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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 26, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PST

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holidays at martha's kitchen. they will serve thanksgiving dinners to more than 300 people in need. the team owners and players along with their families will be serving food and busing tables during the event. it starts at 3:30 pm and the team will also give away toiletries and game day giveaways to everyone who comes for this dinner. >> before you take off, what to do before traveling to your holiday destination. >> the hit musical "waitress" comes to the south they -- >> happy tuesday morning as we
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bring in alive picture of san francisco international. go to tahoe. go now. >> or weight. >> wait until after the holidays. weather coming into the bay area if you are flying people are rebooking, they are going to try to get out today it's going to be a pretty busy day at all major airports come tomorrow. >> in if you are driving across town with rain on the way always bears repeating take it easy. >> there is a new two night documentary all about garth's life, early days going about about them the people in the arena. one story he tells r concession
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goes on stage what is it like he is like what is like and she is like the stage, he is like grab my hand and he takes her up and brings her up and he is in tears telling the story, she is in tears. they cheer for her and chant her name. they go really end up them looking forward to the conversation >> we have to talk about trouble though. hopefully people wanted to get to their destination today. talking about trouble in south bay the coming stormof wildfire and planned power outages. we will look at loss coffee company lost power twice during the shut up they are ready for upcoming rain they hope it will prevent anymore planned power outages but firefighters telling us the fire risk is always there even after rain. >> we are looking at this as a short-term kind of reprieve from fire danger and i think
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that is the same way we would look at this psps event. we are still prepared, still working with pg&e to stay informed on their plans for psps events an the possibility of having those throughout the year. >> work crews cleaned out dozens of storm drains, painting arrows showing the direction of water to make it easier for crews to clean winter break lock them up. >> let's get a look at weather and when rain is going to arrive. >> first major storm on the way looks like a little later today. it will last through wednesday, maybe scattered showers on thanksgiving day as well. here is a look at the storm, northern california beginning to see rainfall as well as snow for us it will come by midday for north bay and slide over the central and south bay in the afternoon and evening hours. here is a basic timeline today, later this afternoon a wind
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advisory will move in for the coast as well as hills, also including san francisco. a flash flood watch for parts of the bay area. wednesday, snow levels drop to 2000 feet or so, which means local peeps could get snow starting tomorrow, on an wednesday. we could wake up with a view morning showers on thanksgiving day before the time being mainly dry, chilly day on thanksgiving. who has flash flood watch? it is for our north bay area shaded in green for the kincade fire and areas downslope. it starts at 2:00 this afternoon, all the way until 10:00. we will be watching this closely. as far as the wind advisory, wind gusts 50-60 miles per hour. these are damaging winds. the type that will take downed power lines. also looking at a winter
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advisory. a winter storm warning for this year starts this morning, goes all the way until thursday afternoon. you were mentioning a moment ago, if you want to go to tahoe, maybe go now. as we get to the next couple days it will be treacherous. we are a lot cooler this morning , and the storm will bring very chilly temps. right now, 47 degrees downtown san francisco, 45 castro valley. some areas 10-15 degrees cooler than yesterday. as we get in the afternoon, 60s and low 70s gone. 54 the afternoon high san francisco today. 56 oakland, 51 for the inner east bay of antioch. when i can back a detailed timeline, when expected to arrive, how long it will stick around, extended forecast for thanksgiving day and the weekend ahead, coming up, >> following some developing is right now in san jose where in reopened after an hours long investigation. life in the city of san jose
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with more. >> reporter: santa clara streets reopened behind us, traffic moving smoothly between seventh and ninth streets after being closed several hours. you can see a parking lot close out by police. the parking lot of the law firm on santa clara street. unclear why police are still here. the entire scene cleared from what we understand they have a station there and really not moving again unclear why they are there this could be turning into a suicide investigation from what we understand. video we shot early this morning overnight crew said 3:00 a.m. police officers moved in and zeroed in focus on a great car. they tried calling out to the a robber pellet to shoot the vehicle but there was no response. after several hours of police
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around surrouopen the car and go inside. around the 7:00 hour, 7:30 they had a corner's van, and they started to slowly clear out at this point police are still not releasing any other details because of the fact this is a death investigation. at this point all we can tell you is the street you know reopened in the downtown area, santa clara street between seventh and ninth street now reopened. a man scheduled to be in court after being arrested in connection with the deadly stopping in santa rosa. 21 -year-old carlos martinez the rest of the week and expected suspected of killing 55 -year-old howard quick jr. investigators say the two knew each other and there were signs of a fight in quick's homer his body was found, thursday afternoon. a 29 -year-old man pleaded not guilty to gun charges in a shooting halloween night.
