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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 14, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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low and high clouds 50s and 60s. yesterday, the coast took the tumble into the 50s and it was a cool day. it will be 50s and 60s in every forecast high on that panel is below the average. a lot of high clouds coming in below that. you can see some low clouds below that as well. a lot more 50s here than 40s and these will probably be the lows or close to it. this system is swinging in. that's kind of the key kind of getting rid of that inversion which has been trapping everything. so a cooler day for all and this system will push through today into tomorrow and then we'll start to see warmer weather back for your weekend. it will be sunny, mostly sunny. 50s and 60s. that will do it. low 70s on the panel for once. 4:30 in the morning. sal's here he's going to focus on tracy or vallejo? >> for vallejo we're going to look at that because we're seeing some people get on the road already@it is still pretty
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quiet continuing out towards the bridge. no problems into marin county no problems on interstate 80 as we look at the commute. the fog is not as big of an issue here. it's foggy in some areas. silicon valley commute off to a nice start. northbound 101 looks good from san jose all the way to palo alto. 4:31. all the way back to the desk. of. president trump plans to release a transcript of another phone call he had with the president of ukraine and this follows the first day of public testimony in the house impeachment inquiry. doug luzader tells us now there are more witnesses still to come. >> impeachment process may be riveting television for some, but the president says he didn't watch the opening round. >> no i didn't. i did not watch it. i'm too busy to watch it. it's a witch hunt it's a hoax. >> the president may not have
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been watching but plenty of others were. >> the first two public impeachment witnesses sworn in for a long day of questioning. deputy assistant secretary of state george kent and the top u.s. envoy to ukraine. >> members of my staff could hear president trump on the phone asking about the investigations. >> for taylor, a new revelation from a phone call overheard by one of his staffers. the son of former vice president joe biden. >> if this is not impeachable conduct, what is? >> the democrats think they advanced their case against the president and may shrug off a transcript expected from the white house later today of another phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. but republicans pointeded out the nature of the witness testimony so far. second and third-hand accounts. >> let me read it one more time.
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embassador taylor that i conveyed this message to mr. yarmock in 2019 we got six people having four conversations in one sentence and this is where you told me you got your clear understanding. >> and tomorrow the public's phase of the impeachment testimony moves forward from maria bonnavich to ukraine. doug luzader fox news. today jurors will begin deliberations in the trial of president trump's former advisor roger stone. stone is charged with obstruction. witness tampering and lying to the house intelligence committee during the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. prosecutors say stone lied to congress to protect the president. his defense attorneys say stone did not do anything illegal. our time is 4:33 here's a look at some of this morning's top stories. vice president mike pence will be in the bay area talking
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about american space exploration in the future. there will be protesters out there against the vice president's speech. they'll also stage a die-in representing victims of prejudice. police in maryland now have a suspect in custody related to a deadly stabbing at a popeye's restaurant. accused of stabbing kevin davis earlier this month. the victim cut in line as dozens of people were waiting to get the chain's popular chicken sandwich. and the man from concord is now suing bart. steve foster and his lawyer will be holding a news conference later this afternoon about that incident. state law bans eating inside the gates of bart. that law is unequally enforced. he's suing for racial profiling, harassment and emotional distress. smart trains are business back to normal after a
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motorcyclist was killed by a train in santa rosa. police say that motorcyclist crashed into the side of the train about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. police say he ignored the warning lights and drove in between the crossing lines. >> it appears by witness statements that the motorcycle had been in the eastbound lanes with traffic. the train was crossing heading southbound and the motorcycle actually drove into the westbound lanes of traffic. and struck the train. >> now a witness says the motorcyclist passed her at a red light two blocks before he crashed. train service was stopped in both directions at coffee lane and gernville road. no passengers were hurt. today there will be a demonstration in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. organizers of today's rally are planning to close the intersection at 3:00. they want city leaders to do more in the streets to make san
