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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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said to get some much-needed rain, hello again, >> the cave fire started just at four this afternoon, here's the latest on the developing is, right now more than 3100 acres have burned, and dusty windsor pushing fires south for populated areas. winds are expected to get even stronger overnight, especially at the higher elevations, some areas will see gust. bulldozers and hand crews are working through the night to dig a containment line around the perimeter of the fire, they are also working for evacuation orders are in place. >> here's a map of the area, the fire started in the national forest near highway 154, claims can be seen from much of downtown santa barbara. >> the big thing is going to be the winds, if they continue. the winds in this canyon as they been going down canyon and they turn around and come back
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up, it has been very erratic the winds in this area. we have weather coming in which will increase those winds, and that is going to drive the fire in a different direction that we don't want to happen. >> reporter: firefighters are writing from san luis obispo, and los angeles to help in this firefight, we are also establishing an evacuation center in toledo, so far there is no word how many structures may have burned. >> take a look at this picture posted on twitter, it shows an aerial view of the fire, taken by a passenger that was flying to san diego tonight. our chief meteorologist here now, we will talk about the rain and the thoughts on that fire, and those the forecast here >> we with some strong winds blowing everything towards the south, and that canyon land affair, santa barbara is set up, they will be funneling in those canyons, those are populated areas, so this fire is going towards, the upper edges of folder and some of those roads
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out of santa barbara if you see that, but, they will have to work that out, the university is fine, but that fire is going to stop there, hopefully everything works out okay, we've got rain coming, but not for another 36, 38 hours, the rain gets here late tomorrow afternoon, and here's how it looks at 1:00, the showers going up in santa rosa, and then almost to san francisco by 1:00 on tuesday, and then four, five, six, this rose to the bay area, that's the big deal, that's the afternoon commute, from berkeley to san jose to san francisco, that heavy rain, significanins the winter storm warning will go into effect, and will stay in effect for a couple of days, on and off through the weekend, travel plans on wednesday, are going to be a iffy in some places, especially by air as the system travels in the middle of the country coming
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back here. we will take that all the way through the holidays. >> many people we talked it with say they are looking forward to the rain, the company lost power twice burned during the power safety shut off this fall, they say they're hoping the rain will bring an end to the plan outages but firefighters worn fire danger remains high, well that removes in and possibly afterwards. >> we are looking at this rain as a short-term reprieve from fire danger, and i think that was the same way we look at this. we are still prepared, and working with pg&e on their plans for this event, and if that is not to limit the possibility of having [ indiscernbile ] >> in san jose, a group cleanup dozens of storm drains, they painted white arrows showing the direction of the water flow. they were making it easier for crews to clear them out. >> airports across the country are busy with holiday travelers, the transportation
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attracts more people over this thing week than ever before. a tsa spokesperson estimates workers will be screening 27 million passengers, that's 4% more than last year. travelers we talked with at oakland international airport say arriving early is key. >> we expected it to be busy for the holidays, but it was smooth. we landed perfect, it was, it was very good. we enjoyed it. >> the tsa will be fully staffed throughout the holiday week, with air travelers can still expect longer wait times. a reminder here, weather conditions any time with the weather app, our weather team is posting updatefacebook, twitter,. >> 100 people turned out for a town hall meeting tonight in sonoma county, with planned power shutoffs on the rise, wildfires [ indiscernbile ] in
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sonoma, for a pg&e takeover. >> reporter: taking pg&e out of the hands of investors, and putting it in public control, one of the ideas batted around here at the cinema valley veterans hall, which just a few days ago was listed as an emergency center. >> we are all here because pg&e has stolen our peace of mind. >> reporter: people had a lot to vent with the latest pg&e shut off still fresh. >> the status quo, and pg&e, is unacceptable. >> reporter: senator bill dodd told this audience the company must change, for oversight and climate change, the crowd had  questions. >> what the plans are, to actually fix the problem. a lot of blame going around. >> reporter: and worry. >> concerned about what goes on as far as wildfires in our community.
