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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 19, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PST

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slowing here coming in on the altamonte 80. westbound 580 traffic is going to be slow and is 205. the rest of the commute looks pretty good including 880. at 5:00 let's go back to the desk. thank you sal. the national weather service issued a red flag warning for several parts of the bay area beginning early tomorrow morning. the north bay mountains, the east bay hills and the d iablo range. low humidity are in the forecast. it will continue until 7:00 thursday morning. now because of that warning pg&e says power may be shut off to 300,000 customers around the state. as well as mendovino. customers in san francisco won't be affected by the power shut off. >> people who had to go througof shutoffs. business owners from
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restaurants to nail salons say they're still recovering from the lamepeople told us they'd rather from blackouts than wild fires not everyone is willing to give pg&e credit for making good decisions. >> they gave all their money to their executives and so they're putting it back into their infrastructure and now we're paying for it. >> if they feel in their wisdom it's right i'm going to support them in their wisdom. >> a lot of people who were not prepared for the last round of power shutoffs are taking action now. one novato hardware store we visited had 28 generators of different sizes yesterday afternoon but sold 26 of them in the two hours after pg&e added marin county to the list. that could be affected by the power shutoffs this week. extension cords, batteries and flashlights also became very popular items. the shutoffs may affect a lot of food banks and the families they expect to
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serve in this part of thanksgiving. the inner faith food bank says the power shutoffs are a major problem for families needing help for the holidays, and a generator was installed by the food bank after the last power shutoff. >> if we distribute a bunch of stuff that's frozen or from the refrigerator and cold, what are people going to do with it? take it home and not have anywhere to put it. >> most of the food that's distributed will have to be non parishable. make sure you stay right here with us ktvu for this week's of the latest power shutoffs and make sure you see the full list of counties being shut off. the big dream force starts today. sales force co-c eos will welcome the first of 170,000 people expected to attend the
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annual. and the fire side chat with apple l's ceo tim cook. it will focus on the cushion of how companies can be platforms for change in the world. protesters will also be there. demanding sales force make a change of its own. they're holding a rally this morning in san francisco on howard street between 3rd and 4th. immigrants want sales force to stop doing business with the customs and border protection agency. it helps the government detain thousands of immigrants including children. happening today, a news confrontation in san francisco by a navy veteran demanding that the trump administration let him become a u.s. citizen. he was turned down for u.s. citizenship because he had a felony conviction. two years an immigration judge released him from custody. the department of homeland security still continued plans
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to deport. just before he's due to go before a bond hearing with immigration officials. also happening today in san francisco local immigrant women and their supporters will hold a noontime rally at city hall asking the board of supervisors to support the resolution condemning the federal government's denial of asylum protection for survivors of domestic violence. domestic violence is a private matter and not grounds for immigrants who want asylum in the u.s. . this will be the busiest day so far for the public impeachment hearings on capitol hill. >> live from washington d.c. some of the witnesses listened in on the presidential phone call that's at the center of the investigation. good morning, doug. >> good morning, this is the first time we will hear publicly from two of those who have firsthand knowledge of the phone call between president trump and the president of
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ukraine. >> capitol hill is now bracing for day three and the arrivals of what could be four pittal witnesses. but the first two up assigned to the national security counsel were listening in. when the subject of investigations into former vice president joe biden vinman has testified that i did not think it was proper to demand a foreign governor investigate a u.s. citizen. many of the 9 witnesses scheduled to appear this wee their policy disputes with the administration and all of this comes just a day after president trump raiseded the possibility of testifying elf e sides. >> i wouldn't encourage the
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president at all. it would be a heckfrom me as far as my advice. >> i think the chances that the testify are slim and none and slim just left the moon. >> many believe that a number of conversations with the president specifically. the. thank you. and we will have live updates on the hearings throughout the morning here on mornings on 2. that starts at 6:00. time is 5:06. chick-fil-a no longer supporting two charities have have strong lgbtq positions. chick-fil-a donated millions of dollars to the salvation army and the fellowship of in the
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past. 5:07 is the time. back over to sal. hopefully no big problems for the commute. >> we do know that tr altamonte pass. the speeds are pretty low here which is typical on a busy tuesday. getting down to 11 miles an hour. but once you get over to dublin, the speeds are much better and you are the speed limit all the way out to the nimitz freeway as you drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. highway 29 is shut down for an area because of a head on collision. that is right near bail lane. so if you're driving through calastoga this morning there will be a dooe tour. detour. we do have a big increase in the low cloud deck. they were in the upper 70s to low 80s. they'll show up here in just a
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second. you know, you all have a computer at home and sometimes you have to reboot that thing. there you are. >> gilroy 82. santa rosa 81. and the oakland airport was 72. that was a record high breaking 71 set back in 1971. highs today n francisco is a little below. santa rosa, lirmore. they're still a little bit above average. the system is dig engine from the pacific northwest. this is a little different than what we had in october. the ones in october went strictly into nevada. this one's going right over us. the strongest gusts are in the higher elevations. near big rock which is novato west at 26. west southwest in the oakland hills. so we're not turning northeast yesterday.
