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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 18, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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public safety power shut off could affect people from berkeley to the north bay. how soon some pg&e customers could be left without electricity in a live report. >> four people killed and six others injured during a shooting a at home in fresno. what led up to the gunfire as the family watched sunday night football and theer is for the gunman. >> this is ktvu fox 2 now is at noon. good afternoon. i am gasia mikaelian. i am mike mibach. strong gusty wind expected to hit increasing the fire danger for many cities. >> marin and alameda county have been listed as the county that could be affected. >> reporter: gad afternoon. not only are alameda and marin county add contra costa county is added as well. so now we have 22 counties in northern california that could be affect by this potential public safety power shut off
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and if the power is shut off we heard from pg&e it would happen early wednesday morning. all of this is a fluid situation as they watch the weather. . pg and e is preparing for what could be the 10th public safety power shut off. the company warning it may cut power to parts of marin, sonoma, napa and solano county as well as parts of the east bay including berkeley and lafayette. >> i am ready. i do have a generator. and i am all for it. >> reporter: pgae says the emergency operation center is keeping an eye on strong winds expected to start early wednesday morning and last through thursday morning. the company may turn off power to thousands of customers to reduce the risk of a wild fire. >> i mean i would like a definite answer, maybe. that would be nice to know for sure. i just drank the last of the spare water thinking we are in the clear and now i have to buy all that again. >> reporter: pg&e says double
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check your emergency kit and splice and have a plan ready. >> we are still monitoring the weather situation because it is a little bit uncertain at this time. so we haven't called a publicpower safety shut off. we want to let customers know we are considering depending on how the weather progresses. >> reporter: pg&e improve the website and communications to handle much higher levels of traffic following the power shutoffs in october. if the power gets shut off it could take several days before power is restored. >> yes. pg&e needs updates their wiring which is a big inconvenience for all of us. but, i figure that i would rather it be shut off and no fires happen than have that happen. >> reporter: pg&e have started notifying their customers. in fact, they sent out notifications to more than 260,000 customers that could be affected by wednesday's power shut off and that could mean
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many more,000 people because as we know, there could be more than 1 person living in a household. we will monitor this power shut off and potential of it on wednesday and bring you changes coming up today at 4:00. live in novato. ktvu fox 2 news. >> got the alert thanks. potential shut off comes as bill johnson is set to testify at an oversight hearing about the last round of shutoffs. he defended the shut offs saying they prevented wild fires but acknowledged there were elements of the process that did not work well. he had testify at hearing including public school superintendents, local government leaders and business owners. a developing story fresno police say a shooting that killed four people at family gathering was not a random attack. police now say that they know there were two gunmen who walked into the backyard of a home and opened fire. ktvu allie rasmus is live with the latest on the investigation. allie.
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>> reporter: mike, two gunmen who targeted this specific gathering for some particular reason and police are looking into a number of reasons why that home may have been targeted. they say right now, they are following a number of leads. still, no one has been arrested for the shooting that ended up with four people dead and six others injured it. happened around 7:45 last night insoutheast fresno near fresno state university. 30 # to 40 people had gathered at a home in a neighborhood to watch a football game on tv. that included some young children and family members of all ages. mrs. say the people at the party were members of a community. 16 men between the ages of 28 and 36 years old in the backyard watching the game when police say two unknown suspects went through an unlocked gate into the backyard and started shooting at the men in the backyard. . >> police say there were never prior calls for service to that home and the family living there has no criminal ties. they are innocent victims in
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all this, police say. they say the family has been "nothing but cooperative and they are look into the possibility that some of the people in the backyard who attended the party may have been involved in what police call a disturbance earlier in the week. police wouldn't elaborate on what kind of disturbance. but police have brought in additional resources to the neighborhood to step up patrols because they are concerned about the possibility of some retaliation happening, the fresno police department is creating a special asian gang task force to help with the investigation. and others. now two of the victims were well-known in the community and had done lots of volunteer work with the community center. police have not released their names. they are waiting to make sure family members have been notified before they publicly release the name of the four victims. we know that all four of them were men between the ages of 28 to 36 years old. this is a $5,000 cash reward that is being offered for any information that leads to the arrest of the two suspects. police are looking for.
