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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 17, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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tuesday morning, december 17, i am dave juan. my thank you for waking up this morning. it feels like it's cold but it's going to not be as cold as yesterday. she might not even close. mostly cloudy skies already. 30s and 40s, cold for us, yes. but there is a little bit of an easterly breeze kicking in. more 40s than 30s. alamo 35. so it's cold but yesterday we had a lot of upper 20s and low 30s. a cloudy morning and then by this afternoon the slight rain will begin to develop to the north and then lay tonight overnight through to tomorrow morning, we need this to get here and that will not be until late tonight or tomorrow. 4:31 south here, a little iffy and now things are better.
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>> things are better, to start off with we don't see a lot going on which is nice. looking at the east bay commute everything is open including interstate 80 despise him earlier problems. 680 also doing okay and so is highway 24. i like what i see to start off the morning commute. you can see here at the macarthur maze track moving along very well. coming up we will take a look at those freeways which are also doing very well to start off the morning. at 4:31, let's go back. the top stories is mine, hundreds of rallies expected across the country. demonstrators say they want to send a message to congress to impeach president trump ahead of this week's full vote in the house of representatives. several bay areas say they will also take part in today's nationwide event. a two-year- old girl from san jose is safe this morning after a group of good samaritans spotted her father in san francisco county. police issued an amber alert after they say victor maganus
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stabbed his ex-girlfriend in san jose before running off with their child. one man held the man until officers could arrive and make the arrest. san francisco to police do to speak about an officer involved shooting december 7 on 23rd in michigan. police amn was trying to break into homes before he attacked responding police officers with a broken bottle. tonight's town hall meeting starts at 6 pm at cesar chavez elementary school in the mission district. the city detective tilden eight shooting last week will be laid to rest today. seductive joseph seals was gunned down at a cemetery before the attack on the social market. detectives arrested 34-year-old trent eight on weapons charges over the weekend after finding his information in the pocket of one of the two shooters. police are calling it an anti- somatic, anti-police attack. >> entices a semitism and hate
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in a community so familiar with diversity means it can really exist anywhere. >> both suspects were killed in a shootout with lengthy in a lengthy shootout with police. family of a little boy was killed over the weekend in a car crash. kevin hart was only a year old. his mother was driving with him on interstate 5 in stockton when a deputy's patrol car hit her car from behind. a security video from a home nearby shows the car coming to a stop and then the deputy's vehicle plowed right into her, sending her car down an embankment. the deputy tried to give living little kevin cpr but he was not revived. >> what was he doing? was he on his phone? he didn't even slow down or nothing. >> i reached out to the family. it just so happens i'm friends with one extended members of this family. that happens in
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this community because we are such a tightknit community. >> kevin's mother is in critical condition. that deputy has been treated and released from the hospital. the chp investigation continues. democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg made a campaign through the bay area. his first stop yesterday, guests paid as much as $2800 a ticket for the sold-out event. some other candidates including senator elizabeth warren have assisted people to judges supporters. they are proud to have grassroot donors across the country. many said seeing mayor pete was just a part of being in the democratic process. >> i think it's an extra ordinary opportunity for my daughter to hear a candidate first hand. >> i want to ask about campaign- finance influence. i am interested to hear his
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specific plans. >> put a judge attended fundraisers in woodside and san francisco. negotiations are set to resume today over a labor dispute that could end up derailing the democratic presidential debate for thursday at loyal merrimack university in los angeles. many will boycott the event because they will not cross the picket line of service workers. democrats moving ahead preparing for a vote tomorrow in the full house with articles of impeachment against president trump. as douglas later reports, there is an argument over a likely trial. >> they will vote to determine the terms of the impeachment vote, the guide and how this historic process will play out. >> there have never been deals like this. >> reporter: for president trump, it is business as usual
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given what is happening at the other end of pennsylvania avenue. >> the senate will serve as a court of impeachment. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer already demanding witnesses for the senate trial that will follow tomorrow's in expected impeachment vote. he wants to hear from active white house chief of staff milk mulvaney. a budget official, and a mulvaney aid. >> there is no reason on god's green earth why they should not be called and testified. unless you are afraid of what they might say. >> reporter: the white house may not play ball, but must've much of the power rests on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> i will be voting yes on obstruction of congress. >> in the meantime, morehouse members are weighing in on tomorrow's vote including elizabeth watkins his district voted for president trump. she was met with both applause and boos. >> for some democrats this is a
