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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 28, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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bundled up on this thanksgiving as a cold night sets and across the bay area and a freeze warning was posted for some areas. >> on very cold, very cold and enjoying the shopping >> many of today's daytime highs didn't even reach 50 degrees. good evening, i am julie haner. >> and i'm scott sommerville.
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our meteorologist kyle rogan with more on the watches and warnings out now. >> we started off with a very chilly day, as you mentioned. we had highs that seemed more like lowe's today in the 40s. one of the spots where we had that was san francisco. these were today's highs at 48 degrees. which is usually with the low is for this time of year. the daily high we've had on this day since 1906 were the coldest high was 49, if you can follow that. we will stick with that chilly theme as we head into the lowe's for tonight, santa rosa looking for a low of 24 degrees, 41 in san francisco, 31 in places like morgan hill in san jose and that prompted a freeze warning in the north bay with 20s to low 30s and also frost for the east bay and down near and around san jose and morgan hill. it will be chilly night out there, dangerous night.
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make sure you bring any pets in and be prepared for. we have another system coming our way, we will talk about that in a few moments. but for now i will send it over to julie. smacked the lowest temps will be in the north bay, marin, napa and sonoma. ktvu's debra malone is live where people are venturing out. >> reporter: you have to feel for people waiting for stores to open on this thanksgiving night. in this chill those deals better be worth it. >> it's freezing tonight. i just paid for my dinner. >> reporter: shoppers arrived all bundled up and many went home with some extra warmthfor the bed. >> i'm not even used to putting on my heat [ laughter ]. >> reporter: get used to it. a freeze warning north of the golden eight warns of damage to exposed pipes, and sheltered animals and outdoor plants. >> down to the 30s i guess. >> crazy. we had 100 degree weather over the summer, now we have
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freezing [ laughter ]. >> reporter: of course being able to get inside makes all the difference. for the bay area is an sheltered population the cold can be life-threatening, causing frostbite and hypothermia. >> it's just incredible, you know some people are having a difficult time going through this and i have gone through this and it's very, very difficult. >> reporter: many agencies will offer extra beds and community warming centers during the cold snap. this is a warming should shelter in santa clara county. >> i woke up one morning and the cup he left out was a solid block of ice. he said that's it, i'm not doing this anymore. make heavy rain settles on the bay area for several days, so coats from these holiday sales will come in handy, surely our standard attire. >> reporter: have freezing does it have to be for you to put a
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jacket on? [ laughter ] >> coming from thailand i love this, it's late. amazing. >> reporter: amazing? i'm not so sure since i can't feel my hands, but you got to admire that positivity. frank and julie, happy thanksgiving to you. >> turned to the weather app for information anytime, you will find it in your app store and it is free. before the thanksgiving leftovers were wrapped up some folks were hunting for holiday bargains. ng on black friday you to start are already a little late. greg, you've been keeping an eye on the start of holiday shopping season. are there a lot of folks out there? >> reporter: indeed there are, frank. many big retailers, like the target store in pleasant hill opened the doors at 5 o'clock and they will remain open until 1 am this morning. this year there were only 26 days between thanksgiving today
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and christmas, six fewer than last year. so with that certain timeframe both retailing and shoppers are out here in care of business. >> we got about two hours, do as much shopping as you need. >> reporter:oppers lined up outside target snag black friday deals a day elderly. many had special items to pick up, like this deal on a big- screen tv. >> 65 for $280. >> i have a whole list. looking to get deals for the family, for the kids. >> reporter: 5 o'clock at doors spring open into things rest and, the crowd and the adrenaline is people search for deals. >> we have little >> reporter: retailers have been getting a jumpstart on black friday in recent years. like old navy opening up at 3 pm on thanksgiving. >> amazing, $10 letters and 50% off everything.
