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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 18, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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had crank up again. it's there. there's northeast breeze coming in off the oakland berkeley hills and airflow is offshore right now. an though it's not that strong. temperatures are just way above average on the high side. i mean, good 12, 15 degrees. 74, 58 for the city. average at 63. 50. so both sides that are above 40, 50s and mid-40s low 40s for a few. you can see northeast above oakland 2 # 1 miles per hour. all north and northeast even north 22, 23 miles per hour. that is the key to this slow down that will merge with another one coming from the north of 2. that gives southern california rain. not for us. today mostly sunny. warm, a little offshore breeze. that means temperatures are way above average. so any patchy foiling don't think has much of a chance. 60s for few 70s for most. upper 70s to near 80. 5:00 in the morning sal is here and will discuss the tracy commute. we want to show it to you
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and show you that traffic is already busy on 205 and 580. you will see slow traffic for sure. and you will see traffic here that is going to be just very slow. nothing unusual about that. once you goat livermore it looks good and a little bit of slowing in dublin. just a little bit at the dublin interchange. the rest of it looks good including the san mateo bridge and interstate 880 and at the bay bridge we have a backup. at 5:01 let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. new this mong, firefighters investigating an overnight garage fire in pleasanton that happened at 3:15 this morning on matteson court. neighbors told our crew on the scene a tesla and chevy bolt both burned in the fire but it does not appear that there's significant damage to the house and no word on the cause of the fire. there are no reports of any injuries. our time is 5:01. police in fresno investigating a deadly shooting rampage where gunmen shot and killed four people and six others were hurt
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the it happened in southeastern fresno in the neighborhood next to the fresno international airport. and only four miles away from fresno state university. ktvu allie rasmus is in the newsroom and police say the gunman snuck into the backyard of a home. good morning allie. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the question police have not been able to answer so far is why this all happened. they have not determined a motive. and police have not made any arrests. police say there is no doubt this was a mass casualty event as they described it. the suspects shot and killed four people and wounded six others. police say all the victims are men between 25 to 35 years old. they were part of a gathering of about 35 people who got together yesterday to watch a football game in the backyard of a home. around 7:00 in the evening, police say, some unknown people snuck into the backyard of the home and started shooting. . >> thank god that no kids were hurt because there were several kids and females there in attendance at the party. looks like there was a target. we don't know what the reason
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for the targeting was. >> reporter: now when paramedics and police arrived they found three people had died from the gunfire a fourth person died from the injuries at the hospital. the other six people struck by bullets are expected to survive. again police don't note motive. they have not made any arrests. they are gathering information from witnesses at the scene of that party. they are looking for surveillance video. a team from the san francisco office of alcohol tobacco and firearms is in route to fresno to help with that investigation. live in the newsroom allie razz must. pg&e could announce another round of power safety shoes shut off because high winds will increase the fire danger. 250,000 customers in the north bay east bay hills and sierra foothills could be affected by any new power shut off. azenith smith has more on when the shutoffs could happen. >> anywhere you go the county
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was affected. the whole county. the whole bay area. >> reporter: it was not too long ago diane greer's neighborhood in san rafael was pitch-black at night for several days. news of another pg&e public safety power shut off she called frustrating but not unexpected. >> it's just concerning and are the schools going to be shut? you know i mean, work is affected. >> reporter: on sunday, the utility said parts of northern california could see hazardous wild fire conditions prompting another shut off. warm temperatures coupled with gusty offshore winds are said to be in the forecast wednesday and thursday. and in a statement pg&e said both the forecast and scope of the weather event remain fluid three days ahead of the event. at present, projections are like a possible event similar to psps events that impacted 180,000 customers. last month pg&e turned the power off and hundreds of thousands of homes and
