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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 24, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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answers after a cancer-causing chemical was found under an oakland high school. what students can expect. filming for the latest metrics movie intensifying. people visiting the set said some of the movie effects were too close for comfort. from ktvu fox2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning and thanks for joining us on this monday morning, february 24th and i'm pam cook. i'm frank mallicoat and dave clark is enjoying the day off. steve is also off. and i bet they are snoozing comfortably in their beds. >> i would be, too. if you are out and about, there is a little fog in places like livermore, one quarter mile visibility and also, we had a little bit in napa and getting better with
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about one mile visibility but a drop in novato and some patchy fog. be careful if you are headed out with current temperatures showing a few spots in the 30s. napa, they are dealing with fog and it is tough to warm up with 30s going on and 40s in berkeley and 50 in san francisco. a quick look at the stormtracker with low clouds and we will see things get sunny and bright today with calm wind and looking pretty good. looking at the forecast, 60 degrees at the coast and low 70s as we get inland. talking about the extended forecast, we will talk about that in a bit. for now, over to sal. the commute has traffic moving along okay if you are driving on 80 westbound from crockett to hercules. no major problems on the benicia bridge heading to concord and the commute looks good toward the macarthur maze
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with a look at the richmond bridge having traffic off to a good start. 5:01 and back to the desk. production is ramping up in san francisco on the side of matrix 4 with crowds gathering over the weekend to catch a glimpse of the filming crew before the movie hits the big screen. sara zendehnam joins us live in san francisco, where fans get a look behind the scenes. any sign of keanu reeves out there, by any chance? >> reporter: unfortunately, i have not seen him but i have my eyes peeled for his siding. very exciting in san francisco on california and battery with the road closed but just reopened about five minutes ago. in the distance, you can see the production vehicles and the code name is project ice cream but there definitely is no ice cream being served
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here. a little low flying helicopters and drones and explosions, and other weekend in san francisco. hollywood has taken over the financial district for the production of the film. it is not just movie effects capturing attention. a shot at seeing keanu reeves is exciting and some people even drove in from pacifica. it is a rare opportunity to see what goes into making a big-budget hollywood film before it comes out in theaters and the expected release date is may 2021. some people got an up close and personal experience here. >> it was 45 feet away from us and they said it wasn't supposed to be that close. i think it was a mistake of the filming crew and i hope they do more mistakes like that . >> reporter: san francisco's emergency notification system sent text messages to let people know about the production and it gives the location of the filming, what to expect and the time.
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people that may not know a multiple movie aren't scared. sign up by texting alert sf to 888777. in san francisco, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox2 news. there are details that will keep mcclymonds high school closed all week with a cancer-causing chemical in the groundwater. the chemical has not been connected in the drinking water at or near the school and the levels in the air are below safety standards. the oakland school district is holding two meetings for concerned parents and neighbors at the library at west oakland middle school on 14th street and the first meeting is at 8:30 this morning on the second is at 5:30 this evening. the district will try to hold classes at other schools starting tomorrow or wednesday. the palo alto palo alto couple that survived eight days in the wilderness are at
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a marin county hospital, recovering from their ordeal and doing well. you can see the photo of 72- year-old ian irwin and his wife, carol kiparsky, giving a thumbs up from their hospital beds. they had hypothermia but are doing okay. they were rescued saturday morning and the teams found them in thick brush near tomales bay after they started shouting for help. ian irwin and carol kiparsky said they heard the searchers and knew they needed to attract attention. rescuers said the couple had walked much further than they thought possible. the family issued a statement thanking first responders and everyone who sent good wishes for a successful rescue and they promised to tell the entire survival story but right now need time to rest and recover. coming up on the nine on this monday, today, two members of that marin county search team who found the couple will talk about the search and we get to meet
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groot, the dog that was a part of that successful rescue. that is all coming up later this morning on the nine. san francisco police are searching for a thief that stole money from cash registers. investigators believe the same man is responsible for thefts this past week. one in the mission district and the other in hayes valley. this is the scene at a restaurant on grove street shortly after 7:00 friday night. the man waited 15 minutes until two employees went to the back room and then he went to the cash register and grabbed $400 and walked out the front door. >> trying to run a business in san francisco is so hard. a few hundred dollars goes a long way. >> a similar crime took place at an ice cream shop on valencia street, 1.5 miles away and the owner said the same man grabbed $200 from the cash register when an employee was busy cleaning dishes.