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>> reporter: the national retail federation estimates 165 million people will shop in stores and online thanksgiving through cyber monday. >> i just do this online and pick it up. while looking around i bought some stuff. >> reporter: bustling crowds seen in places like sun valley shopping center in concord may be the result of a strong economy. >> more people are working and spending. >> reporter: the official holiday season doesn't begin until friday, but both retailers and shoppers seem to be more than happy to get an early start. >> it's more ci happy. it's really fun. >> reporter: despite overall healthy consumer spending this year, consumer confidence and did dip a bit this month, so there is still a tiny bit of trepidation about this holiday spending year. i can tell you some analysts are actually predicting the
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very first trillion dollar holiday spending season. we will have to wait and see. there are two things i'm certain people will be buying. one is for girls: barbies is expected to be the most popular item. and for boys, leg up. live in pleasant hill, ktvu , fox 2 news news. so what if people shopping for this year? you heard what greg just said. but the national retail federation says 58% will be buying clothing and accessories. 54% will be buying gift cards, 39% have toys on their shopping list.palmdale area. it happened earlier samiguel canyon road. investigators say family of four was traveling on the highway when something hit their car window. one man hit says he suffered minor injuries. >> with officer was saying is that someone was driving in the opposite direction and either through something or something happened. we don't know, they are trying
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to figure it out. >> the young man suffered cuts to his arm from the shattered glass. no one else in the car was hurt. there have been dozens of similar attacks in the same area this year. a 29-year-old man arrested in connection with the halloween night shooting in orinda is free on bond. the release of domico michael dones comes after one day a suspect was arrested last week. so far no one else has been formally charged in connection with the gunfire in orinda on halloween night. plastic prosecutors declined to charge five other suspects in >> two suspects are in custody after an attempted burglary in alamo. the sheriff's department says deputies were called to a home on lorient away shortly after three this morning. a canine unit helps them arrest the two suspects carrying items
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allegedly stole from the home. the two men reportedly suffered minor injuries during the arrest and were taken to the hospital before being booked on charges of burglary and possession of stolen property. an update on the woman and her two young grandchildren who have been missing. today another gas station employee health reunite them with their families. sandra young of fairfield and her two young grandchildren had not been heard from since sunday. they were reported missing on tuesday by family members. authorities say the three were considered at risk because young is 75 years old and has medical problems. this morning police got some help from a worker at a shell gas station. >> amber alert came across my phone and it showed a picture of a lady and two kids. they have been missing from fairfield, i believe. 10 minutes later she walked in the door and asked if she could use the restroom. >> the three were not hurt. police declined to say where they had been or what they had
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been doing for the last three days. grandmother has been caring for the children since their parents died in a car crash. two children who were reported missing from nevada were found safe this afternoon. 13-year-old jonathan and 11- year-old madeline were reported missing last night after they had an argument with their parents. police looked all night for the kids but couldn't find them. before 1 o'clock this afternoon both of them were found safe in san rafael. at this time no word on where they were after they left their house. coming up, southern california gets slammed by a cold and wet winter like storm. see which city got rest now. , a thanksgiving day surprise for troops in afghanistan. the president trumps unannounced visit with pete stocks with the taliban. ♪
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go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. we're learning tonight the former jan ng an undisclosed was 101 years old. he was a naval officer during world war ii and partially witnessed japan's defeat in the devastation. he was japan's prime minister 40 years later between 1982 and 1987. he was known for strong support of the united states and president ronald reagan. he pushed for a more assertive japan, while also strengthening military ties with the united
