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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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panicking. >> planned pg&e power outages. >> the 11:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> pg&e is warning power could be shut off again because of dangerous fire conditions. hello. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. 300,000 homes and businesses in 25 counties culled lose power beginning wednesday. in the bay area, the shutoffs effect contra costa county, solano, napa, marin, sonoma, lake and mendocino counties. debora villalon is live where the shutoffs are unpredictabl is just a patch wo we are in downtown novato and on this side of the street is slated to go dark but on the other side, all clear. doesn't make sense to a lot of
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people. the reaction, not again. a survey in several businesses. >> i am stumped. >> reporter: no appetite for a new power outage. >> not good. not happy. >> reporter: they barely rebounded from last time. but fire agencies ask look at the big picture. >> the bigger picture being that we have a fire weather window that is opening up here and be prepared for a refinery. >> reporter: fire that could be started or accelerated by live equipment. >> sometimes we get the early rains in october. this year we haven't had them yet. >> reporter: at least the looming power outage is about a quarter the size of the last. still for some it may mean ruined foods. >> we have to close for two days. lost a lot of product here. and employees, we no make money. >> reporter: they will try to
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move inventory out. add in lost business, it is a lot of dough. >> it is frustrating to say the least. okay. let's have a plan but there is nothing we can do. >> reporter: customers do know what to expect now and some don't mind pg&e blackouts. others cut them no slack. >> now we are paying for it. >> reporter: the store sold 26 generators in two hours after the alert. >> we had a stack of generators here, all different types the o >> reporter: batteries, extension cords as people gear up. and fire crews do the inresourc reposition themselves to be ready. >> normal fires with
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significant wind events, that is when we have the catastrophic fires. be prepared over the next couple days. >> reporter: still so much uncertainty for families and scales and employers heading in to the week ahead. pg&e calls it a fluid situation. the utility wants to get the word out, though, as early as possible. >> you can understand why there is so much frustration where you are there on red wood boulevard. one side will lose power but the other side will keep power? >> reporter: right. just has to do with pg&e's strategy. how their grid operates. they have a tool where you can find out if you are likely to lose power or not. i talked to people who say that two doors down the person is not losing power but they are. so it doesn't make a lot of sense to a lot of people. >> and factor in the time change, one more hour of
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darkness too. debora villalon, thank you. pg&e ceo testified this afternoon at a hearing looking into the last round of shut off. he said the power outages helped to prevent wildfires. pg&e says their fire risk foot print grown from less than 15% of pg&e service area to more than 50% of the system today. he pushed back at accusations the grid is in bad shape saying the utility spent billion dollars of dollars repairing and inspecting lines. >> whenever we found equipment that need red paired we fixed or replaced it. every piece of equipment within and next to the high fire threat area is suitable to serve our customers. >> he said pg&e is working to ensure future power outages are less disruptive. he pledged pg&e can and will do
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better with the public. the board of supervisors approved updates to the building and fire codes. revisions are made every three years. one update requires new and remodeled homes have driveways with turn outs that are big enough to accommodate fire trucks. once it is formalized, the issue will be up for final approval on december 2. the new regulations are set to take effect january 1. new developments in the orinda shooting investigation. today the contra costa county district attorney's office declined to file charges for now against the five men arrested during a raid last week. four of those men were released from jail tonight. ktvu's amber lee is at the contra costa county jail with more on this. amber? >> reporter: the spokesman for the sheriff's office says the men will be held accountable.
