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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 22, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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radar on the bay area causing street flooding in more rain on the way. volunteers make their way through oakland to deliver gifts to help families get into the holiday spirits. good evening, it was a soggy end to the weekend, much of the wet weather started overnight, this is what it looks like this morning in oakland near jack london square, the rain continued in the east bay on and off much of the day. flooding remains a concern in the north bay cars were driving three flood intersection this morning. bill martin tells us if we are done with the wet weather for now. >> we are not done with wet weather, it will keep coming, it was the perfect winter storm, it came in, in some
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cases dropped up to an inch and a half to 2 inches of rain, the santa cruz mountain inch and a half, most a half inch, nothing spectacular but, with that said it comes at the end of the weekend and folks will be up in the mountains are many for the holiday week, folks in the mountains, these are some of the rainfall totals, you can see bigger numbers coming in at three quarters of an inch, fairfield almost a half inch of rain, the winter weather advisory remains in effect in the mountains, they are seeing at least a couple feet, maybe three feet at the higher elevations, and this system, a classic cold front sliding through, the frontal band right there, right? we did not have the last couple of weeks, more atmospheric river moisture without a lot of dynamics. but here are dynamics. the wind shifts and we get clear skies and with clear skies we see cool nights, valley fog. the next weather feature we
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talk about his valley fog tomorrow morning, your morning commute is dry, the afternoon to the strike, more rain in the forecast but it is a week weather system, i talk about that when i see you next. the latest storms moving through the bay area dumped considerable snow in this year, this is what it looks like on the i-80 this morning going over the mountain pass, traffic was stopped in both directions, chains required on 80 but those controls were lifted this afternoon and change are not required on highway 50 right now. a festive band of valves with an early christmas present to deserving kids. and a few holiday parties stopped along the way. following this high-energy santa and his team on their christmas trip. >> reporter: a very energized santa worked out of a garage a sunday morning instead of his workshop. volunteers helped him load up presence. >> the season there have been close to probably 3000 toys
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through a variety of different events and activities throughout this holiday season. >> reporter: the past 11 years, the foundation help santa deliver early gifts to families and open. >> most are aware in some capacity or we have one person who knows we are coming in via surprise. >> this is a sports bag. this is hot wheels and this is like baseball. >> reporter: elves tall and small sorts the toys on santos list. the team loads up using horsepower instead of reindeer, stopping to deliver toys to children they see outside, they set up more than just toy donations but through a community block party. >> i love it, it is beautiful, a wonderful thing. i love it. >> reporter: a photo booth for families to get traditional or more magical photos.
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lunch was served for all. but i think it is great, so nice they want to do this, they do not have to, you know? i think it is really wonderful. >> reporter: the big draw is for the kids, checking off things on their wish list, >> for me a mother who is a struggling. yes . >> reporter: family that recently moved from texas, they loved the opportunity to meet their new neighbors. >> god has given me the blessing to make sure everybody is happy. so i like being around happy people. a great experience. nine people hurt when a car driving the wrong way on interstate 80 in fairfield hit two cars head-on, the crash happened just after midnight
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saturday morning in the eastbound lanes of 80 between chadbourne road and state highway 12, all nine people injured including children five, 11 and 17 were taken to the hospital, one person is in critical condition, police say the driver of a toyota corolla was arrested on suspicion of dui. more than 50 people hurt in a massive chain reaction pile up in virginia, happen this morning on interstate 64 near williamsburg, virginia state police say about 70 cars were involved, no immediate reports of death some people suffered life-threatening injuries, police say the crash happened in heavy fog and ice was on the road. lease in chicago investigating a mass shooting that left four people, excuse me, 30 people, injured. investigators say the shooting stemmed from a dispute inside of a house party to matt finn has more from chicago. >> this is an isolated incident. >> reporter: house party in chicago with a memory of a
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person previously killed turned into a shooting spree. more than one dozen people were shot during a teenager early sunday morning, the kids were all taken to nearby hospitals. >> we have at this time 13 victims ranging in age from 16 to 48 years old. we have about four critical and the others are stable. with different various gunshot wounds to their bodies . >> reporter: police say the melee stemmed from a dispute that broke out around midnight at the south side of the city. >> a horrible tragedy, people personally affected by it are traumatized by the experience. >> reporter: according to first responders, shots initially were fired instead of the home, however bullets were seen flying readily into the streets targeting partygoers who fled the home for the city. police have not identified any suspects however they do have two persons of interest in custody. >> two people are subjects that are in question, one subject was arrested with a weapon, and