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states. president trump made a surprise trip to afghanistan today to make a thanksgiving meal with american forces. while he was there he made an announcement about peace talks with the taliban. fox news kevin cork is in west palm beach florida where the president left for that surprise trip. >> i hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic meal. >> reporter: after a secret 13 hour flight 50,000 feet above the frigid wild blue, a warm welcome and afghanistan. >> we love them, we love them. happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: president trumps surprise trip to see u.s. service personnel this thanksgiving holiday. a welcome day for troops on a day when we all pause to give thanks. >> this evening, as millions of families sit down at their dinner tables back home, they will be saying a prayer for the men and women serving our nation and afghanistan and deployed all around the globe. >> reporter: it was, in many respects, like what we have
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seen before. photos of a bit of good-natured banter and service by the commander-in-chief to those who come in being here, have already sacrificed so much. his remarks hit on familiar themes, like is stronger than ever military, the removal of terrorist from the battlefield analyte. the president also used his first trip to afghanistan to meet his presidential counterpart, announcing the u.s. and hallinan have talked about peace talks with the u.s. insisting on a cease-fire. >> the tants to make a deal and we are meeting with them saying it has to be a cease-fire. i didn't want to do it, but now they do. >> reporter: is after the u.s. abruptly withdrew from bilateral peace talks in september. the president said he was following through with his campaign promises to draw down american troop levels quote, substantially, to about 8600. >> that's the number people are talking about, yes. then we can do much better than that. we can go much further than
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that. >> reporter: keenly aware that the future will fend for itself , this was a day instead to remain very much in the president. a chance to a journey shouted in secrecy with a very public declaration of support. >> there is nowhere i would rather celebrate this thanksgiving than right here with the toughest, strongest, best and bravest warriors on the face of the earth. >> reporter: currently there are between 12 and 18,000 american forces in afghanistan. that's about 2000 down from this time a year ago. the president made it very clear today the u.s. will remain in afghanistan unless it has a deal or a chief solo victory. two of the democratic candidates for president spent the holiday in des moines, iowa. california senator, harris steered on turkey trot runners.
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they made their way across the city and what's called the largest thanksgiving tradition in iowa. meanwhile senator amy club took part in the thanksgiving service at the south des moines community center. despite concerns about the weather the famous balloons were allowed to fly at the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city today. they flow lower than usual after high winds there and ground them. costs exceeded 32 miles an hour reported in centralparade began. the lungs have only been grounded once for weather- related reasons back in 1971. it looks like the brand-new state-of-the-art chase center is already in need of some repairs in san francisco. workers plan to spend this thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday weekend tearing up and replacing the hardware of the warriors practice facility cords because they are warped. the chronicle reports that water from a broken pipe seeped into several rooms and offices on tuesday. that damage was quickly repaired.
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the warriors are on the road right now, but their practice facility should be open before their next home game december 9. the bay area's largest auto show underway at san francisco's rusconi center. it is the 62nd annual international auto show. it began this morning and runs until monday featuring a lot of exotic cars. also, the new 2020 model, cars, trucks and suvs. i'm not sure what that was, for re? something like that. the director of this event says it is the perfect thanksgiving weekend for families looking for a new car like this toyota supra. >> would we like to think of is if you are out in the market for a new car in the next 60 ys and you've got five choices, you kind of look at the internet and all of that, you come down here and bring the family. now you can get in these cars, sit in them, does it fit your family's needs? >> okay really, look at that. i think that's a lamborghini, i'm pretty sure.
