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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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harm. >> we are getting detailed information about exactly what happened during the deadly mass shooting on halloween night in orinda. today authorities answered many of the questions surrounding the halloween night tragedy. >> the contra costa county sheriff describe the scene inside the home as a bloodbath and blames rival gangs for the deadly violence. shamron joshua mitchell, tran78 , marie yovanovitch and jason d. iles are charged with conspiracy of emergency. devin isiah williamson, the host of the party is being held as an alleged accessory. >> in my 32 years of law enforcement i have never seen a homicide scene like a bloodbath home. >> contra costa county sheriff
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david livingston silenced on the halloween massacre that killed four men and five women. five men are in custody as a shooting dispute resulted between two gangs. >> there were rival gangs involved in the altercation inside the home. we are told by certain witnesses there was an attempt to steal property from one person to another. which may have precipitated the initial round of shootings. >> reporter: a sheriff play this video of one of the suspects, sham run vigil. >> announced to him, there were many police officers in the backyard and he was taken into custody shortly after. >> reporter: mitchell, tran78, marie yovanovitch and jason with conspiracy of murder. efforts th devin isiah williamson was there a promoter of the party . ramon hill junior and javin county were
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armed with weapons, as did many of the suspects. the home had been written under false pretenses but the sheriff said people were unfairly blaming airbnb, the homeowners and his officers friend not responding to noise complaints early in the evening. >> the blame solely on the individuals who praying the gun to the party, pull the trigger and murdered someone. >> reporter: all five men declined interview requests from jail. earlier today memorial services were held for one of the victims killed on halloween night in orinda the family and friends gathered near north missionary baptist church to faith pay their respects. tatyana tompkins was a guest at the party went she was her mother's only child and they take comfort knowing her last act was organ
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donation. >> right now they want to make sure that they honor, respect and appropriately put a very young, innocent daughter to rest today. >> richmond police say a fight broke out at the funeral, which led to several other fights. contra costa county sheriff's and responded, but there were no injuries and no one was arrested. sent us a couple is asking for the help from the public in solving a hit-and-run crash that killed a 63-year-old woman. they're looking for witnesses and videos that can help them find who is response will for this. it happened wednesday night on mission street near geneva avenue in the excelsior neighborhood. that is where we find ktvu's amberly tonight. he spoke with a friend of the victim. >> that's right, he tells me she is sad and shocked by what happened. the last time she saw the victim was in the excelsior neighborhood.
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san francisco police say they found a deceased woman on the ground near mission street in the excelsior neighborhood shortly the victim of a hit-anrudriver. >> the police told me okay come outside and i see what happened. >> the manager of the amazon et al., steps from the incident, tells me it happened on a cold foggy night. >> just here in this area. yeah, in the middle of the road. >> this is cell phone video of the incident. police say it appears the woman may have been struck by an suv. >> i am very shocked. after that i go into my roomsle. >> the medical examiner's office identify the woman as fahma ana enifou of san francisco. >> she very good person. she is sweet. she will give you her last dollar. >> she has known the 63-year-
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old victim for many years, she was a widow and a mother of nine children. she says she had just seen her friend in the area where she was killed near the intersection of mission in geneva. she describes her as a priest.. >> and then she does when underway. oh my god i hope they find that person because she doesn't mean no harm to nobody. >> police are asking anyone with video information about this deadly hit and run to contact them. authorities in southern california sex the daniel berhow passed away from a self-
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inflicted gunshot wound. others before shooting himself in the head. the sheriff's departments is one critical question remains unanswered in the wake of the suspects death. >> no motive or rationale has yet been established for the suspects assault. we did not find any manifesto, any diary that spelled it out, any suicide note or any writings which will clearly identify his motives behind this assault. >> investigators say they found six guns at the teenagers home shortly after the shooting. the guns were all registered to the shooter's late father. the los angeles county coroner has identified the two students who were killed. fox 2 news and los angeles received this view video of gracie and kavanaugh. the 16-year-old was 14-year-old dominic blackwell. the three others wounded are expected to survive.
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i want freedom of speech. that's a political process. the republicans of and treated very badly. >> resident from strongly regretting criticism he intimidated a key witness in the impeachment probe. he sent a disparaging tweet about former un ambassador to ukraine maria yovanovitch went testified before a house panel today. lauren blanchard reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: ambassador marie yovanovitch was a soft-spoken witness but democrats say what she told them and what the president's actions were during the hearing will strengthen their case. after hours of sometimes personal testimony, former ambassador marie yovanovitch left the hearing room to applause. it started out like any other hearing and then -- >> as we sit here testifying, the president is attacking u on twitter. >> resident trumps tweeted thing everywhere yovanovitch
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went turned bad. >> i have freedom of speech, just as other people do. they have taken away the republicans writes. >> it's very intimidating. >> i don't think saddle at all. >> the white house said it was difficult to imagine, a greater waste of time than the hearing. immediately after yovanovitch's hearing raft of lawmakers headed to a secure room to hear testimony from the embassy staffer david holmes who oversaw hard alleged conversation between president trump and the eu ambassador gordon sondland who will be expected in open hearings next week. >> as we have different all along we are moving expeditiously. >> at some point you've got to say when is it going to be a fair process. >> after the testimony one florida democrat says she learned something significant and disturbing while a republican said it's dangerous to draw conclusions about an
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overheard phone call. sometimes if it takes an event like the fires here to get people to think, how can i help my community. >> a place where donors in the north bay, how last month kincade fire sparked a blood shortage. police arrest five people for a series of strong-arm robberies in the east bay.
