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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 19, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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wrenching reality of family, children and seniors living unfed on a concrete bed. shifts to the waters of tumalis bay. the pressure is on, as the democratic presidential hopefuls take the stage tonight for another debate, and mike bloomberg may be in the crosshairs of other candidates. >> i don't think he has the right to buy this election. governor newsom promising swift action to deal with california's worsening homelessness crisis, during his state of the state address today. he laid out a plan that he says will help to get people off the streets. welcome, everyone, to the 4. i'm alex savidge. >> i'm heather holmes. in his speech, the governor acknowledged political leaders have ignored the problem for far too long. >> reporter: certainly unusual to see this speech focus on only one topic for the entire
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40 minutes, but it clearly emphasizes the importance of the homelessness crisis. governor newsom made it clear, something needs to change. and says he knows californians have lost their patience. >> i don't think homelessness can be solved. i know that homelessness can be solved. >> reporter: in his second state of the state address, governor gavin newsom focused most of his speech on california's homelessness crisis. >> it's a disgrace that the richest state, in the richest nation, succeeding across so many sectors is falling so far behind to properly house, heal, and humanely treat so many of its own people. >> reporter: the number of people living on the street jumped 16% last year to about 151,000. the governor laid out a plan, which includes emergency actions, like lowering the threshold for conservatorships, as well as the roll out of more housing trailers like these in
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oakland. >> the next group of trailers, i'm pleased to announce today are headed as we speak to santa clara, riverside, contra costa, sonoma counties. >> reporter: newsom's budget calls for an additional $150,000. he's already proposing $695 million to reform medical directing it help the homeless. >> what's more fundmental to a person's well-being than a roof over their head? doctors should be able to write prescriptions for housing the same way they do for insulin, and antibiotics. >> reporter: a major focus of newsom's plan is to speed up the building of affordable housing. >> hold local governments accountable to both of these pillars. more density, and more certainty. it is time, time for california to say yes to housing. we can no longer wait. >> reporter: the speech comes
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while president trump visits the state. he's slaved california's homelessness issues, threatens interevents. as far as prioritizing housing, homelessness and health, they stand with him. >> his main focus was on those three. in that case, if we're limiting it to that, bravo. >> reporter: oakland mayor, libby schaaf was at the speech, and says this is california's biggest crisis. it will take the entire region working together to solve it. >> survey after survey shows this is, homelessness is the biggest issue facing the state. are you a bit surprised that it was the only topic that the governor touched on today? >> i am. it could be pg and e. could be water issues with the federal government, but i think to your point, heather, if governor newsom did a bunch of other things that people liked on his term, and homelessness was still on the rise, that's all
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people would remember. if he doesn't work to make a dent to change the issue, certainly his record will be marred by this homelessness crisis. >> certainly, he's putting a lot of pressure on himself with the plan he laid out. let's talk about the money aspect of all of this. the governor did talk today about a dedicated stream of funding, specifically to address homelessness, and to provide funding for some of the things that he wants to do. how does that all get paid for? is there support in the legislature? bipartisan support to fund all of this? >> and the governor says he's going to work with lawmakers to figure that out. there are some proposals on the table, limiting mortgage caps, while $1 billion sounds like a lot of money, when you put it toward this problem, it's going to run out quickly. some of the issues that governor newsom has been facing, is some of the plans have been about raising taxes. anytime you mention that, people do not like thatment they're going to have to figure out a plan that works for everyone, where they can have
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that steady stream of money going towards the problem. >> but the governor definitely setting the tone. for more on the state of the state, we have a full breakdown, you can find it all on the ktvu app. just download it in the app store. now we turn to marin county, where the search for a missing couple is now focused on tomalis bay. >> rob roth spoke with the sheriff's democratic about the ongoing search, and he joins us now live from inverness. >> reporter: marin county, search and rescue teams set out on tomalice bay, looking for
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any sign of the missing palo alto company. searchers found nothing. >> the search centered around the waters, in the nearest beaches to where the couple was staying. >> we decided to attempt to locate them using underwater resources, as well as our resources on top of the water. >> reporter: carol kiparsky, and ian irwin were last seen thursday. authorities believe they may have gone for a hike and got lost. their phones and other belongings were still at the cottage. previous searches took place on land. >> with the passing of every day, the window of survival is slimmer. we are still considering this is a search and rescue mission, and we've not considered it a