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the san francisco car show features a large number of classic cars along with hybrids and all electric cars as well. powerful winter storm pounded southern california's high desert region on this thanksgiving day. only eight inches of snow fell in part of the antelope valley, including the cities of lancaster and palmdale. the snow is letting up tonight, but heavy rain is expected in the area tomorrow morning. today's snowstorm also forced the closure of interstate 5 through the grapevine more than nine hours today. this was the scene earlier today. coming up, there is a blanket of snow covering the roads up there. the chp began escorting traffic along the southbound lanes before finally reopening both directions of i-5. they opened both lanes around 2 o'clock this afternoon. never thought i would see video of a family having a snowball fight and palmdale, but that's what i saw as they had a couple of inches of snow there. we have had plenty of snow on
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the cra. certainly for those of you heading out to the resorts to ski, a lot of these are starting to open up. we had nearly 2 feet of snow in the last 48 hours. i may, there is more coming with the next system. there is a winter storm watch for 4 am saturday through 12 pm sunday. there is another couple of feet and soap. temperatures right now getting very chilly, santa rosa at 35 degrees, san francisco 45, 41 in oakland, same story livermore and 42 san jose. these are the lows we are going to tonight, incredibly cold. look at the 20s in santa rosa, morgan hill about 41, that is why we have the northbay under a freeze warning until 9 am tomorrow morning. it's those interior valleys we have to look out for. there in the light blue is where we have a frost advisory i northbay coast and in the east bay valleys and down in san jose in the santa clara
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valley area until 9 am as well. tomorrow we will start off chilly, temperatures a little bit warmer than today at the coast about 49, 50 through the pay and 55 inland. it is the next system i'm looking out for that will bring us heavy rain, tapping some oyster, a big stream of moisture coming in. that will be the big story that i will talk about in just a little bit. that would means rain through the weekend, so we went to get prepared for that travel time when you are heading back. it's not great news, but i will time it out when i come back. school mustangs came away with a win today at the annual turkey bowl. the mustangs beat the balboa buccaneers 10-0. today was the 96th annual turkey bowl, it's a holiday tradition. it drew 50,000 fans when it began in the 1920s. they lost most of those seats during a remodel 19 years ago and today only a few hundred diehard fans turned out to watch the game.
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>> it's a very special thing. i've got my son here and we are just enjoying it. even though he is cold, lots of fun. >> the turkey bull has only been canceled twice since it first began in the 20s. 1963 it was called off due to the assassination of president john f. kennedy and two years ago the game was canceled because of the wildfires in northern california. a new development in the long fought battle over a san mateo county beach. the latest ruling of letting a bay area billing or block public access. sad news about in accomplished free climber from california. his accident during a descent in mexico.
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a california native has become one of the world's most accomplished rock climbers and has died in an accident in mexico. u.s. state department confirms 31-year-old brad go bright fell to his death yesterday while trying to send a cliff in northern mexico. he grew up in orange county and later gave international fame as one of the worlds top three solo climbers. that's when climbers head up and down mountains without the aid of ropes, harnesses and other protective equipment. it was a little hard to hear things giving memories on social media today. insta graham and facebook had global outages this morning. insta graham's newsfeed was slow to refresh and there were problems when users try to upload pictures. facebook said they resolved the issue at about noon today. the company says there was an
10:25 pm
issue with one of their central software systems. a new round in the long legal battle of san mateo county beach owned by a silicon valley billionaire. a federal court ruled in favor of a venture capitalist who has been arguing for nearly a decade that he, not the public, owns the only road down to the beach south of half moon bay. the latest ruling provides a boost for his plans to get a gate on the property. managers are asking bay area residents to hold off on burning wood in their fireplaces over the holiday weekend to help prevent poor air quality. a bay area quality management district says woodsmoke is the major source of air pollution. the agency isn't actually issuing a burn ban, but they are reminding people that forgoing a fire will help everyone breathe a little easier, especially folks with respiratory issues. it is an annual tradition, thousands of free meals for some of san francisco's most vulnerable.
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see how clyde is changing as the need on the street is changing. the nfl serving up a full menu of football later today in sports we will have a mouth full of highlights. after the break, american flags waving on the streets of hong kong as protesters thanked the u.s. for taking a stand against china. say yes for less to gifts storewide... 20 to 60% off department store prices. most stores are open thanksgiving, 6pm to midnight. reopening friday at 7am. ...with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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security forces a shot and killed 40 antigovernment protesters in 24 hours amid increased violence in baghdad. another 245 people have been wounded since last night. this, after an iranian consulate was torched. police and military forces were sent to key oil rig provinces to try to reopen roads closed off by demonstrations. the increasing violence and heavy response against demonstrators by a largely iran back in government threatens to in tensions in that region. president trump signing legislation supporting pro- democracy protesters in hong kong will undermine of the two >> we have the reaction on the streets of hong kong, which has been positive. >> reporter: hundreds of american flags waving on the streets of hong kong today, protesters thanked president trump for backing them.
