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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 14, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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it's a sad day in saugus and los angeles county and the nation for a tragic shooting at a school. >> five shot, three killed. detectives trying to figure out why the suspect targeted fellow students on his & birthday. >> from ktvu new, this is the 4. >> two weeks after shots rang out at a halloween party in orinda, movement in the investigation this afternoon with an early morning raid in marin city. several people there were taken into custody in connection with the investigation into that shooting. welcome to the 4 this afternoon. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm alex savidge. >> henry lee has been following today's developments and us with the latest information. >> reporter: the orinda mayor says five people have been taken into custody as part
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tavolazzi investigation into the shooting that killed five people. the charges remain unclear. >> contra kosta county sheriff swat team. we have a search warrant. >> reporter: swat teams raided a housing complex in marin city as part of the investigation into the halloween shooting in orinda that killed five people. >> they went in with full swat. gun, rifles. >> reporter: several people were detained. the raids were led by the contra kosta county sheriff's office. marin county sheriff deputies were also on scene to assist. beverly free man says they were heavy handed. >> it was excessive. i don't think you needed that many officers. >> reporter: sources tell us there had been a fight between
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two group, one from san francisco and the other from marin city. people in both groups were at the gathering in orinda. it was an air bnb party. freeman says two locations were raided and she doesn't think anyone who lived in the unit near hers was involved in the orinda shooting. i know nobody in there had anything to do with it. are so we're awaiting confirmation on the charges the people in custody could face. live in the news room, henry lee. >> a big development, henry, thank you. >> now we want to go to southern california where the beginning of the school day today quickly descended into chaos has aen student opened fire killing at least two classmates on his 16th birthday. >> this all unfolded at saugus high school in santa clarita. three other students were
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injuried in the shooting before the gunman shot himself in the head. he did survive. andre is here with more on the investigation into this tragedy. >> reporter: alex and heather, 16-year-old girl and 14-year- old boy have died. two others remain hospitalized. they were shot and now join the list of those where carnage was carried out. >> reporter: it oo essential a scene that's become all too familiar to americans across the country, children forced to evacuate school grounds because of the danger unfolding inside. it happened just after 7:30 thursday morning at saugus high school. >> the 7:40 our first units arrived on scene and encountered multiple victim, gunshot wounds. >> reporter: a total of six
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people found with gunshot wounds. >> i heard two or three shots and saw everyone running out >> reporter: authorities would later learn that one of the injured wu not a victim but the teenager who pulled the trigger before shooting himself in the head. >> he was later identified as one of the victims found in the quad. he is identified a as 16-year- old male whose birthday is today. >> reporter: authorities say he emptied every bullet in the .45 caliber weapon he used. evacuated students were ushered with a park to be reunited with parents anxiously awaiting, the experience evident in their voices. >> it's one of those you don't believe it's going to happen at your kids' school. >> reporter: authorities soon cleared the school and later learned the shooter acted alone. students who witnessed the
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shooting at saugus high school are being questioned as well as the shooter. >> the suspect's girlfriend and mother are at the station. >> reporter: so the fbi is assisting with the l.a. county sheriff's office with the investigation. there is video of the shooting and it shows the reaction and that's coming up at 5:00. >> governor gavin newsom used strong language today when talking about the steps he believes needs to be taken to prevent mass shootings. >> one more school shootings in california, el paso, dayton, we've had some of the worst mass shootings in the nation and not the thing is being done in washington, d.c. >> that was governor newsom's reaction this morning when he was told about the day's school shooting in santa clarita.
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this is an ongoing investigation in southern california and we'll have the very latest updates on our home page at >> now we want to talk about a big shift in the weather here in the bay area. let's give you a lovelock outside here from san francisco looking out towards the east bay. you see a lot of clouds there. it with us a cooler day, a gray day and a lot of folks saw heavy drizzle bordering on rain. marcus is here to break it down. yeah, little bit of light rain in the bay area. the numbers are starting to add up a little bit. most areas just trace amounts but this is a significant change compared to what we've been dealing with over the past few weeks. san francisco showing you .02 right now. here is our live camera. you can see lingering rain drops on this camera lens.