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recovery mission. >> reporter: kiparsky is a linguist. this man lives by, and stopped by the volunteer fire department it to offer to help. >> i just love the area. i think it's a very special area, and i felt compelled to come out and help out. >> reporter: many people are following developments on the news, and hoping for the best. >> for us, it's unusual. we want people to be able to come out here and feel safe, and we want them to be able to enjoy this area, safely. it's a mystery. >> reporter: searchers say they have not given up hope. >> we have nothing that leads us to believe that foul play is involved. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says the search continues tomorrow on the water. only this time with jet-skis. no word yet whether there will be a ground search. >> certainly hoping for a breakthrough in this search. rob roth, live for us in marin county. also in marin county, another missing hiker was
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rescued late last night, as ktvu's christina rendon reports, that 76-year-old man is now being treated at marin health medical center. >> reporter: it's one of the best possible outcomes, that missing hiker was found alive, thanks it to the help of searchers, and k-9s, who were able to track his scent. he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. usually, searches are are called off in the dark, in this case, it intensified. an indication the rescue team must have had a strong lead on where he was. bennett was found around 10:30, and those two k-9s played a big role in finding him. >> without the assistance of the search and rescue members that were assigned to the search, i don't know that we would have been able to find him without the k-9s. >> reporter: he was last seen on surveillance video walking toward a trail off lucas valley road. authorities were also pinging his cell phone in the hours
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before he was found. the 76-year-old is from novato, and an avid outdoorsman. >> we really owe it to all the volunteers from the search and rescue team for being so dedicated, and being so involved in this community. it's a great resource that we're very lucky to have. >> reporter: bennett is being treated here with his family by his side. christina rendon, ktvu, fox 2 news. another bus load of people removed from coronavirus quarantine, and happy to be heading home. >> this comes as concerns about the outbreak brought the fda to pull inspectors from china. the potential impact on drugs and medical devices available here in the u.s. and i am keeping an eye on the weather today. another gorgeous day in the books, but of course, we need some rain. when will we get that rain? we'll talk about it in your forecast, coming up. growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors.
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china has been sending inspectors door-to-door in the city of wuhan, trying to make sure they find every single person infected with coronavirus. the most recent figures showed infections declined for a second straight day. more than 2,000 deaths have been reported there. another group of evacuees left travis air force base in fairfield this morning, after its 14 day quarantine was
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finally lifted. they were dropped off at san francisco international airport after a 90 minute delay. their bus broke down on the bay bridge. jeffrey hough has been documenting his journey to keep friends and family up to date. he says his health is better than ever, after those two weeks at the military base. >> i feel pretty nice. i actually feel a little more healthy than normal, just work out with whatever workout group they provide, and there's always food. >> was one of 180 people, he medically cleared by the cdc after being housed at that bay during the 14 day quarantine. now evacuees from another chartered flight that landed at travis back on february 2nd, will have its quarantine lifted tomorrow. the santa clara county public health officer briefed the board of supervisors on the
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coronavirus this morning. dr.sara cody says her office is currently monitoring over 300 travelers who have returned from mainland china in the last three weeks. officials say there are still only two confirmed cases of the virus in santa clara county. those cases were reported last month from two people who recently traveled to wuhan, china. five hospital workers who came in contact with those patients were also quarantined, but they've since returned to work. >> the situation in china really is unprecedented. i don't think we've ever seen a virus emerge in one city, and spread to an entire country, and many other countries in 30 days. >> dr. cody also says mobilizing the county's emergency response office was critical to a proactive response to the coronavirus. finally able to leave after their two week quarantine has
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ended. critic says the lockdown failed to stop the spread of the virus. >> more than 600 people on that ship have contracted the disease. >> reporter: the deadly coronavirus outbreak shows no signs of stopping, but it might be slowing down. china reporting fewer new cases as they ramp up their containment efforts. here in the u.s., hundreds of americans evacuated from china have been released after a two week quarantine. health officials are still scrambling to come up with a vaccine, and other treatment protocols for the 75,000 people infected worldwide. >> right now there is no specific treatment for the disease. so all the treatments that we're talking about is symptomatic. >> reporter: in japan, officials are finally allowing passengers to leave the diamond princess cruise shipment earlier this week, the state department evacuated more than 300 american passengers to multiple quarantine sites. some expressing concern that
