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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 14, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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i heard like two or three shots. >> after a shooting at a high school in santa clarita. how witnesses described the frantic moments after shots rang out. >> this is ktvu fox 2 news at noon breaking news at this hour down in southern california. we've learned that a 15-year- old student has just died and a 14-year-old boy student has died in this shooting in santa cla reeuchldta about an hour north of downtown los angeles. at least two male patients are in critical condition. kooer not sure if there are two male students or now if it's just one male student.
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>> the shooting happened at 7:38 this morning in the quad area of the campus. the sheriff's department said a 16-year-old male suspect also at sagas high school took a gun from his backpack then shot himself in the head. at this point we know he is listed in grave condition at the hospital. >> and my administration is working in close coordination with local law enforcement. jennifer and i extend our thoughts to the parents, families and friends of to the students and faculty of the santa clarita high school. >> as you just mentioned the l.a. county sheriff's office just wrapped up their update on the investigation. they confirmed two teenagers have died of their injuries in santa clarita. around 9 this morning.
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and then just into your newsroom in the last 10 minutes or so a 14-year-old student succumbed to his injuries. one of their fellow students opened fire in the quad area of their campus along with a female student and male student who died, three other people were struck by the gunfire and injured a 14-year-old and 15- year-old girl and another 14- year-old male student. the suspect also in the hospital in grave condition. here's what investigators said about what happened. >> detectives have reviewed the video at the scene. he drew a handgun from his backpack shoot and wound five people and then shoot himself in the head. there are no other subjects who are outstanding as part of this incident. >> the first shots were reported around 7:38 this morning and students were
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filing into their classrooms at sagas high school. sheriff's deputies arrived within two minutes after those first 911 calls came in. now a lot of students fled they were texting and calling their parents to let them know they were okay. they described a chaotic and terrifying scene. >> it felt fake. i thought i was into the fever dream. >> the bad director swung into action he started bringing the kids in and hiding them inside the band room and my daughter was texting me and telling me what was going on. >> the fbi is assisting with the situation. witnesses at the scene trying to track down more video evidence of what happened possibly captured on various cellphones. many of the students have not been released to their
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families. they have to interview those students who saw what happened and witnesses and police say the gunman's girlfriend and mother are being interviewed by police. investigators have also executed a search warrant at the gunman's home and they are going through that location right now. administrators say they are going to have grief counselors available. the shooter's motive is not known according to investigators. they say it will take some time to figure that out if they do. sheriff's deputies said they did follow up on two previous threats that it happened in recent weeks. those threats were investigated and found to not be linked to this shooter today. we'll continue to follow the latest on this story with updates online and in our later newscast. ktvu fox 2 news. we might also be getting a press conference from that story. breaking news right here in the bay area. contra costa sheriff's deputies were in marin county this morning following an investigation to the halloween
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night shooting at an airbnb. there's going to be a news conference at 1:00 this afternoon where we hopefully will get more information about this operation in marin county. right now we do have ktvu crime reporter henry lee standing by on the phone. what are you looering on the ground about -- hearing on the ground about what happened this morning in marin? >> yeah, we're on this housing complex block in marin off highway 101. it was about 7:00 this morning we understand numerous contra costa airbnb rental that left five people dead. we understand these things law enforcement telling us they had to be very careful. they didn't know who they were dealing with considering the fact that sources telling me
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the halloween night shooting resulted between an ongoing dispute and the other one here from marin city. people in the area where you are now did they know anything more about the party other than what they've seen on the news. did they know it was essentially happening. >>. >> we did talk to one of the women that was in one of the apartments raided. she says she does not believe anyone in that unit was linked to the shooting as an actual suspect. we do not know any specificity whether people contain suspects or witnesses or friends of suspects. >> you were saying people were detained. >> we don't have a formal acknowledgement. we do know a number of people were detained here. >> it seems that between orinda police contra costa county
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sheriffs now where you are in marin are authorities forthcoming with information. >> they've kept a lot of things close. they don't want to unveil where they are going. of course this movement today, the raids today definitely a step forward in the investigation but until this point they have not said much about what they're doing. >> and it was never really clear on halloween night whether it was just one shooter at that house in orinda or if there were multiple shooters. there was word that there was a couple of groups feuding prior to that evening but are you hearing be more about how many shooters there were that night. >> i understand from sources that many people at that party did have guns and some -- one investigator close to the case said that one of the victims who died was shot by two people one in front of him, one behind him when those two gunman were aiming for each other it's
