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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 Weekend  FOX  November 24, 2019 7:00am-8:28am PST

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0 ofrjts a search underway for a campus shooter. governor gavin newsom issuing an executive order to help victims recover. how the order could speed up the rebuilding process. process. ahead of the thanksgiving holiday, we are live at sfo with what you need to know if you're catching a flight. >> mornings on two. >> good morning, welcome to mornings on two on this sunday november 24th. >> good morning, happy weekend weather. i'm frank mal coat. let's widen the gap here and find rosemary ri and talk about the chilly weather we have upon us. >> another cool one. today very similar to yesterday. a chilly start and fog out
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there. there. back into the 60s, we had a nice golden hugh start to the day for you there. mostly sunny skies away from the coast, a few touches of fog. for the most part everybody will enjoy the sunshine. temperatures this morning just as colds as yesterday morning. santa rosa one degree above freezing. 33 to start your day. 51 in san francisco. low 40s in oakland. livermore at 47. widespread 60s once again. low 60s at the coast. upper 60s inland. we cool it down getting back to work on monday and breezy weather also will bring up the possibility of fire danger. no advisory in place at the moment. thankfully by tuesday afternoon rain moving into the bay area. we'll detail this and a look at afternoon highs for today, coming up. union city police are
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looking for surveillance video or possible witnesses to a deadly shooting at sara elementary school. investigators say both young victims were inside a van at 1:30 yesterday morning. the boys were 11 and 14 years ct student and the other a former student. police were called when neighbors heard several shots fired. a member of the union city council lives three blocks away says the violence is harder when the victims are so young. >> they're kids. it's very important that we get this person or persons off the street. >> my daughter happens to know the victims. and it's very close to home. >> police say one of the boys was pronounced dead at the school and the other died in the ambulance. investigators have not ruled out the possibly may have been gang
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related. santa rosa police arrested a 21-year old man in a stabbing on suspicion of murder. police say the victim of 55-year old man was found at a home on jenny avenue thursday afternoon and there was a sigsome neighboe victim's marijuana garden in the backyard. police have not said whether the plants are connected to his death. police are looking for a suspect who robbed a man at gun point. police say the robbery happened yesterday morning before 8:30 stop sign at the intersection of range and russell avenues. someone approached the victim's vehicle and pointed a silver hand gun at him and demanded a wallet. black ski mask and black gloves and blue jeans if you have any information you're asked to give sapt rose police a call. this morning contra costa county is investigating the death of a person after an
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apartment fire. the fire broke out around 6:20 last night. an eight-unit building. four units were damaged and residents have been displaced. police have not identified the victim. an adult community for residents 55 years and older. new this morning, oakland police arrested one person and detained several others following a side show activity. one person arrested for doing doents during a gathering at 42nd and international boulevard. police say their helicopter was able to follow the driver and allowed police to arrest him. another vehicle was towed after police say multiple people were throwing bottles at officers near coliseum way. police have stepped up rituals for the past several months to prevent activity oofrments three people hurt after an early morning crash in san francisco. a driver hit a bicyclist and a parked car which had a person
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sitting inside. the twoen lanes were blocked between 6th and 7th street. three people involved suffered life threatening juries. gavin newsom trying to help victims recover quickly, he issued an executive order that could speed up the process for fire survivors getting back into their homes. it includes a suspension of planning and zoning requirements for places where people have lived in mobile homes, manufactured homes and rv's andt copies of their driver's license for free. the order also applies to victims of wildfires in southern california county last month. this is a busy travel day headed into the thanksgiving holiday. so we got alyssa life for us at sfo. that airport is expecting big crowds today with many travelers looking for an easy way to get
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to their families. join the crowd of many people traveling. >> exactly. i thought because we got here early and it's a sunday we would miss the crowds but it's extremely busy here at sf o. a lot of people showing up to catch flights to visit family for thanksgiving getting an early start. taking a few extra days off work. one thing new this year travelers who rely on uber to get to or from the airport and willing to pay more can get curb side pick up. what's happening is for the next two months uber comfort, select and xl will pick up riders curb side at sfo but only certain pick up zones. that's door nine at terminal one and doors 11 and 12 at terminal three. air travel is expected to get busy this week. the group called airlines for america predicts this year's thanksgiving holiday period will be the busiest ever with more than 31 million people choose to go fly. the busiest day expected to be
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the day after thanksgiving. here at sfo friday was one of the busiest days not just because of holiday travel but friday is the last day of the dream force conference in downtown san francisco so a lot of people came to the airport to fly back to home destinations. the busiest day for drivers expected to be wednesday. that's the day before thanksgiving. in the bay area, traffic is expected to be at its worst between 2:00 and 4:00 that day when a lot of people will begin road trips so expect to add a little bit of time to your commute. reporting live at sfo, alyssa herring ton, fox two news. thanks for that. were you colds this morning? >> yes. i'm getting used to it because it's been colds for a while. the rain is going to take a little getting used to but i'm not going to complain. >> we're getting used to the chilly mornings. by the afternoon we had really nice weather. that's going to change as we get
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into the coming days. the system bringing us bay area rain and sierra snow also bringing us cool afternoon highs. that hasn't been something we have seen recently. a look here at a beautiful golden gate bridge. the winds are generally lathe and if you're stepping out early this morning, a chilly start but not too much fog. our visibility, fog right along the coastline but half moon looking good. we have just inside the bay haze and fog and as you head out towards the sacramento valley, it looks okay. 24-hour temperature change. we're cooler this morning. santa rosa, napa down by one or two degrees and livermore slightly cooler. 43 in areas over oakland this morning. into the 30s once again for our inner east bay as well as north bay. 33 in santa rosa. talk a look at livermore sinking
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to 37. the sun is shining and we should begin to see a turn around in the next hour or so. temperatures into the afternoon barely budgeting. 65 degrees in okay rand. 64 in san francisco. 70 degrees the afternoon high in santa rosa and for the inner east bay, 69 degrees this afternoon for livermore and antioch. if you're going to see the niners play into the afternoon a beautiful day over areas of the south bay but we're cooling off. at kick off time 62 degrees. by the half, upper 50s. you may want to brng a jacket as well. >> into the extended forecast, the rain coming our way, details, coming up after the break. thanks rose mary. two oakland police officers could be in line for metals of valor. >> the officers who administered narcan to a man who overdosed. after the break, we sit down with east bay congresswoman barbara lee after she spent the day with members of the congressional black caucus. we'll talk about that and much more, coming up.
