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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 13, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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president? if this is not impeachable conduct, what is? >> the democrats contend the investigation centers around a shadow foreign policy run by the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani. they say the president wanted the ukraine government to investigate democrats in the 2016 election, and the bidens all while withholding military aid. republicans counter all of the testimony is second and third hand knowledge. central valley congressman, devin nunes gave the republican opening statement. >> anyone familiar with the democrats scorched earth war against president trump would not be surprised to see all the typical signs that this is a carefully orchestrated media smear campaign. >> reporter: the president spent his day with the president of turkey, and says he didn't watch much of the testimony. he did fire off dozens of tweets calling it a witch hunt.
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>> reporter: this hearing lasted more than five and a half hours. during that time, democrats and republicans tried to use these witnesses to make their clear case about if the president committed an impeachable offense or not. the real question is, how will this impact public opinion? >> the facts that have come to light are very much what the founders had in mind. >> this is an abject failer for the democrats and for adam schiff. >> reporter: a stark contrast. acting u.s. ambassador to the ukraine, william taylor, and senior official, george kent testified. taylor revealed new information about the president's focus on investigating joe and hunter biden. >> the member of my staff asked ambassador sondland what the president thought about ukraine. mr.sondland responded that the
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president cares more about biden. >> reporter: the president after trump's call with ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky. at issue, democrats believe the president used his office to extort ukraine to dig up dirt on the bidens. including withholding nearly $400 million in military aid. >> it was not just the white house meeting that was dependent on the investigations. he said it was now everything. it included the security assistance. >> you did not listen to the president and lindsey's call? >> i did not. >> you never met the president. >> that's correct. >> reporter: the republicans pressed on what they called second and third hand information. they also question hunter biden's work in the ukraine. uc hasting's constitutional law says both sides made some
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traction. he also believes the severity of the president's reported actions are far worse than president clinton or nixon. >> we know far more about what impeachment was for. this is exactly what they were talking about. fear of foreign entanglement. fear of misuse of power. >> i haven't watched for one minute because i've been with the president, which is much more important as far as i'm concerned. this is a sham. >> reporter: president trump and republicans pushed again today to have the whistle- blower testify. one issue is this clash of the regular channel of diplomacy, versus what he called the irregular channel. more are scheduled for next week, including ambassador son sondland, which is going to be a big one. you talk about the republican defense for these two men today
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who said that basically they had second hand, and third hand knowledge. sondland had direct access to the president. if this phone call holds true, was speaking to him about the ukraine pressure campaign. they're going to ask him about that heavily, and ask what his direct contact with the president was in this. >> one of the things about the mueller report is that it was very complex. >> i think what you saw from the council from the democrats was very quick, pointed questions. they wanted to get to the point. they wanted frankly to get sound bites, because this was a public hearing, and not everyone was going to have a chance to look at five and a half hours of testimony. they want to hit the nail on the head of let's focus on, did the president do this, and is it a high crime or misdemeanor, making it very simple. >> did the first day move the public needles any, in how the americans look at president
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trump. >> still 49% in favor of impeachment. when you look at the republican party, there's still a lot of people against this. what you'll see probably is no matter what happens, the house and the senate are going to vote along party lines. i tend to think the american people are kind of following that mold. >> and in the senate they need 2/3rds, and the democrats have noy mere 2/3rds. >> the president will likely face impeachment. it's hard to expect 2/3rdsor any of the republicans will move on that. >> we'll have the fall hearing as well as reaction on our home page. just go to a halloween shooting left
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five people dead. it happened at an airbnb rental home. our crime reporter, henry lee went looking for answers in orinda, and joins us now with what he's learned. >> reporter: after tragedies like these, typically, you'll see daily news conferences with police giving us updates every single day on what they're learning. that hasn't been the case here in orinda. it's been almost two weeks since five people were shot and killed at a halloween party in orinda. officials have said little about the investigation, including whether they have information on suspects or a motive. ktvu caught up with orinda police chief, david cook, but he declined our request for an interview. he did tell us, quote, we hope to have some the investigation, but about the police response. dispatch logs confirm that orinda's only two police