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the shooting the five people dead. along with don frederick johnson of the leo rested last week and charges related to the shooting. the rest came days after five other men were taken into custody on suspicion of murder four of those were later released. new development in the house impeachment current after a federal judge ruled the key witness in the trump administration must comply with congressional subpoena to testify. the white house is pushing back . >> doj has made clear they will appeal yesterday's decision it is not a final decision. white house counsel or kellyanne conway questioning whether a federal judge's ruling, ordering from a white use counsel don't began to appear before congress, is sustainable, given the still, i decision, delivered day, the judge determined quote president s are not king saint even the president is required to comply
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with subpoenas from congress. the ruling coming in the midst of the house's impeachment great is the house intelligence committee says it is finalizing its findings in the investigation to send to the house judiciary committee. republicans on the panel questioning whether mcgann's potential testimony would make a difference >> first of all there is no evidence of impeachment. i haven't seen anything they can impeachment. >>reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi seeing a statement that the judge's decision is quote another resounding ruling that the administration's claims of absolute immunity from congress has no basis in the law democracy and must immediately cease. and it is still not clear what this week's ruling will mean for other top administration officials asked to testify, including john bolton, the president's former national security advisor has refused to testify until a federal court waiting. for cash
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how you can get paid to give up your car and help keep the air clean. we will tell you which vehicles qualified. if you dread thanksgiving travel, there are better times to fly. when you might score deals and destinations to talk if you want to structure dollar. 20 to 60% off department store prices. most stores are open thanksgiving, 6pm to midnight. reopening friday at 7am. ...with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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and you're not sure who'll be more excited... oh, yeah. ... or them? ahhhhhh! that's yes for less. be a rock star this season and save big on gifts they're gonna love. at ross. yes for less. . >> two days left a thanksgiving some people are getting a head
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start on holiday travel >> live in emeryville with details on what drivers can expect. >> reporter: good morning this thanksgiving travel week because reading the bay area's first rain of the season definitely don't recommend you leave tomorrow. but here in the bay area, leave for your thanksgiving travel plans tomorrow between 2-4:00 p.m. you could take more than three times longer to get to your destination if you are driving at the time. aaa says 55 million people across the country plan to drive 50 miles or more for thanksgiving plans. 4.4million are expected to fly. good news if you are driving. gas prices are down. last month average price for a gallon of regular gas was $4.7. the average today is $3.85. we talked to one driver taking
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advantage of your cars today before the rush tomorrow >> i was surprised. it's about 25 minutes. normally it is 30- 40 minutes. >> get your spending your holiday in the mountains there is a big storm on the way with low elevations expected. officials warn drivers to leave today. any later you can deal with out conditions and highway closures. repair with a full tank of gas, chains and emergency back. aaa says the worst time for bay very drivers to leave for thanksgiving is tomorrow between 2:00 p.m. -4:00 p.m. . air travel can try your patience and given a record 31.6 million people are expected to fly, you should not expect an empty seat next to you for the next several days
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at least. there are better days to fly and even some bargains to be had. let's talk about holiday travel by welcoming our senior travel corresponded back to the 9. record number of people traveling for thanksgiving. >> yes. >> people get there when they get there but we all leave at the same time? >> everybody wants to leave sunday the really bad day this year. in addition predicted to be the busiest travel day it supposed to rain we have two bad storms coming across the country at the worst possible time. one blowing in today and tomorrow which are the two busiest day we have a break and storm to get the west coast saturday night into sunday. it is going to jam things up. be prepared >> if i fly back home sunday i've got important work 90 and monday what can i do to make
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sure i don't miss her get bumped from the flight? >> fire you and you need to be here monday i would consider flying back saturday and change my travel? >> has happened yet a lot of airlines will offer waivers you don't have to pay a change fee in order to, for example united has done that today in denver because denver is obliterated by a snowstorm right now, providing waivers to people they say don't go to the airport change your plans we won't charge you a fee >> adeno. be proactive. a lot of people like you and i or others are working on the thanksgiving holiday. bargains to be had for the first or second week of december >> we are in the most sensitive time of year to travel now and most expensive time of year to travel at christmas time. in between that is the dead week the first two january and travel demand plummets. so do prices. if you can drop everything and go during this time you can find some outstanding bargains.