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other subject was possibly identified as a summary of interest at this time . >> reporter: chicago police seized more than 10,000 guns in the city this year and now they say they will be beefing up their presence on the street as unseasonably mild temperatures are forecasted the next couple of days. matt finn, fox news. four san francisco public elementary schools names the california distinguished schools, the schools are chin elementary, stephenson elementary and they were among 323 schools out of the states nearly 6000 elementary schools to be chosen, the schools were selected based on test scores and suspension rates among other factors. maiden project caused delays for park geun-hye writers in san francisco, according to the twitter page the single tracking between the embarcadero and the 24th street mission station, delays are anywhere from 15 minus 20
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minutes, b.a.r.t. is performing cable replacement working to 8:00 tonight. police warning people to check credit card statements for charges they did not me, this comes after a credit card skimming device was discovered at a gas station earlier this month, it was found at the gas and shop station near spalding drive. skimmers are used to capture customer credit and debit card numbers as well as personal id numbers, state officials say they found 206, card skimmer so far this year but believe many more will probably be planted won't be discovered before identity thieves remove the. in san francisco today, dozens of people were treated to free christmas trees thanks to a city and community partnership, the guardsman is a nonprofit group helping at risk youth, they teamed up with the police department and the city of san francisco to give away 300 christmas trees to those in need of the bayview neighborhood, tomorrow even more trees will be available to families in the western addition, the three trees mean
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people with limited incomes won't have to choose between purchasing holiday presents or purchasing a tree. >> they do not have to worry about paying anything, just come out and have a great time, get a tree and bring it home for the holidays. there is not christmas without a christmas tree. >> the tree giveaway tomorrow in the western addition will be distributed from 2:00 until 4:00 in the afternoon at the fillmore turk street minibar. coming up, details on newly uncovered emails showing a connection between a presence phone call with the ukrainian leader in the freezing of millions of dollars of a. incredible act of generosity at a california church with a huge impact for thousands of families. you shouldn't have to live with pain.
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you shouldn't have to pretend you're fine. you shouldn't have to be the ambulance. you shouldn't have to be thinking about the cost. you should just be focused on her. covered california can help you find a health plan that fits your needs and budget. because we believe you shouldn't have to choose between the life you've built and the care you need.
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the president of france offering to deal with pension systems to put an end to a national coming up unions in france have been on strike two weeks, railway workers striking made it very difficult for people to travel in time for christmas, the french president is calling for an end to the strike before the company strike again when the president suggested reforming more than 40 different pension systems into one and standardizing the retirement age to 64. several unions ruled out a
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christmas truce so far. north korea may be getting ready to deal with another ballistic missile as the u.s. refuses to budge on using sanctions. this comes as north korean media reports kim jong un had a republican meeting with military capabilities. we have a report tonight from washington. >> reporter: in this meeting is the latest in the growing frustration of the lack of sanctions by the u.s., according to the state-run korean central news agency, kim jong un presided over a key meeting of the military to decide on important military steps to boast forces as required the fast-changing situation for the korean revolution. they did not specify when the meeting took place and did not elaborate on steps that will be taken but some korean experts believe kim jong un may prepare to test launch a missile, the white house expecting pyongyang to attempt some sort of lunch over the christmas holiday according to senior
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administration officials who recently told john roberts the north continues to go back to its old playbook of trying to get president trump's attention with running action, if that happens and the north attempts to launch, the u.s. will likely respond by going to the un and possibly having additional sections of its own, that is the exact opposite of what the north is demanding since denuclearization talks fell apart earlier this year. can set a december 31 deadline or face consequences. over the last few months, pyongyang conducted a series of short range missile and rocket testing including two earlier this month. >> we are watching closely, we will be disappointed if something was in the works. and if it is, we will take care of it but we will see, we are watching very close to . >> reporter: u.s. officials expecting a number of developments before the end of the year deadline presiding over a central committee discussing crucial issues sometime in the next week or
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so. in washington, garrett tenney, fox news. new documents show 90 minutes after president trump's intimate phone call with the you crate the white house ordered a freeze on aid to the ukraine, documents for the center by public integrity in one email, a senior political appointee at the office of management and budget rose to the controller say given the sensitive nature of the request i appreciate you keeping information closely held to those who need to know to execute the direction of the documents show the presidential decision to halt aid was never announced and there were no formal notifications ever sent to congress impeachment trial of the u.s. senate happen sometime next month but as of right now, speaker nancy pelosi is not even sent articles of impeachment to the senate and says she will not do it until she is given assurances of a fair trial. earlier today,, state clinical science professor david mcewen offered another opinion why nancy pelosi is holding back.