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tough vote. one democrat expected to switch parties and boat against impeachment. also today, rick gaze, former trump official, will be sentence in federal court. earlier this year he pled guilty to charges of work he did in ukraine. he is one of the former trump associates that were indicted as part of the special tonsil robert mueller investigation. he is cooperating with prosecutors so they are not seeking present time and they say they will not oppose his request for probation. time now is for and 37. three people reported dead and others hurt after thunderstorms and tornadoes tore across the south. heavy storm damage reported in louisiana and alabama. there were downed power lines, fallen trees, and debris from savaged buildings. let's check in on the traffic. >> the east bay commute off to
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a nice start here. we see the approach to the macarthur east and it is taking about 15 minutes to drive from the bridge to the maze which is about as good as it gets. pretty much a wide open freeway. i told you we would look at the south bay commute and we don't see a lot going on. that also includes the approaches from gilroy. 25, 152, morgan hill, all the way up into the west valley off to a very nice start. this is a look at 280 in san jose and that is nice. i can confirm there is no fog, visibility is very good all over the place. at 4:38, let's talk to steve. >> if you insist. let's get to it here. fog is not an issue but the clouds coming in our. is not as cold, still in the 30s for some but a lot more 40s. most locations cloudy to mostly cloudy and rain. most of this will be tonight though. a little bit to the north and i mean north of the golden gate
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which i will show you in a second. saturday and sunday we can see pretty good rain there and even down to morgan hill. it looks like three out of the next five days rain will be in the forecast including tonight into wednesday morning. lake worth about 29. redwood city 32. still some 30s and temperatures updating. napa airport 38. mid-40s on the peninsula. even san mateo and over to fremont at 39. it's still cold but yesterday we had a lot more mid to upper 30s. a lot of high clouds in advance for this will be a cloudy to mostly cloudy day and some of that light rain may develop along the coast and raise north. this is very light but the main part of the system is still to the far left of the screen. there is that east wind, 23 at
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napa airport. for some, there is a little bit of a east wind 6 miles per hour. seven in trenton. look for a cloudy morning and then temperatures in upper 50s in the santa clara valley and low 50s to the north as we get that cloud cover and rain eventually developing a moving and throughout the day. 50s on the temperatures, it might be a nice day in santa clara. wind on wednesday and then a break friday. saturday and sunday the rain moves back in. thousands of dollars loss in revenue after being hit by vandals. still ahead, what the thieves did to melt the ice. the deal in washington that is getting bipartisan support in an otherwise divided senate.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 4:40. a popular ice cream store hit by vandals and the damage left behind left melting ice and losing a lot of money. henry lee tells us the owner thinks he knows who did it. >> reporter: redwood on ice owner is still cleaning up the mess after vandals damaged equipment causing the ice to melt. >> there's water running off
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almost like someone left a fire hose running. >> saturday morning gregory realize someone had climbed and behind the ice rink and manipulated the valves. >> someone vandalized the valves that drained the chilling system. >> reporter: the ice rink became a link on what was supposed to be the busiest day of the season. >> i think it's a crime of opportunity. i don't think they realized how much damage they could do by opening those drain lines. >> a new chiller is in place, the ice rink looking a lot like christmas itself days after birthday parties had to be canceled. >> these poor kids born in the winter, they can't go out with barbecues and swim parties but we provide something for those kids as well so that was really disappointing. >> he believes the customer that stole a pair of skates after a dispute came back to vandalize the business. police are investigating. the suspect not hard to identify. people don't realize when they
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come here to do crime we have them sign a waiver first. they do these crimes after they signed a waiver and forget they already gave us their full name. >> he says the vandals probably didn't know what they were doing. >> they found a weak point in the system and it was kind of a fluke that ended up being so damaging and detrimental to us. >> reporter: the ice rink is meant to reopen on tuesday. anyone with information about the vandalism is encouraged to call police. the house is expected to vote on a spending deal that would end a 20 year freeze on some research. the law from the 1990s has effectively blocked research and barred federal aid from engaging in advocacy on gun related issues. if passed, the new bill would provide $25 million for gun violence research. it would be divided evenly between the national institute of health and the center for disease control and prevention. the san jose fire departments online fireworks reporting tool
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is now active year-round. originally only available around the fourth of july holidays. with the new year fast approaching the department will be watching out for those illegal fireworks. they are also reminding people that fireworks are dangerous and can cause fires and serious injuries. people can be fined for using, possessing, storing, or selling illegal fireworks. neighbors can also report illegal fireworks with 24 hour phone hotline spray time is 4:46. today is the deadline for pg&e to respond to governor gavin newsom's demand for a reorganization plan. the governor turned down pg&e's initial plan on friday. now the nation's biggest utility is scrambling to come up with a new plan to win the governor's approval. even though pg&e's fate is in the hand of a encrypted judge, governor newsom's support could be critical to emerge from bankruptcy by june 2020.
