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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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police say 10 people were shot after suspects walked into a backyard full of people and opened fire. hello again, everyone. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. it all happened about 7:00 tonight about a mile away from the fresno airport. >> police say a family was watching a football game when the suspects walked into the backyard of the home andcts then took off. so far no arrests have been made. >> this was a mass casualty shooting. there's no doubt about it. we are looking probably at this point at nine individuals who were shot. there could be more that we're not aware of at this point. >> once again, police say four people have been killed. three victims were pronounced dead at the scene. the fourth died at the hospital. the victims are all described as asian men between the ages of 25 and 35. six other people were wounded. we're working to get more information on this breaking
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news comin of fresno aecomes av. a gathering was held in the city to honor victims of accide. navigating is becoming increasingly more dangerous with pedestrian involved accidents on the rise. >> a woman walking in the excelsior district in san francisco was struck and killed by a car just days ago, wednesday to be exact. it is a problem here in the city and other parts of the bay area that a lot of people say can be prevented. this afternoon dozens of people took to the streets to raise awareness. >> reporter: roughly 70 people meandered through the streets to memorialize those killed in traffic accidents. with police escorts guiding the
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way at every crosswalk and turn, safety was virtually guaranteed. they say wxports, navigating these streets on foot can be dangerous. >> we experience an epidemic of people being hit by cars. >> many in the crowd have lost loved ones or had close brushes with death. >> i had no recollection until i woke up in the general hospital. i was apparently hit by an suv and flew 10 feet. >> reporter: now his father is marching to make streets safer. >> i want people to understand you have to be very, very careful when you stick that key foot the ignition. you have to realize the pedestrians' lives are at stake. >> reporter: the route included spots where people fairshed. walk san francisco says accidents involving pedestrians are on the ride and cited
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increased traffic from rideshare services. >> as you increase the number of car trips, you definitely increase the amount of potential crashes. >> reporter: the group is advocating for better laws and enhanced traffic enforcement to help curb what they call a disturbing trend. >> i've had very, very close calls. you feel like you're running the numbers and one day your time is going to run out and you're going to get hit. >> and in terms of getting hit, walk san francisco says so far this year, 17 pedestrians have been struck and killed. if you're hit by a car going 40 miles per hour, your chances of surviving are simply news. new at 11:00, a san
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francisco park ranger is trying. it happened about 7:00 this morning. the chronicle reports the ranger was in his marked car when he noticed a driver screaming at other drivers. the irate driver ended up crashing into the center divide of the connector ramp. when the ranger went to check on him, the ranger said the driver until the police arrived. a prosecutor used his daughter to lure a man. the father reportedly made a recording of the man interacting with his daughter and gave it to police. there's no word on what was exactly on the recording. police later 76-year-old ali muhammad. now a
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child. another round of pg&e planned outages could come this week. pg&e says potentially strong offshore winds are in the forecast and as many as 180,000 customers can be affected. more tonight from ktvu's azenith smith. >> the entire county is affected. the whole county. whole bay area. >> reporter: it wasn't too long ago greer's neighborhood was pitch black at dark for several days. news of another pg&e public safety power shut-off she calls frustrating but not unexpected. >> work is affected. >> reporter: sunday the utility said parts of northern california could see hazardous wildfire conditions prompting another forecast wednesday and thursday. in a statement pg&e said both the forecast and scope of the
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weathe fluid three days ahead of the eve to previous events that impacted about 180,000 customers. last month pg&e turned the power off to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in northern california. >> looks like that is how we have to live now. >> fire sensitive after flames ravaged that neighborhood in 1991. the uncertainty of a shut-off has many residents living on edge. >> the last one, we were more or less our fridge and freezer and throw away lots of food. >> he says the power goes out, he could lose wurk on a job. >> it's something we work out
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together. >> reporter: the potential shut-off comes as the utility is scheduled to go before the utilities committee monday to answer about its blackouts. >> they didn't do the maintenance they should have done and that we're now experiencing that. i think that's frustrating. >> reporter: pg&e says it has improved its website and call center since the last power shut-off to handle the increased traffic. again, the timing of a shut-off, very fluid, depending on the weather forecast. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. pg&e just updated us on the possible power outage. they say notifications will go out tomorrow shut-offs are needl happen wednesday morning. we have new numbers on how many people could be affected. 250,000 people in 19 northern california counties could lose
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their power. new at 11:00, in santa clara county firefighters responded to an apartment fire in a multi-unit complex. they found a two-story four-unit building with flames coming out of the first floor. crews began searching the apartment to make sure all the residents had made it out safely. investigators say it's too soon to know for sure. >> they're going to investigate the fire and figure out what happened. >> the entire was under control in 15 minutes. no one was hurt. displaced residents a from the ready cross. ceo bernard tyson was lying in repose in the
