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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 18, 2019 5:00pm-5:59pm PST

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for more than two hours. the oversight hearing included two other major utilities, so cal edison and gas and electric. the criticism focused by far on pg&e and why senators say they are lagging behind. >> we thought that pg&e would use a scalpel in implementing these planned blackouts. instead, pg&e has chosen to use a sledgehammer. >> senators did not hold back when talking about pg&e. the embattled utility, part of a hearing focusing on public safety power shut off. lawmakers have been critical of the bankrupt companies block out and how frequent and how long people have been left in the dark. >> i think we are on our third strike. third strike for pg&e. strike one was in san bruno gas explosion that they try to cover up and they lied about strike two for the 2017 and 2018 wildfires. strike three is the inadequate response to these power shutoffs.
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>> by the increase in psp events? because the risk of fire has increased dramatically. >> reporter: ceo bill johnson defended the decision to power off multiple times to millions of people saying it mitigated power risk by climate change. he says the company is now spending billions to improve infrastructure to limit the use of ps ps. >> i want to assure you of this, we do not expect an annual repeat of what we went through this october and what we put our customers and others through, that just cannot happen again. >> is on the committee work article of pg&e's communication. their resource centers, and hope for the most horrible people, lawmakers want to see clear steps toward improving what they call a decrepit system and some. >> you say it is going to take 10 years, is that satisfactory to you to be modernized? >> no, it is not acceptable to me to have another year like this one, let alone 10 of the
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spirits >> our constituents have no more confidence in this utility. they don't have a great deal of respect for the company. >> state senators also asked about this upcoming outage and how the incident to protect the most vulnerable from nighttime temperatures. in short, pg&e says they are working on it. >> you listed to everything that happened today, where the lawmakers critical about the state's other two utilities? >> not nearly as so. pg&e and socal have utilized the psp process, but much more per focused and centralized. the timing of everything was weird because pg&e was the left utility to testify. what it was almost like they were setting the stage to compare all three. >> how are they able to be so specific, the two and not gas a they began changing the policy and pumped money into their system.
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when we saw fire situations like we are seeing this week, they were able to flip a switch and sensor on areas that might be affected at the time to limit the range to maybe 2000 or 3000 customers as opposed to thousands like we are seeing. >> it seems to me that is what most people are upset about. they take out power to the entire huge area. i am sure that cutting the power has helped wildfires from beginning, but the problem is the broad nature of how many people lose their power in the interim. >> sure. we are talking about that. this is really a no win situation for pg&e. no matter what they do, people are going to be upset. we will never know the amount of fires that they saved during these power outages. we are certainly in the situation we are in now. pg&e today said the possible power shutoffs this week could impact, as we were talking about, 264,000 customers in 22 counties beginning wednesday morning. >> tom baker is in lafayette tonight where people are once again preparing to lose their power. tom?
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>> reporter: if you are better consider this, not even the second worst fire in california history, the thomas fire was actually in december of 2017. so, we still have a way to point here is what is going on right now. the shutoffs are now forecasted to impact 22 counties, which affects 264,000 customers. >> the intent to have any public safety shut off is to prevent a catastrophic wildfire. >> reporter: that is a big increase from yesterday's county customer count and is subject to change according to the ever-changing weather. >> cardiologists are looking at the weather models every hour and making decisions in real time based on the weather conditions. >> reporter: six of the nine counties, alameda, napa, sonoma, solano, and marin are included. currently, the shutoffs will begin early wednesday morning, lasted into thursday morning, plus the time needed to restore power. while many dislike power
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shutoffs, a lot more people are complaining these days online about another loss of service. >> the biggest problem we have had in our neighborhood has been the at&t service also goes out with the power goes out. >> reporter: while many cell towers do have backup battery power, many do not. so, here is a tip. >> when we called at&t about this, they basically said you need to get your neighbors to call, and if enough people call in and complain, maybe we will do something about it. >> reporter: consumer psychologist kit not process folks are getting fed up with not having basic utilities. >> they don't even think about it until there is a problem. when there is a problem and it becomes top of line, it is a disaster. >> reporter: two decades ago, pg&e went bankrupt and it bent
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on ill-advised utility deregulation. in 2010, it suffered disastrous consequences from the deadly san bernardino gas pipeline explosion for safety practices. in the last few years, utility costs wildfires have been a massively and seemingly solvable problem. >> i think there should be no confidence that secure consumers have and that company to do their job. >> let's start with pg&e, how exasperated are you with you? >> extremely. 1 to 10, a 10. telephone service? 10, plus, for sure. >> reporter: now, of course, it is still early enough in the game that these things could change. the locations, times, and all of that stuff. as we get closer, they will become more fixed. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> let's talk more about the weather and what we can expect later on this week. this is not atypical. this is typical weather this time of year. what pg&e are up against and what they're doing is atypical. that is the big take away here.