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francisco safe for pedestrians and cyclists. groups plan to be there. our time is now 4:36. a court hearing set today in fran for the latest lawsuit opposing the homeless navigation center. block the construction. the group claims the city did not get the proper permits. a judge in the previous lawsuit refused to block the building of that 200 bed shelter. a hearing in the current lawsuit is now scheduled to begin at 9:30 this morning. jury deliberations are resumi in the tiffany lee murder trial. the jury's in its third week of deliberation for a mistrial over cellphone evidence. the judge also removed lee and her boyfriend are accused of killing keith green. prosecutors say lee lured green
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to her hillsboro mansion where he was shot. a man is in jail this morning in a 15-year-old murder case in pleasant hill. tyson moorehead has been on the run authorities say moorehead was found in stockton this week. your time is 4:37. men in nuts at lexus as he was backing up trying to get away from police. police say the driver and his passenger ran away but one of them was captured moments later after police threatened to shoot. >> i saw the two police officers running down the street with their guns drawn and one of the officers said
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that if you don't stop running we're going to shoot you. >> now police found the second suspect about 30 minutes later. the person inside the lexus was taken to the hospital treated for non life threatening injuries. bernie sanders campaign is opening a new bay area office today and has also doubled its california staff. now the campaign is celebrating the opening of the new san francisco field office which is one of five offices across california. the news comes ahead of the senator's three day visit that starts tomorrow with a stop in oakland. the rest of his trip will include stops in fresno, long beach, and east los angeles. another democratic presidential candidate will be back in california today for a meet and greet in san mateo county. minnesota senator amy klobuchar will be in san carlos this evening to share her economic agenda. she will be at devil's canyon brewing company. she gets ready for the next two debates coming up next wednesday and again on december
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19th. uc berkley next wednesday. the berkley college' republicans hosting the event. tickets are available now for her talk called adios america. that event was cancelled because of security concerns. all right. we want to show you some incredible footage from a tour vote in southern california. look at this, hundreds of dolphins caught off the coast of newport beach and what researchers call a stam pooeld of dolphins. the large pod will start jumping in and out of the water quickly swimming in one direction. a faster more efficient way for dolphins to travel. what an amazing sight to see. >> all right. time is now 4:39. still ahead the cellphone
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company's promise to keep it running. that didn't happen. >> that's potentially a huge problem if somebody's got medical issue if a fire breaks out. >> up next , 2 xans, the changes emergency officials are now demanding. >> and we'll show you how the community in el paso plans to honor the wal-mart mass shooting victim as . we're going to take a look at some of the far away commutes just to let you know how those are doing. right now 880 looks good in oakland. >> and this will be one of the few days where forecast highs are below average. we have a new lead story. show you those coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the wal-mart in el paso, texas re-opens this morning. the gunman who used an ak47 in that attack told police officers he intended to kill as many mexicans as possible. a permanent memorial eventually included 22 aluminum arks. int it's expected to be finished in the next few weeks. the state public utilities commission has formally opened an investigation into pg&e's power outages. the investigation will determine if the utility prioritized safety when it intentionally cut the power. the outages were meant to prevent its equipment from igniting wild fires in windy
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weather but public officials say the outages were poorly executed. when pg&e shut off the towers cellphone towers caused life threatening situations for many people. two investigates how many customers were left without service and how phone companies are responding. >> they may not mean much to the eye when driving by but they mean so much in staying connected to our busy world especially during critical crisis times. >> this is our county emergency operation center or eoc. >> marin county fills out the forms and hit buttons to activate emergency alerts but when cellphone towers go down it's an even harder task because cellphone companies don't have to say a word when they go down. >> in late october during a power shutoff 60% of towers went down leaving some people unable to call 911.