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businesses in northern california. . >> not too good. that's how we have to live now. >> reporter: he lives in the oakland hills. fire sensitive after flames ravaged the nare neighborhood in 1991. the uncertainty of a shut off has people living on the edge. >> last month we were more or less okay. we had to empty the fridge andfreeze erin throw away lots of food. >> reporter: lori is a general cruetor and he says the power goes out, he could lose work or time on the job. >> i am not happy about it. but i understand why and if the power shutoffs are v to happen to protect all of us, then we understand that. so, it's something we work out together. >> reporter: residents find it hard to believe that they think the shut off could have been handled better. >> they didn't do the maintenance they should have done, and we are now experiencing that. and i think that's frustrating. >> reporter: pg&e says it has approved improve the call
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center since the last shut off to handle increased traffic. the timing of the shut off is fluid depending on the weather forecast. in san rafael azenith smith ktvu fox 2 news. for the potential shut off comes as pg&e, ceo bill johnson will testify at an oversight hearing at state capitol looking into the last round of shutoffs. he defended the shutoffs saying they helped prevent wild fires. but he has acknowledged there were elements of the process that did not work well. other scheduled to testify at the hearing include public school superintendents, local government leaders, and business owners. our time is 5:06. red cross now helping four families in campbell after a fire at their apartment building i it happened yesterday after 5 p.m. at building on west campbell avenue. when the firefighters got there, there was smoke and flames coming from first floor units, and then heading into the second floor. the crews there searched the units making sure everyone was out safe. one neighbor says the fire may have started in a kitchen, but
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it is too early to know for sure. . >> at this time i cannotconfirm. they are under investigation and they will do their process of investigating the fire and figure out what happened. >> the fire was under control within 15 minute. four of the apartment units why damaged but no one was hurt. . a garage and an rv were destroyed last night in san jose by a fire. firefighters say it started in the rv on north 5th street near empire street. the crews were able to keep it from spreading to other buildings. the cause of the fire is under investigation. . also today, city of hayward is opening a new navigation center to help people living on the streets. the center is in an industrial neighborhood a mile and half from the san mateo bridge and will provide dormitory style short-term housing. organizers will offer one meal a day for those living there and counselors to help residents find long-term housing. police and social workers will
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help identify people who need help and no one will be allowed in without a recommendation. the only east bay winter shelt he for seniors opens today at st. mary's center on brock hurst in west oakland and can house up to 30 seniors each night. it will be available to house men, women at least 55 years old, and will be opened 7 days a week from 4:00 in the afternoon until 8:00 in the next morning. time is 5:08n washington, d.c., eight more witnesses due to a testify before the house intelligence committee this week. it's part of the impeachment inquiry against the president. tomorrow, that committee will hear from four people including an aide to vice president pence. members and former members of the national security council and a former special envoy to ukraine. now on wednesday, gordon sondland the ambassador to the european union is due to testify. . >> i think he has to decide this weekend whether he is an american first or trump loyalist. i am not sure that we can trust
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his testimony given the fact we know it has already changed. >> sondland has testified before lawmakers before. but that was behind closed doors. then he changed his testimony after other witnesses gave their account of what was happening with the foreign aide money to ukraine. witnesses are due to testify on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. on the days of those hearings, we will have live updates during mornings on 2, and we will careity hearings live and uninterrupted on ktvu plus. president trump is backing off on a plan to ban most flavored e-cigarettes. a potential ban was cladder by federal regular lattors and waitth for president's signature. according to washington post, president trump was ready to sign off on the ban on november 5th. but then refused to sign the decision memo. at least 42 people have died as a result of vaping related illnesses. our time is 5:09. still ahead a. proposal to legalize online gambling in all 50 states.
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still ahead, why one presidential candidate says the idea could and good thing. . >> plus, we get a tour of the sales force tower as the company gets ready for the annual dream force conference. we will tell you who is coming to san francisco this week. . >> good morning. we do have traffic that is getting a little bit slower in some areas. although here on highway 24 it is looking pretty good driving over to the tunnel. . >> weather looks good but it's been looking pretty good for a long time. we can sues a change. we will get it but not the kind we want. we will explain coming up.