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-- yet. concord, fairfield, west of novato closer to the surface and west at sfo. most of these locations are turning more southerly at least at the surface. 40s and 50s here. and the low that is going to be forming will merge with that system down off of baja and that's going to pump in some pretty good rain. they are looking for a lot of rain. the result for us is going to be the wind picks up and it will start to turn more northerly late tonight and then tomorrow morning taking us into late wednesday and early thursday. that's when the north northeast winds develop. 50s, 60s on the temps. they're cooler but as you saw most of these are above average. >> steve thank you. the latest on the halloween
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night deadly shootings in orinda. five of the suspects are now out of jail. why the contra costa district attorney will not file criminal charges against those suspects. plus new details in the case of a of using his daughter as bait to catch a criminal. you know when you're at ross and your new fall look
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2. new this morning the taliban has reportedly released two hostages in southern afghanistan ending more than three years of their captivity. american kevin king and us stralian timothy weeks after the afghan government freed three taliban prisoners. our time is now 5:13. today the orinda city council will talk about an orlando nans. this is after the deadly halloween night party shooting in orinda. the orinda city council approved a 45-day moratorium. if a host would not be on the property. the counsel meeting today would make it official. that meeting is tonight 7:00 p.m. it will be at the orinda library auditorium. there are new developments. costa county district attorney's office
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decline today file charges against the five men arrested during a multicity raid last week . four of those men are now out of jail this morning. >> we need witnesses ultimately. we need that evidence. >> the men were arrested last thursday when authorities served search warrants in marin city, san mateo, vallejo, and antioch. four of the suspects released were facing murder charges. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza was a prosecutor with alameda, san francisco, and los angeles county and explains the d.a.'s position. >> this is a big case, and everybody's going to be watching it, so the prosecutors want to make sure almost to 100% certainty that they have enough evidence to prosecute. they don't want to be embarrassed by a not guilty verdict where there's a rush to judgment. >> the contra costa county sheriff's office released a
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statement saying quote we stand by our investigation and the arrests were made pursuant to a judge's order. the persons arrested and responsible for these crimes will ultimately be held accountable. police in fresno investigating whether sunday night's deadly shootings where four people were shot to debt death at a back yard football watch party is connecting to a rising gang activity in that area . police blee that house was targeted but that the shooters fired randomly at the victims. now they're trying to prevent retaliation after at least two other people were attacked at another house. authorities say two gunman broke in through an unlocked gate in the back yard and started shooting. four men were killed. two are still in the hospital. police have not said anything about a motive and they're still searching for suspects. . on lead. it's a case that has prompted
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an investigation by the d.a.'s office. the encounters happened along the los alamitos trail. a santa clara county prosecutor used his 13-year-old daughter has bait to catch the alleged child molester. touched her inappropriately three times on the trail and one of the encounters was recorded by her father. he's in jail this morning but how he was arrested has some people shaking their heads. >> it defies common sense. why would anyone want to put their daughter especially as young as she was in harm's way. >> now because of a potential conflict of interest the california attorney general is handling the case and the d.a. is conducting an internal review on a lighter note we hope you'll join us for this
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friday's zip trip. world class restaurants but a h tough month after the big kincade fire also pg&e's public safety power shutoffs. we want to remind everybody sonoma join us friday morning 9:00 a.m. for our zip trip to sonoma county. we'll be live at hillsburg el paso sdas. and if you can't make it out to drop by and say hi to mike and sal and gasia. you can watch it right here on ktvu and we'll be streaming it live on >> yeah, it's good to get back up there because they really suffered business as we know. they were hit by the fires and the power outages. >> yeah. >> you have some nice stories that you went up there. >> and i think you're going to like it if you go back up there. a lot of places. eat some ice cream. >> od morning everyone.