10:30 pm
>> we want to thank the united states citizens and also president donald trump. >> reporter: on wednesday president donald trump signed into the human rights and democracy act, banning the export of tear gas, pepper spray and rullets to the hong kong police. a second bill more significant requires the state department carry out an annual review to check if hong kong has enough autonomy to justify favorable u.s. trading terms. president trump explained his decision saying i signed these bills as respect to president she, china and the people of hong kong,. leaders will be able to amicably settle their differences and have longtime peace and asperity for all. china reacted angrily. the ambassador saying to stop meddling in hong kong affairs and also said retaliation. >> hong kong is china's hong kong, hong kong's affairs are purely china's internal affairs.
10:31 pm
no organization, foreign government or foreign individual has the right to interfere. >> as the two nations get closer signing, phase 1 of the trade deal, analyst say any retaliation would hurt china more than the u.s. >> sure the chinese are huffing and puffing using all sorts of top language, but they are not really going to do anything. >> police can continue to operations seeing major clashes. there were about 20 students held up inside. this may yet escalate. it remains to be seen if china will retaliate, but certainly it heightens tensions between the two countries. tiny zoned video at dak d okay has apologized for a new jersey teenager who posted a video criticizing muslim treatment. the videos went viral,
10:32 pm
condemning china's mass crackdown on illegal muslims. tick-tock says the video was removed yesterday and due to a human moderation error. the app is popular. several senators raised concerns about data collection and censorship and content. and san francisco blythe memorial church hosted their annual thanksgiving meal today. ktvu's alyssa harrington tells us hundreds of volunteers took part. mike daniel maxwell from san francisco has been volunteering at blythe's thanksgiving celebration for 18 years. maxwell and hundreds of others spent thursday morning carving turkeys in hand, preparing potatoes and salad for thousands of the city's homeless. >> there are a lot of people out here separated from their families. so clyde gives them that opportunity to create your own family within. >> clyde has been hosting its
10:33 pm
community deal and it's tenderloin location for more than 50 years. city officials, including maryland and breed served plates of food. the ceo says the event is also a way to raise awareness of the event. >> we want to bring attention to a lot of the issues people are struggling with from food insecurity, what is it that people are struggling to feed themselves and then addiction and homelessness. >> they will 9000 meals over th thanksgiving holiday. there will be three dozen in the main dining area and they will be making deliveries. smacked the need in the city is delivering and expanding. glide throughout the year is starting to step up in new ways to reach more people. >> reporter: all the food and money for the event marinda kumar said here from concord loaded up a truck full of turkey, fruit and 100 pumpkin pies. he had made large donations
10:34 pm
like this every year for the past 13 years. >> to me thanksgiving to me is to help others who need it. and i love to do that. and i hope i can help people who are homeless. >> reporter: blythe's thanksgiving included a performance from the blythe ensemble. thanksgiving feast a much long series of events at blythe including the senior luncheon, grocery bag giveaway and christmas day celebration. san francisco's first responders team hooked up today so prepare, serve and deliver holiday meals. the thousands of sf pd officers , the sheriff's deputies and city firefighters survey turkey feast to feed people at the senior center. the sf pd command staff carved the turkey and everyone pitched in to help serve some food. those who couldn't make it had a meal delivered right to their home. >> where delivering meals to seniors, which may not be as
10:35 pm
local, therefore we are actually driving throughout the city and delivering meals for each of us have a specific route we are taking. >> the event was organized by first responders and self-help for the elderly. still to come, joint efforts to feed the hungry this thanksgiving. how a bay area chef set up shop in a park in west oakland. temperatures are dropping quick this evening, a freeze warning in the north bay. i will tell you about that and rain coming our way. also ahead, a fire at a chemical plant is expected to burn for a third day.