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officers were in oakland at the time neighbors complained about noise at the airbnb rental home before the shooting. >> those two events happening as close together as they did, i don't think in anyone's memory, they can recall that kind of thing happening here. >> orinda's city manager, steve solomon says normal staffing in orinda is two officers. even on halloween. >> history is that there has never been anything significant happen on halloween. >> reporter: the sheriff's office, which provides police services to both orinda, and lafayette can ask for help from moraga pd. >> let's say there's a physical fight somewhere, or a burglary in progress. those are going to get higher attention than a call about a
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noisy party. >> reporter: family members of some of the victims say the shooting could have been prevented, had officers shut down the party because of the noise. at the time, officers say they could not have predicted what happened. >> there was no indication that this, you know, that there was going to be a problem. >> reporter: so some residents here have been demanding more police on the streets, but the city manager tells us right no, the city is busy, focusing on potentially making changes to their short term rental ordinance. henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. authorities in santa cruz hope new surveillance video, and a larger reward will help identify the suspects accused of kidnapping, and killing tech executive tushar? autri. newly released video shows three suspects walking out of an alley near the man's home. one of the suspects appears to be carrying a large duffel bag.
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the victim's body was later found in a santa cruz mountains. a reward to help find the suspects has now been increased to $150,000, and expires on december 30th. anyone with information is asked to call the santa cruz county sheriff's department. police in santa clara arrested two men after a hit and run near city hall today. police say officers spotted a call doing donuts around 12:30 this afternoon. police say the driver then hit a parked lexus, as he was backing up to try to avoid the officers. a witness says one of them was caught moments later after officers threatened to shoot. >> i saw the two police officers running down the street with their guns drawn. and one of the officers said that if you don't stop running, we're going to shoot you. >> officers founded second suspect about 30 minutes later.
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both men were arrested for hit and run, reckless driving. alameda and contra costa counties are getting some new funding to help combat illegal dumping. they will receive $750,000 in state funding for the creation of a one year pilot program. it will include hiring more sheriff's programs to those who go after illegally dumping debris and trash. >> not only do people know what they're supposed to be doing with their trash, and doing it responsibly, but people that are not going to follow the rules, that are going to break the law, that we're going to hold them accountable. now we're going to make sure those people that are breaking the law are going to be held accountable, and pay the consequences. >> contra costa county also plans to install surveillance cameras in key areas where dumping occurs. district attorney, nancy
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o'malley says several attorneys in her office will prosecute illegal dumping. the union says they're worried about outsourcing jobs to contracting employees. >> reporter: it's been two and a half years since these employees have had a contract. they say they're fighting against unfair labor practices, while the university of california says it's unfortunate things have gotten to this point, and they say they're ready to get back to the bargaining table. 25,000uc workers across 10 uc campuses, 5 medical centers, and other clinics and labs are on strike. >> the outsourcing isn't good. it isn't fair to us employees that have been here a long time. >> reporter: the american federation of state, county, and local employees, local
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union 3299 filed unfair labor chargeses. they argue outsourcing eliminates middle class career pathways, and imposes lower wages, more inequality, and more risk of employer abuse. >> because i have five children. i'm a single mother. i need my job. >> reporter: a statement from the university of california office of the president says despite concerns about union contracting, quote, the number of representative employees has actually grown by double-digits in the past five years. uc has contracts with afs, cme, protect employees from displacement. ucsf helps chief operating officer sheila says she hopes both sides can come to an agreement. >> for our staff, who do all of this through the two unions are tremendous. we feel the impact for them as well, because it is an impact
5:13 pm
from an economic standpoint, so we want them to get back to work as fast as possible. >> reporter: uc is offering a guaranteed 3 to 3.5% increase etch year. picketers say it's not about the money or benefits, and they won't stop until changes are made to protect them. in san francisco, ktvu, fox 2 news. a warning about the final exams, and not about where they're going to sleep each night. >> san jose state is going to do something about that. details about a first of its kind program to fight student homelessness in the south bay. also ahead for the first time, a bay area coroner investigating a possible vaping- related death. that story is coming up. and i'm back after the break with a chance for a little bit of drizzle out there, and a cool down back here in a bit.