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let's go up and take a look at the gilroy commute and coming in from these areas. even 152 does have a couple of spots now there is some and all these freeways are in pretty decent shape driving up from gilroy into san jose and getting into that west valley. this is a look at 280 in san jose and you can see the traffic here is moving well and there have been no problems on interstate 880. the bay bridge toll plaza is filling in sal, just for the record. >> it's not about me but it's
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about team. but there is a me in team. 82. talking about saying the heat wave. it's warm it's above average the temperature falling off the table. concord 78. that was a record still above average except for san francisco which sliding in a little bit below. the system dropping in has cranked up the wind mainly in the higher elevations. and it's not going to do much for us. we could use the rain. there's just nothing there. not right now. you can see the wind west northwest. 38 miles per hour. otherwise in the oakland to berkley hills it's west southwest. so right now everything's oy.
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then we have to be concerned west. the system is leaving behind the there's a big difference for some. mid 50s out to fairfield, concord, castro valley. san jose 54. the little system here is going to merge be that low coming up in baja and you can see it's already pumping in a lot of moisture from san diego and that's going to give southern california and mainly arizona. some pretty good rain. so they'll be doing amuch better job than we are. there's an old rule of thumb. wednesday morning is when we have the red flag warning and that's when we'll start to keep an eye as far as the offshore
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event goes. 50s, 60s on the temps to a few upper 60s. tomorrow could actually be a little warmer with a northerly wind and north northeast. still breezy early thursday then the winds relax. it's quiet going into the weekend but could be another late wind event sunday into monday. strong winds are raising the fire danger and that means hundreds of thousands of pg&e customers could lose power. >> we do not expect an annual repeat of what we went through in october. that could just not happen again. >> still ahead how the utility is responding to criticisms ahead of those potential shutoffs. >> and two cold cases solved thanks to dna how investigators were able to connect two sexual assaults to a livermore man more than 20 years after the crime.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. two correctional officers assigned to guard jeffery epstein the night he died are expected to face criminal charges this week. the charges stem from falsifying prison records. epstein was charged with sexual sexually abusing teenage girls. the medical examiner ruled epstein's cause of death to be suicide. we're learning more about the arrest of a livermore man in connection with two sexual assaults that date back more than 20 years. henry lee tells us the cold case was cracked by using
5:25 am
advanced technology that zeroed in on genology and dna. >> a suspect is behind bars 22 years after police say he sexually assaulted two women. one in union city, the other in livermore. the cold case cracked thanks once again to dna and genetic genology. >> new technology is out there and it finally gives a victim an opportunity to be heard and for justice to be served. >> the first attack happened in may 1997. a 41-year-old woman was dragged to this field and sexually assaulted by a man with a knife but the woman took steps that after the union aordinary measu city attack a 22-year-old woman was confronted. >> she was just brutally and violently attacked. taken to the baseball field and sexually assaulted. >> the same man was responsible
5:26 am
for both attacks but the sample didn't match up to anyone in a police database. so earlier this year livermore police began working with dna technology company gene by gene. based on his family tree. >> they gave us a tip of a distant relative. >> they watched him eat ice cream and made their move after he was done. >> watched him disease pose of a spoon that he had eaten off of. the detectives collected it. >> police say the dna on the spoon matched the samples from both crime scenes. >> and now with the evolution of dna technology and these other tools that law enforcement is tapping in to we can bring justice to those people. >> the suspect a maintenance forman who has lived quietly in this home for three decades. >> he literally has been hiding in the dark with no one knowing. >> a good person, a great dad, been a good neighbor and
5:27 am
totally surprised to myself and the whole neighborhood. >> also suspected in three other sexual assault cases in livermore. the investigation is ongoing. ktvu fox 2 news. one san francisco business owner says that's it. he's had enough. still ahead video of an ice cream shop being the actions owner is taking to catch them. >> and former president obama returning to the bay area this week. we'll tell you what's on his schedule.