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these wins occur often in november. they are going to occur again. it looks like it is not an extreme event, but it will be windy. as regards wednesday morning and thursday morning, that red flag warning will be in effect. for the most part, i don't think we would notice much down here at sea level. i want to take you to the wind forecast. right now, you see where the colors are? that is where the strongest winds are. the coastal stuff does not matter because that is in on shore wind. you will see it come up, right there, see that? somewhere around wednesday, early morning tomorrow night or early morning wednesday, that is the first of the event. you see the bull's-eye? that is where the wind is. we can see which areas will be impacted. this is not as robust of an event as we saw a few weeks ago, which is good. it is not forecasted to be. you will see it move all the way to thursday morning now. you see the next bull's-eye develop. right now, we should be in
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pretty good shape. these wins don't seem extreme or record-setting. with that said, the environment right now, things have changed. when we come back, we will timeout the rest of the weekend let you know when things begin to die down. authorities in the east bay announced today they have made two sexual assault cases dating back more than 20 years. police say they arrested the suspect by using genealogy. our crime reporter, henry lee, joins us now with more on how they track down that man. >> this is yet another case in which law enforcement and dna tech please identify someone using family tree. first, writing a distant relative through dna and moving forward in time to find a suspect. a suspect is behind bars, 22 years after police say he sexually assaulted two women, one in union city, the other in livermore. a cold case crack thanks once again to dna and genetic genealogy. >> new technology is out there. finally gives a victim an opportunity to be heard and for
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justice to be served. >> reporter: the first attack happened in may 1997, a 41-year- old woman walking home from the bart station was dragged to this field and sexually assaulted by a man with a knife. the woman took steps that would eventually i.d. her attacker. >> the victim went through some extraordinary measures to be able to collect evidence that we ultimately were able to keep for several years. >> reporter: four months after the union city attack, a 22- year-old woman was confronted while walking near livermore high school. >> it was in the evening hours. she was brutally and violently attacked, taken to the baseball field and sexually assaulted. >> reporter: livermore police say dna testing showed the same and was responsible for both attacks. the sample did not vetch up to anyone in the rmore police began working with dna technology company, gene by gene. investigators narrowed in on 63- year-old gregory vein based on his family tree. police secretly killed him,
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they watched him eat ice cream and made their move after he was done. >> we watched him dispose of a spoon he had recently eaten off of, a plastic spoon. the detectives collected it. >> reporter: police say the dna or the spoon matched the samples from both on the crime scene. >> now, the evolution of dna technology, and these other tools that law enforcement is tapping into, we can bring justice to these people. >> reporter: the suspect, a maintenance format has lived quietly at his home in livermore for three decades. he and his wife have three grown daughters. >> he literally has been hiding in the dark with no one knowing. >> a good person, a great dad, been a good neighbor, totally surprised myself and the whole neighborhood. >> reporter: police did not release a picture because he is also a suspect in three other sexual assault in livermore. he has been charged with numerous accounts of sexual
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assault for now and has been held without bail. we are learning more about a city worker in palo alto who died in an electrical accident over the weekend. it happened saturday morning near middlefield road. 42-year-old donald was working with five other employees on a transformer. officials with osha that he was electr iocn contact with high-voltage power lines. he was an air force veteran, husband, and father of four. all city flags were lowered to half staff today in his honor. fresno police are searching for two gunmen who opened fire at a football viewing party last night killing four people. it happened at about 7:45 last night in southeast fresno near fresno state university. about 30 people were at the party at the time, including young children and family. police say two men got in through an unlocked gate and started shooting at a group of men in the backyard. the four people who died were all asian men between the ages of 23 and 40.