4:16 pm
services on the ship were not being overseen by medical professionals. >> all of the wait staff were delivering door-to-door for all 1,300 state rooms, three times a day. we were a little concerned that they were working elbow to elbow. >> reporter: meanwhile, food and drug administration has pulled its inspection. they're warning the u.s. could face shortages of critical medical products if the outbreak continues. >> if there are no inspections for many, many months, then the fda has to make some tough decisions about when it thinks there start to be elevated safety risks. >> in atlanta, jonathan serie, fox news. taking a live look outside. it is awfully lovely out there today. we've got a lot more sunshine yet again. you're looking at oakland. now we're looking at san francisco. so a live look. we've had some very nice
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temperatures out there. right now, san francisco sitting at 60 degrees. 56 in santa rosa. 66 in livermore, and 66 in san jose. didn't look like it was going to be that nice when you just came out of the front door this morning, with all the fog that was out there. that dissipated. now as you take a look at stormtracker 2, we've got nice clear skies out there. there are some clouds offshore. as we zoom out here, they are going to start working their way in. that's part of a low pressure system that's kind of getting its act together offshore. of course, the question becomes will it be any rain for us? i want to talk about tonight, first, clouds will be moving in tonight. overnight lows about 35 to 45 degrees. so around the bay, in the 40s. but if you are in places like livermore, they're going to see those 30s tonight. so a little bit chilly out there. tomorrow, we will have some clouds with us, but another really kind of warm day out
4:18 pm
there, comparatively speaking. the coast high about 60, 64 around the bay, and about 69 inland. we could even see a few spots hit that 70-degree mark tomorrow. these are the average temperatures for places like santa rosament the average is 61. tomorrow expecting a high of 68. so you can see everybody is going to be a little bit warmer tomorrow, where we should be in those low 60s. instead, that oakland one is not correct. not going to be 55. but everybody else will be up in the 60s. here we are, february. it has been a very dry month so far, and the question become s are are we going to get some rain? unfortunately, even though it's going to bring some rain to california, it's not going to bring the rain to northern california. that is the problem. we'll talk a little more about that, and i'll time it out for you, and show you just where that rain will fall when we come back to our extended forecast for now. coming up here on the 4:00,
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i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. in the latest move, showing the deepening divide between the san francisco police department association and chesa boudin. this website comes after boudin declined to file charges against the man seen on video attacking officers. for more on this friction, i'm joined now by our legal
4:22 pm
analyst. you have been a prosecutor. >> i have, three different counties. >> you know police and prosecutors work close together every day. how does this friction impact the justice system? >> well, it's going to impact it in a big way. but i must say, i started my career in los angeles county, because my father was police commissioner in the city. then i came to san francisco. i've got to tell you, i was astounded at the relationship between the d.a.'s office and the police, even at that time it wasn't like l.a., and it wasn't like alameda county when i came to alameda county. l.a., alameda have very good relationships with the police. it's not a new divide. it's certainly boudin is widening that divide, but i never found it to be a good working relationship between the two. >> so they launched this website. talk about what they're hoping to accomplish? >> simply, to get boudin out of office. they say how many cases isn't
4:23 pm
he prosecuting, that he should be prosecuting. we're going to layer them. and at some point, they'll bring a challenge against him in office. remember, a few months ago, you and i were talking about this. i said give him a chance. we are a democratic society. so give him a chance. well, we're giving him a chance, and i think what the police are doing is letting that rope out to go, okay, here's one more case. you're not going after the guy that went after the police. you're not doing this case. you're not prosecuting this case. you're imposing your will. your thinking upon the people in san francisco, as witnessed by that one case, where a jury verdict came back of guilty. he's saying, we're going to ask for a whole lot lighter sentence. what would he do that? why? >> boudin did come into office as a reform minded prosecutor. >> correct. >> is it what he promised he would do while he was  campaigning? isn't that what he's doing? >> in part yes, that's what
4:24 pm
he's doing. but in part no, because you have a jury coming back guilty in a case. where a person attacked the police. boudin says we're not asking for a lot of time in this case, and i'm going to ratchet that time down. those 12 people are the voice of san francisco when they come into that courtroom and decide whether a person is guilty or not guilty. once they decide he's guilty, then the judge should decide what the sentence is, with the input from the defense and the d.a. if the d.a. backs off, and says we don't care judge, let's just ratchet it down, no, that's not right. >> what about for citizens? i lived in san francisco, those of us dealing with crime issues, when you do have this sort of battle between police and a prosecutor, what does that do to victims of crime, and to us in san francisco, who just want to go about our daily basis without worrying about being a victim of crime?