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take a close look at this surveillance photo. police believe he may have targeted other san francisco businesses. it's 5:06 and a hit-and- run killed a toddler and is now in custody. fairfield police say that cirilo tellez hit his 2-year- old nephew yesterday afternoon and left the scene. he returned four hours later and was arrested. the crash was on west texas street and police believed alcohol was a factor in that tragic crash. people in pleasanton are on edge following a home invasion robbery that happened yesterday morning just before 4:00. a woman said she woke up to the sound of breaking glass and was confronted by two suspects who pointed a gun at her and demanded cash. detectives found surveillance video showing the suspect leaving the home. call pleasanton police with any information. track the number of coronavirus cases is expanding
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and taking stock down with it. the markets were down overnight and the dow is set to open 700 points lower the smoldering. the confirmed cases are 79,000 with 77,000 of those cases in china and the number of deaths has climbed to 2600. a lot of concern as viruses are spreading in south korea, as well. the corporate sponsors pulled out of the rsa cybersecurity conference beginning today in san francisco. verizon, at&t and cybersecurity have canceled participation. organizers say the conference is still expected to draw more than 40,000 people. 20,000 people are expected to gather in downtown los angeles and early this morning, they will celebrate the lives of nba legend, kobe bryant with the public memorial beginning at 10:00 at the staples center, the home of the lakers. for the past 20 years, the arena is often referred to as
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the house at kobe build. fans will be there to honor one of the greatest basketball players of all time. >> he was my hero growing up. similar to a lot of people in l.a. , he was my big idol, growing up. >> it's unfortunate that the community was brought together for this because in such a wonderful way. >> l.a. police are concerned that many might show up to the staples center without a ticket and they are being cold to stay home. watch the memorial on television. kobe bryant and his daughter and seven others were killed in a helicopter crash in l.a. county one month ago. >> a lot of people want to be part of that and to be there. >> when he died, the staples center became a mourning place for a good week. >> a place for people to field together. people will be watching that
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and now, back to the bay area and back to work. not too slow right now. we are looking at some commutes in the north bay and i want to show you that traffic is doing well on 80 through vallejo with slowing on 37 and no problems between santa rosa, petaluma and novato. by the way, the east bay is okay with one spot of red on the altamont pass approach. through tracy and toward livermore and pass the altamont pass, it gets better with no major issues. give yourself extra time with slowing on the richmond bridge to san rafael. at 5:10, let's bring in kyla, filling in for steve. your weather is about to get warmer this week, under the influence of high pressure with temperatures bumping up, particularly in inland communities. in san jose, the average is 66
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and today, 69 and below average. going through the work week, it is going and then a high of 78 and they are not the only ones. san mateo, good morning. 43 and lots of 40s out there. danville, 44 this morning and 42 in san ramon. 30s in kenwood and in healdsburg, 38. novato, warmer, at 41. we will see high pressure holding temperatures up this week as it builds in and today is the beginning of the run of warmth. once we kick this patchy fog, sunny and warm skies. 63 at the coast and 66 around the bay and low 70s inland. those low 70s will turn into high 70s before the week is over. the futurecast shows that high pressure keeps storms to the north of us with a lot of blue skies and clouds offshore.
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through wednesday and thursday, you can see we continue with that really nice weather. a beautiful and gorgeous a on tap that you hopefully can enjoy. the drive pattern sustains through the weekend causes temperatures to warm up. is there a chance of rain? it looks like there is toward next weekend and i will talk about that with your standard forecast when we come back. for now, back to you. it is the fourth fatal accident in the peninsula on a week. when we come back, the crash that killed an 18-year-old and why underage drinking may have been a factor. senator bernie sanders faces backlash for his comments about fidel castro and how he defends that decades-old comment and praised the cuban program. right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000.