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a 17-year-old boy in michigan had to receive a double lung transplant. the teen became sick in september, and was admitted to the hospital, where he was hooked up to an oxygen machine. doctors say he was at the brink of death. >> the x-ray shows basically these white areas of lung that are completely unable to exchange oxygen. completely destroyed lung tissue with very little air within it. >> doctors say x-rays showed
5:17 pm
the damage done to his lungs was irreversible. the surgery took 6 hours, and they say it will take months to fully recover. confirming the recent death of a 45-year-old woman is related to vaping. that's the fourth person in california to die in relation to e-cigarettes. >> reporter: severe lung injury caused by vaping. that's when the marine county department of health and human services department says caused the death of a 45-year-old marin county woman. >> started with a cough from chest pain. shortness of breath. a fever, which progressed rapidly. >> reporter: robert fielding told ktvu by phone that he will know more about the cause after he performs a forensic exam on
5:18 pm
the woman he identified as amanda arcade. saying, i'm not sure there will ever be a smoking gun as to her cause of death that vaping did this. >> it meets the cdc criteria for vaping associated illness and death. we're making sure that the coroner has access to all of the samples. >> reporter: she began vaping about 6 months ago. authorities are testing her vaping products. facebook posts say she leaves behind a 5-year-old son, and that she went to the hospital with pneumonia-like symptoms. >> we know more, there are real health problems associated with vaping itself, especially in the marketplace that it is now, which is largely unregulated. so we want to make sure that message gets out loud and clear. >> reporter: this is the fourth vaping related death in california. the centers for disease control
5:19 pm
reports 39 deaths nationally, with 2,000 cases of lung damage. marin county put out a warning to stop vaping. it will be weeks before the lab tests come back to determine all the substances that amanda arcani was vaping. to the marijuana county health department, the bottom line is that it was vaping that caused her death. in marin county, rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. a new report shows lung cancer survival is improving overall. nationwide, the five year lung cancer survival rate is up 26% over the past decade. early detection of lung cancer is key when the disease is most curable. while screening is simple. lung cancer remains the deadliest form of cancer for men and women in the u.s.
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sonoma, marin area, rail transit announced today, their upcoming station has passed a major safety hurdle. no further testing is required. simulated service between the sonoma county airport, and the larkspur stations are expected to take place soon. wow, it's pretty gloomy out there. gloomy, is subjective, but it's definitely cloudy, and foggy at the coast. temperatures today were a little bit cooler. the plan here is cooler tomorrow, and then warmer for the weekend. that's sort of the plan. so there's today. there's thursday. then you see the warm up for the weekend. so things are going to get warmer here. this drop here on thursday, tomorrow. i think we'll see a little drizzle with that. i think we'll see a little bit of cloud cover as we have been seeing. what we're tracking is a couple of things. talked about the active pacific up here, that's a storm, right?
5:21 pm
that's the real deal, but it's pretty far away. down here is a little bit of an impulse. that's going to, it's riding up over the ridge. you see how the jet stream is dipping in on the ridge there, this low is cutting into it. that's going to bring a chance for some drizzle. the high pressure will be weak enough that the air will start to rise, the inversion will start to rise, and we'll see perhaps some condensation. maybe .01 at sfo, something like that. that would be enough, really, to slow your commute too. it doesn't take much in the morning. that's when the drizzle would be. so here we go. it's not a high fire danger pattern, that's for sure. it's just cloudy. not any real rain anticipated from this. but i have seen situations like this where a system comes through. a little drizzle. not saying that's going to happen, but wouldn't that be
5:22 pm
nice to moisten things up. the current temperatures, you're looking at 56 in napa. 67 in fairfield. so you get away from the water, and bang, you've got warmth. 64 in livermore. 59 in san jose. almost 20 degrees cooler in santa rosa. the last few days, the winds have generally been coming offshore. the winds are now going from here to here. that's onshore. mostly a westerly component. we haven't seen that in a few days. that's why temperatures have dropped off. it's also, if you're a fire danger concern, it does help fire danger quite a bit. you increase humidity, you drop the temperatures. look at that out there. that looks like middle of february or something. we've got fog, and clouds. tomorrow, i think we're going to see a little bit of wet drizzle. tomorrow is going to look a lot like this, can temperatures just in the 60s.
