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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  November 21, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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they walk away from a theatrical facility nearby and we will let you hear what the victim's friends are saying. impeachment inquiry continues on capitol hill after bombshell testimony yesterday. find out who the final impeachment witnesses are and what they are expected to say this morning. from the ran three ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> are you still concerned about the wind? >> no. the heater is probably kicking on for many. there are a lot of 30s. highs will be in the low 60s, 60 to 67, still above average in the wind speeds are coming way down. oakland hills is 30 miles an hour and then it has tailed off. some of the strong lows for southern california is in the
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four corners and it will bring widespread rain and thunderstorms all over. the easterly breeze is still in place with the wind speeds are way, way down under 20 for everybody and we have the easterly component in place which will make for some mild conditions by the coast and city and it gets cold. there are a lot of 30s showing up including pleasanton. the system moves out and the wind decreases and highs are in the 60s. it will be here for four or five days. you're looking down at something and -- >> i was looking at by phone, making sure the ringer was not on. >> stop it. keep it real here. we do not want any of my text messages to show up. let's take a look at the bridge. traffic is going to be busy as you drive through and we are looking at the east shore getting to the bay bridge. it is a 40 minute ride. we will look at the east bay. the suspect in the deadly
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stabbing on tuesday on the bart train in hayward is due to go in court this afternoon. 39-year-old jermaine is facing charges of first-degree murder and carjacking. they say that he was on a psychiatric hold at a hospital but walked away before that deadly attack at the south hayward bart station on tuesday. they say that jermaine jeremiah brim stabbed oliver williams after he tried to stop him from stealing the shoes from another part passenger on the train. a friend of williams says he was always trying to help other people. >> he was the type of guy that would give you anything from his clothing or whatever and i actually have his leather jacket in my pocket. he gave me his leather jacket before he moved away. i will cherish that forever. >> friends did a gofundme account to help the williams family pay for his funeral and you can find a link on our website, hope is restored to a
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campus following a night of protest and arrest. demonstrators oppose the appearance of controversial political commentator ann coulter. 1000 people formed a human chain outside the hall to delay the speech. gary was at berkeley to bring is what happened. >>we apologize, we are having audio problems. there were six or seven arrests and ann coulter did speak. she was arrested by one protester and one of the people arrested was arrested for battery on a police officer. we are going to work to get jesse back to you. this morning, two more witnesses testifying in washington at the impeachment hearings on capitol hill. we are there live this morning and david holmes is an official
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at the u.s. embassy in ukraine and he said he was having lunch with ambassador gordon sondland when he heard president donald trump asking about the investigations that you wanted from the ukrainian president. during his testimony, and this is david holmes, he described the changes to american policy in ukraine once president donald trump's lawyer, rudy giuliani, was put in charge of negotiations with ukrainian officials. >> i was shocked when on july 18, a staff member surprisingly announced a hold on ukraine to cure the assistance. the official said the order had come from the president and had been conveyed by mr. mulvaney. >> he testified about the former ambassador to ukraine, who was removed from her job by president donald trump and he
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said the way that was handled was unlike anything he had seen in his career. you can watch today's hearing uninterrupted over on ktvu plus and we will also have regular updates for you here throughout the mornings on 2. they will restore power by tonight to most of the customers affected by the latest public safety power shutoff. it was shut off more than 50,000 people the wrap utilities territory. almost 18,000 customers in the north they lost power about 12,000 in lake county lost power and more outages in the foothills. nearly 4 dozen helicopters and 5500 pg&e workers are inspecting powerlines to make sure it is safe to turn the power back on. east of santa rosa, a familiar scene. people dealt with a number of power outages but from and it was another time to play before the sun sets. the senate setting a lot earlier this time around compared to the last time. they are saying that they are
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frustrated but they do understand why pg&e is doing this. >> the bottom line is the lights. we did not lose anybody, so is it worth it? of course it is. >> pg&e defends the shut off saying that they will have them back on. they will be on red alert until later this morning when the winds are expected to die down and then pg will start inspecting and regionalizing its equipment. the commissioner is demanding the claims filed by victims of the recent wildfires be streamlined. the commissioner sent an emergency notice to insurance companies telling them to provide money for living expenses and give policyholders advance payments for their losses. the commissioner also wants of those companies to give customers and wildfire disaster areas a two month grace period for paying their insurance premium. compliance with the request is voluntary. today in san francisco, barack obama will be speaking at this year's dream
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conference. he will be chairing the spotlight with salesforce chairman mark benioff at 10:30 am he will be in los altos for a fundraiser and tickets for that range from $10,000-$350,000 . there was a night of protest and arrests. demonstrators oppose the appearance of controversial political commentator ann coulter and 1000 people turned out informed the human chain around the hall where she was speaking. we will take you to jesse gary to show you what happened. >> reporter: good morning i apologize to everyone. i had an audio problem but we haven't worked out. we were talking about how animated things were. they voiced their opposition to ann coulter directly while the conservative pundit and was on stage.
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>> usa, usa. >> that exchange took place directly after coulter started talking about u.s. immigration laws passed by democrats and republicans and what she called a lack of enforcement. the group refused fascism and said the woman who was eventually arrested and removed from inside the event is one of their members. outside wheeler hall, some arrived at 7:00 last night and tried to shut down her appearance. the immigration reform speech is spreading division that is anti-immigrant at its heart according to them.