4:25 pm
>> it makes you more of a victim. you're victimized twice. you're victimized by the crime. then you're victimized by the system. >> he says now, when the cases are brought to him, he does prosecute. it's on police they're not increasing their number of arrests, that's what boudin says. >> that might be true. we have to look at the numbers, and that's exactly what the police union is going to do. that's what they're going to bring to the table. the officers say why should i arrest you? you make a good case. if the police, if they come out, a lot of times this he won't come out, if they come out they say, listen, d.a.'s not goes to prosecute. why should we waste our time fingerprinting, doing those things? i remember when there was a camera crew in san francisco one time, that had car burglars
4:26 pm
on video, and they gave it to the police. it wasn't boudin at that time. this isn't new to this office. there are all sorts of things that go on there, that need to be rectified. i know that he's the progressive d.a. give him a chance. i can almost guarantee you the police are doing that. letting the rope out and going, he won't prosecute this, he won't prosecute that. so why should we make arrests? so everybody will be pointing. it's their fault. no, it's their fault. and we the citizens of san francisco will be affected by that, and that's what's sad about this. >> michael cardoza, always a pleasure. jurors in the new york rape case against disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein have finished their second day of deliberations without a verdict. the jury is taking its time to carefully consider all of the evidence. >> reporter: the second day of deliberations bringing up more questions from the jury as they weigh the fate of disgraced
4:27 pm
movie mogul harvey weinstein. the seven men, and five women asking for more clarity. they've also requested to see testimony transcript of accuser mimi haley, and any of weinstein's emails relating to her. the judge not giving them the transcripts. the jury also asking a blueprint to weinstein's apartment. >> this is a tremendous amount of questions. more than is normal. >> reporter: they asked a gag order against gloria alred. the judge saying quote, i wish i had that kind of authority. moments later outside the manhattan criminal court, she responded. >> the court declined to exclude me from the courtroom, and said they could call me as a witness conformity i i think that could be under be careful what you wish for, given what i
4:28 pm
might say. >> reporter: the 67-year-old is charged with raping a woman in a manhattan hotel room in 2013, and sexually assaulting another woman in 2006. weinstein maintained all of the encounters were consensual. he still faces more charges in a case in california. in new york, alex hogan, foxnews. former illinois governor rod blagojevich calling himself a freed political prisoner, following clemency for president trump. his words for the president coming up. plus, all eyes on michael bloomberg in his first democratic debate. up next, we're going to break down how the candidates may tackle the issues.
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leadership that makes a difference. vo: a great president and an effective mayor. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: together they worked to combat gun violence, and again to improve education for every child. obama: i want to thank the mayor of this great city, mayor bloomberg, for his extraordinary leadership. i share your determination to bring this country together to finally make progress for the american people. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg, and i approve this message.
4:31 pm
c1 all eyes will be on the newcomer to the presidential race, mike bloomberg as he makes his first appearance in a presidential debate tonight in las vegas. >> reporter: candidates will face off again for the ninth democratic debate. this time with a newcomer to the stage. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. his democratic competitors say bloomberg has bought his way into the debate. >> mr. bloomberg has every right in the world to run for president of the united states. he's an american citizen, but i don't think he has the right to buy this election. >> reporter: held in las vegas, the democratic debate will likely pit the billionaire against five other candidates who have been campaigning for
4:32 pm
months. some more than a year. bloomberg has put his time and money into super tuesday states, not places like nevada, where he won't even be on the ballot. >> i hope that the candidates don't spend all of their time attacking his wealth, but instead, looking at his ideas, his policies. he is going to be well prepared to address some of the past criticism, like stop and frisk, the misogyny. >> reporter: the biden campaign is attacking bloomberg. bloomberg's campaign responding with clips of the former vice president supporting mike bloomberg. even president trump weighed in on the former mayor, tweeting, what mini mike is doing is nothing less than a large scale illegal contribution. >> there are two candidates who will not be on the stage. tulsi gabbard, and tom steyer are still both in the race but did not qualify for the debate.