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live in the newsroom allie rasmus, ktvu. hopefully the tips filter in. two women and two men and woman were killed at a walmart in oklahoma. about 90 miles -- 90 minute south of oklahoma city 3 hours north of dallas-fort worth texas. family members say the shooting was a result of a domestic dispute between a husband and wife. duncan public schools were put on lock down and have been given the all clear from police. the wall no wall smart staff members have involved and the store was not evacuated. it is unclear if the shooter is among those killed. duncan banner a local paper says police reported the dead including the gunman. back here in the bay area, firefighters are investigating an overnight garage fire in pleasanton at 3:15 this morningthere were two electric vehicles in the garage a tesla and a chevy volt. firefighters say they don't know yet if either car was the source of the fire. . >> the homeowner said when he
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woke up from the smoke detectors, he went downstairs, open the garage door and saul there was smoke in the garage. not fire did not affect the rest of the house. homeowner suffered a minor burn injury to his forehead. the state of california is suing juul accusing them ofdeceptive marketing practices that targeted teens. state attorney general filed the suit this morning in alameda county superior court against the san francisco based e-cigarette maker. it alleges they targeted young people through advertising and failed to give warnings about the product chemical exposure and risks for cancer. birth defects and reproductive harm. it alleges juul's website unlawfully failed to verify consumersation. juu also not commented. now details about the fireand explosion at new star facility in the east bay. they estimate more than 10,000 barrels of industrial chemicals
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were released with fuel tanks caught fire. they included ethanol, renewable diesel and jet fuel which could cause harm to people living nearby. health experts say there was a little wind that day and that kept the smoke from spreading into the community. observing laoakland police investigating four shootings a man was killed 59 last night on 12th and magnolia streets in west oakland. police found an unidentified victim shot in the head a woman was shot in the chest near woodand 12th streets. no word on her condition a day earlier, three other men were shot in two shootings. the first happened near a home on 82nd and d street. on saturday the second shooting happened near 62nd avenue and seminary. all the victims from saturday are expected to recover. police have not arrested anyone in connection to the shootings. happening today, the city of hayward is opening a navigation center to help people that are homeless. it's in an
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industrialneighborhood and will provide domtory style short- term housing they will offer one meal aday and provide counselors to help residents find long-term housing. police and social workers will work to identify people who need the help. no one is allowed in without a recommendation. in oakland, the only east bay winter shelter for seniors is opened today. it is st. mary's center in west oakland and can house up to 30 seniors every night. it will house those 55 and older. it will be opened from 4 in the afternoon until 8 the next month. a disa . for crab lovers. there's a delay to the start of the commercial season in some parts of northern california. >> how the oakland police department is changing thetactics to curb racial bias. >> another nice day over the bay area for your afternoon. unseasonably warm but i do see changes in the forecast as cooler breezy conditions are on the way. details coming up.
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. oakland police are make fewer strops in hopes reducing racial profiling. the up. >> news paper reports the department made 1111,000 fewer discretionary stops than theee before african american drivers were 55% of the stops and a quarter of the population in oakland. white driver accounted for 11% of traffic stops. a national highway safety group reports 803 poem died while riding in back seat of a car without a seat belt. more than half would have survived had they worn a seat belt. 20 states don't require passengers to wear seat belts in the back seat but in california everyone is required to wear a seat belt and children need to be in the appropriate booster or car seat. dispute is brewing in placerville over the name of the tourist spot which is popular destination for a number of bay area families.