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they were not able to stop the event but they did delay it by 15 minutes. officials say they're pleased there were only six arrests they were able to protect free speech on all sides of this issue. >> there was an event where people got to listen to her which is what they wanted to do and they got able to protester if that is what they wanted to do. for myself, i thought it was a successful event on campus. >> the campus is pleased that we were able to honor a commitment to free speech and the safety and security of our community. >> the campus for public republicans say that they are separate from the college and that they are not in a position for the event and invited guests in speaking. most of them were officers and one person was taken into custody for assaulting a police officer and one person was injured in a crowd. campus officials say that they are doing outreach to people and groups who came and were offended by what ann coulter had to say. we are on the uc berkeley
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campus this morning, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. we are watching our commute. how does it look? >> it looks all right. there is slowing out there. the visibility is good and it is not that windy so we are doing well when it comes to other hindrances but there is slow traffic and you can see it is backed up from the macarthur maze. it is taking a while to get to the freeway and i will show it to you on the map. i would 24 is slowing around lafayette and marinda. you can see some slowly going traffic over here. richmond is also slow. we are not getting lighter than usual commutes as we switch to the south bay, we have slow traffic getting to the valley. we have had a couple of minor accidents. campbell people, 17 is a little slower than usual towards the
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airport. 710, we have the weather now. take a jacket for tomorrow morning. i always layer. i am a bay area professional. mike mibach will be there. we do have a decrease in the wind. highs are in the 60s it was a little bit above average. it is 62 and 49 degrees for the city. winds are not showing much. it is 10 to 29, coming down for all areas and that trend will continue. it is not the four& some really good rain and snow in parts of southern california phoenix and other places, even though it is still northeast, speeds are coming weighed down, less than 15 miles an hour. we will take that. there is an easterly component across the belt and over san pablo bay and parts of the
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peninsula and even san francisco and oakland. you will find 50s in albany, oakland, san francisco, and sfo and then 30s around santa rosa. the air is -20, 16 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. oakland and sfo are +4 and plus one because of an easterly breeze. los altos is in the upper 40s to the 50s. it will move out and the snow is over for now. there are some totals about 7500 feet and the wind is tailing off. we will have lots of sunshine and highs in the 60s. we could get some rain next wednesday and thursday. it looks to be of everything marches in as advertised. we need it. 60s for the highs and not much is changing this weekend and
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the mornings will be cold. former nba star charles barkley is apologizing for what he said to a reporter. what the woman says charles barkley told her and many said it was inappropriate and unacceptable. more converters are being stolen from cars these days in one east bay city. we show you where and who the police are looking for.
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nearly many subscribers
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cannot watch their favorite movies and shows. the service is down for many people in the u.s. and in the uk. the reason for the outage remains unclear. netflix has not commented on the outage yet. police in livermore are seeing more cases of stolen catalytic converters from cars. so far, 10 reports have been made and 25 since july. this video shows one of the thefts they hope someone can identify the man. catalytic converters are popular among thieves because it has valuable metals inside and can cost a co-owner up to hundreds of dollars to replace it. candidates are disqualified for the debate in los angeles. we saw 10 candidates on stage in atlanta and some are still trying to make their mark. >> only two countries in the world do not have paid family leave for new moms the u.s. of
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america and papua new guinea. we need to get off this list as soon as possible. >> the debate remains mostly civil. president donald trump impeachment inquiry for the candidates main targets and many had differences over issues like healthcare, climate change, and foreign policy. one moment came from this exchange between joe biden and senator cory booker. >> this week, i hear them say i do not think we should legalize marijuana. i thought you might have been high when he said it. >> i am from that obama coalition. if you notice, i have more people supporting me in the black community than not for me because they know me. >> the next debate will be held on december 19. so far, cory booker, tulsi gabbard, andrea yang and tom have not met the requirements. we will talk with them coming up at 8:00. >> that should be interesting.
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let's hear what sal has to say about our commute. right now we do have traffic that is busy if you are driving around the bay area. i want to show you the traffic at the babe bridge toll plaza. it is not something unusual and visibility is good. we had all that fog and it has not been an issue yet and highway 24 is going to be slow in lafayette. traffic in nevada to san rochelle is good. the traffic from hercules to berkeley, we can see 680 from concord to walnut creek and a lot of slow traffic in the south especially on 85 and highway 17. campbell folks, if you can get on add and not use 17, if you are driving north out of the valley, go up on add and do not use 17 until it turns into 880. let's bring steve back in. we have a bit of a
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difference on the temperatures near the bay where there is a lot of 30s showing up and wind speeds have tailed off. we have some on the hills. jack mckenzie says what a difference a day makes. it is 21 degrees colder at 7 am. in nevada, it is 52 degrees and 47 in napa and vallejo. you don't have to go far to find colder temperatures. i know how it works. 62 to 61. we are still above average. the average is 62. it was 41 degrees in 1983 for the record low. it was 40 miles an hour now it is 27 in oakland hills. we are seeing a rapid decrease in the wins because of the lowest out of arizona and utah
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and away from us. there is still some rain out of southern california. there is an easterly component but they are generally under 15 or 20 miles an hour. it is not all that bad. the east wind in oakland and napa, because of that coming across from the delta and over the san pablo bay it is an easterly direction towards vallejo and parts of chicago and martinez and hercules. that will take us to the bay and that is why san francisco, albany, oakland, and sfo are all in the 50s. santa rosa is in the 30s and there are a lot of 30s around. the temperature change from yesterday is off the table. it is -20, -13 at the napa airport, -16 in santa rosa. oakland and santa rosa are +4. it is quiet around here. we have high pressure kicking in and we have a slight offshore direction even though it will not be that strong. the wind speeds will decrease and temperatures will be in the
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60s and it looks like next wednesday and thursday we will see some rain. 60s on the highs and i do not think we are going far but the morning lows will be quite cold for the next couple of mornings. we have a string of problems. the push for more diversity and inclusion on campus and the school that was to find those responsible. u.s. congress men coming to the aid of activist colin kaepernick. why they say the government may finally have to act against the nfl.
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as of right now, basketball hall of famer broadcaster charles barkley is scheduled to appear on a tv show despite controversial comments to a reporter. they will discipline barkley. axios reporter alexi mccammond asked him off the record for clarification on which democratic presidential candidate he supported for 2020. he tweeted accusing barkley of saying quote i do not hit women but if i did i would hit you. she objected and he said he could not take a joke. he apologized and called his comet inappropriate and unacceptable. a congressman is threatening the nfl overtreatment of former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. johnson described kaepernick as a victim and says the government may have to examine the evidence and trust exemption. he believed the nfl instituted elite wideband because he exercises first amendment right.
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he has been out of the game since 2016. he knelt during the national anthem. a group of students says the school representative should repine. african- americans, asians and jewish students and staff members have been targeted with racist graffiti in a dormitory and threatened notes to a faculty member and racial slurs being yelled at female students. the chancellor says local state and federal authorities are working to find whoever is responsible. he told students he understands their concerns about diversity and inclusion. i do think that what our students have been put through in the last two weeks is not what this university aspires to. >> the chancellor admits they have all insured falling short. they have more demands for training for students and staff and students involved in hate
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crimes. protests continue in hong kong by a small group inside a university where police demand they surrender. more than 1000 students were arrested while others managed to sneak away. the biggest political party wants voters to use the common elections to show support for the student protesters. congress approved banning the export of teargas and other nonlethal weapons to hong kong as well as the required trade status with the u.s. they are violated a case. what the charges require them to do. what is expected to start in the impact it will have on fishermen.
