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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 13, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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and his son. >> everything was dependent on back, and call today's testimony hearsay. >> ambassador, you weren't on the call were you? >> i did not. >> while the president maintains there was no quid pro quo. >> this was a sham and shouldn't be allowed. the giants introduce their new manager, gabe kapler, a controversial pick. what he apologized for today. >> i'm sorry that i didn't make all the right moves. everything i did, i acted on from a place of of goodness and from my heart. a historic day on capitol hill, the impeachment inquiry goes public, the hours-long testimony display at times, opening testimony. ktvu political reporter, greg lee joins us now with the major
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takeaways. t time, democrats and repu case about whether the president committed an impeachable offense, or not. >> the facts that have come to light are very much what the founders had in mind, i think when they provided a remedy. >> this is an abject failure for the democrats and adam schiff. >> reporter: acting u.s. ambassador to the ukraine, william taylor, and george kent testified before the house intelligence committee. taylor revealed new information about the president's focus on comes from overheard call between u.s. ambassador to the eu and the president after trump's call with ukrainian president, volodymyr zelensky.
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the democrats believed the president used his office to extort ukraine to dig up dirt on the bidens, including holding up $400 million in military aid. >> it was not just the white house meeting that was dependent on the investigations. he said it was now everything. it included the security assistance. >> ambassador, you weren't on the call were you? you didn't listen on the call. you never talked with chief of staff mulvaney. you never met the president. >> that's correct. >> reporter: president did noth because investigations, and the money was released. they also question hunter biden's work in the ukraine. uc hasten's constitutional law professor david levine says both sidemade some traction. he also believes the severity of the president's purported actions are far worse than presidents nixon and clinton.
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>> we know far more about what the founders thought impeachment was for, fear of entanglement. >> i think it's a joke. this is a sham. >> reporter: president trump and republicans pushed again today to have the whistle- blower testify. one issue that ambassador bolten brought up is the regular clash versus the irregular clash, led by giuliani. i'm sure there will be a lot of questions. >> especially following up on that new revelation, greg. obviously, there were some fiery moments. republicans and democrats have their clear positions here. looking at this a little more broadly, the significance for the american people. from i think this is the first time right, that the american people are having a chance to look at this from their perspective, and decide did the president commit a high crime
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or misdemeanor, which is what the democrats want them to believe, because that is a bar for impeachment. what the republicans want them to determine, wading through all of these facts for five hours, is the republicans want them to believe this is a political move. >> the republican strategy was two fold. on the one hand, they pushed the notion that what you were hearing from these diplomats was second, third hand information. they also said the military aid eventual went to ukraine, and no investigation was ever opened into the bidens. no harm, no foul. how do you think their strategy played today? >> you're looking at career diplomats. two guys that have been in the government for a long time, who have worked for presidents on both sides of the aisle. ambassador taylor said today, i'm not hear to take sides. i'm here to answer questions. to answer your question, alex, at the end of the day, joaquin castro, as he was questioning these witnesses, is attempted murder a crime? is attempted robbery a crime? to his point, he said the fact this even was moved into
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motion, even though things got cleaned up, and that money was released, that still indicates there was still some kind of quid pro quo. >> we'll have to see if that's how the american people interpret what they're doing. we did get this new information about a call with the president and gordon sondland, likely to hear from the aid coming up on friday. that seems to be a big focus of where things will be now. >> absolutely. no one expected that today. that aid is going to testify in private deposition on friday. we'll see if they bring him public. the real question is what these guys set forth today. they talked about second hand, third hand information. they set the foundation for what the rest of these public hearings are going to look like. yet, we have not heard from someone who had firsthand knowledge. and sondland, on wednesday is a real opportunity. he will be asked did you make that phone call, did you hear the things that the president
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said, and those who are closest to the president have still said they won't testify, despite being subpoenaed. >> ambassador sondland is going to be a key witness, and he comes up next week. >> we have the full hearing, as well as reaction on our home page, just head over to authorities are hoping new surveillance video, and a larger reward will help to identify the suspects who are accused of kidnapping, and killing a tech executive. investigators say tashar autry was forcibly taken from his home last month. one of the suspects appears to be carrying a duffel bag. the victim's body was later found in the santa cruz mountains. a reward to help find those suspects is increased now to $150,000, and it expires on december 30th. anyone with any information in this case is asked to put in a