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. well could back to mornings on 2. happening today, the youngest victims of the 1978 jonestown massacre will be remembered. 918 people died in that mass suicide at the religious and socialist community organized by jim jones. 276 of them were children. at 11 this morning, relatives of the victims will hold their annual celebration of life service. sam san mateo congressman and three journalist were shot and killed at jonestown congresswoman spear who was an aide to ryan was injured. our time is 5:13. 70 people gathered in san francisco for a very emotional memorial. it was for pedestrians killed in traffic collisions. there have been 17 peds deaths in san francisco so far this
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year. this group walked the streets in and around the civic center. some of them lost family members to crashes. others actually survived collisions. they felt safe last night because they had police escorts in the crosswalks, and everywhere they walked. . >> we suffer an epidemic in san francisco really around the bay area of people being hit by cars. >> i've had very, very close calls and you get like you are just running the numbers and one day your time is going to round and you will be hit. . >> experts say if you hit by a car that's going 40 miles an hour, you only have a 10% chance of survival. . san francisco's largest business convention gets underway this week. more than 170,000 people are expected to attend dream force the annual convention by sales force. over the weekend, final touches were put in place at the centermost events kick off officially tomorrow and run through sunday. . >> dream force is so much more
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than a technology conference. our tenants tell us it's once in a lifetime experience. >> the event includes more than 50 keynote speakers including former president obama, apple ceo tim cook and world cup champion megan rapinoe. fled fleetwood mac will perform. howard street has been closed between third and fourth street since tuesday. it will remain closed until cont 8 p.m. for more information on dream force you can go to and click on weg links. time is 5:15. train service at larkspur station may and reality by the end of the year. smart trains ran without passengers over the weekend through the larkspur station. southbound trains dropped off passengers at san rafael station and kept going to the larkspur station. northbound trains coming back from larkspur picked up passengers at the san rafael station and then kept going to the sonoma county airport
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station. this simulated service will continue during normal service hours. it is the last step to prepare the station for regular service. and if you use highway 121 south of the airport in sonoma county, give yourself extra time. because there's one way traffic controls in effect until 5:00 tomorrow morning. gas tanker overturned outsidsaturday morning and leaked fool damaging one side of the road which is being repaired now. but the crews have to close one side of highway 121 to do all the work of repair work safely. so be careful. give yourself extra time. >> yes. definitely. 5:16 is the time. and let's see if anybody needs extra time around the bay area. hopefully no big problems. >> no big problems, but. >> okay. >> the commute is waking up so to speak. >> yeah. >> a little bit here. pam, dave, let's go to the gilroy commute and start with northbound 101 driving in
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through the gilroy area. there's little bit of slogan we look at 152 and 152 is slow as it tries to make et cetera way over coming from the area here. 156 you have some slowing. no problems on northbound 101 but through st. martin and morgan hill there's a little slowing to be had. and if you are driving into the west valley, it looks pretty good. no problems on 208 in san jose. east bay commutes off to a nice start and we have a backup at the bay bridge. the lights have been switched on. maybe a 10 minute delay at most so far. but there's a backup. at 5:17, let's bring in steve. thank you, sir. >> yes, sir. another day where temperatures are above average. in fact they are way above coast bay and inland. a little offshore. it's more likely tuesday night into wednesday when it will ramp up.
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so another warm monday. we have got a little weather this morning and i don't see much change except we could use rain. if anything it is light. cooler tomorrow and windy wednesday and thursday. that's going to give us the elevated fire danger. not today, tuesday night into wednesday could be some stronger gusts as a low drops from the north and weak one but it will merge with one off baja and it's going to giving southern california southern nevada and arizona rain. not us here of the everything goes up and over. 70s again way above average and 62, 63. we are not close with hivermore at 78. city 74, 57, average 63. 509 record high 81. 1932 the record low he 42, 1994. 40s on most temps except the city is at 58 degrees. some very warm conditions close to the city. 40s as well in the low 50s. santa cruz around watsonville 84 degrees. and santa cruz around 78 to 80 today. and 42 morgan hill to 55 in sunol. so a east breeze if you get
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that or north wind from around novato and you can see the north wind. even mount diablo only 11 but it's northerly direction. from that high, blocking everything. you can see the low off baja. that's the one which is not doing much now. but when another low drops from the north and they get their act together, that's going to turn into a strong system for southern california for them. mostly sunny today. for the coast. n 60, 70s on temps and way above average that. lend tomorrow. we get the fog come screaming back and low drops n it will be cooler and the wind picks up wednesday and thursday and should level off friday and quiet going into the weekend for now. >> thank you. 5:19 is the time. an apology from michael bloom berk. coming up, comments from the former new york city mayor who may run for president. and protests in hong kong case lathed over the weekend. the reason police are threatening to use bullets against the demonstrators.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:22 and special memorial will be held at the chase center later today for bernard tie cont chairman and ceo kaiser permanente. hundreds gathered for viewing for tyson whose bod iy was lying in state. friend, family and community members came together to celebrate tyson's life. he is remembered as genuine man and smart leader who treated people with dignity and respect. >> well, he was a great friend
5:23 am
of mine. very close friend of mine for many years and a great person and beyond that, he think probably the most important executive in health care in the last 20 years. . >> bernard tyson worked for kaiser for more than 30 years rising to the ranks to become chairman and ceo. he died last week at the age of 60. his cause of death has not been released. this morning, a face macks ban into antigovernment protesters. schools are closed and we have details on a violent confrontation between police and protesters in hong kong. >> reporter: fighting between hong kong demonstrators and police escalating monday. after a two-day stand off riot police stormed hong kong's polytechnic university where hundreds of antigovernment protest verse been barricaded inside. activists tried to flee the besieged university wearing helmets and gas masks some even carrying umbrellas to protect themselves from the tear gas.
