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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 25, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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ready for dinner tuesday night with her family inside her home when they found themselves dodging bullets. >> about 14 to 20 shots were fired. >> the winter shows several bullet casings littering the streets of ohio and mariposa street. some ended up in the torso of a six-year-old boy. >> he supposed to be waking up on christmas morning, eating food, opening presents. but he is in the hospital. >> it could have been much worse had the other bullet penetrated the wall. >> one of the bullets struck the son of the house right here, but it not penetrate inside of the hospital and that her blood was in the top window frame of the home, travel through the house, and it came very close to people standing inside of the house. >> two inches. >> he tells us that they are
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trained for war. they did not expect to have to use that training inside their own home. >> at todd my family has a low crawl, and that is exactly what happened. we look crawled to the bathroom. unexpectedly find themselves caught up in the chaos that unfolded in this neighborhood. >> make sure you realize that you spend every waking moment doing something memorable. not to live with the regrets. but regularly pray and hope that his family can recover from this, this is definitely unacceptable. >> asked for that six-year-old little boy that was shot, he remains in the hospital in critical condition. as for what happened here, the police are still trying to figure out it now. they don't know if this was the work of a single shooter. if you have any information about what happened here, you
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are asked to call vallejo police department. ktvu fox 2 news. >> homicide detectives are investigating a mysterious death in san jose. a man was caught unconscious and east santa clara street at 2:00 this morning. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. investigators have ruled out a traffic accident as they cause of the best. they are really because as a homicide, but would not elaborate as to why. a live look outside now because it is the golden gate bridge. there's actually quite a bit of traffic on the golden gate bridge at this hour. earlier today, it was raining and part of the bay area. raining on and off, >> a little bit soggy, right? i'm sure you know it this has gotten better as the day goes on. a lot of clouds stick around, but not too bad kill if we look
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at the totals that we have, we are spending a quarter and a half an inch of spots. we got over half of that. santa rosa, san francisco. you can see a little over a quarter of an inch there. here in oakland, san jose and palo alto. they had, not even a 10th of an inch. this is the last 12 hours. if you look at what the storm has done so far. it is interesting right now, you can see the second wave is going to be central in southern california storm. it is bringing some very two- step thunderstorms. offshore lightning looks like it is relenting they going to get on shore. impact from this is just a little bit of rain left in the south bay. you can see a little bit in san jose, santa cruz over to morgan hill. is the night goes on, the system is going to track to the south. what does that, pulls away from us, heads towards more of
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california. clear skies coming our way as we get into the evening for tomorrow. it's going to be a little chilly tonight as those clouds will away. very quickly, we are going to see some 30s. i will tell you exactly what the lows are tonight. i'll send it back to christina. >> thank you, a woman in san francisco is giving back this christmas. angela prepared 200 lunches for those who are looking for a hot meal today. she was offering that food to anyone in need at a quarter of haydn street in san francisco. her reward, she says, is there gratitude. >> that's all i want. the smile. and it is wonderful. >> she says she has undergone multiple surgeries in her life, and she is thankful to be here today. san jose city team hosted a christmas celebration for those who want to get out of the cool. guest were treated to a hot as mr. ki and a hot meal. they were also able to watch
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and sing karaoke. the nonprofit organization serves people who are experiencing poverty, hunger, and homeless issues in the bay area. they have been helping people since 1957. >> we have a her kit station, we have a foot washing station. we have gently used shoes. we have karaoke behind me. we're going to have a festive day. when our guests command, there going to be able to enjoy a meal. seat sit and relax and really bring the christmas right here in the city team christmas kitchen. >> as i from today, city team provides meals, groceries, and other accessories. the freight 365 days a year. the warriors to call the houston rockets today, but before they tipped off, they took time to give back. greg lee shows us why this is a christmas the sum bay area kids
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are never going to forget. >> reporter: for 30 kids and families at the chase center, a christmas day to remember. teaming up to host young people from the oakland public education fund and boys and girls club incentive for scope. treating them to a meal, and photos with her brian trophy. >> it's cool. it's cool for me. >> really special, i'm really excited and thankful to oakland for letting us have these opportunities. >> the worst games against the rockets, part of the nba's season of giving. 12-year-old microstar, a rare chance to see some of his favorite players. >> definitely out, i'm looking forwards to see it. even though he is injured, i'm looking forward. >> see the kids eyes when they get to meet a player, when the player gives them a present.