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two of the victims are well- known entertainers in fresno's long community. investigators say they are trying to figure out if the gunmen may be linked to a recent spike in gang violence among asians. three people dead in a shooting outside walmart in oklahoma. the shooter is among those who died. bryan llenas tells us that the lease will only say it was an isolated incident and that all three victims knew each other. >> reporter: police swarmed oakland walmart responded to gunfire in the parking lot. two men and a woman are dead. >> all i heard was nine gunshots. we saw three bodies on the ground. >> reporter: the shooting happened monday in duncan, roughly 80 miles south of the state capital, oklahoma city. the entire incident took place out side the store, one person was killed next to a car, the other two victims killed inside a vehicle. a handgun was found at the same. >> right now, investigators are taking pictures, pulling video off the store video. >> reporter: police perimeter was spotted surrounding dozens
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of vehicles and officers were seen standing near what appears to be a covered body on the ground. the situation drawing plenty of onlookers. >> we got a good community. we have a lot of good people in our town. it is just one of those things that just happened out of the blue. it ain't like a normal day kind of thing. >> reporter: no staff was involved in the store itself was not evacuated. several witnesses were taken to the police station for questioning, particularly about what they may have seen leading up to the shooting. area schools were briefly placed on lockdown. monday's shooting comes a little over three months since the bentley massacre at a walmart in el paso, that store reopened on thursday with multiple armed security officers. bryan llenas, fox news. coming up, california making a bold move. the state filed a lawsuit against san francisco-based juul. by it was the company to pay up.
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helping the homeless, a look at transitional housing as the city of hayward opened their first homeless navigation center. ok, network inspection. -ok. connected to wifi, protected from threats. thermostat - connected, protected. speaker, space vacuum... [ whispering ] connected, protected. shh. eh, this is not connected or protected. but, that's a family heirloom. and, it's a family security breach. it's gotta go. with xfinity xfi, if it's connected, it's protected. pull the truck around. simple. easy. awesome. get more out of your in-home wifi experience with xfinity internet and ask about enhanced network security for all your connected devices.
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the hayward man accused of spying for the chinese government was scheduled to appear in san francisco federal court today. 56-year-old edward tong is charged with acting as a illegal foreign agent who delivers sensitive national security agents to chinese intelligent offices. federal prosecutors say that pong has also been implicated in a fraudulent real estate scam. investigators say it was run by his sister in the bay area, his sister has not been charged. pong remains in custody on nobel. hayward's navigation system is set to open tomorrow.
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the center will provide services to 45 homeless people living in and around the city. it is located in hayward's industrial zone on the corner of whiteford street and depot road. allison rodriguez is there now with more on the story. allison? >> reporter: you know, this area just cleared out moments ago. this sensor is modeled after the highly successful navigation center in berkeley and it will be run by the same group who along with city leaders, in helping this place will help people get back on their feet the way other community services and resources do. >> not only the model of really empowerments, but also an opportunity for adults and couples without children to have the same kind of opportunities. >> haworth! >> reporter: dozens of community members showing up for the ribbon cutting
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ceremony, celebrating the work that has gone into putting this sensor up. a lot of smiles, hugs, and had his shakes today, it has been 10 years in the making. i am told just 3 to 4 weeks ago, this was nothing but a gravel area. a lot of work has been put up here. the center has 35 beds and people will be given one meal a day. there is also on site restrooms, showers, laundry, and kitchen facilities. those who need it will have access to social services, substance abuse counseling if needed, but most of all, attached permanent housing. now, the last count found about 500 homeless people here in hayward. that is about 100 more than two years ago. we spoke with one man who knows what hard times can be like firsthand. he says the more people who use this sensor and find permanent homes, the more people who will be motivated to get help. >> i found out while being on the street by some of the things i did inspired others to improve themselves.
