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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 27, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PST

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>> plus... >> an update on and confusion many passengers stranded just before thanksgiving. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. . >> good morning. thank you for joining us. here on mornings on 2, it will be a busy day. wednesday, november 27th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. those rains, gugsy gusty winds and snow across the bay area. this was late last night. south of market. and heavy rains have water shooting into the air. >> problems on highway 10 wuven right near the 80 split. downpour created stand -- standing water on the highway.
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that's the this that standingis >> it would be a busy day anywhere today. >> yes it would. >> as we add this in. and this is the last 12 hours as this huge storm rolls in also snow to the sierra and you can see that starting to work its way down into southern california as well. so they are also going to see some showers. this is where the heaviest action is now kind of heading towards button willow and bakersfield. that's not to say we are still getting action up here in the bay area. but notice into southern. we
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have had a few showers roll through. it's going to be a busy day allie. a little more complicated. >> yes. in the morning we might get a little bit of a re reprieve. but there are still a couple of crashes northbound 87 there's a two vehicle collision and so the middle lane is block md.
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880 in oakland looks good. you can see that the roads are pretty slick here. again, please take it easy out there. yesterday was the first big rain we've had in awhile. it's going to be pretty slick driving conditions even if it's not raining where you are this morning. >> thank you allie. . a lot of people are very happy about the change in our weather. the cold storms and rain passing through make it feel more like the holiday. >> it's so pretty and fresh. >> it's a little rain it's not going to hurt anybody. it's sprinkling. >> that's my friend price. i know him. a little rain can cause some problems. there are concerns about possible flash flooding in the area where the kincade fire burned. the chp has a safety reminder for people driving in the rain. >> right now with the first
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rain the roads are extra slick. we just really want people to back off, give each other room and be kind to each other right now because it's tough. >> the national weather service posted some humorous information online including what is an umbrella and how to use it. time is 4:04 and there were expected power outages around the area. repair crews worked all night. those outage numbers are going down. more than 1200 people have no electricity. the other big outages are in richmond, vallejo, and santa rosa. you can download our ktvu weather app for all the latest on the weather conditions all right. something crazy happened with all of this following that
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power outage last night that brought things to a stand still. most flights were delayed or cancelled and a handful of arriving flights were cancelled or diverted many were headed for southern california what was expected to be a short flight they say has now turned into an hour's long ordeal. >> i've been here since 7:20. but all the flights are delayed so it is what it is. just have to wait it out. ght >> others founthat their flights might have been cancelled. the airport was plunged into darkness around 6:30 when the power went out after many
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elevators and escalators stopped working. the check points came to a halt. unable to process passengers. >> when i got here, the power was already out and it was out for a good hour. i was able to check my bag. i just got a notification so i'm going to have to go pick up my bag again and go back to the city. >> it looks calm some parts of the airport. sporadic. this is the chaos the fire alarm sounded. there was a mass text inside
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the terminals. >> i figured you know i saw the power off i thought here we go again. >> a little anxious especially when we just left israel. >> airport officials say they are working with pg&e to investigate the cause of this power outage. wednesday is expected to be the busiest travel day of the holiday season and passengers would cancel flights told me they would be back to try to cancel a flight. amber lee ktvu fox 2 news. time is 4:07. a protest was added to the holiday chaos at san francisco international airport. yesterday dozens of airport workers staged protests outside and inside sfo catering workers from american airlines picket lines for better pay and ben
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filts. >> tired of working six days a week and have no money to pay our bills. just to get through the day. >> now inside protesters staged a sit-in inside terminal 2. . . let's check back in with allie. it's going to be very busy this morning. >> yeah, we'll have to see where it goes. some people may have the day off. we'll see how that turned out for traffic. for now there are a couple of problems to tell you about one of them. this is in the martinez area. you can see no problems driving through bay point. if you're driving through the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze it will take you
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17 minutes. bay bridge toll plaza light as well. this is one of the spots where we might expect it to be lighter than usual this morning. if you do have to go to sfo keep in mind bart is going to have extra long trains running from the east bay from all points over to sfo to get to the holiday travelers to the airport. there is nobody on this bridge at this hour. so if this is your drive this will be a pretty easy one for you. expect that. we want to turn it over to kyla kroegen. we expect a downpour i know some people yesterday it took them two hours. >> good news is we don't have that. we have showers out there and that means roads are a little bit slick. so you want to take your time out there temperatures in the 40s not the 30s. so not seeing but it is slick
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out there. 45 in petaluma. santa rosa they got over 1" of rain. 45 degrees good morning to you in dublin where you also got a bit of rain down further south in palo alto about 42. so we're cooler than we should be this morning. into the 30s. i'll tell you what that heavy rain for the most part has passed us by. this is the last 12 hours that you can see as the storm kind of rolls in. as we look right now. some area just a few little pops of orange showing up there on the peninsula and mount hamilton seeing a little the t a lot of people heading out to travel and airports looking fine right here in the bay area. you start to see it there and chicago down to atlanta.
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we might be heading that way. right now we are looking good. we've got no delays all across the country. we'll be staying soggy here today in the bay area. still have some scattered showers but as we get into tonight that thunderstorm chance starts to wind down. then our thanksgiving looking a little chilly with highs in the 40s and 50s and still a shower chance there. you take this into this afternoon you see the showers just of the scattered variety. we're going to get some sunshine in there too on thursday. that will be nice for a little bit of a break and there's your thursday and friday in the overnight hours looking good. so highs todayand 52 in san
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jose. 53 in oakland. keeping chp very busy. >> we couldn't keep up and we ran out of tow trucks and personnel. >> coming up, what you should know about planning to go to tahoe for the holiday weekend. >> plus thousands of evacues in santa barbara county. the action crewings plan to take to get better control of that fire.