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it can be really transformational. they're going to remember it for a long time. >> oh, yes. the presence. both teams surprised them with gifts kill inside those boxes, headphones, and, of course, some warrior swag. back this is really cool. >> well the gifts are cool, nothing can compare to the joy of spending the day together with their favorite teams. >> should be thankful for what we have. it is not only about the gift, it is really about family and hanging out. >> part of the community relations team here, it really is the main purpose. to make sure that we are giving back, that we are listening to our community and understanding how we can get back in a way that will be most impactful. >> reporter: this is not just happening in the bay area, every team that is playing today is hosting kids and giving gifts. in san francisco, greg lee,
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ktvu fox 2 news. drove his car across the gravel parking area, went down a short embankment and then crashed into a nearby body of water. at around 10:30 this morning, the owners of the property led firefighters use their boat to perform a rescue. >> you went on top of his vehicle to the fire department arrived. nice enough to let them use their boat to assess him and get him out of the water. he is now down at the hospital. >> the driver did not suffer any injury, however, the sergeant says alcohol is strongly suspected of playing a part in what happened. stomach a woman is killed in a car crash in bradley early this morning. it happened just after 5:00. is involved four course in which one five. the first car, a honda civic fled on the exit. three others
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crashed, one of them burst into flames. one of the drivers inside of those cars back to the people in the other cars suffered mild injuries. stomach a deadly shooting in san francisco, it happened around 11:30 last night. responded to reports of gunfire. in the tenderloin district. a 29-year-old man was shot in his upper body, pronounced dead on the scene. a 30-year-old man and 23-year- old woman was also hurt. police are saying if anyone has been detained and what the relationship is among those people. stomach a fatal rest in the stabbing of both her or kill national police shared this picture of 23-year-old michael mosley. two counts of attempted homicide. as in a bar in nashville early saturday morning. another man was also wounded. the deadly attack followed a dispute over a woman in a bar.
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still ahead, perhaps the best holiday gift of all. and emotional reunion. his family. he has been deployed since august. stomach a money dropper in california mall. the unexpected surprise for some last-minute holiday shoppers. >> a live look at hour traffic and interstate 80, not bad. ♪ a wonderful christmas time. simply having, a wonderful christmas time. ♪
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christmas came early for one family. the officer first class was
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scheduled to return over a year. that was bumped up to christmas eve. he was in sacramento international airport meeting up with his family. >> santa gets to have? >> reporter: the o'neill residents is wrapped in holiday cheer. 4-year-old charlack, 5-year-old cameron. >> now, everyone has enough. you have exactly the same. >> mom susie. >> that's enough, >> and let's not forget callie. the wholesome family is ready for the big day. this christmas eve is the first time ever the o'neill's are missing the family anchor. >> what you think daddy wants to have? >> a snowman? >> deployed overseas. >> because i love him so much. >> he did active duty for about
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10 years. this is his third year as a reservist. with that comes sometimes been called back into active duty and having to deploy again. we are ready for that. that is part of being a military family. >> reporter: next year will be susie and john's 10 year anniversary. she has been in multiple deployments as a navy wife, but this deployment was a first as a mother. >> this time around, having two young kids has made it a lot more stressful. what color m&ms the like? >> having to get up, go to work, come home. it was definitely a challenge. >> reporter: for the fast formats, the habit counting on today's literally since their dad returns. >> what does it say? >> i love you, dad.