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tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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grand now we have to deal withed us climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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following the nevada caucuses, pete buttigieg has requested a review of the reports, saying it was plagued with errors and inconsistencies. 88% of precincts have been reported and bernie sanders has been declared the winner by the associated press. joe biden is a distant second place with 21% and pete buttigieg, third at 14% and then followed by elizabeth warren, under 10% and then tom steyer rounding out the top five. democratic candidates are
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fixed on the upcoming south carolina primary and the super tuesday states, including california. >> we are going to be trump in november! [ cheers and applause ] >> bernie sanders is currently the front runner after his strong showing in nevada and the other candidates are now trying to slow the momentum for sanders. >> the stakes are so high in this race that we have to have someone on the head of this ticket that can bring people with her instead of shutting them out. >> i think it is going to be burning and me on super tuesday. >> we are calling out to the independent voters and we are delighted to see some of the ranks of what i like to call future former republicans signing up for this. you are welcome to be on our side. >> the democratic candidates have another debate tomorrow night in charleston and tom steyer qualified to join the others on the stage. marianne williamson, former
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candidate for the democrats, announced she is endorsing bernie sanders pitching made the announcement in texas. she is a spiritual author and stopped her own bid for the nomination in january. bernie sanders is criticized after an interview on 60 minutes last night. sanders was defending comments he said about fidel castro in 1985 and pointed to social welfare programs introduced under the castro regime that he designed as redeeming, despite the oppressive human rights violations against cubans. >> i'm opposed to the authoritarian nature of cuba. but not everything is bad. when fidel castro came into office, do you know what he did? he had a massive literacy program. is that a bad thing even though fidel castro did it? >> castro relinquish power to his brother in 2011 after nearly one half-century in charge of the island nation. critics point out that cuba
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worked on literacy programs in a state controlling everything available for reading. police in san francisco are investigating sideshows that drew 100 people at the intersection of clayton and market street in eureka valley. large crowds blocked traffic and police said they initially met near candlestick park and then moved across the city with at least four sideshows across the city with 50-100 cars in each but no arrest was made. san francisco police said this type of activity presents a danger to the committee with first responders, spectators and participants, anyone with information is asked to call the sfpd. and there was also a large sideshow in oakland with the crowd at the intersection of 106th avenue and macarthur boulevard. we reached out to oakland police to see if arrests were made. >> let's check with sal.
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minor glitches and for the most part, things are getting more crowded closer to the heart of commute. it's only 5:19 but i see traffic on 37th and it is getting slower. on the richmond bridge, traffic is okay with an earlier problem on the midlands fan on 580 westbound to san rafael and that has been cleared up with traffic continuing to be a little bit slower by the moment at the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up for a 5-10 minute delay before the span. san jose, the traffic looks all right. it's 5:19 and let's bring in kyla. good morning. you might need to slow down because if you are in livermore, it is one quarter mile visibility with fog and
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we are seeing improvement in other areas. in napa, 2.5 miles an novato doing pretty well but be careful if you are going out the door right now. high pressure is building into the forecast and that means we will see blue skies today and some very warm temperatures across the week. you can see clearing happening is clouds are rolling out. current temperatures, mostly in the 40s with some exceptions. 49 in santa rosa, 49 in san francisco and 48 in oakland and 45 in san jose. high pressure will move in and when that happens, basically, you will have a tough time getting weather systems in for rain. you will warm up was sunny skies and temperatures above average with 70s for the in the and communities. what we won't see is rain coming our way through the work week as the drive pattern continues. today, warm and sunny, 63