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the district attorney's office tells me more work needs to be done. the fire men arrested last week in connection with the deadly shooting at a party on halloween night at an airbnb home will not being facing charges at this time. >> review the case and see what evidence we had and where we could proceed. ultimately we were not able to final charges today, which means the suspects are being released. >> the men were arrested thursday when law search warran charges. the fifth man was arrested for
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being an accessory. five people died in the shooting. >> we need the evidence. >> the contra costa county sheriff's office said in a statement, we stand by our investigation and the arrest were made pursuant to a judge's order. the persons arrested and responsible for the crimes will be held accountable. >> this is a big case. and everybody is going to be watching it so the prosecutors want to make sure almost to 100% certainty that they have enough evidence to prosecute. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news legal analyst was a former prosecutor. >> they don't want to be embarrassed by a not guilty verdict. >> reporter: the district attorney's office and the sheriff's office the
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h information to contact the sheriff's office. >> amber lee outside the contra costa county jail there, thank you. all right. following breaking news right now from the crocket area. we are getting reports of a loud roaring sound in the area. some also report seeing smoke. callers to the ktvu fox 2 news room describe it coming from the sugar facility. firefighters told us the sound the pressure release valve and what people are seeing is steam. there is no threat to the area. to the south bay, tonight s.w.a.t. teams surrounded a house near san jose state university. a man armed with a gun is barricaded inside. it started around 5:45 p.m. tonight. officers were responding to a disturbance call. someone reported a man who may have a gun ran inside the house. right now officers are trying to convince the suspect to come out. police are also asking people to avoid the area.
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. investigators announced today the arrest of a man in connection with two sexual assaults that date back 20 years. henry lee tells us it was cracked by using technology that zeroed in on genealogy and dna. >> reporter: suspect behind bars 22 years after he sexually assaulted two women. the cold case cracked thanks to dnr. >> new technology is out there and it finally gives a victim an opportunity to be heard and for justs to be served. >> the first attacked happened in may 1997. a woman walking home from the b.a.r.t. station was dragged to this field and sexually assaulted by a man with a knife. but the woman took steps that would identify her attacker. >> the victim went through measures to be able to collect evidence that we ultimately were able to keep for several years. >> reporter: four months after
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the attack, a 22-year-old woman was confronted while walking near the high school. in the evening hours and she was attacked and sexually assaulted. >> reporter: police say dna testing showed the same man was responsible for both attacks but it didn't match-up to anyone in the database. so this year police began working with gene by gene. investigators narrowed in on the man, based on the family tree. >> they gave us a tip. >> reporter: police tailed him. they made their move. >> watched him dispose of a spoon. plastic spoon. >> the dna matcheenforcement is tapping into, we can brpeople. >> the suspect gived at this home for three decades. he and his wife have three daughters. >> he has been hiding in the
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dark with no one knowing. >> a good person, a great dad. been a good neighbor. totally surprised myself and the neighborhood. >> reporter: he is also suspected in three other sexual assault cases. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come tonight, holiday decorations stolen from a south bay yard. >> it is not the monetary value, of course, but it is the meaning. >> why vandalizing an ice cream shop. the reward that is being offered tonight. >> and a red flag warning wednesday morning through thursday morning.
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. a holiday display has been ruined by thieves. ktvu's azenith smith reports now, the display did not just bring joy to the family but her son who is terminally ill. >> i put my heart and soul in to this. >> reporter: nothing like the
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spectacle it was before. this is what families in the neighborhood saw this weekend, a yard full of holiday cheer. a winter wonderland, no longer up after a thief dimmed the holiday lights. >> when i looked out and it was empty right here, i -- i was in shock. i could not believe what i was seeing. >> reporter: she discovered most of e believes the theft oc overnight. it did not just bring joy to the community but her son. >> it is just senseless. i mean, what are these people going to do with this? it is not the monetary value
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but the meaning behind it. >> reporter: we showed you last month the excitement a halloween display brought him. he is now home bound. his health is weakening. neighbors are outraged. >> it was so beautiful and she is doing it for such a beautiful reason. >> reporter: she moved her other props to the backyard, unsure if she will have a christmas display this year. >> if i could have them back, i would never report you. i just want to do this for my son. >> reporter: neighbors are trying to restore the family's spirit. they started a go fund me page to try to raise money to replace stolen props. in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. fire investigators tell us a garage fire was electrical in nature but it was not caused by the two electric cars. the flames broke out at 3:15