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>> reporter: in october, a fire burn in sonoma, casting smoke and fear into the cities plaza, this year, a different disaster, the unitization. >> retreat power shutoffs as a safety hazard. we see it as a continuum, flood, fire, earthquake. >> reporter: impacts go well beyond traffic lights, and with fixed events this season, sonoma county now acts fast. >> as soon as pg&e says we are thinking about it, we go into action. by the time the power goes off, it's too late. when it's consecutive days, the food in your refrigerator is going bad and your unlimited income. >> reporter: the on the county has commissioned a study on the economic breakdown. >> we n. >> reporter: as for sonomaturmo >> there's been cancellations. >> reporter: and city dwellers were mostly spared shutoffs, but not the surrounding valley of 35,000. hotels and wineries are
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spending, now. >> i believe next year, we will be so much more resilient, that it won't matter. >> reporter: the pack of power isn't an option for all. >> i like to know if there's any agency that can help me pay for one. >> reporter: a generator out of reach for many's budget, senator dodd who posted this town hall says there's no single solution, but he thinks every option should be on the table, and he points out taxpayers already bailed out pg&e so that it could reorganize as he puts it, the public already has an ownership stake. never be alone in sonoma tonight. >> homes and businesses were evacuated near roseville this afternoon as firefighters battle the grass fire there, the fire near cincinnati avenue forcing evacuations, in an industrial area of south thunder valley casino. the fire started as just 2 to 3 acres, but spread quickly, the
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fire burned 350 acres in all before firefighters were able to contain it, some buildings, cars were damaged, but no injuries were reported. people were shot tonight at a popular shopping mall in bakersfield, two groups of people were fighting at valley plaza mall, at 6:15 when somebody pulled a gun. witnesses say they heard as many as eight gunshots, and that sent customers running. police say one of the six people shot was not involved in the fight, a customer was shopping, neither of their injuries seem to be life- threatening. the mall was put on lockdown and at this point, no arrests have been made. monterey county, the chp says they are investigating more reports of projectile sitting cars. the latest phase was along highway 101 today, about seven miles from salina. around 5:00 family was driving southbound, their van was hit by unknown objects
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no one was hurt, one of the windows was damaged. >> at 1st we thought it was a rock, but then we look back and saw a whole in the left passenger side of the back window shattered. >> since february there have been more than 40 cases reported of projectile sitting cars right in between gilroy and salinas, last friday, two vehicles were left with broken windows, one of those was carrying a high school football team. security camera footage of a weekend shooting that left two young boys, 11 and 14 years old dead. questions that still remain about a possible. homeless protesters arrested outside city hall in oakland overnight, the message for city leaders about oakland's community program. ♪
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still no motive for the killings of two little boys, one who was 11, the other was 14, shot while sitting in a van in union city. henry lee talked to a neighbor, whose security camera actually captured what happened. muzzle flashes lighting up the night, showing the moment two boys, ages 11 and 14, were gunned down in the parking lot of a union city elementary school. >> i heard four or five banks, it was super loud, you could hear echoing in the sky. >> reporter: a security camera captured what happened at 1:30 saturday morning. in the video you see two pairs of headlights, a vehicle on the right, a minivan with the victims inside. then, at least two people opened fire, the minivan takes off, but crashes into a the parking lot of the elementary school. a memorial now sits outside the school, honoring the victims identified only as tevin, who is 11, and sean, 14. >> it was shocking, knowing that they were that young, and they weren't even in high
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school, not even an adult yet, that was really saddening. >> we are heartbroken, and outraged. that the lies of an 11 and 14- year-old were taken away from their friends, and their families. >> we have no idea if they were targeted, or if they were there to meet somebody. >> reporter: union city police say a motive is unclear, investigators are trying to build a timeline leading up to the shooting. >> we don't know how long these two juveniles were together, what they had been doing throughout the day, and what led them to that parking lot, and why they were there. >> reporter: some question why the boys were out in the middle of the night. >> it doesn't matter what they were doing, what keys kids had done in the past, they were kids. >> i want to know what was the motive of the suspect for shooting them, and leaving them. >> reporter: come forward, but they need as much help as they can get to help solve the case. henry lee, ktvu news.
