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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 11, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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by 19 and the warriors had a run but it wasn't enough to stop the heat. the warriors are going into the all-star break with the worst league record of 12-42. that may hey be part of his strategy. >> the accused killer in the bart stabbing case that killed nia wilson takes the stand later today and we have the latest developments in the trial and the heartbreaking moments in court, so far. voting has started and is under way right now in the new hampshire democratic primary. we tell you what the democratic presidential candidates are doing to handle pressure on the trail and what the victory will mean to whoever wins in new hampshire. from ktvu fox2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for waking up with us on
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mornings on two, tuesday, february 11th. i'm pam cook. i'm dave clark. still no rain, but whether you can handle? >> i love the weather and i'm sure a lot of people love the weather but you get a little nervous because we need rain. >> it reinforces what i say about california weather, all or nothing. >> it does feel that way. >> temperatures way above average and some are in the 60s. there is a breeze in the delta that is not bad, 29 miles an hour. the napa airport has a north wind and there is a pretty good north wind at mount diablo, 55 miles an hour with the offshore component making temps in the 40s, 50s and 60s. high pressure and well above average temperatures.
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hopefully, things are quiet in the traffic department? it will be more crowded but not undoable. bay bridge, a little bit of a crowd on the westbound bay bridge approach at the toll plaza and you can see the gilroy commute looks pretty good driving to san jose. a nice-looking drive in the silicon valley and looking at the bridges, off to a good start. at 5:02, back to the desk. >> 1000 in china have died from the coronavirus and yesterday, 1208 died and it was the first time with more than 100 coronavirus deaths occurring in one day. more than 43,000 cases are confirmed and experts fear these numbers will keep growing. a woman in san diego evacuated from china was
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mistakenly released from a hospital after a test concluded she did not have the coronavirus. she was on a flight that evacuated americans from china last weekend as she arrived, another test was given to her and she was declared negative was doctors releasing her and sending her back to quarantine. a further test found that the test was wrong and that she did have the coronavirus. she now was isolated at a san diego hospital and receiving treatment. it's been nearly two weeks since the first coronavirus evacuation flights landed in california. we have cristina rendon in the studio with good news under quarantine in riverside county. >> reporter: the two we quarantine is now over today with nearly 200 evacuees preparing to leave the reserve base. they been under quarantine since january 29 after they arrived on a flight from wuhan, china, the center of the coronavirus outbreak.
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no one tested positive but the woman now in isolation flew into another military base in san diego last week and in the bay area, santa clara county declares a local emergency because of the coronavirus outbreak. the county health department said the risk to the public is low but county leaders want to take as much precaution as possible. so far, there have been two cases and the south bay and this emergency declaration allows the county to quickly mobilize and tap into state funding if more cases pop up. companies are reporting global shortages and even some bay area hospitals have a hard time finding them. this is where you see during the wildfires that healthcare workers are recommended to wear them one coming into contact with people who may have coronavirus but they are not recommended for the general public. protect yourself by washing your hands. cristina rendon, ktvu fox
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news. the time is 5:04 on the men who killed nia wilson at the oakland bart station could testify after a very emotional day in court. john cowell was charged with killing nia wilson and trying to kill her sister, letifah, by stabbing them both in the neck at the macarthur bart station. two of nia wilson's sisters testified yesterday, describing the final moments after she was stabbed and both women broke down in tears on the witness stand. >> she got physically sick on the stand and the other one, i could see it in her face, the discussed. >> so far, john lee cowell has refused to come to the trial. his lawyers expect him to take the witness stand today. he has pleaded not to by reason of insanity. san mateo police said a burglary suspect is in custody after being captured red- handed. he was arrested yesterday
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morning after they got a tip that a crime was in progress in an apartment on north el camino real. the 24-year-old was taken into custody while walking out of an apartment with his arms filled with stolen electronics and he was booked into san mateo county on burglary and drug possession charges. it's 5:06 in the polls are open in the new hampshire primary. the democratic presidential candidates will be closely watching the results as they come in through the day. caroline shively is in bedford, new hampshire, right now. you have the latest? good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is cold and rainy in bedford but we are seeing people pouring into those polling sites. they know how important their state is, historically and they know that the results could kill some campaigns and push others to the top tears. the countdown is over. at the stroke of midnight,