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but what speaker pelosi's trying to do is gain leverage with the proceedings as they move forward. the problem with that is we are looking at iowa voting in less than 50 days and democrats are worried about how impeachment could affect early primaries. >> reporter: the professor also said president trump and the gop are expected to use the impeachment as a rallying cry to republican and independent voters. some holiday shoppers ditched the malls and supported local artist at the craft way craft fair, a venue on richmond waterfront, or the 200 exhibits showcase today offering homemade gifts like soaps, jewelry, oils, lotion, clothing and food, one of the producers said the event provides an alternative for online and chainstore shopping and helps small business owners. >> we get eyeliner shopping is convenient but nothing beats
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the personal connection when you purchase something from somebody who actually made it and there are other things involved to, you know? it is more environmentally from the, more waste, you have an opportunity to get things customized, to get exactly what you need, we provide a fantastic alternate to big box stores to directly some people who lived at work in your community like all these artists and craftsmen. >> reporter: the 49th year of the fair, proceeds also benefits the listener funded radio. incredible story out of southern california, a church announced they are paying off millions of medical bills for thousands of families but we are canceling unpaid medical debt $5.3 million with a christmas gift to all the poor and 20 neighborhoods. speck that is remarkable. the christian assembly church in eagle rock in pennsylvania wiping out the medical debt for
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5500 households in the area, the church provided the debts from creditors this week people get the letter in the mail saying you no longer owe the debt and there are no strings attached. >> what a great story. >> a great time of your to do it. with check in with bill martin, overnight, there was a chance to dry out. >> rating overnight with a pretty good workout, cloudy, today not too bad, once the rain ran through, 1:00 or 2:00 most of the showers this morning, now they are heading out to the mountains but still winter weather advisory, snow was coming down and this morning it was coming down at a high rate, good snow accumulation of the mountains, a few raindrops to the east and the north, the story tonight with a light wind, cool temperatures, low temperatures with valley fog back in the bay area forecast, i know a lot of
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folks are off this week and maybe next week as well so i know a lot of kids are out of school too. so, they won't have quite as many people on the road to endure the valley fog. kind of the live radar, you can see it is winding down as well although the system kind of lingers around, now it cools off and these are current temperatures, wet ground and valley fog certainly a thing, especially in the bay valley, i know a lot of folks are traveling so if you are going up the 99 or to bakersfield or areas with the central coast, valley fog loves to get going and no sponsor just be careful, when you know it will be there, tomorrow morning, sometimes spots have valley fog and the postponement later in the morning, 5:00 or 4:00, by 8:00
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or 9:00 it starts to get better as it warms up. so, you know. just reminded. tomorrow morning, sky, pretty much all this, pretty much everybody in the bay area with temperatures not that warm, that is tomorrow, monday and tuesday looks pretty good, then i show you, here is the model tomorrow morning, there is tomorrow afternoon, you see showers hang out around lake tahoe with snow flurries and that is the day, here comes tuesday. a little bit of valley fog and shower activity then here comes tuesday night. this is tuesday night into wednesday morning, this is the next event, a big deal, it doesn't really look like it, it looks like the secondary wave wednesday afternoon going to the central coast could be kind of significant but the modeling goes that far, you can see where it comes into the big sur
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area, pretty rainfall in the santa cruz mountains wednesday afternoon. so the next couple of days, valley fog, something to look for the tuesday night into wednesday, we get into the opportunity for more rain around here and it looks like a relatively mild system so it should not be a problem but it certainly there'll be trouble concerns the lake tahoe area. teaming up with community volunteers to connect donations for one warm coat, something we have been a part of 17 years then this holiday season we would like to ask you to look for your closets to see if you have any spare culture jacket you could donate. you can go to for a list of drop off locations, they include a street in emeryville, jeff and and open, santana row in san jose the san francisco ferry building. the one warm coat drive runs through the end of this month. the nfl playoff picture continues to take shape. coming up on the raiders try to keep hope alive as they take on the charges and sentence, then