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the impeachment hearings are over but now the deliberations begin. adam schiff was saying that the hearings did provide so much evidence of guilt and misconduct. this week house aids are writing a report about the case for impeachment. in the meantime work does
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continue on capitol hill on the food stamp program. congresswoman barbara lee talking about all of it. good morning. >> you just got back from the border there's a lot of issues surrounding the very long issue that we have been dealing with. there's new numbers. you are specifically talking about this program, the protection protest calls program and there's numbers that show recently the washington post had the article. your trip specifically focused on one part of the issue. >> i visited first of all mc allen texas and brownsville and seen so many children being held in prisons and cages and families being torn apart. very inhumane policy of this trump administration. a lot of people don't know in mexico we have thousands of africans who have torn
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countries. i visited early and understood what is taking place. members of the congressional black caucus we went into mexico on a friday. to look and to talk to these immigrants who are primarily africans and folks from the caribbean who have been migrating they thought as refugees and could seek asylum only to be stopped at the mexican border because president trump and his policies as it relates to the tariffs and trade issues that he's putting the squeeze on the mexican government, now they're not allowed to move forward. >> so the people you talk to, we're seeing pictures from when you went down there. we have had a huge focus on the immigrants coming from central america. are these immigrants being detained or staying on the side of mexico waiting for hearings? >> they're primarily from the
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continent of africa and caribbean hey tees. jamaica, all over. primary the s-hole countries donald trump identified. they're making trips flying into ecuador but trump stopped the visa requirements. they flew into brazil and they migrated and walked through treacherous jungles across seas. it's a terrible trek they have been walking. they actually walk across and stumble over corpses in these jungles so they told us their stories. when they get into the camp on the mexican border, they're detained and there's no way to get into facilities and they're not even allowed to apply for asylum and they continue to walk. we met with quite a few in tee want na who share their stories because of donald trump and his
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policies towards mexico, the mexican government is treating them in an inhumane way. the trauma and illnesses and what is taking place, there are thousands of them. in many ways i'm taking this to something because theh in and humanitarian crisis is unbelievable. >> i want to get to other topics. very briefly, peachment. any sur prices do you think it moved anyone on the other aisle? these hearings do anything to change any minds in congress? >> well, you know, the republicans seem to be locked step with donald trump. it's really a shame and disgrace. these hearings really put forth the facts and truth. so it's up to the republican welcome i believe to pak sure that the senate understands that the nature of the betrayal and
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bribery, the fact that this president has conspired with another government and meddled in our elections, the public has to weigh in. i'm not sure the republicans in congress have the backbone to really move forward to uphold their constitutional duty. >> certainly the partisan divide is never more clear at this point. let's talk about the moore act. it interests a lot of people as well to federally deregulate marijuana. it passes this judiciary committee with a key vote, i know you talked about it earlier. when the house committee did this. how do you think is this going to go and what's the time line? >> this is important, i'm the vice chair of the cannabis caucus and i've been working on this for years. when you look at the w of thousf
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individuals in our country. we need justice the moore act could tally leaguize cannabis. people's lives have been shattered and they deserve on entree into job training and education. my respect act which provides equity in the business. right now the people who have been most effected by the unjust laws have not been allowed to break through to get the licenses because of the complications of the whole system and industry. >> timing wise because since the 70s you have been working on this. when do you think you could see if things go as you hope they would go for this act to be passed? >> quite frankly this year we have seen a leap in terms of moving forward. so the public is phenomenal.
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this is going to move much faster than it's moved in the past. we have to remember we have moved 100 plus bills to mitch mcconnell's desk. if we use the moore act, he's sitting on these bills that we have moved forward. i hope this is not going to get caught up in that. when you look at the bills such as the equality act and violence against women act and the issues we have been addressing in the house, they're dead on arrival. it's up to the republican luck to make sure senator mc colonel move forward. this is so important in terms of justice. >> it's important that the public weighs in all of it. congresswoman, thanks for coming in. we appreciate your time early on this monday morning. >> thank you very much. rose mary, let's head to you and talk about the weather. so much to talk about. wind and rain headed our way. >> yes, we have big changes coming our way for the week ahead. for today, a live look there over the east bay hills.
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what a gloirs start there. sunshine overhead. just a few patches of fog out there this morning. visibility looks okay if you need to be on the highways early on. we have a chilly morning followed by a mild afternoon. mostly sunny conditions. we're dry today. dry tomorrow but tomorrow will be sort of a transition day. breezy conditions expected. cooler conditions expected as well. the national weather service is considering the possibility of maybe a fire weather watch. that wind is going kick up our fire danger once again. tuesday things get going and interesting with the wet weather arriving in the bay area. let me show you what i mean. today and tomorrow is dry. increasing cloud cover by tuesday morning. notice the rain is still well off. tuesday first the most part, the day hours going to be fairly dry. by the afternoon and evening commute, that could change. this time you could be off. if it miss it by a couple of hours we're in good shape.
