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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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when bullets smashed into his family's home. >> andre senior tells us that at least two coats were hit by the gunfire. a time when you love to answer, mediated this christmas, family, neighborhood found this is in the middle of a crime scene on christmas eve. over an inch of terrified still. is a crazy thing to experience? >> reporter: boxes she was getting ready with her family when they found themselves dodging bullets. >> as i heard all the gunshots. about 14 to 23 shots were fired. >> reporter: littering the streets in intersection of ohio and mariposa's feet. ended up in the torso of a six- year-old boy. >> he supposed to be just like waking up on christmas morning. be your own people, but he is in the hospital.
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the situation could have been much worse. had the other bullet penetrated the wall. one of the bullets struck the side of the house right here but did not enter into the house, however, that her blood went to the top window from the home travel to the house and came out to the side. it came very close to people standing inside of the house. >> reporter: to monessen black with us as they are in the army reserve, trained for war on foreign soul. >> i my family to low crawl. that is exactly what happened kill we just all low crawl to the bathroom. >> reporter: and child was shot was everything christmas with her family. tarmac it is a tragic tragedy. went by delinquent this is in the chaos enfolded in disbelief. make changes to realize to spend every week waking moment doing something memorable.
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not deliver the regrets. i really pray and hope that his child can recover from this suit is definitely unacceptable. to me as for that six-year-old little boy, he was shot remains in the hospital in critical condition. asked what happens here, the police are still trying to figure that out right now. to don't know if this was the work of a single shooter or multiple people exchanging gunfire, either way, they returned to the public for help. if you know any information about what happened here, you're asked to call the thc police department . in thc, lisa made an arrest. that is him on the rough there. national police shed this pictures being taken into custody set. two counts of homicide, one count of attempted homicide. police say mostly fatally stabbed him and another man.
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another man was wounded early saturday morning. investigators say the deadly attack followed a dispute over woman in the bar. homicide detectives are investigating a mysterious death into jose. a man was found unconscious in e santa clara. into the hospital where he was kind of dead. investigators did rolled out a traffic accident as the cause of death. your investigating the case as a homicide but would not elaborate on why. a woman, on a car crash at interstate aiding this morning. the crash involved four cores, one of which gunfire. the first car, a honda civic spun out in the northwest way just after 5:00. three other cars crashed, one of them burst into flames. one of those drivers died, people in the other cars suffered only minor injury. a 45-year-old man drove his car across the gravel parking
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area, went down a short amendment, and then crashed in a nearby body of water. the owners of the property let firefighters use their boats to rescue him. the witness basically crawl out on his own, waited on top of the vehicle until the fire department arrived. the apartment owner was nice of the use his boat to ask him and get him out of the water. is now done at the hospital. the driver did not suffer any injuries, however, the says sergeant says alcohol is strongly suspected to play a part in that incident. our meteorologist kyle rove and into for our chief meteorologist. what are we looking at here? very heavy rain coming down for about monster a sense of broad barbara tonight. you can see as you take a look at the rater, also they have offshore lightning, thankfully it doesn't coming ashore. they are under an area flooded
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by jerusalem. is going to be a tough time for them sent. we're much better find. mostly to south bay we can see here in places like mountain view is god valley and san jose that is all going to change as the system starts to will away. when does that, we're going to start to see clear skies as we headed to our overnight hours tonight. actually going to be in a much better situation. 24-hour rain totals, we did see some spots. ridge center half an inch, napa, by 4/10. same goes with santa rosa around there. around 3/10 of an inch, you can see less in oakland. we are going to be looking good as we head into the next 24 hours. i will talk about our sunny forecast coming our way. christina? >> reporter: hundreds of volunteers spent this christmas morning preparing and delivering kids people cannot
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wait. full of ham and turkey forward to join the voltage this morning's delivery across the city. >> santa was wrapping up his overnight deliveries, volunteers for the salvation army will come early to begin there. more than 500 volunteers showed up on christmas morning to prepare meals and hand-deliver them to thousands of session cisco residents who cannot live there home re either because of illness or age. it is good to give back. be good to the community and be nice to people. some volunteers and you to veterans, that included two toys from germany and. i thinking what to do with christmas. >> it looks very easy, yeah. >> at six and melissa, i just got the confirmation that we can help. now, we are here.
