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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 3, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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four minutes of the super bowl. >> also another case of the coronavirus in the bay area and two more cases in san benito county, the new reports over the weekend showing the virus is spreading here in california and around the world.>> from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2 . team good morning, such a tough morning and everybody feels down but it is monday, february 3 and i am pam cook. >> good morning i'm dave clark let's talk monday whether but steve is off. >> will good morning, i will bring you up, we have a windy night, check out the peak when guests like it mount diablo at 51 miles per hour, half moon bay 41 mph, currently we have lost the wind advisories so things are getting better and you can see that as we take a
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look, 31 mph still it mount diablo but down to the surface not so bad, santa rosa still sing a little wind but further south we see things calm down significantly and that will continue as we go through the day. temperatures show we're chilly out. the next concern are below freezing temperatures and parts of the bay area tonight and i will tell you about that when i come back.>> kaiyla thank you, right now we're doing okay if you're driving 580 westbound headed out to the altamonte pass, 205 starting off well on the drive and livermore and no major issues into the east bay. the freeway so far so good as you get to the bay bridge toll plaza.>> for 49ers fans around the bay area this is a tough morning but we know it, after the kansas city chiefs beat the 49ers and when the super bowl 31-20. >> the 49ers were off to a great start in the game and they were either tied or held
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the lead in the most of the game, mark ibanez and joe fonzi were there in miami and they look at what went wrong and what is next.>>reporter: guys i do not think words can quantify how heartbroken 49ers fans are and of course the team been kansas city is the place they are partying tonight, andy reid gets his first career super bowl victory and it is a long time coming.>> as a consolation prize is a 49ers fan you are at least happy for something, a guy who has been in the game as long as he can and this was andy's year and he started his coaching career as san francisco state university for vic rowen so little bit of a local tying in and he finally got the reward. >> amazing, i will say it earlier and i will say it again but i do not think this is the last we will see of patrick mahomes, is the youngest ever mvp and if he stays healthy and
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as we saw him with his capabilities tonight the chiefs will be a contender for a long time.>> we know there is no lead big enough when he has the ball. it was 10 tonight in the fourth quarter and it wasn't enough.>> the other side for the bay area obvious dejection and the 49ers locker room and show you where there. >> yeah. you really cannot express the way you feel, and you build and you build, nobody says we're just happy to be in the super bowl, they want the ring and the trophy and all of that. when the harsh reality of it hits you that you will not be that team, it is a very emotional time for the players been>> and of course everybody wants to hear from the coach and the quarterback. here is your duo. kyle shanahan and jimmy garoppolo did >> just hurting, everybody is disappointed and they should be
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and would not expect it to be different but the guys came and put their heart into the season and we came up short and we will lick our wounds. >> you can see the guys eyes, it means something, guys who care about what they're doing care about each other and we are a young team with a bright future. we have to take this in stride and remember this feeling and let it fewless in the off- season. >> you should've seen their expressions and the sadness and the gloom you are in the locker room and it has to be one of the toughest jobs to go under circumstances like that.>> it will take a while to get over it and they have to be positive about the fact this is a team with upward projection and that the draft coming up and we will see where it comes and goes from here >> reporting from miami 31-20 the final score on the 49ers still looking for that post super bowl, i am mark ibanez .>> and i am joe fonzi .
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>> fans gathered here for block parties around the bay area to watch the 49ers in the super bowl of this was the scene and san francisco missions district. dozens of neighbors and friends hold block parties between 21st and 22nd streets and they watched the big games on tvs propped up on garbage cans. hundreds were at the block party on 11th and the city south of market neighborhood but the big crowd quickly dwindled after the chiefs final touchdown in the fourth quarter when it became clear the 49ers had no chance of making a comeback. and in east bay 49ers fans packed the stadium hub sports bar and walnut creek and needless to say not the outcome they were hoping for. the disappointed fans who were excited in the beginning of the game of course, but many express their gratitude for a successful student season but it's been i am bummed out and it was super fun to watch but i
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am sad. >> we came from last-place nfc champions and we are an infant team with a lot of growing to do still. >> many fans noted the 49ers are a few minutes away from winning a championship after winning only four games last season. while the coronavirus keeps spreading this morning around the world and right here in the bay area now there are at least three new cases in california, two and san benito county and one in santa clara county including a man and san benito county that passed through sfo after visiting wuhan china good he was screen at the airport and showed no signs of illness but then passed the virus onto his wife and in santa clara county officials say that a woman who was unrelated to the county's first case has tested positive and she also visited wuhan china.>> what is important to know is both of the cases after arriving here went directly to
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a residence and stayed in the residence since their arrival. in both cases the only left the residence to seek medical care. >> state health officials say it is not likely there will be more cases involving people the current patients about contact with like their family members, right now there are 11 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the united states medical workers in hong kong are on strike because of the coronavirus outbreak and more than 6000 hospital clinic workers say they are concerned about the way their government is handling the health crisis, there five demands which include the hong kong government completely close the border with mainland china and create isolation wards for coronavirus patients, distribute masks to everyone, ensure medical workers have adequate supplies to deal with the crisis, and hospitals do not take actions against the strikers no more than 20 countries are now reporting coronavirus cases and this