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this was basically blanketed with the rain drops. the possibility of a few sprinkles for this evening or a few light showers. we'll show you all the cloud cover over northern california. there is not a lot of green on the ray star. if you're not covered with green you may be dodging rain drops because all of the moisture is having a tough time getting to the surface. the main system responsible for today's shower activity or drizzle activity, it's just offshore here. you can see this bit of circulation. it sticks around tonight and friday morning but by the weekend a completely different story. that's coming up in a bit. >> mark, looking forward to that. >> the concord man handcuffed andesited after a confrontation with a bart police officer while eating sandwich on a platform is due in court and
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the police chief apologized for that encounter. there is more on the lawsuit filed. >> reporter: alex, we just wrapped up press conference where we found out the lawyer representing steve foster filed a claim against bart. it aellenbergers the bart police officer violateed the man's civil rights and profiled him. steve foster spoke about the incident at pleasant hill bart station this month. >> told me i was an idiot and called me stupid. >> reporter: foster is sueing the transit agency because of this interaction with bart police. >> you're eating. >> so what? >> it's against the law. >> reporter: he was eating sandlot women on the platform when he was detained andesited by the police. it says it is a violation of
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state law. >> it is common place that people eat on the bart platform or on the train and the signage fyou will, is small, but even so, not enforced. >> reporter: he knew he couldn't eat on the train but didn't know it wu against the law to eat on the platform. he said if he would've known he would've eaten it outside but he felt attacked and singled out by the officer because he is a blackman and didn't want to back down. >> i thought i was being disrespected so i felt like i needed to get even. >> reporter: bart will not comment on a lawsuit. the general manager said he was disappointed how things unfolded and apologized to mr. foster but said the officer was doing his job. bart has 45 days to decide if they're going to accept or reject the claim. >> paul, thank you so much.
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>> community members and civil rights activist are calling for an audit of the sheriff's office. advocates and those who lost loved ones attended the committee meeting this morning demanding accountability transparency. they say there have been 43 in custody deaths and that i ear asking for an audit of how they're spending the dollar, evaluating jail conditions, treatment of the inmates and more. vice president mike pence here in the bay area today visiting in mountain view. what he had to say about the future of space exploration. plus acompromise in oakland, the latest in the debate of the coliseum paying the way for the oakland a's.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ blow a kiss, into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on
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♪ blow a kiss, into the sun ♪ all we need is somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ . >> rob ross talked with oakland ice mayor today and team and joins us live from the coliseum. >> alex, with the lawsuit gone the oakland a's can focus on developing the coliseum and
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their hope of building a new waterfront ballpark. >> reporter: with the lawsuit drop, oakland mayor libby schaaf is happen ti. >> this is a great sign for fans and oaklanders. >> it's great to have the lawsuit behind us. >> reporter: the oakland city council agreed to drop the lawsuit late wednesday which would've derailed an $85 million sale of the coliseum site to the a's. now the deal can go forward and the a's can negotiate to buy in or lease to build a mixed use development of home, open space, retail and entertainment. >> we wanted to make sure we had an affirmative plan for east oakland that was informed by the interactions of thought
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honor east oakland. >> they were about to square off in court thursday. there is a law that requires publicly owned land up for sale to be offered for affordable housing. >> the site is large, expensive and complicated. we'll see if anyone be sides the a's are interested in the opportunity. that is a legal requirement for us to go through. >> we'll have a robust affordable housing plan, it's part of what we're doing and we're looking forward to working with the city to make it successful. >> reporter: they're working on building a new ballpark here. the lawsuit drove the stakes so high major league baseball commissioner met with the city council leaders warning them that the a's could follow the raiders out of town. >> it was fortunate have him be clear about the consequences of the misgodinezed steps.
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>> reporter: oakland business leaders also pressured them to stay out of court. we delivered the letters asking for leadership. >> reporter: the next step is for the a's to sit down with alameda county to finalize that deal and then with the city to negotiate a different deal. the project does appear to be back on track. >> house speaker nancy pelosi accused president trump of bribery today as lawmakers prepare for the second public hearing of the impeachment of president trump. yesterday republicans made a motion to subpoena the whistleblower. they are fueling debate over whether he or she should been
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identified. members on both sides of the aisle, political pundits, commentator, and the president of the president of united states would cease and desist. >> i will not allow the trial to go forward with my vote unless the whistleblower comes forward. >> reporter: tomorrow the former ambassador to the yuck youker will be testifying. >> vice president mike pence spent th more thanking in mountain view. he delivered remarks to about 200 employees there. his message focused on the future of u.s. space exploration and the important role that the staff will play in project artemis which will land the first woman on the moon and the next man on the moon by 2024. he spoke about nasa's plans to spend someone to the moon and conducting research and planning manned mission to
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mars. >> i was proud to be a part when president trump announced that it's the policy of this administration to return to the moon in the next five years and we will ensure that the next man and the first woman on the moon will be american astronauts. >> vice president pence's visit was met with a handful of protesters outside the gates. the groups refused vigil for democracy calling the vice president a science denier and describing the trump administration asthma song nisha kavalam tick. an iconic statue of joe montana vandalized and we'll tell you about the man facing felony charges.