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that is the thing. once they see parts of the populace actually doing better than others start to follow. >> reporter: now, today was the opening of operations, tomorrow, the center will be open to welcome people into use these resources. reporting live in hayward, allison rodriguez, ktvu fox 2 news. let's take a look at those wind forecast again. we are looking at the potential for a couple of wind events. again, they will not be as ridiculously strong as that one or two events we had a few s ag theyar into the red flag warning. i'm going to run it through time. look at the contours. that is slightly off shore now. the winds are slightly off the coast. east of clear lake, that is the bull's-eye. what time is that? wednesday night, tomorrow night late into early wednesday morning. so, are you in that bull's-eye?
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napa, fairfield, but most of the wind shield is north of livermore and san jose. that is event number one. event number two, you will see the wind field open itself up into thursday morning early. look at this, it vaporizes week. at this point, these look to be short-lived, not that robust and they look to be manageable. again, that does not mean you are not going to lose power, especially in the north bay heels. it does mean that we are not --or the models are not being super aggressive. the last big wind event we had, to be honest with you, that was a big deal. that was some significant, significant wind. we clocked to, during the fire, we had 100 mile-per-hour winds among cobb mountain. this thing is well below that, at least that is the plan. the reason for the winds will be this, that is rain normallyt
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it is going today, we had 70s. tomorrow, we will be in the 60s as this thing slides through. it will also put the low right here, that makes the high react to it. when the high reacts to it, we get those offshore winds. when the low passes by, the high jump sin. that is what this time of year is all about. we've got a little fog along the coast. i suspect we might see the fog return to the coast tonight as the system has a said tendency to push closer. don't be surprised if there is dense fog in the morning along the highway and the golden gate bridge and in that area. with that said the main event is tuesday night into wednesday morning and wednesday night into thursday morning. both are short-lived. most don't look that intense. with power outages, i know that changes a lot of things. city officials in martinez are considering a plan to bring back pro baseball to the city.
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the martinez macro is vying to become the city's new baseball team. it would fill the vacancy left by the martinez clippers. that team was dissolved earlier this year after their owner, dc solar, filed for bankruptcy. the company was also rated as a part of a ponzi scheme investigation involving the owners. on wednesday, the city council is set to discuss a letter of intent to develop a pro baseball licensing agreement with the martinez macro. the boat is set for next month. spotlight in washington once again on lawmakers on capitol hill as several witnesses prepared to testify in public impeachment hearings. we will have the latest coming appear coming up on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00, a closer look at the emergency alert systems across the bay area. the impact of the pg&e power shut off, and the new laws aimed at improving the system. also at 6:00, president trump backing away from a proposal to plan than labor e- cigarettes. why officials say he is reluctant to move forward. ♪
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san francisco-based e- cigarette makers, juul labs is facing another lawsuit. another was filed today by a state official in los angeles county for allegedly targeting underaged users in its advertising. xavier becerra says juul failed to inform users about the health risk of beijing vaping and hurst purposely made ads to the company says they had already stopped its advertising
5:26 pm
and removed most of its flavored products from the market. nine witnesses are lined up to testify this week as the impeachment inquiry continues. four will testify tomorrow before the house intelligence committee. lauren blanchard tells us all of this comes as president trump tweeted out today that he would consider submitting testimony himself. the president tweeted he will strongly consider providing written testimony in the impeachment inquiry after the speaker of the house that he should answer questions. not all republicans agree it is a good decision. >> it would be a heck no for me as far as my advice on whether or not he should come and testify. now the right scene for the president. he should be focused on our priorities of the country. >> the chances the president would come and testify and answer our questions would be slim to none. >> reporter: on tuesday, round three of open hearings, but it is wednesday's testimonies from ambassador eu , gordon sondland
5:27 pm
that has lawmakers most interested because of inconsistencies between his prior testimony and what other diplomats and embassy staffers have said under oath. they want to know what he knew about investigation and if there was pressure from the white house in exchange for aid money to ukraine. >> the facts have never changed. we've got the transcripts, there was no link into investigations into securities. >> reporter: special counsel robert mueller headlines again at the house of representatives is investigating whether or not president trump lied in his written answers during that probe. >> the president committing perjury in the process of the investigation would be another article under the obstruction of justice. >> reporter: the presidents lawyer saying in a statement, read the answers to the questions. they seek for themselves. the house investigation related to mueller comes after former trump ally, roger stone was convicted in his own case. house investigators say information uncovered during stones up trial is seemingly at