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by tuesday evening, expect the rain to move in. this is a look at wednesday morning. it's been fairly consistent for most of the state looking at rain for one of the biggest travel days of the year. and then getting into thursday morning which happens to be few scattered showers and we're drying out by thursday afternoon. black friday shoppers looks like friday is going to be mainly dry as well. as far as rainfall amounts, anywhere from a quarter inch to an inch is what we are thinking on this. we will fine tune it as we get closer. still several days out and plenty of opportunity for that to change. that's what the models are projecting at this point. here's a look at what to expect if you're travel to go the winter sierra. starts on tuesday and lasts through thursday. a winter storm watch. as i look further down the road our weekend could be soggy as well. here's a look at temperatures out pseudothis morning. under mostly clear skies, 33 degrees in santa rosa.
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37 in livermore. 43 in oakland. 50 degrees downtown san francisco. half moon bay cold for you there in the upper 30s as well. your afternoon highs, similar to yesterday, upper 60s in navato. 64 for san francisco. our south bay, upper 60s expected for you. here's a look at your extended forecast. the cool down begins tomorrow, rain moves in on tuesday and will last through early thursday. a little turkey on there. isn't he cute? >> hello turkey. coming up, underground bathrooms set to reopen in two bart stations. why it's taken nearly 20 years to reopen the bathrooms and when the first will be open to the public. family and friends remembering the young victims who died after a van overturned into a stockton canal.
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this morning we are learning the identities of two children who died in a car crash in stockton. officials say 14-year old richard wilson and 12-year old soriah were killed when a van overturned and went into a canal. police say the 17-year old driver did not have a license and many of the children inside were not wearing seat belts. last night dozens of friends and family members gathered at the cras site where a growing memorial has formed.
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>> i was talking to him. now he's gone out of my life. >> my best friend lost his daughter. tragedy like this. so all i got to say is hug your loved ones. >> lodi unified school district will have grief counselors for students t. cause of the crash is still under investigation. the california highway patrol investigating another scary incident on highway 101 in monterey county. another vehicle hit by some kind of object while driving on the highway near the 156 connector. that is the same area where two vehicles including a school bus were hit by something on friday night. the latest incident happened shortly after 2:00 yesterday afternoon. you'll remember we told you about the bus carrying the caramel high school football team and it was hit by one player. they received minor injuries and the second vehicle was hit about the same time.
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the chp reports there's been nearly 40 similar incidents in that general area since february. investigators had not identified any suspects or motives yet. bart's board of directors voted to reopen station bathrooms inside san francisco's pal street station. the restroom at the underground station were closed following the 9-11 terrorist attack and remain for years. the bathrooms are expected to be improved and reopened as all gender facilities. there are reports that 19th street station will be reopened. up next, marching for affordable housing. >> coming up after the break, we'll talk about the rally that took to the streets of oakland protesting large luxury apartment buildings. honoring those killed in the walmart mass shooting, a new memorial that stands in the parking lot to pay tribute to the 22 lives that were lost.
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stay right there.
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an oakland police officer saves a man's life. wel who jumped into action. elections are underway in hong kong. hong kong.
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good morning, happy sunday. i'm frank frank mallicoat. busy taking a look at our weather. so many people are paying attention to this week because they don't want it to mess up travel plans. >> yes, while it's -- let's just gear up for it. >> it's going to happen. slick roads will be just in time for the big wednesday commute. we have a few scattered showers in the forecast for all of our turkey trotters. we are looking at wet weather and in the days ahead but again, we are looking forward to it. giving you a look outside this morning where we're dry once again today. similar to yesterday, the day before and it's a chilly start followed by mild conditions into the afternoon. areas like santa rosa and our north bay valley locations near freezing this morning. 33 degrees to start your day. 50 degrees in san francisco. we have low 40s in oakland. upper 30s in livermore and san jose at 44. we can agree it's a chilly
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start. dry conditions expected for your afternoon. widespread 60s for the afternoon and today. barely budgeting from yesterday. a cool down coming our way into monday. wet weather arrives on tuesday. i have details coming up. two oakland police officers are being considered for metals of valor after saving the life of a man who appeared to be dead. it started when two men drove up to the east mont police station yesterday saying the man in the backseat of their car was in desperate need of help. >> first thing they said, my brother needs help. i think he's dead the officer says he sprang into actiond". he left the lobby and headed out side and pulled the young man from the backseat. >> i touched the body and it was colds. >> when cpr wasn't enough and officers were told the victim used cocaine and heroin, the
7:33 am
officer grabbed the life saving drug narcan from his kit and administered it to the victim. >> the reaction was within three seconds. he started breathing again. he became a little more alert. and he got his pulse back. >> the 18-year old came back to life and was taken to highland hospital where he was reported to be alert and stable. it was only weeks ago that oakland police began using narcan, a nasal spray used in emergency cases of suspected opioid overdose. weeks aago officers would have had to call for help and wait. now they have a way to take action it's crazy how quickly they can come back after being fully unconscious and not breathing and not having a pulse to administering the narcan. >> highland hospital donated 800 doses of the drug to the oakland police department. within weeks police say they have used it in five cases and expect it will be used often. these modest officers don't consider themselves heroes but say they are proud to have used
7:34 am