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>> it turns out for their family, christmas is coming early. johnson schedule homecoming for january is getting bumped up to christmas eve. a military family ringing in the holiday. but i'm really fortunate to be home for the holidays, a lot of our guys out there are not able to have this opportunity, we are definitely keeping them in our minds. >> reporter: nikki gonzalez, kc are a, three news. spent some quality time i should say when a group of six children. sanchez paid a visit there for more than two decades spreading joy the children who may need an extra boost this year. >> all the ells are getting all the stuff ready. i like to drop by some of the hospitals, visit the kids. give them a view kids. especially the ones that have been extra special. >> reporter: doctors say that just because the kids are in
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the hospital, they should not miss out on christmas. sanders should have an effect on their health, raising their spirits. the movie theater was a place to be on christmas day. they lined up at the amc saratoga theater. the new star wars movie, and, of course, black christmas. going to see a movie on christmas day has become a treasure for many people after they open their presents and eat. >> you know, just started off with christmas eve party until 1:00 in the morning, 2:00 in the morning. sleeping in, getting breakfast. now going to the movies with my girlfriend. >> four new movies were also released today, little women, 1917, jess murphy and spies in
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disguise. >> woodsmoke contains cancer- causing substances that could make the air unhealthy to breathe. they are also reminding people that burning wrapping people paper is illegal because it may contain chemicals that can be toxic when burns. just like you said, b: rain overnight. on the cleanup today. >> were heading in a good direction. for those who have relatives visiting, you call this california weather? hang on, we are about to show off a little bit. taking a live look at outside right now, i can see we do have some clearing, we can kind of make it out here in the sky. little blue sky peaking through. we are going to be a little chilly tonight. temperatures are going to be heading down. right now, not too bad. we've had a very mild day out there. we will take our live look at in san francisco, 49 in santa rizzo, this is what is
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happening. do have that second wave of a system that is basically going to be tracking to the south. right now, bringing a few showers into the south bay. you can see that is already starting to track away. as we go into the next hour, it's going to be a big improvement. it the system is going to send a lot of rain into central in california. for us, it is going to continue its track to the south. circulation of the low pressure system. it's going to keep rotating kind of clockwise but moved towards the south. cooler temperatures tonight as the clouds go away, we get the heat of the day expecting is giving quickly. we are drying out, 34 for the overnight low for you in santa rosa. 42 in san francisco. we're talking 37 for napa, 37 four concord. 38 in the south bay. we'll see those low 40s all the way from san mateo into south city.
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here comes the sun, get ready to enjoy it. we will have that sunshine coming in, we will get some heating. that is going to feel awfully nice. same story for us here inside the bear. of your in england, 55 to 56 degrees is what you will be looking at for your thursday. i will show you how it gets out of here tonight. that system tracks on through. does 11:00 p.m. north make a nice and clear. clouds still heading out the peninsula and the south bay. there is 5:00 a.m. on thursday, but this time we get into the rest of the day, look at this. is it still working? there are no class left because you're going to see a lot of said tomorrow something we haven't had a whole lot of. i also want to mention, in case you're headed to coast tomorrow, we are still under that beach hazard statement. that does until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the danger of rip currents and thicker waves are still with us.
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we will talk a little bit more about what we can holds and your extended forecast, i think you're going to like it and also talk about our next chance of rain when we come back in a bit. four man through the dollar bills from the walkway. those below were screaming and the light, trying to catch as much money as they could. the man appeared to be moved along by security at one point, but not before throwing down a lot of money. >> i just reached my hand and it was meant to be. >> no word on how much they throughout to the crowd, but as you saw there, they were pretty happy about adjuster. still ahead, active again after 500 years. the newly rediscovered earthquake fault in southern california and why it could be in our area. >> the new bills and reducing noise from airplanes.