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voters in the granite state cast the first ballots in the presidential primary and the tiny community of dixville notch picked mike bloomberg. three of the five total votes were awarded to the former new york city mayor and hours before the polls open, the white house hopefuls made their final appeals. senator bernie sanders drew a crowd of 7000, the largest for any democratic candidate in the election cycle. >> we have an unprecedented, all-time generational, multiracial, grassroots movement of millions of people. >> reporter: vying with sanders for the top spot, pete buttigieg is trying to entice voters to cross party lines. >> i'm seeing what i like to call future former republicans. >> reporter: after trailing the recent poll, former vice president joe biden asked voters to keep his campaign afloat. >> we will do just fine heading south and across this country and we will win this nomination. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren has struggled to gain
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momentum and did not seem bothered by the numbers. >> you get knocked down, you get back up. >> reporter: officials are confident after the polls close tonight at 7:00, or 8:00, that the results will be in quickly. >> caroline shively, thank you. stay with ktvu throughout the day as we follow the results from new hampshire until the polls close. we will bring results as soon as they come in and you can find more results on our website at the time is 5:08 and at home, the san francisco public works department expect a calmer workday. they were busy yesterday, scrambling around to clean up all of the fallen tree limbs from the severe wind we had over the weekend. two cars were crushed and powerlines were knocked down. in fact, at least 45 downed trees or tree limbs were reported with no word of injuries. they are triaged and if
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they were blocking a lane of traffic or hitting a wire, they get the first response. >> in golden gate park, as many as nine trees fell down. spring training starts for the pitchers and catchers for the oakland a's with their first official workout happening tomorrow. the a's hope to extend their season this year. they were limited in the wild card game with the executive saying they are closer than ever to build a new ballpark in oakland. pitchers and catchers for the giants report to spring training today and big changes will be seen at the ballpark. they've moved to the bullpens out of foul territory to behind the centerfield wall and they will be one of 17 to extend protective netting from behind home plate to the foul poles and that decision is part of a bigger initiative throughout baseball to make fans safer. the weather feels like it is time to head out. a beautiful day and oracle
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park? we have the benefit of good weather with no fog or high wind or even rain to deal with. let's take a look at the commute in the south bay and silicon valley. not a lot of red on the peninsula and in marin county, pretty much everywhere has a nice start including oakland, where traffic looks good in both directions. at the bay bridge, no big back up and it will change in a little bit but, but right now, the benefit of being on the early side of the commute. at 5:10, let's talk about the weather with steve. we are under clear skies with forecast highs having the models completely missing it yesterday. i went with one of them warmer
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models and it wasn't even close. 78 today in santa rosa and that is dependent on the north breeze, which they had yesterday and they currently do not but the napa airport does. san francisco, 70s and they are sitting at 60 right now. oakland 71, concord, 73. way above average and 38-60, no breeze but if there is a breeze, near 60. lots of sunshine and 68 and 78 with nothing in our direction. there are hints of fog returning on the coast and you can see it lurking out there. there is a decent breeze out to the delta. vacaville, 29 and on 80, watch out from travis and vacaville, pretty good gusting with mount diablo north at 55 and atlas peak, 22 at mount saint helena east at 45. in the hills, we have an offshore direction through
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berkeley, san francisco and half moon bay in the 60s. livermore, 50 and santa rosa, 45. on the peninsula, the los altos hills, san carlos is 58. montero, 60 warm degrees and rain. a small stream flood advisory out for maricopa county in phoenix. snow in flagstaff, but not for us and everything is crazy across the country, except here, where it is crazy warm. 70s on the temps and way above average and i don't expect the delays too much longer. it will be cooler toward the end of the week. it's 5:12 and hundreds of students at berkeley high school walked out of class protesting what they call a toxic culture on their campus. up next, what they want the administration to know about their call for a safer school environment. a major announcement from the philippines that could threaten you a security in the region. huge tax breaks for the rich,
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while the middle-class continues to struggle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.