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oakland rotunda this afternoon. tyson died in his sleep last week. he was 60 years old. friends, family, and community members celebrated his life today. >> very close friend of mine for many years. a great person. beyond that, probably the most important executive in healthcare in the last 20 years. >> tyson worked for kaiser for more than 30 years. rose through the corporate racks before taking the top job six years ago, an invitation only service for tyson is set for tomorrow at the chase center in san francisco. in southern california, authorities are investigating two classmates and wounded thre. so far sheriff's officials say investigators havl was held tona
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clarita. two other vigils were held in recent days. detectives are still searching for a motive for the killing. it's going to be a busy week ahead for lawmakers as they prepare to hold more hearings into the impeachment inquiry of president trump. this week eight people are expected to testify publically before the house and intelligence committee. on tuesday the committee will hear from four people including an aide to the vice president, members and former members of the national security council and a former special envoy to ukraine. on wednesday gordon sondland, the ambassador to the european union, is set to testify. >> i think he's got to decide this weekend whether he's an american first or trump loyalist. i'm not sure we can trust his testimony given the fact it's already changed. >> he's spoken to lawmakers before but that was behind closed doors. he amended his testimony after
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other witnesses gave their account of what was happening with foreign aid money to ukraine. now as you just heard, some lawmakers are questioning if the ambassador, who is believed to have had several interactions with president trump, will be a credible witness. the president is backing off an all-out ban on most e-cigarette flavors even though it had been cleared by federal regulars. the president stopped short of signing the memo saying he was concerned about job losses connected to the ban. the president's wife and daughter strongly supported the ban and urged him to take action. violence erupts in hong kong weather elevates this week. we'll chat about the possibility of a red flag warning.
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new at 11:00, a disturbance call in san bruno led to the arrest of a san francisco man who police say was found with a loaded gun, narcotics, and drug paraphernalia. officers were called to the 900 block of green avenue about 10:25 last night and took the suspect, martinez gillery, into custody. he was booked into jailcharges a woman was oakland. police found a man shot in the head. he later died at the hospital.
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then at 7:20, officers responded to the 1200 block of wood street where a woman had been shot in the chest. her condition was not immediately available tonight. no arrests have been made in either shooting. in hong kong, protests intensified over the weekend. riot police released teargas. hundreds of anti-government protesters were barricaded inside. protesters fought back, setting fire to the university building. writing started in june. the bill has since been withdraw. the fighting continues over expensive police force. they also their demands have not been met by hong kong's leaders. >> if the government show any step or any plan to sort this
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oppression, they should answer. >> this latest unrest lasted an entire day and into the night. scores of protesters were injured. the supreme leader of iran is not backing down from his decision to raise the price of gas by 50%. the move set off violent protests which led to the deaths of more than 20 people. fox news correspondent benjamin hall tonight with the latest. >> these protests are about the hike in gas prices. they're really about the simmering tension between the people of iran and the regime of iran, particularly now that u.s. sanctions have taken hold. in 93 towns across the country, 27 people are reported to have died. roads have been blocked. cars have been burned. banks, fuel stations and government buildings attacked after the regimes decided to raise gas prices by 50%. many have also criticized iran's spending abroad. and they are corruption
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and the low quality of life. to try to contain it, the government have now arrested a thousand people and in a rare move yesterday, shut down nearly all the internet. today secretary of state's mike pompeo showed his support, saying united states hears you. united states supports you. the united states is with you. this rise in gas prices up to 50 cents a gallon was supported. he also signaled a potential crackdown. >> this type of evil act solvesr problems exist. insecurity is the biggest tragedy for every country and every society. >> reporter: the last few weeks have seen similar anti-government protests engulfing iraq and lebanon. two middle east nations that are home to iranian proxies and
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which are seen as crucial to the influence provide. 300 people have been killed in iraq alone. some are now calling it the country's arab spring as people demand more rights and less iranian influence. anger in iran has been simmering for some time now. as those u.s. sanctions take hold, the currency has plummeted. prices have skyrocketed. the government is finding it harder than ever to provide basic services for its people. as such we are now seeing this anger flooding out into the streenjamin hall, fox news. a sandal light vigil was held in support of rodney reed, the texas death row inmate scheduled a stay of execution. he was granted an indefinitestaa been overturned. the case appears to be headed back to court due to newly
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uncovered evidence. supporters say they know the fight isn't over. >> i'm totally against the death penalty. the fact there's even a risk of someone innocent is enough for me. >> claiming there wait was false testimony in the time and the state suppressed evidence. the winds will do what they do. they come out of the north or northeast and funnel through these canyons. the hills of the north bay, the hills of the east bay, hills by lake county, lakeport, those areas. we can see in some of the higher elevations, gusts to 40 miles per hour and in the really high elevations like mount st. helena we could see 55, 60 miles per hour. it's prompted pg&e to talk about the possible power outages.