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♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪
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and has been linked to several reason?. >> as an san andreas it was not enough to worry about, now, california has the garlock fault. it has been pretty quiet for the last 500 years, but it slowly being moved to. that hammers southern california hobby desert last
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july. it included a 6.4 shock follow the next day may 7.1 earthquake and more than 100,000 aftershocks since then. according to a study out of caltech, that seismic activity involves ruptures on a web of interconnected faults throughout had in california and that molly. more than two dozen faults, many previously unknown. >> if this fault want to go, it can produce a big earthquake. >> that is big enough to damage los angeles and the bay area. long overdue for a catastrophic earthquake. >> it could be as much as 20 seconds of early warning 20 seconds, that is not an insignificant amount of time. >> a free app that could send
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out alerts when the ground shakes, there's still no way to prevent what's their when that could happen. >> this helps because we try to understand the likelihood of bigger? in the future, we have to understand the geometry of how these earthquakes ruptures so that we could try to count the total up tonic pressure building up. >> to take away from this recent round of shaking? the process is evident quick rupturing other faults is more complicated have a smart frequently the scientists previously thought. of course, they add, the big one is still coming. in los angeles, fox news. police who started 10 wildfires have been arrested. burning 40 acres along the shore of a setting california reservoir. the fires were set between late september to november of this year. allegedly hide from the back of the private property. he is scheduled to be in court
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on friday. lawmakers are introducing a series of new bills that are aimed at reducing the noise of festival. they complained for years about the noise from planes landing and taking off. two other californian lawmakers are behind the legislation, the congresswoman said in a statement that you not noise from flights is seriously affecting resident sleep, health, and overall quality of life. one-ball was called to restore everyone's sleep tonight act and is focused on limiting flights between 10:00 at night and 7:00 in the morning. still ahead, a warm meal for those who cannot leave their homes. they made some separate show deliveries this morning. a festival dedicated to radishes. a look at how folks around the world celebrate this christmas holiday. a 93-year-old veteran how his community came together to make this holiday special.
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hundreds of volunteers spend this christmas morning repairing and delivering meals to thousands of people in san francisco who cannot leave their homes. >> interviews leigh martinez joined the volunteers for this morning deliveries across the city. >> as a santa was wrapping up his overnight delivery, volunteers for the salvation army woke up early to begin there. more than 500 volunteers showed up on christmas morning to prepare meals and hand- delivered them to thousands of san francisco residents who cannot leave their homes either because of illness or age. >> my parents, a little bit of family. it's good to give back. be good to the community. and be nice to people. >> some volunteers are veterans, others new to the delivery event. that includes two tourists from
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germany. >> we just wanted to give something back to the community. >> i texted melissa and i just got the confirmation that we can help, and we are here. >> a new set of volunteers then collected their delivery route. >> running door-to-door, just giving the food to people. >> and i have been volunteering for the salvation army for 40 years. >> my son-in-law, daughter-in- law. my son, my husband and i. we are . my first generation, my daughter, sons generation. >> an army of volunteers to make this event happen, it also desperately needs donations. >> we have six less days of
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giving in the kettles. we are a little down right now. at the end of the year. getting an extra personal touch to christmas. in san francisco, leigh martinez, kbtv you fox 2 news. some of the daily free meals program at gladys the only organization the city that gets out three meals a day. 364 days a year for people in need. today is the only day of the year where they just serve breakfast and lunch. the organization put out a breakfast for 800 people today, a large feast of ham, turkey, and fixings for 300 people. that meant a lot of for low
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income guests. by being on the streets is not easy. coming in here to get a meal, especially on a holiday or. that means a lot. >> in addition to serving breakfast and lunch, volunteers also brought 200 meals to homeless people leaving and homeless encampments in the city. they deliver box cutters to people who are homebound for summer president trump and the first lady wish americans a merry christmas from a prerecorded message at the white house. >> we say a special prayer to those military servicemembers stationed far from. booty new our hope and peace among the nations, and joy to the world. on behalf of the entire trump family, we wish everyone a joyous, merry christmas, and a very happy, happy new year. pope francis for the delivered his annual christmas message for the vatican today. artist showed off their skills
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carbon christmas sculptures made entirely of radishes. we take a look at how folks around the globe celebrated christmas today. >> reporter: a message of hope this christmas. pope francis be the tens of thousands of people and things speeders square, wednesday. the traditional holidays address is known as to the city and to the world. urging people to focus on the light in human hearts. >> translator: make christ bring you. me used or the consciousness of men and women it could well. >> reporter: worshipers attended christmas mass, the church dates back to the fourth century and was built in the spot where the virgin mary said to have given birth to jesus. a somber midnight mass in paris, this is devastating fire as an option on forced
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officials to cancel the cathedrals holiday service for the first time in some 200 years. instead, worshipers gathered at a different church about a mile away. >> translator: i think that all the churches are in solidarity with notre dame because it has represented us for thousands of years and it will be in our prayers. >> reporter: the night of the radish, and annual event in mexico. artists use vegetables to create colorful, elaborate displays. after officials reversed a bad previously not allowing these guys to enter the holy city. in jerusalem, trey used, fox 2 news. a huge donation from his committee after falling victim to a scammer. she lost a huge chunk of her retirement savings to a man who had done some work around the house.