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always a possibility to the victims were killed would be original shooters. but we do understand from jimmy lee's office that there's at least one gunman who is at large. >> nice work henry lee there in marin county. hopefully we'll get more information on what exactly went down there in marin city. happening now vice president mike pence is in mountain view. this morning he went on a tour of the center one of the largest facilities in the country. he spoke with about 200 employees there about the future of space exploration. the vice president has not spoken just yet. the supporters of the vice president were on hand. other people are gathering to protest the vice president's bay area visit. ktvu's christina rendon shows
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us what's happening. >> vice president mike pence at the nasa research center is not without controversy. protesters set up outside. >> we want to let the vice president know he's not welcome in the bay area. less than two months ago trump was here we were up there in poilt and made a fuss up there too. >> you know, people are here but people are here because they recognize what a lot of people don't see pence is just as bad as trump in some ways worse. >> more than two dozen people from different groups chanted. it's a stark contrast from last night when pence landed at moppet field. >> i think it's good for him to show his face in other parts of the country and let people know he's mindful of what's going on in other parts of the nation. >> it was nice to get to say hello and to see him be friendly with everyone. his persona here in person is
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very different than what's depicted on television. >> pence toured ames research center and talked with nasa employees about putting the first woman on the moon and next man on the moon by 2024. >> i don't think it's possible for someone who has such restrictive views about women in the work place and the world for being responsible for putting a woman on the moon. >> l follows two fundraising events he attended in southern and central california. he's expected to land in washington tonight. christina rendon ktvu fox 2 news. a fugitive tied to a pleasant hill murder has now been captured. tyson moore head. moore head is a suspect in a 2004 robbery and shooting of michael fiddler in his apartment on golf club road. he was identified as a suspect several years later but was able to elude police up until now. police and fbi agents tracked
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him down to a home of extended family. he had been living all over the country. diana begdan offered condolences to the victim's family. >> i had a chance to speak with him privately and i let them know that even though justice did not come as swiftly as we may have liked, we do hope that justice will come. . another man named kenneth york was arrested back in 2008 for his role in the murder. york was sentenced to life in prison. he is awaiting a new trial. moore head has been charged with homicide and robbery. happening today a concord man who was handcuffed while waiting on a bart platform. >> a bart police officer who was there for another reason told him he couldn't eat while standing on the station platform. and there are signs posted. foster says the law is
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unequally enforced and he's suing for racial profiling. an area of fair field has now been deemed safe after a live grenade was discovered. it was found on the 600-block of beck avenue. a business had to be evacuated atz officials responded to that area. explosive removal units by travis air force base were able to remove the live grenade. they are still investigating how that grenade ended up right there behind the business. the changes they're protesting and what the board did in response. >> also we continue to follow that breaking news out of santa clarita . several others are being treated for injuries and a suspect in custody. we're back after the break. you know when you're at ross and your new fall look just keeps getting better? z
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they were upset over school closures and also the way police treated some of them at a protest last month this is video from last night's meeting. chanting, singing and demanding their voices be heard. their decision to close kaiser elementary school. this is the first public meeting since parents and police clashed back in october over school disclosures. one -- closures. one woman showed up in crutches and they plan to sue. school district and police chief said wednesday night they plan to review the officer's actions. >> how violent could we be with our children present and our song sheets and guitars. they showed up with 20 cops and metal batons and metal barricades. >> we will be looking at the police department and the role they play. we're going to bring in an outside auditor if you will to look at the entirety of the
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police department and see how it's working and see how it's functioning probably. >> the crowd was so noisy, the meeting was moved to a conference room up star stairs. only by closed circuit tv. >> there is a special school board meeting next week. protesters say they plan to be there. the city of san jose is expanding their free wifi program. overfelt is one of the lowest income schools in the east side union high school district. more than 35% of students there don't have basic internet access at home. the work is part of a partnership between the city the school district and smart wave technologies. >> well the gray is back as we go to our meteorologist mark temild. there are brighter days ahead. >> especially as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday we're talking about more 70s maybe a
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few spots flirting with 80 degrees. solid cloud cover over a portion of the bay. today was one of the cooler days of the week and you'll notice we begin to rebound by friday and sunday should be the warmest day of the weekend. satellite showing you this. some clouds up in the bay area. we may have encountered maybe some drizzle earlier this morning. .01 in pacifica just not enough to lead to anything significant. still the cloud cover and maybe still a little bit of drizzle especially coast side throughout the day today. >> current numbers. 64 livermore 66. santa rosa 60. we're sitting cooler across most of the bay area except coast side. and half moon bay right now checking in 57 degrees. a big blanket of clouds over most areas this afternoon and you'll notice a little bit of a breeze winds around 10 to 20 miles an hour.