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tuesday night into wednesday morning. pardon me. tuesday night into wednesday morning, then wednesday night into thursday morning with the second event, wednesday into thursday morning, that's the bigger event. it's not extreme but it's bigger which would mean potentially more power outages. as you plan your week ahead, think about that. wednesday night into thursday morning. especially in thenusual is the s being put in place by pg&e. that said, the winds don't come up tomorrow, they'll be breezy along the coast. the winds will start to come offshore. it will be mostly north-northeast bay and not extreme. but probably get a red flag warning and again wednesday night into thursday morning is when we'll see the strongest winds. and in the meantime, with this event tomorrow will be a lot
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like today in terms of warmth and what have you. with the high pressure and the offshore winds, we're not going to see the big heat. that's interesting. we'll see the winds. the heat is not necessarily coming based on the configuration of the low. it's going to be hard to heat up. we're not going to be dealing with 85, 90-degree weather. that's the plan. here's the 5-day forecast. nothing to panic about. just know this is what happens all the time. wednesday night into thursday mornin of potential power outages. sports wrap just minutes away. jason and scott with what they're working on. >> a huge win today for the 49ers. how jimmy garoppolo took another step forward and continues to raise the ceiling. how the raiders are winning with defense. still ahead at 11:00, we get a tour of the steals force
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tower as the company gets ready for its dream course conference.
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after 10 years of hard work and billions of dollars, the first patients were transferred today to the brand new stanford hospital. it has 368 private patient rooms, 76 trauma
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center bays, and 20 operating rooms. we spoke to the first patient transferred to the new hospital. >> technological upgrades, a focus on wellness, and a beautiful building. these are some of the perks of the new stanford hospital. one by one, patients are rolled in from the old stanford hospital to the new one. >> having one's own room with a view of the mountains outside, that's very special. >> reporter: it took a decade to open the new palo alto facility. all the hard work paid off sunday morning. wayne thatcher is here after suffering a heart attack. he spent six days at the old hospital before moving today. >> had a fairly serious illness. but i feel taken care of and have full confidence in the doctors and people are friendly. >> reporter: the main goal of the hospital is to give the best medical care to patients with state-of-the-art facilities and a top notch staff.
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but another focus is wellness. a rooftop garden gives patients a spot to relax outside the walls of the hospital. it's also a place for employees to unwind. >> there's a lot of stress, a lot of opportunity we have to create a better environment for them. even a better environment for them to be able to be healthy. that's really why we see that as an important aspect. >> reporter: technology plays a big role here from the robotic pharmacy to the latest operating suites to giving patients control over temperature and lighting in their room. it's a hospital built for the future. >> technology that allows them to engage like they would in their personal life. i feel this is a privilege. >> dream force, which is san francisco's largest business convention, is set to get underway this week. more than 170,000 people are expected to attend the annual
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convention put on by sales force. it officially kicks off on tuesday. the final touches are being done to transform howard street. our cameras were allowed in for a sneak peek. >> dream force is so much more than aference. our attendees tell us it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> the event includes more than 50 key notes speakers including former president barack obama, apple ceo tim cook, and world cup soccer champion megan rapinoe. fleetwood mac will perform to benefit benioff children's hospital. needless to say, expect major traffic delays. between third and fourth has remained closed. it will reopen on sunday at 8:00. >> good reminder that traffic will be crazy around there. >> sports wrap coming up next. >> have a great night.
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caught! he got a score and
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a touchdown for the 49ers. >> another 9er nail biter. how jimmy g took the team on his back when the chips were down. the raiders wrap up a perfect home stand. >> there's an old saying around here. just win, baby. >> how their formula for success is evolving as the season goes on. another rough night for the warriors. but how one dubs rookie stands above all others in the nba. good times for local college teams as in a clean sweep for the bay area. men and women. so smile like you mean it and flaunt it if you g got an issueh that,


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