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now some of the apple growers at apple hill says one orchard is trying to take over the apple hill name and profits for themselves. when you type in apple hill on facebook or instagram, it goes to this page which may looks like it represents all of apple hill. but it is run by the family that owns boa vista orchards, the apple hill drawers association says it's misleading and confusing and worries it is drawing customers away from the dozens of other farms in the area. . >> a little sneaky because i thought they were kind of like a group of farmers. >> the growers association is suing the family over trademark infringement. the owner of beaua vista said that after disdiscussing my dreams with the trademark attorney and being informed no one person or agency can have sole rights to pronote a location i embarked and as was
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met with hostility and anger from the apple hill association who think they have ownership of the words apple hem. hill. the largest business convention in san francisco will begin. more than 700,000 people are spec. final touches were put in place at the center. most event kick off tomorrow and they run through sunday. . >> dream force is so much more than a technology conference. our atedees tell us it's a once in a lifetime experience. >> the event includes more than 50 keynote speakers including former president obama and tim cook and megan rapinoe. fleetwood mac remember forms. howard street is closed betweenthird and fawrgt fourth streets since tuesday and will be the case until sunday at 8 at night all the information you want is on the website.
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the woman who accused brett kavanaugh of sexual assault made a rare amarines a few years agocolin kaepernick says we have a obligation regardless of the risor reward to stand up for men and women. >> she accepted the roger baldwin crnlg award from the aclu of california in beverly hill and testified during kavanaugh's confirmation he assault her in 1982 during the acceptance speech she said when i came forward last september, i didn't feel courageous. i was doing my duty as a citizen. kavanaugh denied the allegation. a lot of sun and even some wind behind us rosemary as welook out at oakland. >> another day of unseasonably warm weather coming our way. but we get into changes moving forward. giving you live look there. a mix of sun and clouds. mid and high level cloud. a system working through california and in the coming days will drop the temperatures, bring the wind
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with it as well he. here's look over sfo where we are seeing a little haze out this this morning in san francisco at 65 degrees. santa rosa at 73. upper 60s in oakland, livermore and san jose right into the low 70s at this time. here's 24-hour temperature change where we are a lot like yesterday when it comes to the numbers. 2 degrees warmer in novato. 2 degrees cooler in san carlos. into the second part of the day, i figure it will feel like we did sunday afternoon. pretty fabulous one coming our way. looking at storm tracker to 2, we are not with it. much cloud cover a few mid and high level clouds over lake county and the bay area for today. low cloud cover off the coastline will redevelop tomorrow morning. we are likely to wake up with fog especially along the coastline as the system here continues to move inland. for today, it's over the pacific northwest. but it will drop into the backside of california and that's what's going to bring us changes. so starting again with today,
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we have high pressure that remains in control over the state of california. getting into tuesday, wednesday, even into thursday, perhaps, the system moves through. and not going to bring us much rain of any at all. southern california could pick up and on a little bit and the sierra. but for us it's about the wind. here's tuesday afternoon. and the winds do begin to pick up for the second part of the day. but see by tuesday night, for the most part, winds are generally light. some along the coastline over areas of the north bay. and now i get you into wednesday morning, you can see the central valleys beginning to see the stronger wind woa. wake with up light wind on wednesday morning but by the afternoon and evening, that changes. and here's wednesday night. and the wind are at about 20 miles per hour in some areas and stronger than that santa rosa proinvestigation for about 32-mile-per-hour winds. so with that, we are talking about heightened fire danger. no advisory in place yet. but again, we are looking at the dry wind coming our way
12:19 pm