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i was running last week $197 round trip to new austin the s si transcontinental flights less than $200 is a very good deal if you can travel during the dead week. >> for people who can afford to travel during the holidays typically 800-$900 go during the dead week you are early or late but at least you get in a holiday trip. >> you have a big trip coming up, overseas you are going to a popular destination? >> i am headed to japan next monday. definitely in the news a lot in the coming year because they have the summer olympics in 2020 in tokyo. there will be a lot of focus on that. we will see a lot of promotion come out of japan. one of my favorite places in the world to go. it's not inexpensive very expensive to fly there and expensive to be think is worth the cost because it is a
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fascinating culture, great food. very hospitable to tourist is but. a good place to go. if you are interested this would be a good year to go >> i have a good friend going to canada. he will do a mountain biking trip with his son he says i'm going to buy a bike for my son and canada and bring it down because of the exchange rate. where can we stretch our dollar other than canada? >> canada is a great place vancouver, toronto, a great summer vacation, the eastern maritime provinces are a great place to go. some of my best vacations over there. europe is still a very good deal for travelers i was checking this morning scandinavian airlines has a round-trip fare if you can travel from january into march, $330 round-trip not even a basic economy fair. >> when you get there? >> a little cold and rainy but going to europe in the wintertime when it is cool is the best time to go because you
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feel like europe, you are not there with a bunch of americans . it is a really nice time of year to go. if you can go $330 round-trip is a good deal. to make it better the euro is still a good exchange rate with the u.s. dollar about $1.10 right now. >> i have friends who rent homes and apartments >> the other important thing stay away from the premier cities like london, rome and paris. those are always going to be expensive no matter how great the exchange rate is. very expensive so consider going to secondary sittingsk. is nice to go to a place like manchester or edinburgh or birmingham >> i like it. i love the deal. so good to see you. happy holidays. coming up, next, plans to
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open delivery stations in the bay area. where amazon will be putting up new sites to receive packaged goods, plus the best-selling solo artist of all time. in minutes chatting with garth brooks about his new two night documentary.
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kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. any getting a lot of chatter there. in-depth look of the life of
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garth brooks, the best-selling solo artist of all time. >> imagine the very middle of america, call it home the perfect place to grow up. mom was the dream job would pull you over for going to make it happen it's going to take a lot of work. >> garth brooks the road i'm on. we are talking with the legend himself garth brooks good morning to you. >> mike, good morning to you. >> my wife and i just went to nashville for the first time last month. i feel like we get it all but really the most chilling for me was the country music hall of fame and museum. what surprised me the most, e n of them. 2012. talk to me about that for you. >> it is very thin we talked to the country music hall of fame about the. >> they have put in three people a year. those three people, now they have added a songwriter and
9:24 am
somebody in the business. artist, songwriter, musician. somebody the business there is 100 names that need to be now and they are not. these guys keep it really tight and really small. there is the blessing and the curse of it. when you walk in that rotunda will the circle be unbroken you are amazed of the small number of faces you see but when you look at them haggard, jones, patsy cline it is who should be in there >> very impressive also this two night documentary very impressive. one story i want to tell is a lot of us have that is it, thiswant to do. for you they take you back to your college days, when do you are in the car with your dad headed to the grocery store . talk to us about that pivotal right there, talk about you can't get anymore middle of america. we are going to the
9:25 am
grocery store he has got this a.m. radio you can barely make it out but this voice goes here's a new kid from texas you will love this out his name is george strait. the song was "and wild" changed my life forever. from that day forward i knew who i wanted to be. it's funny we were talking about this yesterday, it is people you want to be the helps you find who you become. for me it is george strait the reason why i wanted to be in country music. >> talk about other important people i'm a father now i have -year-old, i love being a dad and in this biography i love hearing you talk about being a father your self send them on down, great song i hear you talk about your own parents your mom, garth go out and be a dreamer and your dad same dream but realized you have to work your you know what off to reach those stars. talk about the influence your parents had not only in your a today? >> i think your parents live in