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in san francisco, a small group of protesters locked themselves together blocking the street outside of pg&e headquarters in san francisco. they wanted to draw attention to the almost 200,000 medical customers who suffer so much when power shutoffs take place. they are calling on pg&e to make safety and reliability its top priorities. >> things have to stop, things have to change. 100 people have died because of pg&e's actions. because of fires and power outages that have cut people off from equipment that they depend on to live. >> a protest organizers say demonstrators and coalitions of fire survivors. people with disabilities as well as use and racial justice groups. pg&e says it is committed to getting the victims paid, but is safety changes in place an emergency from bankruptcy protection. today, san francisco supervisor will push the change proposal to relight
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local zoning laws. it would force local governments to allow taller apartment buildings and other multi family complexes near transit lines and hubs. today commissioner at the san francisco transportation authority will hear a resolution proposing negative transit impact. too santa clara county, two supervisors will approve solutions to severely mentally ill people living on the streets. supervisors cindy chavez want the santa clara board of supervisors to expand services and provide a plan to help those who are not able to get themselves to community-based mental health services. among other things, they want more enhanced street outreach as well as engagement. today mental health workers statewide will take part in day two of their five-day strike.
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4000 psychologists, psychiatric nurses, therapists, and addiction specialists were on the picket line yesterday protesting staffing levels and patient care. they say patients have to wait weeks, even months for appointments and services and treatments. >> i am booked out until february. if you come to see me and you are in need today, the next available appointment is in a very and that is just so unethical and unrealistic. that is not how mental health works. >> kaiser said it is already in the process of hiring hundreds of healthcare workers and it has spent $700 million on new mental health facilities in recent years. the national union of healthcare workers has been without a contract for more than a year. our time is 04:49.
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we are watching everything on the roads, sal. it's been i guess we are. we are seeing good visibility. also looking at commutes that are doing very well. as we get closer to the christmas holiday and the end- of-the-year, christmas, new year's, and everything else that you celebrate, schools will be out, jobs will start shifting their schedules and traffic will start adjusting. i'm not sure if that's today. it will start happening this week. this is a look at interstate 880. i don't think it's going to be today but right now we still look pretty good at the macarthur maze. no major problems at the bay bridge. i don't know, when you get off of work and school hit me up on social media and let me know. this is a look at this and has a commute, traffic moving along very well. as we pull back, let's see if i can find any slow traffic here. i don't see any right now so we are off to a good start. 4:51. let's bring steve back in. >> so i can tweet you? is that okay. >> you can tweet me. sometimes we talk even though
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we are in the next room. rain is on the way now for some to the south maybe not that much but for others, again, marin county north could be an inch plus. most of this will not be until later this afternoon tonight and into wednesday. for the morning you're fine. maybe to the north it will be a little bit as we progress throughout the day but then it really picks up overnight into wednesday morning. i think by this time tomorrow morning we are dealing with some rain. some of this could develop an advance of a warm snap but it still has a ways to go per the timeline doesn't really bring much into about 8:00 tonight, that is when it starts in santa rosa, san francisco but we have a ways to go. the evening commute if you get home early, try to avoid all of this. then 10:00 tomorrow morning you see a quarter inch and others lesser amounts. now, by the time we get to saturday, here comes the next stronger system. you are seeing
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one to about 2 inches of rain in the forecast. a lot of show, not much yet, this still has a ways to go. 40s and some 30s but not as much as yesterday. 35 in morgan hill and 35 and felton. upper 30s campbell, santa clara , and cooper in their so it's cold enough but not as cold as yesterday morning. mostly cloudy skies here in the morning and a pretty good east breeze coming in and the sun is even out. speaking of the northeast, almost everyone else as it decent northeasterly breeze including the napa airport gusting to 43 miles per hour. and chucky not a big snow producer, it will wash up with it time he gets through leaving one half and 3 inches of snow. 45 in san diego, my gosh, that is cold for them. 35 in las vegas. cloudy skies bringing light rain to the north. this will develop later this afternoon into tonight's that low swings