tuesday, perhaps lasting into early thursday morning. as far as the afternoon highs for today, 74 degrees in san rafael. 74 in hayward. 76 expected for antioch and south bay, 75 san jose, 78 los gatos and a notable drop coming our way as early as tomorrow. i will look at the extend forecast for you, coming up. >> see you in a bit. coming up after the break, two programs at city college of san francisco could be cut as they face another 13 million dollars in projected deficits. you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. . after ten years and billions in work the bay area has a now hospital. first patients were transferred to stanford hospital. it's 824,000 square feet in seize size as has 368 private rooms. and 76 trauma bays and 20 operating room. the hospital is special say adstraitors. >> there's a lot of stress, a lot of opportunities that we have to create better environment for them even a
12:23 pm
better environment for them to be able to be health yes and that's really why we see that as a important aspect. >> having one's own room have a view of the mount sins special. >> roof top guard pes gives patients and ploipees a place to relax. there's a robotic pharmacy and operating suite that gives them control over lights and commercial. it's going to be a delay to the start of crab in several counties. commercial season off the far northern california coast was scheduled to begin december 1st but will be delayed for a minimum of 15 days because of the quality of the crabs. california department of fish and wildlife says testing of the crabs indicates soft-shell orpoor quality crab conditions. commercial crab season south ofmendocino is scheduled to be begin on friday. city college of san francisco says it is
12:24 pm
considering cutting programs including cullary art as they face another 13 million dollars in projected deficits according to the examiner of the school they may need to cut class before the spring term even though it cut 12% of the class offerings and at least 100 instructors and counselors over the past year. the cuts threaten nongeneral education courses and under enrolled classes and programs. bay area public schools reach out on social media hoping to find affordable housing for some of the teachers. in twitter post presidio middle school has teachers unable to find rental housing. right now the bay area has the largest disparity between housing and salary. the average salary is $65,000. and medium rent is $42,000 a year. look at stocks as stocks wairch around the record high levels. traders are waiting to new clues as to where trade talks within the u.s. and china are headed. we can see up and down activity at start of the session and we are ever so slightly on the plus side of things when it
12:25 pm
comes to the dow, same thing with the s&p and nasdaq is up slightly as well. now starbucks stock is slightly down and it appears starbucks policy of allowing noncustomers to use the bathrooms may be costing it business. they instituted the policy after two black men were arrested while sitting at starbucks store in philadelphia. now a new study finds a 7% drop in customers at starbucks around the country since the policy took place. starbucks dispute the study saying customers are visiting in record numbers. hewlett packard says the board is rejecting the 33.5 billion dollar take over from xerox. the company claims the cash and stock deal undervalues the business. there are also concerns that the new combined company would have carried too much debt hp and deerous hacks face troubles for printed document and ink declined. coming up, details on a plan to install more than 1,000
12:26 pm
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. pg and e informed people in 22 counties there's a potential for a power shut off because of high wind will inscrees the fire danger. counties in the north bay, and south bay and sierra foothills could be y pacted. pg&e emergency operation center is watching for strong winds that are expected to start wednesday morning and continue through thursday morning. 265,000 pg&e customers could lose power to reduce the risk of a wild fire. they started to notify people around 11:30 this morning. this comes as the utility is set to go before the state senate energy and utilities
12:30 pm
committee today about the use of planned power out aims. eight more witness also testify in the impeachment inquiry on cap to hill. >> democrats are inviting the president to testify. president is responding. . >> reporter: another full week of public testimony to come as eight more witnesses are scheduled to testify. on tuesday, jennifer williams, an aide to price vees pence starts off followed by the defense departmental exand der vinman and kurt volker and national security council tim morrison. come wednesday law makers will hear from ambassador gordon sondland and laura cooper and under secretary of state david ha element and thursday fiona hill testifies. >> we have heard about president zelensky telling us he didn't feel demand and there's been nothing wrong and now you will hear it from kurt svolker and other witness who is have important facts.