5:23 pm
i'll see you back here with the full forecast. coming up -- >> a first of its kind partnership between san jose state, the city of san jose, and one major company to help end student homelessness. that story is coming up. at least 15 cars vandalized with spray point. some with windows smashed out. and now police in one community are asking the public for help. plus after 15 years, police in the east bay say they've arrested a man in a deadly home invasion. we'll tell you where he was arrested.
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san jose state university is taking a major step to try to deal with student homelessness, and housing insecurity. >> ktvu south bay reporter, jesse gary has the details. >> reporter: san jose state officials say nearly 200 of its students struggled with housing insecurity, and homelessness last academic year. >> it's a definite problem, and it's growing. it's getting worse and worse each year. >> at a news conference wednesday, city, school, and corporate leaders announced a first of its kind accomplishment. >> college students should be worried about their final exams, and not where they're going to sleep each night. >> reporter: a private program pays for struggling students to
5:27 pm
stay in airbnb host homes. the bill wilson center for youth services will work to identify long term solutions to their housing needs. >> i think it's incumbent upon tech platforms to take responsibility, and to find ways where they can use their technology to have a positive impact on the broader communities that they're operating in. >> reporter: the program is slated to run 100 days. the looming question? what happens when the pilot eventually ends. >> we like this, because it's focused on pulling community partners together. what we understand is we have a long term challenge that's not going anywhere. >> reporter: patrick day says the school was exploring other options that could serve as a bridge to long term housing. some applaud the pilot program. >> there's a lot of different ways we can go about solving this problem. i think trying anything is
5:28 pm
definitely moving in the right direction. >> reporter: officials say students in need, can apply for assessment for entry into this program immediately. downtown san jose, jesse gary, ktvu, fox 2 news. coming up here, projects that are delayed, and over budget. dangers on city streets for pedestrians, and bikers. in a moment, some of the new plans to shake up transportation in the city by the new director of muni. also ahead, a new beginning for the san francisco giants. first a new gm, now the new manager. meet the man taking over for bruce bochy next year. ok, network inspection. -ok.
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projects that are over due and over budget, all creating a dangerous mix for bikers and pedestrians. the new director of sfmta is taking a hard look at the city's transit, and is promising some changes.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people moving back and forth, and through the city of san francisco. now the city has a new director of transportation. mayor london breed making the announcement in her office. >> jeffrey tomlin as the next director. >> reporter: tomlin brings 25 years of experience to the job. the new director acknowledging that many who live and work in the city are frustrated. >> i would argue that the fastest way to rebuild trust is to deliver on the hundred small projects that really make a difference for our day-to-day riders. >> reporter: the director adding that improving the safety of the streets for everyone is a priority. the director saying he will
5:33 pm
explore all oceans options to make that a reality. even changing the city's streetscape. >> so the street widths are fixed. we have to make difficult choices about how the allocate the public right of way for the public good. >> reporter: the new director taking over an age overseeing major infrastructure projects. >> those projects are top of my list to go deep into, to make sure i understand the nature of those projects and everything we need to do to deliver them successfully. >> reporter: also addressing the chronic shortage of operators, he wants to explore how to pay every employee a living wage, making it not only a desirable job, but one where
5:34 pm
workers can live in city. california regulators have unanimously ordered an investigation into pg&e's deliberate power outages last month. the investigation will determine if the utility prioritized safety when it intensely cut power, multiple times in october. the outages were meant to prevent its equipment from igniting wildfires in windy weather. public officials said the outages were poorly executed. punishment will be determined at the end of investigation. senator dianne feinstein is introducing a companion bill. president clinton provided $1.6 billion toward the prosecution of violent crimes toward women. the act expired in february of this year, but the house has
5:35 pm
revived it. lawmakers are trying to propose legal protections for women who are victims of domestic abuse and stalking. >> the gun provision is very simple. it adds dating partners who have convictions of domestic violence to the category of people barred from having handguns. >> other improvements include alloying native american tribes to charge non-indian abusers on they're land, and issuing grants to provide lgbtq sensitivity training. democratic supporters say mitch mcconnell is blocking the legislation. a california law requiring publicly held companies to put women on their boards of directors is facing a second legal challenge. the law requires publicly traded companies to have at least one woman on their boards by the end of the year.