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i think we're on our third strike for pg&e. >> frustration growing as pg&e gets ready to shut off power to hundreds and thousands of customers tomorrow morning to prevent wild fires. >> it's not the monetary value of course but it's the meaning behind it. . >> holiday decorations stolen from a local family's yard we have the mother's heart breaking message to the thieves about why this was no ordinary display. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> well good morning to you welcome back to mornings on 2, tuesday morning, november 19th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning i know we're all wondering about the pow outages and the wind and the red flag warnings and so steve's watching that for us.
5:31 am
>> my dad texted and said i had to reschedule my dentist appointment because they're going to turn off the power. >> don't make that costco run, you know. >> yeah. >> if you're going to get gas go today. >> fill up. we do have temperatures coming down. most of the temperatures are a little bit above average after a warm stretch. at least they'll get near seasonal averages. low digging in. it really doesn't have much going forward it is picking up the wind and it's going to merge with another low to give southern california pretty good rain. they have flash flood watches already postin wind is mainly out of the north. west southwest. northwest 35 to 38 miles per hour. sfo west at 21. here's that north wind at half moon bay when it turns north northeast. that will be late tonight or tomorrow morning. that's the concern. 40s, 50s on the temps. they are held up. southern california's getting ready for some pretty good rain.
5:32 am
we are not. we're going to have another red flag event. tomorrow morning goes through 7:00 a.m. thursday morning. sal is here at 5:32 and he's going to tell us... >> there's a problem in calastoga, steve. if you are going there highway $29 is close because of a deadly crash that happened overnight on highway 29 near bail lanes. there is a doorway tour set up. you can use the silverado trail as an alternate. there's that whole purple thing there. has a closure and we're not sure when it's going to be re- opened again. nohave some slowing in vallejo already. 37 heading west over toward marin county. this also looks good on 80 westbound getting out to the richmond bay bridge. the toll plaza is going to be backed up. we do have traffic that's going to be slow on that commute.
5:33 am
golden gate traffic looks good. we have developing news in san jose police still at a home about a block from the san jose campus where they believe at least one man with a gun has been inside for almost 12 hours now. you're looking at live pictures from san jose. a lot of activity. now the police escorted people who lived in nearby homes out of that area. s.w.a.t. teams and k-9 teams have been at that home. they've been trying to contact the man inside. we have a fluid situation still developing in san jose. they believe a man who may have a gun is inside of a house and has been in there for almost 12 hours. so far there's been no response from anyone inside the home. we're out there live. we'll bring you more information from san jose as we get them. just about 30 minutes from now, the public impeachment hearings on capitol hill are scheduled to resume. ktvu joins us from our the
5:34 am
witnesses today. >> good morning, pam. it will be a busy day on capitol hill. four witnesses are expected to testify in the impeachment inquiry about president trump's phone call. two of the four were listening in on the phone call between the two presidents. at 6:00 a.m. pacific time jennifer williams an aid to vice president mike pence and lieutenant colonel alexander vinman will both testify before the house intelligence committee. at 11:30 a.m. pacific time embassador kirt vuker and tim morrisson white house aid will testify. when the subject of investigations into former vice president joe biden and his son hunter came up. vinman testified he didn't think it was proper to investigate a u.s. citizen. tell jennifer williams whoever that is to read both transcripts of the presidential calls and see the just released