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loaned them $10,000, but they never got the money back. as the story spread, more than 370 people decided to make donations to him. this week, he got his special holiday gift, a check for more than $12,000. recently got married and plans to take his new bride in a handy mood. to give us a more elderly folks. the private detective is looking to the case. stomach still ahead, a somber ceremony as the remains of the u.s. soldier killed in afghanistan. why the pentagon is that during changes to the u.s. deployment. >> safety for christmas, donald trump becomes the third president to be impeached. rebuild and with a look whether that could help him or hurt him in 2020, coming up.
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an impeachment bring a christmas surprise and actually work and president trump's favor? even though the end of the impeachment saga is far from over, the fallout after the holidays is pretty much anyone's guest. rebooking at our story tonight from washington. but i did you notice that everybody is saying merry christmas again? >> reporter: for president
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trump, and it's been a historic holiday season. >> article 1 is adopted. >> a week before christmas he became the third president to be impeached, but he is also the first to run for re- election at the same time. >> announced three months ago that i am running. >> reporter: in politics, timing is everything. for president trump, impeachment may bring an unexpected this is bonus. >> we are seeing on various fronts that is actually actually benefiting republicans at least for the short term. >> an impeachment actually strengthen the president's re- election campaign? some swing states suggest the president is gaining support. >> reporter: and unmistakable error that nancy pelosi made by him pursuing this impeachment, because it actually helped the presidents. >> reporter: fighting for addition on the campaign trail
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and dealing with peddlers like this man at a bernie sanders campaign event. >> mr. donald trump? keep going, matt. you're doing a good job. >> reporter: president trump has been seething about his impeachment and countless tweets. it is a bad thing to have on a resume. >> this is a indelible stain on the record, the legacy of donald trump. >> there are times in our lives when we have to speak up, and we have to take some action. >> reporter: speaker pelosi will be next to take action. she needs to point impeachment managers over to the set and the prosecutors and the senate trial. on capitol hill, ray bogan, fox news. a servicemember killed in afghanistan arise back on
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american soil. pentagon official taking stock of overall u.s. troop deployment to see what changes may be necessary. somnolence and reports from the pentagon. >> reporter: christmas morning, president trump's national security adviser robert narayan and army general mike newly joins staff were among those honoring him. 28 americans killed in combat in afghanistan this year. deployed to afghanistan three times, received four bronze stars. the surgeon leaves we had a partner, jen, and a daughter, zoe. bombing his vehicle when they were in afghanistan. this comes as the u.s.-led peace talks with taliban. the united states is never going to let him guide us in become a safe haven for terrorists. at least that mission is complete, we will retain a person to do that. >> reporter: 13,000 u.s. troops remain in afghanistan. the height of you that u.s.
5:43 pm
military involvement in 2010. probably 500 were killed that year. few words troops could spend next christmas afghanistan, depending on the decision of nearly 4000 troops out. >> all these plays were i can free up troops, bring them home, allow them to rest, refit, retain and then reallocate them in the pacific to compete with the chinese. with only 7000 u.s. troops deployed africa, they say there are not many troops to cut. ahead of the u.s. forces breathing in the pentagon room known as the 10. this year, u.s. forces have belonged to a record number of drones in somalia against all kinds of affiliate. they are forming colonies. at the pentagon, lucas tomlinson, fox news. still ahead here at 3-year-
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old boy with a recognition. how his family is asking for help in their battle to get medical care for their youngest child.