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here's the system we have been watching closer to our coastline. with that it is responsible for the cloud cover today. partly to mostly cloudy skies. it kind of scoots on out to the north and east for tomorrow and by the weekend high pressure returns. we've been talking a lot about a pattern like this over the past several weeks. storm track is up here. no rainfall for california. maybe some rainfall for portland and seattle. so this weekend for us is going to lead to that sunny and warmer forecast. here we are this afternoon 5:00 still showing you some lingering clouds and then as we put this into motion this is tomorrow morning 4:00 there is still a chance we could have a little bit of a drizzle tomorrow morning and then by 7:00 still some clouds. clouds will eventually clear on out. by friday afternoon the winds will probably pick up as well. the winds 15 to 25 miles an hour out of the north and west. forecast highs this afternoon. lower 60s coast side. the warmest locations inland around 70 degrees for this afternoon. san jose 69.
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gilroy 70 and half moon bay 61. a look ahead at your 5-day forecast. we'll start out tomorrow morning. lots of sunshine. temperatures it looks like sunday will be peaking with temperatures to right around 80 degrees. still looks fairly quiet. we're looking for the rainfall but no rain drops just yet on this 5-day forecast. coming up how the san francisco marin food bank is gearing up for a massive thanksgiving give away with a huge influx of turkeys today.
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we all have things we love and long for. a place, a feeling, a moment. but only kerrygold can take you there. to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for the most delicious taste imaginable.
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that's no ordinary cheese. no. it's kerrygold. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. new at noon the san francisco marin food bank which thousands of people received a shipment of turkeys for thanksgiving and holidays. that's enough for about 16 16,000 thanksgiving meals. about 20% of the people in fran and marin need assistance. it's especially difficult
12:25 pm
during the holiday season. >> one of the most affluent communities in the united states. it also has one of the highest food and security rates and we've run this program up and down the west coast since 2008. we think that everyone is entitled to sit down with their family and loved ones and have a thanksgiving. >> the food bank is encouraging people from across the bay area to donate traditional holiday food or money so that more people will have an opportunity to enjoy the season. three brothers are under arrest for scamming people. the federal indictment says the brothers imported fake ipads and iphones from china then intentionally damaged then and flocked them for real apple products. >> the defendants traveled to apple stores in more than 50 states throughout the united states as well as stores in canada. and attempted to exchange more than 10,000 counter fit iphones
12:26 pm
and numerous ipads for genuine. >> they all faced charges of fraud, identity theft, money laundering and conspiracy. investigators say there could be more arrest. stocks here not much movement at all. tech stocks are falling after investors gave a surprisingly weak forecast. after suffering some larger losses earlier in the session. the s&p 500 is just above sea level and the nasdaq is basically right there. vice president mike pence making a brief appearance in the bay area today where the vice president is expected to address the media and others there on scene. >> and back to our big story of the day. breaking news in southern california. a deadly shooting at a high school in santa clarita the latest after a break. hey there, california residents on medicare.
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straight to our breaking news today. two people are now dead after a shooting at sagas high school in santa clarita . the shooting happened at 7:38 this morning. >> the gunman is a 16-year-old male student. he says that student pulled out a gun from his backpack in a quad area on campus and shot five students before shooting himself in the hand. at last check that student was in grave condition at the hospital. >> for the first time in a nearly 6 month long democracy program. several people have been critically injured in recent clashes and today thousands of student protesters prepared to face off with riot police. the chinese university of hong kong protesters barricaded themselves inside the grounds. there have also been violent clashes this week.
12:31 pm
the vice president held an emergency meeting for students today. >> he said you can leave if you want to. we can make that possible with online classes but we don't know if classes will get cancelled and still keeping it light like trying to make a joke but he was making it clear that he doesn't know where the situation will lead. >> many overseas students are asked to leave by their own colleges. ending the fall semester about two weeks early. >> militants in gaza fired rockets into israel after israel called off fighting in the region. >> reporter ben hall has more. >> palestinian. just hours after a cease fire took effect. the militants and israel had agreed to end two days of intense fighting. but the cross border violence escalated after israel killed a top commander.
