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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 26, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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the rain was still light but steady. the rain always affects the traffic and that is the case tonight. this is i-80 through emeryville. generally it is backed up here. tonight as you can see it is especially bad in both directions. this is what it looks like at the golden gate bridge. another live picture here with steady cold rain that has been falling this afternoon. let's bring in two bill martin. we are right in the middle now and how much will we get? >> the first wave has gone through but the heaviest stuff will be in the next couple of hours with heavy rain and it will continue. this is a big storm with multiple parts. it is considered the meteorological bomb storm. all that is is a low center. in 24 hours if it drops 24 bomb. we have a low center that
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has dropped temperatures. it is snowing on mount diablo. hamilton will be seeing snow as well. not a ton but definitely colder , 30 degrees at mount diablo. the winds are the other part of the story and the rain. in the next couple of hours as the front passes through the kinkaid fire zone there's a flash flood watch for debris flow and mudslides. if rainfall rates transpire, three quarters of an inch an hour we could see that problem. you could see an emergency bulletin in those areas. we are preparing for that friend to come through. it will be in the next couple of hours when the heaviest rain is. the heavy wind will be pretty much throughout the evening hours and in the mountains a winter storm warning that is significant.
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it is almost a blizzard warning because the highways are already closed. the wind and snowfall rates, the snow level will create conditions that are almost impossible to travel. it is a good storm and a big storm. in terms of flooding rain not there. in terms of all over snow, wind and rain we will see it. when we come back we will time it out. i will show you a computer model and give you an idea for tomorrow and tonight. every year the first storm hits work crews make sure storm drains are clear in the areas prone to flooding are protected. andre senior is in sonoma county heavy rain in the burns on is just another concern for the north bank and it looks like it is absolutely pouring. >> reporter: you heard bill mention it a short time ago. the wind is kicking up here and the rain has not stopped for over an hour. the flash flood watch in effect for this area could cause big problems especially in the kinkaid fire burned area.
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caltrans has been making preparations for some time now in the area where there have recently been fires. caltrans crews have implemented erosion control which should help reduce potential for mudslides. >> in the areas where you potentially see sliding happen or mudslides occurring, before we see the ring we start by cleaning out drainage inlets because we know the water will head in that direction and doing other erosion control methods. >> reporter: coming up at 6 pm i will show you the tools that sonoma county has been using the burn scar areas to keep the ashes and debris from flowing downstream and causing environmental damage.
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there are still a lot of structures that have been burned in the ash is still in the area so we want to make sure that ash doesn't wash downstream and harm any environments further downhill. >> reporter: that was david rabbit giving us an update on how the county has been preparing throughout the day. they started preparations for the rainy season right after the kinkaid fire stopped on november 6. they have been through this before and they learned a lot of lessons from the tubbs fire in 2017 and they are implementing those lessons right now. we'll have more coming up at 6 pm. >> andre senior in sonoma county, thank you. while the rain is picking up around the bay area snow has been falling in the sierra. caltrans tweeted if you haven't started thanksgiving travel you may want to reconsider driving until thursday. chain controls are in effect right now on highway 50 and interstate 80. east and westbound traffic on 80 over the summit is being held because there have been so
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many crashes. travelers in northern california aren't the only ones being inconvenienced by the snow, wind and rain. more than 1000 people had to camp out inside denver's airport last night. hundreds of flights were canceled due to whiteout conditions. jesse gary went to san jose international airport where people are trying to beat the storms. >> it is terrible. this is silicon valley, what you expect? we just expected. al horford frustration setting in even before the boarding process as tens of thousands of passengers had out in hopes of beating a looming travel headache. >> we are keeping an eye on the weather. the first weather we have had through the last few weeks. that could be a factor in some flights both departing and arriving. >> wherever you are going go now. don't wait for tomorrow afternoon. >> reporter: with three weather screens on an active, a