12:31 pm
>> reporter: it comes as democratic leaders call on the president to testify. >> if he wants to take the oath of office, he could do it in writing. he has every opportunity to present his case. >> reporter: the president responding to pelosi's session. suggestion saying she said i could do it in writing even though i did nothing wrong, and don't like giving credibility to this no due process hoax i like the idea and will in order to get congress focused again strongly consider it. president trump is lashing outat a second witness disspiem democratic leaders accusing the president of witness intimidation. sunday he called jennifer williams who testifies on tuesday a "never trumper on twitter. in washington, lauren planchard, ktvu fox 2 news. . witnesses are set to testify tomorrow wednesday and thursday on the days of the hearings. we will will have live updates on mornings on 2 and we will be carrying the hearings live and uninterrupt on ktvu plus dpla poll shows a quarter of
12:32 pm
registered iowa voters sport pete buttigieg. 25% of registered voters prefer buttigieg. the iowa caucus are noteworthy because they are the first major contest of the united states presidential season and those who care do well in iowa carry onto other states. the potential ban was cleared by federal regulators awaiting president's signature. i a cording to the washington post the president was ready to sign off on november 5th but refused to sign the decision memo. 42 poem died as a result of vaping related illnesses. the number of foreign exchange students coming to the united states for college continues to decline. the trump administration saysadvise rising tuition is behind the drop but some schools blame the president for
12:33 pm
rhetoric begins immigrants. it's worrisome for some who depend on foreign student to pay the higher tuition. this is the third straight year there's been a drop. today the trial will begin for a man accused of kidnapping and raping a woman after he pretended allegedly to be an uber driver. brandon sherman is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in august. the victim told police that sherman picked her up right near highway 92 in san mateo, drove her to a secluded area near sky lawn cemetery-attacked her. sherman remains in custody. the u.s. c trojan marching bapped is apologizing for playing during mae moral tribute. bears defensive back passed away in january and a tribute was held for him at memorial stadium on saturday during a game against the trojans. the usc band continued to play while the stadium video screen showed the tribute. the apology was posted on official spirit of troy twitter account saying sincere apologies to the family of
12:34 pm
brois turner and cal fans for inadvertently performing during the memorial. today a memorial for the youngest victims of the jonestown massacre who will be remembered in oakland. 918 people died in that mass murder suicide at reliegeous and socialist community organized by jim jones. 276 were children. this morning relatives of the victims gathered to hold their annual celebration of life service. san mateo congressman and three journalist were shot and killed at jonestown. congresswoman spear who was an aide to ryan was injured. overseas vile ment protest in hong kong are escalating a as they call on pro democracy protesters to sur representedder. we have the story from london. . >> reporter: hong kong police are moving closer to a major crackdown on hundreds of prodemocracy protesters occupying the main campus of kong hong's holly tech nick university. it is getting worse with police
12:35 pm
using rubber bullets. protesters now surrounded by security forces and trapped on the campus anticipating more violence as the police move in. >> i know some of us hiding in someplace some other place in the campus to try to abort when police come. >> reporter: it's the latest flash point following months of protest. officials say the demonstrators must turn themselves in and face justice. and the school's president is promising to keep them safe if they surrender. >> if the protesters do not initiate the use of force, the police will not initiate the use of force i will personally accompany you to the police station to enshower that your case will be fairly processed. >>reporter: the protesters say they have little faith they will be given fair trials and some tried to escape others say they will keep fighting until
12:36 pm
the demands are met. prompting another strong response and fears of military intervention from beijing.>> what is happening in hong kong is no longer's peaceful demonstration but violent action against ordinary civilians conduct ed by radical protesters. >> reporter: foreign students at the university including americans have been returned told to return home. the supreme leader is not back down on his decision to raise price of gasoline by 50%. roads have been blocked and banks and foul stations and government buildings have been attacked. government forces have arrested nearly a thousand people. the supreme leader called the protesters thugs who had been pushed into violence by foreign enemies of iran. . >> the type evil act solve no problems. they add insecurity to whatever problems exist.
12:37 pm
insecurity is the biggest tragedy for every country and every society. . >> anger in iran is increasing for sometime now as u.s. sanctions take hold. iranian economy plummeted and they find it harder to provide service for people. flooded with aers are receding. st. mark's square is closed due to the high water as italian city marked the worst week of flooding ever. yesterday the peak the tide from the sea had nearly 5 feet after it recede tourist went through knee-high watters to get around. nowth fda recommendsconsumers and business was yellow fin tuna throw it out. this morning applies to yellow fin tuna. 47 people from a specified states have been sick wend latest case on october 15th. health official say the fish becomes poisonous after it starts to spoil and increases
12:38 pm
hist mown levels. it resembles a allergic reaction. a popular dairy company is recalling select varieties of the cottage cheese. they are issuing it because plastic and metal may have been mixed in the products. it applies to the low fat large 24 ounce 4% large and 24 ounce all with the dose 10th best buy day. they are heaved to have been exported to latin america but kraft heinz says some could be on local store shelves. the san francisco 49ers it was the big of the comeback victory in 8 years. it was loud. and at low so i's one reason i am losing my voice. after the break we will show you how the 49ers took down the cardinals and get reaction from the players. . >> another mild one around the bay area for your afternoon. but i am tracking changes that will drop your temperatures and elevate the fire danger. details after the break.