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degrees in san francisco. low 70s in santa rosa and napa and in concord in livermore and morgan hill and even in fairfield, above average temperatures. tomorrow, the warmth continues with high pressure strengthening. 72 in santa rosa becomes 78. 63 and half moon bay becomes 67 by tuesday. you get the idea. mid-70s and even higher later into the week. mostly clear tonight with the heat of the day escaping quicker without the clouds to insulate it with 30s in the north bay and out in fairfield but mostly 40s and the bay and mid-40s in san francisco and oakland, 42. let's look at futurecast. high pressure keeps anything from coming our way and as you roll through, wednesday and thursday and into friday and toward the weekend, it starts to break down a little bit with a slight chance we could see rain coming through the later part of next weekend. we hope that will come to
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fruition because we haven't had rain since january 28, 27 days for the dry stretch. a dramatic warm up through the week and be ready for that with lots of sunshine and it should be gorgeous. toward the weekend, temperatures will cool down toward saturday with a possibility of rain coming our way in the later part of the week. 5:22 and federal officials are now part of the investigation in a deadly bus crash in california. what we know, coming up. a push on the peninsula to get teenagers screen for a potentially fatal condition. this is a story of the american
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dream. it starts here, in a middle class neighborhood with a middle class kid named mike. when his father died, his mother went to work and became the breadwinner. she instilled in mike a belief in hard work and a drive to build a better life. so he started a company from scratch with an idea and endless hours- today, that makes him the only democrat in the race who's created 20,000 jobs. he's the only democrat who's run the largest and most diverse city in america, rebuilding after 9-11, creating over 450,000 jobs and expanding health care coverage to 700,000 people. the only democrat who's built a grassroots movement to combat gun violence and he's a leader combatting climate change. the only democrat who's never taken a penny from special interests. now mike is running to deliver on the american dream for everyone with common sense solutions and the ability to get it done. because mike bloomberg is the only democrat who can take on trump. and trump knows it. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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welcome back two morning sun two. 5:25 on the state utilities commission is holding the second phase of the wildfire mitigation meeting. officials were go over details proposed by pg&e, southern california edison and san diego gas and electric. the public is invited to make comments before the april summit. commissioners will make decisions on the actual plans in june. check local agencies are stepping up the battle against the leading cause of death among student athletes with statistics showing 7000-10000 school aged children die from sudden cardiac arrests every year in the u.s. in response, free heart screening tests
5:26 am
were offered at the college of san mateo. >> it could be a problem with their electrical or mechanical systems that were not examined and sometimes, the first symptom is death. >> there is a million things that can get to them. if there is a heart issue, you want to find out. >> now, the athletic events often put tremendous stress on the body, leading to serious heart problems. caltrans is closing the new bike and pedestrian path an rafael bridge for maintenance. it will be closed from 9:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon and the closure will be every weekday through march 13th and caltrans will provide a shuttle for pedestrians and cyclists during that closure. the coronavirus is spreading overseas. south korea is raising the threat levels to the highest alert with new cases in italy. coming up, how other countries
5:27 am
are working to contain the virus. we are about one week from super tuesday and union members from pg&e are focused on a candidate. why they are coming out against bernie sanders. [ fast-paced drumming ]
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[ fast-paced drumming ] of millions of americans during wall strethe recession.advantage so, my wife kat and i took action.
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we started a non-profit community bank with a simple theory - give people a fair deal and real economic power. invest in the community. in businesses owned by women and people of color. in affordable housing. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson politicians in washington could use right now. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. president trump is in india today with a discussion with the prime minister of that country. the murder trial of a man accused of killing a woman at an oakland bart station enters
5:30 am
a new phase. what we can expect today in court. from ktvu fox2 news, this is mornings on 2. rise and shine and happy monday. good morning. i'm frank mallicoat frank mallicoat and it's monday, february 24th. i'm in for dave. >> i'm pam cook and thank you for joining us. hard to rise and shine without your coffee? >> busted. >> dave clark usually makes coffee. >> i'm not a coffee drinker. >> you might need your coffee if you are going out the door in livermore. the fog is not letting go. one quarter mile visibility and be careful because you can see for about 1.75 miles in napa and everyone else, pretty good. current temperatures, 33 in napa and that has a lot to do with the fog earlier. 48 in oakland and in redwood city and 45 in san jose.