a new tool in the arsenal to save a life. >> once they confirm the life is saved, we have smiles. we look at each other and check each other out. >> san bruno police arrested three people on weapons charges. three suspects were among a group found spray painting gang graffiti on friday morning. the 16-year old suspect allegedly had a concealed gun on him as well and a 17-year old found with brasz knuckles. the police officer arrested this man, for having a concealed knife. all three were arrested on various weapons charges. police say they're investigating the incident as a gang related crime. demonstrators taking to the streets calling for the impeachment of president trump. a rally held yesterday in sacramento. the event sponsored by democratic candidate den demard running for the house of
7:35 am
representatives democracy is at stake. we're seeing democratic institutions crumble before a lawless president and it's up to us to demonstrate that what is going on in our federal government is not acceptable. >> members of congress on recess this week, house democrats will decide on whether to hold more peement hearings before referring the case to the judiciary committee. new documents from the state department show that president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani was in contact with secretary of state mike pompeo about the aid to ukiah. jewel yule insists he's done nothing wrong and believes he will not be indicted. >> i did the right thing. i represented my client in a very effective way. i was so effective that i discovered a pattern of corruption that the washington press has been covering up for tlae or four years. >> rudy giuliani also says that
7:36 am
he's incriminating documents on former vice president joe biden although he's not offered evidence of that. this comes as rudy giuliani is under investigation for possible campaign finance violations and a failure to register as a foreign agent. members of congress are considering a potential ban on e-cigarettes and vaping products. the president hosted health professional industry representatives and lawmakers at the white house. health experts say they don't know for certain what's causing an outbreak of vaping related illnesses. back in september the president first floated the idea of a federal ban on e-cigarettes similar to the one that's in san francisco. he recently backed off the idea though citing economic harm to small businesses. those at friday's meeting presented a variety of ideas. >> the questions how to regulate cigs is highly complex it's vital to understand the best way to go about perfecting. >> juul the biggest e-cigarette
7:37 am
maker in the country was commended for pulling most flavors off the market. advocates are concerned any kand of vaping ban will push users back to traditional cigarettes. more than 2200 people suffered severe lung jewry associated with vaping. hundreds of people took to the streets of oakland in a march for affordable housing rallies. >> the rally started at moss wood park and demonstrators walked by vacant homes protesting large luxury apartment building that is have been going up around the city. several activists spoke at that event including one layny college student who says students can't afford a place to live and have trouble focus on their studies. >> i'm experiencing security and it takes away from focus on things like this essay what can i do in this class ram to make myself more competitive.
7:38 am
can't focus on things of that sort. >> where am i going to lay my head, am i even going to eat this week. >> oakland housing activist group moms for housing says there are four vacant units that every homeless person in the city. they wantd to push for policies that would create more affordable housing in oakland most californians are concerned about homelessness in their communities according to the public policy institute of california, 85% of people are worried about the state's homeless crisis and support the concept of a law that would require the government to build more shelters. majority also supported a proposal that would require cities to provide enough shelter beds for their homeless populations, the poll also found the issue crosses party lines. a new memorial in the parking lot of an el paso walmart store where 22 peopl upt
7:39 am
light from a 30-foot candle in the center. about 100 people gathered for the dedication ceremony and to remember the people who died as well as the 25 others who were hurt in the shooting. >> we hope it serves as a remunder in the extraordinary way the el paso community responded in the face of tragedy with strength, love and unity. >> the el paso mayor says the monument is a constant reminder of the resilience of the people with the city and juarez. relatives of the victim hope the city will add the names of the victim to the memorial sometimes in the near future. time now is 7:39. a record number of hong kong residents turned out for local elections in the city. the guardian is reporting 1.5 million people voted exceeding total ballots cast in the 2015 elections.
7:40 am
this comes after months of the region. demonstrators urged people to not disrupt the elections. they are not for powerfulicate the attitude of people in hong kong to prodemocracy their movement. the thanksgiving holiday weekend means bay area airports will be busier than usual and sit all starts today. alyssa is live for us this morning. and says some travelers may have options that could save them some time and alyssa, anything that could save time during holiday travel is welcome news. >> good morning, that's right. so basically what's happening here at sfo for the next couple of months is uber is rolling out a pilot program allowing people who arrive here at sfo and need to get to an uber to get to their destination they won't have to walk to the area across the way. it takes time especially when you have the large suitcases. instead they can get curb side pick up at certain locations.
7:41 am
for the next two months uber comfort and xl can pick up riders curb side in certain zones. in terminal one at door nine, doors four five and terminal three, doors 11 and 12. air travel is also expected to get busy this week. the group airlines for america predicts this year's thanksgiving holiday period will be the busiest ever with more than 31 million choosing to fly. the busiest day in the air is expected to be the day after thanksgiving. friday was one of the busiest days not just because of holiday travel but because it was the last day of the dream force conference in downtown san francisco. thousands of people who came to town for that had to catch flights back home. if you're hitting the roads the holiday season, the busiest day around thanksgiving is expected to be the day before when a lot of people start their road trips. in the bay area the most traffic can be expected between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on
7:42 am
wednesday. keep that in mind and add a little bit of extra time to your commute. sadly those roads might be wet although we need the rain we do need the rain. it should tell everyone to slow down. the first rains they make the roads slick and the oils come up and that's a time where we see a few more accidents than we would like. >> everybody forgets how to trier of fact. it could be dangerous. it will come in time for wednesday. wednesday looks like it's going to be wettest day of them all. a live look here at dry conditions, blue skies and mostly sunny conditions for the entire afternoon. there's a beautiful shot there of the golden gate bridge. just lit up from the sun. we do have just a few patches of fog out there but visibility not an issue this morning. we will remain dry for the next couple of days before a storm finally breaks through and bring us that rain and snow to the sierra. this morning here's a view of the visibility and not bad.