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call to the santa cruz county sheriff's department. now details on the halloween shooting in orinda that left five people dead. orinda's only patrol officers were in oakland at the time. the shooting happened just before 11:00 halloween night at a party at an airbnb rental home. previously neighbors called police to complain about the noise from the party, but there was no one available to respond. police have the ability to call in help from other agencies, if a high priority call comes in, but the orinda city manager says a noise complaho officers. >> if there was something more significant. let's say there was a physical fight, or a burglary in progress, those are going to
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get higher attention than a call about a noisy party. >> according to the logs, police got to the scene ten minutes after the shooting. some residents are now calling on orinda officials to add more officers, but the city manager says right now, counsel and staff are more focused on changing the rules about short term rentals. london brie announced a transition plan. suzy loftus will serve the term vacated by george gaston. this plan is at the request of district attorney elect jason budine. city leaders introduced the new director of transportation
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this morning. the appointment of jeffrey tumblin. he has over 20 years of experience in transportation planning and management. the mayor says tumblin is the right person to help improve public transportation and to continue making the city streets safer. >> i worked all over the world, and san francisco remains the only city that i have ever felt was my home. san francisco has assembled all of the pieces that we need in order to create dramatic, and progressive change. >> the sfmta will formally appoint tumlin as director. senator dianne feinstein is introducing a companion bill to the violence against women act reauthorization, which the house passed earlier this year. president bill clinton
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initially passed the act in 1994, providing $1.6 billion toward the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against women. but the act expired in february of this year. lawmakers are trying add new amendments. the gun provision is very simple. it adds dating partners who have convictions of domestic violence, to the category of people barred from having handguns. >> other improvements include allowing native american tribes to charge non-indian abusers on their land, and issuing grants to provide lgbt sensitivity training. democratic supporters say mitch mcconnell is blocking the bipartisan bill's reauthorization. a passing vote would extend that act for five years.
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calls to make pg and e a government run utility. coming up at 4:30, we take with state senator scott wiener about his proposed legislation that would force a takeover of the troubled company. plus -- a first of its kind partnership, between san jose state, the city of of san jose, and one major company to help end student homelessness, that story is coming up. and our barry weather pattern beginning to change a little bit. as we head into thursday, there's a chance we could be tracking some drizzle. we'll have more on your thursday forecast coming up. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class.
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san jose state university is taking a major step to try to combat student homelessness, and housing security. >> it could become a model for the rest of the nation. >> jesse gary has the details. >> reporter: san jose state officials say nearly 200 of its students struggled with housing insecurity, and homelessness, last academic year. >> it's getting worse and worse each year. >> reporter: at a news conference wednesday, city, school, and corporate leaders announced a first of its kind partnership, aimed at eliminating student homelessness. a pilot program funded by a $250,000 state grant pays for
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struggling students to stay in airbnb homes. their stays could range doctor from days to months. they will work to identify long term solutions to their housing needs. >> it's incumbent on tech platforms to use their technology to have a positive impact on the broader communities that they're operating in. >> reporter: the program is slated to run 100 days. proponents say they expect additional funding from the state if needed. the looming question? what happens if the pilot eventually endsment. >> it's focused on pulling community partners together. but what we understand is we've got a long term challenge that's not going anywhere. >> reporter: the university vice president, patrick day says the is exploring other options. some students would champion the plight of fellow classmates, applaud the pilot program. >> there's a lot of ways we can
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go about solving this problem. i think trying a pilot program is moving in the right direction. >> reporter: downtown san jose, jesse gary, fox 2 news. an arctic blast is whipping across the country right now, starting in the midwest, it's now spread to the northeast. from mississippi to maine, new record lows were set in many cities on tuesday. some by 10 degrees. buffalo's airport measured 3.5 more inches of snow than the previous high for early november. snowfall and icy roads are being blamed for at least six deaths. these dead of winter temperatures come with more than five weeks of fall left. >> i hate the snow. i hate being cold. >> i was not prepared. it turns out, i was not prepared. it's november. it wasn't supposed to happen yet. >> indianapolis dropped down to
