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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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coming up next at 11: >> following breaking news, a major water main break in san francisco, it sent water flowing down streets and cause problems on highway 101. hello again everyone, i'm frank sommerville. >> i'm juli haner, let's get right to that breaking news. >> is in san francisco where firefighters were on patrol of a water main break. it happened shortly after 9 o'clock tonight. the water is gushing down the street and has flooded the driveway's of several homes there. >> some of the water is flowed onto nearby highway 101 near the cesar chavez exit. at last check, at least one northbound lane . officials are advising drivers not to expect delays and use interstate 280 as an alternate route. we also got word of a car crash on the city street
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affected by the same water main break. it happened at 25th and potrero a short time ago. there were unconfirmed reports of two people in a crash and taken to the hospital. a live look right now on this call thanksgiving night. some parts of the bay area are under a freeze warning, frost advisory. >> i'm meteorologist is here. some cold weather, but also major rain coming down the line. >> reporter: two things to worry about. let's start with some of the current temperatures outside. you can see already we are in the 30s in santa rosa, 32 degrees right now. i got to tell you, we are going a lot lower than that. 45 in san francisco, 42 in san jose. this is where we are going tonight, take a look at santa rosa expecting a low of 24 degrees. by the way, the record low would be 23 degrees in 2015. i'm hoping we do not break that. 38 expected in san rafael, 41 in san francisco.
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low 30s in livermore and san jose. at morgan hill, that is dangerous cold before you get below the freezing mark. just be careful, everybody. the northbay valleys are under a freeze warning until 9 am tomorrow morning. that is the areas in the purple. the areas of the light blue are under a frost advisory. that is the northbay, the interior valley to the east bay and also san jose. that goes until 9 am. that is the concern here. tomorrow we start off chilly, temperatures a little warmer than today, and i about 49, at the coast 53, 55 inland. we will talk about the rain frank mentioned, it will be a big system coming and i will the whole bay area is the chill. coldest overnight temperatures will be felt in the northbay. ktvu's deborah vela was in san rafael where co-folks were taking the cold weather in stride. it's freezing tonight. i just finished my dinner.
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shoppers arrived all bundled up and many went home with some extra warmth for the bed. >> i'm not even used to putting on my heat [ laughter ]. >> reporter: get used to it, the freeze warning north of the golden gate boasts of damage to exposed pipes, outdoor animals and plants. >> good thing we're not trying to do anything in the backyard. >> we had 100 degree weather over the summer, now we have freezing. >> reporter: of course being able to get inside makes all the difference. and for the bay area's unsalted population the cold can be life- threatening, causing frostbite and hypothermia. having a difficult time going through this and i have gone through this and it's very, very difficult. >> reporter: many agencies will offer extra beds and community warming centers. this is a shelter in santa clara county where clients tell of frigid conditions. >> he woke up one morning and
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the cup he left out was a solid block of ice. he said that's it. >> after the spout, bitter cold and heavy rain settles on the area for several days. so these holiday sales will come in handy, unless shirts will be the standard attire. >> how cold does it have to get for you to put his jacket on? >> no. >> no? >> it's going to freezing so i will wear a jacket. >> it's like amazing. >> it's the northbay counties, napa, remember and and sonoma that will see though coldest overnight temperatures. even though the tire bay area is filling the chill. when stores open early friday morning for black friday, many places will still be in the 30s. a remiweather app for information at any time. you will find it in the app store and it is free.
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>> we have little kids, so the prices are great. >> some holiday shoppers are keeping very busy on this thanksgiving night, they are already out looking for holiday bargains. black friday doesn't officially start for one more hour. ktvu's greg wiggins is in pleasant hill and he has been keeping an eye on an early start of the holiday shopping season. >> reporter: indeed and many of the big retailers, like this target store, opened the doors at 5 o'clock this afternoon and they will not close it down until 1 o'clock this morning. now this year, only 26 days between thanksgiving and christmas, that is six fewer than last year. with that i didn't timeframe, many retailers and shoppers are out here taking care of business. >> you've got about two hours, do as much shopping as you need. r shoppers lined outside of target
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looking to score black friday deals. many had targeted items like this deal on a big screen tv. >> 65 for $280. >> i have a whole list, trying to get deals for the family, for the kids. >> reporter: 5 o'clock at target the doors spring open into things rushed in, the crowd and adrenaline as people searched for deals. >> we have little kids, so the price of the toys are great. >> reporter: retailers have been getting a jumpstart on black friday in recent years, like old navy opened at 3 pm. >> there amazing, i mean $10 sweaters and 50% off everything. >> reporter: the national retail federation estimates 165 million people will shop in stores and online thanksgiving through cyber monday. >> i just do this online and picked it up. while looking around, i bought some.
