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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 22, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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police activity continues in the south bay following an hours long standoff just blocks from the school where a homemade bomb was found earlier this week. protests at a school board meeting in oakland now leading to charges. while the lawsuit filed the district is responsible for this violence. a demonstration against google. why the people taking part saying the company is retaliating against its workers. good afternoon. i'm allie rasmus. we want to start with some information just into the newsroom. the contra costa county sheriff's office has announced additional arrests in connection with the mass shooting in orinda. earlier this week the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to arrests in this case. five people were killed in the shooting at a halloween party at an airbnb rental home.
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initially five people were arrested for the shooting but four were subsequently released without being charged. we are waiting for more details on these latest arrests from the sheriff's office and will bring that information to you as soon as we get it. a trial date is now set for the man charged in the fatal stabbing of mia wilson at the macarthur bart station last year.john lee coel entered a plea to of not guilty by reason of insanity. the trial against her will begin january 6. he is charged with murder and attempted murder for stabbing wilson to death and injuring her sister. if convicted he could face the death penalty. in san jose where police are keeping streets block often an area near oak grove high school. >> there was a standoff in the neighborhood overnight and we are learning police may have made an arrest. cristina rendon is live from san jose with more details. >> reporter: good afternoon. police aren't confirming they
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made an arrest but we heard from school district officials that they were told that an arrest was made and as you can see behind us police still have tradewinds drive closed off near ty hurd store. even though the standoff is no longer active police do not feel comfortable clearing the area. >> reporter: it was along the for many families in this community. police served a search warrant around 6:00 and ended up in an hours long standoff with someone who barricaded himself inside a home near ty hurd scored in tradewinds drive. >> they repeatedly kept saying that he was surrounded and to come outside with his hands up and unarmed. and he just wasn't coming up, i guess. >> reporter: the police activity shut down streets and canceled afterschool activities nearby at oak grove high school. >> there were families that were unable to access their home because of the shelter in place in, so, we opened our gymnasium for those that were evacuated from the area.
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>> reporter: the superintendent of east side union high school district said authorities told him a person was taken into custody and the situation ended peacefully. a shelter in place remained for a small number of people who lived near the home under investigation >> they are telling us we still can't go in and it's kind of hard for us because how are we going to get ready for school? i still have my clothing on from yesterday and i don't know if i'm going to go to school or not. >> reporter: the incident comes days after a bomb was found in the student parking lot of the oak grove campus. police have not said if the cases are connected. >> kind of makes me feel unsafe because, like, my house is right there. like him i want to feel protected. i don't want to be scared over anyone or anything. >> reporter: approximately a family stayed overnight at the gym at oak grove high school. we are told they have all left
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and some families were put up in a hotel and today on campus there were extra counselors and security available for students. as far as the investigation, san jose police are not releasing many more details. they say they do not want to jeopardize the investigation.cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we will wait for more information. today. san jose police is searching for the person who left a homemade bomb on the campus of oak grove high school. it was found to stay in the student parking lot of the school. classes are being held today ahead of the thanksgiving break . but students and teachers came back yesterday for the first time since the bomb was discovered earlier this week. the school was first ordered to shelter in place on tuesday and students were then evacuated to a nearby park students are not comforting each other but some said they are nervous heading back to class. >> just the abundance of help that the school is providing in just my friends and support. we always have to be careful with our surroundings. >> the bomb is being examined at the santa clara county crime map but will likely end up
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going to the fbi for examination. investigators are checking neighborhood security cameras to track down the person who left the bomb on campus. several parents and protesters are filing claims against the oakland unified school district after a violent clash with police recently. parents have been protesting plant closures and mergers of several schools in the district and many rallied at a school board meeting on october 23. the district says a barricade was set up for safety because of a similar protest at previous meetings but cellphone video shows officers and protesters clashing over those barricades. >> in my case my doctor tells me that the police tore my acl and damaged my mcl meniscus and bone in my knee. i will have to have surgery and a nine month recovery. >> the board needs to listen to people that can disagree with people but primarily it needs to listen to people but to treat them with respect. hopefully to take action to community demands and when they