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single digits this morning. forecasters project lower temperatures late today, and early thursday, forcing those who have been hit hard to dig out of the snow before winter even hits. >> you feel so bad for those folks, dealing with those cold, cold temperatures. here in the bay area, a little bit cooler today, but obviously nothing like that. >> a real chill in the air for the portion of the east and the midwest. even out toward the south. it's not just impacting one part of the country, it's kind of expanded. take a look at the map, and show you the current numbers. right now, it's 25 degrees in chicago. fargo, north dakota, 21. new york, reporting 31 degrees. even dallas, currently 44. out across the west, a completely different story. we had temperatures right now in the 60s and the 70s. and it has been a very dry, and you could say a warm weather pattern for most of november so far. tomorrow, the only change, and it's a very little change. we add the possibility of some drizzle. we're only talking about trace
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amounts or .01. that's just about it. looking ahead to the weekend, and to next week, it still looks dry. the weekend will be on the warmer side. we're thinking some more 70s, and maybe a few spots right around 80 degrees by sunday. here's the satellite. you probably noticed if you're in the fog, definitely, that's all you've been dealing with. also, high clouds to the mix. we have partly cloudy, to mostly cloudy skies over a good portion of the bay area. current numbers, we have some warm readings still. look at santa rosa. a change here. their high for today. 71. they've dropped down to 57 degrees. san francisco chilly. at least by . half moon bay, 54 degrees. here's our live camera, you can barely pick out the bay bridge. the fog is making a comeback. on the top portion of your screen, upper level clouds moving in from the pacific. we're going to hold onto the cloud cover. the marine player over the past few days has been very shallow.
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dense fog at the coastline. what will happen, it's going to stretch out, and that will lead to cooler temperatures for tomorrow. that's after some cloud cover tomorrow. the chance of some drizzle, 40s and 50s, to start out the day. here's what the forecast model thinks. tomorrow morning, 7:00. the clouds, maybe some drizzle especially near the coast at 7:00, and into the afternoon hours. with we will continue to hold onto the cloud cover. that's for your thursday. coming up, we'll let you know if we have any rain chances to talk about as we look ahead. a look at the long range forecast maps, coming up. alameda, and contra costa counties will be receiving some help to combat illegal dumping. the creation of a one year pilot program. it will include hiring more sheriff's deputies to go after people who illegally dump debris and trash. >> we want to make sure that
4:20 pm
not only people know what they're supposed to be doing with their trash, and do it responsibly, but know that people that are not the going to follow the rules, that are going to break the law, that we're going to hold them accountable, so now we're going to make sure those people that are breaking the law are going to be held accountable, and pay the consequences. >> contra costa county also plans to install surveillance cameras in key areas where dumping occurs. district attorney, nancy o'malley says several attorneys in her office will prosecute illegal dumping cases. all right, giants fans, meet the new manager. that's the new general manager. now there is the man that has been tapped to replace the retired bruce bochy, but some are criticizing this selection. and things are getting serious tonight on the cultural phenomenon that is the masked singer. we're down to the top five, as triumph, the insult comic dog
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joins the panel. that's at 8:00 tonight. that will be followed by an all new episode of almost family at9:00. then we hope you stick around for the10:00 news and the 11:00 news on ktvu. one call 811 before you dig.ings you can do is to make sure you calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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the san francisco giants today introduced their new manager. gabe kapler has some big shoes to fill with the team, replacing bruce bochy, who of course, retired when the season ended. >> kapler's arrival comes with some controversy and questions. some of the questions got answered today during the introduction news conference. >> yeah, a lengthy press conference. there's a lot to unpack here. it's been an eventful week for the giants. hiring scott harrison on monday. today they announced gabe kapler. here he is, donning the number 19 giants jersey at his introductory press conference,
4:24 pm
which lasted more than an hour. probably 2/3 of that was spent on a sequence of events, as a dodger's player developer, a minor league player was accused of sexual assault. today he spoke at length about lessons learned. >> i'm sorry that i didn't make all the rate moves. everything that i did, i acted on from a place of goodness, and from my heart, and wanting to do the right thing, but i was naive. i was in over my skis, and trying to do things on my own, when it was very clear that i needed council, and i needed counsel from people like i've met in this community over the course of the last two weeks. and going forward, i would be seeking out that council. >> gabe never tried to hide anything. the incidents that happened, he reported up the chain of command, within baseball
4:25 pm
operations. the baseball operations group referred him to legal counsel in l.a. everything we did from that point forward was done collectively as an organization. >> as for the baseball side of the story, kapler was fired with his two years with the phillies. those teams lost 163. not exactly a stellar track record there. but remember, bruce bochy was not a hall of fame manager with the padres. he hit it big in his second job with the giants. the next step will be to fill out a coaching staff. the one thing we do know, ron wodas will return as third base coach for his 23rd year in the organization. so a smidge of continuity. >> kapler has to address these past issues. do you think he was able to put that behind him? and he is going to be able to focus on what he wants to focus on in the field?