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>> reporter: bustling crowds seen in places like sun valley shopping center in concord may be the result of a strong economy. >> more people are working and more people are spending. >> reporter: the official holiday season doesn't begin until friday, but both retailers and shoppers seem to be more than happy to get an early start. >> it's exciting we can come right now, right before thanksgiving dinner. you feel it in the store, everyone is really happy. it's really fun. >> reporter: despite overall healthy consumer spending this year, consumer confidence dipped slightly this month, the fourth month in a row. as a tiny bit of hesitation in terms how this year's holiday shopping is going to go. i can tell you, some analysts are very optimistic, some are calling for the potential of the first trillion dollar holiday shopping season. we will have to wait and see. the chp and monarch county
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is investigating reports of another projectile hitting a moving car in the print out area. it happened on highway 156 near san miguel canyon road. investigators say family of four was traveling when something hit a car window. one young man in the car suffered minor injuries. >> with officer was saying was that someone was driving in the opposite direction and either through something, or something. we don't know, they are trying to figure it out. >> the young man says he suffered cuts to his arm for the shattered glass. no one else in the car was hurt. there've been dozens of similar attacks in the same area this year. an alert worker at a gas station help find a grandmother and grandchildren. sandra young and her two grandchildren who are seven and nine, hadn't been seen since sunday. they were reported missing tuesday by family members. authorities say they were considered at risk because he
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was 75 years old and had medical problems. this morning they got some help from a shell station. >> it showed a picture of a lady with two kids. and 10 minutes later she walked in the door and asked if she could use the restroom. >> reporter: none of the three were injured, police declined to say where they had been or what they had been doing. the grandmother has been caring for children since their parents died in a car crash. a 29-year-old man arrested in connection with the halloween shooting in orinda is free on bond. o men in the deaths of five people is still not clear, but so far no formally charged in connection with the gunfire in orinda on halloween night. plastic prosecutors declined to charge five other suspects arrested in a series of raids. president trump celebrates
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thanksgiving in afghanistan. his surprise trip to see u.s. service members and the news he announced. how foreign-policy can impact your wallet. what shoppers need to know about trade talks. [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ]
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ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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a california native who became one of the world's most accomplished rock climbers has died in an accident in mexico. the u.s. state department confirms 31-year-old brad go right felt was yesterday while trying to descend down the side of a cliff in northern mexico. he grew up in orange county and later gave it international fame is one of the lords world's top three solo climbers. that's when climbers head up and down mountains without the aid of ropes, harnesses or any other protective equipment. president trump made an unannounced thanksgiving trip to afghanistan to meet with american troops. air force one touched at bob ingram airbase before dawn today. the president trolled the
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troops he had no reopened peace negotiations with the taliban. it's the latest effort to bring them home from america's longest war, which began in afghanistan 18 years ago. >> the tall man wants to make a deal. we will see if it's a real deal . we will see if they want to make a deal. family are wanting to make a deal because you are doing a great job. >> reporter: u.s. peace talks with the taliban broke down three months ago and president trump canceled an imitation for the calabash representative becoming camp david for a meeting. the holiday shopping season is in full swing, but president trump's trade war with china needs to be kept a close eye on. >> reporter: every black friday bargain hunters bus down the doors looking for deals on the top of so many christmas lists. electronics and toys. this year there is a plot
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twist. >> if we don't make a deal with china will raise the tariffs even harder. >> president trump's list of tariffs is set to go up in december if a trade deal isn't written out by then. >> where the united states, you don't have to worry about tariffs. >> reporter: in most measures the economy is still in strong shape. expecting consumers to spend even more this holiday season, almost 4 percent >> we think 3 1/2, but all-time record 1.1 trillion november, december, january, stat. >> we haven't had a holiday season. whether it be jobs, tariffs, the elections or something totally unexpected, americans have a lot of things to consider before opening their wallet. and what about the prospect of impeachment? d change.