12:32 pm
450 rockets were fired by a small iranian group. israel conducting air strikes in return in an operation called black belt. the vast majority of them militants. though sadly a family of eight. >> this was a peaceful house and it had children. if there was any sign of warning no one would of waited until this destruction happened. >> cease fire is always a good thing. i think they were hit hard and it's about time they ask for it. >> israel's president says the country will hold its fire so long as the militants in gaza do the same. >> we made it very clear we're not looking for escalation and that quiet will be answered with quiet.
12:33 pm
>> it is believed the cease fire is still holding creating an uneasy piece. ktvu fox 2 news. three teachers at the guiden hand school are facing manslaughter charges. just yesterday the three women appeared in an el dorado county courtroom for the first time. max benson who was autistic died last year while he was in a retraining device that was approved by the state. some parents defended the character of the teachers. >> these are probably two of the most moral people you have ever met and in a million years they would never harm a child. >> these two women have dedicated literally their entire lives to helping, educating, encouraging, and working with special needs students. they have a 25 year history of exemphasis player service. >> he was an energetic boy who
12:34 pm
had a college level vocabulary. former massachusetts governor duval patrick is making a bid for the presidential race. today submitting the paper work to be able to run in the new hampshire democratic primary. the 63-year-old made history as the state's first african american governor. patrick says one of his goals that's elected is to make the american dream more attainable for everyone. >> i've seen the path to that dream gradually closing off bit by bit. the anxiety and even anger that i saw in my neighbors the government and the economy were letting us down were no longer about us it's what folks feel all over america today and all kinds of communities. >> patrick also has close ties to former president barack obama. senator bernie sanders campaign is opening a new bay area office today and has
12:35 pm
doubled its california staff. it's celebrating the opening of the new san francisco field office in the mission district this afternoon. which is one of five offices across california. the news comes ahead of the vermont senator's visit. most of his trips will include stops in fresno, long beach, and los angeles. and another democratic presidential candidate will be back in california today. amy klobuchar will be back tonight. she will be at devil's canyon brewing company as she gets ready for the next two debates coming up next wednesday and again on december 19th. an update now on the transition for the office of san francisco district attorney mayor london breed announced yesterday interim d.a. will serve the term until january 8th. mayor breed says this was at the request of d.a. elect chesa boudin.
12:36 pm
. san francisco's police department says the city's on track to record its lowest homicide rate in more than 17 years. as of november 4th there have been 33 homicides in san francisco. 13 fewer than there were all of last year. the reason for the recent decline is the result of more community policing. to the department's crime gun investigation center. new at noon, community members and civil rights are calling to audit the sheriff's office. advocates and family members attended the board's public protection committee meeting this morning.  accountability and transparency of the finances, policies and performance of the sheriff's office. they say in the past five years there have been 43 in custody detdzs at santarita jail. >> the historic city of venice is xooernsing its worst flooding since the 1960s.
12:37 pm
amy kellogg reports. . to repair damage from the highest tide in 50 years. >> waiting through the worst flooding in venice for more than 50 years. city streets have become rivers one of the lowest points in the city was for awhile on knee deep lake. officials are worried about structural damage to the facilica. for only the second time in history. a state of emergency declaration will free up urgent recovery funds. some of that money will go to affected homeowners following an investigation and damage assessment. the flooding is disrupting many tourist plans as well. >> all the restaurants were closed and also the shops were closed. so our day spending was finding food. >> but it's also attracting new visitors. >> we understood that it has big water. >> venice itself is very
12:38 pm
interesting for us and in the spirit of aqua it's more interesting than ever. >> some officials blame rising sea levels caused by climate change, frustration also surrounds the costly and long delayed moses project. the situation could get worse before it gets better. heavy rain and another high tide on friday could lead to another round of flooding. in kellogg ktvu fox 2 news. portions of highway 1 will be closed this winter right near big sur. caltrans says crews will shut down a part of the highway. when the forecast calls for rain. it's the same area where a massive mud slide caused the highway to close back in 2017.
12:39 pm
caltrans says it will send out an alert 48 hours before any potential closures. >> it's beginning to look a lot like the holidays. we'll take you to a massive real tree just stalled today in jack london square. >> areas of fog and a little bit of drizzle showing up. today one of the cooler days of the week but a completely different story. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. when it comes to health coverage, it helps to have someone in your corner. that's why there's covered california. we're the only place where you can get financial help to pay for your health insurance.