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. all right, let's get another check on the forecast. we're giving you a live look outside this. picture really tell it was story, mark a.lot of clouds and a little bit of rain earlier today. yeah, that's right. the shower activity, at least some drizzle but there were heavier showers reported but nothing major. it's a change that we've been hoping for but not the real rainfall that we need. light rain today. we'll celebrate that. november 14th talking about the
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shower active active. it looks like another dry weather stretch into the weekend and into a good portion of next week. beyond next week there is a chance we could see more chance of a weather pattern setting up. clouds, just kinds of looks like a poetic scene. clouds and breaks in the cloud coverage this afternoon as we head into your thursday evening. friday morning, we start off in the morning in the 40s to around the 50s. we could have a bit overdries neil the more thanking to start off the day especially near the immediate coastline. 7:00 temperatures in the 50s. sky cast showing this, the clouds are breaking up and we're expecting more sunshine by this time tomorrow and temperatures approaching the lower 60s. here is today's weather system. this has the cloud cover and
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the shower activity. it slowly lifts to the north and east tomorrow. that'll be the source of cloud cover tomorrow morning and sunshine by it kicks on out by the weekend as the area of high pressure arrives. we're warming up to the 60s and 70s and by sunday santa rosa, morgan hill, gilroy, closer to 80 degrees. in the mean time we have this. lots of cloud cover tonight and the possibility of a few sprinkles, maybe some drizzle, maybe a light shower or two. in the morning we're showing you the cloud cover. thy clear on out by friday afternoon setting stage for a warmer weekend. one thing saturday more than, maybe dense pockets of fog near the coast. the weekend could start off foggy but clear out by saturday.
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temperatures tomorrow, san francisco 63, fairfield around 70s. short term today, tonight into tomorrow morning there is a chance we could have drizzle out there. san jose 67, gilroy 70. the five-day forecast, weekend is almost here and we'll work things back up especially by sunday, looking quiet into next week. we'll look for the ream rain to work its way in. it's described as aggressive drizzle. >> that seems aappropriate. >> it's a taste of what's to come. >> adding insult to injury, following the 49ers first loss of the season, a fan vandalizeed the statue of joe montana. >> jesse gary has video of the reaction. >> reporter: the game's end was painful, ensuing after math, insultings. shortly after the san francisco
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49ers lost to the seahawk, a fan defaceed the joe montana statue outside of the stadium. this is stupid ti and makes you shake your head. >> reporter: police say 37-year- old suspect, george lopez, intentionally grabed the face mask on the statue and ripped it off. video shows the moment that fans were screaming out of the stadium. the montana statue is one half of the artwork depicting the catch that left san francisco football move to world champions. >> long time fans suffering earlien and then everything changed. >> reporter: the 49ers says the place and other tweaks are in
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place. george low specis charge -- felony vandalism. >> in this case they observed a fan acting unruly. >> reporter: 49ers say they've contacted them to get another backup face mask. they'll have added security out here keeping watch to make sure no one else tries to vandalize a statue. team officials declined to say how much it would cost. santa clara police say it is simple. >> good game orr bad, leave the stadium the way you found it. >> yeah, don't take the loss out on joe montana, come on. >> yeah, getting the face mask
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all fixed. >> coming up after the break, we're heading over to ktvu plus to continue our news coverage. >> up next, it's thursday football. it's the pittsburgh steelers in cleveland to taken to browns in an afc north showdown. it should be a good one. be sure to stay with us for thursday night sports wrap following the game. we'll see you on ktvu plus for more continuing coverage. tinuing coverage. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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♪ >> two cities, two states, two sides. the folks with the hearts on the wheels. downtown, down dirty. black and gold and tomlin tough. the steelers. ♪ >> tattoos and traffic. as wide open as paul warfield and compact as rocky blyth.
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