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the philippines is notifying the u.s. that it is ending a security pact that allows american forces to train there. since rodrigo duterte took over as president, the philippines has moved closer to russia and the allies like that. the termination of the agreement will take effect in
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six months and the u.s. president in the philippines is seen as crucial to countering china's growing dominance. santa clara county officials say they are making progress to speed up testing of june 21 with the average testing time of age in 20 now 16 days and that leads to faster arrests. it used to be 94 days. rape kits are now tested in under 30 days and earlier this month, a young woman from san jose was sexually assaulted in the crime lamb processed the evidence fast. within 48 hours, there was a match and police made the arrest. santa clara county will talk about the significance of that case and the faster testing of rape kits at a news conference this morning at 9:00. students at berkeley high school walked out of class to protest what they call a dangerous culture of sexual harassment at school. they said harassment and assault is occurring on and
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off campus and that the administration is not addressing it. the protesting follows a lawsuit from friday regarding an alleged incident on campus. >> we need training for every grade, training for teachers and a clear process that everyone knows us and that prosecutors can do this. >> the district won't provide details on the lawsuit or say whether anyone involved is still attending the school. students will submit a list of demands to the school board next week. it's 5:17 and teaches in san ramon voted to authorize a strike if they can reach an agreement. the san ramon valley education foundation said 98.2% of the radi meyers voted in favor of authorizing a strike. the teachers are fighting to make sure students have the best support, class sizes and educators, they say. they are working under an
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expired contract and want a three-year deal. the school district is committed to negotiating a fair and fiscally responsible contract. [ crowd chanting ] at least one person was arrested at uc santa cruz as grad students held a rally, a wildcat strike over more pay. they are facing skyrocketing rent and demand a cost-of- living adjustment of $1412 a month, the amount they say will lift them out of there rent burden. the grad students said they will stop teaching, grading or doing research until you see administrators give them that pay raise. to keep us, they have to pay us a decent wage and give us a housing subsidy. >> rallies and marches were held at the campuses in
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berkeley, davis, santa barbara, san diego and ucla. university officials made two offers and both were rejected. it's 5:18 and let's go back to sal. >> it is a good commute. looking at the peninsula, we had problems on 101 that are now gone and traffic is doing well. we are seeing a lot of green and not a lot of red and later in the morning, people may not be watching, but this looks more red with slow traffic. this is the same thing on 880. right now, a nice drive and the bay bridge is getting more crowded in some of the lanes. the metering lights should be on soon. it's 5:19 and let's go to steve with the nice, unseasonably good weather.
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>> did you enjoy it yesterday? >> i did. we live outside and when it's nice like this, i'm outside. a warm one yesterday and record-setting for many. some of the records were only from two years. it's nothing new. pretty warm with nampa tying at 78 degrees. 79 and santa rosa and warm enough. concord, 74 and hayward, 74. today, the average high is 59- 61 and we will be 70-78 if everything falls in place. i went with the warmest forecast projection. it was still underdone with a good system in arizona giving southern california rain rain and snow that is taking a turn with the pressure gradient offshore being northerly in vacaville and it will keep the temperatures up. fairfield, 10-20 and napa has north wind.