5:36 pm
the pacific legal foundation filed a lawsuit today, arguing that the law violates an equality clause of the constitution. judicial watch has also sued. they're arguing that spending taxpayer money would violate the constitution of california. for the first time today, three people charged in last year's death of a special needs student appeared in court. the student was 13 at the time. he died after being restrained by staff at a school in el dorado hills. that's about 30 miles east of sacramento. reporter doug johnson tells us, the defendants are now being charged with manslaughter. >> stood before an el dorado county judge for the first time
5:37 pm
today. principal myer, and the school's executive director. all three pled not guilty. linda represents keller and meyers, both of whom used to own guiding hand school. >> these two women have dedicated literally their entire lives to helping, educating, and encouraging working with special needs students. they have a 25 year history of exemplary service to this community. >> reporter: their attorney was not the only one speaking on their behalf. >> these are probably two of the most moral people you have ever met. >> reporter: she says guides hands was a godsend for five of her adopted children who have autism, and have since had trouble finding the same services elsewhere. >> people say, put them somewhere. i would like the address of somewhere. a lot of them have nowhere to go. >> reporter: also defending the accused was kyle mccoy, who worked at the school at the beginning of the last school year it was open.
5:38 pm
>> i feel like they possibly think there was some kind of inappropriate procedures done, or maybe there was not correct training, which i would say was completely false. >> reporter: the school should not be put to blame, especially considering the restraint that max was put in at the time. >> a restraint that had been used by our program, by other programs, and had been in tact for us through the whole year. still to come tonight, the san francisco giants needed a shakeup following three straight losing seasons. up next, meet the new manager and why his hiring came with a hint of controversy today. versy today.
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a restart at the top of the san francisco giants organization following three straight losing seasons. today, they completed their hiring, announcing that gabe kapler is the team's new
5:42 pm
manager. >> scott reese was there as kapler was introduced. how did it go? >> let's just say it was not the path of least resistence. gabe kapler's giants career began with an interrogation of sorts. here he is, doning the number 19 giants jersey at his introductory press conference, which lasted more than an hour, and probably 2/3rds of the event stemming from his time as dodgers director of player development. a dodger player was accused of sexual assault, and rather than informing the police, kapler tried to keep it in house. today he spoke at length about lessons learned. >> i'm sorry that i didn't make all the right moves. everything i did, i acted on from a place of goodness, and from my heart, and wanting to do the right thing, but i was naive. i was in over my skis, and trying to do things on my own,
5:43 pm
when it was very clear that i needed counsel, and i n eededcounsel from like like in this community that i've met over the last few weeks. >> gabe never tried to hide anything. the incidents that happened, he reported up the chain of command within baseball operations. the baseball operations group referred him to legal counsel in l.a. >> that's kind of what everybody's been talking about today. as for the baseball side of the story, kapler was fired after two seasons with the philly. his record was 161-163. so not exactly a stellar track record. remember, bruce bochy was not a hall of fame manager with the padres. he hit it big during his second job with the giants. getting betterrer, getting smarter, and we'll see how it
5:44 pm
works here in san francisco. >> what's next now? where do you see things going from here? >> the next step, he's got to hire a coaching staff. kapler said this will be a collaborative effort between him and farhan, and scott harris. buster posey was in attendance today, but didn't speak. we don't know exactly how he feels about it, but you would assume there is support there. ron wodas, he's a fan favorite, just a terrific guy, he's going to stay on as third base coach. there will be at least a smidge of continuity. >> the giants can't get a lot worse. >> they were a little better than certainly two years ago. but there's a lot of work to do, and these three guys are going to be very, very busy over the next few months. the california hall of fame has announced a new class of inductees. among the honorees, the late