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the latest shower shut off is looking at the future pg&e. details on a proposed takeover of utility and the possible breakup option. rain forest 2019 continues. we are live in san francisco to tell you about the keynote speakers attracting a big crowd. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. i am dave clark. >> i am gasia mikaelian. you will need a jacket. later on, you might need an umbrella. >> this morning, no doubt about it. it is cold for some and the low is taking a turn, going past love vegas. there are cool temperatures in the 40s under clear skies.
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a lot of temperatures are very cold. 62 to 67 and i do not think they are going very far. there is a low just looking like it will pass us. it is pushing into the four corners with some rain in parts of southern california. heading down there, there is an easterly component even though it has come way down, it is still in place. it is coming off the oakland/berkeley hills. everybody else has that coming over and then we have mild conditions by the coast. 50s for some but a lot of 30s showing up according to the santa clara valley. we have low 40s for many including around cupertino and saratoga and campbell. we have some quiet patterns, in the 60s. so far, it is pretty good. >> it is a typical commute, which is slow traffic but we do not have any major problems.
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there are a couple of minor things. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see the traffic is going to be busy here if you are driving through and it is very busy on the san mateo bridge because of some earlier issues that have been cleared up and we are looking at the dunbar area. we will look at the east bay soon. at 7:31 am, let's go back to the desk. pg&e's public safety power shutoff has renewed calls for pg&e to be restructured to be more accountable to ratepayers. they have until the end of june to settle its bankruptcy case and the mayor of more than 20 cities and a certain amount of county supervisors won state regulators to consider making pg&e a customer owned utility company. supporters of publicly owned utilities essay revenue can be used to reinvest in the electric grid. >> it comes down to the local decision-making providing the services that are of utmost importance to the community rather than having the need to provide resources such as money to stockholders.
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>> pg&e says it is open to considering breaking up its assets and the ceo pg&e says he believes keeping the company together as an integrated company is the best way to go. communications companies are being accused of putting lives in danger by not following their own preparedness plans during last months pg&e power safety shut off. the commission says wireless equipment sites do not have backup power and customers could not call 911. state senator steve grayson has proposed a new law that requires mobile phone companies to have backup batteries and cell phone towers. barack obama is in san francisco and he will speak at dream force. people have been lining up for hours before he begins .
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>> they have. it is kind of a chaotic mess but it is organized and people are going through. if you look behind us, everyone has already gone into the area but they are going into the south entrance to take the underground route. there are so many people here and it is hard to give you a count of how many people have gone inside. i will say at last check, the room where president obama will be speaking still has room however in the event that the 8000 max is met, people will then be sent to overflow rooms to watch it as it is stream. it is happening at 10:30 am and that is barack obama who will begin his keynote speech and have a conversation about an hour long with co-ceo of a company. security is extremely tight around here but we mentioned
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the line earlier. people have been in line since 2:45 am to see president obama and really i will say from accounting with visuals, i would say there are well over 2000 people that have gotten inside. this is highly anticipated even though this is day three of dream force, this is really the big event for a lot of people who are looking forward to this even though there are other keynote speakers that have yet to speak as well, megan rapinoe was speaking this afternoon, giving a keynote speech on equality. it is a big event and many are excited. we have been trying to talk to a lot of people in line but they do not want to step out to talk to us because they do not want to lose their place in line. that is how dedicated they are. 1000 people, that is how big the auditorium is. you cannot stream it out to the
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public, only to the overflow rooms where people will go so we anticipate it will be a very big event at dream force. back to you guys. our time 7:35 am. parents want to recall the president of the oakland school board. the group called oakland not for sale says acting board president jodi london has been promoting controversial foreclosures they do not like the way the school district is spending its money. >> element county grand jury report against them was scathing and talked about how they are mismanaging money and giving contracts to family members they are running these programs that are not benefiting any of the students in oakland. >> earlier this year, they voted to cut $22 million from its budget in the middle of a major budget deficit for the next school year. the activists say oakland charter schools are draining money from the public school system they are starting to collect signatures as part of that process. an update in a boy who was
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killed by an oncoming amtrak train in santa clara. they say the little boy managed to get out of his parents backyard by removing some boards from offense. they say leonardo had his parents inside the home at the time it happened on saturday. officers say the 911 dispatchers notified union pacific railroad to immediately halt train service when they received calls about a boy running on the tracks. it was too late. the parents told the police a little boy had special needs. there is an effort underway in san francisco to remove one of the members of the border supervisors. they are now the target of a recall two weeks after she was caught on camera chanting profanities at the police union on election night. they say she does not represent the values of the richmond district. she stands by her argument that she can't support the men and women on the police department but disagrees with the organization that represents them. the move forward, this recall
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would have to collect 20% of the signatures from the richmond districts 42,000 registered voters. no major surprises in today's problem. >> it is slow and we've had some things going on let's talk about getting across the bay. everyone thinks that is normal and use the carpool lanes, you will get into san francisco. a lot of people are coming into town and that means that people are trying to get into san francisco. i would advise you -- we had an earlier crash on the san mateo bridge that cleared up. it is a little slow. it is slow across the bridge and slow across the dumbarton bridge. san francisco has been a little tight this week and you can see traffic on 80 through hercules and richmond is slow and highway four, traffic is slow as well. we will dive into that silicon valley commute but now let's
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bring steve paulson and. wind speeds have really tailed off. it looks like a quiet pattern for five days and then maybe some big changes next week and in the form of some rain. we hope it will happen but that will happen more on tuesday night, wednesday or thursday. it is 62 to 67 today. it is still above average. i do not think it will get below this. the wind speeds are really tailing off under 30 for everyone. we will have this all the time. it looks like it is past las vegas and there is some rain along southern california with snow around flagstaff. it is still raining and parts of oceanside. there is a little bit to the north but most of that is winding down. they are not done yet. the easterly breeze is in place
7:39 am
for most of us. they are northerly also around fairfield and napa. a lot of temperatures are cold, 51 to 54 degrees and 57 -- they are slightly below average or right at average. the airflow is offshore, even though the wind speeds are down. it is 56 degrees in the city get 35 degrees in santa rosa. it is in the 30s around the bay. berkeley is 51, oakland hills is 51's and alan matta is at 55. the wind will die down around the four corners and it will pick up again next week with the offshore directions in place and that means the coast will be clear. we have lots of sunshine around the coast. the forecast models will drop the temperatures and the rainfall is projected south. it is our return followed by others.