9:26 am
you. people go what is your greatest legacy a lot of times the thinking is business as is your music but the truth as you know this better than anybody it is your children. that is your legacy. i got to talking about my mom and dad a lot in this. but what i also love says they put the camera on the three daughters and something is a dad you will totally get, they are going to put your children in front of the camera and say tell me one thing you learned from your dad all of a sudden you go oh i should have studied a lot harder as a father on this one because here comes the answer. and it totally surprised me >> one thing i love about you, too you talk about it a little bit but it has never been about you, when you get on stage it's about every single individual out in the seats coming to you hear you play the guitar, sing the songs they love so much that have impacted their lives. that is pretty powerful. >> it isa concert, you are allo
9:27 am
play a concert. that is pretty cool. before you sit in his seat, you are a fan for. >> and it is a pain in the -- go to a concert. first of all ticket prices are unbelievable. if you are going to go, get ready for parking, crowds, if you want to buy anything at the year or t-shirt, it's expensive. it's not easy and the fact that people do this for you is so sweet. i don't care what kind of day you are having. when you hit that stage you belong to them go enjoy it have fun. >> congratulations on the career if you ever make it out west again i will be front and center for you, garth brooks. pleasure to lkthank . happy holidays. >> he is the best. >> happy thanksgiving to believed to be into what may have sparked the fire and how congregation members are reacting to the loss. a wildfire burning in the hills above santa barbara.
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hills above santa barbara. what firefighte most stores are open thanksgiving, 6pm to midnight. reopening friday at 7am. ...with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. opr. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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now. don't go tomorrowwhen the snow and rain is going to
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start. as we are listening to love song by susan perellas, by the way from humboldt county and wondering if she is coming home for the holidays a lot of excitement in the air people are headed straight back >> think about that picture, going to look different covered in snow >> the calm before the storm i look out there a moment ago we are watching the system come into northern california. if i zoom in closer not just the northern edge of california i'm beginning to see moisture on the north edge there. as we get to the second part of the early afternoon rain begins to move in and it will continue to ship south over the afternoon futurecast line set up for you nicely. the lunch hour beginning to see moisture over the north bay, 3:00 or so quick moving, fairly fast in the way of bringing it down into the south bay by the
9:32 am
afternoon. evening drive could be a messy one ponding on the roadway, evening hours begins to wind down we continue with scattered showers one of the busiest travel days of the year snow falling in this year as we mentioned a moment tahoe getting snow look at tomorrow afternoon finally begins to wind down perhaps a few scattered showers for turkey trotters thursday morning before we dry out thursday afternoon. as far as rainfall amounts fairly consistent maybe more than a half-inch for hills and north bay locations much-needed rain coming to the bay area albeit a little hazardous out there. wind advisory earlier today for coast, hills in san francisco north bay flood watch for the kincade fire burn area and all those areas downstream. something to be aware of. the storm also bringing in chilly temps low 40s to low 50s and as we get into the afternoon
9:33 am
widespread low to mid-50s all we are going to see the next several days as temperatures remain on the cool side. extended forecast we get to dry weather on thursday afternoon black friday shoppers dry, cool day friday with the chance of rain moving back in in time for the weekend. firefighters hard work to prevent a wind driven wildfire burning in the hills above santa barbara from spreading. the k fire quickly grew in size forced some 6000 people to leave their homes. a new wildfire north of santa barbara. the k fire broke out, monday, the plus padres national forest and quickly spread overnight, burning more than 3000 acres in just a few hours, strengthened by dry, drought ridden fields along with strong, southerly wind. >> real quick run down the hill pushed by gusting to 30-mile an hour winds.