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we will see clockwise clearing with a beautiful day as we get out with 60 at the coast and low 70s inland. the warmth will keep on coming throughout the week and we will talk about that more, later. first, you go to to sal for the info as you head out the door. we have a look at the commute ramping up a little bit. happy monday to you, if that is a thing. the richmond bridge, traffic is doing well with a minor crash. caltrans has cleared it with a bit of a backup at the toll plaza and san jose traffic looks good with the caltrains starting off on time. 5:31 and back to the desk. new this morning, firefighters are looking into the cause of an overnight apartment fire on the peninsula was flames first reported at
5:32 am
about 2:30 this morning in a second-story apartment on visitation avenue in brisbane. firefighters had the fire out by 4:00 this morning and the red cross is helping those displaced by the fire. the pg&e union is pushing back against the top presidential candidate for the democrats, bernie sanders, for his call to bring pg&e under public ownership. cristina rendon is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the video by the union is a response to an ad by bernie sanders were victims of recent wildfires blame pg&e for decades of negligence. sanders is among the political leaders calling for a public takeover of pg&e. the ibew local 1245 said that won't prevent wildfires or solve financial problems. the union represents nearly half of the 23,000 workers for pg&e and others at publicly owned utilities in northern california. the recently released a video with a clear message to
5:33 am
sanders. >> senator sanders, not to put too fine a point on it, you are wrong. you assume public ownership somehow guarantees a utility would always have perfect judgment and you are wrong. you assume public ownership would significantly and quickly change the risks of fire from the grid. you are wrong. >> union leaders say public takeover would be expensive, misguided and would affect pensions for employees and they say they are surprised sanders is taking a position, given his history of supporting union workers. pg&e is working on a bankruptcy plan to avoid a potential state takeover and earlier this month, senator scott wiener introduced a bill in the legislature turning pg& e into a public university. cristina rendon, ktvo fox news. prosecutors begin laying out their case in a trial of a man accused of killing a young
5:34 am
woman at an oakland bart station. john lee cowell is accused of stabbing nia wilson to death and seriously injuring her sister, letifah wilson, on the platform of the macarthur bart station two years ago. he admitted to the deadly stabbing but his attorney is using the insanity defense. john lee cowell refused to return to court after the judge kicked him out due to bad behavior in the courtroom earlier this month. the ntsb is going to northern san diego county to investigate a deadly crash involving a charter bus. it happened saturday. three were killed and 18 injured. the bus was on interstate 15 in palo mesa when the driver lost control for some unknown reason. the bus flipped over several times, rolled down an embankment. it was raining around the time of the crash but investigators say it's too early to tell if weather played a factor in the crash. the coronavirus is spreading and causing panic in many areas with a huge drop
5:35 am
for the stock markets around the world. the dow jones is set to open down about 700 points. president trump said there is no cause for concern. >> we are very much involved and cognizant of everything going on. we have it very much under control in this country. >> the most infections are reported outside asia was 215 cases, four deaths. officials have banned public gatherings including the venice carnival celebration. 12 in iran have died from the virus, prompting partial lockdowns in several cities and many iranians are now wearing masks and gloves to protect themselves. turkey and pakistan have closed borders with iran because of the outbreak. >> the jury in the harvey weinstein sex crimes trial will resume deliberations today after the jurors on friday told the judge they had reached a verdict on three charges but were deadlocked on
5:36 am
the more serious charges of predatory sexual assault. the judge asked them to keep deliberating. president donald trump appeared at a massive campaign style event in india. the current front runner is drawing huge crowds of his own. doug luzader joins us live from washington, d.c. with the latest on the race for the white house. >> reporter: this was a huge crowd for the president in india, overnight with an official visit that touched on some same themes with his reelection campaign this year. the backdrop was stunning, the world's largest cricket stadium with a crowd of more than 100,000 in india to greet president trump. he touted what he sees his biggest accomplishments are. >> we've had the greatest economy, ever, in the history of the united states. >> reporter: the president basked in the attention in india and the democratic frontrunner to take him on had
5:37 am
an impressive show of his own, a massive rally in texas. >> we are going to beat trump in november! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: sanders got more attention after decisively winning the nevada caucuses over the weekend and with that comes more scrutiny. on cbs with 60 minutes, he was asked about previous prays for the castro regime in cuba. >> it's unfair to think everything he did was bad. when fidel castro came into office, he had a massive literacy program. is that a bad thing? even though fidel castro did it? >> reporter: the democrats have another debate this week in south carolina on saturday with a new poll showing former vice president joe biden is clinging to a lead but sanders is creeping up. we are still just in the early stages. >> although senator sanders is doing quite well, he still only has 2% of the delegates needed for the nomination. >> reporter: that is where super tuesday comes into play, where about one third of the delegates are up for grabs.