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vice president mike pence continues his visit to the bay area. >> that's right. right now he's at nasa's ames research center. >> this is all about returning to the moon. vice president pence is in the ames research center to discuss the center's important role. i want to give you a live look inside of the ames center. vice president pence is speaking to about 200 employees right now and we're going to
12:43 pm
bring up that sound so you can actually hear what he's saying. >> so doctor too and all the innovators and visionaries here who are building that bright vision of american leadership in space it's a great honor to join you here in the beating heart of silicon valley at nasa ames greeting center. and let me bring greetings from that man i mentioned a few moments ago and a leader who is even more committed than your vice president to securing american leadership on earth and in the boundless expanse of space, i bring greetings from the 45th president of the united states of america president donald trump. >> now the vice president talking about returning the next man on the moon and the first woman to the moon by 2024. i want to show you some other video from earlier today vice president's pence's met with a
12:44 pm
handful of protesters. and others calling vp pence a science denier and the administration massagenistic. he made stops in central california as well as huntington beach. go home after this delayed visit. >> greg lee always good to have you. president trump is weighing in on the impeachment inquiry. one day after the first day of public testimonies. the latest on the hearing and really what comes next. >> the witnesses testified for more than 5 hours. now there's new fallout over what was said. >> you tune in you're either sound asleep or you can't follow she said he said he said he said. >> kellyannne conway blasting the first day of testimony. >> it's a bunch of gossip girls. >> this as president trump claims there was one moment in the hearing that would be the
12:45 pm
end of the case run by normal people but not shifty. >> where is the impeachable offense in that call? are either of you here today to assert there was an impeachable offense in that call? shout it out. anyone? >> i'm not here to do anything having to do with to decide about impeachment. >> republicans say the witness failed to present any evidence of wrong doing by the president. >> neither one talked to the president. neither one talked to mayor guliani or chief of staff mick mulvaney. >> detailed the president abusing his power. a member of his staff overheard a call tweern the president and gordon sonlin in which they were prepared to move forward with the investigations.. >> the president directed that aid be withheld until he got an insurance they would do an investigation of his political rival.
12:46 pm
that's wrong. >> i do believe the trusdz will set us tree. >> the second day of public testimony starts tomorrow with marie abonovich. trace back to our bay area weather. i think i saw on twitter some rain up in the north bay. >> yeah, so it's maybe that heavy mist or some drizzle or enough to generate some rain drops. here's our camera. i believe, which camera is this i can't see much kept those rain drops. we're expecting some drizzle today but it looks like things are picking up over the past hour half hour. the drizzle l or slash light rain back in the picture for today we'll take it. the first measurable rain drops we've seen in november. lots of cloud cover moving into the bay area. there's not a lot of green to
12:47 pm
show you. so most of this is kind of underneath the radar beam but still enough to wet the roadways and also trigger those windshield wipers for this afternoon. checking in on some of the current numbers. san jose 64. napa 59 and san francisco checking in 61 degrees. here's the system responsible for today's cloud cover and even the light shower activity coming on board this afternoon. it's this area of low pressure. today we have partly to mostly cloudy skies. definitely cooler and still going to keep that chance of drizzle or some light shower activity in the forecast for this afternoon. and then into friday we'll clear things out and that will set the stage for once again a sunny and warmer weekend. sunday will be the warmest day of the up coming weekend. here's our forecast model today. still showing you the clur. not much in the way of coverage in terms of rainfall. once again don't be surprised if you encounter those drops this afternoon. tomorrow morning some cloud cover.
12:48 pm
maybe some drizzle once again to start out tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon hours the clouds kind of vanish and we're going to have clearing skies friday and warming temperatures as we head into the weekend. today we're talking about 60s and 70s out towards antioch and brentwood. san jose checking in 69 degrees. gilroy forecast high around 70 and a look ahead your 5-day forecast. we have the clouds for today. a little bit of drizzle or shower activity. then friday starting off the day with clouds. weekend will be sunny and dry. a nice change for today. we'll take anything we can get. we can track those rain drops or shower cells over the next few hours. the christmas tree that's gracing jack london square is now in place. >> the careful work involved in harvesting, transporting then putting the tree in place in one of oakland's biggest holiday traditions. >> here it is right behind us
12:49 pm
the 55' tall tree. crews had to use an industrial size crane. but you can see it is now set into a giant tree stand that's embedded in the ground here at jack london square. there's some crews here kind of putting up nsome finishing touches. the tree is a white fur. we're told it was grown about 60 miles east of mount shas sta. the driver told us it took him about 5 hours to get here. the stree comes from a company called carlton christmas trees. they've been in business for more than 50 years selling christmas trees all over the country. they delivered a tree to jack london square every year since 1969 here in oakland. the first christmas tree he and his father sold was here in oakland. and he talked about the very sell indicate process of setting the tree up.