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>> that's potentially a huge problem if somebody's got a medical issue, if a fire breaks out. >> it happened in paradise and butte county last year. destroyed cell sites caused messages to be missed, delayed or lost. it was a wake-up call for regulators to fix weaknesses. >> we walk around with our phones so we'll always be connected in a crisis. >> alongside peers at the federal communications. sometimes he says it's best to rely on old technology. . >> that radio's probably the most resilient thing you can keep in >> that's out and voluntarily during disasters. records show in a single day in october some 700 cell sites in
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california weren't working because of powerless cut. >> my preference would be i'd rather solve this before somebody else comes in this and solves it. >> demanding a plan to keep wireless service up and running. still in late october thousands were cut off. >> unacceptable and they need to be held accountable. >> right now state rules don't require back up power. it's something the independent arm of the california public utilities commission is trying to change. program manager anna marie johnson says even with backups carriers don't disclose how quickly they'll begin working. >> their plan is to deploy assets where the hour, three ho three days away. >> despite having advanced warning of a power shutoff. this map shows the percentage
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of cell sites out of service on a single day. marin county had the most. 134 down due to power. >> those plans weren't followed. how do you explain that. >> those plans were not sufficient. >> federal regulators haven't addressed the downed towers. verizon said its network was not impacted. at&t said it had short notice but utilized backup power solutions. t-mobile said it refuelled 260 sites and sprint planned to extensive roaming agreements to keep people connected. >> they have been very successful in the killing legislation to require them to do certain things, provide information and we are going to come down strong on a new approach and new strategy. >> earlier this year, the public advocates office says the california public utilities commission to force telecomm
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companies to have immediate backups. >> action must be immediate. we cannot wait and see what happens. >> and without regulation many fear the for profit cellular companies will again put lives at risk. >> i think expecting cellphone companies to do this on their own initiative is probably naive. >> i think they need to understand the public has low tolerance in a crisis for failure and that's going to result in calls for more legislation, more regulation and more oversight. >> ktvu fox 2 news. time is 4:48. senator kamala ban pg&e and other bankrupt utility companies from paying bonuses to executives. she says years of corporate negligence and displaced priorities have caused devastating fires and very expensive blackouts. now the bill would require a utility company to pay 100% tax
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on any compensation for a utility that breaks the law. and southern california edison will pay 360 million (36) 000-0000 as part of a settlement over deadly wild fires causeded by its equipment. it's agreed to pay the local government for fire fighting cost and damages caused by the thomas fire back in 2018 and the woolsy fire last year. the settlement does not include lawsuits from fire victims and their families. portions of highway 1 will be closed this winter near big sur. crews will shut down a portion of the highway between mud creek and poll slide. it's the same slide forced the highway to close back in february of 2017. caltrans says it will send out an alert 484s before any potential closure to let people
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know about that. our time is 4:50. let's get you to where you need to go. sal is busy. i'm looking at your face. >> you look very serious. i do look at all kinds of things. i have apps on my phone. the radio scanners and computers. and right now things are relatively quiet. so here at the bay bridge it doesn't look too bad. you can see traffic is backed up of the lanes. cash lanes but really we're off to a good start. so i'm going to go back and take a look at the tracy commute. where that commute is getting a little more crowded. there have been no major problems here driving on 580 and 205. it is slow as it normally is. 680 traffic between san ramon and dublin is all right. i like the way we've started and one thing you probably don't see a lot on my pictures is a lot of fog yet. that can change but right now i don't see it and most of these commutes by the way. sal, i had that dream last
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night where they're calling you to the studio and you can't get there. >> you know. >> right, it's like i have this dream all the time where if i can just dial this phone number it will be okay. >> like steve we're on in 5 minutes. >> anybody in tvs had that. we do have a cooler day today. this is an rarity today. all the forecast highs were below average so is this an rarity. >> hopefully it's the ktvu weather app. the app shows possible rain. monday the 25th is thursday the 28th. that is true. there is a possibility. our good friend the gfs is showing the pattern change around that time. that is a possibility. identify been talking about that the 25th to the 27th. i'll buy into that right now. low and high clouds. 50s and 60s. all of these are below average now that has not been a big deal per se but it has been
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inland. especially santa rosa. they will be below average today. not something we've seen very often but you know warmer weather is on the way. it will kick back in on the weekend. so cooler today but warmer on the weekend. a lot of low clouds, high clouds. 54 out there in vacaville, fairfield, rio vista, livermore. concord, san jose's 55. sfo is 55. the city's 55. there will not be and bay area locations. 53 pinol martinez 52. so is walnut creek and pleasanton. everyone's really cloesz. that low -- close. that low sweeping in. high, mid level clouds maybe a filtered sun but temperatures aloft at the surface cooldown today. cooler systems and the rebound is on the way. today and tomorrow look to be a
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little bit below average. change next tuesday maybe. 50s, 60s on the temps today. low 70s. but warmer temps will kick in on the weekend. >> steve, thank you. time is 4:53. three people caught on surveillance video in santa cruz. leaving the scene of a very serious crime. coming up the new evidence and a reward offered in the case of a mysterious kidnapping and murder. see what's next in the impeachment inquiry into president trump. but first, a bay area woman's death is being linked to vaping. what we're finding out about the victim and the investigation that's under way. this portion of ktvu fox 2 news is sponsored by volkswagen. visit mptoms cae so slowly over time you might not notice. but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing.