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in. overnight we will have rain. 50s on the temperatures. late tonight into wednesday cloudy to mostly cloudy thursday and friday. next chance of rain saturday and sunday. just a reminder, make sure you download the ktvu weather app. as interactive radar, hourly updates, and the 7-day forecast. and a really easy way to upload your photos and videos. it is free to download for your smart phone or tablet. showtime is 4:53. around the country today including here in the bay area expect hundreds of rallies to take place. still ahead, the message demonstrators want to send to congress before the big vote on whether to impeach president trump. plus, possible exposure to measles. one of the nation's busiest airports. where it may have happened and the warning this morning. but first, the new research on vaping from you cff and what it means for e-cigarette users.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a health check this morning, a new health warning if you use e cigarettes. a new ucsf study said people who use e cigarettes face a greater risk of developing severe chronic illnesses like asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema. the study said vaping increases
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the chronic diseases by 30 %. if you vape and smoke, risk of developing lung disease more than triples. >> we found that the risk of smoking and the risk of e cigarettes were independent of each other. if you are a tool user and used both products, the risks of smoking and the risk of defects multiply so you are more than three times likely to develop lung illnesses over the next couple years. >> that study tracked e- cigarette anti-tobacco habits as well as lung disease diagnoses of more than 32,000 american digital american adults . american physicians at las lax may have been exposed to the measles. a traveler with the measles travel through the airport last week. if you traveled to terminals four or five december 11, you could be at risk of developing
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the measles. health officials say it is the 20th case of measles in los angeles so far this year. the hms post losing a job fair today for open jobs at the san jose international airport. hms host is an airport food service company. they want to hire 60 employees to work at various restaurants at the airport. if you are coming, bring a resume and two forms of identification for immediate interviews for those interviews will be held at the hyatt houston santa clara between 9 am and noon. and then again from 1 pm to 5 pm. we have breaking news this morning, a double homicide in the vallejo area. we are at the scene and will have the latest on what happened during the night. a police chase and send off in san jose ended with a bizarre twist. the reason police and firefighters had to suddenly rescue the suspect they were trying to arrest. plus, the
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dramatic ending to an amber alert search caught on camera. how the suspect was captured by people at a gas station who detained the suspect until the police arrived. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning, thank you for joining us here tuesday morning december 17. >> we are talking about your weather for the tuesday morning we do have cloud cover moving in. it is not cultish yesterday, but lots of 30s. look for the cloud cover to win out over the clear skies we had yesterday. some light rain could develop in that is north of the golden gate. not a lot of that. most of that will be tonight into tomorrow morning. your timeline favors areas tonight. not this morning here. cloud cover will continue to move in throughout the day. it is splitting. this is what we need back here. that will get back here until late tomorrow.
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40s on the thames. 30s on son. highs today will be in the 50s. low to mid upper 50s. rain later on tonight. we are off to a good start. we don't have a lot going on. that is just the way we like it. we are looking at the big bay bridge. it is taking 60 minutes to get here. were looking at interstate 880 and oakland. visibility is good. if you're driving right now, should be a nice drive. we look at the south bay commute, not much going on. roads are clear on the peninsula. coming up, deeper dive into that east bay commute. right now 5:00, let's go back to the desk. we have breaking news and solano county where two people are dead and another has been hurt. that is after a fight at a home there. ktvu's sarah is light right outside of alejo with a look at what is pp


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