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format and a juvenile female are under arrest, charged with a series of grand thefts and strong-arm robberies in san leandro. they targeted the elderly population and most of the robberies involved purse snatching's. they are being held without bail in the santa rita jail and the 17-year-old female is at juvenile hall. a shooting death at the petaluma factory outlets in september. ezekiel garcia was gunned down in his car after an altercation with another man who police identified as 26- year-old david kyle lumpkin of
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connor concord. they had agreed to meet there but did not offer any more details as to why they were meeting. lumpkin was arrested early this morning at concord and charged with murder. to guillory where the city is in morning the drop box in front of the city hall. the city says the ball was forcefully pried open and payment checks were stolen sometime between last night and this morning. advising people to use the box to take the following precautions: cancel the check used to pay the utility bill. the city will reimburse canceled check fees. watch for fraudulent activity on banking accounts and report any to your bank. >> the reason kincade fire in sonoma county had a ripple effect on blood donations. they are down and it could not have happened then at a worse time heading into the holidays. >> wildfires smoke is gone, but the north bay's blood supply still struggling. >> it's just a little poke. >> reporter: after work people
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were on the bus. a quick sting. but one that puts a smile on so many people's faces. the blood of broken into red cells, plasma and platelets can save three different patients. the process usually takes about a half hour. >> people are getting busy, they're planning for thanksgiving. >> lemmings always interest drop during the holidays, but october is up roaring in sonoma county with flyers and blackouts putting a dent in donations. even if people are willing, the blood bank had no power and was evacuated. nearly a dozen blood drives had to be canceled. >> we ended up not collecting about 250-275 units of blood that were already earmarked for our local hospitals. so that put us behind the eight ball. >> reporter: led came from other parts of the network. on reopening came the call for help. >> we had some donors come in with two or three friends. that was helpful.
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>> reporter: reluctance to giving blood never changes, it's the needle. >> some donors will come in and say i'm terrified of needles but this is my one good deed i can do to help others. >> reporter: that's how this donor handles it. >> breathe, relax. >> reporter: she has given a few times a year for more than a decade. >> it's something i can do that doesn't cost me anything and it helps somebody. >> reporter: regular donors are the backbone of the supply, always needed. >> sometimes it takes an event like fires here to get people to think, well how can i help my community. then that's great. >> reporter: at least this time, unlike the 2017 firestorm blood was not wasted. in the emergency was so sudden and asked it much longer. hundreds of units had to be sca each one, about a pint. >> i glanced away and it happens and i walk away. i know i have done something and that makes me feel good.
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sonoma county officials are holding a meeting tomorrow to talk property owners impacted by the kincade fire. they will be giving information on permits for rebuilding, tree removal in the insurance claim process. the meeting is at 10 o'clock in the morning at the alexander community hall along highway 128. apple announced they are removing all apps related to e- cigarettes and vaping from the company's app store. the cupertino-based company says it's making the move in re to the recent lung injuries with the products across the u.s. they are withdrawing 181 vaping apps that control temperatures and lighting included. twitter outlined the new details of the new ban on political ads. they will ban any ads representing a party or government officials. it will also appeal to a ban of a vote. in nearly all political content
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and campaign contributions. acknowledged politicians and political groups to go through loopholes. twitter first announced its ban on political ads last month but did not release details until today. raised concerns about the potential for a drought in california, plus almost navigation centers coming to the east bay next week. the services that will offer and how neighbors are reacting. a bay area weather with dense fog trying to regroup across portions of the bay area. what that means for your weekend, all of that coming up in a bit. how the warriors rescued a man who was about to be his oncoming train. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important.
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the city of hayward is getting ready to opens its first almost navigation center next week. it has 45 beds and is expected open tuesday. those who are homeless will have access to social services, substance abuse counseling and navigation center is not causing complaints or controversy from neighbors. >> this is new to hayward, everyone has questions. but by and large our community has been really supportive of it.