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meteorologist said travel is getting trickier by the minute. almost all sections of the country will see inclement weather thanksgiving week. >> the thing off our coast is unusual with how rapidly it will intensify and how strong it will be. >> reporter: a new report finding travelers could have trouble at all three bay area airports with each landing on the list of the worst for thanksgiving travel. officials at all of the hubs fresh off the unflattering review with oakland spokeswoman saying airport delays happen at all airports and are generally the result of function outside of your ports direct control. o numbers are crunched during last year's northbay flyers impacted air travel. since then the airport has grown. >> we have added x newgate this past year to accommodate our growing traffic demand. >> reporter: rosemary barnes
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said the number of passengers is up 6% over last thanksgiving. >> i'm going to genesee, idaho. >> reporter: a clear indication that consumers determine the best ports for takeoffs and landings. >> it is not so bad, they know what they are doing. >> reporter: this could be double trouble for travelers as the rain reaches the south bay. there is another system headed our way just in time for the rush back from the thanksgiving holiday. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. the bay area's first major storm of the season comes at the same time that heavy snow is falling from the rocky mountains to the great lakes. parts of colorado have been buried under 30 inches of snowt several major highways across the state. the snowstorm also stranded or than 1000 people at denver international flights in advance just based off the storm. you could see all around us
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heavy winds. low visibility. >> the powerful storm that has been battering the denver area is moving into the midwest and you can always download the ktvu weather app especially as you get ready to head out for the holidays. you can bring weeklong forecasts , hour by hour forecast and live radar with you as you head out. members of the group occupy oakland are expected to begin a protest outside oakland city hall anytime now. we want to show you a live picture out there. this will be one of the latest demonstrations tied to the cities decision to bring cup a homeless camp. the protest was supposed to be underway now but maybe the rain is keeping people away. yesterday morning police arrested 22 people after dozens of protesters set up tents outside city hall. they were demanding the city improve services for the homeless. those taken into custody were booked at the jail on charges of resisting arrest and cited
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for violating the city's 10 pm curfew at the plaza. police about the homeless camp. a man from saratoga was identified as a victim of a terrorist attack that targeted a un vehicle this week in afghanistan. henry lee talked to friends of the victim today. they say he was dedicated to helping homeless. >> the un aid worker was set to move back to california next year. friends were worth turning from overseas. each time he said his work was not done. the american who died in a bombing attack that died in afghanistan was i identified from saratoga. >> a united states citizen of california was killed in a terrorist attack. five other people including two afghan u.s. un workers were killed. no one immediately claimed responsibility. >> we condemn this act in the
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strongest possible terms. >> for this type of act to happen it is unclear. >> he was extremely passionate about working for the un. he was about international human rights. friends described anil raj as humble and selfless. >> it is a loss of words. we lost a kindhearted down-to- earth friend, brother, son. >> reporter: they joked with a friend about keeping his past work passport if only to keep them from harm's way but raj wanted to finish his mission. home was calling. he planned to move back to california permanently in may. he was an avid camper and enjoyed spending time with friends at basin redwood state park near santa cruz. he leaves behind his parents and a twin sister. >> the family is devastated and heartbroken but they remain
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positive and they ask everyone to keep the prayers going. >> reporter: friends say he knew his work could be dangerous but he knew what he was getting into and he always took proper precautions. the attack could not be foreseen. >> henry lee in the newsroom, thank you. 4 the 49ers ditching one uniform for another. the special meal they serve today. while it is raining here there is significant fire danger in southern california. we will go live to the santa barbara area where a fire is burning out of control tonight. we have the latest radar and computer models to track this incoming storm. the heaviest rain is yet to come.