5:24 am
but authorities forcing them back inside threatening protesters with live bullets if the rioters didn't stop using lethal weapons in their attack. >> [inaudible] >> reporter: police ceiling off roads surrounding the campus and using armored vehicles and water cannon against the demonstrators. were injured by the chemicals sprayed into the crowd. protesters fought back setting fire to the university building to prevent officers from entering and using slingshots to fire molotov cocktails at the police. one hitting a truck causing a massive fire. in new york, jack callahan fox news. . iran supreme leader is not backing down from his decision to raise the price of gasoline in iran by 50%. the move set off violent protests which led to the deaths of 27 people. roads have been blocked, cars have been burned and banks fuel
5:25 am
station and government buildings attacked. government forces arrested nearly 1,000 people. supreme leader called the protesters thugs who were pushed into violence by foreign enemies of iran. >> evil acts solve no problem and adinsecurity to whatever problems exist. insecurity is the biggest tragedy for every country and every society. . >> anger in iran is increasing for sometime now as u.s. sanctions take hold. it rainian currency plummeted and the government is fieding it harder to provide basic service for people. 5:25 is the time a man on death row since 1996. up next, the reason people here in the bay area say he should be released. the biggest come back victory in 8 years. see how the 49ers beat the cardinals and hear reaction from after the game. >> good morning. you can see that the traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving in san francisco here on northbound 101
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. investigators in santa clarita look into other recent threats against schools there after last week's deadly shooting at saugus high school. >> and televised impeachment
5:29 am
inquiry testimony will continue this week as the president continues to criticize the hearings. >> from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. monday morning, november 18th. i am dave clark. >> good morning i am pam cook. thanks for joining us. pg&e preparing for another round of plapped power shut off with with a high wind event in the forecast. utility will release more information later this morning. the potential shut off comes as the utility will go before the state senate energy and utilities committee today about the use of the planned power outages. so, not a for sure thing. >> flight but they plan to announce that later today. we will see. let's check in with steve how windy is it supposed to be. >> this won't be until late tuesday wednesday. but could get gust 35 to 45 maybe higher. you think we will need
5:30 am
generators next year? i think so. let's get to this here. we have a quiet day today. everything will start to change tomorrow. a low drops in and won't be much but it will merge with a low off baja and that's going to give southern california southern nevada arizona some rain. warm monday. 70s to 80s for some. when patterns are struck it's stuck and it's stuff to break them down of the everything looks to be east us. if we get a system, it's moisture starved. this system will crank up the wind overnight tuesday and wednesday most wednesday into early thursday and there could be stronger gusts than that. but we will keep ion on it. very little in the way of fog. offshore breeze right now. and it strains late into mild conditions and very warm conditions with 70s to near 80 degrees again. 40s, 50s and the nights are long and days are short and around the bay, what is it 58 in the city. look at he will veto.