4:33 pm
lauren blanchard, fox news. >> we're joined now via skype by matthew recker. we appreciate you coming on, and obviously, it appears as though all the focus tonight, or much of the focus is going to be on mike bloomberg on a debate stage for the first time. how much pressure is there on him, to be able to fend off some of these attacks, and some of these criticisms of his record? >> well, a lot. bloomberg has been able to really duck all of the punches from the primary up until this point, because he hasn't been on the ballot. he hasn't been on the debate stage. it's going to be an interesting dynamic to see him up there for the first time, after we're already two contests in, where he's not even going to be on the ballot on saturday, or in south carolina. it's going to be really interesting to see sort of how
4:34 pm
the other candidates go after him, whether the other candidates go after him and it's going to be really difficult to say what that's going to look like. >> do you think that is a smart strategy for the other candidates to go after mike bloomberg? >> it's difficult to say. i would imagine the smarter strategy would probably be to go after bernie sanders, since he is the clear front-runner at the moment. bloomberg will have missed the first four contests. he's not even in it until super tuesday. to go after him at this point, might be easy pickens. it's not clear if it's because he's not had the benefit of of being a part of this system to this point. if it's the latter, they should be going after him. if he's the former, then they can possibly safely, maybe not ignore him, but focus their attention where it belongs, which is on sanders. >> and obviously, bernie sanders, he is the front-runner in all of this. in terms of his strategy in tonight's debate, what do you think his approach should be?
4:35 pm
does he go all in, trying to take down someone like mime mike bloomberg, or should he stick to the issues, and what's gotten him here so far. >> sanders sticks very closely to his message. so in terms of stwheas smart. i'm not sure if that's quite as relevant as what he's going to do. he has not had a foil quite like mike bloomberg for this message up until this point. for that reason, i think frankly, sanders might be licking his chops at the ability to go after a former republican billionaire. >> matthew, we just have a little time left, but got to ask you about joe biden, and what hinges tonight on his candidacy? he's not been able to perform well thus far, and has really
4:36 pm
dropped in the polls. >> biden has been generally perceived as being weak in the debates up to this point. if that's the general perception coming out today, i think it would be an overstatement to say he's done, but he's in big trouble. the fact, his entire campaign relied on essentially, an electability argument, and having lost, and lost handedly two contests, he's going to have to pivot to a different message, and rely more on his background, and his connections to barack obama, and start articulating a policy message above and beyond the idea that he's just a front-runner. because he's not the front- runner anytime. >> seems like nevada is his last hope for joe biden. we appreciate you coming on. political scientist at san jose state university. thank you for your time. newly freed former illinois governor rod blagojevich today thanked president trump for commuting his 14 year prison
4:37 pm
sentence. >> blagojevich was convicted of trying to sell the senate seat that was vacated by president obama. fox'smatt fin has more from chicago. >> it's been a long, unhappy journey. >> reporter: rod blagojevich is back home in chicago. >> i'm bruised, i'm battered, and i'm bloody. it's been a long time since i've shaved with a normal razor. >> reporter: walking out of prison tuesday, after serving nearly eight years on corruption and other charges. he maintains his innocence. and on wednesday, the former democratic governor joined his family outside of their home. >> how do you properly thank someone who has given you back the freedom that was stolen from you? he didn't have to do this. he's a republican president, i was a democratic governor, and doing this has done nothing to help his politics. >> reporter: he was sentenced
4:38 pm
for trying to sell barack obama's vacated senate seat when he was elected president. >> reporter: the president's decision, drawing backlash from democrats and even some republicans. jim dirken saying, quote i think it's wrong, and it sends a bad message to people in this country that you know what? you don't exactly have to pay your debt to society. a crowd gathered outside of blagojevich's home, some say they love him, others tell him to go back to colorado. the former governor says he's a trump-ocrat and will vote for him if he can. president trump is here in california, sending an event to oracle's president. some oracle employees protested the move. we're going to look at the role of ceos and their politics when it comes to their company.
4:39 pm
we do have a low pressure system off the coast, but will it bring rain to northern california? i will track that for you, and show you in your extended forecast, coming up. i thought steyer was brilliant in that moment. we have not said one word tonight about race. not one word. are you kidding me?