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some evacuations are being listed in santa barbara county where a fast-moving brush fire is threatening homes in the hills above goleta. the cable fire has burned or thousand acres and right now it is 10% contained. authorities allowed most of the fire evacuees to return home. here's a look at where that fire is burning. it is in the los padres national forest above the city's santa barbara and goleta. firefighters are working round the clock battling the cave fire. there is good news in the forecast. rain is expected to hit that area tonight. casey drescher is live with the tuff conditions firefighters are facing. am above the san marco's past area and we have a good vantage point. you can see flareups in the distance and crews trying to defend the community against the cave fire.
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>> the cave fire is burning under some of the toughest firefighting conditions anywhere in the world. >> reporter: daylight with it brought hazy skies and a fresh vantage point of the cave flyers devastation. >> a nightmare spot of right down the san marco's past where the wind tunnel. >> reporter: firefighters efforts to protect the community battling flames and extreme weather. >> we have had winds moving up, down, and across the slope. firefighters have been engaging in structure defense being pushed out and run out and turnaround come back and getting back on the structures. >> reporter: with engines from monterey to san bernardino on the front lines crucial air support roared above. and crews were hard at work trying to create a firebreak and cut down close to 30-year- old fuel. >> the winds are onshore so it
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is starting to push back on top and that is the primary concern today. we have air tankers working on top and they are trying to paint that roadway up there so it doesn't push over to the north side of the hill and burn into the forest. >> reporter: close to 5500 people evacuated. but eric stayed behind to water down his san marco's past property. >> waiting for embers coming which will probably happen tonight. >> reporter: he lived through the painted cave fire and knows how unpredictable the winds can be. >> the winds will shift and be more erratic. >> reporter: standing watch over his beloved community. michael miller with a mountain amber team which formed after the painted cave fire department disbanded will also be ready. >> it has been an honor to work with these people and to see how people are coming together in spite any differences that we just need to help each other through this. >> reporter: rain is on the way
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tonight and that will be helpful for those firefighters but it will create hazards. officials say that rain could create small rockslides along the 154. right now we are keeping an eye on those winds. live in santa barbara county, ktvu fox 2 news. now let's go to chief meteorologist for the timing on the rain in santa barbara county. >> they will see rain probably after midnight and that will help firefighters out of it. they will see some significant rain. that fire is as good as out. up here we have had just under a half inch. santa rosa a quarter inch. most areas a 10th of an inch. san jose at .02. it is raining and this is in a massive rainstorm, it is a massive storm with snow and wind capabilities and some rain. the cool temperatures are one
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thing i have noticed. mount diablo has snow right now. it will most likely be snowing on hamilton pretty soon. we talked about this flood watch and it is a big deal in the kincaid fire watch. let's what that closely. as the front goes through we will see things start to come up and that could be an issue. the burn advisory is a big deal because it is not like the fire winds. the wind advisory in the mountains is going to be down at sea level. in the bay area those 40 mile an hour gusts are possible at lower elevations not just higher elevations. it is an equal opportunity wind advisory. all the bridges and here is your meteorological bomb if you want to call it that. you can see how quickly it develops. watch this eye center. mark and
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i have the same program in san francisco and this is the stuff you analyze because it has big pressure gradients and these right here are the surface eye. look at eureka. if you are close to this bull's- eye up here, check it out. eureka could see 90 to 100 mile an hour winds. we are further away but some parts of eureka could see historic winds. for us the rain showers, the breeze and the current rain continue. right now the heaviest rain, this is the main event right here working its way out of the santa rosa north bay area. as it does it will move into fairfield and back. this line of storms will have rainfall rates that could be to the tune of a half inch to anth problems. up in the kincaid fire area her
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i don't think we still have andre seniors camera. we had andre earlier in the north bay he was in that yellow. remember how hard it was raining? that is what we have going right now. it will get wetter at your house in the next few hours. it has been a great season for the san francisco 49ers. tied for the best record in the nfl. today they're giving back. players and families served thanksgiving dinner to hundreds of people in need. maureen naylor at martha's kitchen in san jose and the event is starting to wrap up. >> reporter: they are pretty much in cleanup mode but it was a heartfelt dinner tonight at martha's kitchen where more than a dozen 49ers players came out. it was a surprise for the homeless. they came for what they thought was a typical evening meal only to find out the 49ers players would be serving them. it started at about 3:30 pm and about 19 players from the san francisco 49ers and families started serving the meal at martha's kitchen in san jose.