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regardless of how the drama plays out, president trump's job will be on the line in 2020, especially spent spankings send prices spiking. >> i think the president is in better shape for a reelection standpoint. >> reporter: for those braving the crowds and the cold planning at fur stores friday morning, that's the best field with a bonus, feeding the tariffs. the east bay regional park district isn't seeing fees at the activities of the park. they want to encourage folks to spend the day outdoors instead of shopping. there are calling a green friday, part of the opt out side movement when rei closed encourage employees to spend time with their families outdoors. southern california hit hard by a cold winter -like storm. coming up, the thanksgiving snow being called a once in a decade occurrence. and atmospheric river set
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a snowstorm is helping firefighters battle the cave fire in santa barbara county. it broke out monday afternoon and burned through about 31
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acres. it is 40 percent paid. some firefighters were allowed to return home for the holiday as weather conditions get the fire under control. the powerful winter storm brought nearly 8 inches on parts of the antelope valley, including the cities of lancaster and palmdale. the storm also forced the closure of i have made 5 through the grapevine. the snow is letting up tonight, but heavy rain is expected in the area tomorrow morning. speaking of rain, we have an awful lot of it on the way, we have an atmospheric river, which basically means the stream of moisture it will get tapped into, and will draw the moisture in and bring a lot of rain our way. aliment rain? is of the estimates between saturday and monday and you can see oakland for example 1 3/4 inches, over two inches up in the north bay. it's going to be a big one, very powerful system coming our way. i will time this out for you.
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tomorrow we are fine, this is 2 o'clock tomorrow. you can see we are staying relatively dry, little bit of a sprinkle coming in later ended the day. i will take this out to saturday, this is saturday at noon. here comes the next system rushing in and you can see how much weight it will have with it and noticed my sierra snow as well. this is going to be a big one. coming our way, saturday through monday it looks like it could extend further into next week but we will find that. current temperatures right now, 45 degrees in san francisco. nevada 39, 33 in santa rosa, 33 in napa and boy oh boy these temperatures are going down further. these are the lows tonight. if you're in the north bay, we are talking 20 or 30 degrees. 31 in san jose, morgan hill, livermore, all of the spots planning to be below freezing level tonight. that is why we have a freezing morning for the interior rallies in north bay where they could see some 20s. we also have a frost advisory
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in the area, the lighter blue. that will be the east bay valleys, also down and around in san jose, and along the north bay coastline. this is the current radar, that low-pressure system that brought us the rain moved a little south and boy has that been delivering a little punch. the pictures of the snow and rain down there. we should stay dry throughout the night tonight. tomorrow will be a little bit warmer, but similar to today. i have 53, 55 in santa rosa, 53 in san jose. as a mixture of clouds and sun, then it is the rainmaker coming our way with atmospheric river that will do relieve the rain over the weekend, saturday, sunday into monday. if you need to get some things done outdoors, tomorrow is a good way to do it. take a look at your extended forecast. friday, if you want to head up to the sierra and take advantage of lovely snow, tomorrow is a good time to do that. once you get into saturday, then you have winter storm watches already in place and it will get a little rough going.