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a stray bullet hit a person in their own home after an armed robbery in the grand lake neighborhood, oakland police say to arm suspect robbed a coin and jewelry business on grand avenue at 10 this morning. police say the store owner chased after them, and there was an exchange of gunfire. a resident was hit by a stray bullet inside his own home, police say that man is in stable condition tonight, the robbery suspects got away. >> we're learning that a man who was 101 was killed in a two alarm fire in a community of rossmoor and walnut creek over the weekend. the fire broke out saturday night in a residential complex date units, the corners department says that arthur gertz died in the only unit that burned in the fire, investigators say three other units had smoke and water damage, forcing several people to find temporary housing, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. more if you don't know is an adult community for people who are 55 and older.
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a controversial homeless navigation center gets a final green light, the ruling this evening via san francisco judge, and reaction from the community. >> maybe the two luckiest turkeys in the country, the two birds that will avoid becoming dinner this thanksgiving. we will get you going on the forecast as we head toward thinks giving holiday week.
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a judges ruling today remove the final legal hurdle for opening a controversial homeless shelter on the waterfront in san francisco, and tonight, the city says they hope to open the navigation center by the end of the year. ktvu emberley tells us that it looks like the navigation center is on track. >> reporter: the construction of the embarking navigation center in san francisco is nearing completion. a legal challenge by neighbors to stop it suffered a defeat monday, when a superior court judge ruled in favor of the city, allowing the shelter to go forward. >> people are waiting for this, >> shawnee tells me she is frustrated and scared, there's already open drug use and violence. >> i've been hit [ indiscernbile ] at two
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different times. >> reporter: superior court judge ethan shulman's ruling clears the way for the dsand su services, after six months is expected to have 200 beds the broader plans to address the homeless prices. in response to the court ruling, the mayor said in a statement, i am committed to continuing on our progress so that we can open 1000 new shelter beds by the end of next year. >> the goal is to get people off the streets which we think is going to make things safer for everyone. >> matt haney represents the market district which includes the crime and the homeless population have dropped in this neighborhood, >> we have to have a very strong safety plan, and be responsive to neighbors, partner closely with the neighbors around the aerial. >> so i don't get hit uction
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on the navigation center is expected to be completed at the beginning of december. the goal is to have it up and running before the end of the year. the attorney for the neighbors say they have 45 days to appeal, but in the meantime, construction can continue. in san francisco, emberley, ktvu, fox 2 news. oakland city crews are cleaning up the plaza today after a protest on homelessness there yesterday. oakland police arrested at least 22 people for resisting arrest, officers spent hours last night negotiating and asking protesters, many who are homeless, to leave the unpermitted event. the protesters stayed intact past the plaza's tempe enclosure, some people who were intense were carried out, and given two options on where to spend the night. >> go to send a leader, or go to st. vincent, for the night, i chose to go to so st. vinc the group that shows that. at least 20 people went to
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jail. >> reporter: many of the protesters we spoke with said they feel oakland's community cabin program is not working. in a statement, oakland mayor said creating more safe shelter spaces and affordable housing is an immediate priority. is on with the weather, it will start feeling like winter around here really quickly, starting by tomorrow about lunch time, it will start clouding up in the range start in the north bay shortly after that with rain for the afternoon commute, overnight into wednesday morning commute, heaviest rain will be probably in the late afternoon commute, with strong winds, just putting in all the jetstream motion and you can see the flow of her little when they're doing something like this, that will drive the storm right down to us, into southern california as well, and then out into the central country where they will be many travel concerns on airport so, for us tomorrow morning, commute starts pretty mild, just a regular day and in the