9:34 am
>> reporter: gusts even more powerful creating spot fires nearly a mile ahead of the fire. >> recorded 55-mile an hour down canyon winds. >>reporter: whipping flames in all directions bulldozers and crews worked throughout the night, digging containment lines around the perimeter. crews focused on keeping the flames from creeping down in a populated area of santa barbara . emergency alerts in reverse 911 calls used to tell homeowners to get out other neighborhoods are on notice to be ready to evacuate if conditions change mutual aid coming from neighboring counties. county fire has sent strike teams in engines of fire hawk helicopter from los angeles county being used for for water drops the fire also outages are reported santa barbara county has declared a state of emergency and officials are asking governor gavin newsom to
9:35 am
do the same. lustrous quality fire started almost the same area and ultimately destroyed more than a dozen homes. a group of activists will join the shooting victim today to demand action after men were shot and killed by valeo police officers. the justice collision organizing the rally at the solano county district attorney's office. they want the district attorney to charge and prosecute officer ryan mcmahon for the february, 2018 -- killing of renel foster. she is not made a decision in the case. also demanding an investigation into the killing of eric reason earlier this month and willie mccoy back in february. union city police and community members looking for answers after two young boys, ages 11 and 14, shot and killed sitting in a van at 1:30 a.m. at an elementary school parking lot. a neighbor's security camera capture the moment leading up to the moment, on saturday. the vehicle on the right is the
9:36 am
minivan with the victims inside. at least two started shooting the minivan takes up a crashes into a tree in the parking lot. a memorial now sits outside the school honoring the victims only identified as kevin, 11 and sean, 14. union city police say the motive is still in clear. one person recovering after being hit by a stray bullet during a robbery, yesterday morning. police say two men with guns robbed a corner jewelry business off grand avenue. officers about a block away when the store owner exchanged gunfire with the theives. the only person hurt was inside the home at the time of the robbery, that person hospitalized. police say the two dropped what they had stolen and got away a 6.4 earthquake in albania has killed at least 14 people, injured at least 600 and destroyed hundreds of buildings. details on the ongoing rescue efforts and the massive aftershocks.
9:37 am
>>reporter: rescue workers in albania i still desperately digging through ru. 6.4 magnitude earthquake 20 miles from the capital, people describe a horrific scene as buildings crumbled around them. >> when the quake hit the lights went off we could see anything everything fell apart and crumbled >> it was a real horse i try to get out of my home and went to the glass door and cut myself badly. >>reporter: hundreds of homes and other buildings completely destroyed. nearly 150 aftershocks of cause more damage slowing the now treating what one doctor described as waves of patients. many have serious head injuries. >> mainly head and limb injuries, under intensive supervision since they got here . the same area hit by a powerful
9:38 am
quake in september, now several countries, including the u.s., have offered to help with search and rescue efforts. some neighboring nations have already sent rescue crews. local officials also warning the risk of more aftershocks to come posing a threat to those rescue workers. presidential candidate tom steyer will unveil his affordable housing playing at an event in san francisco. he will begin his he is scheduled to take a tour of the tenderloin neighborhood with the discussion with local leaders. be back to work for a second day this morning, after spending the week in the hospital. the supreme court says the 86 -year-m yesterday afternoon. she presided over the event more than ten years. she was taken to the hospital
9:39 am
on friday, after experiencing chills and fever. she had lung cancer surgery in december, and went to radiation treatment in august. the church of christ of loveland had just celebrated 140 years of services before it burned. rob roth spoke with parishioners about what the historic church means to and then means to them and what will happen next. last month, the church of christ and forestville celebrated its 140 of birthday. now, it's inside, ruined by fire >> you see things like this it hits home in her. >> firefighters began receiving calls after 6:00, monday morning. the fire had plenty of fuel >> in the library, sunday school, a lot of fire load with books. and the other part wall-to-wall fire. >> reporter: the outside appears intact, but inside, little looks salvageable. investigators are trying to determine how the fire started. because it is a church, federal authorities are also looking
9:40 am
into it. the church as part of town history, the church's website says it hasn't missed the sunday service since it opened in 1879. >> memories flow through my mind of my time to. >> reporter: believed to be the oldest church of christ west of the mississippi >> back in the beginning when the church had two-3 week long meetings, people would walk from petaluma way back when, and spend time they would camp at the russian river. >>reporter: only a handful of people now members, many are connected to it through their own history. >> mary here in 1983. >>reporter: this man used to come with this family when he was a boy. >> really sad. heartbreaking to everybody. >> reporter: parishioners say this is not the end of this old church, they are bowing to rebuild and they say they will congregate somewhere else until
9:41 am
it is ready. coming up, at the white house for a hero dog. the role the dogs played in operation helped kill an ice's leaders. making its way to the south bay, we will let you know about the show, "waitress" and introduce you to its young stars.