12:50 pm
>> when we start to process the tree a lot of tender loving care comes in to never have the tree touch the ground. obviously you can't ever lay it down. from the time we harvest it or sets in the stand it never touches the ground. >> and this is what the tree is for. the tree lighting ceremony is scheduled to happen next friday at about 5:30. this year's tree will be decorated with more than 500 ornaments and more than 5,000 glittering lights. but the first step in the whole process was getting the tree here. you see it here behind me it is set up in jack london square to be decorated over the week in time for the tree lighting ceremony next friday. . now to today's bay area people. you're about to meet a woman well into her 80s who has
12:51 pm
trekked all over europe. >> ktvu's frank maul eeumdcoat has more on today's remarkable story. >> it's hard to keep up with 84- year-old hannah algeer. >> the mother of 5, grandmother to 9 is often on the run leaving her piedmont community and heading straight for the east bay hills. at the age of 78 this former tech worker and teacher caught the hiking bug and has never looked back. >> simple, there is nothing that i have to do other than get up and move one foot in front of the other. i can start whenever i want. i can stop whenever i want and it just lets me be me. >> in six short years hannah has hiked thousands of miles including five treks through europe. her latest a 3-mile romp in
12:52 pm
september from spain along the camino desantiago. nothing more than a small backpack, a jug of water and a curious spirit. >> there were priests from south korea, nurses from south africa. people who had left their house behind in germany and just locked the door and said we're gone. >> they are all in search of something. for hannah it's a chance to be free. she and her husband jean had been married 54 years. the last two decades she had been his caretaker. so these long heights help her to recharge and something remarkable happened along the trail. while meeting the world, the world has taken note of this super senior. >> i was not surprised that they thought i was some kind of i used the word inspiration but i was very surprised how many of them said that having met me
12:53 pm
walking changed their life. . >> hanna's senior community is mighty impressed too. she's become a bit of a rock star at piedmont manner. >> yeah. >> and we like being in her cheering section. >> who knew by walking you can inspire the world and for those who say they can't hannah says yes, you can. >> people ask me what i do to train, i do nothing. absolutely nothing. you don't have to be fit to do this. you don't have to say i'm going to walk to the corner. just get up and do whatever. >> 35 years dealing with her own osteoporosis, there is no quit in this new jersey farm girl. just a bold spirit that's motivating people half her age.
12:54 pm
>> so many people put off doing without realizing that the time you're ever going to be able to do something is in the now. that there is no other time but now. >> our frank mallicoat reporting there. >> it's another trek in the el camino in spain or perhaps the hike from tus canny to rome. a bay area community owner the measures he now has to take to protect his products.
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google is the latest tech company to make a move into banking and personal finance and a small credit union at
12:58 pm
stanford university for a program called cash. they're expected to launch a personal checking account next year. the account will likely be linked to google pay. netflix having a good day up 3%. other than that not a lot of action. you can see here in the dow jones just about flat. s&p 500 just a little bit in negative territory. >> the owner of boba guys says he is fed up after burglars hit one of his stores for a third time in less than a year. the most recent burglary happened at his store on 19th and mission. customers say they were stunned to see the window all boarded up. >> so to see it happen to the boba shop it's like why there particularly? >> the shop owner tells the chronicle that he has already spent about $8,000 on window repairs this year and now he plans to install a metal gate.
12:59 pm
week 11 of the nfl season tonight begins right here on ktvu fox 2 both teams have struggled this season but remain in the playoff race. oakland tide with the steelers for the sixth and final playoff spot in the afc. >> our pregame coverage begins. after the game it's a special thursday night edition of sports wrap. you can get all your local news as well as the information on the game over on ktvu plus. be sure to stay with us and tune in back here at 4:00 today. we'll bring you the latest on the investigation into this morning's deadly school shooting in southern california. also more on the suspects in marin city today as part of the orinda halloween shooting. we're awaiting information from the contra costa county sheriff's department about what happened there in marin city. thank you for joining us our coverage shifts online now
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at . dr. oz is next. >> jeffrey epstein's accusers. >> i never told anyone the details of >> what happened that day. >> the side you haven't heard until now. >> i walked into this room. >> jeffrey came in. >> the panic started to sink in. >> there was a whole strategy to it. >> he began to sexually abuse me. >> coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: season 11 starts now. i became a doctor to help people heal.


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