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. smart train service at new larkspur station a could get green light by the end of the year of the test trains without passengers ran to the larkspur station over the weekend. they dropped passengers at san rafael station and continued onto larkspur northbound returning from larkspur picked up passengers in downtown and continued onto sonoma county. transit authorities say simulated service will continue during normal service hours. it's the last step in preparing the station for regular service. there he plan to keep bikes and scooters safe in san francisco a bike racking with a unvoled at 16th and sanchez in the castro district. twice as many as the city was able to put up in the past. the supervisor says the racks have been sitting in the warehouse and now they have additional money to have them installed. happening today if you use [inaudible] you may need to find another
12:43 pm
way over to the island. it has been closed and will be close starting at 10 tonight. and it will stay closed until 5 tomorrow morning. it will be closed again during the same time period tomorrow night through early wednesday. the closure is meant for routine maintenance inside the tunnel. drivers can use hyde street or park street bridges. anyone using highway 121 south of the airport may want to give themselves traction time because there's just one way traffic control in effect until 5:00 tomorrow morning. a gas tanker overturned outside of the winery on saturday morning. and that tanker leaked fuel damage one side of the roadway that's being repaired. crews need to close one side of 121 to get work done safely. san francisco's muni board will address questions with why one of the two powered scooter companies in the city was not allowed to continue business. skip was allowed to continue bun jump spin and lime were all allowed to start renting scooters. skip had to lay off san
12:44 pm
francisco workers but continues to do business in san diego, washington, d.c., and austin, texas. a nonprofit organization in the south bay is celebrating the thousands of health services provided to children with an event in east san jose. it was this morning screening student for dentia, vision and hearing issues. they provided the 304,000th service to children. represent tfs say the services are especially important among low income families. . >> in santa clara county we have 33% all kids that have a dental issue. that means they are coming to school with a cavity. on a daily basis, we probably have about 3 to 7 kid every day that have an emergency dentia issue that means pain all the time or an active infection. >> the organization helps to provide families with access to insurance, doctors and specialists. healthier kids foundation encourages people to use giving tuesday on december #rd tosupport the nonprofit. colin kaepernick is waiting
12:45 pm
to hear back from nfl teams after the weekend workout. he changed location of the workout about an hour before it was set to get underway on saturday and says it was moved from the atlanta falcons training facility to a local high school toward france parent sigh. only 18 representatives made it to the new location at the high school. 25 were skees scheduled to appear. his representatives say they did accepted videos of him working out to 32 teams. and new england patriots tom brady is showing support for a potential kaepernick comeback. >> i think being a pro cat quarterback is challenging to have time off is a good challenge but cowlin has overcome challenges in his career and he's always found a way to produce. he's very mentally tough. and i think it's pretty cool that he is getting that opportunity. . >> caper anybody has not played in three years after sparked controversy by kneeling during the national anthem before 49er games. the raiders beat bengals 17- 10 and are very much in the
12:46 pm
play off picture with a special moment for joe mixon. he gives his mom the ball after scoring in the first quarter. mom is so happy. raiders quarter beak carr threw for nearly 300 yards and jake ox ran for 112 yards a late interception caps the raiders win. >> you have to close out games on defense. if you are going win. if you are going to win you have the lead and they have the ball and defense has to close. and that's something that we are getting better and better at. i think we are looking forward to the challenge as it goes outthere and fin knishes we don't have finish it. >> we don't have many games lastfor this stadium. we have lot of work to do. >> raiders head to new york to play jets on sunday. they remain in the playoff tied with the chiefs. the raiders andchiefs play in two weeks. 49ers bounce back from the first loss of the season with a comeback win over the arizona cardinals. san francisco is down by 16 early. and it hooked like the game was
12:47 pm
headed for another loss but in the second half jimmy garoppolo overcame two picks to lead the comeback with 31 ticks on the clock. wilson touchdown put 49ers up for good. it was the only play of the game. one catch, 25 yards and a touchdown was the line. and ktvu joe fonzi looks at the 9th win of the season for the 49ers. . >> reporter: this game was a new formula for the 49ers for the first time all year. they were asked to dig out of a 16-point hole. it was a play call and the execution of that play that changed the game's momentum. >> james with blockers in front. down the sideline he goes. >> reporter: jimmy garoppolo to richy james screen pass for 57 yards and set up the first 49er touchdown. >> the screen to james loosened him up the first probably the first down of the game it felt like it. we scored before half and came out and goodth guys rebounded.