5:38 am
back to you guys. president trump and first lady melania trump are in india for the two day visit and the president headlined a rally this morning with indian prime minister, narendra modi, standing with the president for the national anthem. the president announced the u.s. would sell military equipment to india. >> i am pleased to announce that tomorrow, our representatives will sign deals to sell over $3 billion in the absolute finest state of military helicopters and other equipment to the indian armed forces. >> trade talks with the prime minister are high on trump's agenda for the visit and will also attend a state dinner tomorrow at the presidential palace before returning to washington on the overnight flight. 5:38 and it is a monday. let's see how the highways are
5:39 am
doing. i think we are okay. right now, i'm looking at some of the commutes all over the bay and looking for slow traffic because most commutes are still doing very well. it's not quite 6:00 and traffic from rohnert park and petaluma and novato looks good with a little slowing on 37 and the rest of the commute looks okay. if you are trying to get to san rafael, it's fine with the bay bridge already backing up, 10-15 minutes and when you get to the span, it looks good. weather is not an issue at the bay bridge and visibility has been pretty good with not a lot of fog and looking around, i don't see fog affecting the drive and how about that? we will keep an eye on the airports, as well. here is kyla with the weather. little patchy fog in places like livermore. temperatures will go up as we work through the week this week with high pressure in control and check it out, san jose, the average high is 66
5:40 am
and today, 69 and by tuesday, 70s and 75 by wednesday and then by thursday, 78 degrees with temperatures about to soar into the work week. we are not quite there this morning and we are sitting in the 40s. good morning to those in millbrae, 47 and 45 in belmont and 45 in palo alto. 30s are out there. walnut creek is one of them. 46 in hayward with a journey to the north bay showing 30s in sebastopol and petaluma. healdsburg, a little chilly at 34 degrees and it will get warmer through the week with today being beautiful. we are kicking the patchy fog. sunny and warm and 60 degrees and around the bay, mid-60s and then inland, we are talking 70s. a little bit toasty out there with futurecast showing that one high pressure builds in,
5:41 am
the skies will be blue with any weather being kept from coming our way. tuesday into wednesday and thursday, you get the idea and we would like to see rain in the forecast. a gorgeous day today, sunny and nice with a dry pattern continuing. for a chance of rain, the next rain chance looks like it could possibly be toward the later part of next weekend with models not exactly locked in on that but a chance exists. we will talk about that in the extended forecast when i come back. a daredevil was killed with a homemade rocket and coming up, what he tried to prove in the mojave desert. how an upcoming court ruling could impact conditions for those in a holding facility along the u.s. border with mexico. this is a story of the american dream. it starts here, in a middle class neighborhood with a middle class kid named mike. when his father died, his mother went to work and became the
5:42 am
breadwinner. she instilled in mike a belief in hard work and a drive to build a better life. so he started a company from scratch with an idea and endless hours- today, that makes him the only democrat in the race who's created 20,000 jobs. he's the only democrat who's run the largest and most diverse city in america, rebuilding after 9-11, creating over 450,000 jobs and expanding health care coverage to 700,000 people. the only democrat who's built a grassroots movement to combat gun violence and he's a leader combatting climate change. the only democrat who's never taken a penny from special interests. now mike is running to deliver on the american dream for everyone with common sense solutions and the ability to get it done. because mike bloomberg is the only democrat who can take on trump. and trump knows it. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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of millions of americans during wall strethe recession.advantage so, my wife kat and i took action. we started a non-profit community bank
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with a simple theory - give people a fair deal and real economic power. invest in the community. in businesses owned by women and people of color. in affordable housing. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson politicians in washington could use right now. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. welcome back. it's 5:44 and a daredevil lost his life trying to prove that the world is flat. the man known as mad mike hughes was killed saturday in barstow. he built his own rocket to fly high above the surface of the earth. a parachute problem led to the rocket falling 5000 feet and crashing. the launch was part of a science channel special and he was 64 years old. a new orleans tradition
5:45 am
was deadly saturday during a parade death, the second along the parade route and four days. last wednesday, a woman was run over and killed and another celebration. tomorrow is fat tuesday with efforts being increased to make parades safer and they are banning the use of tandem floats. >> we have to have due diligence to make sure this is a safe carnival for everyone. >> now, officials from four main organizations say they will comply with the order to split the tandem floats and the carnival season wraps up tomorrow. advocates for immigrants say a court ruling likely to improve holding facility conditions along the u.s. border with mexico have photos an arizona showing what they call inhumane conditions. a federal judge ruled that the agency cannot hold migrants longer than 48 hours unless the agency provides basic essentials.