5:28 pm
odds with what the president wrote in his answers to the special counsel. in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. witnesses are set to testify on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. on the days of those hearings, we will have live updates on mornings on 2, and we will carry the hearings live and uninterrupted on ktvu plus. newly released documents reveal one of the boston marathon bombers is linked to a triple murder in 2011. investigators say he told authorities that they beat and slit the throat of three young men in massachusetts. the new documents were filed during a pending appeal and a death sentence for the boston bombing. prosecutors say the brothers set the bombs off. cumberland died in a gunfight with police days after the bombing. coming up, a prosecutor puts on leave after he used s a experts are weighing in on why
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this was such a bad idea. also ahead, vendors strike an ice cream parlor. coming up, surveillance pictures the shops owners hope will lead to an arrest. when it comes to health coverage,
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a santa clara county prosecutor is drawing criticism for using his teenage daughter, 13 years old, to lure a suspected child molester so the prosecutor could videotape the two of them together. the case has resulted in a arrest of that alleged molester, but has also prompted an internal investigation by the das office. the da has placed that prosecutor on leave of absence. >> reporter: authorities say that encounters happened along the los alamitos trail in san jose's almaden valley. 76-year-old ali mohammad lajmiri is now in santa clara county jail facing numerous charges including lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years old. but, how lajmiri was called has some of the criminal justice shaking their heads, including
5:33 pm
former prosecutor michael cardoza. >> common sense, why would anyone want to put their daughter, especially as young as she was, in harms way. >> reporter: according to a san jose police report obtained by ktvu, a santa clara county secure used his 13-year-old daughter as bait to catch the alleged child molester, a man the daughter claims touched her inappropriately three other times on the trail. in the police report, the prosecutor/fodder recorded a november 11th encounter his daughter had with lajmiri on the trail, staying in contact with her using their phones and earbuds. in the report, the father told the police he directed his daughter to quote, that the suspect touched her if she encountered her, but if it was the breast or between the legs, to move away. >> that perpetrator that allegedly lifted her what if he pulled out a knife or a gun? yo
5:34 pm
an police say the video shows a man putting his arm around her waist, and pulling her down on the bench as she stood up. the family sent the video infer general is handling the case and the da is creating a review. they put out a statement saying quote, as prosecutors, we must remember our behavior inside and outside the courtroom matters. on the trail, some people were so pathetic to the prosecutor. >> there is not a huge police presence. sometimes people feel like to get results, they need to take the law into their own hands. not saying it is right, but that is sometimes what people do what they are frustrated. >> if you don't have the common sense enough to keep your daughter outype of county da has placed the prosecutor on paid leave of absence, but it is not clear
5:35 pm
how long. in news. if you use the webster tubes, you may need to find another way over to the island this week. it will be closed starting at 10:00 tonight and stay closed until 5:00 morning. it will also be closed again during the same hours tomorrow night through early wednesday. the closure is for routine maintenance inside the tunnel. drivers can use the high street or park street bridges instead. anyone using highway 121, south of the shelbyville airport in sonoma county may want to give themselves a little extra time. there is one way traffic control in effect there until 5:00 tomorrow morning. a gas taker overturned outside the winery on saturday morning. the tanker leaked fuel, damaging one side of the road which is now being repaired. the crews need to close one side of the highway, that is again, highway 121, to get that work san francisco police today donated nearly $20,000 to a bay area nonpfi
5:36 pm
breast cancer patients. the department and police unit presented a check for $19,873 to bay area cancer connections this morning. the palo alto organization provides personal care and support to breast and ovarian cancer patients and their families. the money was raised through the pink patch project. the project allows police across the country to where specially designed pink versions of their department patch to encourage public awareness about the importance of early breast cancer detection. vandals repeatedly struck a san francisco ice cream parlor. now, that ice cream parlor is striking back. christian caffrey spoke with the shops owners and they are making sure the public gets a good look at the taggers. >> reporter: venice ice cream on san francisco's mission district specializes in organic swee cameron collier says the windows in the front have struck a sour note.