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fail to do so they will face the expensive and what will no doubt be embarrassing litigation. >> protesters plan to sue the district for false arrest and excessive force by school police . the district and the district police chief said last week they are planning to review the officer's actions and bring in outside auditor to review the practices. democrats hoping to impeach president donald trump have some big decisions ahead of them. >> after two weeks of public testimony, should the call more witnesses are move forward with impeachment proceedings? elissa harrington has the story. >> reporter: at this point democrats could draft four articles of impeachment. bribery, abuse of power, contempt of congress and obstruction of justice. the president is accused of asking ukraine leader to investigate political rival joe biden and biden's son. voters in the bay area are wondering what comes next. >> we just really feel very
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discouraged that people will not vote their conscience or even based on the evidence. they will vote based on party lines. back. >> it's come this far. i think you need some sort of preservation. >> reporter: a number of witnesses including fiona hill said it was clear president donald trump was trying to exchange you in aid and a white house meeting for an investigation. the european union ambassador described trumps dealings with ukraine as quid pro quo. republicans continue to say there is no evidence of an impeachable offense. >> i will go where the facts take us. i believe that the truth will set us free. the president has said to me the call was perfect. i said to him, the call was perfectly wrong. >> if the house moves forward with the sham and they continue to push the survey, illegitimate proceedings onto the american people than he wanted to go to the senate and he wants a trial. >> the bottom line is all of
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those witnesses, they are all shifty shift. there was no due process. you can have lawyers. we couldn't have witnesses. we want to call the whistleblower agreement republicans control the senate with 53 seats to 47 to the democrats. a trial would also give the president the ability to call witnesses that have been blocked. like the whistleblower. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. we are learning more about the man accused of stabbing a good samaritan to death on board a bart train in hayward this week.39-year-old jermaine brim faces charges of murder and carjacking after the deadly fight on board the train on tuesday. a source tells ktvu that oliver williams, the victim, confronted brim for trying to steal shoes from a sleeping passenger. we have also learned that brim may have been looking for shoes because they were removed from him during an earlier psychiatric evaluation. brim walked away from the san leandro hospital just hours before the stabbing . alameda county sheriff sergeant ray kelly said it's not unusual for psych patients to leave a facility, especially if they
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are not under arrest. >> there would be no police cars are no officers on the street if we stared at every psychiatric hold that we do in this county.>> ktvu has also learned the entire attack was caught on surveillance video. brim is being held without bail at the santa rita jail in dublin. a rally is happening right now outside google san francisco offices to protest the company's disciplinary action against employees who try to organize workers. the two employees were placed on administrative leave last month. the protesters claim that was in retaliation for the workers being involved in employee protests and petition drives denouncing some of google's policies. the workers are also at the rally and are demanding google reinstate them. >> we are here because we demand our plesa back to work and we as workers here at google deserve a say in what the company is doing and we deserve to know what our work is being
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used for. >> according to google the workers are accused of sharing confidential documents and tracking company calendars. it says they were placed on a ministry of levi the company investigated the alleged policy violations. we're getting close to thanksgiving and of course that means a huge travel weekend is upon us. how local airports are dealing with the crush of passengers today. >> a sonoma winemaker gives thanks to the first responders who saved his business. we catch up with you on of the robert young estate winery. a very pretty day over the bay area with mild conditions expected for your afternoon. i will have a look at what you can expect for your weekend and the holiday coming up. u realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. (danny)'s voice) of course you don'te because you didn't!? at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. earlier today ktvu went on a special zip trip to sonoma county to show how that community is still open for business following the destruction caused by the
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kincade fire. it was a beautiful day up there in sonoma county. i headed today's trip we talked to a number of business owners about how the fire affected them. >> frank mallicoat spoke with the owner of robert young estate winery and thanked firefighters were saving his business. >> fred young will never forget that fateful night. >> you could just see the glow at the top of the hill and soon you started seeing the flames. >> reporter: he is a fifth generation owner of the robert young estate winery. 448 acre strong and it's vineyard was in the crosshairs of the kincade fire. >> the wind was just 60 or 70 miles per hour and it came from the top of that hill down right to the bottom of the vineyard which is a good mile and a half and it was on top of us. >> reporter: young and his son and dozens of firefighters off the flames for 24 straight hours and miraculously save the vineyard.