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morning the russian prime minister said his country may start deporting foreigners with infection of the virus in several other countries are closing their borders with china and china reports 17,500 people inside the borders have come down with that virus, 362 have died, one man from china died in the philippines on saturday and he is the first death outside of china later today closing arguments will resume in the senate impeachment trial of president trump and the trial scheduled to wrap up wednesday with a final vote where he is expected to be equated democrats say they will keep pressing their case that he abused his power and obstructed congress.>> i am not letting the senators off the hook, we will still go into the senate this week and make the case why this president needs to be removed.>> and a criminal context that would be called a great victory and hear if they
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have not charged an offense and maybe he has not been acquitted but he is also not been charged and he is in exactly the same situation he should have been in had they done the right thing and not impeach to middle. >> the expected acquittal of him is to come a day after he gives his state of the union address to the congress and the u.s. senate will not convene tomorrow because of the state of the union watch the president's speech live on ktvu fox 2 at six . right now it is 4:09 am, let's go back over to sal castaneda to check that traffic .>> the morning pam and dave come off to a decent start i think when it comes to the morning commute and we will start with the east bay and show you the traffic will be okay if you're starting off this morning on 680 or dublin or 880, this is a nice-looking start, interstate 880 with traffic moving nicely in both directions as you drive past the coliseum been if you're
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driving to san francisco right now traffic is light at the bay bridge toll plaza and not much of a weight across bay area bridges although it could be a little windy and for more on the weather let's go to kyle.>> definitely windy but we are getting a little bit of a break in the wind could pick up later this afternoon into this evening but for now not bad been very clear skies though, verily a cloud in the sky, you certainly can see the stars if you are out this morning. zooming out the clouds and moisture stay offshore and that continues through the day today and in fact high pressure is building in. right now 34, mill valley at about 43. look at all of the 30s this morning. hayward is 37 in san leandro is 39 but danville is 31 in san ramon also 31, 30 around san mateo and 33 and atherton in
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menlo park. so it is cool, that is the beginning of the cold temperatures we will see the next few days. nice and calm wind in most spots but up to the north they still hang on to a little gusts this morning. so the northwesterly flow is turning into a northerly flow and it should give us a little break today, however, we could see more as we get later in the night. today cool and clear of below average temperatures, sunny skies, temperatures between 53 and 57. now look at temperatures saturday compared to the highs today, santa rosa was 69 saturday and it is 57 today, in san francisco 100 cooler today than saturday and the same for oakland and san jose. and as far as rainfall we have nothing in the forecast over the next seven days but incredibly cold temperatures coming at a freeze watch tonight and i will talk about
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that when i come back. still ahead this morning, the first major battle in the democratic race for the white house begins and coming up we are live in des moines iowa for the iowa caucuses. we will tell you what to expect as voters go to the polls.>> the special moment before the game started in miami to honor kobe bryant, his daughter and each person who died in that helicopter crash. tom: my mom always told me
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actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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>> welcome back, today is the first major event of the 2020 presidential elections, the iowa caucuses. >> is caroline shively reports from des moines it is a tight race among the democratic presidential candidates.>>reporter: after months on the campaign trails, nine debates and countless rallies the final countdown to the caucuses is here.>> it is the beginning of the end of donald trump. >> the top democratic residential candidates making their final pitch to voters on the eve of the iowa caucuses all scrambling to prove they have the best chance of defeating president trump come november and the candidates traveled across the hawkeye state to close out their campaigns hosting super bowl watch parties and taking
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pictures with supporters in their last speech as many candidates took aim at trump leading with islands to show up for the first nominating contest of the election cycle.>> it has been three years with donald trump as president people are scared. the danger is real. our democracy hangs in the balance. >> we have a president literally putting his private interest in front of the interest of this country that does not seem to care about the truth. >> joe biden echoing those statements telling the crowd you never had a greater responsibility than you have today.>> we can turn four years of donald trump into historical aberration. >> meanwhile pete buttigieg touted as midwestern rates calling on voters to take a risk on someone new>> history has taught us we cannot take the risk of meeting a fundamentally new challenge by falling back on the familiar. >> latest polls have standard leading the pack by a few points but i was a state known
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by surprises.>> busy, busy.>> are you wide-awake and did you get your coffee after the super bowl?>> yes we are here and super bowl are not people have to get to work so that's go out and see what we have now with the south bay commute and the gilroy commute. traffic looking good into san jose but if you look at the gilroy approach you can see that traffic is still looking pretty good through the gilroy area, a little bit of slowing as you approach 101, so you have some but for the most part it looks good. if you're driving to the east bay off to a good start on interstate the east bay off to a good start on interstate 880 and at the bay bridge there is not much of a backup at the toll plaza now let's bring in kyla.>> good morning, it is chilly out and i am sure that our sal castaneda belted this morning and i did, will have it the next few moorings but then we will warm up.