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if it stays west, it won't be 78 but yesterday, they rocketed out. 60s for many in livermore, berkeley, oakland, san francisco and half moon bay, that is warm. gilroy, 38, socal, 39. boulder creek, 34 and santa clara is a warm 52. 58 in reading. if you are going to arizona, it is raining and there is snow to the north. a couple of the models are hinting at something over the weekend and i'm not buying into it. once bitten, twice shy. [ laughter ] 70s on the temps today and these are all above average. tomorrow, a cooldown with patchy fog coming back in cooler weather moving in. it's 5:21. an attempted ambush inside a
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police station in new york city has officers at odds with city leaders. the police union president said they are now at war with mayor bill de blasio. a close call for a man in the north bay who narrowly missed being hit by a massive tree that came crashing down on his van. mike: anyone hear the slogan,
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'mike will get it done?' ok, let me tell you what the 'it' is. as mayor, i expanded healthcare coverage. as president, i'll build on obamacare because healthcare is a right. i created nearly 500,000 jobs in new york city. as president, i'll build an economy that delivers good jobs with higher wages. i'll take on the gun lobby and save lives. and i will stop trump's assault on women's reproductive rights. i've got a record of doing things. i've got the resources to take on this fight. as mayor, i held myself accountable for results. as president, i'll offer common sense plans and i will get it done. so let's stay on the offensive, and let's win.
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i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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there is concern about city officials with an attack on new york city police officers. they blasted bill de blasio on twitter, saying they are declaring war and the police union had said the shootings are part of an increase in anti-police rhetoric. >> unfortunately, the message we get from city hall is we are on our own. we don't want to be on our own. we want to do the jobs for everybody. >> the police commissioner defended the mayor, calling the tweet inappropriate and the man accused of carrying out back-to-back attacks on police made his first court appearance yesterday and is due back in court on friday. the man accused of setting fire to three african-american churches in louisiana pled guilty to state and federal charges as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors. holden matthews is accused of setting fire to the churches during a 10 day span last year
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to raise his profile as a musician. he pleaded guilty to three federal charges of intentional damage to religious property, considered a hate crime and also pleaded guilty to six charges at the state level. he faces a minimum of 10 years in prison. prosecutors one roger stone, a former trump adviser, to serve 7-9 years in prison for lying to congress and obstructing a federal investigation. he was found guilty of trying to protect president trump and his campaign and prosecutors guided him as part of robert mueller's investigation into election meddling and the 2016 presidential election and stone is scheduled to be sentenced next week. it's 5:26 and democrats are courting voters in new hampshire for the primary election. coming up, what president trump sold as his political opponents were being overshadowed. a judge told uber and postmates they have to abide by the new gig worker law
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recently passed in california. i can't believe it. that chad really was raised by wolves? which one is your mother? that's her right there. oh, gosh. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. it's really great. well, i'm just so glad to have met your beautiful family. and we better be sitting down now. believe it! geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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♪ ♪ wherever we want to go, autosave your way there with chase. chase. make more of what's yours. mik'mike will get it done?'n, ok, let me tell you what the 'it' is. as mayor, i expanded healthcare coverage. as president, i'll build on obamacare because healthcare is a right. i created nearly 500,000 jobs in new york city. as president, i'll build an economy that delivers good jobs with higher wages. i'll take on the gun lobby and save lives.