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the winemaking facility, their homes and their new multimillion dollar tasting room which is now surrounded by charred ground. exhausted, those firefighters took a well-deserved nap on the family won, photos that went viral on social media. >> it makes me feel very grateful for the firefighters and the first responders for helping out. i mean, if it wasn't for them, it would look a lot different than it does. >> reporter: 8% of the grapes still hang on the vine come all lost to smoke damage but nearly their entire operation is still intact. and they are grateful for folks like sean and paige steed of florida who run in the 10th anniversary despite the recent buyers. >> it's amazing. we've been here before but there's no signs. we haven't seen anything that
12:16 pm
stood out to us and everyone has been welcoming and great. >> i guess you won't forget this vintage, 2019. >> no i won't. >> reporter: the kincade fire never jump highway 101 here into the dry creek valley and healdsburg but that doesn't mean the wineries here on the west side weren't affected. that includes over 70 wineries like lambert bridge. wildfire was of the primary issue, evacuation zone power outages work. after the tubbs fire, they bought a generator and was able to ride out the nearly 2 week blackout. >> this community is so strong. >> reporter: the general manager is quick to thank first responders but also believes not only the wineries but sonoma county authorities are much better prepared this time around. >> i will tell you right now they save this place by getting everybody out of the way, acting the way they did and letting firefighters do their thing which is to fight fire and that's what saved windsor and that's what saved healdsburg and geyserville. >> reporter: while the wind is blowing at lambert bridge, so is the gratitude because this tightknit valley just got a little bit tighter. >> it makes me emotional thinking about it actually.
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the sense of community. the way people come together up here is unlike any other place that i can think of. people take care of each other appear. >> that was frank mallicoat reporting. in the next half hour we take a closer look at the firefighters who stepped up to save their community during the kincade fire. today is the last day of the dreamforce convention in san francisco. game of thrones star amelia clark spoke earlier this morning about her resilience after suffering two brain aneurysms. today's schedule will be shorter than earlier this week to allow attendees time to travel home. everything wraps up around 3:00. the exodus from dreamforce as well as thanksgiving next week means today is the busiest travel day of the year at sfo.
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more than 137,000 passengers will travel to the airport today. >> give yourself plenty of time to get through the airport process. we recommend being at the airport at least two hours in advance of your domestic flight. if you're traveling internationally give it about three hours. >> in total more than 1.2 million travelers will pass through sfo between today and the end of the thanksgiving holiday weekend on sunday. and the south bay san jose also getting ready for the busy holiday travel season. over the next week, passenger traffic is expected to hit an all-time high and san jose minetta airport with up to 500,000 travelers which is up 6% from last year. of course you want to check ahead before you head to the airport parking lots are tending to philip this time of year over the holiday season. airport officials suggest arriving two hours early for domestic flights and three hours for international. and we will show you a live picture of san jose international airport. right now you see the runway on the right-hand side of your screen. sunny skies. we do not expect any weather delays now but we will check in with rosemary because that could be a different story in a
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few days. you hit it right. we are looking at no trouble today nor the weekend. dry weather in the forecast as we can into next week so a big switch in the weather pattern and finally some much-needed rain expected to arrive in and around the bay area. it looks like in time for the big travel day on wednesday so let's take care of that first and then we will come back and look at the temperatures. here's a look at the extended forecast. that rain line will stick to the north through the weekend. today through sunday, no trouble. we have a warm-up coming our way although it will be a modest one. here's a look tuesday evening. we are beginning to see some rain moving to california. this is wednesday morning. one of the busiest travel days of the year. looks like rain and it looks like to me the entire state may
12:20 pm
get this rain and snow for the sierra. you could expect that if you're traveling to tahoe. be prepared for winter travel. that is a possibility. here's a look thanksgiving morning. we could still be a bit soggy. right now the long range models dry us out in time for black friday shopping but we are still several days out. and here is another expectation. the future cast model is to bring us anywhere from a half inch to an inch of rainfall which is great news. this is the most rainfall we've seen so far this season so we look forward to that and again we are still several days out. that will change as we move along and we will fine-tune that for you. as far as today, we do have mostly sunny skies around the area. temperatures are similar to yesterday within a few degrees. 61, novato. 57, san francisco. 64, castro valley, 63 in livermore. widespread 60s. low 60s in san francisco. 64 in oakland. mid to upper 60s for the north bay and the east bay. 66, antioch. 65, san jose. 66 los gatos and another nice