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a.m. this morning. both cars were burned in the fire. the fire affect the rest of the house. the homeowner did suffer a minor burn to his head. now, a group of demonstrators were arrested after blocking the entrances to a camp. it happened friday night. the highway was shut down for several year hours. authorities say they were protesting an event at the camp site hosted by a berkeley non- profit. the suspects blocked both entrance to the camp and preventing people from leave. authorities say the suspects refused to leave, s.w.a.t. teams were deployed and the camp was evacuated. the suspects are now facing felony charges. no weapons were found. vandals struck a san francisco ice cream parlor and now the owners are offering a
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reward to catch the suspects. they released this surveillance video. it is from august of last year. the video shows three men walking by the shop and etching on the windows with acid. then again in september of this year, a vandal struck again etching the windows and sealing the doors shut. cameras captured images of the vandal. >> the owners of the shop are offering a $2,000 reward to lp all right, then. here we go. we are talking about the wind event on wednesday morning into thursday morning. this happens all the time. this one is as robust as
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the last one. the size of it is smaller. you will see this in a minute and the duration is much less. compare the two. that is the forecast models. hoping that works out that way. running the model right now. you see the breezes along the coast. watch the bull's eye east of clear lake. right here. about-- tomorrow night, wednesday -- early wednesday morning. that is a wind event there. there is the red flag warning. that is the strongest huge area it is big. it is not going to last very long. wednesday night in to thursday morning, it does it again. right there. okay? watch how quickly it disperses. this is a 24-hour wind event. most of the wind will be
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wednesday evening into thursday morning. with that said, prepare accordingly and hopefully you won't see too many power outages and i am sure we will see some. we are not going to see as many as we did last time. the fog is back at the coast. you can see the golden gate bridge showing up. the current temperatures. right there. you can see the live cameras. san francisco showing no fog. not getting into the city tonight but it will be around at the coast. overnight will be chilly, as you know, and the forecast tomorrow, greens are 60s. with that said, maybe a couple 70s too and fog along the coast. what happens here? a wind event. it is not on the scale of the okay? in terms of fires. the last one, we had a big fire already burning. 90 mile-an-hour winds up north. let's see how it goes. tomorrow night we will update.
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all right. mark is here s is amazing. >> had kansas city won, the raiders, nobody predicted it, they would have moved t place. didn't happen. philip rivers might be at the end of the line and nfl football in mexico city tonight. they know all about patrick mahomes but they wanted to see hill too. and he is out with a hamstring injury and that may have hurt
11:27 pm
the chief. patrick mahomes got off to a bad start. later here, though, flipping to kelsey. and the man can move. 24-9 but the chargers do come back. 52 second left. look at this catch by woods. that is pure athletic ability. 50yards. they got them to the 25 but rivers did this. four times tonight. intercepted by the chief. ending the game. the chargers were trying to tie it. 24 second left when that happened and rivers has thrown seven picks in the last two games. 24-17 is the final in this one. cal basketball program was in shambles last year. they turned it around. or at least they look focused and organized this year and
11:28 pm
they are undefeated. they beat prairie view. prairie view, texas. cal up one. bradley hit the jumper. cal up three. 16 points for bradley, by the way. and the bears with the three. that is how it ended. 4-0. they are in a building mode. i love this over the weekend. back by popular demand. in case you are wondering, if you have a youngster losing a tooth, here is a new and sports related way to get it done, in case you missed it. >> let's go. is it out? let me see? >> yep. >> it ball was tied to her tooth. she thtee.
11:29 pm
brave but doesn't appear to be in any pain. >> the tooth fairy will give her a lot of cash for doing it. >> lsu quarterback, big night. and just ask that official. yeah. some people say he did that on purpose. in case you missed it. >> there is a guy i like. >> the fan of the weekend. he has something to cheer about. >> in case you missed it. this has to be the catch of the weekend. the 49ers. the rookie who is turning into a prospect. eight catches. 134yards. that is concentration right there. beautifully done. in case you missed it. this is the las vegas knights team dog. i don't know his name but he gets the spirit going for adopting dogs. >> thank you for joining us. -h. ohh! (laughs) cooking with gas.
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come on, guys. can't we just have one day where we respect and support one another? hello, family. (chuckles) there was an incident this morning at our annual neighborhood block party. cam usually provides the entertainment at these things, but he had lily's birthday party, so phil volunteered. who needs a fizbo if you can have a philbo? what?! i mean, where does it end? it's so long! it's comically long, when you think about it. thing is, phil's terrified of clowns. just thought if i was the clown, i wouldn't be scared. like how you can't tickle yourself. (sebastian laughing) sebastian, no! i got this! sebastian! your mom's worried about you, buddy, even though there's absolutely no reason to be -- (gasps, breathing heavily)


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