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the nfl players including george kittle were decked out with festive thanksgiving hats as they served turkey, stuffing and pie along with drinks for about 275 homeless people. a short time ago we spoke with emmanuel sanders who brought his five-year-old son to this event. >> when i got the text about this i was like i am there. can i bring my son? i was excited and i'm excited to be here for my first event with the niners, the first of many. i am excited to be here to be able to hand out turkey and put smiles on people's faces. >> they show us support and they show as they care and they understand what we are going through and it feels good. >> reporter: that man we spoke with said this is his first thanksgiving living on the street. the meal and the service meant a lot to him. he asked some players to record videos on his cell phone for his wife. this kicks off the season of giving for the 49ers. the team tells me they have about a dozen events planned over the next two weeks after
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the thanksgiving break and players will visit hospitals along with buying toys for kids. a lot of events planned coming up. i spoke with some of the niners who say they will have a break and they will spend thanksgiving here with their families before friday when they leave to baltimore for their next game. >> maureen naylor in the south bay, thank you. the president said he would love for his secretary of state to testify in the impeachment inquiry. coming up at 6 a mother's warning about what she says are creepy text messages from a doordash driver to her teenage son. the driver asked the boy to join him on deliveries and go to with -- go to a hotel with him.
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the house judiciary committee will hold its first hearing in the impeachment inquiry x wednesday. sources say that hearing will feature legal experts who will examine the constitutional grounds for impeachment. ray bogan tells us what the secretary of state said today about whether he might testify. >> reporter: the house judiciary committee announced it is holding its first public impeachment hearing next wednesday. it comes as questions mount as to whether more witnesses could be called to testify. >> to protect our elections
5:26 pm
americans should leave no stone unturned. >> reporter: mike pompeo defending the right to investigate ukraine and look into whether the nation also interfered in u.s. elections. his suggestion coming despite evidence from u.s. intelligence agencies determining it was russia. >> we not only have a right but a duty. >> reporter: pompeo also responding to questions regarding president trump's tweet saying he would love to have mike pompeo and other officials testify in the impeachment inquiry though he defended the white house ordering them not to saying future presidents should in no way be compromised. >> when the time is right all good things will happen. >> reporter: dawn mcgann was ordered to comply with a congressional subpoena to testify. >> executive privilege has to be protected but i am all for having more witnesses. >> reporter: brenda lawrence say she backs impeachment but
5:27 pm
wanted to censure the president, too. >> i want it on the record that the house of representatives did their job and they told this president and any president coming behind him that this is unacceptable behavior. >> reporter: ahead of thanksgiving the president is headed to florida where he will hold a rally tuesday evening about one hour away from his club mar-a-lago. democratic presidential washington, ray candidate, tom stier unveiled bogan, fox news. a presidential candidate stops in san francisco to talk about homelessness and housing. next year from thomas dyer about his land to address the bay area housing shortage and his message to donald trump. >> i don't think he is beatable, i think he is crushable. no parking won't still to come the bay area mall that will start charging people to park in their lot. he could've just been the middle class kid who made good.
5:28 pm
but mike bloomberg became the guy who did good. after building a business that created thousands of jobs he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11 a three-term mayor who helped bring it back from the ashes bringing jobs and thousands of affordable housing units with it. after witnessing the terrible toll of gun violence... he helped create a movement to protect families across america. and stood up to the coal lobby and this administration to protect this planet from climate change.