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and i will stop trump's assault on women's reproductive rights. i've got a record of doing things. i've got the resources to take on this fight. as mayor, i held myself accountable for results. as president, i'll offer common sense plans and i will get it done. so let's stay on the offensive, and let's win. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. there was a branch above my head and i could see sky, sheet rock, everything all around. >> a close call in livermore where a huge tree was knocked down by powerful wind. it crashed into an apartment building and missed a sleeping man, inches away. the damage is still being
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cleaned up. an intense situation with the chp stopping a driver on the run after a spike strip failed to stop the car. from ktvu fox2 news, this is mornings on 2. thank you for joining us and welcome to mornings on 2, tuesday morning, february 11 and i'm dave clark. i'm pam cook. we will check with steve. i know he is not talking about rain. my daughters are preparing to dress for the day and it's going to be upper 70s? >> for some, a lot of 70s, upper 70s. tomorrow, some of the fog will come back. 30s to 60s on the temps. 59-61 is what we should be. there are 30s, low 30s around the santa clara valley and 60s
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for others around the bay. 67 with a north or northeast breeze, putting berkeley and half moon bay at 63 warm degrees. 40s for some and 50s for others. a sunny and warm day and after today, things will back off a little bit, but well above average today. get out and enjoy. we have some slowing out there. good morning. if you are driving in to the livermore area and from the valley to livermore, it's slow from tracy as people make faraway commutes. the peninsula looks good all the way to palo alto and mountain view with no problems in oakland and a little bit of a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, a 10-15 minute wait to get on the bridge. at 5:31, back to the desk. president donald trump rallied supporters in new hampshire ahead of the primary election today. >> republicans are energized
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and we are united. nine months from now, we are going to take back the house of representatives. we are going to hold the senate and we are going to keep the white house. [ cheers and applause ] >> he won the primary in new hampshire in 2016 but lost the state to hillary clinton and the general election. the democratic candidates have been campaigning in new hampshire ahead of the first in the nation primary there. at the stroke of midnight, a tiny community of dixville notch picked mike bloomberg as their candidate with three of the towns five total votes awarded to the former mayor of new york city. the candidates spent most of the past week campaigning in new hampshire. >> my friend mr. buttigieg and joe biden, they have dozens and dozens of billionaires contributing to their campaigns. we don't have any billionaires. >> i have won every race, every place, every time, all the way down to fourth grade.
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>> we can agree the time has come to turn the page on the president and the situation this country is in. >> elected officials hope to have final results of sometime tonight and we will have the new numbers tomorrow here on mornings on two. some people in the bay area have been getting in on the new hampshire primary, remotely with campaign offices having volunteers calling voters in new hampshire, urging them to go to the polls today. >> a bunch of people i called said they were undecided and they were willing to spend time on the phone with me listening to what i'm supporting with elizabeth warren and talking about their concerns. >> it's energizing and feels great when you get somebody that is already a pete fan. it feels like people are waiting until the very end to make up their minds.
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>> some of the california campaign volunteers even traveled to new hampshire where they have knocked on doors to encourage people to vote for their candidate. it's 5:33 and the world health organization is meeting at a global forum about the coronavirus and officials in santa clara county say the risk to the public is low but they are declaring a local emergency to quickly seek and get state aid if needed. so far, there are two confirmed cases of the virus in that county. in san diego, a woman who arrived on a chartered flight of evacuated americans from china has tested positive for the virus. the first test was negative but further testing showed she was infected with the coronavirus. trump said he is optimistic that the coronavirus threat will be gone in two months from now. he brought up the issue last night during his campaign rally in new hampshire, telling the crowd that the weather could play a key role
5:35 am
to stop the outbreak. >> it looks like by april, in theory, when it gets warmer, it miraculously goes away and i hope that's true. we are doing great in our country and china is working very, very hard. i think it will all work out fine. >> president trump gave no scientific evidence backing up his claim about the weather. right now, there are 13 coronavirus cases in the u.s., as well as an american that died in china from the coronavirus. uber and postmates lost a legal battle in california with the judge rejecting their request to block the new labor law to reclassify independent contractors as employees. the judge said the benefit to the public outweighs potential harm to the company and uber, postmates and other gig economy companies claim the new laws could ruin their business. santa clara has a new test program to expand services and a sobering center.
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meth users will soon be treated at the facility that was usually for alcoholics. county supervisors said the new focus on meth users in san jose reflects a surge in the use of the drug. it's part of a desire to treat it as a medical issue instead of a criminal problem. tomorrow morning, santa clara has the annual battle against mosquitoes that begins with county workers in helicopters spraying an eco- friendly pesticide over the marshes in san jose in palo alto. mosquitoes and other insects spread a variety of diseases, creating a possible health risk to the public. four apartments in livermore now unlivable after a large tree crashed through the roof with winds gusting through and knocking a tree into a building on sunday. take a look at the size of that tree. one tenant was sleeping and woke up when the tree crashed from his face only a few feet. >> i woke up and there were branches on my head and i could see the insulation and
5:37 am
sheet rock and everything. >> i had no idea. i got out of there. >> tenants were forced out of their homes and were moved to new apartments. the livermore fire department received more than 80 calls about downed trees, power lines and sparks flying. tenants and workers at an apartment complex in sonoma valley are lucky to be alive after a 75-foot tall tree crashed and almost hit them. it's an old oak tree due to be removed later this month but it fell down on its own with help of the strong wind on sunday. it crushed two park utility vans and plunge through the roof of a nearby apartment. >> iran screaming. >> we heard a boom, like a bomb.