5:37 pm
>> it affects how our shop looks. >> reporter: in august of last year, vandals strolled by the shop, stopped, and edged the windows apparently with some kind of acid. the shops surveillance cameras capturing sharp images of the group of three men. again, in september of this year, a vandal struck again, etching the windows and using some kind of adhesive to seal the door shut. again, cameras were running and captured images of the vandal wearing a gray jacket with the hood pulled over a ball cap. >> i have no words for it just because of how bold they were to do it. no sort of hesitation. it is not a pretty picture to really see. >> reporter: the businesses owner says it will cost $6000 to repair the damage which would make these felony vandalism cases. the san francisco police confirmed they are aware of the vandalism and say they are investigating and say the video of the suspects will be useful in tracking them down. >> the video is always important in an investigation,
5:38 pm
on top of that, the video is important or the prosecution once we catch this person. >> reporter: inside, workers say they have no idea why vandals would target this little shop. >> we have no reasons as to why it is happening, other than someone is trying to have some sort of sick fun. >> reporter: we have got the pictures from the incident in august of last year. in that case, it was three men walking by, etching the windows. and, we have a still photo of the man that committed the most recent act of vandalism where he damaged the windows and the doors. the business owner is so fed up they are offering $2000 as a reward. they say you can get that reward in the form of ice cream if you want it. in san francisco, christian caffrey, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, chaos in hong kong as antigovernment protests once again turned violent. a look at the clashes between protesters and police. this portion of ktvu news is sponsored by roundtable pizza. pizza royalty!
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another alleged victim of child sexual abuse by jeffrey epstein is speaking out after filing a lawsuit against the late billionaire's estate. the woman, who goes by jane doe says she was just 15 years old when epstein allegedly raped her. she also claims to have flown with several others on a private plane to epstein's new mexico ranch. the accuser was with her attorney, gloria all right today during a press conference in atlanta. >> i first came into contact
5:42 pm
with an assistant at epstein while on a high school drama club field trip to new york city. i had only experienced a glimpse of jeffrey epstein's world, but it left me with residual trauma, which seriously impacted the trajectory of my life from that moment on. >> the accuser, who wants her legal identity to be protected says she chose to speak out because she wants to encourage other underaged victims of jeffrey epstein to come forward and assert their legal rights. fresh violence on a campus in hong kong where antigovernment protesters are barricaded. greg palkot tells us that police used rubber bullets and tear gas in response to attacks from demonstrators. >> reporter: another day of escalating violence in hong kong, the lease clashing with pro-democracy protesters at the main campus of pop polytechnic university, which has occupied the demonstrator since last week. >> we have repeatedly called for restraint from all parties in hong kong, violence by any site is unacceptable. the hong kong government bears primary responsibility for bringing calm to hong kong.
5:43 pm
>> reporter: police now surrounding the campus, arresting any protesters who tried to leave. >> the extent of violence has reached a level of a right and anybody assisting the writers could be assisted in committing the crime in writing. >> police used rubber bullets and tear gas to fight back against repeated attacks from demonstrators who say they are not going anywhere until the government agrees to the democratic reforms. >> we want a peaceful hong kong. i think before that, the government has to prove to the people and the police have to stop whatever they are doing. >> reporter: monday, some protesters tried to break through the barricade and escape, hundreds are still holed up in the university waiting for what could be a violent crackdown by security forces. the situation prompting the evacuation of most foreign students who say you were told to go home as soon as possible for their own safety. >> all the british students have been pulled out, mostly americans are gone as well. it is kind of called home.