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at jcpenney, it's black friday forever! well, maybe not forever. doors open 2pm thursday. save on sweaters... air up to 30% off nike for the family! sale ends saturday! jcpenney! welcome back to mornings on 2. sfo anticipating 161,000 travelers passing through the airport today. short flights up and down the west coast and just getting to the airport was the challenge. >> it took us about two hours to get from my office to my house to here because of the rain. >> we were stuck in traffic for almost two hours. thankfully our flight got delayed. >> if the rain continues the airport says passengers can
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expect more delays and cancellations today. sunday night will then be the busiest travel days in in the days ahead as you're coming back to the bay area. chp wants you to reconsider some things. going to tahoe for thanksgiving. interstate 80 has been closed in different locations and at various times during the night because of cars that spun out and when the road's open chains are required. >> if you can delay it a day, day and a half or two days because you're just going to come up here and get stuck with everyone else
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well ski resorts in tahoe are certainly happy to see the know today. staff members at heavenly have been working non stop to clear those lift lines and get the slopes ready. >> we're really excited for opening day. a lot of people are looking forward to celebrating. there's going to be live music and we're just looking forward to it. >> north star are expected to open this friday. time is 4:17. so much to talk about. allie rsdsmus is in for sal. >> take it easy if you're heading out to work for one more day. there are a couple of problems that we want to let you know about particularly in the south
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bay. that's usually a sign people maybe spun out because the roads were slick also northbound 280 just south of 87 an earlier crash has now been cleared. this is something we see after we've had a heavy rainfall that's flooding. beware of that. bay bridge toll plaza a little congested. 4:18 and let's check in with kyla groezen. >> the weather's certainly on everyone's mind today as you can see the storm behind me. the temperatures this morning as we're waking up. san francisco 46 degrees. 45 here in oakland. you can see 30s all across the map.
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sunnivale 42. it is a mild morning. these are some of the totals that we saw ov hours. just inches. dublin just under 1". napa a little over half an inch and san jose coming right in over 1/2". the scattered showers continue. here is the biggest picture of the system. and notice it is now starting to drag all that moisture down to southern california and that's what we're seeing right now. you can see over in sfrez know they just had some -- fresno they just had some very heavy showers move through. you can see a few running through novato, san francisco. some through the east bay just in the last hour or so and that will be the story wz we continue throughout the day. the sierra snow is cranking this morning.
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you can see it there in bear valley. we are of course because of the snow that's coming down not a surprise they're under a winter storm warning that goes until 7:00 p.m. be measured in feet. things start to clear out. here is the wind, it's not bad this morning. that is helping us and let's take a look at future cast. you can see kind of spotty showers will be popping up. this is thursday morning. we start to get some clearing. could even get a little sunshine out there and as we go through our thursday, i think it will be much improved. we still have a chance of a shower. it's friday into saturday you can see the next system. so highs today will be mild in the low 50s. we do have that thunderstorm chance and a look at your
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extended forecast here. we will start to clear out tomorrow. friday apartment cloudy and then another system coming in saturday into sunday. staying cool and a little stormy this week. 4:21 is the time. there's a massive chemical plant explosion in texas. up next we have video of that explosion and what happened to people who live miles away. we'll tell you why the big balloons may not fly this year at the macy's day thanksgiving parade.
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welcome back. new this morning. we want to take you to texas. a fiery explosion at a chemical plant there in texas. it is still burning. it injured three workers and blew out windows on homes several miles away when that explosion. the overnight explosion is in a rural area of soheast texas near the louisiana border. you can see that was still burning here is the earlier video. mandatory evacuations were ordered within a half a mile of the plant. look at this video. at least two of the employees were taken to the hospital. again, this fire is still burning in the eastern part of texas near the louisiana border. that explosion is still under investigation chlgt we will bring you updates throughout the morning. fire crews are hoping the rain will help them battle that
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kincade fire. officials issued a debris flow evacuation warning for kincade no injuries have been reported. no homes have been destroyed and the cause of the fire is not known. our time is 4:25. happening today volunteers will put the final touches on a tiny home community. about 40 homes are being prepared for the homeless. they may be ready before the end of the year. these homes will be used as transitional housing for people who can use from this community into more permanent housing. among the volunteers working on the homes later this morning. . >> a new report says the state of klz made more than $51 million during the most recent
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fiscal year. the dmv stole drivers' names, address information. the agency's data selling practices are incompliant with california law. among those that buy data from the dmv. federal health officials now say 67 confirmed cases of e. coli contamination have been reported. now it's been reported in 1 states already. >> the first cases were reported last week venlgt so far no deaths have been connected. restaurants don't serve or eat lettuce from the valley billionaire presidential candidate tom steyer vmd wants
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to address the homelessu're hit for the thanksgiving holidays. we'll tell you when you're most likely to hit a traffic jam.
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it's nice because it makes me feel safer about the fires recently. >> it's causing a whole new list of problems all across the bay area. >> i first thought i would cry because the need was so urgent and it's gotten even worse. >> a meal and a warm coat for those in need. how an oakland rapper is providing relief for communities this thanksgiving. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. . >> well good morning. thank you for joining us. welcome back to mornings on 2. it was the middle of the week. wednesday, november 27th i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. middle of the week.
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end of the week for a lot of people because they're traveling for the holidays. >> did you hit any exit. >> slow down. >> come fix it. >> yeah. >> it is good advice to slow down. there are going to be those spots where we got pooling water. you're going to have that as we go throughout the day. today even though the rain has certainly splashed off you can see now the bigger, heavier rain is in central california there. you can see south of fresno those oranges and yellows are popping now through bakersfield. here in the bay area we're catching a little bit of a break. however, it doesn't mean that you're not going to get caught in a little bit


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