12:21 pm
one coming our way as we get into saturday and sunday. we have an advisory on the coastline for today and goes until early tomorrow morning for west beaches and northwest facing beaches. sneaker waves and rip currents so take it easy if you plan to run on the beach or maybe walking your pets. here's a look the extended forecast. a nudge on the numbers for tomorrow. sunday looks to be the warmest when inland cities get to around 70. upper 60s around the bay and low 60s at the coast. we call it down with breezy conditions on monday as we transition to that what weather on tuesday. the city of san rafael is hoping to establish quiet zones at all of this monitoring crossings for vermont's people living in the tracks have complained about trains honking their horns overnight. now the city is filing an application with the federal government to create quiet zones at all crossings between
12:22 pm
third street and anderson drive. the trains have to go through testing before passengers can ride from the sonoma county airport to larkspur and while the testing goes on the trains are supposed to honk their horns as a safety precaution but the city of san rafael recently made safety improvements and silly leaders hope that will allow them to get approval to establish those zones. tesla was a big reveal last night. an electric truck that looks out of back to the future. how the new vehicle did not quite live up to elon musk's claims at its debut.
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we're getting a closer look at tesla's new all electric pickup truck. elon musk unveiled the futuristic cyber truck yesterday in los angeles. it does not look anything like a traditional pickup. it's made with stainless steel and musk claims the truck is bulletproof. he had a design leader hit the truck with a sledgehammer and it did not leave a dent but when he asked the designer to try to break the truck's window, to his surprise, it shattered.
12:26 pm
>> we actually through everything. we through wrenches. we threw everything and literally threw the kitchen sink at the glass and it didn't break. a little weird reason abroad now. i don't know why. >> the base level cyber truck and travel 250 miles on one single charge with a high-end model hitting 500 miles. the base model price will start around $40,000. tesla says it expects to start production sometime in late 2021. taking a check of starts right now. the dow is seeing a slight rally today because of positive news in the retail industry nordstrom in san francisco bake gap reported better-than- expected earnings. tesla stock is down 6% in part because of that awkward reveal of the cyber truck we just showed you. right now the dow is up 110 points. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are also up. a movement to decriminalize marijuana is gaining traction in washington this week. the political hurdles the proposal still has to overcome in order to become a nationwide
12:27 pm
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the results, well, they speak for themselves. the parents of a former u.s. hostage who died after being released from the korea say they are committed to finding and shutting down north korean assets around the world. greg talcott has more from london. >> reporter: otto warmbier went to north korea in 2015 was arrested and sentenced to 15 years hard labor for stealing a poster. he was released in 2017 in a coma and died shortly after. now his parents are starting a new crusade to hold the north korean government accountable by cutting off its funding. >> our mission would be to hold
12:31 pm
north korea responsible to discover, recover and discover their assets around the world. >> fred and cindy rob ross is a bill collector hidden accounts, illegal north korean businesses and shell corporations in multiple countries. hoping to force north korea back to the bargaining table by choking off its money supplies. >> we will win. we have to believe we can win. we cannot give up. we can't give them a pass. we have to fight with all of our power. >> reporter: there also calling on the trump administration to make human rates a priority in any upcoming talks with north korea. denuclearization is been at the top of the agenda and that's not likely to change. the administration has also increasingly focused on efforts to get the south korean government to pay more of the
12:32 pm
cost for american troops stationed there. defense secretary mark esper pushing the issue during his southeast asia trip this week. >> south korea is a wealthy country. they can and should contribute more. >> reporter: president trump tweeted this week about a possible fourth meeting with kim jung un. north korea says it doesn't want to give the president something to brag about. x penn state coach jerry sandusky's appeal for a reduced sentence on his child sexual abuse conviction was denied today. the coaches smiled and he was brought into the courtroom in handcuffs in a yellow prison jumpsuit. sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse in 2012 and was sentenced to 30-60 years in prison. he pennsylvania superior court overturned the sentence in february finding that mandatory minimum sentences were illegally imposed but today sandusky was resentenced to the same term. in front of the judge sandusky refused to apologize and maintained his innocence.