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and east bay families looking for sitting you're hoping there 3-year-old son will finally get the surgery he needs. >> ktvu's claudine wong thousands he was born in a condition that sent his parents
5:47 pm
on a quest for answers and solutions. ♪ >> reporter: 3-year-old landon keeps everyone on their tail. >> for me, is the little boy that i did not know we all needed. >> reporter: after two decades of marriage and three kids, landon was a surprise. >> when he was born, they were 12 years old, 40 years old, 16 years old, >> with a told the kids, the reaction had this video going viral. >> are you having a baby mom? >> yeah. >> what? what? >> the pregnancy went well, they settled into live as a family of six. >> it wasn't until he was six months old that i was concerned. it looks like the bump on his forehead was growing, his head circumference it wasn't jumping. i think he was 25th percentile
5:48 pm
and his head, and from friends at two months it was 40th, at eight months. >> landon was diagnosed with craig nelson this does is. a condition that causes the bones of the babies skull to join together to early. one and 2500 babies are born with it every year. left untreated, the mayo clinic says children can suffer from problems that range from deformity, development of the days, cognitive impairment, seizures, and i do so there's. >> he was crying all the time. he was losing weight. getting further behind in his milestone. he was almost nine months, he was no longer rolling. they were threatening a feeding tube if i couldn't somehow get calories in him. >> reporter: for most, the treatment is surgery.
5:49 pm
>> seeing your son go into a room that you cannot be in, go through that surgery, not knowing exactly the outcome. it is very challenging. >> reporter: i did not recognize him. his eyelids were all bruised. they were swollen shut for two days. >> after surgery, the difference was remarkable. it was like a night and day difference with regard to to his interaction, his eating. his interaction with people. it was not the blank stares anymore. he does really came to life. it was pretty amazing. >> reporter: the months passed, although the shape of his head was not getting better, his doctors were not worried. >> he had kind of a ski jump. the top of his skull kind of ramped up in time. those kinds of things would modify and correct themselves over time. >> reporter: they got a second opinion from a surgeon who
5:50 pm
focuses only on cranial city still sees. his diagnosis was different. >> and was concerned confirmed that he had another suture back here. enclosed. >> now, landon faces another surgery. this time, insurance will not cover the out-of-network surgeon they want. their 15 page appeal was denied. >> i was heartbroken. really devastated. >> reporter: landon's parents are determined to do this their way, raising money for the surgery through a gofundme. >> they're sponsors is very humbling to see family and friends donate money. it was just overwhelming. it was really a blessing. >> reporter: they are sharing their story. they say hearing from other families give them strength in their journeys. >> you have to fight for your kid. >> as they face this incident future, one thing get them through it. been before, he was not
5:51 pm
interactive. not laughing at all, now, he laughs all the time. is always laughing. >> reporter: whatever it takes, they will do what it takes to keep this sweet boy laughing. ♪ how i wonder what you are. ♪ yay. >> reporter: claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news . >> all right, what a beautiful little guy, right. i love that story. clean, that was a good one. all right, everybody. we had a cool day out there. our highs were not that high today. we only got up to 50 degrees. 52 in san francisco. a range of love 50s all across the board. the warmest one napa and concord came in about 54 degrees. a little chilly, a little below average..miles. check out hayward, testing 22 miles per hour right now. that the wind kind of translate
5:52 pm
a little further north, too. 20 miles per hour winds. santa rosa gusting up to 80 miles per hour. as we head into the overnight clearing situation that we are heading towards, that will get better. right now, we are already seeing 40s up on the north bay. 47 in hayward. temperatures going down into the 30s tonight as we start to clear out. this is that second system we talked about last night. it is really delivering quite a bunch, as you can see 30 central coast and also central california. lightning offshore. thunderstorms rolling through there. that, however, is going to track to the south. once it does, we are going to get clear skies. for now, we are just catching the fringes of it. you can see a a few showers in san mateo, of the showers in fremont. that is going to get better. those of you dealing with a
5:53 pm
little rain, before heading out for a christmas celebration, this is going to get better as the night goes on. really just a few sprinkles throughout the bay area. look at how charged up this is. santa barbara, they are really starting to see that come down to half an inch an hour that rainfall rate. thankfully, we don't have that to worry about. continue clearing for us from north to south this evening, chilly as we get those clear skies, clear temperatures. you will get to 30 the places like santa rosa. concord, napa. a lot of 30s on the map tonight. this is the pattern change coming our way. 1/5 is gone. we have three lovely clear days. our next shot of any rain is coming here. sunday, that will be the next chance we have. does not look like that will be a big system. these are highs for tomorrow, sunny and gorgeous out there tomorrow. is going to be an absolutely beautiful day. that sunshine, thursday, friday, and saturday.