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and now, he's taking on... him. to rebuild a country and restore faith in the dream that defines us. where the wealthy will pay more in taxes and the middle class get their fair share. everyone without health insurance can get it and everyone who likes theirs keep it. and where jobs won't just help you get by, but get ahead. and on all those things mike blomberg intends to make good. jobs creator. leader. problem solver. mike bloomberg for president. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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tom stier was in san
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francisco today. he bent part of his time visiting low income housing and serving breakfast. christien kafton tells us the candidate was in town to outline his plans to address the housing shortage and income equality. >> reporter: hundreds filed to the lines for breakfast with a new server, tom stier. andre said he hasn't made up his mind of who he would vote for but he hopes the candidates see those in need in san francisco. >> they need to work with the mayor about what is needed in the city, homelessness, bathrooms problem. >> reporter: the staff saying candidates have also expressed interest in serving as well and are welcome provided they also come with a plan to address poverty and homelessness. >> as president of the united states what are your policies going to be for addressing the
5:32 pm
issue that we are seeing increased homelessness, increased inequality? >> reporter: addressing the growing disparity between the haves and have-nots is one of his priorities. >> i talked about a wealth tax long before i was running for president. i talked about undoing all of the tax breaks for rich people and corporations. >> reporter: he then visited housing development saying he has a four-part plan to address the housing crisis in the bay area and across the country. >> one is to improve and increase the stop of affordable housing. >> reporter: homelessness must be addressed with wraparound services. politically stier said his polling is relatively strong in the early primary states and he believes whoever eventual nominee is they will be able to take on donald trump in november 2020. >> i think he is crushable. >> reporter: he also made the argument that much say and that
5:33 pm
business background and history of criticizing those corporations make him uniquely qualified what he called a broken system. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. a new nationwide poll shows joe biden now in the lead in the democratic primary race for president according to a poll released to today. biden received 24% of the vote while pete buttigieg got teen percent. senator warren fell to 14% in senator sanders got 13%. there was a dramatic drop between sanders and remaining candidates who received less than 3% of the vote. the big story this week is the weather as we head into the thanksgiving holiday. here's a look at the radar. it is already pouring and we are expecting a lot of rain over the bay area tonight. we will talk with phil to find out exactly how much. caltrans told people if you are headed to tahoe and you haven't left yet, don't start now. both directions are closed
5:34 pm
because there had been so many crashes as a result of the heavy snow. here locally it is raining and this is a picture from san jose. there is pretty much traffic everywhere brought the bay area. here's a live picture of 24 heading into walnut creek. you can see it is completely backed up. we sought 80 earlier jumped up in both directions. there are chain controls up in the sierra. in airport protest going on tonight at san francisco where workers are hitting the picket lines right is the thanksgiving travel season ramps up. delta air lines catering workers in detroit are part of a one-day walkout at 17 airports across the country including sfo demanding more money and better health benefits . the summer union workers for sky chefs and gate gourmet voted to approve a strike. >> i want to see delta do right
5:35 pm
by the airline catering workers, put the money up on the table so workers can get a fare contract and they will no longer live in poverty so one job can be enough and they can have dignity and respect like other workers in our country. >> organizers say the protest are not meant to disrupt travel but generate awareness. over the last five years the three largest airlines in the country earned more than $50 billion in combined profits. changes are coming to one of the south bay's biggest shopping centers as maureen naylor reports the long- standing tradition of free parking at westfield valley fare won't stay that way for long. >> reporter: here at the parking garage and shopping center a parking kiosk is being installed. they haven't set an exact timeline but what is clear is that paid parking is coming to the small. >> the kiosks are targeted and
5:36 pm
will remain off-line during the busy holiday shopping season. officials say the program won't launch until 2020. the idea of paid parking doesn't sit well with some shoppers who say it is an additional and inconvenience that may deter them from coming here at all. >> that is not something you think about. >> i would rather not pay for parking. if there are benefits to it making the roads better and more available spot than i'm open to it. >> i don't come to the mall very often because of the parking. and most things you can get online now. >> they release a statement tuesday saying we are in the early stages of planning a secure parking program for valleyfair that will not roll out until 2020. we do not have additional details to share currently we expect to make an announcement next year. >> it is not clear if westfield will rollout something similar to what they introduced in san
5:37 pm
diego where parking is free for the first two hours and then two dollars an hour for every hour afterthha a maximum $15 a day fee. for now parking here remains free. in san jose, maureen naylor. health officials said today that they have more evidence that vitamin e acetate is to blame for vaping related long illnesses. the minnesota department of health analyzed black-market vaping devices and found that it contains vitamin e acetate. the compound is used as a thickener nationwide. the cdc 2300 people have gotten sick from vaping and smart. many of them teenagers and 47 people have died. a world-renowned climber is recovering after falling at el capitan in yosemite. the caption said she is banged up and going to be okay. she also posted a picture of her injury when a rope hit her neck as she fell yesterday.