5:45 pm
angelou, and performer rupaul. governor newsom, a understand his wife made the announcement today. some others include brandi chastain, skateboarder tony hawk, and actor george lopez. an induction ceremony to honor the 13th hall of fame class is set for next month. it's not the state hall of fame, but still an honor for the late mayor ed lee. in a moment, what sfo did today to make sure the passengers will remember the former mayor for years to come. also an early blast of winter. coming up next, a look at the arctic blast impacting much of the eastern half of the country. and there's that shot for some drizzle tomorrow. we'll talk about that, and look at the east coast, and what you can expect for thursday and friday.
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
flooding in venice, italy, reaching near record levels. the canal city was hit by an exceptionally high tide last night. this is the worst flooding the city has seen since 1966. more rain and strong winds are expected in the coming days. the arctic blast is creating dangerous conditions, and travel delays. fox news jeff paul reports now
5:49 pm
from chicago. heavy snow covers much of the midwest and the northeast. even snow prone regions like upstate new york, are seeing unusually high accumulation. >> i'm hoping we don't get this much snow the rest of the season. this is a little early. >> reporter: buffalo's airport received nearly 3.5 inches more than the previous high for early november, set back in the 19 1940s, after the snow comes the deep freeze. a one-two punch of misery for people still trying to dig out. new records were set in many cities and towns on tuesday. some by nearly 10 degrees. even folks in states like louisiana, and texas are bundling up for the rare southern cold snap, prompting churches to become warming shelters for the homeless. >> people that try to tough it out will realize, i'm not that tough. >> more record shattering
5:50 pm
wednesday. indianapolis dropped down to single digits wednesday morning. >> you bundle up. waste up. >> icy roads are blamed for car wrecks in michigan and kansas. the dead of winter temperatures come with nearly five weeks remaining on the calendar for fall. >> it turns out i'm not prepared. >> reporter: there is some relief coming. temperatures are expected to warm up, beginning on thursday. in chicago, jeff paul, fox news. man, i have so been there, when i lived in minnesota, 80 below with the windchill. i just remember thinking, life is too short to be this cold. gosh, i hate that weather. >> that's february, dude. these guys are talking about november. it was 70 degrees in many of these cities last week. here they are, thrust into winter. you wonder why it costs so much to live here, rewind that
5:51 pm
video. it's cold out there. chicago, st. louis, atlanta, washington. flight delays as you would expect from the cold and the icing. the current temperatures, 25 in chicago. 36 in st. louis. 21 in fargo. those are right now numbers. a lot of records today, as you heard, because the pattern is stuck. we're warm, or mild, and they're cold, and wet, and snowy. these were our highs today. they did drop off a few degrees. we had a lot of cloud cover. those clouds are pretty much going to be around tomorrow, even more so with temperatures dropping a little further. the plan is for this weather system in here. it's hard to see it. here is the high. this little tweak is going to slide through. it's going to be a little further south than that, but it's going to push through, and change the dynamics. it's going to lift the inversion, essentially. when that happens, you get drizzle. sometimes you get a little rain. i've seen them go through before. sometimes, .01, or .02, which
5:52 pm
is what we were expecting tomorrow. i've seen these things drop a quarter inch before. places like half moon bay, bodega bay, or even santa cruz. most of us are just going to notice clouds and a little drizzle. either way, cloudy day tomorrow. cooler, temperatures dip, right? then they climb back out towards friday, saturday, and sunday. so the forecast for tomorrow morning, look at that. that's tomorrow morning. the drizzle, and mostly cloudy all day. looks a lot like today, except for the morning with that drizzle. the plan is for all of this to slide through. there's that low back here. just behind this. it's going to slip through and just the air rises high. the air sinks and warms. for us, that's a good fire danger scenario. that knocks the fire danger down pretty quick. then the high builds back in this weekend. with that, you warm up a little bit. so the weekend's going to be