4:40 pm
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president trump kicked off day two of his visit to the western u.s., arriving in palm springs, and greeting supporters. he attended a big money fundraiser at the home of oracle founder larry ellison in rancho mirage. today some oracle employees walked out of work, protesting ellison's decision to host that event for president trump. so what happens when employees disagree. joining us mitchell, president of joining do you have an issue with larry ellison hosting president trump
4:43 pm
for this fundraiser? >> no, and good afternoon, by the way, alex. i believe that we all as americans have the right to support whoever we want to support. i understand as the ceo of a large, publicly traded corporation, what he says sometimes people confuse with representing the corporation. i think it's great that certain employees spoke out. i think it's wonderful what's happening politically in terms of people getting excited about the election. but for any number of oracle employees or employees of any company to think that they represent the entire workforce is wrong. let's face it. corporations are in business to make a return on their investment. and workers taking off of work, just to make a protest stands in the way of that. >> so in this petition, there was a petition circulated by some of the employees at oracle who were unhappy with this fundraiser.
4:44 pm
they essentially say ellison's support of president trump goes against the company's core values of diversity, and inclusiveness. do they have a valid point? and do you think that larry ellison should have some concerns about the potential business impact for the company as a whole? >> well first i'll tell you that it is the behavior of the ceo, not the words, not the vision statement, not what you see on the walls in the office, but it's the actual behavior. i've been studying ceo behavior, and corporate culture for 30 years, and it's very clear that it's the actions that matter. so the employees are correct in saying, wow, his actions send out a message about our company. on the other hand the need for people to do the work, they're concerned, if the employees' concern is how this is going to be read by others outside the
4:45 pm
company, imagine you're a customer of oracle, and you're a middle level i.t. person, and you rely on oracle to get your job done. if you need someone, and you're having a flare up, and someone from oracle is not available, because they're out protesting, that's going to have a heck of a lot more impact than the protest itself. what i'm trying to say alex, here, is you've got to serve the customer. to interfere with the customer needs is i think worse than a ceo hosting a presidential candidate. >> as we wrap up here, mitchell, i guess the question moving forward is about morale at the company. you have employees walking off the job in protest over this fundraiser. how do you think larry ellison should respond to that internally? >> i think he should acknowledge it. look, the job of the ceo, if it's a publicly traded company is it to maximize shareholder
4:46 pm
value, okay? one giant step in maximizing shareholder value is to attract and retain the best and brightest employees. so i think he needs to put his ear to the ground. i think he needs to listen to employees. but i think employees have to represent, have to recognize that there's 122,000 employees at this company. that's almost the size of the city of richmond. there's a lot of diverse viewpoints at oracle. i think for employees to think a small number represent everybody is quite arrogant. >> great discussion, always good to have you on this, mitchell marks, and the president of joining take care, mitchell, thanks. all right, let's get to weather. i hope you enjoyed a beautiful day out there. definitely started off a little cool, and a little foggy, but the sunshine made its way in, and now it is really nice out there. blue skies all throughout the bay area as we take a live look outside. i wanted to talk a little about the fact that we haven't had any rainfall in february.
4:47 pm
this would constitute normal rainfall in february. so san francisco, about 4.5 inches. santa rosa, just over 6. about 3.30 in san jose. that would be normal. as you know, we've had a very dry february. this week, we've had another dry week. we do have a little system that is building up off the coast here. however, it looks like this is only going to bring rain to parts of california, not all of california. let's take a look at the bay area since october 1st. these are the rainfall totals we've had, you know, just under 16 inches up in santa rosa. that's about 64% of normal. the longer we go, the lower that percent of normal starts to drop, right? because we've had such a dry february. so about 54% in san francisco. 42% of normal in oakland. and about 39% in san jose, where they've gotten less than 4 inches of rain. so here's what happens with this system as we look at future cast. it does bring the tail end into the coast, but it's a coast off low. what it does is it slips to the south of us, and brings some
4:48 pm
rain to central and southern california, leaving the bay area for the most part, dry. obvious, as a meteorologist, that concerns me, because we really do need to get some rain in here, and it just isn't going to happen. these are the totals. as you can see here, we're talking about maybe .30 of an inch in san jose. not much. it's not the only time we've had a dry february. these are the top six dryest februaries on record for san francisco since records have been kept back in the 1800s. you can see february 1864, all of nothing. and then you know, it rolls right on through to february of 1967, where they got just over .20 of an inch. i hope we do not end up on the list with this february. also, this is impacting the sierra. those are the snow water equivalents, basically, if you melted the snow. the percentage of normal numbers are dropping and that