12:48 pm
>> he finds a way to dial something up that has a chance to be a big play. i feel like when things are not moving very well he doesn't keep it vanilla he finds something he thinks could spark us and he is the king of that. >> reporter: what has been a familiar theme for the team this year is equal distribution of heroes from ross catching two touchdown passes. >> a lot of dudes are doing that for the team. it speaks how special the team is. >> reporter: to jeff wilson very excitedly scoring the game winner the 49ers again spread it around. >> it's my first time ever being in the situation and in this moment. it's the first time for everything for me. but it's blessing man. like he says the moment i was trying to be there for my team. >> you have to tip your hat to him to be ready. as big of a moment that was i think it was his first offensive snap, and i mean to do that is just incredible. i am happy for him. >> reporter: easy to look at a stretch of the 49ers schedule that includes consecutive games against grown bay, baltimore
12:49 pm
and new orleans as the toughest part of the schedule. in santa clara joe fonzi ktvu fox 2. all right as of right now the 49ers are the top seed in the nfc and lead the seahawks by one game in the division. they will play again niners and seahawks in the final game of the regular season up in seattle. . police in santa clara looking for men who do damage to car after the 49ers game against the sea walks. own easer tesla posted thisvideo we see the man kicking the back of it and causing $5,000 in dang. the car owner is offering a $1,000 reward or front row 49ers tickets to information that leads to an arrest. and this is a close up picture of the person who landed the kick. >> now let's check in with rosemary for a look at the forecast. >> we are looking at some nice weather for today. but bigger changes come our way into the day ahead. and it has to do with the
12:50 pm
system you see bringing rainfall to the pacific northwest. this is going to eventually slide through on the backside of california. and it's going to actually comingle with moisture coming from cabo and that's going to bring a possibility of rain to southern california. maybe the sierra but for us, it's going to be a cool down, it's going to bring the wind with it. and that will increase fire danger for the area tuesday into wednesday. and low clouds are expected to return as well. and temperatures are going to fall. all the result of system you see right on the pacific satellite and radar view. here's futurecast. so there we are this afternoon. still well to the north of us. and as we get into early tuesday morning, notice the cloud cover that begins to slip through. so it is moving through although you can see also it's fairly dry. we may pick up on a little bit of drizzle. some of that in the futurecast into the afternoon. notice perhaps over higher elevations, maybe the santa cruz mountains picking up on drizzle. maybe the coastline. but for all purpose not what we
12:51 pm
need. getting into wednesday time frame, it's out of here many but that's when the wind are going to begin to crank up and we are looking at that heightened fire danger to be our north bay hills east bay his and through the diablo range expect it to begin wednesday morning and last through thursday morning. relative humidity is going to drop and wind are going to kick up. from 40 to 45 miles per hour a possibility there. we will track it for the days ahead but for the afternoon toed we are looking at very similar conditions to yesterday with a mix of sun and clouds out there. 69 in berkeley. 67 in oakland right now. 65 in downtown san francisco. and the inner east bay low 70s over livermore and afternoon, 7 san rafael. mid to upper 70s for the north bay. 75 in napa. heading towards san francisco, 74 today. and upper 70s for livermore and 75 the afternoon high in san jose. if you have monday off, santa cruz feels like summer out
12:52 pm
there. with partly cloudy skies and temperatures well into the 70s even hitting will 80 by the afternoon. here's the extended forecast. temperatures take a notable drop tomorrow especially our inland cities. upper 60s for you around the bay. and low 60s expected not much change on wednesday. but this is when we are dealing with the wind. thursday into friday, not much change going on but we do have calmer conditions in the forecast. and even into the weekend. no rain in the forecast is going to be be a quiet one. low 6 0á9s around the 60s around the bay. >> thank you. coming up, why local rapper says he was inspired to treat a group of girls to new movie with a positive message.