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shouldn't mean a change in standards. that's why - thanks to you - we're rated number one in customer satisfaction by j.d. power. one of spain's most popular holiday traditions is el gordo, the fat one, that is the name
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of the annual christmas lottery, the largest in the world, this year a total jackpot of 2.4 billion dollars is up for grabs, families, friends and coworkers buy tickets together as part of the holiday tradition which often includes dressing up and watching the drawing together, it takes three hours to announce all the winning numbers, the biggest prize this year is $436,000 and seven winning tickets were sold, there are also a lot of smaller prizes as well. >> the board of supervisors meets tomorrow to consider selling the country share of the open calcium conflict to the oakland a's, the sale includes the stadium and arena, the property next to the complex and the training facility in alameda, in a statement the county in the complex has a $5 million. the sale is likely to relieve the debt on taxpayers for decades the team also is considering building a new
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ballpark at the terminal. the raiders are done at the coliseum >> another home game. >> yes. a lot of fans were there. >> yes the last game and carson, the raiders two home games back to back. to keep let's call it the razor thin playoff hopes, they needed the browns and the steelers and the titans and the panthers, all to lose today, that all happens. the raiders also needed to beat the charges, we show you what happens there and it was a home game for the raiders, joe fonzi down there, 80 to 90% fans down there, the fourth play for them and it is a touchdown, good to have him back, i with a rib injury, 7-0 can come under a minute to go in the first half, rolling out and derek carr find the end zone for the touchdown, raiders up 14-7, kind of like the lack whole and carson at
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least for the final game, 3rd quarter, deandre washington with jacobs out, 13 playing drive with the third, the raiders take care of business 24-17. four other things are happening as well, we see if the raiders will pull it off, and amounts to basically a 10 team parlay if they can hit it in the last two weeks of the season, no surprise, next sunday, 49ers, sunday nights, a lot is at stake, the winner gets a first round home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and the loser opens as a wildcard team in either philadelphia or dallas . jason garrett and the cowboys try to clinch the afc east with the wood in philly, it did not happen, the first quarter, is up 3-0, a six-year touchdown,
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eagles up 10-0, 3rd quarter, 10- 6 philadelphia, mile sanders from short range, eagles up 17- 6, the last chance for dallas, a minimum is 21 to go then prescott, they need this with a two-point conversion but no, and complete, the eagles win 17- 0, philly clinches the east with the giants to next unit, if they lose in dallas beats washington, the cowboys are in. the number one sanford, the women, the cardinals, and a dunking freshman in texas today the fourth quarter tied at 52, this is a tight one, kenny williams down three, the card is up three. a tight game, three minutes to go, charlie collier with a monster game for texas inside with 20 points and 19 rebounds, texas up, five seconds to go, stanford needs three but they turned it over and texas upsets
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sanford 69-64, the cardinals undefeated 10-0, they lose to texas today and drop 10-1 in the top spot. >> something interesting about the raiders somebody things had to happen today, all the students had to lose so they could win. >> it may happen next week. >> they call it a five team hits next sunday. four things need to happen before they play in denver and those before things happen, it seems we favor to it, the kind of fall into place and still, it would be, you remember dumb and dumber? so you're saying there is a chance. >> that is what it would be like. >> it would be pretty straight. >> the niners and the seahawks? >> yes, either you have the home-field advantage or you are a wildcard. >> that is the goodness in the playoffs but you are either 12 is for is a wildcard team or
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you are a 12 news4 team that won the division. one of those two things happen. a fluxgate >> see you later everybody, good night. >> good night. la, la, la... ♪ -la, la-la-la, you really didn't like it, sheldon? no, on the contrary. i found the grinch to be a relatable, engaging character. and i was really with him right up to the point that he succumbed to social convention and returned the presents and saved christmas. what a buzz kill that was. when we watch frosty the snowman, he roots for the sun. excuse me, but the sun is essential for all life on earth. frosty is merely


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