12:33 pm
an overnight fire and hayward started around 2:30 am and destroyed two vacant buildings off of main street. firefighters are looking into the likelihood that homeless people may have been living inside the buildings. >> it's a good probability because the building was boarded up. vacant. and nobody living there for at least a couple of years that i know of. >> the fire spread to the attic of a home next door and threatened a nearby business but firefighters were able to put it out before that happened. there are no reports of any injuries. san francisco police are investigating a rash of vandalism in the inner sunset district. investigators say vandal targeted as many as eight businesses in the neighborhood this past week. a neighborhood bakery and a beauty salon were among the shops damaged. those businesses had their windows smashed. police are asking for help as they search for the people responsible. >> if you have surveillance footage, please share it with us and if you see something, say something. >> police are already reviewing
12:34 pm
some surveillance video. officers say the video shows a possible suspect wearing a dark peacoat and light-colored jeans. more problems now for monsanto. it's pleading guilty to illegally spraying a band pesticide onto fields in maui five years ago. monsanto which is owned by the german pharmaceutical giant bear will pay $10 million. 6 million of which are criminal fines earlier this year monsanto and bear lost three trials in california as juries found monsanto failed to warn consumers about the potential cancer risks of its weedkiller roundup. the california restaurant association is suing the city of berkeley over its ban on natural gas. the association filed that lawsuit yesterday claiming the band violates federal law and would hurt businesses. in july the city council voted in favor of the ban on natural gas service in new comer residential construction
12:35 pm
projects. city leaders plan to extend the band to commercial buildings including restaurants. the association wants to stop the band before goes into effect on january 1. in santa rosa police are investigating a deadly stabbing. investigators want to know if a marijuana grow may be connected to the crime. a 55-year-old man was killed yesterday at a home on jennings avenue. investigators found signs of a struggle. a woman returning to the home and found the man's body and rushed next door to her neighbors to get help. property records show a couple has lived at the home where the stabbing happened for the past 16 years neighbors are now wondering whether the marijuana growing in the backyard was a factor in the crime. >> we try to fly a drone around once and he got crazy about it and yelled at us and that was our only interaction with him ever in 14 years. >> police say the marijuana grow is fairly large and power was routed from inside the house to light the plants outside. if eugenie crew had to adjust the wiring so investigators say
12:36 pm
could safely search for evidence at the scene. the congressional committee approved a menu to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. but as reported from washington the legislation faces hurdles. >> reporter: the house judiciary committee approving a proposal wednesday to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. the legislation would allow states to set their own rules on pot while supporters are calling it a historic moment for cannabis policy reform, the bill's future is uncertain. it must pass in the full house and then in the republican- controlled senate before coming law. it's unclear if or when a vote would take place in the full house. >> i won't support that but i think there is support in the senate if it actually went to the floor of the senate. >> reporter: while the debate goes on in washington, two thirds of americans say the use of marijuana should be legal according to a new pew research center survey. democratic presidential hopefuls weighing in on the
12:37 pm
issue this week. cory booker taking a shot on joe biden's stance on pot. >> there's not nearly but enough evidence that has been acquired as to whether or not it is a gateway drug. it's a debate and i want a lot more before i legalize it nationally. i want to make sure we know a lot more about the science behind it. >> this week i heard him literally say that i don't think we should legalize marijuana. i thought you might've been high when you said it. >> reporter: right now marijuana is legal for recreational use in 11 states along with the district of columbia. the cdc said the number of cases of lung injuries linked to vaping is rising. according to the cdc there are now 2290 cases in the u.s. that's an increase of 118 cases from last week. the center for disease control also reports of 47 people across the country have died because of vaping related illnesses. e-cigarette maker juul may sell the san francisco office tower it bought just a few months ago.