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clouds start to increase, and then you'll see what's coming when the rain shows up it will be raining hard to in the north bay early and then will move into the south bay later on in the afternoon, here's the 1st frame that sets us off tomorrow, just after lunch you will see the rain showing up north, and then right there, from four, 3 to 6, that period will fly through the bare area with big wins, and some significant rain, so that is going to cause some slow commutes for sure, that is tuesday afternoons commute, and you get the leftover instability behind that, more scattered showers, and wind at this point, more wednesday evening, now you look at thursday thanksgiving, not too bad, in the valley fog, and then it lights up again, the bay area weekend, let's look at that right now so you can get a peek for that, it's just on and
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off, so the next few days get ready for this, the afternoon commute, and then wednesday morning, thursday maybe a few sprinkles but not bad, friday a cool morning and then gets going again saturday, a little bit more sunday, we are in it now, the timing will change as we go through but just keep the rain boots handy. a big week for two of the luckiest turkeys in america, they are named bread and butter, from north carolina, they will be competing for an official pardon for president trump, tonight, the turkeys are getting five-star treatment. they have no clue. they are getting five-star treatment at the willard international hotel, according to tradition a poll will be to decide which turkey will be selected as in the national thanksgiving turkey and which will be at sidekick, after the pardoning, the turkeys will about the rest of their lives in a place called gobblers rest, on the campus of virginia tech, the presidential turkey pardoning will be held tomorrow. >> bread-and-butter.
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stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. talking about the warriors came down to the wire, and didn't quite go the way the warriors were hoping. >> it shouldn't have come down to the wire, they were ahead most of the way, led by as many as 13, 14 points, but this is this year's version of the warriors, that it just takes getting used to, each step of the way. they aren't going to win many games with a had a good chance, you see some of the early energy, there's staff on hand, the warriors leaving by nine, going to the break, at the
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halftime buzzer, from way downtown, the halftime show is what i think through the warriors off their groove. just got a little different, ty bowman had himself a knight, 24 points here, they led by 11, with 10:18 left, but okc goes on a 22-5 run, will take their 1st lead since the 1st quarter, that man again, in fact, okc scored the last 13 points of this game, you see the final warriors lose by three, they are now 3-15, better news from the stanford cardinal against oklahoma tonight, both teams undefeated, this is a nice field by the freshman tyrell terry, and an even better close to bucking it down, 17-0 lead early for stanford, terry had 20, oscar da silva here, this is what you call putting it home convincingly. 9.11 rebounds for him, 73-54, the cardinals now, 7-0 and
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looking good, frank is all over that. they want and they won the 3rd consecutive overtime game , and they will take it, although that kid he cracks me up. can't make fun of him, he is cute. 3-0 lead, sharks build it nicely, meyer had a pair of goals, brenden dillon, nicely right there, however, the kings make that lead disappear, they go to overtime. 3-3 shot on goal down he comes out of the net, thank you there, to veteran, patty marlow, to end it. sharks on a roll, two games over 500, looking good, monday night football, the ravens next up on the 49ers slate, they look really good. so to the 49ers. this will be a great game, let's not forget that. lamar jackson in his monday
11:29 pm
night football debut, historic 1st guy ever to throw five touchdown passes in his monday night debut, that was a slicer, he can run it, as you well know, he had 90 yards rushing, gets down to the one yard line, a little frustrated, with himself, he brought himself down, 21-3 right after the ensuing touchdown, and the rams go down easily, jackson to sneed, and there's your 5th touchdown pass, the ravens scored a toucsix possessions, t just like the 49ers, in case you missed it over the weekend, i like this, shack goes back to his alma mater, lsu, and honored at halftime, and he has a one-man base. that is the sporting life for right now. >> things for joining us tonight, good night. >> see you later.
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