5:35 am
statement from ukraine. then she should meet with the other never trumpers and work out a better presidential attack. president trump tweeted yesterday even though he did nothing prong he likes the idea of testifying himself. he says to get congress focused again strongly consider it. an idea both sides were surprised by. >> i wouldn't encourage the president at all. it would be a heck no for me. >> i think the chances that the president would actually come and testify or answer our questions and be deposed are slim and none and slim just left the room. >> tomorrow is another big day. embassador gordon somlin is one of three to testify as a witness. many conversations with the president about ukraine. ktvu fox 2 news. all right. thank you. time is 5:36. customers here california could have their power shut off tomorrow morning
5:36 am
because of fire danger. public safety power shutoffs are expected in almost all bay area counties as well as mendocino lake and santa cruz counties. pg&e customers in san francisco will not be affect ed by the power shutoffs. >> ceo bill johnson spent time at the state capital answering questions about lawmakers. johnson defended the power outages saying they did help prevent wild fires. he also told state senators that pg&e's fire risk footprint has grown from than 15% of pg&e's service area in 2012 to more than 50% of its system  today. and he pushed back at accusations the grid is in bad shape. johnson testified pg&e has spent billions of dollars inspecting and >> whenever we found equipment that needed immediate repair we
5:37 am
fixed or replaced it. we have assured that every piece of electrical equipment is suitable to serve our customers. >> johnson said pg&e is working to make sure that future power safety shutoffs are less disruptive than the recent one last month. and he told lawmakers pg&e will improve its communications with the public. many customers couldn't get access to information on pg&e's websites during the shutdowns that began october 9th. there was a loud noise that kept people up last night and we now know what that was. steam was release friday a plant that power the cnh sugar plant. the noise can be heard throughout county it lasted for about 20 minutes. but that there was never a danger to the public. a new poll shows joe biden with a substantial lead over the other democratic presidential candidates in
5:38 am
south carolina. the university poll shows biden with 33% support followed by elizabeth warren with 13%. and pete buttigieg with 6%. now south carolina's the first southern state to hold a presidential primary. former president obama will be here in the bay area this week. he's giving the keynote address at the dream force convention thursd democratic party's eventual nominee. >> pam i think you should invite president obama to come into the ktvu studios. >> he's welcome any timeif he us but that would be great. >> i'll get sal to ask him. >> since he's no longer president. he might have a little more time. >> i would do it. >> i'm just trying to be optimistic. >> i'm sure he's watching. >> good morning everyone. we do have traffic that is going to be busy. i want to look at vallejo here. we have slowing approaching
5:39 am
interstate 780 and you will see traffic is going to be a little slow. it gets better on the other side of the koishgz carcinez privilege and at the bay bridge there's already a full crowd there. it's 5:39. let's bring steve in with another look at today's weather. >> sal, we'll get to it here in just a second or two we have a change on the temperatures. it's not bad for us now. it will be tomorrow morning that we're focused on. yesterday, another very warm day. nothing that we're not used to here. 72 at the oakland airport ees. today it will be 60 to 68 except for san francisco. still a little above to 67 verm santa rosa should be 68 and san jose. 63 is average.