5:31 am
58. kensington berkeley labs 60. there's northerly breeze northeast breeze. it's not strong but is in place. with that in place, our temperatures are above average. 60s for a few. 70s for many. 5:31. sal is here. let's see we have done tracy solano county what's next. solano county you hit it on the head. traffic is getting slower. starting with interstate 80 # to have a layo. you will see slow traffic approaching the carquinez bridge and 37 heading west over towards 121 and to novato to take 37. there have been no major issues after that to hercules and 680 looks good across the venetia bridge. highway 4 slow approaching bay point. bay bridge has a slow down here. at the toll plaza. you will wait for 10 or 15 minutes before you make it on to the span. 5:31 let's go back to the desk. the search is on for suspects who maced managed to sneak into a fresno party and started shooting. 4 people dieted and allie
5:32 am
rasmus joins us to talk about police look for a motive. allie. >> reporter: yes. that's right. police continue to interview witnessance look for surveillance video to help track down the suspects and what they are describing as a mass casualty event. it happened in fresno last night. 4 people were shot and killed. six others injured in the gunfire at a house party. mrs. say all of the victims are men between the ages of 25 to 35 years old. they were part of a gathering of about 35 people who got together yesterday evening to watch a football game on tv in the backyard of the home around 7:00 police say some unknown suspects snuck into the backyard and started shooting. . >> as officers and paramedics were in route we seefned received more and more information on multiple victims. and including deceased individuals. .>> reporter: when paramedics and police arrived at the scene, they found three people dead from the gunfire. a fourth person died from their injuries at the hospital. the other six people struck by bullets are expected to
5:33 am
survive. police do not know the motive. they don't know what led up to. this they have not made any arrests yet. a team from the san francisco office of bureau of chal, tobacco and firearms is in route to fresno to help with the investigation. live in the newsroom allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. also happening today, the trial will begin for a man accused of kidnapping and raping a woman after he pretended to be a uber driver. the 40-year-old brandon sherman is accused of sexually assaulting a woman last august. victim told police sherman picked her up near highway 2 in san mateo, drove her to a secluded area near sky lawn cemetery and i tacked her. he is in custody. the trial is expected to start at 8:30 this morning. our time 5:33. authorities in santa cleata investigating several thrist of schools near sawing saukous war 16-year-old boy shot and killed two classmates. so far, they have not found any credible threats. but this comes as people gathered last night for
5:34 am
candlelight vigil remembering gracie ann mullberger and dom neighboring blackwell who were killed. two of the survivors from the shooting are in the hospital. but they are expected to be released soon. 9-year-old boy is fighting for his life after surviving a murder saw suicide in san diego on saturday. the child's father is suspecting the shooting the four sons and mother before turning the gun on himself a relative who lives next door to the family called police after hearing an argument. family members say the 9-year- old boy is on life support. investigators say the parents were estranged and the mother had obtained a restraining order against the father. candle light vigil was held in san francisco in support of death row inmade rodney reed. he is granted a stay of execution. he was scheduled to be executed wednesday for the murder of a 19-year-old woman in 1996, but was granted an indefinite stay last friday. now his conviction has not been overturned, but the case
5:35 am
appears to be going back to court because of newly uncovered evidence. supporters of reed say the fight is not over. . >> i am totally against the death penalty. the fact there's a risk of someone innocent being executed is enough reason for me to abolish the death penalty. >> bay area based innocence project filed an appeal last week claiming there was false testimony in the trial and the state suppressed evidence. democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg has a big lead in iowa. according to a new poll from the des moines register and cnn, the mayor of south bend, indiana is the first choice of 25% of likely caucus goers. increase from the 9% in september. elizabeth warren came in second with 16%. and followed by joe biden andbernie sanders were 15%. andrew yang wants to legalize online poker in all 50 states. currently states decide whether or not to legalize online poker
5:36 am
and 4 states made it fully legal nevada, new jersey, pennsylvania and delaware. yang says legalization would provide protects for players and 2.2 billion dollars in tax revenue. it's 35:36. leading up to a possible run for president now former new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he made a mistake supporting the controversial stop and frisk policy for the police. yesterday, bloomberg was speaking at christian cultural center in brooklyn and told a congregation he got it wrong with it came to the stop and frisk which gave police the power to stop and search anyone they suspect the of a crime. >> i can't change history. however, today, i want you to know that i realize back then i was wrong. and i am sorry. but i also want you to know that i am more committed than ever to ending gun violence. . >> now in 2013, a federal judge
5:37 am
ruled stop and frisk intentionally and systematically violated the rights of thousands of people particularly people of color. john bell edwards defeated eddie rispone. president trump made two appearance over the past two weeks to campaign for rispone. both candidates spoke to the supporters after rispone concede the race. >> you know this administration began with a breeze of hope. hope that by working together as louisianas first and foremost not republicans or democrats. we could make louisiana the state we want it to be. and with every step forward we turn that hope into action and that is exactly what we are going to continue to do in our second term. >> we have nothing to be ashamed of. we had over 700,000 poem in louisiana want something better
5:38 am
and different. . >> there has been three governors race this is year in states considered to be red states. democrats won in lieu woesana and kentucky. a republican won in mississippi. . more witnesses are scheduled to testify this week at the impeachment hearings on capitol hill. doug luzader joins us live from washington a dc where democrats say president trump is welcomed to add his name to the list. doug. >> reporter: the president has been critical of this process from the sidelines. democrats say he should join it. >> mr. president. >> reporter: will president trump make the trip down pennsylvania avenue to testify at his own impeachment hearing on capitol hill? seems unlikely to say the least but the invitation is there. . >> president trump can come before the committee and speak all the truth he wants. >> you don't expect. >> if he wants to take the oath of office or codo it in writing he has every opportunity to present his case.