5:38 pm
among those who helped rescue her was another famous climber. he was the subject of the academy award-winning documentary, free solo. heartbreak in albania after 6.4 magnitude earthquake. coming up next rescue workers digging through collapsed buildings looking for survivors. also ahead chesa boudin eight make the generous donation to feed people during thanksgiving and how he is inspiring others in his own community. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah.
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albania morning. at least 100 other people were injured under the building collapsed. katie logan with detailed on the rescue effort as areas continue to be hit by dozens of aftershocks. >> reporter: rescue workers in albania are desperately digging through rubble to search for survivors. the epicenter of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake was about 20 miles from the capital. supervisors describe old as building crumbled around them. >> reporter: you couldn't see anything. everything all apart and crumbled. it was a real horror so i tried to get out of my home and went through the glass door and cut myself badly. >> reporter: homes and
5:42 pm
buildings have been completely destroyed. 150 aftershocks caused even more damage. officials say there are many patients. >> translator: it is mainly head injuries. >> reporter: there was an earthquake back in september. now several countries including the u.s. have offered to help in search and rest you efforts. some nations have already sent in rest you cruised. local officials say that aftershocks continue posing a threat to rescue workers. in london, katie logan, fox news. the white house and u.s. capitol building went into lockdown for 45 minutes after radar picked up a possible aircraft in restricted airspace. officials and military fighter jets to find out if there was any threat. roads were closed and no one
5:43 pm
was allowed into the compound during the lockdown. no aircraft was spotted and a source later told foxnews radar could have detected a flock of birds, a drone or weather balloon. will succumb, thanksgiving help from one of oakland's own. the man we want to lighten the load for everyone else. >> that is chesa boudin eight who says he hopes his generosity will inspire others to help as well. from an treacherous ride over the sierras that ski resort operators are smiling as they get ready to open for the long holiday weekend. it is snowing big in the mountains. a live camera shot from the lake tahoe area. it is blizzard conditions up there all night. winter storm warning. wind and rain down here more with the full forecast. you shouldn't have to live with pain.
5:44 pm
you shouldn't have to pretend you're fine. you shouldn't have to be the ambulance. you shouldn't have to be thinking about the cost. you should just be focused on her. covered california can help you find a health plan that fits your needs and budget. because we believe you shouldn't have to choose between the life you've built and the care you need.
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president trump participated in a time honored tradition at the white house. he pardoned two turkeys ahead of thanksgiving. typically the event is free of politics but the president did manage to sneak in an impeachment joke at the ceremony. >> they already received subpoenas to appear in adam schiff's basement on thursday. bread and butter, i should note that unlike previous witnesses you and i have actually met.