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more than 50,000 people in east texas remain under mandatory evacuation orders today as a fire continues to burn at a chemical plant. the fire started at the plant in port nichesmassive sterday. and another 14 hours the workers were ted at hospita the plant is expected to burn into a third day to prevent more explosions. the chemical plant produces a variety of materials, including gas used for the synthetics such as rubber and nylon. state department officials are working around-the-clock monitoring air quality near the
10:39 pm
site. >> real-time air monitoring and readings collected thus far do not indicate levels of human health concerns. >> officials say the initial learning morning blast was felt up to 30 miles away. the second explosion later yesterday afternoon blew a tower into the sky. the cause of the explosion is unknown. the oldest living person in the united states has died. alelia murphy turned 114 years old in july. she has lived in new york's harlem neighborhood since the 1920s. her family says dozens of people gathered at a hayward swimming pool this morning for the 18th annual turkey swim in memory of karen gordon. gordon was a lifeguard at the handler plunge and an internet ktvu. she was in 2001 by a drunk driver on her 19th birthday when she was driving to work at the plunge.
10:40 pm
that driver was trying to get away from police in a stolen van . in karen's honor, the hayward plunge opens every thanksgiving and asks for a minimum donation of five dollars. all of the money raised helps pay for schooling lessons for low-income children and creates a scholarship fund for a lifeguard. >> we have given away probably close to 30-$40,000 in college scholarships and swim lessons for kids. >> two young lifeguards got the ceremony today. in oakland the winner of a head television show called shop prepared a thanksgiving meal for hundreds of doesn't hungry people today. rashad armstrong ends two e. bay restaurants but today partnered with mikey's meals to feed folks at the fitzgerald part in west oakland. mikey's meals began feeding the
10:41 pm
less fortunate 11 years ago and since then they have served more than 10,000 meals in the west oakland community. this year mike lee's meals is expanding services to provide hotel options to homeless people. >> we are starting a program where we can give room, hotel room to the homeless. so on christmas and thanksgiving they can have a nice warm bed, they can lay down, take a shower. >> mikey's meals was started by michael carey junior who had a life-saving liver transplant several years ago. they wanted to help of giving b coming up, more than just a warm meal. how one group helped the homeless today. and meteorologist kylie groping tracking the forecast. ♪lean on me when you're not strong ♪ and i'll be your friend ♪ i'll help you carry on
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several hundred homeless people in san jose got the taste and feel of a traditional thanksgiving meal courtesy of a local nonprofit. >> ktvu's southbay reporter casey jerry says it is looking to transform lives well beyond
10:45 pm
this holiday. >> reporter: this thanksgiving, the holiday starts with a day of doing good. for six hours, from 11 in the morning till five in the afternoon, thanksgiving dinner is served to the less fortunate. >> we just want it to be there place of normal living. we want to get them off the streets. >> reporter: they are cooking up a traditional turkey meal with all the trimmings and the fisheries of the all-you-can- eat sitdown service. san jose's estimated 1500 residents. >> this is a great meal, thank you. you make an addition to food, service, haircuts, footpads and clothing giveaways are also on the table. >> thanksgiving is a day we don't want people to feel isolated or alone. we want them to know they have somewhere they can come to and be loved on and be provided for. >> reporbetween 700 and 800 people will receive care from city team san jose this
10:46 pm
thanksgiving. officials say it's not just the immediate needs they are looking after, but also the long-term needs that can transform lives. >> a year ago i was sitting in jail for selling methamphetamines. >> reporter: richard spent 2018 thanksgiving locked away from his family and kids. he is helping others this holiday season who strayed onto the road past. >> it feels great giving back to those who help and just helping out your community and giving back to your community that i took from a long time ago. >> everyone has it, everyone has greatness on the inside of them and sometimes people lose sight of that. it takes them coming around them, loving them and encouraging them to see the potential when they don't see them. >> reporter: these types of success stories help with care and a hot meal, transforming the thanksgiving holiday into the first step on the road to rebuilding lives. tens of thousands of
10:47 pm
runners and walkers were up bright and early on the streets of downtown san jose on this things giving morning. they dealt with the cold temperatures as they took part in the annual silicon valley toy drive. they ran and raised nearly $10 million since they began 15 years ago. >> we are here so we can build community, help needy families and start our holidays in a fun and healthy way. 22,000 people escorted by 2300 volunteers. >> thanksgiving morning that races are becoming more and more common. big cities across the united states, but the turkey trot in downtown san jose is believed to be the largest in the country. >> it's all about those turkey heads those, isn't it? [ laughter ] >> we saw them on the football players, i love it.