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♪ ♪ ♪ . the tony nominated get musical, "waitress", shows for just one weekend this morning we are meeting a few of the young cast members who have taken on the role of a lifetime. join us this morning is the girls in the role of lulu an in jenna, a very gifted, talented
9:45 am
pie maker. she is going through some things in her life and the story is about her journey to becoming the woman she really wants to be, the mother she wants to be and how to get to that next level. >> to highlight her role as the mother, the role the place in the story, young actresses sharing the part of lulu. they are four years old so they can take on all the shows but it was a pretty competitive audition process? 40 young girls. what stood out to you? >> they are so vibrant and so alive duringyour audition process. they have a huge impact on the show. it is a crucial part. we are so delighted they could join us for our run in san jose. >> very brave you can see a lot of camaraderie between them already. giving each other moral
9:46 am
support. tell me what is your favorite thing to do? in your play? >> when we twirl around. >> that sounds fabulous i'm sure you are amazing at it. what are some of the challenges with really young actors and actresses in the production like this? >> one thing towards the end of the story, we want to make sure it is late night so we make sure they are energized. we want to make sure they feel very supported and the cast is there for them. everybody at broadway san jose, we want to make sure they are in that moment, that is most important especially at that beautiful, crucial time in the story. >> maddie you were telling me t say? >> hi momma. >> i'm sure you have a lot of experience with that in real life. what can people expect? only for a week?
9:47 am
>> december 17-22nd at the center for performing arts. i think this is such a beautiful story for the whole family. everybody can really engage and connect with someone and that story whether jenna or one of her friends. i think everyone can feel really good about empowering, finding your voice make sure you are happy in your life and what are the steps into making that so >> the music by sara bareilles >> if you love sara bareilles you must come see this. the cast recording is credit incredible. every song the storytelling through her music is incredible . you feel so good and so memorable >> thank you so much. thank you maddie and mckenzie break a leg as we say in show business we hope you have a fabulous run you are already stars in my book brave enough to come on the show.
9:48 am
thanks you guys. morning sun 2 continues thanksgiving almost here will let you know how the stars in hollywood are sharing excitement and expressing gratitude ahead of the holiday weekend. reindeer in the bay area i will let you know where you can catch them on display.
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kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures.
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where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there.
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. thanksgiving less than two days away some of our closest friends in hollywood what their plans are for the holiday weekend and ask them what they are thankful for. >>reporter: with thanksgiving approaching, celebrities are looking forward to time out of the spotlight to time with friends and family. >> looking forward to eating good food with good people. >> my favorite part sure is having families, big family dinners. >> reporter: gathering around dining room tables, feasting on turkey a new tradition for some. >> coming from australia we don't have thanksgiving so the
9:52 am
concept is very new. i got to experience thanksgiving last year i love the fact to bring people together. for newlyweds figuring out how to divide their time is the biggest struggle >> i haven't done the married couple holiday merge the families thing. bring all the family together. what are the different tricks. >>reporter: they all have a lot to be thankful for >> thankful for money. >> jesus, number 1. my husband, my son, family as well. >> i got engaged. very grateful about thankful f >> thankful for my family too and my friend. and daniel craig. >> thankful for her sobriety. >> thanks, daniel.