5:39 am
>> reporter: presenting his case on twitter the president wrote, the crazed do nothing democrats are turning impeachment into a routine partisan weapon that is very bad for our country and not what the founders had in mind. what democrats have in mind this week is to hear from 8 witnesses over three days in public but the primary focus will be on wednesday. and eu ambassador gordon sondland. >> my guess is that ambassador sondland will do his level best to tell the truth because otherwise he may have a very unpleasant legal feature in front of him. >> reporter: sondland emerged as a key figure. a number of witnesses say they overheard a phone call between sondland and the president discussing investigations in ukraine that are at the center of the democrat's allegations. the president was trying to dig up dirt on a political rival former vice president joe biden. republicans are unified in the skepticism. >> five members, think about this five members of the democrat -- five democrat on
5:40 am
the intelligence committee voted to move forward even before the whistle blower complaint was filed. >> reporter: now democrats are moving with the quick timetable here. it's not clear exactly when this is all going to get wrapped up. house speaker pelosi wouldn't speculate as to the timeline over the weekend. back to you guys. >> all right thank you. withins are set to testify on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we will have live updates on mornings on 2. we will carry the hearings live and uninterrupted over on ktvu plus. all right. time is 5:40. up next, an incredible sky diving stunt in australia you have to see. follow this, the jump was one thing but wait until you see the landing. >> a multibillion dollar hospital opened in the bay area we will take you an on a tour. >> we are diving knee another warm forecast. temperatures way above any rain for us? what's going on around here?
5:41 am
we will take a look. when it comes to using data, everyone is different.
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5:44 am
the tracks near lafayette street and highway 101 when he was hit. police say it is unclear why the boy was on the tracks but they stress it was an accident, and that he was not on the tracks intentionally as the train approached. police have not released the boy's name or age. after ten years of work and billions of dollar the bay area has a new hospital. the first patients were transferred to the stanford hospital in palo alto yesterday. the state of the art facility is 824,000 square feet. it has 368 private rooms for patients. 76 trauma bays and 20 operating rooms. hospital adstraysors says one of the mayne goals is patient wellness. >> there's a lot of tress, and a lot of opportunity to create better environment for them and a better envinyl for them to be healthy. that's why we see it as an important aspect.