5:44 pm
>> reporter: hong kong police say protesters who surrender peacefully will be given a fair trial. floodwaters are receding in venice today, but after the city was swamped with another high tide. st. mark's square remains closed due to the high water as the italian city marked its worst week of flooding ever. yesterday, a tide from the adriatic sea hits nearly 5. after it receded, tourists waited through knee high waters to get around. that financial damages due to the floods are expected to reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars. authorities in italy have broken up a ring involving a og back centuries. police say the gang traffic several artifacts including vases, oil lamps, and plants that were sold in several countries across europe. some of the artifacts that were
5:45 pm
illegally exported date back to the fourth and fifth century. officials also announced they have issued warrants and searches in germany, france, britain, and serbia. no word on the exact number of arrests that were made during the raids. coming up, four people are facing charges tonight in the central valley after several children and an elderly veteran were found in a home littered with feces, trash, and rancid food. plus, disappointment for people who like fresh, dungeness crab. why there is a delay in some parts of northern california point and we are getting ready for fire weather coming up in the next couple of hours. we will let you know how long it could last, how wendy it could get and what you could pe don't miss the grand opening of the new floor & decor in milpitas. if you have never been to a floor & decor,
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we are following some breaking news just into the ktvu newsroom . there is where tonight that the county district attorney's office is not fouling criminal charges at this time in the deadly halloween shooting at a house party in orinda. the das office said the investigation is ongoing and anyone with information about the case should call the sheriff's office. five people died from the gunfire at the party that night and several more were injured. four suspects were being held on murder and conspiracy charges. we are told they could be released from jail unless they have other outstanding warrants. we will have more on this breaking news coming up at
5:49 pm
6:00. in the central valley, deputies say they found a children and an elderly man living in filthy conditions. the domains of tells us that four people are now facing charges of child endangerment and elderly abuse. >> reporter: today, a mother and uncle of eight children are cleaning out there new home in hopes of getting their children back. eight children, ages two months to 17 years old were put in child protective services after an alternative work program check at the home november 9th. four adults arrested, including johnny davis and holly davis after investigators say they found animals and human feces throughout the home and hazards that could cause harm or death. an animal and human feces on the ground, there were certain knives left on the ground that could be accessed near the children. then, basically unsafe electrical outlets. >> reporter: investigators say their uncle, a 72-year-old veteran had wet and dry feces
5:50 pm
and was not able to take care of himself. >> absolutely filthy. it cost a danger to the seven children they found in the house. >> reporter: all four bailed out of jail. we talked to the mother of the eight children who says one child has a bowel problem and her elderly uncle does as well. >> out here for six hours, they are playing in dirt and everything for six hours. they want to say they are filthy. >> reporter: three children have been returned to the home after getting the electricity fixed. she hopes to have her other five young children back with her after meeting with child protective services. >> they go to school everyday with clean clothes, brushed hair. just two weeks ago, every single one of them just had a physical at the doctor's office. >> reporter: now investigators are checking the home to make sure it is safe. in newman, melinda mesa. there will be a delay to the start of the commercial season for dungeness crab. in mendocino, the commercial season off the part northern california coast was set to
5:51 pm
begin december 1st. now, it is expected to be delayed for a minimum of 60 days because of the quality of the craft. the california department of fish and wildlife say the testing of those crimes indicate softshell are poor quality crab conditions. as we look at the satellite map, we got changes coming, don't we? we know about the winds because of this low. in the winter, a few months from now this will be rain and snow. what this is going to do is track right through you. it is going to drop temperatures tomorrow, bring some clouds and fog. then, the low sets up shop in the valley. when that happens, the high builds in behind it and breaks these offshore winds. that pattern repeats itself. this time of year, whenever you see a law like this, you know the high is still fairly aggressive right now. the fog working its way back to
5:52 pm
the coast, we are seeing a little bit of that. that is because the front up here is kind of pushing it and creating or increasing the new points to allow the fog to become more easily formed. current temperatures, 71 in fairfield, 69 in concorde, 69 in livermore. live camera shot, beautiful nights. we've got some fire weather. we will have a red flag warning go into effect-after the main event will be tomorrow night into wednesday morning and then wednesday night into thursday morning. at this point, a lot changes, at this point, it is not a super robust red flag warning. the last one was a code red. this is different. the winds are forecasted to the left. the aerial is forecasted to be a little bit west. that is in duration, a little bit less. nonetheless, this time of year, when you get thwith it. what i want to show you on the