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a new set of volunteers guided their delivering the route. >> running door-to-door just giving food to people. >> usually in chinatown, they talk in chinese. >> they have been volunteering for the salvation army for 40 years. my son-in-law my daughter-in- law my son my daughter my husband and i they are, you know, mine is first-generation. the salvation army relies on a army of volunteers to make this event happen, it is also desperately needs donations. >> is giving us later this year which really affected us to the cattle's. we are a little down right now. it will be here and giving to come. we are encouraging people just to give at the end of the year here. >> in total, more than 4000
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meals were hand delivered to people throughout san francisco, getting an extra result touch for christmas. and francisco, leigh martinez, k ktvu fox news. prepared 200 lunches for those who were looking for a happy meal today. he didn't stood up on the corner and hide it any street and offered free to anyone in need. her reward is her gratitude. at that time to give, that's all i wanted. the smile. it is wonderful. >> reporter: she has undergone several surgeries but it was her granddaughter today helped deliver the meals. before the tipoff, they put time to give back. kutv used shows us why this at christmas is for some they would never forget and never forget. >> the warriors teaming up with
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nba hosts to young people from the oakland public education's fund. training them to a win, time with the death and photos with the lion o'brien trail the. >> at school. >> i am really excited and thankful to oakland. for letting us have this opportunity. >> a special invite, for of the nba season of giving. a rare chance to see some of his favorite players. >> i'm going to get bored to see it. steph curry, even though he is a good time looking forward to see james harden. >> i see that look in his eyes when he gets to me to play. to really be transportation will. they're going to remember this for a long time.
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>> reporter: inside those boxes, headphones and the, of course, some warriors swag go the feel like team is in dollars. while the gift are cool, the families say nothing, it's been destroyed spending the day together with their favorite team. >> should be thankful for what we have, it's not about the gift. really about family and hanging out. >> give everything to us as part of the community relations team here. is really the name for our wall here is to make sure that we are giving back, that we are losing to our community and understanding how can get back in ways that are going to be the most impactful. of fda's activity is not happening the bay area, every theme playing today is hosting kids and giving gifts. san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news.
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coming out, this is a tragic holiday season for the family of an american soldier was killed in combat for afghanistan. today is by arrived home. how his impeachment to undermine an unexpected christmas bonus for the republican party.
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the remains of a 33-year- old american soldier killed in combat in afghanistan have been returned to the united states. the remains of sergeant first class michael goebel of new jersey arrived in air force base in delaware today.
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he was killed on monday in a roadside bombing in a province. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. this asked peace negotiations between the group in the u.s. continues. at least 12,000 u.s. troops are currently serving in the constant as part of the ongoing, u.s.-led nato mission, assisting afghan forces. what an impeachment of president trump could provide a bus to the presidents portion. this comes with glory uncertainty surrounding the trial. >> did you notice that everybody is saying merry christmas again? for president donald trump, it has been a historic article season. >> article 1 is a dominant. a week before christmas, he became after president to be impeached, but he is also the first to run for re-election the same time. and announced three months ago that i was running. i figured once a synapse,
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nobody would be so stupid. in politics, timing is everything. for president trump, impeachment might ring an unexpected christmas bonus. >> is actually potentially benefiting republicans heading into 720, at least in the short term. >> actually strengthened the president's re-election campaign. president is gaining support. >> for me, and i expect unmistakable air the nancy pelosi man is by pursuing this impeachment. governors republicans. >> reporter: impeachment is also been a big distraction from democrats. dealing with peddlers like this man at a bernie sanders, but even. >> mr. donald trump, keep going, you might be doing a good job. president trump has been seething about his impeachment and countless tweets, and is said to have it celebrate
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republicans. is bad thing to have on the resume. the recurring the legacy on donald trump. the possible downside was evident when supporters of impeachment rallied the for the houseboats in cities around the country. their time in our lives where we have to speak up. we have to take some action. >> reporter: speaker pelosi will be next to take action. she needs to appoint impeachment managers to bring the articles over to the senate. on capitol hill, ray bogan, fox news. lawmakers are introducing a series of new bills that are aimed at reducing the noise of sfo. people who live near the airport complain about the news of noise, landing, towels. congresswoman spears says in a statement, the not noise from flights is seriously affecting residents sleep, mental health, and overall quality of life.