4:26 pm
>> i think so. they addressed every possible concern. were the answers somewhat scripted and rehearsed? yeah, but i do get the feeling he's sincere, i do get the feeling he believes in learning from his mistakes, both on the field, and off. there's a lot of big decisions to be made. between the gm, and now the new manager, they've got a lot going on. >> yeah, they certainly do. all right scott, thanks very much. appreciate it. thousands of workers with the uc system on a one day strike. still to come, more on the unfair labor practices that they say is costing hard working people their jobs. and pg and e is broken. that's the message from one lawmaker. we'll talk with state senator scott wiener about that plan, next here on the 4.
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in response to the thousands of wildfires sparked by pg and e equipment, and those widespread power outages, across california, one local lawmaker is planning to introduce a bill that would require pg and e to become a government owned utility. joining us to talk more about this plan is state senator scott wiener from san frwiener we always appreciate your time. why do you feel it's necessary? >> pg and e is broken.
4:30 pm
it doesn't work in its current form, where the company is so focused on its profits, and shareholders, and wall street that it clearly hasn't done the job, in terms of investing in its infrastructure, so its distribution system is in terrible shape. we need a different structure, and we have a number of publicly owned utilities in the state of california, delivering reliable state power, and reneed to explore that with pg and e. san francisco is trying to purchase assets, a form of public utility, and i think we need to look more broadly at this broken company. >> you mentioned that a number of mayors across california, they have been pushing a plan for pg an e to become a customer owned cooperative. what do you think about that particular idea, and how does that differ from the plan that
4:31 pm
you are going to put forward. mayors are advocating to turn pg and e into a customer coop. these are all potentially the right solution, and i think it makes sense to have a number of different ideas on the table. so i don't view these as competitor ideas. they are both new approaches, that need to be explored. i happen to support the public ownership option and i want to make sure that public ownership is at the table as we're having this discussion. but i'm glad there are a number of different ideas out there. >> how do you think that all of these plans get d in the end? you have a lot of differing views as you pointed out. >> it's a complicated issue, and i know the governor has been working very hard in terms of coming up with ideas, i know
4:32 pm
he's keeping an open mind. the governor, and the legislature are going to have to work together. there are many stakeholders involved. i can't predict what the end result is going to be, but i do know that public ownership has a lot of merit and we need to strongly consider it, and it's something that i support. >> as you know, pg and e is pushing back strongly on plans such as yours, specifically saying that a takeover of its p cities would lead to higher costs for people living in rural areas, where fire is of course of great concern. what is your response to that issue? >> that's a scare tactic by pg and e. i think anytime pg and e makes a statement, the public should take it with a grain of salt. of course, pg and e is going to
4:33 pm
participate in scare tactics. while i'm flattered that pg and e thinks san francisco is so important that the system will collapse without it, this is a huge system, and san francisco is just one piece of it. >> we have to leave the conversation there. we always appreciate it. state senator scott wiener. you're planning to introduce this legislation to turn pg and e into a public facility next year. an investigation into the recent pg and e power shutoff. this morning, the cpuc voted unanimously to look into whether pg and followed regulations. more than a million californians were impacted by those power shutoffs during the utilities efforts to try to keep its lines from starting fires. roughly 26,000 university of california workers all across the state held a one day strike today.