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notice the temperatures, they are going to pull up. please 20s on the north bay tonight, we should not see that again tomorrow. we will get back into the 30s and folks out there for folks. >> it has been chilly. time now for our weekend watch, here is ktvu's rosemary roscoe. >> whether it's black friday shopping, small business saturday were opt out side, there is a lot happening around the bay in san francisco. celebrate the union square tree lighting this friday complete with entertainment. ghirardelli square will kick off the season with santa, snow and music during its tree lighting ceremony on friday. the life-sized gingerbread house made of thousands of bricks, candy and tons of icing returns to the lobby of the fairmont san francisco hotel. in the north bay, the parade of lights and winter wonderland will include live entertainment, children's activities, a parade with santa and a tree lighting starting at
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5:30 friday. in the south bay, enjoy christmas in the park at plaza de cesar chavez for opening that on friday including a parade, tree lighting and music. the san jose art fair will be the place for shopping handmade items from 200 vendors at the harvest festival at san jose convention center. join the festivities at the saratoga holiday tree lighting and wine store on friday in downtown saratoga were highlights include a tree lighting performance, pictures with santa and free horse-drawn carriage rides. enjoy a show before boarding the santa train featuring songs, dance, games and i guess old saint nick. in the east bay, the niles festival of lights parade is friday starting at 6 pm. in sports, raiders, niners and warriors are on the road. sharks are home on friday, away on saturday. that is your weekend watch. for a full menu of nfl
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mark is off, scott is here today. good game between the saints and the falcons. >> didn't start out that way, turned into a thanksgiving thriller. 49ers were about playing the toughest two-game stretch in the nfl the entire the season. they get the ravens this week, saints next week. new orleans looking every bit the part of a contender as they host the falcons tonight. first-quarter drew brees a little shovel pass to taysom
11:27 pm
hill, the gadget guy. 17-9 at the break. now it's 3:30 to play and desperation time for matt ryan and the falcons. 13 yards to russell gage, two point conversion failed, down 11. they get an onside kick, they kick a field goal, down eight, they get a second onside kick., ishmael, and the stay in the nfl, recovering two in a row is crazy. it's a ballgame. you are down eight, got two minutes, but the saints just smothering. cameron jordan had four sacks, new orleans had nine total, they hang on south, first team to clinch a playoff spot and for that you bills, cowboys and jason garrett feeling the heat these days. second part of the team is up 7- 0 when josh allen hits the former callaway cole beasley for the 25 yard score. jerry jones not a happy dude in the box.
11:28 pm
later in the second quarter, how about double reverse, john brown throwing it to devon single terry, jerry is not a happy guy. in fact, i'm out. bills went 26-15, they are 9-3. bears-lance is the early game today. first nfl start and when nobody covers your top receiver this quarterback kenny golladay, 75 yards later it is a 7-7 game. holiday, four catches for 158 yards. fourth quarter, lands clinging to a three-point lead, mitchell trubisky to david montgomery, go ahead scored 24-20, bears fr 6-6. haskell football, the turkey day game at keyser, lincoln and balboa, just before halftime, the only touchdown of the game. jonas frank of which to all of our net, breaks a tackle, 45 years later that's it, a lot of
11:29 pm
defense. lincoln wins 10-0 and takes the san francisco section championship for the norcal playoffs. bay area college basketball is thriving in november. stanford 7-1. those teams are spectators as two of the nation's best battle for the better and in a tropical paradise. number eight gonzaga, number 11 oregon, the battle for atlanta. they played this on the bahamas in a converted ballroom. it's like carpeting around the court, it's weird. peyton prichard in mind, he hit three, they go over time. these are two final four caliber teams battling into ot. the lady in and the final need r can zagat wins 73-72 and advances to play michigan in the battle of atlanta's final. the best teams in the nation in that tournament and i was down there was stanford last year,
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supercool tournament. >> thanks for joining us, hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving. oh, come on, dad. isn't it weird that every year you single out one person who somehow made you extra proud this year? -it makes the rest of us feel like we -- -it's you, claire. yeah! i knew it! and you, phil, and you, mitchell. actually, it's all of you. i know i get a hard time for stirring up competition in the family, but look at the results. phil scoring with his new magic shop. cam winning the big game. claire winning the race. and mitchell scaring away that burg-a-lar. and you are a winner, too, jay. he wanted to spend more time with joe, so he's dropping him off and picking him up from school every day. dad, what rong with her? i challenged her to get to 100,000 steps in a week. -that's easy. -that's so easy. without shopping. -oh. -i get -- i get the challenge. -no. -she's 1,000 steps from glory. like the rest of you, she was motivated by my stingy praise. as i look around the room, i see nothing but winners, and i couldn be prouder. to us!


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