7:43 am
navato reporting three miles. you can see fog up the coastline inside the bay. if we look towards the sacramento valley, you'll find some there. the chill in the air, once again take a look. 33 degrees in santa rosa, 50 downtown san francisco. half moon bay, 39 for you. the inner east bay, 37 in livermore and san jose, 44. mostly clear skies and calm conditions help to really things off in the overnight hours. in fact, take a look at the valley floor in the forth bay. we have 35 degrees at roanoke park. 35 in navato. a lot of 30s to tart the morning in the valley locations, especially the north bay. getting into the afternoon another one coming our way. feels fairly nice. 65 degrees is not bad at all for your lunch hour. concord here and upper 60s expected for you there. for most we havwind picks up tod
7:44 am
xt, supremeoming up. court justice ruth bader ginsburg is in the hospital once again this morning. >> at 8:00 a.m., what we know about her condition and when she might be able to go home. first, how a team of firefighters made up largely of volunteers help beat back the flames to protect their community in the north bay. coming your way. don't miss the grand opening of the new floor & decor in milpitas. if you have never been to a floor & decor, you have to go to the grand opening. hardwoods, laminates, tile or stone. holy smos, i'm on a budget and i was able to go to floor & decor,
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click, call or visit a store today. 0. the rain is headed our way which say welcome site for the bay area and especially the firefighters who spent the last month fighting fires. we them enough. this morning we want to introduce you to a group who not only spent endless hours fighting the fire but who did it for free. >> for the town of giserville, the con kincaid fire was devastating as the fire progressed, the winds pushed intiet the town so this became the bulls yea. >> the firefighters met it as it roared over the rigids consuming what was in its path and as the firefighters fought the flames took homes of their friends and neighbors. john welcome stood on the fire line. home
7:48 am
into ash. >> it was unknown to everything. from my experience in the army as a combat medic, the mission comes first. regardless of what happens so we had to continue doing what we were doing. and there was no way we could stop. >> for them the fire fight was personal. the department is made up largely of volunteers and all have their own reasons for showing up. veteran john lillian is working towards a full time position. >> i decided to use my gi bill to go back to school to get my emt license and that led me down this path to knock on the door here at giserville. >> the chief retired last november after working for more two months later he joins this
7:49 am
department as a volunteer. >> i still want to give back to the community and wasn't quite ready to hang it up. >> chris signed upears ago inspired after seeing other volunteers in action. he spent decades balancing this job with his other career. >> i'm a wine maker here in sonoma county. >> all of them have gone through hundreds of hours of training just for the privilege of working for free. and they still train every month and when the kincaid fire hit they all answered the call. >> we do about 3,000 miles a month. we were at 7,000 miles. these volunteers, no pay, away from their family. no electricity on homes. >> in recent years the department has added a couple of full time paid positions but paid or not, they all have a history of volunteering. even the chief marshall tur byville who is part
7:50 am
and fulost of my time at a discounted rate. i don't count the hours. i do it because it's i a passion. >> it's in his blood, his dad was a volunteer with giserville. >> he was the fire chief at 2005. >> they were all bound by desire to serve. >> as they train for the next one because there will be a next one, they do it together. >> people that care about the community are willing to show up on holidays. time away from their family and risk their own lives to save the community, that's the american spirit and sense of community. that's what i want to continue to foster. it's hard, but that's what is great about america and california. california. the fire chief says there's always a need for more volunteers. you don't have to be on the line, you can be part of support services and like heroes, ththe fire chief pointed out otr
7:51 am
members of the community who stepped up to help. it takes the all those two all have other jobs and families. >> yes, workers. they work when they can get paid and volunteer when they can't and do they training there all the time and come and show up. >> do they report to work daily or if the fire alarm goes off it's more they come for training and certain things, the call for help they come in. >> great things. a lot of folks up there doing a lot of great. let's get you to the weather. we have a big holiday coming up. rain and some chilly weather coming our way too. >> yes, don't forget the sierra snow. snow coming our way as wl. we have a system that is moving through today and into tomorrow. not going to impact us but
7:52 am
finally going to break through as we get into the tuesday time frame. isn't that a beautiful view over tahoe? tahoe this morning is below freezing under mostly clear skies. they have been macing the snow up there so far. we are going to see that change getting into the next few days. here's a look at storm tracker two. high pressure remains dominanth. eventually the storms are going to break through and by tuesday that's when we look at the bay area to see the rain. for today mostly sunny, meeld, and temperatures sum sto where we have been. as we get into tomorrow, the winds pick up just a bit. in fact, it's going to increase our fire danger if you can believe it. national weather services looking at that possibility of maybe issuing an advisory into tuesday. the wet weather arrives lasts. here's a look at the future cast model. we're dry today and tomorrow.