5:53 pm
nice. tomorrow's going to be nice. just not as nice as it has been the last couple of weeks. it's going to be 60s and cloudy. there is the five-day forecast. you'll see sunday's your day on the weekend. so get on that. things start to warm up. fire danger takes a little bit of a break here the next couple of days, and it will slide back up on the weekend. sfo is making sure that the late mayor ed lee is remembered for years to come. today, the airport held a ceremony, dedicating the international terminal in his honor. earlier this year, the airport commission decided to honor the late mayor for his contributions to san francisco and to the airport. as part of the ceremony, the new name, mayor edwin m lee international terminal is now on the wall inside the airport. there's also a temporary mural in place of a permanent sculpture that's still being created. also at sfo today, an army sergeant, missing in action since the korean war finally returned home.
5:54 pm
army sergeant phillip mendoza was reported missing in december, 1950, in what is now north korea. mendoza is among a dozen service members whose remains were handed over last year. his remains were positively identified in august. members of his family are coming together to honor him in a burial in dixon on friday. >> i am happy. i am happy that he's in heaven. >> i think my grandmother is very overwhelmed, as our entire family is. she kept saying she wished her mother was here and alive to witness her son coming home. >> mendoza was one of ten children in his family. his four brothers also served in the military. he will be laid to rest alongside two of his brothers in dixon. another brother is still alive, and will be there for that ceremony. hundreds of protesters are spilling into the streets of hong kong on a third day of
5:55 pm
unrest there. i'll have the latest. coming up on ktvu at 6:00, educators in the east bay rally against police activity at last month's school board meeting, as they get ready to protest school cuts at tonight's meeting. >> plus, as many as 20 cars vandalized with spray paint. we'll tell you where, and the message from police.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
widespread protests continue in hong kong, with violent protests spreading to university campuses. many classes are canceled for tomorrow. >> reporter: it's another day
5:58 pm
of turmoil on the streets of hong kong. days of violent clashes, and a standoff at a university campus. police have fired multiple rounds of tear gas. a group of chinese mainland students reaching out to the military for help after their campus was barricaded by demonstrators. >> they were told they'd like to leave the school campus, because they have some safety concerns. >> since the road and the vicinity has been seriously obstructed. they are unable to leave. >> reporter: wednesday's unrest follows days of violent clashes. a police officer shot an activist in the stomach. both activists are are recovering. however the incident proprietorring an outpouring of anger and grief. >> as a young teenager, i have the responsibility to stand up
5:59 pm
for my society. because i love hong kong. >> reporter: the widespread protests starting in june, following extradition to mainland china. an independent inquiriy into police brutality in hong kong. in london, fox news. a historic day in the nation's capitol as the house of representatives holds their firstrump. >> this is a carefully orchestrated media smear campaign. >> divided along pa today's hearing saw both
6:00 pm
parties claiming victory afterwards. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. a punishment reached only twice in american history. >> reporter: we certainly saw some fireworks at times today. during this five and a half hour hearing, democrats and republicans tried to use these witnesses to make their clear case about if the president committed an impeachable offense or not. the real question. how this will impact public opinion. >> the facts that have come to light are very much what the founders had in mind. >> reporter: a stark contrast between parties, following the first public hearing of the impeachment inquiry. william taylor, and senior state department, george kent, testify before the house intelligence committee. taylor revealed new information about the president's focus on investigating joe and


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