4:34 pm
>> other protesting what they call is a pattern of unfair labor practices, specifically involving the outsourcing of jobs at hospitals, and uc campuses. more now from the picket lines. >> it's been two and a half years since these employees have had a contract. they say they're fighting against up fair labor practices, while the university of california says it's unfortunate things have gotten to this point, and they say they're ready to get back to the bargaining table. >> 25,000 uc workers across 10 uc campus are on strike. >> tha it isn't fair to us as employees who have been here for a long period of time. >> the american federation of state, county, and municipal employees local 3299 filed unfair labor charges, accusing the university of california of
4:35 pm
secretly expanding its outsourcing to low wage contractors, and avoiding negotiations with its own employees. they argue, outsourcing eliminates middle class career pathways, and imposes lower wages, more inequality, and more risk of employer abuse. >> because i have five children. i'm a single mother, i need my job. >> a statement from the university of california office of the president says despite union concerns about contracting, quote, the number of represented employees has actually grown by double-digits in the past five years. uc's contracts protect employees from displacement due to contracting, and no employee can be term new year's terminated as a result. she hopes both sides can come to an agreement. >> for our staff, who do all of this through the two unions are tremendous. we feel the true impact for
4:36 pm
them as well. we want them to get back to work as fast as possible. >> reporter: uc is offering a guaranteed 3 to 3.5% raise each year, and the same health insurance rates, and pensions. picketers say it's not about the money, or benefits, and they won't stop until changes are made to protect them. in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. federal reserve chairman, jerome powell testified before congress today about the nation's economic future. powell told the senate committee, that the economy is in a strong position, and showing signs of growth. powell also indicated that the federal reserve is unlikely to adjust interest rates anytime soon, so long as the economy stays on its current path. >> our economy is in a strong position. we have growth, we have a
4:37 pm
strong consumer sector. the very, very low and even negative rates that we see around the world would not be appropriate for our economy. >> while the economy looks steady, powell also cautioned that challenges remain, such as slow growth overseas, trade tensions, and low inflation. an eye opening admission from facebook. the company acknowledges a bug in its app would open a user's camera without their permission. up next, the actions taken by facebook, and the lingering concerns for users. and in bay area weather, lots of clouds today, even cooler temperatures. that cooling trend will continue in your thursday forecast, and maybe we could be adding some drizzle to the forecast as well. we'll have that coming up. t coming up.
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c1 c1 facebook rushed to fix a bug that allowed its app access
4:41 pm
to the camera on a user's phone, without their knowledge. an updated app is available. there are still some concerns here. for more, i'm joined by ryan eldredge of nurse on-call. so ryan, people were scrolling through their news feed on facebook, and somehow the camera was accessed. >> yeah, this was first reported by a twitter user, joshua maddux. he did a screen capture of his iphone. as he within the through his news feed. as he moved from one screen to another, he noticed the background was translucent. his camera was on. other people had the same issue. at first, maybe it's just a bug, facebook has bugs just like any other app. but there's an inherent distrust of facebook right now, where, is it really a bug, or are you doing something weird?