4:49 pm
is not so good for us. you can see that again, we do have clear skies out there tonight. current temperatures, check out fairfield, 70 degrees right now. we're at 60 in san francisco. 65 in santa rosa. 64 in palo alto. we're going to see the clouds increase tonight. overnight tonight won't be quite as cold as it was last night. also 30s in concord, and livermore. tomorrow, another warm day. temperatures in those upperrer 60s in some spots, could even see 70 degrees in morgan hill. that system does start to bring that rain, it will unfortunately track to the south of us. we will get a little cloud cover from that. taking a look at your extended forecast, we continue to warm up as we head through friday. then temperatures do come back down again. you know, we really shouldn't even be in the mid-60s. we should be lower than that in the low 60s. it's one of those things. i would like to see one of those nice atmospheric rivers set up, and bring us just a deluge of rain, so we could
4:50 pm
catch up. i don't see it there. someone mentioned to me on social media, well, i guess the upside is the sunshine is very nice, and it is. it's beautiful. >> it's gorgeous. we've had some gorgeous days here. but in the back of your mind, you just keep thinking, it should be raining at some point. >> and all that beautiful green out there, isn't going to stay that way, if we don't get some rain. it is gorgeous out there. you see all the beautiful fields. >> thank you. appreciate it. some incredible numbers when it comes to injured nascar driver ryan newman. up next, here at 4:00, we'll update the investigation into the crash, as his family posts video of newman walking out of the hospital with his two daughters. right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians
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can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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doctors in london say this incredible and unusual surgery went well. the 53-year-old professional violinist played music by gershwin and julio iglacius while the doctors works to ensure they didn't damage her skills. earlier this morning, he tweeted this photo from the hospital, smiling with his two daughters. later in the day, his wife posted a video of newman
4:54 pm
leaving the hospital holding both of his daughters' hands. a new high-tech way to pay your utility bills by using alexa may soon be coming to a city where you live. they will receive other information about city services, simply by asking alexa. they will also learn more about local government officials. right now the feature only works with alexa, but the city is working to make it available on all smart home devices. a new low for drug smugglers. how the cartels are now using children as young as 12 to smuggle drugs into the u.s. fighting climate change isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from polluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then,
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a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. c1 children being used by drug cartels to smuggle drugs in the u.s. it's a new and dangerous trend by those cartels. stephanie bennett shows us, children as young as 12 are being used as drug mules. >> reporter: dozens of children are being recruited to use as drug mules. >> i noticed students were already recruited at that point. you know, this information should be taught at an earlier stage in their lives. >> reporter: taking matters
4:58 pm
into his own hands, he talked to local elementary students about the dangers of joining the cartel. >> there's kids now being recruited in phoenix, tucson. so we wanted to expand this to reach other communities. >> reporter: 36 children were arrested for narcotics at arizona's ports of entry. in 2019, that number jumped to 57. since october, there's been 17 arrests. >> they do it because they think it's cool, but they also do it because it will be easy money. >> reporter: cartel recruitment happens through social media, video games, and word of mouth. children are bringing weapons to cartels in mexico. >> the minimum sentence is 3.5 years. obviously, prosecuting them as adults, means that they would be convicted felons for the rest of their lives. >> it's a problem. we know it's there. we're trying to mitigate that issue through education, and prevention. >> reporter: the teen kids
4:59 pm
program is hoping to reach schools across the entire state, and eventually reach out to those neighboring states. for now, the next local event will be held in april. the fourth day of searching for a missing couple moves from the ground to the water. today, the marin county sheriff's department used boats and a dive team to search tomales bay. that couple is from palo alto, and was last seen on friday. good evening, everyone, i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. >> i'm frank somerville. for the fourth straight day, the search wrapped up with nothing to show for it, but tomorrow, they'll be back at it. with us tonight from inverness, rob. >> reporter: the search continued with no signs of the
5:00 pm
missing couple. searchers say each time they go their chance for survival decreases. searchers found nothing. >> our dive rescue team brought a remotely operated vessel, which includes camera capabilities for searching underwater, as well as sonar. >> reporter: the search centered around the waters near shell beach one, and shell beach two, the nearest beaches to where the couple was staying in inverness. >> we attempted to look at them using underwater resources, as well as our resources on top of the water. >> reporter: carol kiparsky, and 72-year-old ian irwin was last seen friday afternoon, near the cottage they rented. authorities believe they may have gone on a hike, and gotten lost. their phones and other belongings were still at the cottage. ev


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