5:38 am
>> the family that lives in the apartment are staying with other family members and the owners of the complex will now work to get the tree out of there. the handyman who had a van crushed by the tree hopes insurance will pay to fix the damage. the san francisco port commission will hold a meeting for bike lanes along the embarcadero. sara zendehnam joins us with the details from san francisco. >> reporter: right next to me, this is what the bike lane on the embarcadero looks like but there is a push to make it safer for bicyclists. they want concrete barriers around the bike lanes going from south beach park near oracle park to pier 39. the transportation agency talked about making these changes and they are all already two quick build projects in the works to bring protected bike lanes to pier
5:39 am
35 between kearny street and bay street and in sonoma between mission and folsom street. that will be finished this summer. today, they ask for feedback on that project and the possibility of building more along the 2.5-mile stretch of the embarcadero, according to the chronicle. both agencies oversee the area and have to work together on this. protecting the bike lanes could mean removing a northbound traffic lane and up to 100 parking spaces. northbound car traffic above broad we would go down to one lane, that could cause an issue for businesses and tourists. the court commission meeting is at 3:15 this afternoon and the san francisco bicycle coalition asks for support at that meeting. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox2 news. it's 5:39 and sal is back with what is happening on the roads. we see a pretty nice commute this tuesday and i like what i see is, so far. in the silicon valley, the
5:40 am
freeways, 280 and 101, it looks pretty good. no major problems. on the peninsula, it looks all right with no issues and there is a new report of a crash westbound 80 at the offramp. it's reported on the offramp right about here. we will see if it causes a delay for the traffic on the freeway. it's west 80 just before the san pablo road offramp and we will see if that has an effect on the freeway. this is a look at 280, 880 and oakland doing very well and at the bay bridge, we have some slowing approaching the toll plaza. it's 5:40. steve, a nice day? let's get to it.
5:41 am
santa rosa -- and by the way, fire fall was a very good band. but, i digress. santa rosa, 79. in town, only 77. napa, 76 and 74 in concord and hayward was 74 degrees. sfo set a record at 72 and the oakland airport set a record of 70. downtown oakland, a balmy 74. today, in the 70s with 78 being the forecast high. 61 with a north wind at mount diablo. mount st. helena, 40-50 and even out to the delta and the straight, 20-30 with a breeze in place. half moon bay, 64 degrees.
5:42 am
there are 30s to the north and to the south and 60 in bodega bay. kenwood, 60 and napa, 63 and vallejo, 59. rain in southern california is exit stage right with rain and snow and nothing for us, nothing, yet. fog tomorrow and 70s on the temps. somewhere down the road, it will cool down. more clouds to the end of the week. an extremely dangerous situation on video with the response from muni about this incredible video of a person hitching a ride outside a train. a san jose teenager born with half a heart dug down deep and found the discipline to help him grow stronger.
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two bacon, two sausage, this is the two eggssuper slam. hash browns and pancakes and now make those pancakes all you can eat for a buck. that's where the duper comes in. the all new super duper slam just seven ninety nine. see you at denny's. actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business,
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took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action. welcome back to mornings on two. it's 5:45. an $8 million siteman has been reached with the student of a danville high school student who drowned during his pe gym class in the san ramon school district. in may of 2018, benjamin beary
5:46 am
and 56 others were treading water in the pool for almost four minutes and he became tired and went underwater. the pe teacher reportedly was on his phone, distracted. the body wasn't found until the next swim class came in. the parents said the lack of supervision in the class because the death of their son. the wrongful death lawsuit against the school district and that teacher was due to go to trial next week. police in oakland are trying to find the owner of a construction toolset discovered stolen during the arrest last week. officers found the equipment inside a stolen car. they found the suspect unconscious in the driver's seat with a gun at 89th and bancroft. police said he rammed into a blockade of patrol cars and got away and police followed him for to miles before they stopped him. >> the car was disabled and the wheel fell off.