7:53 am
tuesday morning notice the clouds now moving in. that rain is still to the north of us. that begins to shift. looks like in time for the evening drive. this could change. it could miss the evening drive. maybe move in 8:00 or 9:00. that is iffy there. wednesday has been consistent with the rain the entire state, snow in the sierra lasting for most of the day which also happens to be a big travel day. as we get into thursday thanksgiving day, we have a lot of marathons and runs going on. the turkey trots could be soggy to start the day. getting into the afternoon we're dry. at the moment looks like friday is going to be dry for the big holiday shopping day. as far as rainfall amounts, we're looking at anywhere from quarter inch to an inch. this will move and shift as we get closer flt we'll watch that for you. if you're thinking about going to the sierra for your holiday, be prepared for the winter
7:54 am
travel. a winter storm watch has already anticipated tuesday through thursday. for us here at home, at this hour fog out there. visibility is good. temperatures this morning a cold one, 51 in downtown san francisco. upper 30s in livermore. in the north bay 33 in santa rosa. afternoon highs for today, a lot like yesterday. widespread 60s and low 60s at the coast. mid 60s around the bay. upper 60s expected inland. north bay to santa rosa, 70. kick off time is 62 degrees. 58 by the half. it's going to be cooling off. >> are you going? >> no, i'll be watching. >> that's a quick answer. there's the extended forecast. >> so easy to sit on the couch. >> we're taking about the rain and snow. did you see the temperatures? mid to upper 50s for the afternoon. >> it was colds this morning. >> we'll notice that. got that heater going. coming up at 8:00 on
7:55 am
mornings on two. hundreds of volunteers coming together to build bikes for children. why the bikes are more than just a gift. >> we're going to break down the big game. how cal tries to end a decade long streak, coming up and they had a problem with the ax too. it takes a village to raise a child.
7:56 am
to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive.
7:57 am
7:58 am
the bears and n a thriller yesterday beat stanford to win the big game, 24-20. first quarter davis mills upstairs will find donald staurt, that's 40 yards and touchdown there. cal down 7-0. back they come down 1710. fourth quarter will return the favor and hit ramjo back in the end zone. 18 yards out tied at 17. stanford get ace field are downr
7:59 am
goes nuts here. calls his own number no one opens and sem. i'm going to run that baby in. that's your game winning touchdown from 16 yards away. gar ber's rush for 73 in the game. won it with his legs and the,xe is back in berkley. here are the two coaches after a hard fought game. >> that's a great feeling. i'm excited for players and fans. it means so much to the institution and our alumni and especially our team. it's an awesome moment. the joy on the guy's faces i can't wait to celebrate with them and the fans i'm hurtingeel bad for them. we let our seniors down and didn't allow them to finish their careers here with the axe told them there should be pain involved. if you care, you hurt.
8:00 am
>> cal will finish t aucla next week. the cal students took a bit of a header running it on to the field after all, it's been a long time but just like the bears they got up and got playing. >> my husband was there. rushed the field and got tear ri eyed over the victory. it's been a long time coming it's been a decade. i will route for the bears today but not next week. t next week. welcome to mornings on two. taking a look outside, how gorgeous is that. we get to enjoy that view very often here in the bay area. >> gotham. >> that's a dark place. >> but with the buildings, we got the ocean. it's gorgeous. >> it's san francisco, we don't need gotham. >> happy sunday, i'm frank mallicoat. rosemary here to talk about what will be a very busy weekend
8:01 am
weather wise and travel wise. >> yeah, a lot going on. not a lot going on today. don't let me scare you. >> tuesday and wednesday. >> yeah, then comes the rain and sierra snow. tomorrow interesting because that wind is heightening fire danger. it's hard to believe. >> i'll take the raun but not the wind anymore. >> yeah, just reallynd into tuesday the rain is expected to arrive out pseudoour doorshi morning. a cold 37 degrees in santa rosa which is an improvement. you were 33 in the last hour. 50 degrees in san francisco. oakland at 47. livermore at 40 and san jose, upper 40s. mostly sunny skies, dry and mild. today a near repeat of yesterday. hopefully you enjoyed that. nice out there for festivities. changing begin tomorrow.
8:02 am
wet weather arrives on tuesday. details, coming up. union city police are looking for surveillance video or possible witnesses to a deadly shooting at sorrows elementary school. there were two young victims both were inpseudoa van in the school's west parking lot about 1:30 yesterday morning. police say the boys were 11 and 14 years old. one of them was a student at the school. police were called to the school after neighbors heard several shots being fired. a member of the union city council lives just three blocks away and he says the violence is difficult enough to deal with but harder when the victims are so young. >> these were kids killed. and it's very important that we get this person or persons off the streets as soon as possible my daughter unfortunately happens to know the victims. and it's very close to home.