5:47 pm
both bread and butter will spend the rest of their days at virginia tech at a turkey research center dubbed gobblers rest. hundreds of people struggling financially received a thanksgiving meal complements up a well-known oakland rap artist. chesa boudin said he hopes his generosity inspires others to help in their community. rob roth has the story. >> reporter: on this tuesday on 35th and market street in west oakland, hundreds of people on hard times got a taste of thanksgiving, a hot turkey lunch , a frozen turkey to go and a warm coat for those who could use one. , stanley cox much better known as chesa boudin eight. >> we want to continue to utilize our influence and to lighten the load for everyone else. >> reporter: he understands
5:48 pm
people in need as he was once one of them himself. >> i know what it was like growing up poor and going to the store right here as a kid with a note that said my mom gets paid friday, can we please bring you money friday if we can have five dollars worth of chicken. >> reporter: they have been hosting thanksgiving meals for those in need for 14 years. >> when i first started i would cry because the need was so urgent. and it has gotten worse. i have learned to toughen up a little bit. but at the same time it does bother me and it does hurt because we have a lot of people out here in need. >> reporter: this woman said she has been homeless for the past three years. >> it is not because i am on drugs or mentally challenged. i work every day. i have a job. i work seven days a week. we'll see what you do? >> i'm a housekeeper. >> she appreciates what chesa boudin eight is doing for the community. >> without this people we would
5:49 pm
be way worse off than what we are. >> i thank god every day for this type of thing. >> reporter: chesa boudin eight said he help hopes others will be inspire to help however they can. >> we are happy to be able to provide for those that are having a hard time providing for themselves. >> reporter: chesa boudin eight said the holiday spirit isn't ending here. he is planning a food and toy giveaway sometime before christmas. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. there is a lot of new snow in the sierra tonight. want to show you some pictures from squaw valley that were sent to bill martin a little earlier. several feet of snow expected to fall in the sierra this week. right now chain controls are in place on i 80 d ghway 50. traffic has been backed up all day on i 80 because of so many crashes in the snow. 80 was shut down in both directions near truckee. in the last 20 minutes all the
5:50 pm
lanes reopened still traffic remains low. dryer ski resorts in tahoe are happy to see the fresh snow and many resorts will open for the season this week. heavenly mountain is scheduled to open tomorrow. the ski resort said staff has been working nonstop to clear lift lines and to get it ready for visitors. >> we are excited for opening day. a lot of people are already up here and we are looking for an to celebrating with them. we are starting off with hot chocolate and donuts. there will be live music and we are looking forward to it. it will be a fun day. kirkland and norstar ski resorts say they plan to open the day after thanksgiving. let's bring in chief meteorologist bill martin now. snow up in the sierra and a lot of rain. >> and a lot of wind. it will last for a few days right past the holiday. this plays into the whole holiday travel thing. today and tomorrow a big travel day. the mountains will not be easy traveling.
5:51 pm
the big system that is coming down. big wind with the system and it will get into our area tonight and tomorrow morning. the main hit comes through in the next hour and then the winds come up late tonight. i want to give you a peek here. that is the main band coming through. lightning up around bodega bay. this is significant rainfall within the cells. it will not rain within an hour, but an inch and a quarter an hour. those are significant rainfall rates. if you are in those areas, it may be difficult to drive. we have all been there when the wipers can't go fast enough. that is what is happening there right now. if we go further south, milpitas was getting heavier showers early. i can assure you it is
5:52 pm
snowing up on diablo right now. look at how cool it is. it is probably going to be snowing off hamilton as the snow levels are lowering. it is snowing in paradise. snow levels very low with the system. is 15 degrees cooler in fairfield than it was yesterday at this time. it wasn't like a balmy day, it is much cooler right now. with that said the afternoon commute is messy. the forecast as you look through here you will see at about 7 pm south bay. just in time for the late commute at 7 pm. and then it clears out and the wind settles in and then we get scattered showers tomorrow morning. we get a little bit of a break tomorrow for the commute.