9:53 am
. announcing plans to open a new delivery station one in livermore. 1a bill peters. they will receive package goods sorted by location and sent for final delivery. amazon says hundreds of jobs will be created at each site. the new delivery station will be on north mccarthy boulevard in milpitas. the city expects the entire community to benefit from amazon's present. >> it brings people into our city through jobs and an opportunity to spend money here. either through having a meal or entertainment. evening events. for us it is the opposite of retail leakage >> the new delivery hub will be located near interstate 580 where the old circuit city used to be. that is expected to open next year. an environmental group offering to help people trading old, gas guzzling cars for something more fuel-efficient. they give people to $9500 to put to a new car.
9:54 am
vehicle they are treating has to be 99 or older and has failed an emissions test. most funding comes from state dmv fees. >> what is used as a down payment towardshicle and of cou incentives are based off how feel efficient vehicle it is. >> my parents need something new to have that old car. no ac, not good on gas. might as well. newer car, better for the environment. why not >> the group says all old vehicles it takes in are going to be recycled. new video to show you of a baby seal rescued by firefighters in redwood city. the marine mammal center in sausalito sentence video of the five -month-old rescue crews named santos. he is a northern fur seal, a good samaritan found him
9:55 am
wandering in a parking garage, sunday morning and called for help. officials say he is doing well but he will have to be monitored and treated beforeto the dog out in the rate which led to the death of isis leader baghdadi was honored at the white house. the dog, named conan, chase down al baghdadi through a tunnel in northwest syria during the us- led raid, last month. the dog was slightly injured during the mission, after all baghdadi detonated a suicide vest. conan has fully recovered and returned to active duty. >> conan is a tough cookie. nobody is going to mess with conan >> he was presented with the medal and plaque for her hers and. the house getting ready to decorate is newly delivered christmas tree today. the tree arrived by horse-drawn carriages today presented to first lady, melania trump. the owner of the tree farm in pennsylvania, the crew the 18
9:56 am
but tall douglas fir took part in the delivery, able to meet the first lady. history will become a centerpiece for the holidays and the blue room of the white house. a big day for the luckiest turkeys in north america. the birds named bread-and- butter will get a presidential pardon. according to tradition and which will be the sidekick. after the pardoning they will about the rest of their lives at a place called gobblers rest on the campus of virginia tech. christmas about a month away and a couple of reindeer have landed in san francisco. the annual holiday exhibit 'tis the season for science. and interactive experience that explores the science of polar animals and snowing environments snowy environments. you can visit the exhibit to january 5th, including on
9:57 am
thanksgiving and christmas day. the mayors of san jose and oakland will head to san francisco to join a day of service. handing out turkeys ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. the trio will make four stop the different community centers throughout the city, starting at 11:00 this morning. this is part of the bay area wide battle of the bay different mayors compete to see who can turn up the most volunteers for the coastal cleanup. >> hundreds of families getting the ingredients they need to prepare traditional meal for their families for thanksgiving thanks to the bay area this commission. >> they have been helping families for more 40 years now. people in need register in advance, now getting turkeys and other traditional thanksgiving ems. >> we are going to be distributing 740ea b one contai
9:58 am
provided to people in need here in our community. >> the privately funded organization also serving thanksgiving dinners all week long at its richmond facility on mcdonald avenue and second street. oakland raiders helping out bay area families for thanksgiving. the offensive line bought items for families, distributing turkeys and fixings for the big dinner. families are preselected and associated with community partners, including the boys and girls club. this event happens tonight at 6:30. in the self bay san francisco 49ers kick up the holidays at martha's kitchen. the team will serve thanksgiving dinner to more the 300 people. owners, players along with their families, serving food and busing tables during the event which starts at 3:30 this afternoon. the amwill also provide toiletries and game day giveaways to all those who attended. the u.s. postal service says its program to help sent to answer christmas letters
9:59 am
more successful than expected. operations center was created to help answer children's holiday wishes. volunteers register on the website then choose a letter to respond to and they anonymously send the child what he or she is asking for. at this point all letters have been claimed. the usps is encouraging more people to write to santos so the holiday joy can be spread. if you want to head to our website have a horrible thing to confess because i can do this because my boys are out of town they write letters to santa and i have kept everyone. i am not dropping that in the mailbox. that belongs to me >> i have done und the holidays >> thanks for being here. >> come back tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪
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