10:48 pm
you're going to need your hat, your coat, anything else to bundle up with tonight because we are going to have incredibly chilly temperatures out there. we have a freeze warning in the north bay for good reason. with temperatures going down into the 20s, the new ca foster advisory along the east bay coast, east bay valleys and seneca valleys. they will see '30s down there. these are the temperatures going down in the overnight hours. 24 degrees in santa rosa. it feels cold saying that. 41 in san francisco, 39 in oakland, 30 in napa, check out livermore, san jose, morgan hill , 31 degrees in the overnight tonight. be careful, make sure you take the pets inside and take a precaution. current temperatures, already seeing some 30s on the map out there. 33 in napa, 35 in santa rosa, 35 palo alto, 45 san francisco. we are on our way. not just on our way, it is chilly throughout the state in california. check out santa barbara where it is 47 in palm springs.
10:49 pm
they have gotten a lot of rain out there in southern california. the system i brought up the rain kind of slid down the coast and drove all of this rain into southern california. they set a record in long beach, 2.17 inches of rain, a daily record for the and also snow in la county. there is a little moisture out there, you can see a sprinkler too, but we are going to have a chilly night. then tomorrow, like today, just a little bit warmer by 3 to 5 degrees. 53 for the high tomorrow in san francisco where today it was 48. they set a daily record for the lowest high and 55 in santa rosa tomorrow, 54 in concord, 53 in san jose. we should stay relatively dry, but we have another big system coming our way. this one will pass an atmospheric river, basically a moisture plan. it will draw all of this rain in and that will start potentially on saturday with a little bit overnight friday night. and a saturday, sunday and
10:50 pm
monday looks like we will have a pretty big rainy run if the storm door is open. just to prepare you and get ready for that, i know it will be a little bit of travel time for people. here is friday at 2 pm with a few pops of mister coming in on the radar. it really isn't until we get to saturday at noon that this next system really rolls in. check it out, it's not just rain, but it's more sierras now. that again going through sunday into monday. we are looking at upwards of two inches of rain in some spots, it will be a big one. take a look at your forecast, you can see the rainy weather that comes in saturday and sunday. if you do want to go to the sierra, your shot to do it is tomorrow. friday is your day for travel because he will not want to get out there on saturday. we will have winter storm warnings and road closures we have experienced. only a little bit worse. it's really going to be that overnight into saturday. for us it will be overnight friday into saturday. >> did you say we make it two
10:51 pm
inches of rain? >> we could get two inches of rain in the north bay. we are going to have a big run of rain here. it's more than we just had. if you think about the trouble that was on the roads, we will kick that up a notch for this next one. coming up in sports, a full menu of nfl games today. our scott reese will give you the lowdown. and on the 11 o'clock news, a water main break in san francisco, late information on flooding as crews try to contain the problem. when it comes to using data, everyone is different.