5:53 pm
a chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow is a real possibility. we have already seen lightning strikes off bodega bay. the reason for that is the air is so cold. tomorrow you will have complete instability and you will see potential for thunderstorms. right now thursday is not looking half bad. thursday doesn't look too bad. tomorrow will be marked by scattered showers and snow on bay area. thursday i think it will not be a half bad day white frankly. there might be a stray shower in there. nothing like today or tomorrow or sunday. when we come back we will have the latest updates on what's going on out there. coming up next homeless woman walked into a bakery and asked for help and she got it. >> the next thing i know she is putting an apron on me and gave me a job and set me back across the street before i even worked with the money to pay for my hotel room.
5:54 pm
>> after the break meet the store manager who gave a helping hand to this woman in need. coming up tonight your personal data generating oyens of dollars in revenue for the dmv. a new report said estate agency sold drivers information and pocketed $51 million. a frightening interaction between a doordash driver and a teenage boy who ordered food he was home alone. what the driver texted the boy after delivering the food. ♪
5:55 pm
♪ ♪ it helps to have someone in your corner. that's why there's covered california. we're the only place where you can get financial help to pay for your health insurance. new this year, almost a million people
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could receive additional financial help from the state to help lower the cost of health insurance... more for those already getting it, and new help for many who haven't gotten help before. so check to see how much you can save. it only takes 5 minutes. to be covered by january 1st, enroll by december 15th. a homeless woman walked into a bakery looking for help and she got it in an unexpected way. scott reynolds has the story from louisville, kentucky.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: friday was another day of doing business at this bakery until jenny came through the front door. >> i walked in and i said i am homeless. feel to the store manager gave her two dollars and decided to give her much more. >> she turned around and she said you don't have any work for me, do you? and i said of course i do. nothing i know she put an apron on me and gave me a job and set me back across the street before i even worked with the money to pay for my hotel room. >> reporter: for linda she was following the advice of her grandmother. >> she used to say linda marie doe never look down on someone unless you are willing to give them a hand up and i try to live my life like that. >> reporter: living her life like that turned out to be sweeter than anything. will she will make sure that me and my boyfriend have somewhere to lay our head on thanksgiving night and that means the world
5:58 pm
to me. >> she is here, early and ready to go. she just wants to learn and to more and more. >> you can give anyone a dollar and think you are helping them or you can give someone a second chance at life and change their life. >> reporter: all because jenny wouldn't stop believing that someone would have the grace to make a difference in her life. >> i prayed and prayed and i will tell you what god gave me an answer that i couldn't have expected. he gave me a job. >> reporter: scott reynolds, wrd news. the wind and rain has arrived and while the wet weather is much needed it is creating a mess on the road for holiday travelers. >> the roads are extra slick so you want to slow down.
5:59 pm
a wind advisory in his affect and a winter storm warning is in effect for the sierra and there is a flash flood watch in the burn area in the north bay. good evening everyone, it is pouring across much of the bay area tonight and in the sierra drivers were trying to get to tahoe are finding it to be a long trip. right now chain controls are in place on interstate 80 in both directions of 80 have been reopened after they were closed earlier today due to several crashes. andre senior is in sonoma county where it is pouring. we begin with chief meteorologist martin or look at conditions right now. >> the north bay is the spot right now with the heaviest rain coming down. we have seen rainfall rates of over an inch an hour. that is a high rainfall rate so you are seeing ponding on the roadway. around here we are watching this big weather system coming down the coast. up in the burn
6:00 pm
zone of the kinkead fire they had a flood watch until 10 pm tonight. they could see rainfall rates over one inch an hour and that could cause problems in the fire zone. some slipping and sliding of my debris. a wind gust around the bay area and the entire bay area tonight could go to 45-50 miles an hour. that may linger into tomorrow morning. a high wind warning. in the bay area it is something we don't see every day. we have a winter weather advisory for snow levels down to 2000 feet. mount diablo, mount hamilton maybe in the mountains a winter storm warning. this is the first time we have seen it all in a long n there's the system. as we move into the next couple of hours the heaviest part of that system, the


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