown. fog tomorrow morning as we had today. the reason for
10:49 pm
the fog is the stable environment. temperatures inland have the high pressure. establish fluctuating much in terms of strength. everything is kind of flat, we are not seeing a lot of wind and that is why the fog tomorrow will have a better push on shore, because the high is just kind of sort of quasi- there. it's there, but it's really not reacting with much else, so it's very stagnant. the forecast with overnight lows that will be cool. tomorrow is wednesday, it will be a lock late today, which was like yesterday. the day the changes will be thursday with temperatures dropping a little bit with that we close sliding over the high, or under the high or bumps the high and brings in a little bit cooler weather. that happens on thursday. it's not, you know, mostly cloudy tomorrow. but then on thursday that's the system that comes in. again these are subtle changes. this is not a major cooldown,
10:50 pm
but it may bring a little bit of drizzle. with that said, there is a forecast for fog along the coast tomorrow and then there are the forecast highs, like today, little cooler. bremmer was 79-80. there is the five day forecast with a chance of drizzle. we are playing that up because that's the only feature we have this week. when you see temperatures warm back up saturday and sunday. so this pattern, we are locked. east coast is locked into a cold, wintry pattern and we are locked into a straight up fall pattern that's pretty warm. coming up in sports, the giants announced gave there will be the new manager. more on the new man in charge of the giants come next. a robbery and shooting that is left neighbors stunned. see the crime captured on camera. there are those who will say that you're:
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too fat. too skinny. too hard.
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too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive. mark is here. the giants have a new manager. what do you think? >> i will go into it with an open mind. it has caused quite a stir with regard to the situation. gabe kapler is the new guy and i think giant fans need to get used to a change. it is a new world order. they have a 32-year-old general manager now and a 44- year-old field manager and he will be formally introduced tomorrow. but in the meantime, i don't think he will be a able to
10:54 pm
unpack all of his baggage between then and now. by that, i mean his hiring is somewhat controversial and it stems from two alleged sexual misconduct incidents involving two minor league players. a was employed by the dodgers at that time and has been accused of using poor judgment and his handling of the situation. that being said, he is known as a people person, very well versed and baseballs analytic, which will keep them in line with the front office. fired after two years in philly, the criticism there, lack of structure in the clubhouse, maybe a little too friendly with the players. my crew got, who has been with the giants since the 80s talks about what letter brings to the giants party. >> what he brings are his people skills and also the need to point out something that hasn't been talked about enough. he knows what it is to be a
10:55 pm
consistent performer at the big league level. i think he's going to bring that experience into the clubhouse. >> one of the things for his anxiety that he wanted as a manager. that is not always completely necessary. case in point, managers of the year announced by mlb and how about rocco balotelli. he has never managed on any level prior to this and he is the manager of the year in the american league. 38 years old with the twins letting him into the postseason, 307 homers hit by the team, which helped his cause with major-league records. bob melvin fourth and the national league manager of the year is mike schulte with st. louis and they had a great second half to make it to the postseason after playing just 500 ball. at the all-star break greg castle of the brewers in their second. great indications that the sharks have finally pulled out of this one, the little miniature winning streak. we will go with it right now, but
10:56 pm
they certainly look better after that start that they got off to. i mean it was hideous, but the rooster is fourth of the year. we have 1-0. brandon dylan will come here. >> that's my guy. >> a slapshot from way out. evander kane doing business in front of the net. his 11th of the year, 2-0. patty marlow scored a goal to make it 3-0. berkeley good road through traffic, it finds its way in with a 4-0 lead. six-through the final and make that four straight wins for the sharks. just a couple of games on the college courts for cal. but it looks anyway early that order has been restored to the bears basketball program in berkeley. looks like they are getting a little coach fast-forward against unlv overtime. 67, cal's kareem fell from the
10:57 pm
north. 70-67. he had a 14 unlv down, the rebels look to win or tie and elijah turned it over, cal with a couple more free throws, 79- 75. they are 2-0. across the bay jared has and company also unbeaten from stanford. tyrell terry will drive it. he will dish it for oscar da silva, good decision. carson of 25 points over long beach state. at halftime the be done continuing. spencer jones to dating make delay or and that's a high percentage shot. 86-58 the final. stanford is 3-0. it's just an endless string of injuries for the 49ers. reasons like a lottery list. joe stanley fractured his finger and his return to the lineup. he will have that looked into and possible surgery needed there. meanwhile on the defensive line they have got major problems and it happened right here.
10:58 pm
ronald blair chasing russell wilson. torn acl last night, he's done for the year. and that hurts their depth on the d line. also, d.j. jones strained a groin and he will miss a game sunday. and also i want to talk about manny sanders, watch him on this play. wide receiver acquired from denver clutching his ribs right away. it's a cartilage injury and he is listed as day today. a very valuable component, obviously, to the 49er offense. got a little time, so why not. check this out, watch the post game show from the carolina hurricanes last night [ laughter ] a fan watching the proceedings has his ice cream cone. >> that's kind of creepy. >> julie is not buying it. >> look at the guy grinning. >> he took a bite out of it,
10:59 pm
turns around, looks the other way. this is little league baseball from the dominican republic. they call this this flying squirrel move. [ laughter ] >> that is a perfect description. >> it's almost like a cartoon. i got to see it a third time. catcher is ready to make the tag that is some athletic ability ability. next at 11, a man sitting in his car robbed at gunpoint, then shot. >> i would never expect such a thing to happen in front of my house, especially my family's house. i am pretty shocked. >> neighbors are stunned after a daring shooting and getaway in san jose, all captured on surveillance video.
11:00 pm
police are searching for the masked suspects in that robbery and shooting. >> it happened in the silver creek neighborhood of san jose. new at 11 tonight, we have that video and what we have learned about the victim. >> reporter: a family friend and a neighbor of the victim believe the victim was followed . he had just gotten home from the gas station when he was confronted. >> as soon as he parked the car, there was this other car that drove by and stopped. there were three guys who came out, hooded. >> reporter: officer surveillance video captures a suspect getting out of a black honda accord, rapidly approaching a white car. gun in hand. sitting inside that car was toby kills friend and neighbor. >> he said hey i want your stuff. and basically i think my friend said no and then they shot him twice. >> shot twice in the abdomen. you see in th


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