5:47 am
he was caught at 73rd and san leandro. >> police want to return the stolen items to their rightful owner. a wild police chase ended in contra costa county. this is video taken by a chp helicopter. they follow the suspect on interstate 82 richmond and then onto highway 242 south in concord. sparks were flying from the car. it ran over a spike strip saturday night. the police used a pit maneuver to stop the car before making an arrest. we want to show you video that was posted to read it, showing a person riding on the back of a muni train in san francisco. it's believed to be at the stonestown mall and luckily, no reports of injuries. we reached out to muni. they said, this behavior is prohibited and we are exploring options to raise awareness to curb incidents like what was
5:48 am
depicted in the video. it's now 5:47 on we are talking about kobe bryant. his widow, vanessa bryant, said he and his daughter, she is struggling with their deaths. she was on instagram and wrote, my brain refuses to accept that both kobe and gigi are gone. i can't process both at the same time. kobe bryant, his daughter and seven others were killed last month in a helicopter crash in southern california. a public memorial service for kobe bryant and his daughter, gianna, will be held later this month in los angeles on february 24th. information about the time and the tickets have not been made available. hundreds turned out for a memorial for three members in a family who died in that helicopter crash. families and friends gathered at the l.a. angels a stadium in anaheim to
5:49 am
remember john altobelli, his wife and daughter. john altobelli was a longtime coach at orange coast college in costa mesa and his daughter, alyssa, was a teammate of gianna bryant on the mamba sports academy team. >> if i had known that was the last time i would see her, i would have smiled more and lived in the moment. >> the altobellis leave behind a 29-year-old son and a 16- year-old daughter. a teenager from san jose born with a rare heart defect said a popular tv show made him grow happy and stronger. he is 16-year-old, shoham das and has lived with half of a heart his entire life. he had three open-heart surgeries by the time he was 4 years old. later, he took up martial arts after becoming a big fan of the power rangers. >> what happened was, all the
5:50 am
exercise helped my heart grow stronger. because of that, i have a better life and can do more things. >> he is incredible and still sees his heart doctor at stanford every three months. his incredible athletic accomplishments are inspirational to other young people dealing with major medical challenges. it's 5:50 and let's look at the traffic. it's okay. there is not a lot going on, but it has been ramping up and we are looking at the east bay commute and let's take a look at interstate 880 and 580, all doing very well with no major issues. if you are driving at the bay bridge, it's getting crowded. we had a minor accident on 80 near san pablo dam road. not a huge deal and traffic on the bridge looks good crossing the bay.
5:51 am
5:50 and let's bring in steve with today's weather. clear skies and some cold temperatures, 30s and mid-60s on the current temps. alameda and half moon bay at 64 degrees. 30s in santa cruz and in the santa clara valley with temperatures way above average. 70-78 and we should be 59-61. let's spot the highs and the lows. the highs are over us. the low was in southern california. it was a major cause of wind. moisture into arizona and it is pushing to new mexico. mount diablo has close to 55 miles per hour. the offshore direction at oakland, west and southwest and overall, a northerly component. fairfield, 20 and half moon bay at 64 degrees. berkeley, 63 degrees and 61 in
5:52 am
oakland and the city. alameda, 64 degrees and danville, one observation showing 59 and el cerrito at 59. arizona, rain and snow and we could use some. it is a very quiet pattern, really warm with a hint of a weekend high and i don't buy it. the trend is your friend. it will cool down and today will be another warm day and there may be more records and more fog with clouds and a weak system coming through toward the weekend. it's 5:52. the death toll from the coronavirus keeps climbing and the world health organization is going to china. coming up, its mission aimed at stopping the outbreak as another case is suspected and the u.s. floating in the nation's
5:53 am
first primary election is under way right now in new hampshire and we have a look at the early results at the top of the hour. the action an alameda county sheriff's deputy is taking against the toronto raptors. remember the scuffle at oracle arena during the nba finals? when it comes to your business internet, which is more important? ♪ ♪ okay, i wish i didn't have to choose. like the more i think about it, the more i want to jump to each room. what if i said you can have it all? ♪ ♪ comcast business gives you connectivity that goes beyond.