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they will be there with the lows for many. you may want to check the snacks in your pantry. there is a new nationwide recall because of what was found in boxes of a popular snack. find out which workers are sick of being replaced and why. let's check in with mike mibach to see what is coming up at 8:00 with morning sun 2. he is defending his billionaire status and wants to get rid of career politicians. we talk live to candidate tom stier about his performance in last night's debate and his focus will be moving forward in the campaign. that is coming up. taking a trip down memory lane. we sit down with one of
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the stars of back to the future and we are back right after the break. ok, network inspection. -ok. connected to wifi, protected from threats. thermostat - connected, protected. speaker, space vacuum... [ whispering ] connected, protected. shh. eh, this is not connected or protected. but, that's a family heirloom. and, it's a family security breach. it's gotta go. with xfinity xfi, if it's connected, it's protected. pull the truck around. simple. easy. awesome. get more out of your in-home wifi experience with xfinity internet and ask about enhanced network security for all your connected devices. click, call or visit a store today.
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they will pay nearly $600,000 to someone for violating their civil rights. 2 they unlawfully arrested and assaulted someone with a suspended license. they show the confrontation with police in which a sergeant is accused of putting them on the hood of his car and later mocked him, because he was gay. they want him to write a letter of insecurity.
7:44 am
>> he was robbed and violated. he was entitled to a citizen civil rights and that is not something that any amount of money can cure or make better. >> police officers must take lgbtq sensitivity training beginning next year. a jail inmate has filed a lawsuit accusing them of forced labor. they accuse the national food service company aramark of using their labor. it allows inmates to volunteer to prepare food in exchange for a better meal and the inmates say when they are sick or do not want to work they threatened them with extra jail time. a spokesperson denies the accusation and says inmates can take time off work quit if they want to. the commercial crab season is delayed again. it will not start in time for thanksgiving.
7:45 am
fish and wildlife is pushing the scheduled start back to december 15. the areas south of mendocino county -- it was first posted be in the middle of november but regulators say they needed more time to reduce the risk of whales getting tangled up in those fishing nets. natalie also means commercial fishermen will not get paid. >> we really need to bring in a significant amount of money to be able to make the percentages that my guys -- they do not get paid hourly. they get paid on production. >> officials say they will be out there checking on the whale population closer to the december 15 date. two mergers talk about dollars and cents. >> pam cook is in the studio. two of the biggest in the brokerage firm business in two and the biggest luxury brands are merging. charles schwab is and talk with ameritrade and louis vuitton
7:46 am
wants to buy tiffany. it will be the biggest acquisition ever in luxury goods. all four stocks gained ground when the bell rang. ringing the bell, excel entertainment celebrating its ipo. it is the first publicly traded gaming as a service provider. taking a look at the numbers despite those mergers, the numbers are down across the board and the dow jones is down to 30%, and the s&p 500 is down about the same percentage wise. president donald trump is considering a plan to exempt apple from a new round of tariffs on goods produced in china. that announcement comes after apple ceo tim cook gave the president a personal tour of an apple manufacturing plant in austin, texas. the facility will be the largest private employer when the extension is finished in 2022. during the tour, proponents and
7:47 am
people against him were outside the plant. >> we appreciate what he is doing and we want to make sure that he knows we support him.? i grew up in a republican family and it was like, wow, this is all wrong. this is wrong. >> many economists believe apple has the most to lose if there is another round of tariffs on chinese products and the company had considered moving its productions to china but decided to expand the plant instead. samsung is getting ready to open its first store in the bay area. the experiences dora setting up shop at the stanford shopping center in palo alto. they will focus on fans of the galaxy models and also feature their latest consumer products and services and it will open december 12 will be the first experience store in the country. some boxes of cheese nips are being recalled.
7:48 am
they are recalling 11 ounce boxes because of small pieces of yellow plastic that were inside the boxes. they have the best when used by date of may of next year and throw them out. return them to the store for a refund. i was looking around because it seems like we have talked about a few of these recalls with plastic in food. it is interesting because analysts are talking about food processing they have x-rays to see if anything got into the food and most of it is plastic. they are having to develop it does not transfer flavor but they have to come up with better detections. >> i am disappointed. i love those. a new study on jobs reveals that higher paid and better educated workers in the bay area will be affected most by artificial intelligence. the study by the institute says ai will affect high paying jobs
7:49 am
held by white and asian american men more than any other group. some of the jobs that could be affected most by ai include market research analyst, sales managers, programmers, management analysts and engineers. i am so excited. >> we hope you are going to join us tomorrow when we take a special zip trip to sonoma county. >> sonoma county -- [ audio cutting in and out ]
7:50 am
7:51 am
slow down around area it has been a little slower all week long in san francisco because of the dream fourth conference. parking is at a premium. i would recommend using a ferry into san francisco or take the bart. san mateo and the don martin bridge are still slow. wherever i look, we have some slowing here and i want to mention if you are driving this morning and trying to get on the freeway and san lorenzo, you cannot get on the freeway on the on ramp to south 880 because of the cleanup from an earlier crash. it is 7:51 am and let's bring steve back in. >> you guys are just reading
7:52 am
off a script. do you really get along? >> sometimes we actually meet out of work. winds at tailed off thank goodness. there are signs that next week we could get some rain. it is 40 in clayton. shout out to everyone there. max, john, everyone over here. i miss those trails around black diamond. those were a gem. richmond, albany, el cerrito, all around 38 degrees. it is 62 to 67, above average but only by a little bit. 70 -- the average is 62 to 49 degrees. we are taking a turn just past love lake. there will be rain and snow around southern california and there is snow in flagstaff. we will have a slight easterly
7:53 am
component and it is making for a huge difference in the temperatures over on the bay versus others. 30s around santa rosa and nevada and 56 degrees around redwood city. fremont is 42. we talked about area here, bodega bay is in the 50s. it is colder by 20 degrees. oakland and sfo are a little hotter. things are quiet here. the winds will stay offshore but they have tailed off and will decrease rapidly. that will be happening during the weekend. for what it is worth, there is one forecast model that slams us with rain and wind next tuesday night. we will see the pattern changing and see how it evolves and how much rain will get but it looks like our return is coming up. this will be the thing going into the weekend.