12:38 pm
the chronicle reports the company paid $400 million for the mission street building in june and was planning to move its headquarters from pier 70. but juul now plans to sell after recent lawsuits and new regulations in san francisco . many cities around the country are banning e-cigarette products and concerns about illnesses and deaths linked to vaping. but juul is spending millions of dollars in an effort to expand around the world. the bureau of investigative journalism is reporting that juul met with politicians to lobby on vaping rules in asia, africa, europe, the middle east and south america. it's loving offensive has reportedly even included offering to help governments write e-cigarette roles despite the fact that an international treaty essentially bans tobacco from interfering with public health policy. tech company youtube says
12:39 pm
they want to help homeless families in san francisco. the company announced yesterday the nonprofit, hamilton families, will receive $1.3 million. about 500,000 of that will come from youtube ceo, susan wojcicki. the rest is coming from youtube parent company google. >> our goal is to help the community understand the problems that can lead to homelessness and also inspire others to get involved in whichever way they can. >> the money will provide meals and permanent housing for hundreds of families. a piece of artwork at a san jose school that was defaced by vandals will now see the light of day once again. >> we know that the principles of the mural represented are unshakable and cannot be destroyed. >> this morning at lowell elementary school assemblyman ash kalra announced a fundraising effort to have the mural repainted. this is how the cesar chavez mural looked before vandals defaced the artwork in august. educators and parents say the crime cost students in the community. >> every day that mural
12:40 pm
reminder this community how beautiful we are and how we have contributed. >> i don't want the negativity to win so i want to do even better the second time. >> the artist said when he repaints the mural he will extend it to all sides of the maintenance shed on the school playground instead of just one side. the school district and assemblyman have posted a link where they hope to collect $7500 to fund the repainting next month. when the kincade fire threatened sonoma county a lot of people stepped up to help. next, how a team of firefighters made up largely of volunteers helped the back the flames and protect the community. outside this afternoon it's dry and pleasant as we head into the weekend. a minor warm-up this weekend followed by wet weather in the extended forecast. details after the break when it comes to health coverage,
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it's been two weeks since firefighters contained the kincaid wildfire in sonoma county n.l. residents of a senior living center in windsor are finally back at home. 55 residents of the brooke deal senior assisted living community returned. they were evacuated on october 26 as the kincade fire threatened the town of windsor. was some spent time with family and friends, the majority went to another brooke deal facility 135 miles away in scotts valley. >> i have made good friends here. and i feel comfortable here. it's a beautiful place and it's just good. >> but we talked about it all the time and said, god, we wish we were back there again. we really did. >> we felt kind of trapped down
12:45 pm
there but trying to have a good time but we couldn't wait to get home so finally we got our act together and got our buses together and here we are finally. now we can resume our life again. >> the residents and staff at the center say they owe an enormous debt of gratitude to firefighters and other first responders. in part two of our zip trip today, we spoke with some of the firefighters who were on the front lines of the kincade fire. many of whom were volunteers who stepped up to defend their community. claudine wong brings us this story from geyserville. >> reporter: for the town of geyserville the kincade fire was devastating. >> as the fire progressed the wind pushed into the town of geyserville so this became the bull's-eye for the kincade fire. >> reporter: the firefighters met it as a quarter over the ridges consuming what was in its path. and as they geyserville firefighters fought, the flames took the homes of their friends and their neighbors. and as volunteer firefighter john lilienthal said on that fire line, the fire turned his family home to ash. >> you know, honestly, it was such, i was so numb to
12:46 pm
everything that i think staying on the job was the best thing for me to do at the time and from my experience in the army as a combat medic, the mission always comes first regardless of what happened so, you know, we head to continue doing what we were doing. there was no way we can stop. >> reporter: for them comedy firefight was personal. the department is made largely of volunteers and all have their own reasons for showing up. this veteran is in the fire academy and working toward a full-time position. >> i decided to use my g.i. bill to go back to school to get my emt license and that led me down this path to knock on the door here at geyserville. >> reporter: the battalion chief retired last november after working more than three decades as a firefighter. two months later he joined this department as a volunteer. >> i still want to give back to the community and wasn't quite ready to hang it up. >> reporter: chris signed of 21
12:47 pm
years ago inspired him to sing other volunteers in action. he has spent decades balancing this job with his other career. >> i am winemaker here in sonoma county. >> reporter: all of them and gone through hundreds of hours of training just for the privilege of working for free. and they still train every month. and when the kincade fire hit, they all answer the call. >> we do about 3000 miles a month. we were at 7000 miles. these guys, these volunteers with no pay and away from the family, no electricity on their homes. some guys are without gas and warm showers. >> reporter: in recent years of the department is added a full- time paid position by peter not, they all have a history of volunteering. even the chief, who was part- time here in full time with cal fire.