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5:55 am
accountable for results. as president, i'll offer common sense plans and i will get it done. so let's stay on the offensive, and let's win. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
5:56 am
welcome back to mornings on two. it's 5:55 and colin kaepernick is among the free-agent nfl players who did not sign a deal with any of the new xfl teams. the commissioner said that xfl officials were in contact with his representatives but there was no deal. the commissioner said that the xfl requires players to stand for the national anthem. that requirement would probably create a conflict with colin kaepernick. an alameda county sheriff's deputy is suing the toronto raptors' president for damages after the incident last year at the nba finals at the oakland arena for the lawsuit alleges that masai ujiri -- remember this -- hit deputy alan strickland as he tried to get to the court to celebrate the nba championship. stricklin said that it caused him mental, emotional and physical pain and suffering. the lawsuit is seeking a
5:57 am
minimum of $75,000 and last october, the alameda county da's office decided not to file criminal charges against masai ujiri. a baseball pitcher directly affected by the cheating scandal is now suing the houston astros. mike bolsinger last pitched in the major leagues against the astros in august 2017 i was playing for the toronto blue jays. his lawsuit claims 12 of the 24 pitches he threw were preceded by banging on a trashcan. that was a signal and the investigation found that the astros were using that to alert the hitters about certain pictures. mike bolsinger was sent back to the minor leagues and hasn't played in the majors, since but he wants the astros to be punished by giving $31 million to charity. it's 5:57 and former warriors star, andre iguodala, received a warm welcome at the chase center. he was a member of the miami heat.
5:58 am
>> one of my favorite teammates of all time. he made our jobs so much easier. from the bottom of my heart, i think everybody that supported us and supported me my entire time here. it definitely feels like home every time. [ cheers and applause ] >> it was good to see andre iguodala. before klay thompson and his introduction, a video tribute was played to look back at some of andre iguodala's biggest moments in his six years with three nba championships. he watched closely. he was traded to memphis last summer but had been holding out until he was traded last week to the miami heat. in the first appearance of andre iguodala at chase center, he and the heat beat the warriors 113-101. miami led all night and they went into the half leading 19 points with the warriors having a run in the third quarter.
5:59 am
it wasn't enough to stop the miami heat. the warriors go into the all- star break with the worst nba record right now, 12-42. in hockey, the calgary flames beat the san jose sharks 6-2 last night. the flames scored early with two goals, just 34 seconds apart. the sharks play friday against the jets in winnipeg. the man accused in the bard stabbing case that killed nia wilson takes the stand later today and we have the latest developments in the trial and the heartbreaking moments in court, so far. voting has started this morning in the new hampshire presidential primary. what the democratic candidates are doing to handle the pressure on the campaign trails and what a victory could mean for whoever wins in new hampshire. from ktvu fox2 news, this is mornings on 2.
6:00 am
good morning and thank you for joining us. welcome to mornings on two, this tuesday morning, february 11th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. another warm day and we are forced to enjoy it. the rest of the country is saying, pour you guys. it's 64 and half moon bay. alameda, 64 and in redwood city, 44. in half moon bay, it is warm and that is what's going on. it should be 59-61 and we are 70-78 on the forecast highs today. wind in arizona with a high parked over us. northeast wind at novato, east and southeast with half moon bay, 64 in berkeley, 63. livermore, and going to arizona,


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