7:54 am
it will be cold. >> thank you. with setups for are getting you might be worried about your turkey spoiling. coming up in the next hour, what you can do with your turkey if the power goes out and how long the turkey can last. plus taco bell now joining the chicken family floors the latest food creation from the chain is being rolled out to compete with popeyes and chick- fil-a. but first, fans are defending myles garrett over that ugly fight with the steelers quarterback mason rudolph and what one company is doing to show that they support him. him.
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7:57 am
welcome back, a cleveland clothing designer is selling a controversial t-shirt after a big fight last week between the steelers and the cleveland browns. they will sell this t-shirt saying pittsburgh started it. during last week's fight, myles garrett ripped off the helmet of mason rudolph and hit him on the head with it. the company's website does not condone what he did but says they decided to sell the t- shirt after hearing what the players said afterwards. there was a lack of an apology from the pittsburgh steelers. former raters and patriots
7:58 am
antonio brown are countersuing a woman accusing him of sexual assault. according to espn, brown is suing his former personal trainer for defamation and interference with his nfl contract and endorsement. it claims the woman had false accusations and earlier this year, she does nice allegations and says their relationship was consensual. fans will be closely watching tonight's football game in houston. they host the colts tonight on ktvu fox 2. they will play for the spot in the afc and the winner will take sole possession of the south. after the game, a special thursday night football edition
7:59 am
of sports wrap. all of it will be on ktvu plus during the game. the warriors have the night off after they were blown out by the dallas mavericks in their worst loss in almost 15 years. they sat out the second night and it was all donald. he had more points and more rebounds and morrises than the old warriors team. >> they beat them 142-94. a night of demonstrations and arrests all tied to an appearance from political commentator ann coulter. we are on the campus this morning with the aftermath. a deadly bart stabbing, a man who walked away from a nearby psychiatric facility. the impeachment inquiry
8:00 am
continues after crystal testimony from yesterday. what the final witnesses are expected to say this morning. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. welcome back. it was thursday, november 21 and i am mike mibach. >> it is sunny and chilly. >> the next couple of mornings, hint, hint, bundle up. we have 30s for our lows away from the city. highs are 62 to 67 below lie a lot. next week we will go below . the big-time low is taking a turnaround in las vegas, on the backside they are getting a little bit. the easterly direction, even though the wind speeds have come down, the east wind is still in place coming across the san pablo bay. there is an east wind and it is
8:01 am
not strong but it is there. temperatures are in the 50s for some like albany and oakland, and san francisco, 30s for others, quite cold for a few but things are calming down and highs will be in the 60s for many. we do have traffic at the bay bridge backed up for 15 to 20 minutes. there has been no major problems at the bay bridge. once you get onto this area, it has improved after some earlier issues heading out west. dunbar bridges also slow. you can see traffic is going to be busy. it is 8:01 am and let's go back to the desk. the suspect in the deadly stabbing is scheduled to appear in a courtroom. jermaine brim is facing first- degree murder and carjacking charges they say that he was on a psychiatric hold at san leandro hospital and he walked away before the deadly setting happened they say that he
8:02 am
stabbed 49-year-old oliver williams after williams tried to stop him from stealing shoes from another passenger on the train. a friend of williams said he was always trying to help others. >> he was the type of guy that would give you anything, the clothing on his back, i actually have his leather jacket in my office that he gave me. he gave it to me before he moved away from here and i will cherish that forever. >> they started a gofundme account to help the williams family pay for his funeral and you can find a link at , has taken over the chaos of uc berkeley. one person was injured and they say the visit was controversial but it went as well as they could've hoped it would. they are bringing us what happened. >> the crowds are all gone. the
8:03 am
routine is back to normal but they are talking about what happened last night, as animated as the protesters were. there were fireworks inside is one demonstrator got up and told ann coulter exactly what she thought of her as the political pundit was on stage. it took place after coulter started talking about u.s. immigration laws by democrats and republicans over the years. she called it a lack of enforcement. the group refused fascism and the woman was arrested and removed from inside the event and she was one of its members.
8:04 am
outside wheeler hall, a human chain arrived around 7:00 and try to shut down the coulter appearance. they say that her immigration reform speech as well as writing a message of division that is anti-immigrant at its heart. they were not able to stop the event but they do delayed by 15 minutes. they say they are pleased that there were only six arrests and were able to protect free speech on all sides >> this is a crowd for those who traveled from other cities, more importantly we have thousands of people on campus who are passionate on opposite sides of the political spectrum and even went on for those who wanted to hear the speaker, they could and those who wanted to protest the speaker did. >> the campus invited them to speak and campus groups are separate from the college and they are not there to -- invited guests to speak.
8:05 am
they failed to obey officers and one person was taken into custody for assaulting a police officer and one person in the crowd -- there reaching out to people who were here last night who were offended by what ann coulter had to say. >> >> two witnesses are testifying in impeachment hearing on capitol hill. fiona hill is a former staffer and david holmes is a current embassy official in ukraine. they are taking a break after the hearing. holmes said he was having lunch with a bachelor gordon sondland when he overheard president donald trump asking about the things he wanted from ukrainian president. he said following a phone call he asked solomon why he did not seem to want to meet personally with the president of ukraine. >> he stated the president only cares about big stuff and i
8:06 am
noticed there was big stuff going on in ukraine and i said what with russia. ambassador sondland replied -- like the biden investigation, the one that giuliani was pushing . >> impeachment inquiry is looking to whether president donald trump held that most trade back until ukrainian president could investigate joe biden and his son hunter. you can watch it uninterrupted on our sister station, ktvu plus and we will have regular updates throughout the morning on two. they expect most customers affected by the latest round of public safety power shutoffs to have power restored tonight. more than 50,000 pg&e customers have their power shut off yesterday. almost 18,000 customers in the north bay were affected from 12,000 in lake county and the more outages in the sierra foothills. they want to make sure they have the power turned back on.