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one focuses on limiting slides between 7:00 at night and 7:00 in the morning. air quality officials are asking people not to burn wood over the ra did holiday. wood smoke contains some particles in cancer-causing substances that make the air unhealthy to brave. they are also reminding people that burning wrapping paper is illegal because it is made from synthetic materials that can be toxic when burnt. all right, hopefully you've had a great christmas day others will. our weather is improving as expected. we are starting to see the improvement from north to south. live look-in san francisco where the beautiful lights are out there in the a bridge. temperatures are going to be chilled tonight, currently in san francisco, for the to the race. santa rosa already in the 30s. oklahoma currently at 53, 49 in livermore, san jose and 54 degrees right now. we've had a few showers down
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the south bay for most are. that is going to be moving on, but can now if you kind of zoo michigan sees san mateo. over three months to sensei. were the real action is easy is the central focus of california. dropping half an issue of of rain. for us, this is vacancy in here because god that low pressure. it's going to track to the south. and does that, we started to clean out. are going to have to move is better on the other side of this. we are also going to have cooler temperatures tonight. >> we drop down to the cities in many spots. one of the 34 degrees. for danville you 42 in san francisco. it is going to be a little
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chilly out there. tomorrow though, here comes the sun. it is going to be a beautiful day as we start to get those clear skies back. we're going to have them for a couple days. actually looks really, really nice. expected to be 54 degrees, same story in the bay, and about 56 england. hitting either write out or just below this time of year. we want really see too much of a warm-up, but a little bit better. let's take a look at this and show you how this tracks out tonight. the system moves to the south. we will see clear skies in the north bay. those clouds will clear. look at that. gorgeous day for us as we head towards our service date. also plan to mention that we are still happening other than that statement weather service. rip currents, secret events, that goes until tomorrow morning. just say, you should be a little careful if you are headed out to the beach. to talk a little bit more about the extended forecast. what you can expect the weekend and next week.
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little spoiler alert, it looks pretty nice. i will be back with more and that, after you. still ahead, he refuses to discuss annie's suspicious details. >> crews using the tension of people living in a california community. call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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>> arson suspect please believe started 10 wildfires has been arrested. accused of burning 40 acres along the shores of a southern california reservoir port he allegedly hid from the back of a rented property and into the reservoirs foothills. he is scheduled to be in court on friday. the estranged husband of a missing for mother of five children in england is now speaking publicly. fox news correspondent, we will ask him about the civil trial that followed his wife's mysterious disappearance earlier this year. >> for connecticut mother of five went missing, and her
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estranged husband was arrested for hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence, the couple had been going through a bitter divorce and custody battle. there was also a contents of legal battle between her family when jennifer managed after dropping rick is off of school on may 24th. ordered a gag order on the criminal case with full visibly with us about the criminal street. frank is almost a two year journey illegally for you and the estate. they claim that you owe them money, and you say, actually i don't owe them any money. in fact, they owned me money for i think we were able to put the evans in front of the judge that we don't owe it to and have million. we are actually owed $1
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million. >> numerous documents which he says proves his company billed jennifer sally a guesthouse along with other payments that were never accounted for. he tells me he had no choice but to file a lawsuit last week i hated. gloria farber's attorney responded to fox, saying in part, mr. g was activities lacking. he manipulated the financial statement playing with the numbers, just about how he tried to meet with evidence. with a gag order in place, dulos was limited and dances. i did ask some key questions about the criminal investigation. provided you have anything to do with jennifer's disappearance? >> again, refer to the gag order. i cannot answer that. >> reporter: you tell us where you think you might be? can you talk to us about your children, and if you heard if they were doing okay >> i don't know how they are
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doing. there is no information flowing as regards to how they are doing. i love my children. i miss them. i think about them every morning when i wake up. >> reporter: the spokesperson for jennifer's family tells us there so focus has been creating a safe and joyous christmas for five children remain with their grandmother. it has now been seven months since their mother disappeared. in new york, lori ingle, fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts next . it takes place in just six weeks. why the subject of religion is coming up more and more on the campaign trail, in sports, how about those golden state warriors? they are working on a three- game winning streak. coming up in sports, we will look at their christmas day battle in chase center from the houston rockets. sending a message of hope during the annual christmas message at the vatican.