5:45 am
>> having one's own room with a view of the mountains outside, that's very session. >> a roof top spa gives employees and patient as place to relax and technology play as role from a robotic pharmacy to operating suites that give patients control over temperature and lighting. time 5:45. shifting gears sports raiders beat bengals 17-10. they are still in the playoff picture. it was a special moment for joe mickson who is from oakland and gave his mom the ball after scoring in the first quarter. there's mom right there. carr threw for almost 300 yards. and running back jacobs ran for 112 yards. and a late interception sealed the victory for the raiders. . >> you have to close out games on defense. if you are going to win. if you are going to win, you have the lead and they have the ball and defense has to close
5:46 am
and that's something that we are getting better and better at. we are looking for the challenges of going out and finishes. >> we don't have many games left for the stadium that are promise, right? we have a lot of work to do. >> and they head to new york to play the jets on sunday. raiders are still in the playoff hunt with the 6-4 record, they are tied with the texans and colts for a wild card spot. if raiders play the division leading chanceas city chief, in two weeks. 49ers bounce back phot from the first loss with a comeback win over the cardinals. san francisco is down by 16 early on. and they look like the team was headed to another loss, but in the second half there was an entercemente exception and wilson touchdown puts niners up for good. score by the defense with no time on the clock made it 36-26 win. joe fonzi takes us to the
5:47 am
niners 9th win this season. . >> reporter: this game was a new formula for the 49ers for the first time all year they were asked to dig out of a 16- point hole. it was a play call and the execution of that play that changed the the game game's momentum. >> blockers in front. and down the sideline he goes. >> reporter: a jimmy ga rap low to richie james screen pass 57 yards and set up the first 49er touchdown. >> that's great. and loosened him up at least probably the first down of the game it felt like it. it will score before half and come out and we rei bound the second half. >> he finds a way to dial up something that has a chance to be a big play. when things are not moving well he doesn't keep it very vanilla and find something he thinks could spark us and he is the king of that. >> reporter: what has been a familiar theme for the team is equal distribution of heroes. from ross catching two touchdown passes. >> a lot of dudes are doing
5:48 am
that for the team. it speaks how special the team is. >> reporter: to jeff wilson very excitedly scoring the game winner 49ers again spread it around. >> it's easy to look at a stretch of the schedule that includes consecutive games against grown bay baltimore and new orleans as the toughest part of the schedule. in santa clara joe fonzi ktvu fox 2. 49ers are the top seed but lead the seahawks by one game in the nfc west and they will square off in the phenyl game of the regular season in seattle. . all right. our time is 5:48. warriors have the night off before playing the grizzlies tomorrow. in memphis. last night against the pelicans, rookie eric paschall had an amazing game. second round pick had 30 points and he is the first rookie this season to have two, 30 point games but pelicans had six players in double digits and
5:49 am
warriors lot of 108-100. we hope you join thus friday morning to take a special zip trip to sonoma county we visit communities over the summer but the north bay had a rough month with the kincade fire, public safety power shut off so on friday, we are hiking the roads to healdsburg windsor and sonoma to show you what so nola county is all about. more than fires. great wine, fabulous restaurants, and amazing people. so be sure to join us friday morning pour for the special zip trip to sonoma county airing live from 9 to 10 a.m. on ktvu and we will strep it ktvu. com. >> i want to know where sal was. he was roaming around and eating the stuff you know i was i want to see where you were. >> i think you will like it. >> goo. >> let's leave it at that. right now it's monday. so, we are -- it's not that close to friday.
5:50 am
let's look at the commute and you can see there's some slow traffic here on 205. and there was a little bit of a problem here in the 2055 near 11th. but most slow traffic is after that gotting through the tracy triangle. into livermore it looks better. 880 north is fine wet getting no downtown oakland and bay bridge toll plaza 10 to 15 minutes wait but before you make it to the span. now steve has the weather. thank you. pretty quiet pattern for us. it will be another very warm day and changes start tomorrow. no not rain. it will be a cooler pattern and then wind. we will have to deal with that. first, our friend here kent miller is up in went santa rosa. good morning. however today is my first day of retirement i slept in until 4 a.m. stop, kent. snoozehead gees get up and get going you are burn daylight. congratulations, kent. you can go fishing now. we do have a pattern that's
5:51 am
warm today. it was warm ged yesterday. oakland airport and sfo tied or seat record high of 76 and 74. cooler tomorrow and we will level it off and get temperatures in the 60s. today upper 60 a 70s. so system dropping down as a low dropping from the low going to west of vancouver. psych a spin. another spin-off baja. it's not doing much but when the two merge together, it looks like it's going to get pretty good rain in southern california. they have trimmed back some of the amounts but forecast models are all over the place. nothing for us. if it is, it will be brief and light. but it will pick up for southern california and southern nevada and arizona could and big veept for arizona. they will get more rain than we have had. not much. an offshore event even though it is slight it's eastern component which means temps are above average. 74 to 78. it should be about 63. city 74 average of 7 3. and 57
5:52 am
low average is 50s so above on both and there's the airflow coming across. you can see from carquinez strait over san pablo bay and over -- not strong but east of hayward east at 5. east southeast half-moon bay. northeast even though it is not strong it's there. 40s 50s and 58 degrees. about a san diegoa bay offshore 54. vallejo at 50 and water temps 53 # to 58. bodega bay the coolest in san francisco has not changed in the lodgest time. 55. so that's generating fog. but not today because the airflow is offshore. that's above at 21 and mount tam north at 23. two bits up in 45. monterey is a mild 5 3. system dropping down is going to usher in a big fog bank for us tomorrow will. which will drop temps.