5:46 am
the judge said that will include sleeping in a bed with a blanket, food, clean water and medical assistants. the federal government argues the facility does not need to make constitutional minimums because they are processing centers and not detention centers. >> you have to do the best you can when you have 600 people when it was built for 100. normally, a quick detention turns longer. >> the ruling applies only to the custom and border patrol tucson sector and the agency could appeal the decision of the judge. an international commission finds no country is adequately protecting children, their environments or futures. the world health organization said improvements in the health of children improved for 20 years but now that progress has stalled and is likely to reverse. the report blames broad scale problems like climate change
5:47 am
and said marketing practices push heavily processed fast food, sugary drinks, alcohol and tobacco and that puts children from all income levels at risk. bay area based, intuit, is expected to announce the buying of another company. they are announcing the buying of credit karma, $7 billion and the deal could be announced today and would be the biggest in the history of intuit. they make turbotax and other products from their base in mountain view. credit karma is in san francisco with personalized services. facebook wants to pay you for your voice. they will pay some users to make voice recordings in order to help the speech recognition technology. social networking sites 15 sets of recordings from the users on the market research app and users can take surveys, do tasks and make recordings to gain points.
5:48 am
1000 points get you a $5 payoff. nasa has a new mystery about the largest planet in our solar system. astronomers were working with information from a 1995 galileo probe and now, they have to reconcile reports that could help them figure out how the solar system was created from gasses and dust, or from small pieces separating from the sun. people in the bay area are increasingly unhappy, according to a poll of registered voters conducted for the east bay times. they have issues with homelessness, longer commute times and high costs of housing. nearly 20% polled plan to leave the bay area this year. >> a lot of people are ready to stay. >> the beauty that is the bay area, not a bad place to hang but i know it is expensive. right now, we are getting
5:49 am
more people on the roads. some slowing on 37, getting away from vallejo and moving out toward 121 and nevada with no major issues in contra costa county. some slowing on 242 and highway 4. the richmond bridge has a little bit of a crowd, not much and the bay bridge toll plaza, 10 minutes before you get on the span. 5:49 and we have kyla filling in for steve. it's going to be a gorgeous day today but we start with a little bit of patchy fog. i want to make you aware of that in livermore because visibility has dropped to about one quarter mile. novato, four miles in patchy fog but not bad and it should clear out relatively soon with a big picture look at the stormtracker with clouds starting to clear from north to
5:50 am
south and that will continue leading to a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. currently 49 in san francisco with 35 in napa and patchy fog and 40 degrees in walnut creek and 45 in san jose. high pressure will build in and then when that feels in, we get clearer skies, allowing us to get warmer temperatures. we will see that today with lots of sunshine and temperatures going into the low 70s. that continues throughout the week, this week. not just today, but through friday with that storm track staying to the north and a warm week with a warm up where we will see 70s on the map in places like santa rosa and napa, concord and livermore, even morgan hill. san francisco, 43 with mid-60s around the bay and tomorrow, we warm up even further. today, 72 in santa rosa
5:51 am
becomes 78 for tuesday with highs on the bottom and all of them going up. by tomorrow, mid-70s in livermore and san jose and that continues throughout the week. the lows tonight, mostly clear with the average night tonight. 45 for the overnight low around the bay and 30s in the north bay and 32 in san jose. futurecast shows us being drive through the week with the high-pressure influence as the ridge builds in and everything shoots over the top of the ridge to the north of us. saturday into sunday, things could change with the pattern shifting into the later part of the weekend. it has been since january 28th that we've had any rain, 27 days and we love to see that streak broken. a warm up coming with clouds coming thursday into friday and saturday into's on day, we cool down with another system rolling through and hopefully, some rain.