5:53 pm
last graph, the air is typically warm.the wind and the and dew points are dropping down. highs for tomorrow, grains our 60s and yellows are 70s. most of us 60s to low 70s. that is a. lots of 60s. it is not a warm day at all. get used to the 60s, or the low and mid 60s. even the low 60s, like 61, this pattern, with that low comes in, it is going to deposit cold air. despite the offshore winds, it is not going to be a big warm-up . you can see the five-day forecast with these breezy conditions, the high temperatures are just in the 60s. it is not a heat wave. should not be a spare the air type of situation. with that said, red flag warning tuesday night into wednesday morning. wednesday night into thursday morning. ford is taking one the tesla. coming up, a closer look at
5:54 pm
the auto giant's new electric mustang suv. coming up on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00, a major announcement from chik-fil-a . why some say that restaurants latest move is a huge win for the lgbtq community. and an outpouring of support for a football team in southern california. how to bay area nfl players and the community are helping the team raise enough money so tthe ♪
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when it comes to health coverage, it helps to have someone in your corner. that's why there's covered california. we're the only place where you can get financial help to pay for your health insurance. new this year, almost a million people could receive additional financial help from the state to help lower the cost of health insurance... more for those already getting it, and new help for many who haven't gotten help before. so check to see how much you can save. it only takes 5 minutes. to be covered by january 1st, enroll by december 15th.
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video now from australia of an incredible stuff. scott jumped out of an airplane, opened his parachute. he picks up some speed and hit the land and he is right on the
5:57 pm
back of the motorcycle. it took that derring-do 03 tries to stick the perfect landing. ford is unveiling their new mustang. it is just completely different from any other mustang ever made. it is called the mustang mach- e. it is the first electric mustang. it is also the first four door mustang, if you can believe that. foxbusiness at work, jeff was at the unveiling and has more. >> reporter: it was an unveiling with the music came to a super bowl halftime show. this is the new mach-e mustang electric suv, all electric. as you can see, everybody's flustered around. the chairman of the ford motor company is they are talking to reporters. it is a big deal for ford to just put it mildly. he said, jim hackett, that is the ceo. he said we have to get on this. does it look like a mustang, we think so. will buyers so, and will the people who have bought 10
5:58 pm
million mustangs over the years by this point, or is ford too far ahead of the curve on this? we talked to jim hackett about that very question. are you afraid t on this? and that even if it is a great car, there are still people that don't want to adapt? >> it is true. the facts show our listeners may not know that less than 5% of the total vehicles are electric today. one in five new buyers have said if you get this vehicle right, i would buy it. that is a higher ratio we have seen. >> it is most extensive incarnation, it will deliver over 300 miles on a single charge. zero to 60 less than four seconds, somewhere around 3 1/2 seconds, yes, those numbers are true to the mustang. but, will it be enough to convince skeptical buyers perhaps? this is the future, and is in the future for ford to mark >> once again, that was
5:59 pm
foxbusiness jeff flock's. the new mustang will cost about $45,000 and should be available by next fall. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. good evening, i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. we are considering to follow breaking news. the district attorneys office is not filing criminal charges at this time against anyone involved in that deadly holloway night shooting at a party in orinda. you will recall five people were arrested in the case last week. now, the das office said the investigation is ongoing. >> henry lee joins us now on the phone. henry, this means those suspects who were arrested just last week are said to be released? >> reporter: that is right. unless they have some kind of a parole warrant where they cannot be released, all four murder suspects will be released from the jail sometime
6:00 pm
tonight. the das office stressed to me that they could still face charges in the future. this investigation is ongoing, but the contra costa sheriff's office and there may be others involved as well. >> what is it they need that they don't have? >> it is very possible according to sources close to the investigation, they believe these suspects, if they were to charge all of these five suspects now, that might conclude a complete investigation that might not include anyone else. what they are saying is they will release the suspects, and they are hoping that other suspects will be taken into custody in the future. they want to present a complete investigation before charging. keep in mind, frank and julie, probable calls only.


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