5:53 am
but today sunshine and warm temps. upper 70s for a few including livermore and morgan hill and gilroy and santa cruz. and 84 degrees. more cooler tuesday and wind is the big factor wednesday into thursday and it will level off on a quiet pattern going into the weekend. >> thank you. time is 5:53a rare public appearance by the bay area woman who accused supreme court justice bret crave gnaw of sexual assault did did it over the weekend the award presented to her. dungeones crab season delayed again and when the season could finally start. first, why local rapper says he was inspired to host a group of young girls to see a new movie
5:54 am
with a positive message. i will give you a live picture of the bay bridge right now. that's tv shot for you. you are watching ktvu mornings on 2 to fox 2 news.
5:55 am
so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. 5:56. look at new video from australia an incredible stunt. pair shootive jumped out of a plane opened the shute and below is a motorcycle red bull motocross athlete robby madison
5:57 am
who goes faster and faster and finally he lands right on the back of the motorcycle. right there. by the way it took three tries to make that perfect landing. . time 5:57. two college chemistry professors in arkansas accused of making meth on the school property. now this is a drawing comparison of the tv show breaking bad. terry bateman and bradley roland were arrested friday accused of manufacturing methamphetamine and using drug paraphernalia. they are both professor at henderson state university. they were caught after police said they investigated a report of a strong chemical odor in the science center. . back here at home, oakland'smistah fab hosted a group of young girls to take them to see the new movie harriett. >> i don't know if how extraordinary this is but you made it 100 miles to freedom by yourself. would you like to pick a new
5:58 am
name to mark your freedom. >> harriett tubman. . >> the movie is all about the life of harriet tub man lady who escaped from slavery and led others to freedom. mist a h fab whose name is stanley cox bought the movie tickets and said he was inspired to do it after taking his own daughter to see harriet. and wanted to share the experience with other young people in oakland. . >> what it did to me watching it and then look at my daughter ask questions she asked i felt like it was very empowering. our girls need to see that. >> for him to bring the girls tout see the video is very nice of him and encouraging and i think it's something that the girls should know. . >> now the invitation was originally meant for girls 8 and 18 but he invited any young person who wanted to see harriet because the message he said, is important for people
5:59 am
of all ages. . the new movie ford versus ferrari leaving the competition in its dust. it zoomed to the top of the box office debuting with 31 million dollars. the racing drama received strong reviews and even getting some oscar buzz for its lead actors christian bale and matt damon. last week's top movie midway slipped into number two. charlie's angels debuted number 3. rounding out top five playing with fire and last christmas. . and not so good. that's how we have to live now. >> i am not happy about it. >> it's just concerning. >> the power may be shut off again when the latest round of pg&e public safety power shutoffs could happen and who would be affected. >> also oakland police using a new strategy to reduce racial profiling. crimes police department is
6:00 am
more likely to ignore. . >> from ktvu fox 2 news. this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for joining us here monday morning i am pam cook. >> good morning i am dave clark. with our weather steve paulson is coming in to talk about how things will change after today. >> after today. >> and fire danger. tuesday night and wednesday. so, another round of this. you think by now we would be done with this but that's the pattern we are stuck in. southern california is going to get some rain. this will be tuesday night. there's low dropping in and it doesn't have much to work with but it will generate pretty good wind as we get there late tuesday more likely wednesday and north and east bay hills and we are looking a a system off vancouver to american with that down there and they will combine to but the president put pretty good rain in the southwest. fog will be back tomorrow but highs above average. 74 to 78 we should be around 62 to 63. 6:00 in the morning.


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