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you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to discuss changing symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor. visit
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a 45-year-old vacaville woman has died. the health department says amanda arcarte died to lung disease associated to vaping. authorities are now learning more and more there are real health harms with vaping itself. especially in the it is now wh unregulated. >> facebook posts are saying she leaves behind a 5-year-old son also that she went to the
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hospital with pneumonia-like symptoms. health officials say this is the fourth vaping death here in california. time is 4:57 san francisco's new transportation director promises big changes. jeffery tomlin says he understands many people who work in san francisco are frustrated with crowded streets from overdue construction projects. he wants to reduce speed limits and also eliminate parking in some areas to make room for everybody. >> so the street widths are fixed. streets are not getting any wider. we have to make difficult choices about how to allocate the public right of way for the public good. >> tomlin previously served as the city of oakland's interim transportation director. he brings 25 years of experience to his job. the san francisco board of supervisors are getting closer to ask voters about attacks on vacant store fronts. of the budget to this proposed tax.
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ch it's aimed at property owners who leave businesses and homes for more than six months. the fine after six months would be $250 per day. the ballot measure still needs full board approval to be put on the march 2020 ballot. . and people who live on treasure island may not have to pay a proposed toll to get onto the island. the committee voted to accept the current residence from this $3.50 toll. the exception still has to be approved by the agency's full board next tuesday. we needed to step up and make our voice heard to let them know it's not okay to bring police violence against their own employees. >> another oakland school board meeting ends early as protesting parents and teachers interrupt the board forcing them out of the room. >> plus... >> given that the country is
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somewhat divided now i think it's important for the vice president to be here in a state like california. >> vice president pence greeted by supporters on his first visit to the bay area. but later today protesters are expected when the vice president goes to mountain view research center. from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. >> good morning it's friday eve november 14th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dmrashg. steve paulson -- dave clark. steve paulson is here. >> 50s and 60s yesterday that fog really held a lot of cities in check. now the areas laind will start to come back down -- inland will start to come back down. that has t been a rarity for the city but it has been for inland areas for the last couple of weeks. high clouds, mid level clouds
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and 40s and 50s. a lot more 50s we've seen through the cloud cover. no rain out of this. we have a couple of days to iron that out. this will give us a cooler day today and tomorrow and we'll start to see warmer temps come back into tomorrow. there's cooler air aloft. so 50s, 60s on the temps today. 5:00 in the morning sal's here to focus on... >> the tracy commute steve because it's crowded already this morning. people are on the road. let's talk about 280 and 205 where you're going to see crowding that's not unusual. once you get over the pass it looks better into livermore. no problems san ramon all the way down to fremont. and if you're looking at interstate 80 here traffic is moving along very nicely all the way into downtown oakland and so is interstate westbound and over to highway 24. this is a look at the bay bridge


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