5:52 am
just a chance, but we will keep an eye on it. >> that we will. people homeless in the north bay and where an emergency homeless center could be set up soon. the global threat of the coronavirus is a top concern of health organizations and how the u.s. government plans to help slow that outbreak. first, a teenager gets a special surprise after her father shows up early from serving overseas. there is the reunion and we will have more right after the break. we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.
5:53 am
president kennedy knew settling for half-measures wasn't good enough. so when candidates say we can't guarantee health care for all, make college affordable for all, combat climate change, or create a world at peace, remember that america is best when we strive to do big things, even when it's hard. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. fisn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water.
5:54 am
that's why i wrote the law to send billions from polluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
5:55 am
good news for dub fans. steph curry could return this weekend after sitting on a number of months with a broken left hand. we could have used him last night in a big way with zion williamson, a rookie, looking mighty good. a big second half by the pelicans, taking the warriors and they lose it, 115-101 for tomorrow night, the warriors host the sacramento kings at chase center. the warriors welcomed their 1 millionth guest to the chase center. the balloons came down. a man was recognized as the 1 millionth person to watch an event at chase center. the tally included warrior games, concerts and other performances since the chase center opened last year.
5:56 am
another lost to the sharks on the road. they gave up the first goal and minutes later, a tied up game and the sharks were beaten in a longer with the final 4-1. a trade deadline was san jose having eight players including heavy hitters was joe thorton, patrick marleau and the contracts are expiring at the end of the season on the sharks could be wheeling and dealing to set themselves up for a playoff run next year, perhaps. a lot of nhl fans learned about a little used rule. a hurricane goalie head two injured and the league requires emergency backup goalies available for either team to be on call. for this game, it was dan ayers and usually, he drives the zamboni. he was watching the game when he got the call and there he is, stepping into action in
5:57 am
the second period. he is 42 and plays for the toronto ahl affiliate but put on the carolina uniform and took his place and allowed two goals on his first two shots but shut down the maple leafs with the rest of the game, giving carolina a 6-3 win and by the way, he also had a kidney transplant 14 years ago. he got $500 for his efforts, gets to keep the jersey and has a place in the record book. he's the oldest goalie to win a regular season debut and earned admiration from both players and the entire toronto crowd. what a thrill for that man. madison bumgarner is a rodeo cowboy? i kid you not. he told the athletics entering offices and he has competed in rodeos under a fake name including winning a team roping competition in december, a few weeks before signing the five-year, $85 million contract with the
5:58 am
diamondbacks. he also competed during spring training last year while still with the giants. officials in colorado described the dangers of current avalanche conditions after a recent incident was caught on video. two snowmobilers ended up being caught in an avalanche caused by a snowmobile in front. the avalanche information center said they were lucky to make it out alive. >> he was traveling downhill and there were two avalanches triggered. unfortunately, the fellow caught in the avalanche ended up with his head above the snow and his friends got him out. >> the director added that when people are in avalanche terrain, they should travel one at a time for people to rescue you if needed or to call others for assistance. a teenage girl in virginia got a big surprise during her high school practice for
5:59 am
volleyball over the weekend. >> oh my god! >> a lot of hugging going on. the 14-year-old took off her blindfold and hadn't seen her dad in nearly a year. her father is serving in kuwait and was allowed to come home for a brief visit. >> it's surreal. it felt like a dream, almost, but it is real, i think. >> definitely real. >> his daughter cannot contain her excitement or hold back her tears. nice. an oakland high school room remains closed after a cancer-causing chemical was found under the school. the emergency meeting to address concerns from students and parents. a series of sideshows over the weekend shut down streets in oakland and san francisco. the effort under way to stop
6:00 am
these seemingly weekly events. from ktvu fox2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning and welcome to morning sun two at 6:00, monday morning, february 24th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> good morning. i'm pam cook and we have kyla grogan this morning. a little fog and then it will heat up? do you like sunshine and warm temperatures, by any chance? it's going to be spectacular weather this week, no doubt. we'd love to see some rain in the forecast. we will see a warm up. temperatures this morning, 49 in san francisco, 39 in santa rosa and 30s in napa. livermore, patchy fog. this is a look at where that fog is. napa and livermore,


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