8:03 am
>> police say one of the boys was pronounced dead at the scene. the other died on the way to the hospital. investigators do not believe the boys shot each other but they have not also ruled oud the possibility that the shooting may have been gang related. time now is 78:03. santa rosa police arrested a man in association with a deadly stabbing on thursday. police arrested him on suspicion of murder. the victim, a 55-year old man found at a home on jennings avenue thursday afternoon and that there was a sign of a struggle. some neighbors wondered if the victim's death could be connectd to a marijuana garden in the backyard of the home. police have not said whether the plants are connected to the death. new this morning, okay land police arrested one person and detained several others following the side show activity. one person was arrested for allegedly doing doughnuts during a gathering at 42nd avenue and
8:04 am
international boulevard. also charged with fleeing from police. police say their helicopter was able to follow the driver and that's how officers arrested him. another vehicle was towed after police say multiple people were throwing bottles at officers in the area. 66th avenue and coliseum way. also new this morning, three people have been hurt after an early morning crash in san francisco. police say a driver hit a cyclist and then hit a parked car with a person sitting inside. two lanes of harrison were blocked. three people suffered non-life threatening injuries. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg made it official shg he's running for president. bloomberg released his first ad about an hour ago this morning. he reserved more than $30 million all set far this year. former new york city would be eg the race but had yet to officially announce a white
8:05 am
house run until this morning. a lot of people are headed for the airport looking to or friends and that's leaving big crowds and a busy drop off area at sfo. alyssa herring ton got there early this morning. it's been busy since you arrived. >> yeah, very long lines here at sfo. a lot of people heading out of town for the holiday weekend. a lot of families and little kids of course who have the whole entire week off school. people getting an early start to visit family members all over the country. i did get a chance to speak with one family flying to colorado. they told us their son is excited to play in the snow. meanwhile airport officials are advising travelers to arye early and check on flight status in case there's delays and air travel is extremely busy throughout the week. the group airlines for america predicts this year's thanksgiving holiday period is the busiest ever with 31 million choosing to fly. sfo friday was one of the
8:06 am
busiest days because friday was also the last day of the dream force conference in san francisco. busiest day for drivers expected to be wednesday with ch is the day before thanksgiving. in the bay area, drivers can expect the worst traffic between 2:00 and 4:00 when a lot of people start their road trips. delays could be much more than usual bay area traffic. one other thing happening here at sfo, for the next couple of months, there's a pilot program happening with uber where now if you're taking an uber when you leave the airport, you have to walk to a certain pick up area that's away from the terminal. for the next two months uber is picking people up curb side and that's only happening at certain parts of the airport. so we'll give you more information on that later. reporting live at sfo alyssa herring ton, ktvu news. >> all the airports already busy. have you ever been there on a wednesday? >> today it's sunny and you're earlier so you're not missing the turkey even if your flight
8:07 am
is delayed. >> right. >> by wednesday you're like no, i'm on that flight. >> the connections, i got to get there. i used to work in the midwest and trying to get out of chicago when it was snowing. i really want to go home. >> yeah, it's frustrating. outside our doors this morning, the only frustration over the coast, chilly inland areas especially over the north bay, in the 30s. here's a look at the east bay. mostly sunny skies and a cool start for you here as well. upper 30s to low 40s. a few patches of fog. just inside the bay over towards the sacramento bay. that's an improvement over yesterday. fog yesterday and temperatures again with mostly clear skies, light conditions and light winds we have temperatures really falling off this morning. but already beginning to rebound, 37 degrees in santa rosa is a climb.
8:08 am
started at 33. napa 38. 45 in concord. upper 30s in oakland. start in the low 40s earlier this morning, 51 degrees in san francisco. your afternoon highs for today, 64 degrees for san francisco. we have mid 60s in oakland. upper 60s in san jose and livermore. 70 degrees for santa rosa. so today going to be the final day where we enjoy mild temperatures and by tomorrow temperatures fall off and we turn windy. by tuesday the rain is moving in and snow for the sierra with the travel advisory for folks headed there for your thanksgiving holiday. i'll have details in the extended forecast, plus a look at your niners forecast, coming up in just a bit. all right, speaking of football, week number 12 in the nfl. raiders and the niners both with big games today. >> coming up after the break, wii chatting with joe fonzi about what the teams need to do if they want to get the win.
8:09 am
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week 12:00 in the nfl, the niners go prime time tonight taking on the 8-2 packers and surging raiders back east take on the new york jets who are 3-7 in an early game. more on the games and some insight, we go to our football insider ktvu's own joe fonzi. >> meaningful games in november
8:12 am
and december. >> not o niners but the raiders as well. we got a double dip. let's start with those niners out of the gate. come from behind winner, strong for over 700 yards and l eight td's in just a couple of weeks. is he coming of age? >> i think a little of both. the cardinals are not known for having the strongest defense. exploited that but you know what iik about those numbers are incredible. and what that last game last sunday the come back win joining some pretty heavy companies with over 400 yards and 4 touchdown passes. he joins a club that includes two other guys montana and steve young. that's good company he's in. any he's in.
8:13 am
we get rers out of chico. he's been lighting it up. that new head coach is kind of helping this guy once again. >> yeah, and you know who would think the 49ers would actually say after seeing two of the most mobile quarterbacks in the league for three consecutive weeks they are looking forward to a guy that will be around the pocket. they're pass rush has been the strength of the defense hard to rely on that. you don't know where the quarterback will be. that's not diminishing the skills of aaron rogers who does have the ability to run around when he has to to. he's one of the guys now he does it when e needs to but i think they will actual lu like the
8:14 am
change of pace and not have to run around or wonder where kyler murray or russell wilson will be. >> in the pocket, for sure. >> how about a little jury update. george kit tell hasn't played for a couple games and the two wide outs sanders. >> those are pretty much all game time decisions. i think the good news about ket tell they say he's running around in practice this week and looked spry and knowing george cut l if he can get in he will. and same thing with emanuel sanders. he's been touching it out anyway. they didn't know if he would play against the cardinals and he did in a great deal of pain but i think that jury is getting a little bit better and those will be game timers again but a couple tough guys. >> there indeed.
8:15 am
let's give the raiders love. coming alive since they came home after the long road show win over the lions and chargers, they are half a game behind the chiefs. three or four weeks ago who would have said that. >> you're right. we were just thinking man, if the raider can say stay in the wild card race, the chiefs are off today and if the raiders can win today they're tied for first place in the afc west and can take care of their own business. they have the chiefs, broncos and chargers to play again so they would control their own destiny if they could win today. people are now saying this draft might be one of the best in decades. their rookies are starting to a. four sacks, his coming out game clarence furrow against the chargers two and a half sacks so it's their josh jacobs as running back and hunter ren foe,
8:16 am
foster the tight end, those guys are rye kis and having an impact on the team. >> you're start to go rethink the trade. everyone was down on the raiders what are you doing? they give up the big white out to the cowboys. they are start to go pay dividends. >> you're right. maybe it's time to rethink that and maybe they knew what they were doing. those guys look like they'rers . and you image they're fun to watch. let's talk about the jets. 3-7. coming up back to back wins but those two teams redskins and giants. onks good for the raiders but back east and it's the nfl whoeah, the jets are plg the best that they have played all year now.