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now to our top stories, a six-year-old boy from vallejo is in critical condition after being shot on christmas eve. gunfire outside his home ended upcoming through the wall and he was shot in his chest. police still are not sure exactly what happened. they don't know whether it was a single shooter or several people shooting at each other that led to the little boy being hit. police in ashville have arrested a man nor the fatal stabbing of clayton beathard. michael mosley was booked on two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. 30 kids and their families were treat today a christmas meal at a celebration at faith center. the warriors teamed up with nba cares to host young people from the oakland public education fund and the boys and girls club of san francisco. members of the warriors dance team gave the kids presents and
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they got to watch the warriors. >> you are watching ktvu fox news news at 6:30. >> reporter: from senator cory booker to andrew yang. >> our boys are in sunday school. >> reporter: democratic presidential hopefuls are touching on religion, at times evoking verses from the bible. >> i'm offering a presidency where you don't have to wake up, look at the news an what happened to i was hungry and you fed me? >> reporter: democrats have long tried to court religious voters after evangelicals played a big role in george w. bush's reelection in 2004. >> democrats were looking
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inward to see how they could appropriately engage and include their own faith within the campaign trail. >> reporter: an associated press shows only 37% of democrats show it is moderately important for a candidate to have strong religious belief compared to two-thirds of republicans. they believe religion can play a big factor in this election cycle. >> religion is significant in this campaign because of trump and what an affront he is to anyone with a moral value. >> reporter: religion may be more important in early states like here in iowa or south carolina where more than 75% of the population practices some form of christianty. other voters say what matters more is how they manifest religion in their platforms. >> economic justice. health care access. these are all issues democrats of faith consider.
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>> reporter: for voters, a crucial consideration for the country's first caucus only weeks away. >> president trump and the first lady wished a merry christmas from a prerecorded message at the white house. >> we say a special prayer for those military service members stationed far from home. and we renew our hope for peace among nations. and joy to the world. on behalf of the entire trump family, we wish everyone a joyous and merry christmas and a very happy, happy new year. >> the first family is spending their holiday in florida. last night, they attended services at a family church in west palm beach. pope francis delivered his message at the vatican. his speech was one of many celebrations around the world. fox news correspondent frae has more. >> reporter: a message of hope
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this christmas. pope francis speaking to tens of thousands of people in saint peters square wednesday. the traditional holiday address is known as to the city and to the world. this year, he talked about the darkness surrounding global conflicts urging people to focus on the light in human hearts. >> may christ bring his light to many children suffering from war and conflicts. >> reporter: in the little town of bethlehem, worshipers attended christmas mass at the church of the nativity. built in the spot where the virgin mary is said to have given birth to jesus. officials had to cancel the notre dame holiday service for the first time in 200 years because of the fire. imstead, worshipers gathered at a different church about a mile
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away. >> reporter: i think all the french are in solidarity with notre dame. >> it will be in our prayers. >> reporter: and thousands came out to see what has become of an annual event in mexico. the night of the radish. artists used the vegetable to create colorful elaborate displays often with religious themes. here in jerusalem. some christians from the gaza strip are allowed to visit after officials reversed a ban not letting them enter the holy city. still ahead here, a bay area family is hoping ahead of the holidays their three-year- old boy get it is operation he needs. >> many bay area movie theaters are packed with film buffs on this christmas night.
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in san jose, city team homeless hosted a christmas celebration for those who want to get out of the cold. guests were treated to a hot turkey and ham meal with all fixings. city team is is a nonprofit organization that serves people dealing with poverty, hunger, and homelessness here in the bay area. they have been helping folks since 1957. >> they have a meal today. in our next room, we have a haircut station. a food washing station. we have gently used shoes. we have karaoke behind me. we will have a festive day. when the guests come in, they
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can enjoy a meal, sit and relax, and, really bring in christmas right here with us. >> reporter: aside from today's city teams, city team provides meals, groceries, shelter, groceries, and other essential necessities and they are operating 365 days a year. >> reporter: for many in the bay area, the theater is the place to be. people lined up to see jumanji, star wars, and black christmas. seeing movies has become a tradition for many people after they open their presents and eat. >> it started off with a christmas party. and, sleeping in. getting breakfast. >> four new movies hit the
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theaters. 1917, just mercy, little women. women.
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♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪
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time for a special
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christmas edition of bay area people. a family is hoping their little boy will finally get the surgery he needs. >> the condition sent his parents on a desperate quest for answers and a solution. >> deep and wide, deep and wide. there's a fountain flowing deep and wide. >> reporter: three-year-old landon keeps everyone on their toes. >> for me, he's the little boy that i didn't know that we needed. >> reporter: after two decades of marriage and three kids, landon was a surprise. >> when he was born, they were 12, 14, and 16 years old. >> reporter: when they told the kids the reaction had this video going viral. >> the pregnancy went well. and they settled into life as a family of six. >> it wasn't until he was six months old where i was concerned. because, it looked like the
6:44 pm
bump on his forehead was growing. and his head circumference was jumping. he was 25th percent isle with his head. then 40th at two months. then six months, it was 80th. >> reporter: doctors said not to worry. but she persisted. and landon was diagnosed with cranial stenososis. it causes the bones of the baby's skull to join together too early. according to the cdc, one in every 2500 babies are born with it every year. left untreated, the mayo clinic said children can suffer from problems from deform sibling, developmental delays. cognitive impairments, seizures, and eye disorders. >> he was crying all the time. he was losing weight. he was getting further behind in his milestones. he was almost nine months, no longer rolling.