12:48 pm
>> roughly 18 years of volunteer time. i still think that a gift most of my time at a discounted rate or volunteer because i don't count the hours, i just do it because of the passion and i like the community. >> reporter: it's in his blood. his death was a volunteer with geyserville. >> when he died he was still the fire chief at that time in 2003. >> reporter: they are all bound by a desire to serve. >> you can teach that hog ? >> you can teach that. >> reporter: as the train to the next one, because there will be a next one, they do it together. >> people they care about their community are willing to show up on holidays. time away from the family. risk their own lives to save their community. that's the american spirit the way i see a. that's the sense of community. that's what i want to continue to foster. it's hard but that's what i think is really what's great about america and california. >> that was claudine wong reporting for us. you can watch the entire sonoma county zip trip including sal castaneda's visit to one of the restaurants that had to close
12:49 pm
down during the fire, it's up right now on a website let's check in now with rosemary for a look at the weather this weekend. it's nice and sunny out there and it feels warm where we are in the studio. yes it's coming through and this morning was quite a cool start for our folks out there for the zip trip. temperatures have really rebounded. santa rosa, low 60s. feeling much better than this morning when we dropped to 37 or so. i look at sfo. a little bit of haze in the sky and 57 degrees in san francisco. upper 50s in oakland. low 60s in livermore and san jose. the wind is generally light and we have clear skies. even on the coast just patches of fog reported but for the most part everyone is enjoying the sunshine. here's a look the 24 hour temperature change. we were a lot like yesterday. our temperatures are a lot like yesterday within a few degrees for most areas. a little cooler in livermore. here is a view of the satellite and you can see just a little
12:50 pm
bit of fog on the san mateo county coastline but we have plenty of sunshine to go around, today, tomorrow and into sunday. subtle changes. we are looking at a minor warm- up as high pressure will continue to dominate our pattern but eventually systems dropping out of the pacific and the northwest will impact our high pressure. it's going to we can and finally allow some rainfall to move into california. it looks like by tuesday. tuesday, wednesday and thursday look to be the timeframe on this so we are going to be dry through the weekend. and as we get into monday we call it a transition date. the breeze picks up. temperatures begin to drop and on tuesday we are expecting that rain to arrive. it looks to stay with us through wednesday or thursday which means it could impact am i likely to impact the big holiday travel time. local rainfall amounts anywhere from half an inch to an inch. we are still several days out and we will continue to fine- tune this as we move along but if you are expecting to head to hop tahoe for the holiday winter travels up possibility.
12:51 pm
afternoon highs under a mostly cloudy condition for today. 65 in nevada. 63, san francisco. 65, hayward. 66, antioch. 66, morgan hill. extended forecast will show you a modest warm-up coming your way. meanwhile in tahoe a cool one in the mid 40s and into the overnight, really dropping off. early tomorrow morning and sunday, expect temperatures below freezing. 46 for the afternoon on saturday. mid 50s on sunday. for us, temperatures. on sunday when we get to 70 degrees inland and the transition on monday. wet weather in the forecast on tuesday. today is a freebie friday. enter now for a chance to win four general admission tickets good for one day admission to the 62nd annual san francisco international auto show happening november 28 through december 2 at the moscone center. to enter go to
12:52 pm
click on the link to the freebie friday giveaway. follow all instructions to complete the online entry form. two winners will be selected by random drawing on monday. that over 22. you can see the official roles at coming up at noon, a roundup of all the activities happening across the bay area tonight and over the next couple of days. we will have the weekend watch.