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thanksgiving had a lot of football going on today. the falcons and saints game tonight really heated up at the end, matt ryan got sacked like nine times. >> he's the source tonight. it looked like a snoozer, but a pretty exciting indeed. everybody talks about tom brady eluding father time. how about drew brees, 40 years old, showing no signs of slowing down, unlike brady, and tonight he joins brett favre as the only quarterbacks to ever throw 10,000 nfl passes. how about that? the saints and falcons, new orleans wraps up the nfc south with a win. first quarter drew brees going to work. that counts as a pass. jason hill into the zone, 17-9 new orleans at the half. third quarter it's 20 after nine, matt ryan pick up by
10:55 pm
undrafted rookie lineman shy cuddle and look at the stiff arm, ryan should have been a little bit more shy coming after the ball. that's a quarterback is stirring to the ground, come on man. ryan also threw two pics and lost a fumble. with 3:30 to play he finds russell gage for the 13 yard score and two point conversion no good, 26-15 new orleans. you have to onside kick it, right? and it's bounced and the falcons kick a field goal, now they are down eight. you have to onside kick it again. two in a row! this time, ishmael recovering, sean pain like what is going on here. there down eight, plenty of time on the clock, but they couldn't block anybody. matt ryan was sacked nine times in this game, cameron jordan that's form by himself. since get turkey on the win and they are the first team to clinch a playoff spot this year. how about the cowboys and
10:56 pm
the bills. yeah, jason garrett feeling that hotseat getting warmer, dac prescott eight yards to jason witten, old reliable. 7-0 dollars. all is well, right? i do not. second quarter, josh allen two former cabbie cowboy cole beasley. revenge is so sweet. 7-7 game. second quarter trickery, they go fully flickr, john brown, the wide receiver, first nfl passes is a touchdown with a single theory. it always seems to work. it's 13-7 at the half. jerry just stewing. third-quarter allingham going to keep it 15 yards for the score. through for 231 yards, rushed for another 43. high-fiving bills fans and one owner departing, bills went 26- 15, they are nine and two. nine and three, excuse me.
10:57 pm
first quarter, bears-liens. the david blau making his first nfl start. when nobody covers this bed wide receiver, this quarterback makes it easy. any holiday, 75 yards and it is a 7-7 game. all right, later in the quarter ryan is driving again, this time blau eight yards to former cal there brian jones. 17-10 at the half and turkey for you and turkey for you. and the jump stick for me. third-quarter, mitchell trubisky to jasper harstad, the former princeton tiger reels and in and hey, trapping against the facemask, and works as long as it hit the ground. so it's a 20-17 game in the fourth quarter, too risky through yards to david montgomery, bears take the lead 24-20. shot, but they go backwards, they want fourth and 22. on fourth and 22 all you do is
10:58 pm
heave it up for grabs and eddie johnson intercepted. they improved to 6-6. this is all just a warm-up to maybe the game of the regular season, maybe a super bowl preview, 49ers, ravens sunday in baltimore before heading east, 19 players and members of their family served up a thanksgiving meal to about 275 people in san jose. among those participating, eric armstead, brandon warmer and george kittle sporting the sweet turkey hat. all of them very much in the holiday spirit. thanksgiving has always had a special place in my heart, even when i was a little kid, i would go down to the homeless the season is going. i have my health right now and we are doing so well. >> at the end of the day we have a job to do on sunday. we have to get ready for that. >> another local tradition on the field, the 96th annual
10:59 pm
turkey day game, san francisco section championship on the line, either balboa or lincoln would be given thanks for a title. just before halftime, jonas frank of which hits barnett, break a tackle, rumble 45 yards , but the only touchdown of the game, 7-0 lincoln. the mustang defense was outstanding, balboa tried everything. a little razzle-dazzle, jaylon smith intercepted by who else? frank of age, the quarterback of lincoln. they win 10-0 and earn a norcal playoff title. a lot of football going on, high school level, professional level, it's just another good thanksgiving day. >> got elevator cable. >> number turkey, i'm over it. coming up next at 11: >> following breaking news, a major water main break in san francisco, it sent water
11:00 pm
flowing down streets and cause problems on highway 101. hello again everyone, i'm frank sommerville. >> i'm juli haner, let's get right to that breaking news. >> is in san francisco where firefighters were on patrol of a water main break. it happened shortly after 9 o'clock tonight. the water is gushing down the street and has flooded the driveway's of several homes there. >> some of the water is flowed onto nearby highway 101 near the cesar chavez exit. at last check, at least one northbound lane . officials are advising drivers not to expect delays and use interstate 280 as an alternate route. we also got word of a car crash on the city


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