6:45 pm
they were threatening a feeding tube if i couldn't get calories in him. >> reporter: for most, the treatment is surgery. >> see your son go into a room you can't be in and don't know the outcome. it was challenging. >> i didn't recognize them. his eyelids were all bruised. >> reporter: after surgery, the difference was remarkable. >> it was a night and day difference with regard to his interaction. his eating. just, his intera, with people. wasn't the blank stares anymore. he came to life. it was pretty amazing. >> reporter: the months passed and though the shape of his head wasn't getting better, his doctors weren't worried. >> he had kind of what we refer to as a ski jump. where the tops of the skull would ramp up.
6:46 pm
and then, down. and, he would say that those kinds of things would modify and correct themselves over time. >> reporter: they got a second opinion from a surgeon who focuses only on craniostenososis. >> he another another suture that had closed. >> reporter: now he faces another surgery. this time, they say, insurance won't cover the out of network surgeon they want. their 15-page appeal was denied. >> i was heartbroken. really devastated. >> reporter: but landon's parents are determined to do this their way. raising money for the surgery through a go fund me. >> the response was very humbling to donate one like they were was overwhelming. it was really a blessing. >> reporter: and they are sharing their story. they say hearing from other families gave them strength in their journey.
6:47 pm
>> you have to fight for your kids. >> reporter: as they face this uncertain future, they say one thing gets them through it. >> where before, he wasn't interactive and not laughing at all. now he laughs all the time. he is always laughing. >> reporter: so whatever it takes, they will do what it takes to keep this sweet boy laughing. >> ♪ how i wonder what you are. ♪ >> can you clap? yay! >> reporter: claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news. four men threw dollar bills from the walkway. they tried to catch as much money as they could. the men appeared to be moved along by mall security, but not before throwing the last of their money. >> i just reached my hand and it was meant to be. >> no word yet on how much money the men threw to the crowd, but the crowd certainly
6:48 pm
seems excite by all of this. >> for sure. absolutely. pretty cool. switching gears. wouldn't it be nice if we had money in the studio? >> sure. but i feel like as long as i have what i need, i'm good. >> and that's a good attitude to have. >> i'm not complaining over here. felt christmassy out there. we will see improvement in that, too, believe it or not. we are seeing improvement with the rain exiting a good portion of the bay area. these are the highs. not very high. 60 degrees in san rafael. 52 in san francisco. a few debris below average across the board. that has to do with the fact we had cloud cover. a little windy out there right now. gusting in hayward up to 17 miles an hour. 20 miles an hour at half-moon bay. a little bit of wind picking up
6:49 pm
in the north bay. check out fairfield. that's one of the spots we see wind. 25 miles an hour. in oakland, very gusty. 23 miles an hour. that will make it feel cooler than the numbers do. these are the current numbers. we are in the 40s in many spots. certainly in the east bay here now. in the upper 40s in many places. and temperatures get a little chilly as that cloud cover start to take off. here is a big picture look at the system that has been bringing a lot of rain to central california. it will continue its trek southward, they are dealing with rain now among the central coast. they will see more of that in places like la. but here is what we have now. just a few light showers in redwood city and fremont. as wyeomyia we move closer, this will all get better as the night goes on. just to show you some of this a, we had offshore lightning with the storms very charged up. they are dropping rain upwards
6:50 pm
of a half an inch an hour, flooding is a big concern there. as the system goes through, and you can see snow as it gets up to elevation. but for us, that track southward continues. and then, we are looking out for some nice weather as we head into tonight. that continued clearing north to south tonight. chilly temperatures coming inland. 30s , going back down about three to five degrees from where we were last night. so, that's the trade-off as we start to get that clearing. santa rosa, you will be 2 degrees above that freezing mark. but low 40s for most in san francisco and oakland. a few 30s in places like morgan hill. beautiful tomorrow. we start to clear out friday. looking great. saturday, same story. i know. this is fantastic. as we get into sunday, that is when the next system could come through. it doesn't look like a huge system. but a little system that rolls out pretty quickly. we had a bit of a pattern change. and stayed dry. a couple of degrees warmer than today. sunny and nice. drying out to be great for your thursday. your friday, and your saturday. so, if you have friends in
6:51 pm
town, you want to show them the beautiful bay area, the weather is about to cooperate. temperature also picking up a couple of degrees. notice those overnight lows friday night. saturday night. getting down to the freezing mark. so, that will be a little tough. but not a bad looking pattern. >> good. thanks. >> you bet. the head coach of the 49ers talks about how they will manage their emotions for the weekend matchup to decide the nfc west. and, the warriors continue their winning streak. how they shot down the rockets. in a christmas thriller. thriller.