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>> hayward says it's in the homeless population growth recently. the last count found about 500 homeless people in the city. that's about 100 more than two years ago. san francisco mayor london brate announced she is scheduled for the city's winter shelter program. spaces are reserved on a first- come first-served basis each sunday starting november 24. also the shelters servicemen who make up more than half the city's homeless population. the winter shelter program will operate until november 24 through march 28. for a list of shelters in the program, go to and click on web links. signs of drought in california are creeping back into the picture and now the u.s. drought monitor is categorizing two thirds of the state as abnormally dry. that means thpages of drought. the monitor says that thgh rese high, theyve been above normal temperatures and a lack of rain. and it is so early in the rain season. it just takes one or two potent
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storms to really change things up. fortunately those storms not showing up in the forecast just yet. this weekend we will be dry, we will be dry next week as well. and of course we still have the latter half of november and into december with things picking up. this weekend saturday some fog in the morning to start out the day, hazy sunshine, then mostly cloudy skies. sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. here is a satellite showing you the of his . in fact i a few visibility reports right now. santa rosa down about a quarter of a mile. now for about a mile and a half. these conditions will continue to change quite a bit over the next as it all continues to develop your current numbers right now, we have santa rosa 49, oakland 56 and san jose reporting 57 reese . here is our camera looking out toward friday night with patchy fog trying to regroup on the coast and or portions of
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the bay. it will be a cool start tomorrow morning, low 40s to lower 50s. if you can't see her the fog locally gets to the coast but some inland spots. it's already starting to develop out there. here's the deal tomorrow morning. in san francisco more sunshine into the afternoon hours and temperatures on track to reach the upper 60s by tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow will be a touch warmer than today, cloud cover to start out the day, sunday the warmest day storm dry weekend. now tomorrow morning watch no fog in patches of dense fog tomorrow morning. sunday morning were sent in and we will continue to warm things backup for the second half of the weekend. highs for tomorrow, lower 60s for the coast, the warmest locations inland, approaching the mid-seventies and here's a look at a are five-day. many changes next week, cooler with gusty winds by wednesday.
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eventually that storm should open press. in the meantime, i guess we have to enjoy it. >> have to. the bart supervisor who narrowly saved a man in front of an oncoming train. he was honored by the warriors tonight. before tonight's game he shook hands with head coach steve kerr. o'connor was able to pull a man fromweeks ago. kurt told o'connor if he never needs help he will be calling him. speaking of the warriors, find out if they were able to beat the team with the best record in the nba league while the nfl hands out the punishment to those involved in last night's big brawl. in artistic statement against the police brutality has gone up at the san francisco's valley neighborhood. a huge mural just made its public debut earlier today. it shows a baby in a police uniform holding a handgun.
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see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. like another box worth we can come every saturday. michigan wolverines and then following up is ucla traveling to utah sunday, arizona
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cardinals and 49ers. jason now joining us in sports. talking about the warriors, they're not so good. but tonight i stepped >> they battled. the team with the best record in the worst record. the warriors in a supposedly competitive game as they hosted the 9-1 celtics. juit does. for plenty of extra time to play with his kids, he is out three months l thth a sprai thumb, mri pending. as we go to the action, fourth quarter, kai bowman is only six foot one. look at him rebound and put it back as stefan curry and the rest of the guys say yeah we
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can compete with these guys. warriors of 3, 2:40 to go, bowman the drive, looks like he loses the ball. but willie coley stein taps it in as the warriors take a five- point lead. watch this, played off the tip. jason tatum just reads it perfectly. he steals it, slams at home, celtics outscore the warriors 13-3 down the stretch and they win 8105-100. cal versus start 3- 0 and he does, courtesy of the backdoor play in the second half . joe juan harris dyson throwing it down, calloway is 82-62 and improves 23-0. they say fairview and amn on monday. and duke. we see what grounds defensive and the number one overall pick myles garrett will not play another down a football this season. the nfl handed down the longest suspension ever for a single on-
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field incident. indefinitely with a minimum with the rest of the season including playoffs as he whacked steelers quarterback mason rudolph in the head with his own vomit. maurkice pouncey was suspended . ree games for his role in both organizations. from that t something a little better.ol fo playoffs, 9-1 pits requesting an-one james logan and watch the trickery. 21-0 pittsburgh when they go to the old hook and ladder. johnny blackman the third is going to go all the way, 45 yards as the pittsburgh pirates when it 41-0. we do have just enough time to check this out. nba action, pistons hornets
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one second left, game type. malika mug of the inbound play, the buzzer as the hornets get the cake. 109-106. remember kobe bryant? he was pretty good. >> and he's all right. >> as his daughter. >> she's a baller. >> that's the daughter of kobe bryant. >> it looks just brian with tha little fadeaway in the leg kick as she definitely were checking it out. these are mongooses, or monkeys >> will go with mongooses sun city, south africa. they can play when they are on the course. they ruined it all. >> and i everybody, moderate is next. (imitating echoing) the future...the future. okay, so you didn't take my note on the echo.
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mitchell, i can't take another negative voice in my head. i'm already freaking out about principal brown. i kind of have a bully at school. you gonna eat all that? -i-i guess not. -principal brown: okay. saw your plans for the seminar tomorrow. oh, you like it? y-you know, i think the kids will really benefit from hearing from four graduates that have taken such different paths. i've got traditional college, gap year -- principal brown: wrong! we're pushing one path here -- college. well, yeah, but college isn't necessarily the right path for every-- play ball, acting vice principal tucker, vice principal? mm-hmm. (muffled laugh) i just don't know if i can preach something


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