8:07 am
santa rosa had a familiar scene. they had several power outages and so for many, they knew what to do. they went outside and played before the sun went down and many people say they're better prepared this time around while they are still frustrated they understand what pg&e is doing. >> the bottom line is lives. i mean, we do not lose anybody. is it worth it? of course, it is worth it. >> pg&e says it will soon be turning on power. they will be on red alert until later this morning when the winds are expected to die down. pg&e will then inspect and re- energize the equipment. the commissioners demanding that claims filed by victims of the recent wildfires be streamlined. the commissioner says that emergency notice to insurance companies was sent for living expenses and policyholders. the commission asked insurance
8:08 am
companies to get customers and wildfires a two month grace period to pay there. primus. there holding a pop-up informational event on one of the agency's biggest projects. it was nearly 17,000 people at the metro line every weekday it passes through several neighborhoods including the castro and the mission and it is designed to reduce and improve safety. it goes until 9:00 this morning. the public will be able to hear about the project and also -- we are checking back in with you and looking at the thursday commute. we are looking at slowing here in oakland, which is the typical time into downtown and it slows from the near exits
8:09 am
into the marina and davis to downtown. some people are going to the bay bridge and we'll see traffic is slow and we have a crash reported eastbound before treasure island coming away from san francisco towards oakland involving a taxicab they have not gotten unseen yet. i do not know if it will be a big deal or not. let's bring steve in here with the weather. >> we have clear skies and they were in the 50s. other locations have the 30s and we will end up in the 60s. we are still above average according san francisco and santa rosa. it is one of 5 degrees better. it is 62 and 65 for the cities. it is 76. wind speeds have gone way down. they are 10 to 26 miles per hour. yesterday was 50 to 73 miles an
8:10 am
hour. there is still an east wind, but not that strong anymore. the big, strong low is pushing off ever so slowly into the four corners and stole some rain around la jolla and san diego and oceanside and mainly south of la over towards arizona and leaving nevada but the east breeze for us continues and as long as that is in place, we will have cooler skies and temperatures near the coast will be mild to warm. here is east of napa. not much but that is the airflow from land to sea so that is why san francisco is at 56 while others have been in the 30s and 40s. it is bouncing up and mornings will be cold and it looks like it will pick up again next week and it will be a slight offshore direction that will take us into the weekend and there will be lots of sunshine and water temperatures are cold enough. we could lose the sunshine and get some rain. we will deal with all this on
8:11 am
monday but the forecast models are ironing out the details. we are going to be in the 60s and we have nice warnings that are cold and clear. former nba star charles barkley known for his lack of the filter is apologizing for what he said to a reporter. the woman says charles barkley told her something that has many saying it was inappropriate and incredible. we talk live with the potential candidate tom stier about his performance in last night's debate.
8:12 am
kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures.
8:13 am
where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. there rolling out a program
8:14 am
for those who may not know where their next meal are coming from. they are making people going to of farmers market setting. a woman told us she can to pick up food for her daughter, she was working two jobs. >> they will have a turkey for thanksgiving. we are grateful. i think it is really awesome that they do it. >> the mobile food pantry hopes to feed 3000 families. organizers say one of every four people in silicon valley have limited or uncertain access to food and that is twice the size the national average. hour broadcast continues in hong kong by small group inside of the university despite
8:15 am
police demanding they surrendered more than 1000 students were arrested while others managed to sneak away. the biggest little party wants voters to use the coming elections to show support for the student protesters. last night, the u.s. approved pending the expert of teargas and other nonlethal weapons to hong kong as well as required review of trade status with united states. >> from sanders and biden, and pete buttigieg will not talk about structural tension. >> the american people need to pass laws through direct democracy. it is time to push the ballot to the people and away from d.c . >> 10 candidates shared the stage in last night's debate in atlanta and hedge fund manager and philanthropist tom stier defended his billionaire status. the hopeful wants to spread wealth across the country and get rid of career politicians and joining us this morning, the first presidential debate, we welcome tom stier to mornings on 2. how do you think
8:16 am
it went? >> [ silence ] [ no audio ] >> and then unlike everyone on stage, you have no experience as a politician. let's go back to what you mentioned a minute ago for term limits. they have been ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court rulings saying about mental principle is that people
8:17 am
should choose who will govern them. what you want to take away the people's will to keep a leader they like? >> what are you referring to last night?
8:18 am
>> [ no audio ] there is a lot of talk about one of the only reasons you are still in this race is the fact that you have funded almost $50 million. your polling in the single digits. at what point do you think about putting your considerable resources behind a candidate who has what many would say a much better chance of winning the white house? >> [ no audio ]
8:19 am
>> why not take the money and the power behind something like nexgen and put it towards one of the top democratic candidates? >> [ no audio ] >> if you have to pick one person -- okay, all right. and if you qualify, we will have to leave it there.
8:20 am
do you have the funds -- you don't have the fundraising requirement. okay, all right, good to talk with you. thank you for joining us. he was talking with us after his second debate appearance. >> let's get back to sal castaneda with a look at the commute. >> reporter: we're looking okay. we have moderate commute with no major problems. i want to show you the bay bridge which everyone wants to see. it is a tough drive into san francisco and 80 is very slow. the only thing that we can say is that since it is slow, the serious accidents are lesson this is a look at the south bay commute. you can see traffic is slow and also highway 101 is very slow on the peninsula. let's bring steve in with the weather. >> we are clearing out in the wind speeds are coming down but
8:21 am
at least offshore direction is still in place. that is good for mild conditions on the coast. it is 62 to 67 degrees. the winds are coming way, way down. it was 73 now it was only 20. we have a strong low making the move in the four corners just exit stage right. there is more rain now. east wind is coming back across the delta and san pablo bay and that is translating into some milder temperatures for a few. it is coming right back into that a offshore direction. we are in the 40s to the 60s all morning long. the high will build in for a few days and everything is pointing towards next tuesday and wednesday to have a cold system dropping and and we will get in on some. it is 60s and pretty quiet until sunday. a string of hate incidents
8:22 am
coming up. a push for more diversity and inclusion as the school will find those responsible. congressman coming to the aid of 49ers quarterback an activist colin kaepernick. why he says the government may finally have to act against the national football league. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv. there's my career... my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in progress.
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8:25 am
saying the gun was assembled from someone and it had no registration. they do not know if he received help for it. the gunman shot himself and died a day later. his father owned an arsenal of weapons and when they searched the boys home, many of them were unregistered. >> the hall of famer charles barkley is still set to appear in a telecast is by controversial comments to a female reporter. tnt has not yet announced if it will discipline barkley. a reporter asked him off the record for clarification on which the credit presidential candidate he supported for the upcoming election and he later treated saying i do not hate women but if i did, i would hit
8:26 am
you. when she objected, he said she could not take a joke. he apologized and called his comment inappropriate and unacceptable. a congressman in georgia is criticizing the nfl football league over their treatment of colin kaepernick. they described him as a victim and says the government may have to examine the nfl's anti- problem. he believes that they have a leaguewide ban on signing the quarterback because they denied his first amendment rights. he has been out of the game since 2016 the year he began protesting police brutality and racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem. a group of students at zérich's university says that he should resign. asian and jewish students have felt threatened by notes and racial slurs. they say that local authorities
8:27 am
are working to find whoever is responsible. they want to learn about diversity. man who filed a lawsuit against the police for violating his civil rights won the case. what they settled for and what they are required to do. the bay area is teaching them how to not spoil the turkey. what you should do with your turkey if there is a power outage and how long the bird can last. at hertz, we know that a change of scenery
8:28 am
8:29 am
shouldn't mean a change in standards. that's why - thanks to you - we're rated number one in customer satisfaction by j.d. power.