8:17 am
you're right, the raiders are favorites but one of the toughest things to do in the league is to be a west coast team going back to the east playing at 10:00 in the morning. so that's the challenge for the raiders. the motivation is pretty good. they're playing their best of the year as well and also knowing if you win you're in first place and control things the rest of the way. doesn't get better than that. >> two big games, thanks much. i assume you will be down at levi's later tonight. good luck with that and enjoy your sunday, joe, thanks. you. o here's what's going on today. sports weekend coming up at 8:30 following mornings on two in double header and at 10:00 seahawks off to philadelphia to take on the eagles and at one, the patriots hosting dallas cowboys, that's a good game all that followed by news at 5:00 and sports wrap with joe and mark coming up tonight at 11:30.
8:18 am
we're taking a little break. first a live look outside. what are we looking at. >> of course the lovely golden gate bridge a chilly beautiful morning. rain coming later in the week check ing in with rosemary, your forecast and much more. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your re write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class.
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we were looking for rain, we were feeling guilty. now we can enjoy it guilt free. we have rain coming giving you live look there at san francisco we're starting out with haze and fog. chilly conditions this morning. just as cool as yesterday. take a look at numbers in a moment. let's look at the system bringing us the rain and snow. we actually have a little bit of activity going on over the pacific northwest today dropping in tomorrow bringing us breezy conditions. not wet weather on monday but that breeze belief it or not is going to heighten fire danger once again. the national weather service not issue san diego advisories but we'll be watching that for the bay area monday. today a drier day. a lot like yesterday. into monday we're partly cloudy,
8:22 am
cooler and breezy. tuesday morning we start out dry. notice a lot of cloud cover by and by the evening hours it may come time for the commute, this could scale back jus a bit and slow down some and miss the evening compute completely. by wednesday morning we're in it. looks like statewide we have the sierra snow falling at that time going until early thursday morning. if you're going to be out with the turkey trotters maybe a little bit soggy but we dry out over the course of the afternoon for thanksgiving just in time for you to get outdoors and talk a walk. here's a look at the rainfall amounts. this is going to shift as we get into the next few days. looks like anywhere from a quarter inch to an inch of rain with this system. that's great news. if you're thinking about going to the sierra or if you have plans, be prepared for the wasn't travel. tuesday through thursday and further out. looks like we could have wet wealth come our way into the weekend. here's a look at what we're
8:23 am
seeing now. still very dry conditions. conditions. upper 40s in oakland, 45 degrees in concord. inner southeast bay, temperatures slowly warming. 40 degrees in dublin. a chilly 37 in pleasanton. afternoon highs for today similar to yesterday. 65 in oakland and 64 in san francisco. a couple 70s out there. santa rosa going to be nice. upper 60s in san jose. >> rogue 70s. >> levi stadium into the afternoon bul over areas of the south bay. as we get into the evening hours, by kick off 62. half time 58. your extended forecast shows you that not only is the wet weather coming but cooler weather as well. mid 50s in the forecast tuesday and thursday. >> can't complain about that. we need all of it except for the
8:24 am
wind. all right, hundreds of volunteers come together to build bikes for children in the south bay. coming up next, why the program manager says the bakes are more than just the gift. the gift. stay right there. right there.
8:25 am
8:26 am
station bathroom votes to
8:27 am
open in san francisco's pal street station. the restrooms were all closed following the 9-11 terrorist and remain shut for 20 years. now part f a multimillion dollar renovation project the bathrooms at pal street are expected to be improved, reopened as all gender facilities and there's reports that bathrooms at oakland's 19 street stigs will also reopen. no date given for when any bathrooms will officially open doors. volunteers in the south bay helped build 2400 bikes for children as part of the 15th annual bike wheel hosted by turning wheel for kids. the bikes will be holiday gift for low income children and volunteer teams from law enforcement, fire departments and santa clara valley medical center as well as corp. raugss and schools. >> so these gifts are more than just a gift. they might be the only gift that kids receive but more than just a gift they're playing with at
8:28 am
christmas. it's their transportation to school and store or friends house. whatever they want to do it offers them freedom and independence the event benefits more than 40 area charities including several local schools. if you like the weather yesterday, you're going to love the weather today but it's going to be tuesday, wednesday and thursday gets dicey. >> it does. if you think about riding your bike. get out today. >> and get busy the turkey trotter. >> that might be a wet soggy start. you may need a waterproof cover. >> wednesday is going be wettest day. the system moves in late tuesday and could catch us in time for the evening drive. wednesday is the wet one as we get into thursday morning we begin to dry out. we are leighing in scattered showers for the actual turkey day. we'll go from an afternoon high of near 70 degrees today to 66 tomorrow to 56 on tuesday. so be prepared for the cooler weather as well.
8:29 am
>> jackets. they're back. in fashion. well, mornings on two we're taking a quick break and going to continue on ktvu plus at 9:00 this morning. so we're not going anywhere. here on ktvu we plan to join the ktvu sports team for the weekend sports wrap. >> switch over to plus at 9:00 and we'll see you over there. the weekend's sports wrap with joe and the mark and the gang starts in a couple of moments. enjoy your football sunday. a couple games on ktvu on this beautiful day. tiful day.
8:30 am
the raiders on the road again to face the jets trying to prove that they are truly contenders. not only in the afc west but th. so what's diffent their rookie class is contributing at a record pace from rushing yards, sacks and touchdowns. mike and john gruden have colonel biened on a draft some are calling best in a decade.


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