5:54 pm
so happy to be able to tell everybody that. sending a chance of rain there. not a huge system. the other side, some warning temperatures. look ahead a little further, we continue to warm a little bit and get some beautiful such on the other side of sunday, monday. tracks. i feel we've got some nice weather. >> thank you. mother from connecticut, missing for months. the legal battle has a the husband is now facing. [ electrical buzzing ]
5:55 pm
[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back! ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪
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♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪ the estranged husband of them is a mother of five children in new england is now speaking publicly.
5:57 pm
>> asked him about the civil trial that follows his wife mysterious disappearance earlier this year. >> reporter: before connecticut mother of five, jennifer went missing and her estranged husband was arrested for hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence, the couple had been going through a bitter divorce and custody battle. there was also a contested legal battle between her family and sodas when jennifer vanished after dropping the kids off at school on may 24. ordered a gag order in the criminal case, but spoke exclusively with us about the civil suit filed by jennifer's mother seeking nearly $2 million in loans made to him. >> a two-year journey, legally for you and the state. they claim that you owe them money. and you say, actually, i don't owe them any money. in fact they owe me money. explain to us what that is all about. >> sure, i think we were able to put the evidence. we don't owe it to a half
5:58 pm
million. we're actually owed $1 million. >> showed loneliness documents that he says his family built the family a guesthouse, along with others made that was never accounted for. laura farber's attorney responded to fox saying in part, mr. the lows is incredibly is lacking. he manipulated the financial statement and playing the numbers just as he tries to manipulate evidence. would a gag order in place, dulos was limited in his answers. i did ask us some key questions for this baby have anything to do with jennifer's disappearance? >> again, i would refer to the gag order. i cannot answer that >> reporter: can you tell us what you think she might be.
5:59 pm
>> i think, >> and talk to us about your children, did you hear if they are doing okay? >> i don't know how they are doing. no information flowing with regards to how they are doing. i love my children. i miss them. i think about them every morning when i wake up. >> reporter: the spokesperson for jennifer's family tells us the sole focus has been on creating a safe, and joyous christmas for her five children remain with their grandmother. it is now been seven months since her mother disappeared. in new york, laura engel, fox news. happening right now at six, a six-year-old boy is in critical condition following a shooting that happened on christmas eve. >> i really pray and hope that his family can recover from this because it is definitely an acceptable. the little boy was with his family celebrating the holidays
6:00 pm
when bullets smashed into his family's home. >> andre senior tells us that at least two coats were hit by the gunfire. a time when you love to answer, mediated this christmas, family, neighborhood found this is in the middle of a crime scene on christmas eve. over an inch of terrified still. is a crazy thing to experience? >> reporter: boxes she was getting ready with her family when they found themselves dodging bullets. >> as i heard all the gunshots. about 14 to 23 shots were fired. >> reporter: littering the streets in intersection of ohio and mariposa's feet. ended up in the torso of a six- year-old boy. >> he supposed to be just like waking up on christmas morning. be your own people, but he is in the


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