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
. taking a look at the market for the closing bell. stocks not going anywhere. hope for china trade deal still wavers out there. you can see the dow jones up nearly 20 point nasdaq and s&p
12:56 pm
500 just slightly in positive tear tore.o. new video of a stunt. he jumped out of an airplane and opened the pair shoes and robby madison watches he's he picks up speed and he lands on the back of the motorcycle. it took the daring duo three tries to stick the perfect landing. we continue to monitor potential pg&e outages for this week. tune in today at 4 as we get a better idea who is going to be be's affected. >> and we are speaking with an expert to learn about california's lawsuit against juul and how it could affect vaping products today on 49. >> we are so excited hope you dry us friday morning because we are taking a special zip trip to sonoma county. we visit the bay area all summer long but we know sonoma county has had a rough month with the ken cade fire and public safety power shut off. this friday we are pack up and hitting road and we will be in
12:57 pm
healdsburg and windsor and sonoma to show you what they are all about. great wine, fabulous restaurants and most of all the amazing people. so do join us friday morning for a special zip trip to sonoma county. special airs live right here on ktvu from 9 a.m. to 10:00 and we will stream it live as well on >> 9 week old pb puppy is undergoing training to be a ski patrol rescue dog and will joinfive other patrol dogs in utah at snow board resort. she will be trained to search for people reported missing in the mountains. . >> as the dog gets older, we do scenarios we will do practice searches where we will bury people under the snow. and we will get the dog all excited and do a search. the patrol dogs are tested every year to keep their a- level status once they reach the age of 8 or 9 they drop down to a level b which moons
12:58 pm
they can still do means they can do searches within the ski resort but not a back country rescue. a musician and activist hosted girls to see the movie harriet. >>i don't know if you know how extraordinary it is but you made it 100 miles to freedom by yourself. would you like to pick a new name to mark your freedom? >> harriet tubman. . >> this movie is about the life of harriet tubman and her escape from slavery and how she led other slaves to season. stanley cox bought the tickets and said he was inspired after taking his daughter to see the movie and he wanted to share the experience with other young people in the community. . >> what it did to me watching it and then looking at my daughter ask the questions she asked i felt like it was very empowering and our girls need to see that. >> for him to brit girls out to see the harriet tubman video is nice of him. it's very encouraging, and i
12:59 pm
think it's something that the girls should know. . >> the envy station was originally meant for children ages 8 to 18 but the rapper later invited any young person who wanted to see the movie because he said the message is important for people of all ages. the placer county sheriff's office is reminding you to secure trash cans and dumb dumpsters after a bear was found rummaging through garbage. >> you made quite the mess you going to clean it up. >> they shared the video on facebook yesterday showing the bear getting no garbage near keenings beach. deputies added when you leave your garbage unsecured you do run the risk of the bears making a mess. just like this. >> oh. gosh. >> big bear at our house. >> in tahoe not here at home. >> no in tahoe. house we rented big claws got into the cooler and we forgot to bring it inside. 40 yards away we found it with big holes in it. >> thank you for joining us.
1:00 pm
we continue on and ktvu app. we will see you at 4. dr. oz starts right now. dr. oz: jon and kate plus eight, jon gosselin, the 10-year gag order finally lifted. now, he is ready to reveal all. >> you have a narcissistic personality disorder. i have ptsd. they offered me seven figures to save married. i cannot be bought. dr. oz: plus, he turned in the unabomber who happens to be his brother. coming up next. dr. oz: are you ready for season 11? >> yeah! [applause] [applause]


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