5:40 am
62 is average 63 is what we're going with today. you can see that circulation dropping in. it's still on to the north bay. it's going to go right over that. not so much here. but northwest 38 at mount tam. northwest 37. mount diablo west black diamond. west southwest. so it's a favorable higher humidity. low clouds will be pushed in advance of that. west at 21 at sfo. still a slight easterly component. but that will turn more southerlily here. and look for this system to continue to slide in. unfortunately it's dry, mainly dry for us. at 40s on the temps or 50s. there are some mid upper 50s for that strong wind. rio vista's 59 degrees. 55 for both novato. there's our system. it will give us some partly cloudy skies. it's not much of a system but it will as it gets together
5:41 am
with that low spinning off of baja. towards san diego and the desert southern california eventually that will make it southern nevada and also into arizona. arizona's looking for some pretty heavy rain. with l.a. at a 1/2" of rain. unfortunately you see zero for us. maybe thanksgiving but i'll believe it when i see it. when you're in a dry pattern. the red flag warning starts tomorrow morning. there's also a winter weather advisory for the sierra above 7500 feet. that does not start until tomorrow. mainly carson pass. could get around 2" to 4" of snow. that's tomorrow. 50s, 60s on your temps here. mainly 60s on the temps and they're not going to go that far. it looks quiet, friday, saturday but maybe more wind late sunday, monday.
5:42 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. hayward's first navigation center is set to open today. it's located in an industrial area about a mile and a half from the san matebr people will be given one meal a day. there are also rest roops, showers laundry and kitchens. access to services and a path to permanent housing. >> i found out while being on the street by some of the things i did inspired others to improve themselves and that's the thing, once they see part of the populus actually doing better than others start to follow. >> police and social workers will work to identify people who need help and they will need a recommendation to stay there. our time now 5:46 in oakland a group of women called moms for housing are reclaiming vacant homes so that homeless
5:46 am
women can live in them. >> fight fiekt fight housing is a human right. >> this protest shows the women taking over magnolia street they say has been empty for two years. the group wants to take back pro thes owned by invest sorries. the west oakland property is owned by the parent company wedgewood a real estate investment company in redondo beach. the owners of a san francisco rice cream shop are now -- ice cream shop are now offering a reward. venice ice cream on valencia street released this surveillance video from august of last year. it shows three men walking by the ice cream shop and etching the windows with some kind of acid. then again in september this year the vandals struck again
5:47 am
etching the windows and using some kind of adhesive to seal the door shut. >> it's affecting our community and how our shop looks and it's just not a first imprigs for tourists coming in. >> now the owners of the shop are offering money. a holiday display in san jose that's been ruined by thieves. we first told you about she built another big christmas display for him but the decorations were not even in place for two weeks when just about everything was stolen. >> it was so beautiful and shelly is doing it for such a beautiful reason. >> when i opened the shutters, and i looked out and it was empty right here, i was in shock. >> if i could just have them
5:48 am
back on my lawn, i would never report you, i mean, i just want to do this for my son. >> for now, shelly has moved her other d neighbors are collecting money trying to replace the props. they're also checking surveillance video hoping to figure out who stole those donations. giving grant money to female entrepreneurs. last night a panel of judges from the city's office of economic and work force development heard pitches from small business owners hoping to win grants of up to $5,000. the owners told the panel she needs the money to replace old equipment and be more competitive. >> for women, especially women who don't ask for money and think they can do it all on their own it's nice to get that helping hand to get that funding for either operational
5:49 am
co >> it's great. i'm super exciteded. i can't wait to be able to buy new equipment and have these improvements before the busy work force development works with several non profit partners to provide business programs for women for aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners. time is 5:49. three top jeopardy champs will compete in what's called the greatest of all time tournament. james holshower and jeopardy's two other winners will compete in this tournament combined. these three players have won close to $10 million in prize a tournament is set to take place in january. i'll take sal for 800. >> all right sal. . >> what is the tracy commute,
5:50 am
pam. >> very good. >> a super commute. it is a slow commute. >> no let's go out and take a look at it. we'll show you -- thank you very much. traffic is going to be slow if you're driving on 580 and 205. that's very normal and for the most part it is a decent commute in the east bay. and you can see the commute looks good and when you do get to the toll plaza it is backed up beyond the maze. no problems on the actual bridge getting in to san francisco. at 55 what is today's weather here's steve paulson. >> cooler sal. also breezy to windy and it's not a bad direction today. it will be tomorrow. as the tefrns on monday we're well above average. . that broke 71. napa 76. santa rosa 81 and gilroy coming
5:51 am
up to 82 degrees. today it's 62 to 68. where you should be or still a little above. but still slightly above average. and still above on the low there. the record high 771895. the record low 40 in 1994. see not all the record highs were recently. this system dropping in will give us a push on the low clouds. it's up there from 75 to 100%. oakland airport and sfo 90% both reporting some low clouds and the flow is west or northwest. that's okay. and that's good, you can see that northwest 38 at middle peak. now northwest mount diablo to 42. and west at sfo.