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today 4:00. a first-hand account of horror on a bart car. >> a woman who witnessed the deadly fight anbar this week is telling our crime report or henry lee about the terrifying incident and her attempts to save a dying man. hear her story coming up today on the 4. the latest on what's happening this weekend across the bay area, here is rosemary with your weekend watch. closing in on the weekend with numerous events going on
12:56 pm
in san francisco. get into the holiday spirit at the 33rd building lighting ceremony at embarcadero center. that is on friday complete with 17,000 holiday lights come up fireworks and an ice skating show. festivities begin at 4 pm. the lighting ceremony is at 6:00. or head to the palace of fine arts theater to see award- winning hip-hop performers from around the world at the 21st annual san francisco international hip-hop dance fest going on friday through sunday. in daly city, the great dickens christmas fair returns to the cow palace for another year offering holiday shops , seven stages of entertainment, costumed carolers, pubs and tea rooms built to look like old england. this will run every weekend. hop on treasure island to enjoy the snowvember treasure fest holiday market happening on sunday. or in the east bay the jack london square tree lighting ceremony is friday from 5:00 or 8:00. festivities include music, food and entertainment.
12:57 pm
in berkley 2019 holidays on fort street kicks off on friday with lights and free hot drinks. in the north bay the 2019 gifts 'n tyme holiday fair will fill the napa valley expo with 85 plus artisans and food sampling. happening on saturday in sports, niners and sharks play at home. raiders and warriors are away. i'm rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch. the 49ers hoping they will get their playmaking diet and back on sunday for the start of a difficult three-game stretch. george campbell was limited in practice today after missing yesterday. he has missed two games because of injury. kittle said sunday's game against aaron rodgers and the packers is a battle for the nsc that he does not want to miss. gametime has been switched to 5:20 pm to accommodate for national television. after the game the 49ers will hit the road for games in baltimore and new orleans. all three of the 49ers' upcoming opponents have 8-10 records.
12:58 pm
that will be a tough stretch for them. the oakland raiders making a playoff push. if they can beat the new york jets this sunday they will tie the kansas city chiefs at the top of the afc west. the surprising raiders have been led by derek carr who is having one of the best seasons of his career. the rookies are also making key contributions including josh jacobs. sunday's game kicks off on sunday morning in east rutherford, new jersey. christmas trees may be more expensive this year because of a drop in supply in some parts of the country. hot weather and heavy rains aren't the only reason for the shortage. the 2008, 2009 recession may be to blame. 10 years ago people cut back on spending and farmers planted fewer christmas trees as the economy dipped. since trees take about 10 years to mature we are still feeling the effects today. tonight is the animal tree
12:59 pm
lighting ceremony at jack london square. the festivities begin at 6:30 pm and excuse me, at 5:00. the lighting is scheduled for 6:30 pm. gasia mikaelian will take part in the festivities. they would have music performances, holiday pop-up shops in a craft market. and a holiday ice-skating park is now open in san francisco civic center. the ice was broken an hour ago for the t-mobile winter park outside city hall. this is modeled after an ice- skating rink in austria with this getting past the travels through a lighted tree forest in the season the path has been extended. this is the second year for the winter park at civic center. >> is a little bit different this year. the rink is a 60 by 100. we extended the track. that's the path that goes through the trees but your backdrop is going to be the gorgeous city hall. >> the winter park will be open through january 5. you can call this your moment of zen. this happened yesterday ahead of today's opening. state senator scott wiener
1:00 pm
posted this video of himself circling the rink on a small pink zamboni. the video of the senator on the zamboni has more than 10,000 years on twitter. >> we need to get him a bigger zamboni. thank you for watching the news at noon. take care. millions of disturbing online images. >> are we talking about pornography? dr. oz: we join undercover sting operation and bust pedophiles hiding in plain sight. plus, public outrage facing repartee i -- rapper t.i.'s stance on the controversial rigidity test -- virginity test. coming up next. dr. oz: season 11 starts now. children have the right to feel


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