8:30 am
the latest power shut up triggering a fresh look at the future of pg&e. details on the proposed takeover of utility and the possible breakup. they continue in san francisco. we are in the city with the keynote speaker who had hundreds of people lining up to make sure they got a chance to be there. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2.
8:31 am
thank you for joining us. >> i hope you're having a great thursday morning and we are week away from thanksgiving. you know what many people do? they play football. they go to the local park and they play football. it might be a little muddy. >> there is a possibility. you could not get me off the couch. i will be happy to play. it is 62 to 67 degrees for our highs. they are going to stay there. there is a strong low in some areas that will make its move east into the four corners. there might not be a lot. southern california and arizona, there is a breeze coming back in and as long as that is in place, it is pretty quiet. 40s and 50s with a lot of 30s in the north and south.
8:32 am
it is 16 degrees colder in fairfield and santa rosa and oakland and hayward are +2 and +3 because of that easterly component with no wind at all. high pressure is building in. it will be sunny and the days will be mild for the next few days. we do have traffic that is going to be getting a little better. it looks better on these commutes. i want to show you add. it is not one of the better spots. if you will drive, you know that this is the time red is very slow driving into downtown oakland. 580 is not much better. the bay bridge is backed up and we also do have traffic on the same bridge. right now, let's go back to the desk. pg&e has given the all clear to begin safety inspections for those affected by yesterday's blackout. conditions improved this morning and it will happen throughout the d day.
8:33 am
there on the ground inspecting equipment with helicopters that will offer assistance from the air. it is more accountable to payers. pg&e has until the end of june to resolve its bankruptcy problem and many supervisors are urging state regulators to consider making pg&e a customer owned utility. supporters of publicly owned utilities say revenue can be made to reinvest in the electric grid. samak it really comes down to local decision-making providing the services that are going to the community rather than going to resources such as money to stockholders.
8:34 am
>> utility says it is open to considering splitting up its assets although pg&e's ceo says he believes given utility as an integrated company is really the best option. munication companies are being accused of endangering lives but not following their own preparedness plans during last months pg&e shut off. the california utilities commission says because of fire equipment did not have backup power, customers were not able to call 911 and they were not receiving those emergency alerts. state senator steve grayson has proposed legislation that would require companies to provide backup power on their cell towers. some people have expressed concerns about their thanksgiving turkeys if there is yet another public safety power shutoff . >> they told us that it will not likely pose a threat because they can take five or six days to thaw. the farmer says of a frozen turkey in your freezer could help keep the rest of your frozen food from spoiling.
8:35 am
barack obama will speak at the dreamforce conference in san francisco. we are in the area. you showed us how people were lining up at 3 am to make sure they got in? >> reporter: isn't that crazy. that is the time we wake up to come in for our morning shift. here they were, they did line up early to see former president barack obama speak. we are two hours away. we are inside of the sony center and if you zoom all the way and there's a sign that says keynote at the top and that is the auditorium where he will be speaking. this line is incredibly long. people have not gone through the security space yet to do that. that is why all these people are waiting in line to get there things checked out. the other side of me, the line keeps going and wraps all the way around down around the sides of the auditorium from where we are. there is a very big crowd and i would say the capacity for the auditorium is 8000 people and hopefully everyone will be able to get in. as we mentioned, obama will be with the ceo mark bennett half
8:36 am
and it will have an hour-long conversation. the details are being kept under wraps but we know it is tightly, tightly looked at. >> we are integrating safety. the way he is, i wanted to see him. >> it is cool to see him again in a different context. he is a little bit more older and wiser, hopefully. >> as we hear back, security is extremely tight and we have already seen a lot of details going in and opening up the area and checking every nook and cranny they can for when barack obama comes through. it will not be live streamed. there are no photos or videos
8:37 am
allowed to be recorded inside so really the only people who can get in, they are the only ones who will listen. they cannot take videos at all. if the 8000 people are met, they will have to go to overflow rooms around the amc theater down the street. a lot of people out here are highly excited and anticipating the speech. there is also some other ones we want to mention, like megan rapinoe. he will be speaking this afternoon. it will be addressing equality. many are looking forward to her. i want to mention after president obama speaks, he is going down to silicon valley and will have a fundraiser, raising money for the democratic party before he leaves the bay area. live from dreamforce, ktvu fox 2 news. a boy who was killed by a train -- they say the little
8:38 am
boy managed to get out of his parents backyard by removing some boards from the fence. they say that leonardo's parents were inside the home at the time it happened on saturday. the 911 dispatcher notified union pacific railroad immediately to halt service but they received calls about a little boy running on the tracks. it was too late. police say the parents told them that the boy has special needs. they want to remove a member of the board of supervisors. sandra lee viewer is a target of a recall effort a few weeks after she was shouting profanities at the police union. they say the supervisor does not represent their district and it was about her arguments where she can support the men and women of the place where but disagree with the organization that represents them. his go out the door and --
8:39 am
>> one of the things that i will note, next week it will get better as we drive around the bay area because it is going to be close to thanksgiving. some will be in a better mood with better traffic and some will be off for the holiday week. look at all that slow traffic on the road. this is walnut creek. 24 is slow all the way to orinda. there is not a break in the action. the toll plaza has a 25 to 30 minute delay and 80 is slow. it is still a work day for most and people will start having time off next week. some have more and some have less but by thursday, there will not be -- one week from today is thanksgiving. hello, steve. >> already? where has 2019 gone? >> it has gone fast. the wind speeds have tailed off and we have nice conditions. it
8:40 am
is 62 and 55 for the commerce area. the near average for the high is a little the love and a little below. the wind speeds are coming down. this is nothing we have not seen before. yesterday was 73 and i tell you things are wacky in southern california. san diego and la, that is where it stands. they are getting a little bit of rain but not a lot. the low is going to the east. orange county will get a little bit and san diego will get a little. and then it is falling apart. the easterly component is coming back. marin county, there is a northeast wind. it is not strong but we have a north wind here.