5:52 am
northwest at half moon bay. now some locations even in the santa cruz mountains at 17 not too strong but los gatos is north at 14. more of a southerly breeze in advance of that front which is going to move through today. 40s and 50s. there's some pretty big spreads if you have that north wind or not. what isn't going to be much of a system for us that's going to give some pretty good rain to southern california. just not for us. now there is a possibility of some high elevation snow mainly carson pass and also highway 50 that would be wednesday. so above 7500 feet. if you are heading up that way sometimes you can get pretty crazy. come back around from that low. we won't get anything now. what we will get is that breeze coming out of the northeast.
5:53 am
4:00 a.m. wednesday goes through 7:00 a.m. thursday. 50s for a few 60s for many. there won't be too much of a change today on the temps. they will warm up a little bit. level it off on thursday into the weekend but it looks like another wind event sunday into monday. time is 5:53. the second week into the impeachment inquiries into president trump. vice president pence's advisor on europe and russia. a deeper look at the testimony for today. >> and the by annual event to move 97,000 tons of sand from one end of the beach to the other.  but first we'll tell you how 49ers corner back richard sherman is helping these little guys a youth football team go to a big game down in florida. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 556 tment san francisco kicking off a new program to clean up popular shopping areas before the holiday shopping season starts. clean up crews and volunteers will pick up crash, remove graffiti and trim plants. the city did this before when b sherman is doing great. the team is the hub city pop warner team from compton.
5:57 am
they've been invited to play at the national youth championship in florida last month. richard sherman went to high school in compton and we heard about this. he donated 5,000 to the team's gofundme page. you just want to watch these kids play. they're only in kindergarten and first grade but they take their football seriously. >> we worked hard and not going on this whole year. >> they trained every day. it's intense training. >> their shoulder pads are bigger than them they've now passed their goal. they've raided more than $27,000 the last we checked. back here in the bay area in santa clara got a makeover thanks in part to the san jose sharks. the shark foundation teamed up with a non profit deck my room
5:58 am
to give the clinic new paint, new curtains as well as colorful wall murals and a new toy section. clinic more pleasant for these young patients since this is where child cancer patients spend a t >> from the beginning i thought that this was amazing commitment and opportunity for our patients. because at the end of the day it demonstrates your commitment to the members we serve as well as ours. >> now the project grew out of the san jose sharks annual november campaign for hockey fights cancer. >> and san francisco police are donating $20,000 to area non profit to help breast cancer patients. the police department and the police union presented a check for $20,000. the company organization is based in palo alto provides personal care and support to
5:59 am
breasts and ovarian cancer patients as well as their families. the funds were raised through the pink patch project. . at this time tomorrow the power could be out for 300,000 pg&e customers. the impacts from the latest round of public safety power shutoffs. >> and the dream force convention starts today in san francisco. the possible impact if you're trying to get in or out of san francisco. . from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. . >> well the impeachment hearings are starting once again in washington d.c.. it is a right now. four new witnesses will testify today. very carefully. we're going to continue to monitor this again. we will have updates throughout mornings on 2 and the entire hearing is live over on ktvu
6:00 am
plus that starts momentarily. >> yeah. >> all right. we'll say good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday, november 19th i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. let's check in with steve because weather certainly a big factor right now. >> tomorrow. >> tonight into tomorrow morning. >> correct. >> that will take us into thursday. temperatures coming down as we get this system dropping in. so i guess one hint of positive news is humidity's up and temperature's coming down. 62 to 68 near average to above. san francisco 62, 56. should be 62, 50. right there on the high but above as you can see on the low. this system is


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