4:42 pm
there's been fears for years about facebook activating the microphone without a user's knowledge. a coworker talking about buying a cat, and all of a sudden she started getting cat food stories on her news feed, and she's like wait a second. while this is a bug that facebook is reporting, it does make us all very suspicious, every time we see something like this. >> his camera was pointed there at the carpet, but this idea that facebook, i didn't even know they had the ability to access the camera. do we know if any photos or videos were uploaded due to this? >> reporter: facebook says no photos or videos were uploaded. but again, we've got to take facebook's word on that. just two years ago, if you uploaded a photo to facebook, but chose not to share it on your timeline, facebook still held that photo, but then they had a data breach, and all of those photos were accessed by
4:43 pm
bad guys. facebook is saying nothing was uploaded, but we've got to again, take that with a grain of salt. >> is it there a way on this facebook app for me it to make sure that they don't have access to the camera? >> reporter: normally, when you open up an app for the first time, and it needs access to different things on your phone. if you've already allowed the access, you don't give it access again. there's no way to really like, i get you can go into settings, go into facebook, settings, and turn off the camera, and access things like that, but ultimately it doesn't mean they can't turn it back on. they were trying to use it for their stories app, so you could add things to your story. it was a mess. >> now i understand, when you mention the story aspect.
4:44 pm
when i open up the app, and i want facebook to have access to my pictures, those are things that i've already taken i understand when i want to do a post on something, but this idea it can access information in realtime, that's concerning. >> reporter: we've seen overall cyber security for years about things like spyware that will access a camera on a computer or a phone, and report back to a hacker. every time we see stories like this, we get a little concerned, especially when it's facebook. we're concerned about their ability to protect users' privacy. what was i doing, when i was looking at facebook. often, i'm looking at facebook, just before i go to bed at night. and i don't want facebook to see inside what's happening in my bedroom. that makes me nervous. >> it gets exposed.
4:45 pm
as they say, they have updated the app, you just need to go to the app store, and update this information. ryan eldredge, thanks so much, appreciate it. >> reporter: you're welcome. you probably noticed it today. a little bit of a dip in those temperatures compared to yesterday. much cooler. here's a live look. pretty gray there. a lot of clouds it looks like. >> yeah, it's kind of a dark, foggy look in the south bay. >> the entire bay area, we have cooled off a bit, and that trend will continue. here's another camera for you, looking out toward mount diablo. temperatures, we started out the week on the cold side. that trend will continue into thursday. by the weekend, sunday will be the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. that could lead to possibly, a few low 80s for places like
4:46 pm
santa rosa. maybe gilroy as well. here's the satellite out here in the pacific. you can see a big batch of high clouds offshore. we have kind of a layered cloud cover. the dense fog, at the surface. you go up above 15, 20,000 feet. you have the higher clouds moving in. it all leads to that cloudy pattern we have right now. most areas, reporting mostly cloudy skies from ukiah, down toward monterey bay this afternoon. santa rosa, already cooling off to 57. san francisco, 54. still a few 70s toward concord and the livermore area. here's our live camera toward the bay. you can still see the dense fog, but then high clouds working their way back into the picture. we will have the cloud cover in your forecast for tomorrow. look at this. maybe a little bit of some drizzle. especially coast side, right around san francisco. that will be tomorrow morning. then into the afternoon hours, look for more cloud cover
4:47 pm
throughout the afternoon. this is 12:00. then this is 4:00 as well. temperatures approaching 60, 61 degrees. this is a cooler system we are tracking offshore, and this will set the stage for some drizzle tomorrow morning, especially coast side, and right around the bay. no more 70s for tomorrow. friday, we begin to clear out by the afternoon hours. that will set the stage for a sunny, and a warmer weekend. stormtrack is way up here, up toward portland and seattle. for us, our dry weather stretch will continue. 60s, 70s, and a few spots sunday could be right around 80 degrees. here's the forecast model. this is 8:00 tomorrow morning, showing some clouds, and maybe some drizzle. or some sprinkles near the coast. maybe .02, if we're lucky. into the afternoon hours, some cloud cover. that's for thursday into friday. we'll start out the day with some clouds, and maybe some valley fog here. this is friday morning, and then into the afternoon hours, we scale back on the clouds. this will set the stage for that sunny, and warm weekend.
4:48 pm
highs for tomorrow. look at this. no 80s, no 70s. we're just thinking some 60s for your thursday afternoon p. if you're tired of the fog, this system might mention out that dense fog layer a bit. a look ahead. your five-day forecast, cooler tomorrow. don't get too excited about that. we're excited for any sort of precipitation. drizzle maybe tomorrow morning. trace amounts. into the weekend, we are sunny and warm. we're looking long range now. maybe 24th, 25th. >> drizzle. it's a start. got to start somewhere. >> we'll take .01, to it. >> thanks mark. disney plus is off to an incredibly hot start, after launching just 24 hours ago. >> the massive subscribers on the new streaming service in its first day online.