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this morning i am wearing blue and the map is also blue because of the chill in the air. san francisco 39 and 40 at berkeley and san francisco at 34 and we have cool spots, nice and calm wind as you can see here in the peninsula from the southeast may not bad and the north bay a little bit breezy, 20 mile-per-hour guests right now. but right now skies are clear and that is why we had the temperatures drop a bit. as we zoom out high-pressure will be building in as you see that even cloud cover being offshore it will just stay there and we will get lots of sunshine so we have spectacular visibility this morning. it is not going to heat us up that much today though as we will still be below average, 57 at santa rosa and 56 at san jose, cool but a lot of sunshine. and then overnight tonight we will have a freeze watch that kicks in around 10 pm and frost
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and freeze conditions are possible, north bay temperatures 25 to 32. so take plants in and protect the plumbing. these are the lows and this is what we're looking out for really low lows around santa rosa at 28 and napa 30 and san rafael 32 and even morgan hill will be 30 and concord 31 and livermore 32. oakland at 36 bit dry today and tomorrow but check it out, it will go all the way through friday. we will use additional rain but we will not see it is even next weekend is staying dry. look at the extended forecast, today we do not make it up very warm but we will get up to warmer temperature starting wednesday. we will get up into the 60s yet again and we pull into the mid to upper 30s for inland communities. we will see the warm temperature coming our way and above average but not today.
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looking out for 50s with a very cool night on tap. 4:19 am, the game in the halftime show are not the only thing people are talking about from super bowl liv, have a look at some of the most noteworthy commercials. and east bay community grieving this one after a 16- year-old student was shot and killed and we will tell you what is happening later today. let's make it more delicious! ♪ menutaur put an extra patty on that! bam!
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>> jennifer lopez and shakira were part of the halftime show with as much as exuberance is the players and lots of latin flavor and jaw-dropping choreography and shakira opened up with a fast moving medley. jennifer lopez started with jenny from the block, and get right and on the floor but the fans who tended to the super bowl liv just to watch commercials were not disappointed and this year's ad and plenty of star power, emotion and humor and even star power. groundhog day all over again for bill murray but this time murray relives the same day
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with punxsutawney feel and a jeep gladiator. the rocket mortgage add featuring actor jason momoa and he transformed from a muscular doctrine to someone many of us would not recognize. >> that feels pretty darn good. >> the google super bowl commercial brought many to tears, a test on an 85-year-old man's cherished memories of his dearly departed wife uses a google assistant to keep notes on the things he loved about her during their many years of marriage. billions of dollars are bet on the super bowl every year and most of the wagers involve action on the field but there was plenty of money bet on such
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things as how long it would take demi lovato to sing the national anthem and those who wagered it would take less than two minutes came out the winner and super bowl liv, clocking in at one minute 50 seconds. it is for 20 5 am, around the world many still trying to cope with the tragic death of kobe bryant. yesterday on super bowl sunday was also on the minds of the kansas city chiefs and 49ers kobe bryant along with his daughter and seven others died last week in a helicopter crash of southern california both of the super bowl teams honored kobe bryant before the big game and the players lined up on each of the 24 yard lines of hard rock stadium for this moment of silence honoring kobe bryant and the others who died in a richard sherman also honored kobe bryant just before the super bowl, sherman kobe bryant were longtime friends and sherman were a number eight bryant jersey under his coat when he arrived at the stadium
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yesterday, wide receiver emmanuel sanders were a custom pair of cleats dedicated to kobe bryant. >> and in philadelphia kobe bryant high school honored him over the weekend, fans, former players and community members packed the gymnasium at lower merion high school sunday afternoon and it was the school's first basket ballgame since kobe bryant was killed and people who looked up to him spoke out about the impact on their lives.>> my dad was kobe bryant teammate and he was a big role model for me and i am upset but i am here for my dad. >> during the ceremony a framed version of bryant's number 33 jersey at the high school was unveiled and was recently returned to the school after being stolen. this week the ntsb may release preliminary findings on the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant, his daughter and seven others in the federal agency says preliminary reports generally
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take about 10 days to finish investigators finished collecting evidence last week at the crash location and still trying to determine what caused the helicopter to crashed eight days ago. a final report may take up to one year to finish it kobe bryant's family and la officials are still working out the details for the funeral and memorial services.>> so many people want to be a part. the coronavirus continues to spread and this morning more concerns about the economic fallout. we have a look at how the health emergency is affecting the markets this morning. >> also we will tell you why police believe that a man killed in an officer involved shooting is connected to an extremist terror group.
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>> good morning, the impeachment trial of president trump will continue this one with hours of closing arguments before senators will vote on whether the president
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should be removed from office. >> it was a tough one, 49ers hands from around the bay area still reeling from the come- from-behind upset old off by patrick mahomes and the kansas city chiefs. >> in morning and thank you for joining us, welcome to mornings on 2 monday, february 3 i'm dave clark . >> good morning i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. it may be hard to get up this morning.>> this is a great game and a great season and you could have stayed up all night long and partied with the viewers. >> yeah and more people are probably called in sick. >> that's right. a little windy today, as it gets started this is the wind at elevation are now and was to or we do have some, we're getting better around the surface though, gusty


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