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welcome back. scott joins us with sports and the warriors gave us a chris mast gift. >> i'll stop short of calling it a christmas miracle. the rockets and warriors a long rivalry. the warriors are a christmas day staple. their seventh straight december 25th appearance. just maybe, maybe they could surprise some folks. everybody fired up for holiday
6:55 pm
hoops. in the second quarter, damian lee following his own miss and the foul. he had a team high 22 points, 11 rebounds. warriors down for the half. third quarter, deangelo russell into the paint. a little floater. d-lo had 20. and check this out. final seconds in the third. bowman has to beat the clock and he does and he gets the shooter's roll. dubs up five after three. they are smelling it. fourth quarter, james harden doing what james harden does. step back three. and the foul. he would miss the free-throw which was his only free-throw attempt of the day. harden had 24. final six minutes. draymong green. he hit a couple of big ones down the stretch. then the drive and dump off. all five starters in double figures for the warriors. final three-and-a-half. good ball movement.
6:56 pm
did i mention three balls? glen robinson iii with the three. how about a 19-2 run down the stretch to blow this thing open? draymond, another triple up top. a season high 20 points and the warriors, have indeed won three in a row. 116-104. other holiday basketball, we have a great matchup between the bucks, the sixers, the greek freak. giannis and embiid. he finishes there with a jam. 31 points, 11 rebounds. sixers by 13. bucks trying to hang in. and there he is in the pocket. back the other way. check the euro step there. the sixers led by 21 at the half. three of his 22. the sixers tie a franchise record and they win 121-109.
6:57 pm
how about the celtics, raptors, canadian holiday spirit. former cal bears coming on this year. the jump fresh the elbow put them up by 17. and then, final seconds of the third, brown, had 30 today. celtics cruising, fourth quarter, just kind of a strange controversy. jason tatem. the ball bounces out. it was a dunk that went out of the hoop. initially, they said no basket. then they said wait a minute, interference. the former warrior poked his hand up through the hoop. can't do that. count the bucket. celtics win 118-102. we are building slowly to the nfl's game of the year. seattle seahawks with enormous ramifications for the playoff picture. niners win, they are in number one seed in the conference meeting the road to super bowl 54 goes to santa clara.
6:58 pm
if they lose, they have to play a road wild game card. you know emotions will be through the roof come kickoff. >> this is definitely a week you don't have to try it all to get your team up for the game. it will be the same thing for them. the times i have been in this situation in the past. you have everyone's attention. everyone is completely into it. no stone goes unturned by anyone. everyone will be locked in. and that's all you can do. >> it is safe to say we will overhope this game. >> this could be good. >> pretty much no one thought the 49ers would be where they are right now. >> it is incredible. >> they have had it. scott, thank you. see you later everyone. goodnight. goodnight. i've always loved seeing what's next. and i'm still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke
6:59 pm
due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'll go for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. what's next? sharing my roots. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. oh, yeah, this door got the full monte. penny: leonard? uh-huh? what the hell?
7:00 pm
killer robot. we built it. yeah, well, it almost killed me. if it wanted to kill you, you'd be dead. so, who exactly does it want to kill? i'm sorry, are you unaware of the upcoming southern california robot fighting league round robin invitational? you know, since i moved last year, not all my mail has been forwarded. it's a big deal. there's an awards banquet and a dance afterward. perhaps you'd like to come with me. i know the other fellas would be really excited to see a girl there. how is it supposed to be a dance if i'm the only girl? well, that may be a slight exaggeration. you'd be the only doable girl. you're a pig, howard. how is "doable" anything but a compliment?


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