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it takes a village to raise to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive.
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tesla has chosen germany for its first international factory. it will produce trains, batteries, and electric cars, starting with the model y, that's a small suv scheduled to go on sale in the fall of 2020. it could travel 230 miles per charge. in july, tesla announced that it would build a factory in shanghai, china. disney plus is enjoying an
4:52 pm
impressive debut. the new streaming service has already hit the 10 million subscriber march since the launch yesterday. that's outperforming some analyst expectations that it would take disney a year to hit 8 million users. the service costs $7 a month, or $70 a year. health officials have been warning for months about the health risks associated with vaping. doctors have treated thousands of cigarette users. the damage to one teenager's lungs was so bad he needed a double lung transplant. >> renewed warnings about e- cigarettes as cases of vaping related illnesses soared past 2,000, and deaths cleared 3,000. doctors are pointing to a michigan teen who received a double lung transplant. the 17-year-old underwent the
4:53 pm
six hour procedure last month, he became ill in september. >> he was really at the brink of death, when we were called. >> x-rays show what doctors call irreversible damage to the teen's lungs. >> the x-ray shows basically, these white areas of lung that are completelien able to exchange oxygen, completely destroyed lung tissue, with very little air within it. >> the teen is likely going to need months to fully recover. all this, as the trump administration is set to take action to curb the epidemic. a ban on flavored vaping products was first proposed in september, when experts began eyeing non-tobacco oils as a possible source of the illnesses. meantime, some americans appear to be listening to doctor's warnings about the vaping danger. the owner of one phoenix store
4:54 pm
says he's seen his profits evaporate. >> it's gone, just in the past month from $1,000 a day, to $300 a day on average. >> opponents argue it will hurt the ability to quit traditional cigarettes and put small vaping companies out of business. hundreds of protesters are spilling into the streets of hong kong on the third day of unrest there.
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
widespread protests continue in hong kong, and the violence has prompted the education bureau to cancel classes. >> many universities also suspended classes, some until the end of the semester, coming up at the end of this month. >> it's another day of turmoil on the streets of hong kong. days of violent clashes and a stand offat a university campus. police firing multiple rounds of tear gas, and demonstrators are throwing firebombs in return. hong kong police say a group of chinese mainland students reaching out to the military for help after their campus was barricaded by demonstrators. >> they told that they would like to leave the school campus
4:58 pm
because they have some safety concerns. but since the road, the vicinity has been seriously obstructed. they are unable to leave. >> wednesday's arrest follows days of violent clashes. a police officer shot an activist in the stomach and a pro-beijing supporter was set on fire. the incident now outpouring anger and grief. >> as a young teenager, i have the responsibility because i love hong kong. >> reporter: the widespread protest starting in june following extradition to mainland china. since then, demonstrations have expanded with activisted demanding wider democratic reform, and an inquiry into
4:59 pm
hong kong. in london, fox news. an impeachable offense or smear campaign? it all depends on the party doing the questioning. for just the fourth time in u.s. history, the house of representatives has launched public impeachment hearings, the evidence will ultimately determine whether they make president trump the third president impeached. >> is this what americans should now expect from their president? if this is not impeachable conduct, what is? >> the democrats contend the investigation centers around a shadow foreign policy run by the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani. they say the president wanted the ukraine government to
5:00 pm
investigate democrats in the 2016 election, and the bidens all while withholding military aid. republicans counter all of the testimony is second and third hand knowledge. central valley congressman, devin nunes gave the republican opening statement. >> anyone familiar with the democrats scorched earth war against president trump would not be surprised to see all the typical signs that this is a carefully orchestrated media smear campaign. >> reporter: the president spent his day with the president of turkey, and says he didn't watch much of the testimony. he did fire off dozens of tweets calling it a


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