8:41 am
it has gone down to 51 degrees. they have gone to 54 degrees. it is in the 40s and 50s and we have a lot of 30s this morning and the winds will continue to tail off.
8:42 am
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♪ two of the biggest firms are talking about merging . >> let's go to pam cook with the "dollars and sense". >> we're talking by charles schwab and ameritrade. they are discount brokers and together they would have more than $5 trillion under management and louis vuitton increased its chances to buy tiffany and that would be the biggest acquisition ever in the luxury goods industry. they are doing well. dede and ameritrade are up to 90% and ringing the bell they are excited about excel attainment sobering their ipo when it is the first publicly traded gaming service provider. taking a look at the big board in new york stock exchange, the
8:46 am
dow is just about the same percentage wide throughout the day. the dow jones is up a quarter percent. the s&p 500 is down about a quarter. it is hanging onto 3100 and the nasdaq is just dipping below 8500. president donald trump says he is considering a plan to invest ipo from a new round of tariffs on goods produced in china. the announcement came after apple ceo tim cook gave the president a personal tour of apple manufacturing plants in austin, texas. the mac pro facility will be the largest private employer in austin when that expansion is complete in 2022. during the tour, supporters and opponents of president donald trump were outside the plant and many economists believe that apple has the most to lose if there is another round of tariffs on chinese goods.
8:47 am
a new study on jobs reveals that higher paid and better educated workers in the bay area will be affected the most by artificial intelligence. the study by the brookings institution says ai will affect high-paying jobs held by white and asian american men more than any other group. some of the jobs that could be affected most by ai include market research analyst, sales managers, programmers, management analysts, and engineers. there is new player in the past the chicken war. starting today, taco bell is testing chicken strips in the city of dayton, ohio and houston texas. a part of a crispy tortilla chicken menu customers can have the strips with dipping sauce or grilled up in a taco shell. they are competing against chick-fil-a and popeyes as we know with the chicken sandwiches if they test well, taco bell chicken strips will be available nationwide next year. kind of interesting because everybody --? if they are into them. >> where is the tofu taco? let's go out the door.
8:48 am
sal has a look. >> we do have some slowing still however we are looking at how it looks all right. there's nothing unusual going on and there is a bunch of slow traffic out there, which is not unusual and today is another day of trim force. we have talked about it all morning with obama being there and it will be very crowded in san francisco for another day. my suggestion is to use public transportation especially with the fairies and bart. this is a look at the san mateo bridge and things are improving the south commute has been very slow. you would think the tech people are in san francisco. who are all these people? there are others who are going to sunnydale and cupertino. let's bring steve in back in. >> who are those people? it is 62 to 67.
8:49 am
we will cover it all the way into the weekend. i do not see too much changing. they are still offshore but we are 26 in oakland hills which is stronger than this area. mount diablo is a calm day at nine miles an hour. we still some rain in southern california. they are way ahead of us. we have to make up some ground, maybe next tuesday and wednesday we will. it is snowing in flagstaff and parts of nevada as rain. we will take it a little bit at a time they are not done yet. you will have to travel to san diego. there is still a little bit moving onshore but then it looks like they are winding down. you can see a little bit holding on but not much. the easterly component or northerly component of the wind speeds are down it will make for beautiful day by the coast but the water temperatures are cold at 52 to 57. they are where they should be
8:50 am
or below this time of year. we had a lot of 30s and that will be the theme over the next couple of nights. the wind speeds will tail out and it will be cold. it is in the 60s and 40s and 50s right now and that system kicks out and we're done for now. maybe next tuesday and wednesday we will get more here. with easterly component in place, everyone is looking for sunshine and the days are very short. highs are only in the 60s. some projections of rain are showing up next tuesday and wednesday. one forecast model is really hitting us hard next tuesday night. we will see if the cold air comes in. all the way into saturday and sunday, changes on the way. still to come on the nines, honoring a longtime director from the east bay. will let you know about the big award for oakland filmmaker who joins us in studio. when it will start and the impact this is having on fishermen.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
suing the city saying officers assaulted him for driving with suspended license.
8:54 am
his attorneys say the surveillance video shows a confrontation with police in which the sergeant is accused of slamming alvarez on the hood of a car during the arrest and later talking alvarez who is . it requires a sergeant who since retired to write a letter of apology. an inmate filed a lawsuit against the alameda county sheriff's office. the suit filed yesterday accuses the national service company of profiting inmate labor. there is a contract and it allows inmates to exchange for better meals. when are sick or they don't want to work they get trend with extra jail time. the spokesperson to denied the accusations they may take time off for quit. it will not start for thanksgiving. the wildlife is pushing for a schedule start to december 15 for area south of mendocino county. the start date was initially the middle of november but regulators say more time is needed to decrease the risk of whales being entangled in fishing nets and commercial fishermen will not get paid. still to come this morning.
8:55 am
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coldplay has a new album but no plans to go on tour anytime soon because of time to change. >> j is of note is a note >> the eighth ellman album comes out tomorrow. they will be going on tour yet. the band wants to take time to figure out how to do a global tour in a way that's carbon neutral. a study shows air travel
8:59 am
contributes to 3% of global emissions. the last tour was in 2017, including more than 120 shows across four different continents . michelle obama a best- selling author in line for another type of award. her memoir becoming nominated for grammy for best spoken word album. they came out in november selling more than 10 million copies your cheese up against four other books. we hope you join us tomorrow as we take a special trip up to sonoma county. >> a popular destination for locals and tourists around the world but it's been hit hard by the kinkaid fire and the pg&e shut off . we take you inside the wineries and restaurants. we introduce you to some volunteer firefighters who bravely defended their own communities. >> this is the first one that raced into town with ferocity and speed. the winery, business, everything here and vibrant. we are resilient. we have to realize this could happen again and we've got to be prepared. >> it's going to be a great
9:00 am
hour. the county remains open for business. tomorrow on the 9. we will stream at . explosive testimony in the impeachment hearings. >> everyone was in the loop. it was no secret. >> we will examine what the eu ambassador had to say. we don't have enough road. >> where we are going we don't need road. >> where hating -- hanging out with marty mcfly's girlfriend. what to get for the kids this season. we will have 12 items priced less than $12 from the toy inside her. insider. looking live from san frano


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